Mercury Is The Maverick Magician

Mercury is a deity with a thousand names and a backstory beyond belief.  The astrological Mercury represents currency – (a word that comes from “to flow“) in time, mind, and money. Your natal Mercury reveals not only the way you talk or how you interpret information: It’s where your consciousness intersects with the worlds around you.

Strong Mercury Vibe means you’re always current – fluent in synchronicity and light-speed translations.  You scry clues from everywhere, the color of a sunset, television static, stock market micro-fluctuations, space weather, dreams, gossip, and historical nuances that stayed with you for no obvious reason until now.

To gauge situations in play, just tune into Mercury. For instance, this planet was conjunct the hefty Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January.  When a planet moves on and squares or opposes the original conjunction, that’s your ‘tell.’ So Mercury squared Saturn + Pluto in late April,  when Australia initiated the push for an independent inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus.*

The opposition phase of the cycle is always the most revelatory and dramatic – think Full Moon only with planets – but Mercury flipped in mid-June. The retrograde delayed the opposition of Mercury to Saturn + Pluto. There has been plenty of news, talk, and noise about whodunnit, threats, posturing, and theories but information-wise, it’s been like a fog-obscured swamp.

Even without all this going on, Mercury opposite Pluto is a damn brilliant aspect for muck-raking. But the build-up of a potentially treacherous Retro phase, with elements of pass-agg, super-charges the opposition when it finally occurs, on August 1 to 4. So if you’re a trend-monitoring person, or want to perceive the signal, listen up then.

Mercury-strong people are not big on stillness because it’s the enemy of Flow: Air, Electricity, Thought, Light, Rivers, Plasma, Prana. They’re always scanning for info or recalibrating their take.

Natally, the sign, house, and aspects of your Mercury are vital. Don’t worry about old-fashioned good and bad placements. Some say that Mercury in Pisces, for example, is “in detriment” because it’s opposite Mercury-ruled Virgo. But no! All the most ancient astrological texts connect Mercury with Water. The Babylonian/Sumerian Nabu and Enkil – for example – was also Water. How could a Mercury in Mutable, oceanic Pisces be anything but advantageous? And being born with Mercury Retrograde in any sign means you’re a poet.

Just look at your birth Mercury objectively, without the stagnating judgment. The closer your Mercury is to any of the Outer Planets, for instance,  the more you’re prone to picking up signals and data from logically inexplicable sources. Every Mercury placement has strengths and vulnerabilities. Mercury-Venus people are magicians of style, art, and romance but they’re also prone to over-trust data from sources that present beautifully. There are so many permutations but know your Mercury.

Mercury rules sudden realizations and fabulous pop-up conversations. It’s the part of your head that’s more newsroom than library. You know Mercury is super active when you don’t read anything to the finish but you can dart into any source of information and conjure up what you need. Mercury is a maverick Magician and a Messenger – the more you pay attention, the clearer the transmission.

*Of course, there were other news stories then, but this is a good example to go with. 

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  1. This is so relevant. It’s no wonder water is in my DNA and chart. My maternal grandmother whom I wear her jewellery (did the rain reading for ABC radio in Victoria), she had a rare blood group and I feel her cryptic knowledge always. My paternal grandmother was a collector and illiterate from outback Queensland. Got some amazing Danish Jewish ancestors there. She believed in curse and I can see that was why her mind was lost to the pain of it all. Her corned beef fritters were the boom, the locals knew when Dot was cooking.

    Only recently discovered this fact, my Great Great Grandmother had met a American guy and he had wanted to marry her. However the secret letter was placed in a drawer in George Washington Robinson’s desk and was not discovered until after his death. So when my maternal Grandmother received a letter about a child born out of wedlock, she burnt the letter. Very interesting but I wonder what happened to this American guy taken with my Great Great Grandmother.

    Weird water reading abilities and wicked witch spirits speak through the landscape. Rain is a talent and it appears to be a family thing. When people touch me or my belongings I can get a reading. Mercury and Sun in Kataka and a water family (with Aqua rising).

  2. I’m extremely Mercurial, having a Gemini rising trine a bunch of planets, a Virgo moon, and my natal Mercury is retrograde (yep to the writing) and conjunct my Venus. I think fast, talk fast, walk fast, have fans blowing all the time, open the windows even in the winter for fresh air, and have been struggling with the ‘quarantine-at-home’ vibe up here in USA. I want to travel! To go somewhere, do something. The lack of newness has been so hard. I usually leave my home state once a month just to go somewhere new. My go-to phrase in life is, “let’s try that out.” I’m insanely curious, and I drive others up the wall sometimes by questioning them about everything. Haha. But I just want to know!

    However, I wish I had more Saturnian structure, because I don’t finish anything. A hundred story ideas that never get worked on because they’re not ‘new’ anymore. I’ve actually enjoyed all the Cap planet placements the last couple of years, because it’s helped me become more grounded.

  3. On a more vulnerable / predictable note I have been having many realisations about my origin story and them peeps what had a hand in toughening me up. The early start I had in warrior mindset life coaching and how different I am from who I could be. Or, to put it another way, how different I have become from who I originally was and deep down still am if I’m being ruthlessly authentic. I’ve been remembering gut reactions to the coarse language, nihilistic attitude and obvious (to me) deceit of my father as a child but how also I idolised him as I hardly knew him and yet he seemed so powerful (over my mom – plus mostly we seemed to live in his house etc. He was unpredictable, to put it mildly.
    somehow that image of The Father shaped the the archetype of father in me. And I’m realising how this is at the core of my being so much in conflict with all my tenth house Virgo and the cap nn. There’s a trine between mars and my north node as well as mercury and the nn so I think if I can tap into more of the virgoan self discipline perhaps I can get better acquainted with my squared up Saturn mars mercury sitch and stop borderline splitting into stoned dad vibe?
    this Neptune squaring my Saturn transit has me on a mission.


    1. Virgo is also a nurse, carer and protector of little ones including animals. You might need to be less tough with your discipline, in order to get strong through your bodily and psyche connected discipline, to nurture an unpredictable and slightly wild (bc over disciplined) little child. Little girls are unpredictable, at turns sweet and wilful. You must be strong and FLEXIBLY LOVING enough to hold her, watch over her and teach her kindly. Good luck, my love. Actually, you are OUR love here, many women and graces have your interests deeply in our hearts here xx

      1. 🧡 milleu that’s so what I’m craving in my life rn
        have been reaching out to my brother’s daughter on FaceTime quite a lot and it’s so sharp, the feeling of how much I crave more interactions like that. The street cat I was close to got permanently taken in by someone who will care for him till he dies because he is old and has several chronic health issues including kidney infection. He was in so much pain before he disappeared suddenly I assumed he’d gone somewhere to die. The point is that I miss him terribly and very much want at least one kitten or cat as a forever pet asap. The place where I am now is tiny and on an extremely busy road so I’m holding out for new digs before I move on that but it’s hard. Meeting him, getting to know him was the best animal friend/ co species experience ever. He reminded me of myself with his weirdness and quirks. So traumatised and tough, always wanting to bolt outside, even in pouring rain and wind, not because he really wanted to be outside but he’s stuck on a feedback loop from the past. I’ve no idea how a gorgeous cat like that became homeless originally but it can’t have been easy for him. I didn’t realise how much I could fall in love with an animal until him. He used to come in and out, several times a day and we had these little rituals like I started brushing his fur clean because he was usually filthy and stank. His reaction just blew my mind. A bit like I feel when I talk to my niece. Just a huge explosion in my chest. He enjoyed it so much and honestly it made my day too. Every time. Yeah. I it makes a lot of sense what you said. I’m open to it.
        lets see.
        in the meantime I do have to be strong and incredibly disciplined atm. It’s just the protocol to get the most out of these transits right now. With all the Neptune squaring Saturn and mars and mercury and moon. I don’t dare let down my guard unless it’s small and furry and it purrs

  4. Oh wow. David Goggins has some interesting mercury – Pluto aspects (I think?) my astro knowledge is basic and I’m prone to leap to conclusions ( but having mercury in Virgo means my guesses are well read if not traditionally educated.)
    I had not any knowledge of this dude and googled the goggle having heard his name on two podcasts about neuroscience being used as a verb.
    there followed an internet rabbit hole – Ok one joe rogan podcast but they’re about 3 hours and with my attention span that’s like dog years
    I searched for his birth chart and couldn’t find a time. Just a date, so it’s a sketchy theory but I saw huge (Ok yes hot) Pluto vibes all over this guy. I was looking for squares and (drumroll) turns out he has Pluto square Saturn.

    so anyway that was my afternoon

  5. “Mercury-strong people are not big on stillness because it’s the enemy of Flow: Air, Electricity, Thought, Light, Rivers, Plasma, Prana. They’re always scanning for info or recalibrating their take.” I find this completely on the money (the mercury money). It can seem I’m still at times (retrograde Virgo Mercury conjunct Pluto 3rd house) but my mind is constantly flowing, scanning, searching, recalibrating. Mercury is also my chart ruler and rules my sun sign so I do typically look like I’m about to take flight – if only you could visualise the spirals of info curling in and radiating out

    1. Yes, powerful image of curling spirals in the stillness. Can understand that, it’s great, thank you! 😀

  6. I have not ever been so glad to read the daily email and five minutes ago.
    I feel like I’m an exhale away from exploding into the most vile existential tantrum
    Even though I know about mars and the shadow of retro and to expect weirdness and I can see the tells (stuff that always enrages me but I’ve decided to gracefully cope with for a few months to do with where I live) I am struggling to maintain my cool.
    You know when you’re aware that freaking out is a choice and not constructive but a part of you starts buying into the narrative of being entitled to melt down regardless?

    1. I hear about people who know how to “use” it to find some road inward, but I think I’m with you on the “or implode” part. I’m packing some serious virgo rising psychosomatic stuff, so I imagine it’s rooting out my inner tyrant one way or another.

      1. Honest, fucked if I know. I just assume it’s al l coming up physically because I can’t process anything at all on the material plane with others. Isolation on 11. I’m trying to utilize interwebz but here is, wel, supremely public and typing is still hard.
        What I’d do for authentic communication in person.

        So lots of weeping and pain. It will pass. It will pass. Out and though.

      2. Yes, and even though it’s really almost routine, it never feels any lighter. Let’s be with her in the intensity ❤

      3. Figured it out. I’m holding it in. To avoid collateral damage. This city living isn’t for me.which works out as I’m kicked out of the slum flat. Woooohooo. Ok. Here we go. Moving suddenly, but will go somewhere and ground this out. Maybe I’ll shift the planet. Who knows

      4. Yep, mine’s Pluto in Virgo opposing what ought to be a happy 5th house Sunny Pisces. I get you.

  7. It is ALL about Mercury for me ATM. So totally wired i zing. Mercury is on my Crab Sun, trans Sun is conjunct my Mercury; and Uranus (higher octave of Merc) is squaring my Uranus-Mercury conjunction. It’s Flash Point Central. This morning i saw a random picture in the electronic media which pulled at my heartstrings so much i actually cried & set off a chain of thought which answered a question to a riddle that has tortured me for about a decade. Poouff! just like that – one big pain in the a*se life problem solved!! Deep magic is in the air, signs everywhere in the past week.

    1. Similar sh#t has been going on with me too the past few months. Of course!! Mercury in Cancer and whole Saturn Pluto shhhhhhow. Ya!
      I was wondering about the bizarre “deep feelings of loss from way way way back being triggered by random inter web minutia”. Thank you Skarab!

      1. Gawd, i ignore forget Pluto-Saturn being opp Cancer. Been there for so freeeaking long…Well that puts the nature of my epiphany today into context – only a small detail, lolz. Thank you, Invicta!

    2. I did just read that my Chiron return in 2025 will feature the nodes. The North node conjunct my Chiron return. So eclipses. Fun. Because why not spend 50 years having lots of intense transits?

      *Quietly eats chips and makes no plans*

      1. You mean you are practicing the Taoist philosophy of “do nothing and nothing will be left undone”.That’s my fave.
        You just reminded me that i’ve got Chiron going over my South Node right now. In fact it is reversing back onto it for a second hit – that is why everything…. omg, thanks!

      2. I read a book that’s first line was “there is nothing to do, there is nowhere to be”

        And so I shut the book.

        Oh Chiron.

      3. Ha! *One hand is clapping* ;-P

        (the other is trying to turn that key – it’s a little stuck, just needs a bit of Mars oil while it’s at hand)

      4. “In the pursuit of learning, one knows more every day; in the pursuit of following life, one does less every day. One does less and less until one does nothing at all, and when one does nothing at all there is nothing that is undone.”
        Zhong Fu (Inner Truth)

      5. Omg you Katakan guys…soooo deliciously and wickedly humorous in your on point emo pulse gauging. I love that!

  8. Mercury in Sagg 11th house. Was thinking this weekend past how i’m craving for rapport with intelligent people and the only people i want in my life are those i can either teach or those i can learn from as the others just seem to take up my time not bringing ‘anything to the table’.Don’t understand why friends are not curious about EVERYTHING in the world. Penny drop: perhaps they are experiencing depression as they are earth signs?The ‘blues’ can last 10-14 days then surely one gets bored with it and take steps to kick it to the kerb, take action to change it.I can give them solutions but unless people ask or are paying for them, they are a waste of time and energy.There is a cure for almost every ailment in some form or other but it needs to be searched for and acknowledged it’s needed.
    So typical of the Merc placement, am over being bothered by other’s small self obsessed stuff.
    AND for a seriously small amount they could have Myst explain their shit to them, uplift them, have a community of brilliant erudite women and an exceptionally wise man to connect with. Yup am feeling you Mars 🙂

  9. MM: “Mercury-Venus people are […] prone to over-trust data from sources that present beautifully”.
    My Venus-conj-Mercury bf: “I only ever buy food products based on whether I like the design of the package. I don’t really have any other criteria”.
    Literal quote, I’m not even making this up.

    1. Yes I have had many discussions based on Font Versus Fundamentals – Eg: the font says “contemporary” “high-vibe” and “sleek” – the macros say 99% sugar, fat, fluff and chemicals.

  10. If anyone wants to see a high Libra Mercury conjunct MC at work, watch Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s powerful anti-sexism speech in Congress after having being verbally accosted by another Representative, who ended his attack by calling her “a fu*king bitch”. She speaks close to 9 minutes with contained passion, no notes, just telling it how it is, slowly, clearly & powerfully. Awesome. She is always a cool & lucid communicator, but on the day of this speech Trans Mercury was conjunct her Jupiter & squaring natal Mercury, pinging her Moon & Saturn. She was intense.
    (tried posting link but moderator taking for ever – so apols if post repeats)

      1. Yes indeed, i had a good chuckle at that choice of colour, too.
        Another interesting astro snippet is that when Yoho verbally assaulted her, Mars was ON his Mercury (in Aries) …. talk about a Mars attack.
        I’ve always said: mind your Mars peeps, coz it can backfire.

  11. I recently discovered that like, six of my past lovers have had Merc. conj. whatever Sun they have (like I do). Tres weird.

    1. Hey SheRat! That’s because the Sun & Mercury are never more than 28º apart, so there is a big chance that a lot of people have Sun-Merc conjunct……@tres wired 😉
      (Merc on my Sun atm)

  12. Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in 2nd. I’m good at making an impact with words and insights (and it’s how I make my living). I do have a tendency to expect that everyone has painful secrets though. If someone says they’re totally fine with their parents I don’t really believe them. 😅

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    Mercury in Cancer 4th House squares both: Mars in Libra 8th House and Saturn in Aries 2nd House. So of course Mars and Saturn are opposite.

    It doesn’t sound good. Can anyone please enlighten me as to how this plays out in my life?

    1. Mercury Mediates helping you find the wisdom to understand deep-rooted power-sex-money themes running through your matriarchal bloodline – logically and in meditation/trance. You forge an alloy of Mars Fire + Saturn Steel Steel that empowers you to cut through sticky, toxic ties. Book-Keeping is necessary and therapeutic: every time anything traveling through Capricorn pings off this alignment, you’re in heroic journey mode 24-7.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh my Goddess. I connect spiritually with these Maltese matriarchal ancestors. One in particular is a very free spirit and not shackled by patriarchy. Her warmth, strength and humour is amazing.

        My father was disabled by a serious stroke when I was 7. So I was brought up by my strong Aquarian mum. It was a shock for me when I entered the workforce as I rudely discovered patriarchy.

        And yes book keeping is essential and calming.

        Thanks Mystic.

      2. Ohh forgive my interrupting, Wish and Mystic, but this has really given me a new way in to understanding my Venus sq Neptune/Jupe opposition, and where the power/opportunities in it might be. I’ve seen it as a millstone for so long but the idea of a kind of mediation is really interesting!

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        You are not interrupting.

        Yes mine sounded like a milestone too so I’m glad I piped up and asked the question.


      4. I’ve been thinking on this for a few days and here’s where I’m at… my Venus in the 6th (conj Dsc) squares both Neptune on my IC and Jupe on my MC. So perhaps she mediates between both, and the key to getting from my murky IC fam of origin to the legacy/visibility of my self-made future is in daily habits and practices?? Venus is also conj Ceres. I wish I understood planets on the angles better than I do. Thanks for asking this, Wish, as it’s really helped me. Also – hope you are travelling ok. x

      5. Venus would be a wonderful mediator, and with Ceres, should bring about nurturing to the Shadow self as it is of itself, as well as the fam influence stuff. Nature AND nurture, not versus anymore. You can give, receive, gently and sweetly love the woman you are, and you will grow more like a flower and plant, your Cap/Saturn filaments naturally making roots where stable nourishment is.

  14. 11 degrees leo in the 6th. And retrograde. It squares my south node and Neptune in scorp 8th. So I think my poetry is a bit screwed and Saturn on my ascendant. Never felt I’ve made enough of my mercury.

  15. You give a lot of focus to Mercury and Mercurial people, but with so much superficiality and mediocre pseudo-intellectualism. Seems more about your own ego than true insight. the brown nosing From your groupies on this blog is just atrocious I.e my mercury in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in 12 th agrees! But my Uranus trine the ascendant says keep waiting for the shock !

    1. Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in the 12th ! That sounds like a Netflix search query to find a really fuqing scary movie. Like being trapped in a dark private echo chamber.
      Do you talk to yourself ? Like a lot ?

      1. David l is perfect Case in point…here’s a scary thought for you: there is a real world out there so maybe you could go live in it beside haunting a blog with sad self important little opinions. Better yet.. You could try talking to someone in real life !

      2. I hope poor Bella speaks this to a mirror:
        “there is a real world out there so maybe you could go live in it beside haunting a blog with sad self important little opinions.”!

    2. This is incredible! Are you the same person from years ago who inspired the Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch meme? I believe you are! Thank you, that was fun. Also, apologies if this is too pseud but you do know that the word “atrocious” refers to “atrocity” yes?

    3. Bella, I would be curious to hear your thoughts and insight on this scenario – if a grown adult chooses to spend their limited free time on a blog they disagree with to make hostile comments, what insights can we make about that individual’s ego?

      1. I can hardly Remember when I used to go to other people’s blogs to specifically berate them. I’m honestly not judging Bela or anyone, it’s Mars square shit show for all of us, but,and mars is on my goddamn natal Chiron ATM, like right NOW.
        So I’m spending time, “childhood stuff,global pandemic, astrology, catharsis, midlife, socio economic meltdown, addiction, millennia of warring tribes fomenting” I couldn’t be arsed to go out if my way to call out someone for having an interest that, at this point, at least isn’t wildly pathological

        So maybe it’s a simpler time, where I might go and join a Taylor swift fangroup to say I don’t like her. Which I honestly couldn’t even do. But I’m veeering into both and territory. And that’s ok.

        To be fair I disagree with the comment on principle, mercurial folks are hardly the center here. But one time, and this was 2004, I railed on and on about a band being what would now be “problematic” in a chat room. AHH internet archive wayback machine, you’ll never let it die, but it turned out they were desperately non problematic and it was my misinterpretation of the songs that made me look deeply problematic. We leak the anger that’s stuck in us from a tiny age. Everything we spew is literally just a dry for help from a toddler, so who am I to judge.

        Just maybe we all need naps and someone to say, it’s ok, do you need to talk it out til we cry a bit and get that remorse bug out.

        Or something.

    4. Sheesh loads of charm, you will must have a really happy life NOT.You poor soul, compassion is needed for your ugliness.

  16. 4th House Taurus conjunct lots (haha I just tried to paste a small image of the section of my chart. Just shy of 46,000 characters of code had to be removed, whoops!) Merc, ceres, NN, Sun, Juno squares oppositions and trines galore

  17. Mercury stationing direct at 0 degree Aries on the cusp of my 10th house.
    You think that’s a knife, nah this is a knife
    Crocodile Dundee

  18. Love this take on Mercy it really resonates for me. Virgo Sun with a 12th House retrograde Mercury rising in Leo and squaring Neptune in Scorpio. When asked at school what I wanted to be I always dreamed of being a Poet which never received a positive response! I was shamed out of it by those from whom I expected support. One thing I am good at is scanning and gleaning info from all around me including subtext and what is unsaid. I can lockdown info in a vault and keep it secret until it may be required.

  19. Mercury in Aquarius at 29 degrees, in the 9th house. I have Moon at 7 degrees Pisces in the 9th house, too, and astro readings always say I have Merc/Moon conjunction, even though it’s not a close conjunction. Thoughts and feelings have always been a bit of a merger for me, though. I would have thought Merc in Aqua in the 9th was a very strong placement, but I don’t think I’m that clear headed or intelligent, though I always excelled in school. Must have some detrimental aspects to my Mercury that weaken it….my Pisces Moon murky-ing it up?
    Also, transiting Mercury is exact conjunct my ascendant today at 10 Cancer! Lately I’ve felt like I’d better watch what I say…. I’ve been wanting to vehemently communicate harsh truths everywhere. Thanks for the reminder of the upcoming Merc oppose Pluto. I’d really better learn some diplomacy before then if I’m going to speak out.

    1. Pisces Moon overcompensating for your natural insights and brilliant observations with swampy doubts that are not your own, feeding off what could be nurturing and gloriously artistic Kataka, with all its humour and craft. You actually have it. Use the Pluto to write somewhere any ideas and mind sayings. It will be safe and ok. You need to live privately awhile in order to connect. If not possible you will find a space for your journal that is so hilariously on point that anyone trying to access it would show how ridiculous they are. And you could be sweetly and EFFECTIVELY pass-agg in dealing with that. Ha! So even says my pass-agg hating Sag Rising and Merc in Aries(that conjuncts Chiron, so we see you can heal your wound if you need to lay a justified trap and go in there.) Pisces Moon would realise she was right, btw.

  20. I have Mercury conjunct the galactic centre in the 3rd house (Sagittarius) natally and Venus close by. I tend to be abstract in thought and find difficulty in expressing myself.

  21. I thought “how can this be mercury square Venus on the same day as Venus square mercury, to mystic to delve,”and here he is waiting like a cat man in pin stripe like “let’s get going”

    He’s coming to square my sun and on my south node too though so mums the word.

    1. With retro, blessings can come funny and not appreciable until later for the rest of us. Would be great if you could verbally share your blessings, if that is your intent! 😀

  22. Merc in 7th house Pisces trine Neptune, opp Uranus-Pluto and conj Sun-Saturn. The low hum of subtext/power struggle going on in any conversation or dynamic has always been super obvious to me, and when I was younger I was the one most likely to call out BS behaviour based on that incoming – and get shouted down/ostracised. I’m much more careful these days, but nothing gets past me. Since Neptune got into my 8th, my understanding of power dynamics and transactions in everyday situs or convos such as “can you pick up some milk on the way home” has been amplified to a deafening degree.

    Relationships for me are all about the talking. I need a sharp mind.

    1. Pluto square Mars Square Merc. Also aware of power dynamics in daily assumptive convos and behaviours. And Merc conjunct Chiron knows who is the “victim” though also knows she never is in her real energy, it’s just blocked from shining by those who see her shine is too strong.

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