Pluto Transit ‘Thrive’ Rules

Pluto Transits are real – sometimes too real. Your soul gets woke but you don’t have the leisure to contemplate this development. How come? Because one way or another, you’re locked into an evolutionary, existential Nietzschean power struggle scenario.

Turns out self-actualizing doesn’t involve you in the lotus position with a gerbera in your teeth being mindful. It’s more likely to involve lawyers, bloodwork, insomnia, and a well-salted threshold. Still, there are rules for thriving through Pluto Transits. Adherence to them is not compulsory, of course, but it helps.

1—Psychically, Pluto transits feel like the very structure beneath you is trembling. The foundations of your belief system, job, marriage or relationship may not be on such firm ground as you think. Your dreams tend to involve tunnels, dark places, and mining. At a time when your usual reference points are wavering or deceptive, look within for answers. Keep a journal, notably a dream diary. Check in with your wisdom first, before assuming that the solution or assurance you seek is outside of yourself. As Joseph Campbell – Pluto in Gemini trine Ascendant trine Saturn – wrote: The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.  The word ‘transit’ means a journey, to be going from one place to another. A Pluto transit is a psychological journey and the cave is your subconscious mind. 

2— Consider Bach Flower Walnut Essence. I know that there are loads of different flower essences out there but this one is a time-proven: “For Freedom from limiting influences, making healthy transitions in life, the courage to follow one’s own path and destiny.”  Reishi – the famed supernatural mushroom – is stronger and has many other benefits but is also a fantastic Pluto tonic for a psyche in morph mode. 

3— Anti-Fragile, by Nassim Taleb is the Pluto transit read. You basically assess everything as to whether it is fragile, robust or Anti-Fragile. Robust things, people or relationships can withstand outside shocks but Anti-Fragile anything actually gains from disorder. It’s a totally Pluto concept. Other fantastic books for a Pluto transit include Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and Mary Karr’s The Liars Club. 

4—Try not to resist change. Collaborating with the Plutonic process makes even difficult changes more desirable but it super-charges beneficial transformations.  If your first response to the thought prompt about (for example) moving house, breaking up with someone or being alcohol-free is along the lines of “I can’t” – examine that thought. In some cases, you’re fine with the all of the changes you’re putting yourself through. Like the Phoenix, you instinctively know when it’s time. But other people in your life can be really out of alignment with your warp-speed evolution. 

5—Do not adopt a victim mentality – even if you are battling your way through adversity, hostility or harsh terrain. Pluto transits make you stronger, always. You may not be enjoying the process but believe that you are building up strength, magic, wisdom and momentum, day after day. 

6—Fortify your borders and personal space against potentially dodgy ‘Lower Pluto’ type people. That is; manipulative, coercive or boundary-trespassing dysfunctional folk. It’s true that Pluto transits often occur in synchrony with such a challenging relationship, and you discover previously unrealized resources. But with certain sorts of people, preventing their access in the first place really is better than the cure. Trust your instincts regarding the energetic dynamic between you. Pluto transits always raise your awareness of Qi and the way others influence it. 

7—Embrace transformation themes. Pluto supports radical physical morphs, often attained via fervent adherence to a self-supporting (as opposed to self-negating) health regime that looks “sensible” to outsiders but is actually soul-driven with existential ferocity. 

8—Accept the solo dimension of your Pluto transit. Some stories are yours alone. You can take yourself off to a therapist or share significant emotional developments with confidantes. But the signature of a Pluto transit is soul-awareness, the distinct sensation of a timeless and immutable force within.

9—Remember the transformation role models in nature. Caterpillars often hesitate when first heading into their chrysalis. They literally back out a few times when going in there. The struggle to break free of the chrysalis when they wake up is what forces blood into their wings so that they can fly. My other favorite transformation metaphor is the Snake – when they are about to shed a skin, they are low in energy and venom. Sloughing off the skin is a painstaking process but they slither out all shiny, fanged up and with more ferocity. So too will you post-Pluto transit. 

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  1. my Ruler Pluto opposing it’s co Ruler Mars near MC, has my feet stuck in mud for so long can’t wait for Jupiter to enter Pisces. At least I might then be able to sail on smoother waters for a while…

  2. I’ve returned to this list and glad to find it again! Pluto transit of my Midheaven in Cap has me truly not knowing how to move forward at all, feeling defeated by life (thank you for the #5 reminder in this list) and feeling incredibly alone for a Scorpio who is very accustomed to solitude. More Bach Walnut extract…

  3. You speak a foreign language most of the times as I am not used to this original way of interpreting astro events but this last post hit me in the right spot. This transit I could feel months before it finally arrived and now I am left with so little to say for the first time which is a pretty tough for a communicative and expressive Sun in Virgo but also Mercury&Mars along with courage of my Leo Asc.
    I feel like I just survived the major earthquake but I am still in shock counting corpses and damage around me. Your tips come in a form of a sirene from a colorful ambulance cars… I didn’t only change my skin but I feel I also had a heart transplant. Forcing myself through this transit to let go of what was no longer a pleasure but an emotional torture was one of the biggest victories against my Venus in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus. I can be so persistently stubborn and slow in letting go but this time around was like a quick and decisive harakiri. No more waiting for people who are not ready….
    T h a n k Y o u MM for this ‘guidance’ 🙏🏽 Priceless ♥️

  4. Well…this just caught my attention again.

    Sun on Mercury and Mercury on Sun. Literally all I am going to say for the remainder of today (if typing is actually speaking anyway) as the Moon is VOC off my Asc and my work day finished early.

    Enjoying the sunshine – it’s nice on the surface!! Even though the need to decend again remains present the way up may also have made itself clear. If I was actually my hybrid or a 4 legged I’d probably be doing some exuberant pigroots but sitting with nature and warm skin will do just fine. Still got my dodgy sacral and have been advised not to stretch.

    Everywhere a sign…great to revisit this wisdom.

    Good timing & maybe due to a bit of alchem &me 😁

  5. Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

    I then found a snakeskin of a coral snake while walking this morning (I live in a warm climate). I’ve also been told change is nigh. What changes may come my way, I have no clue (Pluto transit squares my otherwise well-aspected Uranus). I may need to bookmark this page!

  6. Oh may i share this one? Turns out the man i have been trembling over is… wait astro fiends who know my voice well enough, you might laugh…a triple Aries self confessed pagan!!!

    Would like to add, he has asked if we can go slow. (Crying with laughter here, because i know in Martian time that could mean wait a delicious week or so.) Also because he said that as Jupiter is newly in Sagittarius. To a Jupiter Sag Rising…oh hello, and i said yes but body just disregards as well as it can. Will it be ok that his Saturn is in Pisces, my Sun? That my Saturn is in the same sign as his Venus?

    1. Go slow can also mean that he’s dealing with some things personally (work, emotional matters, whatever) and doesn’t have max bandwidth available for romantic activity. Or maybe someone else on his past demanded moving on their time or fuhget it, and he burnt out. To me it demonstrates self awareness and an ability to tell you what will work for him. If he didn’t give a shit about you he’d probably just disappear rather than give time to adjust and evaluate. All that Saturn probably counts for longevity. I am totally overlying my own experience on your description here mille. Also, I love an Aries. Good luck x

      1. Yes, he is self aware. He knows, in devastatingly simple crystal clarity, what he wants. Without expectations, only observations and in his complete utter bandwidth. i have full reign to be what i am and i find myself having no rules, even breaking my self imposed ones, which were getting old and stultifying. And yes, i am seeing the Saturn patterns in a very new modus operandi, even though my double t-squared Mars (includes Venus) does not feel i do Saturn beautifully. He says he does not do his, either, but he works mine with some kind of shaman like play.

      2. I deeply love that my water sign blog mates who know me do respond here. It really means a lot me. I’m super shook by this but it doesn’t make me spun out or diving down suboceanic and staying there. He took me to the ocean today, and forgot to work out my sun sign. Lucky.

      3. Just saw this – will add that Saturn in those aspects (forgetting big pic eg both charts for a moment) is as Pi said, longevity but actually a whole lot more than that – that’s not giving Saturn the cred he’s due and he does demand respect whether he’s open and outward about that in anyone’s experience or not – he may quietly insist.

        He’s timeless (all time – no time – hell, he made time), he’s tradition, ritual, structure, laws (and do apply that word both conservatively and more broadly eg a household tradition can quickly become the law of that family), boundaries, what we’ve accomplished and earned to name a few and in such an optimistic post I’ll omit all the heavy Saturn – we get tastes in life anyway and one of my Saturn rules is don’t start there as you’ll get a taste anyways so aim higher earlier even if it’s conservative or trepid (by that I mean the light/shade of a planet – be that transit or natal – not a prediction on an outcome).

        My mind doesn’t keep this data too well but if you’re 4th house (eg no dupes/intercepts) Sun and if it’s not daddy Saturn or heavy | controlling | depressive to your life force | vitality | expression (and it doesn’t read like that) then I expect it’d it’ll feel good in that place in the chart – solid like something can be built off it, nurturing, protective and reciprocal in as much as once the foundation has been agreed upon and built this is where time and timeless can come into play. Yes, key words might be let’s go slow or pace this. Quick decisions, even for firey energy, might not always be in abundance.

        Probably the only thing I’d add – and do consider that I’ve got my hand shading my eyes and squinting to see the far distance – is that even time, traditions and workable agreements need their periodic reviews for relevancy and Saturn can get quite content with the dusty old parchment of historic accords, they can become quite cherished and even become the framed centrepiece of the drawing room so to speak 😉

        Yes Saturn made me do it in the end – include a more balanced sense of his character. There are rules with Saturn but I think sometimes we forget that we’ve agreed to these vis a vie our natal chart.

        Fire knows how quickly conditions can change and how that impacts a flame. It’s not so much higher level fire as in all fire but he’s cardinal so he gets it started and has to keep it going and probably has his own method or own insight into how the flame can change depending on how it’s tended as you would with Saggo ascendant – in the bigger picture of humans and charts something ends with mutables and what is left and of use is handed to or extracted from and taken by the Cardinal energy to be used to grow something new which the next fixed sign will tend to and grow before the next evolutionary phase occurs. Cycles and seasons… looks like yours are changing 🙂

        Jupiter blessings and from me too xxx

        PS – I am Saturn | Pisces (Neptune tr is also conjunct)

      4. Ah, that is a great take on Saturn, and very interesting to me because i suddenly felt this really positive thing about Saturn’s gifts. Saturn Pisces is not like my Piscean energy, and also i’m 5th house, so a bit more 😀 this, or cheeky.
        Thank you for your happy blessings for me xoxoxo That means a lot to me 🙂
        I really like your explanation of the shift from Mutable to Cardinal to Fixed, in time. Which is actually quite Piscean thinking about time, with the structures and laws of time that Saturn rules.

      5. Very very happy for you – and I reiterate that you deserve it
        Also happy that some resonates – take what’s useful and discard what isn’t.

        Ah ok 5th – so yes let’s say playful, inclusive and magical creator for starters…


    2. He says he wants the magic to stay alive. I suppose a higher level Fire Sun knows how to grow a flame, and how to tend a fire.

    1. I’m a Neil fan from way back.

      I don’t think you can think you way through some things – they have to be felt or unravelled or sat with or invoked to the surface when the mind takes a quick 3 second break lol.

  7. I have my moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and Pluto at my midheaven, so my whole life is Plutonic, but I’ve had Pluto going through my first house for nearly 8 years and that is another thing. I feel like I keep shedding and shedding and digging and digging and it keeps going. I’ve adopted a darker aesthetic and it feels really good, whereas before I expressed more of my Pisces sun, now I’m into wearing sleek black/navy/leather with no apologies for the lack of color or the sexiness (and my Cap-rising is loving it but it’s Cap with more of an edge).
    No subterranean dreams though (I think my Pisces sun predisposes me to water dreams, always water and swimming). I conceived and had my son while Pluto was hitting my Asc., and he’s Scorpio-rising, I never put that together before (chalked it solely up to my Scorpio moon).
    While it is a solitary process to transform oneself (and I have been loving having alone time) but if you are lucky enough to find fellow Plutonians it can be wonderful to know you aren’t actually alone. I have a few groups on the same bent as me and we get together every few months and it’s very affirming along this path. I’ve also never attracted so many Plutonians in my life, I have stopped being surprised at how many of the people I met are going through heavy stuff and/or are mega-Scorpio’s.

  8. Silly question but how do I know when a pluto transit will affect me?
    And how long are they/do they last?

    And can I , may I please change my prof.pic.. how tos for the novice *raises hand up xxx

    1. There’s lot of stuff around on Pluto both on this site and out in the www but they are long transits and not all identical in duration but do span many years. Cap is from 2008 to 2024.

      The ‘how’ component is to know your chart and see whether Pluto is aspecting any natal planets and probably focus more on the major aspects eg conjunct, opposition, square or trine initially. If you have any planets in Capricorn you have or will be affected by way of conjunction, any in Cancer then opposition, in Taurus/Virgo then trine and in Aries/Libra then squares. There are many views on the orb (degrees between the aspect of one planet to another that range between 5 and 10 at the higher end. Anything less that 5 is tight.

      You could always get yourself an astral dna chart.

      I have an under-used wordpress profile which is how I did it and probably why I did it and to be honest I don’t really recall the steps… someone else might need to chime in there 🙂

  9. That explains the dreams -I’ve had non stop Pluto action either by transit or aspect since I was about 14 – they are always ALWAYS in the dark ( even if they’re “good”), underground, in a dungeon/cellar and always involve threat/struggle/ some sort of problem solving or negotiation… Just once I’d like the standard sex or flying dreams!

    1. And death – since the same age I have had a lot of death around me. Kind of feel like I should have a health warning sticky taped to my forehead

    1. That’s exactly what it felt (feels) like for me. I felt like parts of my ego identity were collapsing and dissolving, and I remember saying to my best friend (through snot bubbles and tears) “I feel like I’m dying…” Said to my husband “I don’t know who I am anymore…”

      I also felt like I became an uglier woman but actually, I was just seeing all parts of myself with clarity for the first time in my life. The scales dropped away. It’s raw and real. People pleasing be damned! In truth, I’m much kinder and authentic now.

      You’ll come through it with your silver crown firmly in place. xox

  10. Got Pluto squaring my natal Pluto in Libra until 2020, all of this rings so true –

    Ground that once felt so steady now feels uncertain, trying to collaborate with the energy instead of fight it. Here’s to coming out in the end stronger and more resilient!

    (I’ve been seeing a bunch of snake references lately too, shedding that skin is hard work)

  11. Not sure if this qualifies as a Pluto issue or a Mercury one.
    I have Pluto transiting my 3rd House of Communications.
    I swear communicating with others recently has been hellish. People are flakey don’t respond to email/messages at all, or too late. Working with musicians is difficult enough now try booking them.
    It’s either me having a transhit, or others have extremely poor communication skills, bad manners and are unprofessional. Anyone else experiencing this also especially recently?
    It’s becoming an extreme problem, it’s rude and wastes my time.
    I even had a friend schedule a coffee hang date she wanted career advice, confirmed the date the day before and then the morning of completely space out and forget. I show up, they flaked. No text, no apologies just nothing. I ask if they are headed down. No response, read the FB message nada. I later text to ask what’s wrong? is everything ok? again nothing.
    They finally answer days later denying they either contacted me and set up the meeting although I have email proof/ The strangest thing.
    They never admitted to flaking, nor never apologized and just refuse to speak to me now unless, they want something. Backstage passes etc…
    Sorry for the Plutonian epic rant. But this 3rd House shit is getting me pissed off.

    1. Your coffee date situation sounds a bit wierd, but fwiw my ability to keep or make commitments lately (um, the last 6 years) is in disarray as a result of some combination of cognitive burden and an anxiety thing. I’m wondering if it’s a combination of generation shift, organisation pressure of an increasingly multi-task-ey and fragmented routine for creatives, and other stuff that’s underlying the flakey dynamics of your musicians. Hope things get smoother for you, at any rate.

      1. Yeah, I can be a bit flakey and torn in a million directions too so I understand when f**k-ups happen. What made it worse is that denied she ever contacted me when I had all the plans in a message and in texts. That part was way too much for me to just deal with anymore.
        I honestly thought is trying to fuq with my mind as some power trip/game? gaslight me? or she’s not sane.
        I walked away. She only contacts me when she wants a favor and often to meet a musician or a person she thinks is well-known or could name drop.

    2. I feel for you. Shit happens. People miscalendar things or over sleep. We are human, but this “friend” should own up, admit the mistake (whatever it was) and apologize.

      I’ll have to go check the astro. Something similar happened to me years ago. I paid for entry to an event for two of us as a birthday present for my friend. My “friend” flaked an hour before we were to meet. The flakey one played the “confusion card” to try to make it my fault. We talked the day before (when I could have sold the extra ticket.) I would have been cool if there had been truth or courtesy. Just truth, even.I was aware this person had other life stuff and we had been friends for a long time. I mentally wished them well. set my boundaries, and disengaged. The never asked me to do anything again. Guilty conscience I think.

      1. Sounds really familiar.
        Strangely enough, after I wrote off this other person who contacted me initially her mutual friend played a similar card.
        She offered to treat me to an art film for my birthday, a matinee, we arrive an hour after the showtime. She won’t admit she read the time wrong and went into a tirade at the theatre management screaming until he refunded her money.
        I thought her anger was extreme, then she said, “Where do you want to go now? You’re wasting my damn time with your stupid birthday.”
        Keep in mind she offered, it wasn’t my idea. She’s also another friend who approached me with advice and seeking connections.
        We arrive at a cafe of her choosing she starts a fight with an attractive punk waitress. She kept insisting the waitresses had a bad attitude (projection) and I was somehow being favored by her. I smiled and chatted with her.
        Then stuck me with the bill. That was the last straw. The energy was unbearable. I was afraid to speak. I felt terrified and had to walk on eggshells the whole time.
        I stopped hanging out with her.
        I made the mistake of adding her to a VIP ticket, about 6 months later against my better judgment, at her request and she didn’t show up. She then proceeded to get drunk sent me threats telling me to go kill myself. It made no sense to me at all? Why request two VIP tickets to a sold-out event, not show, not bother to tell me, then threaten me? Then two days later admitted she blacked out (booze) and her blamed her friend for sending me the texts, not her. (not buying it)
        Both of them are close friends, struggle with addictions and possibly reality.
        I was caught off guard by her level of sheer RAGE directed at me.
        I’d hate to be along with her. I found out she was arrested in the past for assault. yikes…
        I do not understand people at all.

      2. Sounds like meth to me. Block these losers out of your beautiful life, SR. Sorry you’re dealing with these parasites.

      3. I know she suffers from alcoholism and a cocaine habit not sure about meth but you never know! It crossed my mind that’s for sure!

  12. From 2011 to now Pluto squared my mid-Libra 1st house Stellium, most intensely from 2014. Same time pretty much Uranus opposed it all.
    Job changed, moved house, sister emigrated, operation to save my sight, lost my mum, and finally now I’m getting divorced and moving house again. 4 years of that and I’m a completely different woman.
    Better I think, but it was touch and go at times whether it created a diamond or completely crushed me. All of the above advice is brilliant and luckily stuff I naturally did to survive.
    Guess being an ‘outer planet’ sort naturally both Plutonic (Pluto rising broadly conjunct my AC) and Uranian (conjunct my sun) helped. I thrive on change but that said I am looking forward to some calmer water ahead. Fingers crossed.

  13. Crystallised future

    Oh shudder! Pluto squaring six planets whilst Saturn was conjunct my moon. It’s like there was before 2005/6, and after. I mourned for that before person for a long time. Item 5 – I wish I’d known that at the time.

    1. Crystallised future

      Oh, and I’m not looking forward to early 2020. Saturn will be opposite my moon and then Pluto for most of the year.

  14. So grateful for this….Thank you. Pluto finishing a square to my 18 Libra sun on to conjunct my Cap moon @ 23 degrees – feeling I want to hide from the world, but don’t have the luxury of that… feeling isolated, but not fit for human consumption, either….vulnerable, raw and no room for comfort or to breathe. Nonetheless, I know this is forging me for the better, but just having such a hard time having faith that the light at the end of the tunnel will reappear … hoping for grace in any form to getting through this.

    1. Libra stellium at 14-17 degrees here, hang in there, there’s lots to process and yes it is raw but keep moving forward through it.
      ‘All will be well, all will be well, all manner of things will be well’ and ‘you can’t push the river’ (both things my mum used to say all the time), were my mantras and helped me through xxx

  15. I’ve just realised that the last 12 years or so I’ve had Pluto constantly squaring personal planets. Sun, then mercury, then moon. Currently venus. Next up, Chiron. All in my 5th and 6th houses. This post is like a light beaming into my head. Suddenly, I understand. I knew some serious alchemical opportunities were being dished up and I definitely seized them by the balls and have done an excellent, conscious job of evolving, refining, distilling…facing darkness and learning, learning, learning. I’ve been instinctively doing everything on this list. To have it so clearly explained is an invaluable gift. I’m so very grateful!

    I’ve shed a thousand skins and it just keeps coming. I was born in the year of the snake and this metaphor vibrates strongly with me. I have natal Pluto opposing moon & mercury and a loaded 8th house so I’m pretty plutonic anyway, but this last decade, especially the last 8 years, have been relentless. And painful! Fuq!

    1. Oh. I also have natal Pluto trine Uranus and Saturn trine Pluto.

      Yeah, when I first read this post a gong went off and I’ve re-read about 8 times. It was an exciting revelation when I saw the transits glaring at me from the chart!

  16. I am Plutonian and going through a trine to my natol Moon (loving it and making the most of it) and Pluto has been in my 5th since – I think – 2012. I love this list I wanna save it on my note.

    @Mystic: can I make a request and ask (actually beg) for a 9 tips for Neptune transits post? I am in real need for that.

    1. Crystallised future

      I’ll second that MissDee! Neptune is passing through my 8th house and both my 8th and 2nd house are loaded to the hilt!

  17. Perfect just perfect. Pluto just exited my 10th and into my 11th. Totally went into my psyche re my career and now walking away and now in 11th here I am spreading my wings into. Totally new ground/sea with new circles of people and as far removed from my past as it could be. And I find myself dealing with depth psychology in the new role which I was not expecting !

  18. So brilliant and helpful, thank you! Pluto is making its final exact conjunction with my 9th house Cap moon at the end of this week. Crunch crunch.

      1. Ouch. Not good. Or possibly good, eventually. It’s like the great novels. Everyone wants to have read them but nobody wants to currently be reading them. (I have a feeling that was said by someone famous, in a better way obvs).
        Lilith at 10 Aqua. Does my Mars in Virgo memory serve correctly that Aqua is your 8th house w your Mars??

  19. Thank you, I needed this. I’m at the end of my first Saturn Return, and during it, i deactivated social media on a whim. Instagram esp is taxing on my emotions, my self-confidence, and my time. Yesterday was six months exactly, and since I have an event to promote, I logged back in to post. I immediately regressed. It felt repulsive to skim through photos of friends eating food, hanging out with other friends, looking their best. It all feels so shallow to me, and at the risk of sounding better than, I feel like I see something very ugly about it all and they don’t understand.
    All this to say, I pulled my chart and Pluto is beginning his transit of my second house of values. I think this shift lies there, rather than my Saturn Return. Most friends think I’m crazy to feel so over social media, but I’m forging my own path here, their opinions be damned.

    1. I also deactivated all social media (save Goodreads, for legit reasons I won’t go into here) during my first Saturn return (which is still very much going on)! It’s been great. I understand what you mean about social media; what I dislike most about overusing ANY type of info now is, it makes one’s mind kind of fuzzy. It’s the opposite of clarity. As if you’ve been drinking – which should be an apt metaphor as social media has been discovered to be seriously addictive.

    2. Currently on my Saturn return and it’s as if I could write what you just wrote! Totally relating! But I might just check my Pluto right now as well haha

  20. 10 – GET THERAPY. This is not a judgement upon you; rather a statement about all the putrid crap that Pluto transits tend to dredge up. If there’s any (subconscious) dysfunctional script running in the background of our psyche, a visit from Pluto will bring it to the surface so this can be healed. We all have our shit to work through and unraveling our own internal knots with an in-depth understanding of our own psychological processes/drives is key.

    11 – Get comfortable with The Dark. This goes hand-in-hand with #10, but if you get comfortable enough with your own Shadow that you stop trying to squirm away in aversion whenever you get a look at your Lowest Self, this is how you heal and pull off a massive self-revamp – you cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

    I’m at the back end of what has just about been the longest series of (more or less) continuous Pluto transits on the planet – they started around ’04 and Pluto finally steps off my nuts over the course of the next year. I have abundant experience to draw from if anyone wants a guided tour OUT of Hades; #10 & #11 have been absolutely crucial for me throughout this Plutonic lifetime so if you want to wind up on the right side of a Pluto Transit and go full Phoenix, I highly advise embracing these particular addendums to the list like your very existence depends on it.

    1. I found human design during my 10th house transit where Pluto opposed my moon and mars. It’s now opposite my sun and soon Jupiter. Therapy or deep uncompromising Astro or design work is an absolute must. I agree.

  21. oddly Pluto turned direct on my asteroid Aesculapius, all about healing. Emotionally painful existential fuqqery more like. Clichés galore come to mind, what doesn’t kill you …….

    1. Hello future self. I think you are looking for this around Pluto South node, Jupiter conj x3 and Pluto Saturn. Love n light ♡ ☆11:11 11/11/2018

  22. Mystic’s got me as 1st house Mars. I know it’s a really truly late degree, so i had always read it as 2nd. Especially considering how it T squares everything. Including a Mercury Aries. I know it’s not Pluto exactly. But Pluto and Mars hard aspect my Sun, and so does Uranus, Mercury. My Piscean Sun is my only Water, notwithstanding all that 12th house Moon Neptune thing bc in Sagittarius also conjunct Jupiter, and the rising degree Antares. I think Life Itself is a fqng transit and a guru, and i am sort of acolyte of the whole lot / path guide who cannot know that.

  23. Omg so true. I have been having the longest pluto transit over my 15 deg Capricorn midheaven. It’s been literally years of career transformation, from the bottom up. I was ready and I went with it, but fuq, what a trip!

  24. The struggle to break free sends blood through the veins, so poetic. I love that so much. also the point that a lot of the soul knowledge is our own, less a shareable thing.
    From my Pluto tinged chart I recommend being proactive and facing your inner demons and continual patterns. Pluto does not tip toe around trying to get your attention for long…

  25. Love that there were 9 – completion.
    Yes – having being fortunate (?) enough or intentionally designed to have Pluto transit all my personal’s this life and an outer/node/DC and anticipating Lilith then MC Saturn and Chiron (will I live long enough!) I am perpetually Pluto in one form or another (add a heavy 8th influence) – sooo… we phoenix on!

      1. Oh yes that phenomenom. It’s also a number associated with the elemental and fae realms just to inject something more woo-woo in with the science….perhaps invoked by Millie’s comment below…getting to it..

        And whilst on the subject of Pluto (and this applies to all plants) it’s south node is in Cap. Hahahaha……yep.

      2. My brief research didn’t uncover the name. I found one possibility but it turned out to be a dead end and my patience for such things (read – math) wanes quickly tho 6 is reputed to have similar attributes and I think maybe because it works with the 3 – 6 – 9 thing.

      3. Indeed they do!

        NN 18 Can so yep…SN with Pluto on my Moon. Nodes have only moved a couple of degrees side Pluto’s discovery.

        My typo (now edited) – fae not far tho they are far from visible mostly.

        What is it called? Idk? Read a bit and it is complex right and it lost me but I might give it another shot as I recently wrapped my grey matter around black hole entropy and event horizons so this should be a walk in the park…maybe?

      4. Oi – and why did you remove Q re planets having nodes? That is what the first half of my reply relates to lol

      5. Yeah I was on my tab last night which is more annoying than the keys for a Mercurial typist in download mode. The edit function sucks tbh. The words lag a bit too.

        If you have the stamina I’d hold them to their guarantee but these days 2 weeks without tech is like a lifetime!

    1. I always watch the caterpillars, and usually after they have decimated my herbs overnight. I sometimes catch them eating. And now i just empathise the heq out of their little backward forward thing into the chrysalis. Omg we ALL know that feeling, poor little green marauders. …but they can still reckon with the Mars Gardening style i have. Not their or my fault, so much, just our natures.

      1. That’s all of us in our own way right…constantly changing shape.

        I suppose if I think about it – and spin it a little to the left – I’ve eaten others home grown herbs and done some backward forward dance steps on my way to evolution

    2. But I bet he relaid the bitumen after he dug up what was under it…..heck maybe he built you a whole new road? Ok, you may not have asked for it

      Yes lots of lessons in a DC Pluto transit. I might shoot left of field and say that important relationships start first with the self so on that axis of 1-7 we’re asked to look at ourselves and adjust the 1st to better experience the 7th and really the only way that can occur is through the mirror of another.

      1. Pluto work is slow.

        I think everyone is not average or put more accurately – much more than one aspect of their life may indicate. I think our soul evolution is bigger than one life and therefore much harder to put into current context at times.Sometimes we have to look farther afield for answers and pretty much always with an outer planet you get insight in retrospect so you may as well sit back and enjoy the ride.

        The other thing that’s possibly nudging a few things for a few folk or at least those sensitive to node nature is the recent shift. Node insights of the last sign/house tend to come with the change of sign as well. There’s a lot of stuff active for a lot of people and it corresponds because the nodes are now Can/Cap and SN is heading toward Pluto.

        Back on the planet nodes briefly – they are all slow moving even the inner planets. They move a degree and some over century + timelines. It’s an evolutionary astro principle and I happen to have planetary conjunctions with them all both SN & NN – I guess I could say I’m not your average bear…. but then I’m not a bear (winks) and know that I say that just as perspective share and a bit of playfulness – not as a way to diminish your experience.

      2. I think you could count that as active now… so a future you be that vitality, life force, ego expression (which is essential in the human vehicle) is emerging over the next 18 months and I always like to check the last time the nodes were in signs to see if there’s a pattern or a completion.

        I was getting a bit optimistic thinking Pluto will be in a separating conjunction to lunar soon and goodness knows why my selective memory chose to forget Pluto’s bloody SN is conj my Moon. I have a serious side I can’t shake some days, or life itself can feel like serious biz not play but that also fits with themes and we all get a bit of everything – my emergence out of the dark caverns is, I’m convinced, attributed to Mercury conj Sol and this retro will be super-fine for me as will aspect my natal Mercury retro.

        Don’t guru me J but thank you for the nod x – everyone is their own guru. On that – I’ve a feeling I’ve gone down in the past for such notions (another wink) or for standing too far out from the pack. I’ve been beset by visions of a past life death that are mere wafts of smoke in front of my eyes but relating to some considerable pain in relation to having bloomin’ shingles which is lingering but really should be abating in my mind. Unbeknownst to me I was 6 day a week sometimes 2 hours driving one way to destination across chaotic traffic and studying and dealing with this for what might be over 2 months now. Misdiagnosed as is in a bizarre location, not a huge ‘rash’ and not typical but since the node shift these images have been blending with the pain. Very interesting albeit a little unpleasant.

    1. As a 19 degree Libra I am hearing ya, feeling ya, Janey. It gets raw sometimes. Have my Saturn at 18 degrees Kataka and hell Chiron at 20 Aries, so it’s all the karma, I would say. Sending you love and cottonwool cocoons for those rare resting times x

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