Mercury Opposite Mars Strikeout

Wow, this guy got totally owned by prime ministers Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin. Watch the video if you haven’t seen it, it’s darkly hilarious albeit missing tracking shots to the reporter’s presumably dumbfounded expression.

If he’d read my Daily Mystic Update for Tuesday, he would have known that November 30 was Mercury opposite Mars Retrograde, aka a particularly poor day to let something sling spontaneously or air your default vintage views.

It’s also a masterclass in Capricorn Moon composure – Marin is Scorpio and Ardern a Leo but they each have Moon in Capricorn. It would surely have been tempting for the Scorp in particular to snap back something super-sarky like ‘yes molopaa, I flew here from Finland to discuss mascara and muffin recipes….girls night – woohoo!’

You could see the dynamic as the Hapless Reporter playing Mars Retrograde in Gemini and interestingly, Mercury in Saggo is currently conjunct Jacinda Ardern’s Neptune and Sanna Marin’s Mercury-Uranus conjunction.

Funny how the guy’s name is not out there – if a female journalist had asked two male prime ministers if they were just getting together for a beer or to watch some footie, she would have been named and shamed all over the socials by now.


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  1. Every little bit of my cap moon and Leo and Scorpio energies just loves how Sanna and Jacinda dealt with it like pros. Love it! Yeah, hate that the question is asked in the first place, but these questions are going to be asked for awhile yet, and they showed us how to answer them. And thank you for teaching me a Finnish swearword, Mystic!

  2. The upcoming full moon is on my mc and the local chart for my location. For that time is my natal chart.
    Next year’s solar chart is my progressed chart.

    I’ve been in a bullseye for a while so I know I’ll only understand in hindsight.

    Keep a journal.

  3. ‘And stuff’ mentioned twice by reporter. THAT annoys me more than anything else. What ‘stuff’. Lucidity please from reportage.

    1. He was so awkward one can only assume he meant “you know, periods & … girl stuff” πŸ˜‚.

      It’s interesting that he never actually mentioned their gender, he only mentioned them being a “similar age…. and stuff“, and yet all the media headlines around this have been about him being sexist… because we all intuitively read that line of bumbling questioning as inherently sexist, and that’s what Ardern & Marin responded to also.

      No matter what his words would have said, i bet he showed up with an attitude of smug disdain that spoke volumes…

  4. He probably had no clue what they were talking about. Great responses from the both of them. All my Leo/Scorpio natal planets cheer them on.

  5. Great responses from the PMs. I can’t believe that the reporter’s name isn’t all over the place with that question.

  6. Apropos of nothing, this Pluto-Moon transit really has a way of taking a hatchet to literally every kind of relationship with almost every woman i know. It’s wierd af and quite frankly, Pluto, just straight up overkill but I’d expect that from you by now and I am looking forward to seeing the back of your fugly, creepy ass as you crawl back into your dirty pit where you belong.

      1. Thanks earthstar X me too
        Sorry for grinching out in the comments fam probably delete later. I’m so done with this outer planet shit.

      2. It is so refreshing to come over to MM’s corner of the galaxy and see authentic beautiful human beings though. Hang on out there xxxx

    1. I so hear you, luv. I can not even begin …. just everything … overwhelming..

      @trans Pluto opposite my Moon (& conjunct IC )… 5 more yrs of this!!!! … fuqer goes retro a few times over same place. :(.

      1. ….And of course my initial intention was to say that i’m sorry to hear of your not nice time with Pluto/Moon & hope you overcome the overkill real quick!

      2. It’s ok.. I understood your shared experience as solidarity as much as anything else. That’s quite a transit there skarab, it doesn’t get much more personal xx

      3. There was a young man behind the counter at my local butcher this morn, I noticed a scorpion tattoo on his forearm as I was getting a couple of things. “Ok let’s see then” I thought. At some point I made eye contact and met a steady, flinty, light blue gaze in return. Which did help me to at least re-appreciate (some) Scorpios if not Pluto. So there’s that. Also he did ask me if I wanted the “thick, pork sausages or the thin, beef sausages” with unusual relish in his voice which probably should have been my first clue:)

      4. Hahahaha! hope you said you were partial to thick spicy wild boar bangers with your mash ….. Thanks Sam – nothing like a bit of smut with my morning caff to get my mojo on.X

      5. I have to confess that I was very careful to be neutral and polite, despite numerous opportunities and all of my worst impulses trying to make me put my foot in my mouth. ahem. haha

      6. I was going to say Sam, you left us midway through the story! haha. Skarab & Sam thanks so much for sharing your tales (and making me LAFF) because I (for one) have learnt so much. Uncle Plutes in Cap has squared all my Aries and Libra placements (oh, you know – just Sun, Ceres, Nodes, Venus, Mercury, NATAL PLUTO) so – yep. Deconstruct, and reconstruct.
        To be fair, being born with Pluto in Libra (the disintegration and rebuild of common law marriage, as one generational interp)) meant I watched my parents/step-parents go through the (excruciating) Plutonian lessons from earliest memory, which meant I wanted the “boring life” from the Get-go (i.e. I get it!!! the need for post-Pluto-peace..). And took the prep classes (boring way – precautions). So while Pluto squaring all my Bits hurt, it probably didn’t hurt as MUCH as it could have because I took note of earlier hurts?? i don’t know – could also be that Pluto in Cap also trined my rising and Jupiter (in later years).
        Having said that, Pluto is in my 6th house natally, and I have had all manner of chronic health issues to contend with (as in, they became inescapable during the Pluto-Cap years) – am seeing yet another specialist this very afternoon! And I gave up much-loved study. Yep – talk about confronting ones worst sides.. πŸ™
        Luv you ladies! Thanks a million. xx

      7. Wish Upon a Star

        I am sorry to hear about your health issues ES. Confronting ones worst sides. It sounds like you have been through the wringer.

        Believe me I have hit rock bottom a few times. But the good thing about that is the only way is up baby.

        Sam says it well below “finding your new emotional set point”.

        p.s The only way is up, baby was a song from my 20s. I remember trying hopelessly to learn jazz ballet to it. At the time I didn’t know I could only dance to the beat if my own drum. I’m a great dancer btw.


      8. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Thanks Wish xx
        And so hope you feeling better, too?? Ya I love that song !!πŸ˜„(And her hair!! although full disclaimer – am nowhere near any low point – at least not like when I was first working out Pluto schizolla in my twenties!! But yes – just trying to find the gratitude for this skin and muscle suit we get to wear… At least I got further astrological confirmation today, of the transit Pluto link to my natal GPS coordinates. It’s a bit freaky but more so, a massive relief. I think Sam said it well below!! Thanks again Beauty xxoo

      9. Pluto in Libra lessons from the family hearth here too Earthstar. I can’t ever remember a time where I imagined that I wanted to be “married” or a “couple”. The concept makes me feel ill. Part of me is quite sure that that coupley types or serial monogamists need psychological help. It’s one of the reasons why if I am in love it’s so friggin destabilizing. How tf dare this person fw my equilibrium ?:D

      10. πŸ˜„ Sam honey I so hear you. And I was in the exact same position many moons ago (I Promise!! And am still laughing at this thing we call life!) And I’ll tell you a funny story after this full moon – it is now storming where I live (!!), and I feel like the “veil is very thin”, so am going to make cups of tea for, and pay homage to, the Spirit guides all around – sending hugs and super-Plutonian strength & equilibrium to you …Xoo

      11. Hi dear Sam, aaggghhh!! Finally sitting down to finish this story. I think the delay is because it isn’t a funny story originally. But I have come to laugh of recent years??
        So I heard you mention you have Pluto on the IC?? In Libra of all places too??? Phew!!!! I can only imagine that would lead to revulsion of couples, couple-ey types, the nuclear family living in the ‘burbs and arguing over what type of hose to get from Bunnings. 🀯 Aah! I get it. Beam me up Scotty (on a moonbeam), away from the kitchen sink..!
        But. But. Hear my Saturn in 4th (or 3rd, depending on which system you prefer) origin story. In brief, my Mum left my Dad (and whole fam) when I was 4, to be with the love of her life (he really is. They shld have met first and then I’d never exist, which I completely get because true love is beautiful and not cheesy at all). But before that, Both my parents were immigrants and very street smart, loving, kind people when they married and had me and brother/sister. Both aliens in a foreign land, with alien currency and language. So from birth (for me & siblings) the typical idea of family and couple-dom was… not. After their divorce, I was the only kid in school with divorced parents, AND who looked and spoke differently from all the other kids. Monogamy, marriage, happy and stable family life, “fitting in” – wtf was that?? (For me as child).. I grew to love being an alien… sort of. My Dad remarried (prob more for practicality than love, but a love did grow for both, like an exotic flower blooming on the moon when scientists never expected it.) My stepMum was griefstricken and emotionally damaged on multiple fronts from her previous marriage, and took it out (anger, violence) on my siblings & I. Plus – we moved around heaps due to Dad’s job, so I was new kid on block at school every three or so years. (More often in highschool).
        So – “normal” (culturally or conventionally or in terms of couples) was never available to me (the type that sells cards, anyway, lol!); and I had given up on marriage, family, blah, because I did not believe it was possible. (StepMum and Dad divorced in my final yr of school, Dad remarried a similar personality 5 years later..)
        Cue Uranus crossing my Mars and Mc in early Pisces near my Saturn return, and a Uranian Aries old friend of mine contacted me out of the blue after returning from overseas. Six weeks after our first dinner we moved in together, and this coming March (first date was on Aries ingress) we will have been hanging around each other for 19 years. In love!?! Add two children, and yep – those pesky hoses in the burbs. And life has proven me (deliciously) wrong, in so many ways, on so many levels, for years now.
        I am only saying this, NOT to change your mind, or to prove any view is better than other, but to laugh at myself and my own trajectory from when I felt exactly the same as you!! Because I never expected that to change. Luckily Aries hubby is verry broad-minded, tolerant, patient and completely detached (Uranian).
        But, more than anything, I just hope that Pluto on your IC gives you much love (in whatever/any form), and happiness – and no suffering !! Life is too short for that malarkey. Love ES. ✌

      12. I’m glad you found your Aries, es. x

        P.s. and yes you are correct I think that couples bickering over petty things is pathetic. It’s like having a fight over what colour to paint the walls when one already lives in a mansion

      13. Insane right? i had to triple check.
        Well, i was aiming for sweet old lady, but instead I’m gonna end up the meanest old hag by the end of this I’m sure.

      14. there’s just no energy for sweetness . it’s all somehow diverted inwards, like a river that starts to flow underground and geologists can’t work out where it resurfaces

      15. I prefer savoury, but this reminds me that I once met the closest thing to a saint – the sweetest person i ever met. I think that when his river flowed underground it was filtered & purified by all the shungite in the plutonian underworld, & it just flowed right back up through him. He was a Tibetan monk who’d been jailed (solitary confinement) for 25 yrs by the Chinese gov when they annexed Tibet. He could literally melt your heart with his sweet gentle gaze.

      16. Wish Upon a Star

        Well you definitely have self awareness in spades.

        Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t?

      17. This is SUCH a beautiful statement. Keep channelling that muse and I don’t say that lightly – but not if it is painful. xoo

      18. (Agh Sam, sorry – I meant about the statement about “no energy left for sweetness” and the geologists – my reply slipped down a notch. And also – i wasn’t suggesting you milk the colour of your tears for our artistic benefit with channelling the muse – just saying you have a poetic way. But most importantly, hope you okay!!😊Xx)

      19. That’s ok es I figured it out, and your words were very kind, I just wasn’t sure how to reply because I felt a bit self conscious πŸ˜… x

      20. Just coming out of my own transit of Pluto opposite Moon. It’s feral!!! I activity seek as boring a life as possible now. The washing machine effect nearly did me in. Hang in there. When I look back some things and people just NEEDED to be flung out of my life and I am now enjoying the calm after the rapids The scenery is beautiful.. XXXX

      21. Thanks for this. I’d only just wiped off the last of the ashes from my Pluto/Sun opposition & feel like i should have had a bit more of a ceasefire from power lessons, you know? And wow, i just looked up “the washing machine effect” – it so perfectly describes what’s been going down, esp since i have the Uranus sq Uranus obstacle course going on too. I can soooo appreciate aiming for a boring life – may you relish it for as long as you fancy. @β˜Ύβ™‡ with πŸ’œ

      22. Skarab I am heading into my Pluto opposition to Sun Uranus any month now. Do you have any tips? I am quaking in my boots since I have been through the Pluto opposition to my Mercury and then Venus. OMG it wasn’t pretty. And I notice Pluto brings a person into your life that has a big impact. Help!

      23. I didn’t meet a person that had a big impact on my life per se, but Pluto can also show up as a government or corporation, institutions etc. Tips: The Book of Pluto by Steven Forrest (but there’s so much out there), The Tao Te Ching & journalling. Keep an eye on Mars for smoother sailing. And be prepared to see the worst of yourself – that’s the worst.

      24. Thank you! I will follow up. Appreciate you answering 😊 I work for a university so there’s a big beasty for you. Maybe it’s that?…

      25. You’re welcome. I initially had written you like a 5000 word summary! It was actually cathartic re-evaluating the whole experience (was cursing you, lol) – but good too for priming myself for the on coming Pluto/IC/Moon/MC fiesta :-/
        University, eh? That was part of my partner’s Pluto sq Sun experience recently. Does it fit with the Houses where it’s gonna happen for you? But you know, merde usually strikes from the angle you least expect…
        Your Sol & my Luna sound like they’re conjunct – they should hold hands through it all & compare notes :-).

      26. As a matter of fact Pluto will be in my 9th so a very university placement. Thanks for that Skarab. Let’s keep in touch and compare notes. I am priming myself as we speak 😬

      27. Ditto… Pluto fast approaching my IC for an extended stay (2′ Aq and on the heels of a period of squaring my Sun and Chiron). I usually hunker down when there’s an IC transit as it hits my T-Square (opp Saturn/MC Leo, sq Moon Tau, sq Ur Scorp) – and there’s really not much point trying to fight it – but yeah, it’ll be 5 years-ish for me too… and i’m not quite sure that i can swing a 5 year hiatus from the world…. or i’m not sure how i would swing it, not being a billionaire with a scenic bunker in the Sth Island…

        I survived all the other Pluto transits pretty well – i might even say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” was applicable – but this one is filling me with dread. And i’m normally a glass-half full, look on the bright-side, everything-will-be-ok-eventually kinda optimist. But right now i just feel this distant rumbling of a train on the tracks and me like Olive Oyl tied to it. I feel like there is not going to be much left of my life at the end of it – and am completely in the dark about what will take the place of what had been… Daunting, for sure…

        (Daunting was the word that came to mind – it comes from the Latin “domare” – to tame… Sounds about right!)

      28. I’m not sure if this will help but because I have the placement natally (Pluto ic) I’ve given the conjunction a bit of thought. I think natal placements can be a bit of a blind spot compared to transits because with a transit you have a ‘before, during and after’ to compare notes for. But I think for me as a natal placement it’s something about a core-level apron-strings situation. I mistakenly deleted the interpretation that devoted serious attention to the psychology of such a placement (and don’t really want to spend another $X retrieving it just now lol, despite the lightbulb ‘wtf ugh’ realisation).

        In short (from memory) the interp noted that there could be an over-identification, almost a persephone-like experience, with the mother-figure, to a point of potentially sacrificing my identity or agency to this dynamic. Given my almost pathological aversion to most experiences of maternal closeness (received or given, & turbo-boosted by a Capricorn moon) there’s probably about a year of weekly psychotherapy in that so yes. As a Pluto charged placement I’m guessing it’s entirely about base chakra and survival/resilience type matters and as the innermost chart angle there is probably that Freudian / id parent vs child identity that could have relevance. Just realised that there’s probably a strong ’emotional eating’ angle to this, holy moly *slaps forehead*

        Anyway just in case this adds some food for thought for anyone

        A quick p.s.. I dont think it’s all Terrible And Awful though. I think Pluto there also makes me protective of my home-zone, as place of restoration and self regeneration. Mystic’s take on Pluto things also often has a more uplifting or artful , constructive approach that is (I’ve found) a good antidote to the ‘ugh’ or fearfulness that can sneak in.


    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Hi Sam I have a Mars opposite natal Pluto in 7th house happening till the 1of March 2022.

      I finally understand this today.

      Probably explains why I just don’t want to tolerate people I normally put up with.

      Any suggestions anyone ?

      1. I’m a little less versed in mars Pluto dynamics for now Wish, but it sounds like a handy way to clarify who you are vs who other people are? x

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        That is extremely helpful. Thanks Sam.

        I did a bit of a Google search and I gleamed how difficult your transit is.
        Lots of love πŸ’– to you.

        One day at a time.

        Hugs πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

      3. MM archives reading was big help yest, reframing a couple of things and it started to ma ke more sense somehow. Just learning where the new emotional set point is seems to be the thing. after my initial rant up there, letting a few realisations settle into place. thanks Wish.

      4. Lots said that doesn’t need repeating or …. revisiting for me. i did my 5 or so years.The other side has sunshine and deep dives are now optional and mostly not required x

      5. Hi Centaurus. That’s good to know. Still rather shadowy around these parts but since my blow-up at the top of this thread, I’ve somehow finally metabolised something and adjusted, but I’d like more ‘pleasant beach shack’ than Addams family mansion, soon enough. Pluto is just so effing heavy. Would you believe I checked what my progressed chart was doing and I’m due for a progressed moon conjunct pluto and IC in a couple of years. It’s around about the same time as another strong transit. *Checks fuel gauge and rearview mirror*

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    Off topic: is anybody else having a weird day. On a good note I had acupuncture and had a healing. Chatted to neighbours but I was a total chatterbox. Went home stuffed my face and hid under the doona. More healing.

    First day of summer in Qld and it’s cold and rainy. Well we won the soccer. Am I living in an alternative universe. Love soccer, football not so much.

    Well looking forward to a good sleep for this Pisces Rising during this Pisces Moon. Hope it sorts me out.


    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Another good note : when I was resting I felt my long departed Persian/Himalayan cat nestle up against my stomach: so cute.

      I think the tide is turning for me !


    2. Yep.πŸ– me too, Wish. Hang in there and give your Persian cat angel a pat from me.😻
      (Re weirdness – am not sure if it is exact today but space weather due to be crazy. Just a thought – but could also “just” be a mega undiscovered rip in the space-time continuum as scientists have just discovered how to create a “baby” black hole in lab, without aforementioned rips).

      The Original Chatterbox. Xx

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi Chatterbox. I am more settled know after an amazing amount of sleep. A shift occurred.


  8. My first instinct was to mock the journalist. “They met because they are sisters.” πŸ™„
    My second instinct was….”Wait a minute…is this…staged?” Like, no way someone can be THIS dumb to ask this question to the two most popular women leaders of our time, whose political capital is naivette/innocence/freshness and rising above gender bias. Reminded me of Trudeau’s “Because this is 2015 moment.”

    -Signed, Jaded Fellow Cap Moon.

    1. People really can be that dumb. If you listen to NewstalkZB (don’t) you’ll realise this is totally on brand for someone from that station. Probably the more telling thing is that he seemed to falter with his line of “questioning” suddenly realising he was out of his depth and no longer in his reinforcing echo chamber of pale, stale, males. Believe me, rednecks & misogynists really do exist in NZ too…

      1. Nooooo… NZ is my dreamland.
        I’d take your word for assholes being there also. This controversy was very opportune too because Russian bots had a field day last month with Sanna’s partying videos being leaked, accusing her of doing drugs. I don’t know what infuriated her more – the fact that the dumb asses questioned her ability to run a country or the breach of privacy as a Scorpio. This incident should reinstate her political image by a huge margin.

        Jacinda remains Jacinda – fiercely competent and compassionate natural ruler.πŸ™‚

      2. There is a big gap between what is projected overseas and what is reality here, however, it is still a good country comparatively. But the grass may always be greener. My dreamlands are far away. I’m very cognisant that i live somewhere where others desperately would rather be, and yet it doesn’t change the fact that i desperately would like to be elsewhere! The catch is that it’s so far away, and expensive to shift hemispheres, that we all end up stuck in our dreams of these “Other” places instead of being present and content where we are…

        I think Uranus & N node in Taurus is amping up the various feelings about home, where we are, what we have, for good and bad. I’m finding it quite unsettling, although i haven’t been settled for the duration of Uranus in Taurus… i guess that’s the point tho. Physical, material, economic disruptions & upheaval. Combined with the endless Mars Gemini transit, it’s all a bit much on the nerves tbh! Gotta just find pockets of respite when & where you can i guess… 😊

  9. “… stuff… and politics and stuff…” WTF? Was this guy just pucked off the street? Who even asks such an inarticulate question when your job is supposedly “journalist”? Jacinda Adern was extremely gracious in her response, facts and figures only, no judgement. A true leader, who leads by example.

    1. my thoughts exactly. I heard the first 8 seconds of the ‘stuff’ fumbling and before cringing out of the vid, thought that someone must have put him up to it and he was regretting it the moment he started talking. I assumed that the Capricorn moon leaders didn’t muck around in responding πŸ˜‰ These women run two of the most liveable countries (by almost any measure) on the planet.

      1. Australia is slowly getting there again – most livable country – after dumping the narcissistic religious zealot PM, and voting in the “voice of the people” PM, Anthony Albanese. Melbourne is still in the Top 10 most livable cities worldwide (Global Liveability Index). Specifically, it is the Australian mainstream media’s over employment of similar Murdoch Minion come Trumpian “journalists” that have turned the tide. Aussies are rejecting this kind of reporting, and seeking out those who give facts and figures, not those who are addicted to hyperbole and propaganda. Everyone has had enough of the BS.

  10. Off-topic… Vale Christine McVie. Listened to Everywhere again & cried. Thanks for the soundtrack to my childhood.πŸ₯²

  11. As a NZer i am so embarrassed by this reporter! And of course it is this question – and their comebacks – that are what have been spread worldwide instead of, y’know, the war in Ukraine, gender equality, climate crisis, Iran etc. They had a mere 15minutes for the press conference – and he wasted their time… I have no idea who it was. But I daresay he is feeling mightily embarrassed…

    It’s interesting to see the Scorpio Marin and Leo Ardern at work – Marin is such a Scorpio. She’s not here to mess around, or see the sights. Jacinda uses the opportunity to school this guy, and the broader listening audience, on NZ-Finland trade & relations, using her usual compassionate-but-factual approach, albeit with a look that says: “Could you get any more stupid?”

    Marin on the other hand slices through the guy, zero words wasted: “We are meeting because we are prime ministers”…πŸ—‘πŸ’€βš°οΈ πŸ™Œ

    On the upside, it is because he made such a pariah of himself that this meeting of two young, female world leaders of two small, remote, progressive countries has become global news… #RepresentationFTW

    1. YES. ‘We are meeting because we are Prime Ministers’. Scorpio disdain on legs. I love it. I wish I were more like that. Must try harder. Jacinda couldn’t hide the look of disdain though I notice. Only just tolerating this idiot written all over her face. Sooo Leo. Great post.

      1. NewstalkZB is full of right-wing talkback jocks. F*cking Hosking set the bar on the floor, yet the rest still manage to claw their way beneath it somehow. It’s the closest we get to Fox… Best ignored entirely for peace of mind and sanity.

  12. THAT is just the BOMB Mystic! What an hilarious comeback and boy should that idiot have consulted you before the press conference. You just couldn’t have scripted any of it better really…so good.

  13. The Lion & The Centaur

    Jacinda was spot on and I just love our Sanna Marin as a cut-trough-the-bs politician. But it’s 2022, why do they STILL need to be wasting time explaining and justifying themselves to a male reporter?? I think their achievements speak for themselves

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