Maximizing The Indigo Moon

I’m calling this Lunar Eclipse in Cancer an Indigo Moon. Being a Full Moon and an Eclipse with this much going on around it warrants a new category of rarity. And I don’t rate Blue Moons because they’re only referring to a calendar. Moons are the real calendar.

Anyway, there are many manifestations of the current astro-fuqery: enough of the political, let’s do the personal.

Eclipses like this are most potent in the lead-up and they ping off previous eclipses at similar points. They’re eerily referential. This one is even more so as it’s part of the Saturn-Pluto mind-warp in play since April. It’s an opportunity to emotionally integrate all the evolution since then.

And in fact, with the additional factor of Uranus turning Direct, you can pull off some genius alchemy of the soul with this astro. Imagine one poignant, sharp ray of indigo moonlight that pierces through the shadows. Or a eureka flash from the psyche – not your churning mind – that lifts the heaviness of half the galaxy in earth signs.

This Lunar Eclipse In Cancer Is Magic Beyond The Norm

My experience and that of many I know is that Saturn so close to Pluto has empowered the Inner Critic. It’s like the character went from vaguely carping to full-bore rant mode. A Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is the ultimate time for calling out this crap. You need wisdom and to learn from life, not an auto-guilt judgment setting that you can’t turn off.

The next three days (which is when this Indigo Moon is most intense) are fantastic for emotional release and insights that float up unbidden. That’s as opposed to you hounding yourself for answers by going over and over things. Or weirdly seeking them in a scrolling trance.

If you’re clear on something intellectually but your psyche is still foggy or, worse, haunted; this is your Full Moon!  Or maybe part of you is in tomorrow or the present but a dimension of you still lives in yesterday. The dissonance creates muscular-skeletal incongruence and you’re eating food that the knows-everything nine-year-old version of yourself really likes.

A Dimension Of You Still Lives In Yesterday

We know this Moon is part of the Saturn-Pluto config but it is also conjunct asteroid Arachne, square Eris-Persephone and opposite Ceres. These are profound themes that span multiple timelines and layers of consciousness. Your coming of age and what you left behind then – could you psychically journey back to get it? Delayed realizations about your most potent Pluto transits to date. Archetypes galore; Witch, Maiden, Mother, Sage, Warrior, Father. The weird social matrix of your life and how much of it was/is fate. How the way you eat ties into emotional nourishment from family or lack of it.

Those are just examples: it’s a theme-laden Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – you will have plenty of material to elaborate. And, while I am legit the worst at this, it’s a good few days to get off mindless news trawling if you can. There is staying up to date or knowing what’s up. Then there is diverting yourself from a profoundly beneficial emotional and spiritual breakthrough by confirming that something is sad or that someone is douchecore.

So, how are you doing with this?

Image: Victo Ngai

137 thoughts on “Maximizing The Indigo Moon”

  1. Sorry quick question: as we are in the exact conjunction of Saturn / Pluto: when will it exactly be over? I think they make exact conjunction today and tomorrow and then again around 19-22 o January. Is that exact? When will we be out of the aspect officially?

    1. Yes they are exact on 19-22 as well.
      Do you use an ephemeris? Search for “swiss ephemeris 2020” or what ever year you want to check.
      I would consider this conjunction effective most of this year with a possible “inflammation” around late September when they’re about 3º apart AND being squared by Mars from Aries.

  2. A Cap man appeared in my life promised the world and seemed to be the answer to everything I need right now. He has practically moved in and this all happened two weeks ago.. everything is moving way too fast it’s like Iv e been living a double life.

      1. I agree

        Big RED flag….

        If “it’s too good to be true”

        You are probably being “love bombed” or worse suffering “trauma abuse”

        Ask a trusted friend, and please believe them xxxxx

    1. Apologies mike, Gemyogi and South for late reply just wanted to say thank you I appreciated your comments very much – and South surprisingly you may be spot on unfortunately. x

  3. The eclipse is happening @ 5º orb from my Sun in the 9th House. I’ve not had so much physical, mental or psychic energy since about i don’t know when … another lifetime, another me. I pinned down this energy change to exactly when Mars entered Sagittarius last Friday (my progressed Asc). It’s like i’m in love with being alive again after years of Pluto & Saturn transits to my Sun. I’ve also had an amazing run of serendipitous events all week & the synchronicity of information falling on my lap is just awesome.

    If this eclipse is tied into last April’s eclipse, then where i’m at now, is the complete opposite to then, where i had a never ending flu, my face was a painful, swollen mess from root canal complications, and i was using a hiking stick to hobble around coz my back was a wreck (Saturn opp. Sun). Today, I even broke into a trot on the way to the shops because i couldn’t contain my energy, and coz i simply felt like it.

    Emotionally, i feel lighter & stronger after years of dull & heavy Saturn/Pluto introspection & pernicious existential angst. My Inner Critic has left town. The anger i’ve been feeling all these yrs towards politicians & society has not disappeared, but it’s not all-consuming. I’m minimising news intake to the bare minimum, no longer scrolling to feed the beast. Instead, I’m now planning to be the most subversive citizen this side of the Atlantic.

    Omens & signs a-plenty. Last Friday (Mars into Sagg) while on a work recce in France, my partner & i stopped to have a break from driving, wandered into a large open shed by the side of the road, by piles of old junk, straight to a cast iron plaque of 2 winged horses on their hind legs & facing each other, with an olympic torch in between them. Got it for a song – which in this case was literally a long friendly chat with the owner, as his family was originally from my home town. It’s now hanging by our front door like our own personal crest.

    My multi-Libra partner has the eclipse squaring his Asc-Sun-Merc, and is experiencing high voltage astro energy too. He went for some acupuncture today & had visions of balls of fire shooting out from his head, lol.

    1. If this was Medium and I was able to hilight the particular sentences I love, I’d highlight and give multiple claps for “I’m now planning to be the most subversive citizen this side of the Atlantic” but I love all of it. Magical!!

      1. Thank you! I’m forming a specialist commando unit for S.C.U.M. (Subversive Citizens Underground Movement), if you want to join. xx

      2. LOVE it! Where do I sign? Also, are there badges?
        Oh wait… truly subversive Citizens do “don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

    2. Amazing, Skarab. Whenever I read about luxuriant Haute Cancerian anything you do come to mind. Glad it’s manifesting that way too xxoo

    3. I have been getting heaps of omens and signs myself.

      Your winged horses remind me of my recent find. There’s been a pile of household junk in my street for weeks now and since before Christmas. It’s shown some variation and the wind has strewn it on occasion or the looters had left a mess so it became a bit of an irritant for me.

      After a couple of weeks of disdain I saw a bucket. Yes, a benign piece if plastic that I thought would be good as a spare or for the garden so I parked my car and walked over.

      As I’m surveying the array of things that were a mix of mess and decent items I saw something under an old mattress. It looked like a wing so I pulled at it but it took some effort. Out comes this pristine garden angle that must weigh at least 15kgs and stands 60 odd cms tall. Well she’s been around for some time that’s evident but not a chip or a stain anywhere.

      I don’t know how nobody found her in those earlier raids. Sure she was hidden but she was also kind of obvious. She was there for me. I’m convinced. This was a tangible reminder (and gift) of support that has often felt like an ancient echo of something that was now beyond reach. Pluto on Moon Venus has zapped too many things to illustrate here and these journeys we take are so personal that they can be quite hard to convey in some forums anyways, at least for me. It’s not the ability to say it or write it but the medium sometimes.

      Your wings reminded me of mine.

      1. How beautiful. There’s a humorous take here (in a dad-joke kinda way): you found your guardian angel, like someone found Jesus behind the sofa 😉

      2. Love this Centaurus! Wings, yes! spirituality, protection, freedom from materialism, lightness, liberty & victory…..

      3. Love the angel! I’ve been looking for a new garden statue/door guardian for my place as my original lady with flowers (looks balinese) has been eroded by the weather to the point half her face is gone. I love those chinese guardian dog things but haven’t found the right one (or two) yet.

      4. Thanks gals 😃
        She’s a bit like a greek goddess with wings with the flowing garb and long hair and bare feet.
        And yep, totally appreciate the humour in it too!

    4. so good to hear so much positive news dear Skarab! and love that your inner critic is on hols!!! The pegasus’s (pegasi?) sound amazing, and I’m jealous of your france trip! 💕

      1. Thank you, C! You know, i had just checked up on Gary because let’s just say that i feel his forcefield lately, and then came to seek you out – and here you are!
        So as i suspected, this gung-ho, devil-may-care energy surge has Gary at its epicentre forming a T-square with Jupe & Mars (exact ….. to a T no less), as Mars enters Saggo.
        Result is I’m channelling my idealistic (some say idiot) teenager from the 70s … and Brad’s “Cliff Booth” is my Gary’s new icon.


      2. Damn! The moderator must think that the picture of Brad i sent you is too hot – so now have lost message (also bearing news of Gary – he’s all over my chart right now) X

      3. Oh I was going to ask you about Gary!! I need to check out where he is in my chart. I think with all this gravity about the Cap Convergence we could use a bit of Gazza distraction xx

      4. Oh it’s just come through above. What made me check up on Gaz is that yesterday I was nabbed by police for doing an illegal U-turn – in front of them. And managed to blag my way out of a fine.
        (this is so uncanny coz i know we joke about it but…..)

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        Hey Ive got Gary conjunct my Taurus Moon within 1` degree trine Pluto.

        It makes alot of sense
        And I look great in double denim. LOL.

      6. Great balls of turbo, Wish! with that line up you’d be channelling like the Yoda of Garys Himself! … of course you’d look great in double denim.

      7. I know Scarab. And have a guess what? I’m heading for a Gary return quite soon. Probably explains why my hair is looking so good.

        I reckon yesterday when you were speaking to the police the words just rolled off your tongue without even thinking about it hey ? That’s Gary to a tee. LOL

        Sorry to break the Gary Mojo with a question but I have to ask. Why does the Gary asteroid transit go clockwise where as the other transits go anticlockwise. Is it because Gary is an asteroid and doesnt need to move?

        The world meets him on his terms! LOL.

      8. There should be a Gary ephemeris. Gary moves anti-clockwise with the rest of the meteorite mob & planets, but he has been going Retro for a while which is prob why you think it’s going clockwise. He only just got going forwards again on 1st January.

      9. OMG Gary is conj my Jupe/MC!! Tickling my grand earth trine. Never mind the Cap Convergence – I’m going with the Double Denim Disco-Down

      10. Chrysalis that’s a very sophisticated looking Gary. I wonder if he’s wearing Old Spice or Brut? If it’s any other aftershave it will be a deal breaker. Thats skating on thin ice. LOL.

        Anyhow I’m glad he’s invigorating your Earth Trine.

  4. “My experience and that of many I know is that Saturn so close to Pluto has empowered the Inner Critic. It’s like the character went from vaguely carping to full-bore rant mode. A Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is the ultimate time for calling out this crap. You need wisdom and to learn from life, not an auto-guilt judgment setting that you can’t turn off.”

    It’s actually the other way around for me, in some ways, regarding the Saturn-Pluto.
    It’s like Pluto so close to Saturn turns down the inner critic and amps the psychological growth.
    Where Pluto would get lost because it tends to obsess over things, Saturn brings its discipline to the psychic and psychological growth brought by the last 18 months of EMDR and give it a systematic approach.
    Slipping back into past time attitudes related to traumas? Not so. Saturn reminds me of the new approach again, and again and again until it will plant a new seed and substitute the old patterns with brand new, actualized and defo more adult ones.

    As for the Moon: I am loving the flashes I keep getting. It’s gonna be conjunct my Natal Mars and then my South Node so I believe the “shed the past, bring in the new” factor will be emphasized, to say the least.

    ETA: the neck. Oh boy, I hadn’t had neck pain since I can’t remember when.

  5. Oh my Goddess this is pertinent!

    Imagine being in someone’s company when they pass away, and not bothering to contact the deceased’s next of kin, who is the only child of that person. Then, 2 months later, out of the blue and without warning, you call the deceased’s child and ask them if they want to sell their mother’s car to you, because yours was written off in an accident – you don’t bother with any social niceties, such as how they’ve been holding up since their mother’s passing. They tell you very coolly that they want to keep the car, thanks. You’re so surprised that they’re not willing to oblige you, despite your own shitty behaviour toward them, you’re speechless.

    I was that daughter yesterday, and the other person was a friend of my Godmother‘s – but she could’ve any of my mother’s friends, or member of one particular branch of Mum’s family (I can’t bring myself to call them my family).

    What have I learned from this? I was born into a matriarchal family and associated tribe – but the matriarchs are all female misogynists, and if you’re a woman or a girl, you have no value as a human being until you’ve paid your womanly dues (ie you’d better get busy making grandchildren, too bad if the man you’re in a relationship with clearly isn’t father material).

    How we were treated in our childhood and youth (and in many cases still are) by our families and tribes isn’t our fault, but it’s our responsibility to not repeat their earlier mistakes; the best decision I ever made was choose to remain child-free.

    That last solar eclipse? Yeah, that was exact on my IC.

    1. Whoah. Such echoes here of my own recent experiences. I too have ditched the “family” and stripped them of titles.

  6. This whole has been me for the past two weeks, down to hounding myself and the scrolling trance.
    Fear is what keeps me from what I want. Where do I even go from here?

  7. Your 12 card tarot seems to know what’s going on. I keep getting cards relating tobeckiose: yesterday, 8 of cups (with its eclipse eerieyness) in my 12th house; today the Moon card (again an eclipsed sun on the card) in my 1st – and the Fool in the 12th to boot. I love it!

    Have been receiving a lot of corvid omens recently. Last Friday while working from home I heard strange goings on and went out to find two ravens on the chimney stack and a chewed bone presumably they’d tossed down on the ground. I think they saw my gentle admonishion (a girl is trying to work around here) and I laid the bone back out for them on one of the bins to finish. I think the had already though.

    Two days later I find a black raven corpse on the road from my house. (I actually just wrote ‘around the crone from my house’ by mistake!!) The birds were acting strange – a blackbird standing on the road nearby it, a sense of other corvids nearby

    It was a clean death, almost like it had just dropped from the sky. Just a trauma to its lower abdomen and some guts hanging out (sorry) but little blood or mess.

    I was on my way to hang an exhibition so had to just make a quick decision – I put my leather gloves on and lifted it into a clean paper carrier bag I had in the car, thanking its spirit and saying prayers for it to reach its spiritual home the whole way I was driving. On coming home I placed it, double bagged, in my freezer.

    I am wondering whether to preserve its skin like I learned to do with a crow that also appeared freshly dead on my path 3 years ago. Or whether the raven should be just returned to the ground. I feel for its family of loved ones!

    Any thoughts? X

    1. The ultimate response I have for you is trust your intuition on this.

      One way you might arrive at that is to ask the bird. It seems there is something you want/need to do to complete this process. You could do a simple ceremony with the bird and country and call forth it’s spirit for answers or ask it’s relatives to provide a sign to guide you.

      You are free to do as you choose here and you only need be clear on what your will is and the will of the bird (if these things matter) and act in accordance with what seems true and appropriate.

      We will never know if what we do in the now is what we would have chosen when we reflect after time passes. We do what we think is the right choice in a moment and that is always enough even if it wasn’t right with the benefit of hindsight remembering hindsight generally only provides us that gift if there’s also been evolution.

      The crow family keep a foot in both worlds so that says to me that they are, in some respects, accepting of the existence of both (or more) worlds and the many forms our being takes.. maybe this is an exercise in trust and merging the seen and unseen world within and without.

      1. Thank you for your advice both. It isn’t clear yet, and I need to check in / do a journey to find out what is the best for this moment. Thank you Centaurus for helping to calm my nerves on this one x

      2. After you picked up the dead raven, how did the other ravens react? If they are milling around you, your house and seem to be upset/angry please put the bird back into nature for them to finish grieving their friend.
        Corvids hold grudges so tread carefully.

  8. Well, after a few days of being really fucking angry with the powers that be worldwide, I seem to be in a place of relative calm right now. I feel something fantastic incoming, a massive lightening of everything and warp speed upmorph/forward movement, though I’m really not at all sure what form that will take. I just trust it, because I feel it very strongly. Despite all appearance, something really really good is going on in the background. Can’t wait to see how all this pans out. The razing before the rebuild of society? I feel gutted for all those who’ve been affected by the fires and so sad for all the lost animals, and our precious wild places. The criminal neglect of our government must not be forgotten, and restitution must be sought.

  9. I have a block on how to handle all the activity in my 10th house. There’s a chance to really grow, but I’m feeling a lot of frustration, lack of faith in myself, avoidance and the feeling that I’m going to miss a chance or go off track. I’m not sure how to get around this. I took some time off work but it’s like I have to go deeper and be fundamentally different in my approach. I’m stumped. Usually at this point I’d be reaching for a psychotropic or some such, but that feels risky right now. Love some ideas on how to shift this.
    Got to admit I don’t relax very easily so this could just be the holiday hebejebes!

    1. You are prob overthinking this & being hard on yourself (that’s 10th H problem right there) – not sure you can force it, so do the opposite, let go of the thought, forget your packed 10th H & do your 4th instead – the moon’s in cancer now, go with that. Nourish & spoil yourself, engage your emotions, watch films, swim, plan a raid … ideas happen when you’re not actually thinking about the problem.

    2. Thanks you two. I spent the day cooking and feel much less stressy. Love your suggestion of a raid, skarab, but all I did was raid my cupboards 🙂

  10. Wish Upon a Star

    Is anyone else feeling this moon like major PMT. And I’m menopausal. I feel like I’m getting a period and my breasts are sore, swollen.

    But my passion is full and Alive. I think this is my swan song to being a blood woman.

    I want to dance like a pagan.

    1. Yes I do! And I’m doubling down on evening primrose supplements (actually they are like a strong dose of vitamin E). This really helps esp with the sore breasts, but overall hormone / mood balancing x

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        LF you are wise I’m just crazy and want to dance it out.

        Please tell me your insights.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes a very wise woman told me to take epo in my 20s.
        Did I listen. No. Now I am suffering.
        But I’m wild and never do what I’m told.

    2. It’s funny you ask. Post menopausal for 2 years, but the last couple of days I’ve had an extremely sore nipple. Not both, just one. Go figure

    3. Um, yeah.. I think I fit this brief a little sans wanting to dance like a pagan but I do remember how that feels!

      I am not feeling the passion you are Wish but with Mars (tr) Sol I am feeling energised and having to contain some of it’s vigour and the eclipse will be opposite my Moon. What I am feeling is a change in the wind. Fck that’s been a long time coming!!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh Centaurus that was to much wine talking last night. I was very drunk.

        Since I have been in my new house minus the extreme stress iny previous abode I have been very sober and relaxed.

        I just saw the Cancer moon as an excuse to let it rip. And I did with aplomb. Funnily the pmt and neck pain has gone.

        I feel OK today but I don’t want to repeat this.

      2. Don’t be down on your humanness Wish.
        Glad that the new abode is stress free but the astro hasn’t really been supporting relaxation has it. I’m suffering various ailments and hassles linked to the conjunct on my moon and it hasn’t passed just quiet enough for me to feel the shift.

      3. Thanks Centurious. Isn’t it funny how people perceive things differently?

        I left that stressful town last October so the time since then has been a very peaceful retreat. I suppose I was banging my head against a brick wall for 2 years then I stopped.

        I did allow myself seclusion so I wasn’t really exposed to many muggles: that helped alot. And nature was my refuge.

      4. Oh I dont think its been all bad during that time but eclipse season is always interesting and has effects and echoes 6 months either side and might even reflect events from the period between 2009 – 2011. And the tension pre Saturn Jupiter conjunct was palpable.

        I haven’t had my usual social mojo for a while. Energy just hasn’t been there with the Cap cluster. Its had to go where its had to go. Beyond astro I think timing is magic. If it isn’t time the door won’t appear or open. I don’t mean that we all need to be passive and sit around waiting with that but that we all need to watch for our own signs and them act when the time is right. I’m still waiting for favourable winds for a few things. Just bobbing along and making repairs on my sails….

      5. I hear what you are saying about 2009 Centaurus. And yes the quieter and stiller I am the easier it is to get with the ebb and flow and get messages. This saves a lot of energy.

  11. It is intense! Have the stakes for everything I am invested in ever felt higher? So feeling like I need to sort out all those everythings right now. Super grateful for your insight to guide us through, as ever.

  12. Spot on Mystic. yes a huge breakthrough last night, about a lifelong thing. then this morning I woke up with a really bad stiff neck and can’t turn my head to the right at all. (Saturn neck?) Must be the m&ms I ate yesterday!! Why do some breakthroughs come so late in life? Just makes me feel so sad even though I’m grateful for it.

  13. Ourladyunderground

    Totally lost between yesterday and today, the summer and now. The unfolding of an insane life journey since 2012. I’m feeling crazy. And also completely weird and dizzy- like physically.

  14. Wish Upon a Star

    My dreams are maximizing the Indigo Full Moon.

    Dreams of mother and childhood issues unlocking and releasing power. I won’t elaborate.

    The waxing moon is visiting my natal Gemini Sun.

  15. my mind has been going a million miles a minute the last few days in multitudinous directions constantly assessing all manner possibilities (so many!!!), mistakes I have made, checks and balances, grievances (i am somewhat a HSP so there can be a lot of hurt feelings over stuff that does not apparently bother other folks) i exhaust myself! but its comforting to know its largely the astro weather at the moment and i am not losing my marbles of a mind. Thus I am on a restricted current affairs/news diet, and am following the suggestions off my power moon report, one of which is to soak myself in nature. which very fortunately is at my doorstep and not burnt. ocean swimming is my solace. also if you like Jessica Snow’s work, she has created this lovely experience called “10 Days” – it is a series of mini meditations (7- 10) minutes long – to gently re program your 2020 mind/or anytime mind – i highly recommend investigating it.

    1. HSP solidarity! I think we’re just more tapped in to energy like this. Hope you get your ray of indigo in the next few days ✨

      1. Thanks for the HSP shout out! 💚 But, again most people on this site are pretty attuned. I just know that I personally have to avoid large crowds and commercial crap spaces like shopping malls for the next few days.

  16. All this is happening bang on my Eros-Juno-Vertex conjunction…. Saturn / Pluto parked there and the full moon will be opposite all that, including my moon-Lilith depending on what orb is counted. ‘Inner critic’ is so right, mine just won’t shut up. The 3am freakouts are constant and next level atm.
    The Mutable Toro is away for another couple of weeks. We are in daily contact and it feels like we are getting to know each other at a respectful, gentle pace. I’ve resisted the urge to go all intense and ‘what is happening here’ with him. The truth is, I can’t know how it will play out because we are at opposite ends of the country right now. And I don’t know what my answer to that question is, either. So I am just holding my nerve and assuming he can be trusted until I see otherwise. I’m well aware I could be hurt, and the 3am super-critic has asked me many times if I’ve just gravitated, yet again, to the most complicated situation when there were simpler ones to explore. But I like him, and he seems to like me. I know how to deal with pain, and that knowledge alone seems to have freed me up to take a chance. And how wonderful is it to know that my heart still works. x

    1. Knowing pain absolutely gives you the strength to take a chance. It’s that knowledge that’s helped me a lot this year. May all be well with you and your heart.

  17. Any Cancer placements I have must have just turned Low Cancer because I’m finding myself manipulative, passive aggressive and constantly sulky these past few days, and it peaked today. It’s like I’m watching myself do all that crap through a tiny window and can do no more about it than a film-goer can about the behaviour of the characters on the screen. Very frustrating, and a feast for the Inner… not even Critic but an Inner Bully

  18. Every time i want to tweek out I think of my partner weaving, sewing, weaving, sewing, gardening, walking, listening, processing on our FaceTime chats. My strategy – book, guitar, walk sleep, cook some food, clean. Focusing on simple process is really beneficial I recon.

  19. I spent yesterday making apricot jam as there’s a tree in my backyard full and it reminded me of summers cutting apricots as a kid.
    Processing the end of a 10 year friendship that flashpointed 2 days after Xmas and seems to have disappeared in a poof of smoke.
    Eating bowls of fresh fruit.

  20. My mind spool has been tossed in the back seat with it’s buddy my ego. I have continued to avoid the news which blows my friends away. Yes I have eaten my weight in bread but I know I will donate blood today and then then start afresh medical medium style after this astro trickery. I was waiting for some sign of the Jupiter south node conjunction yesterday but as it wasn’t obvious I tidied the garden, raking the dead leaves from the thirsty trees and prayed for rain. It felt cathartic. I feel excited and am expecting something magical, not necessarily big but perhaps a small powerful sign of the fabulous I can imagine. ♡ to all XxXx

  21. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    It’s SO TRUE that the issues and lessons learned in July 2019 are being illuminated with this eclipse. I wrote them down, and they are SO RELEVANT.

    I’ve taken them and built on them, supercharged them and they seem to be a solution. However a long term, more strategic plan is in place.

    And let’s just say that issues around THE MOON are super relevant. House stuff, family stuff…yep.

    1. This sounds productive. Last July’s were a real cathartic cleanse, weren’t they? And still there is more.. Or rather, it links to deeper normally harder to reach threads and currents (familial, structural) that puppetmaster like can be running our lives. At least that seems to be my experience of it..

  22. I am experiencing a return of the leg infection that put me in hospital on my June birthday. I’ve been able to get onto it early so hopefully will avoid hospital and IV antibiotics again, but am also just left wondering WTF I’m doing wrong to keep getting it. There are two similarities between the events: I went for a long-ish walk the day before it flared, and I stopped taking my zinc supplements. I can go back on the zinc, no problems, but the long-ish walks have been a part of my life for so long and are a key part of my self-care.

    Obviously there’s something more to it, but it’s very frustrating when I endeavour to look after my health in all of its facets. Before last June, I hadn’t experienced this issue since 1993, when I was hospitalised twice with it.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this, SP. Illnesses like this are horrible and can make you feel so vulnerable as well as frustrated. Ugh. Not to wish to take any power away from you, are you sure that this is something that you have control over? Could this be an opportunity for your inner critic to find ways to nonproductively hold you to account?

      You deserve lots of love and support. I find acupuncture from a trained TCM acupuncturist can hold me spiritually as well as physically when these things strike me down. (Down for now, but not forever!)

      Sending you lots of love and get well wishes xx

      1. Thank you LotusFlower for these kind words and your suggestion. I’ve used acupuncture in the past for other conditions, not this one, and had good results. I’ll look into it. All of the acupuncturists I’ve seen are TCM practitioners and I guess the benefit is needles plus herbs to get back on track/ in balance.

  23. Ooof, my cancer sun and moon is resonating with all of this at the moment; restless, sleepless and a feeling of eternal missing something/everything but not sure what exactly. When I stopped riding my own mars/driven back, I headed to a massage therapist and woooooah nelly; the INSIGHTS!! I dumped what I didn’t need on the table and lifted to another level! The therapist had such insight into my journey as well. We both cried. This is such a great time for some focused spirit-led Self care. I went straight to a life drawing class after and did some of my best Creative work. I didn’t have to, I wanted to. That felt different, A whole world away different. It’s like the eclipse is providing the opportunity to come at your stuff from a better angle, if you get out of your own way. X

    1. YES. Did you say something about bring lifted? Lifted away only to come back at it lighter, brighter, in some way? Or maybe that’s just how I read it. Back with greater precision and focus x

  24. I’m not sure what’s going on…but I’m just here in my black kaftan everyday…and have this sensation that something epic is about to happen???…cannot wait!

    1. Love this. The perfect posture and attitude for these times. Everything comes to those that wait. My only advice ? Dispel all expectations, the emptier you are the more you will be able to receive x

  25. Wow!!! I was *wondering* why my anger levels suddenly increased about tenfold yesterday afternoon. Sleep did not improve matters, first thing this morning I was Bach flowering my coffee in hopes of not being entirely hateful.
    Any tolerance for people (read offspring and close friends) taking advantage of me seemingly evaporated all of a sudden. No, you may NOT store compost scraps in my freezer without permission just because you can’t figure out what to do with them.
    Oh, you ask my advice on how to improve your health/diet because you know I’m brilliant in this department, and then show complete apathy when I comply with a couple simple/effective/powerful suggestions? Wtf?????? Etc etc.

    1. hello – bach flower remedies not antidoted by coffee? i’m interested to know? (so i can have my coffee and drink it too) i would have thought all benefit would be wiped out in coffee?

      1. i use bach flower in coffee and tea – sometimes i load up an boozy cocktail with a small splash along with some amazing grass (it’s a supplement). it works and it’s fun

  26. Hmmm yes – scrolling trance/ mindless news/anything/everything trawling and tech checking have gone beyond obsessive broadly. Viral and pandemic for all the wrong reasons at times and is becoming a global addiction which is merely a sweeping observation of mine with no judgement however isn’t particularly great when used /over used in response to anxiety, trying to control external environments or an alternate way of looking within for answers as some possible reasons and so on. I’ve caught myself being summoned to its call for no specual or essential reason. A break sounds stellar.

    This will be opposite my Moon/Venus and will mark the end of a long staying house guest and recent travelling buddy. Like all house guests they’ve left a trail of evidence they’ve visited whether its forgotten (hmmm really?) stuff, dirty linen, empty cupboards or finding something they’ve used and relocated to some non logical place in their attempt at being helpful.

    The little guy says he’ll be back this way late winter and invites himself over as he waves ta ta for now. The old guy is taking his time packing his bag. He says he’ll be back in these parts but won’t quite be close enough to stay again but if I feel loke a chat he’ll just be at the end of the street.

    Another great read Mystic!

    1. Random symbols.

      Writing down a dream. Wrote a name wrong. Tara with an H. Looked like Tavah. Decided to Google. Didn’t find it but found Tabah (Malay) which means courageous.

      Making lunch and making ready to roll and an echo of a song I feel I know but don’t recall and can’t catch. I try to hum it out. I get a line and Google. Andy Williams The Impossible Dream! Seriously probably haven’t heard that since I was a kid.

      Sometimes Google is the bomb.

      These both feel relevant to the astro and everything else right now.

      1. Could not be the Torah could it? Mystical Hebrew word written in the middle of the Rider Smith Waite deck Wheel of Fortune tarot card, and rejigged the letters of Torah spell taroh! (tarot)

        EDIT – I’ve just seen that it reads TARO on that card, so please accept my correction. However, all these words can be played with, rejigged, have a long esoterical tradition that you can feel into and explore?

      2. That’s really interesting and I’m shaking my head that it didn’t come to mind but also not surprised. Some things are hidden in plain sight. I’ll ponder that regardless of the spelling on the card because of Torah which, yes is nearly Tarah and see how that fits with the dream theme. Loosely I think it actually does and I appreciate you bringing that to my attention! x

    2. Are you familiar with Canadian philosopher Marshal McLuhan ?
      He coined the phrase ‘ The medium is the message’ From the late 50s he warned society of this coming digital age and predicted the World Wide Web. Here’s a quote from him in the late 50s
      This externalization of our senses creates what de Chardin calls the “noosphere” or a technological brain for the world. Instead of tending towards a vast Alexandrian library the world has become a computer, an electronic brain, exactly as in an infantile piece of science fiction. And as our senses have gone outside us, Big Brother goes inside. So, unless aware of this dynamic, we shall at once move into a phase of panic terrors, exactly befitting a small world of tribal drums, total interdependence, and super-imposed co-existence.[45]

      Turns out he’s quite the prophet. His work was brought to my attention in the 80s and I’ve watched his predictions come true time and time again.
      My take in short … digital tech is inferior in every way to the capability of the human brain. It’s introduction as a tool was initially to perform mundane and lengthy calculations and store quantities of mundane data that could then be queried by humans. It was a case though of never mind the quality, feel the width. With the advent of the web and the idea introduced by Steve Jobs of ‘personal computing’ humans have slowly but surely moved away from real interaction, real community, to inferior virtual ones. Those born after 2000 have become the new citizens of this virtual world and know little of how the real world worked before. The medium has now become the message. And it’s a dumbed down message. The more we depend and live in these virtual worlds the more we forget about our real powers while the ability for global enslavement and containment by corrupt organizations increases.
      I see it now, people realize that by simply making a statement of say some type of charitable activity that they will perform and gaining many likes henceforth feels like they have already achieved there aim. Doing the actual charity work is nearly unnecessary.
      I’m watching as young people flood the web with demands for people and governments to change their ways on say climate change. Governments then post that they have noted these demands and are taking action. In a virtual world where digital is the medium and the message that’s enough. In the real world nothing has changed. The confusion this is causing to youth globally is extremely distressing.
      My message to them is that the reason nothing changes in the real world is because most of you have migrated to a digital virtual world that is in every way inferior to the real world. Your activity in this virtual world has no effect on the real world.

      1. No I am not familiar with this guy’s work but I am completely familiar with that phrase.

        I have no trouble agreeing with his premises and predictions and the same goes for your view on how tech charity has replaced the hands on versions of it and how one has also become the perceived version of the other. It mostly comes down to a person’s underlying motivation eg to make a difference or to be seen to make a difference or perhaps even capitalise on making a difference. That said there are still some who may believe their only means of making a difference right now in their lives is to band with a group (virtual or otherwise) and/or donate because they aren’t skilled at knowing what else to do etc but their intention is still to do something to support the collective. Maybe donating and discussing it is the extent of their ability right now? Still, the word charity doesn’t really sit with the last two reasons but confusingly (for some perhaps) this also doesn’t mean that those same last two reasons won’t actually make some sort of difference in the world and there is evidence of this. Maybe it perpetuates a myth and maybe there will be great learnings ahead in this space as new generations come to terms with the limits of tech in real time. One thing is clear with the digital space however – used ethically it can be a terrific way to mobilise a message. The next steps might be missing in some situations but there’s evidence that this is also effective. The parameters around it’s etiquette and effectiveness are still in the knowledge building phase I think. Whilst things sit there there’s nothing to conclusively say that it doesn’t work here because of this or it does work when we do this etc.

        When it all becomes a tweet and tweet-ort then it’s really going to ultimately go nowhere whilst everyone continues to slap themselves on the back for good communication or highlighting an issue etc.

        People are confused about information and the complexity of life and a great many young people have not grown up with some of the simple truths that were around pre tech. It’s not that I want to make premises some kind of ultimate truth because they are not. They’re flawed too. Humanity is always evolving. What they are is non-virtual. They’re in real time. Action and natural consequence not buffered by some kind of virtual coating of something that isn’t anchored in real time. The ability to discern difference is a moveable feast these days.

        The other thing that I see as really out of whack is the ability and natural resilience to hold conflicting views and emotions and still maintain dialogue, respect and an openness. I’m not talking about a bad day here because I have ’em too but in a broader sense. Our most solid relationships are based on these kinds of foundations. This is at it’s most obvious in the social media trolling and bullying is more pernicious and no, I’m not talking about the obvious stuff there, I’m talking about the culture that has been allowed to perpetuate.

        Thanks for sharing D and for not loosing all that effort just as you hit post 😉 x

      2. Another astral plane…hmmm imtetesting thought. I hadn’t considered that view.

        Yeah, it definitely needs balance.

  27. Unicorn Sparkles

    Wish I had read this last night. Instead I chose waking at 3am and battling my inner critic. Yesterday was a churn and it’s still echoing in my brain. Timelines … so many all at once.

  28. Thank you, mystic
    ” You need wisdom and to learn from life, not an auto-guilt judgment setting that you can’t turn off”
    I exactly needed to to read this, and the rest.
    Cancerian vibe is so full and lush, accepting and comprehending. It’s in my first house. I think I need to water my own garden and fix the fence a little. And get the mailbox seen to.

  29. “your churning mind”. Tick
    “…the Inner Critic…character went from vaguely carping to full-bore rant mode”. Tick.
    “an auto-guilt judgment setting that you can’t turn off”. Tick.
    “your psyche is still foggy or, worse, haunted”. Tick.
    “part of you is in tomorrow or the present but a dimension of you still lives in yesterday”. Tick
    “mindless news trawling”. Tick
    I’m either angry (and I mean RAGE-filled) or apathetic, either happily optimistic or totally existentially disillusioned. And seeing past patterns repeated…
    And trying to find the key to breaking the cycle.
    Bring on that “poignant, sharp ray of indigo moonlight that pierces through the shadows” because this is really wearing me down!

    1. ”Trying to find the key to breaking the cycle. Bring on that “poignant, sharp ray of indigo moonlight that pierces through the shadows” because this is really wearing me down!”
      Truer words never spoken.

      1. And BOOM – 3:00 p.m. today . It happened. FREEEKIN’ AMAZING. So much work to be done, and the mojo to make it happen. Energised, an “incredible lightness of being”! Like clods of mud have fallen from my wings, and after months of smoke and clouds and haze I might see blue sky and a golden sun tomorrow. Boo yeah!

  30. Cancer stellium here. 4th house. My physical is stuck in yesterday but I’m flying it into tomorrow tomorrow. I’ve been full on positive that it’s the right path then filled with fears that I’m cliff jumping again. But I know I can’t not. It’s like having that weird vertigo where standing twenty floors up just makes you want to leap. I know I’m going but have no idea what the landing will be like. I do know, I can’t stay here.

  31. rachel cap scorp

    Yes! My inner critic has been shrieking all my anxieties, and it’s gotten way more intense this week. I have been non-stop trying to self-care myself into feeling better. I’ve put myself on a news diet until after the weekend. My birthday falls on the full moon/eclipse, and I am BRACING. This Saturn/Pluto stuff has really fuqed me up this past year, and I just hope it doesn’t upend my life again when all this goes exact.

  32. Since the New Moon on December 25, I’ve experienced a series of intense realizations followed by catharsis. I had 2 weeks off work, and finally the space to be still after an extremely hectic 16 months (by transit, Uranus conjuncts my natal Mars and trines my Sun and Mercury). The time also affirms what I wrote in an earlier blog response: ‘I lot of things left my life, but once they were gone, I was able to see what in my psyche they were blocking from my view.’

    I recently worked with an ethnobotanist who introduced me to some sacred plants, and I worked with them with the goal of getting insights that I could not through psychotherapy, dreamwork, or usual meditation. Working with plant medicine has been gradual because a relationship has to be built with them, but it seemed like the end of 2019 was when the work finally came to a head. The insights were so real and intense that I had to pause before returning to meditation with the sacred plants. Along with the insights came intense energies through my body (I suppose that was the release of what was held-in), and I had to quell those by jumping into a strong epsom/ herbal bath in 3 meditations.

    This has been very exhausting work, and the important part after the catharsis in integrating it and putting the grotty energy to rest without repressing it again. I know I can’t return to being what I was before, and it was very terrifying at first. In the thick of the catharsis and processing such intense energy, I wondered if it was worth it or if I was going to lose my head… I am gradually feeling better, yet once I feel like I resolve one thing, something else pops up. I guess this is the time where I’m finally very open to handling the pent-up energies within, and really hope this all has a good outcome.

    1. Relating to this rapid-intense realisations them catharsis. For me it’s definitely coming through my 7th house and a taurus who has Uranus exact on his sun right now .

    2. Wonderful writing and relatable. You have been “doing the work”! Yes in the gap after so much leaves there is space for discerning truth and feeling out how YOU want to live. I did a lot of shadow work last winter and the summer eclipses cleansed the wounds in salt water. Aka a process of integration. Yes it is exhausting and yet there is physical healing as well as emotional. Last winter I sustained a seemingly endless series of small infuriating accidental injuries. I couldn’t exercise as I wanted to – cue a recent rearing of inherited body and self esteem issues to boot out too!! But I think we can learn / evolve to deal with this ish (ie be perpetually spiritually self-cleansing) without feeling drained.

      I too lean on the plants for stamina and support. I’d be interested to learn what allies you have been guided to? I just lean on maca, ashwagandha, shatavari, reishi as well as chamomile and fresh ginger.

      Go well on your journey! X

      1. I would not recommend these unless a person has done a lot of inner work, possesses base strength, and has very strong support available, but I used ayahuasca and rapeh (sacred snuff).

  33. Yes! The running background rant is a steady drum beat of fear x 10. I’ve got Pluto juice on hand. I’ve been looking for a new subject to paint and got the ephemeris for my long dead mother/grandmother and a few other ghosts. Unbidden I’m painting their charts but really it’s their SOULS. And the colors, generational patterns and archetypes being revealed is like looking at the ancient wiring of a 100 year old building. Shocking in the best way, it’s bubbling up from my psychic swamp.

    1. Whelp. I LOVE this! Do you feel their response? Any signs or signals? How are YOU feeling in response to doing this epic work?

  34. Thanks for this MM. I definitely need to maximize this as an emotional release. It’s the middle of winter here in New England and I almost always run cold but not this year – I am overheating. My eyes are dry, I can’t drink enough water, I feel like I am burning up. Now since yesterday my throat hurts. Not like a sore throat, but a tightness, like someone is gripping it. As a Scorpio this conj is happening in my solar third. I’m excessively Plutonic as it is with my sun conj Pluto and squaring mars in Aquarius. My engines are revving up but the breaks are on. I’m finding it hard to stay present. I do all the things, journaling, yoga, meditation. I see what you mean when you suggested hunkering down for Jan. Ooooh boy.

    1. “engines revving up but the breaks are on” and “scrolling trance” OH MY WORD, this has been the strange obsessive stasis of my last ten days, between retreating into strange bouts of internet fuelled hypochondria, sleepless with the news, and reading and re-reading text messages to find ill-intent where there is none, I feel manic but stagnant.

      Strangely, I’ve also had odd moments of BLISS amid all this, a day that spawned all these beautiful reconnections to old friends, and new connections, one in particular, that feels abundant with the most exciting new romantic possibility. On top, work is escalating and bombarding in a way I could not have foreseen. It’s all so relentlessly full throttle! Between morbid health-related fears, an intense longing to see someone who’s far away, and work work work, my atmosphere is *all*… ‘there isn’t time’.

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