The Astrology Behind The Kardashians

Another day, another fin d’ere indicator. The final series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ will air in 2021. It was, of course, totally Pluto in Capricorn-esque: Vast wealth spawned via leveraging a leaked (?) sex tape and proximity to one of the most notorious crimes of the last century.

It first aired on October 14, 2007, with the Libra Sun trine Neptune in Aquarius. Jupiter in Sagittarius was square Uranus in Pisces – a gregarious cultural game-changer, whether you liked it or hated it. As Tim Dillon said recently, the Kardashians created the ‘blueprint for modern television fame.‘ They were the prototypal influencers.

Venus was conjunct Saturn in Virgo. Of course, there is no such thing as a spontaneous moment in reality television. It’s meticulously managed and curated, more surreality than social realism. But in their own weird way, the women who Courtney Love referred to as a “Venusian fertility cult in the valley” took on all sorts of issue issues: the Armenian Genocide, drug abuse, pap smears for early detection of cervical cancer, transphobia, and loads more.

Kris Jenner, the so-called momager, is a Scorpio With Virgo Rising and a Cancerian Moon. But really, she is all about her 2nd house – the money sector. That’s not a put-down. A former flight attendant, she was 51 when the Kardashians show launched, old enough to have seen some of her peers crash and burn economically. She has Mercury conjunct Neptune in Libra – possibly the ultimate astro-qualification for success in surreality television production – and yes, transit Neptune was trining that when the show launched.

And then, also in the 2nd house, her Saturn, Sun, and Lilith are in Scorpio. Even her enemies acknowledge her rigorous work ethic. I barely watched the show because I hardly watch any television but the 2013 Illuminati Christmas card troll was pure genius.

So the show launched with Pluto mere months away from its launch into Capricorn and the gaudy tabloid geisha drama has been there the whole way through. They’ve called it: the post-GFC boom and bubble phase is done.


22 thoughts on “The Astrology Behind The Kardashians”

  1. I’d almost wonder if Kris consulted an astrologer… Astrological Consultant to the Kardashians!! Wouldn’t that be a hell of a gig???

  2. Not really into them either but I feel they really did something for curvacious bottomed girls like me. Definitely noticed more male attention once they started to dominate popular culture.

  3. The kardashians are a very scorped Venusian fam (aka controversial). I like them + think some of their content / media is interesting. Yes the cultural appropriation is problematic. I do think there is some value in them as a matriarchal group demonstrating wealth and power as an example. I’m not rly for billionaires in general in society but I think it’s interesting for them (some of which are poc) to have so much success through “feminine products” which traditionally were made and profited off by men.

  4. Hahaha the ultimate grifters – famous for being famous. Celebrity nobodies…
    I love smart celebrities or even bad girl celebs like Britney or Shannon Doherty, but the Plastic low IQ kardashians are a big yawn for me

  5. So here in California, where we wake up to what looks like a doomscape with our iphones desperately trying to color-correct the atmosphere from its Apocalypse Now setting, plus the you know, 190K of us & counting dead courtesy of the pumpkin who finally bested all anti-US terrorist kill stats through falsehoods & ineptitude, the news about the Kardashian show ending is well, taken as one of the good things to happen in 2021.

    Understanding of course, that we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel hard. Since many of us have zero healthcare and buying a PS5 every week is literally almost $50 cheaper than a weekly dose of insulin, we try to relish what we can.

    While the Ks have obviously been publicity masters, they’re also credited for contributing to the mass dumbing down of a nation. Once at a Rihanna concert, there was an absolute furor when one of them attended while at the same time, Stevie Wonder – master composer, singer, and blind pianist was hardly acknowledged.

    I can’t blame them for seizing their moment, even while I could honestly do without one more over-contoured duck face insta post. And no, they are not to blame for the state of our lower to middle school education – it just comes down to the quality of programming, the hard math of time management and people making better choices.

    One cannot have the time nor the patience to read if one has been trained to hang on to the by-episode developments of the blackhole that is Kimye, and KUK. It’s absolute escapism for sure, but in the same way that porn over-use causes ED, it can literally atrophy your brain cells.

    Which while being a personal choice, wouldn’t irk me so much had it not and still might be costing us our democracy. While people here are sick of COVID restrictions & the added stress of having an air quality map that’s covered in red exploding icons isn’t helping, I’m eternally grateful for the reset and the reflection that brings.

    If this brings us back to actually enjoying reading vs expecting everything to have a TLDR summary, we can only be the better for it.

    1. Thank you for you post.
      It does sound to me like sensory overload of a nation. Is globalised decay the hallmarks of the today generation? The enamel of time, wears thin on the fabric of humanity. Herd mentality and cultism will always feed the masses and thus appeal to the bottom line drivers. It’s supply and demand.

      I would have been there for Stevie Wonder, without question. Rihanna is interesting but pedigree dictates my listening styles. I guess that’s my old school education by phonics, alternative thoughts fostered and dinner table political conversation shining through.

      I think the less I know about KUK the better.

  6. Nothing like saying done and over it to generate a whole lot of publicity. Yes these guys are the masters of publicity. Bet they will be back real soon 😘

      1. If you click on the image you see it as a gif. You could be right ? Either that or one of the sisters after a facial peel 👻

  7. I loved the Courtney Love piece in Interview. Courtney ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I am a sucker for celebrity culture & hoover up anything remotely zeitgeist-y that nods to cultural icons & you, Mystic, are always across that shit!

  8. What caught my eye was the “more surreality than social realism” comment.

    I had watched this show off and on because at the time we had cable TV and it was a novelty. The “we” was someone I had shared with and then become involved with, he cheated and then she stalked me in the workplace. Good bye Government career hello to my nervous breakdown of 2009/2010. I returned to live with the Noodle, his adopted and doesn’t know his ancestry and stuck in the Freudian sexual repression which includes blame and shame cycle. I adore his children and only stayed because of them.

    I would suggest that my returning to that home and the medication and incorrect diagnosis journey was the back drop for viewing The Kardashians. They only way I could watch this show was under a strict supply of the three flavours of crazy: anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and antipsychotic. Now I’m not bragging or endorsing put I was legit off chops on this heavy sedation schedule. When I was being transferred from one diagnosis to another and medication changes, I could see my own reflection trapped behind a mirror and it would shake. That is the difference between standard and extended release antipsychotic medication when you go from acute PTSD to a bipolar diagnosis. I had the same thing happen again with Lithium. I felt like I was having a full schizophrenic break, I knew it wasn’t right and again this is the point.

    Life can be like a bad rerun of a television show that has had it’s dash in the spotlight, and is now a retail store in the Valley somewhere. I like to think Andy Warhol who have loved the concept of Reality Television. The scripted medium with a place set for adversity, sensationalism, advertising with the full bodied brand awareness underpinning the entire process. Only in America where a design for a home features in a place called California “Mediterranean Tudor.”

  9. I saw bits and bobs (or do I mean boobs) while channel surfing. Didn’t appeal. Do find overt sexualisation leads to objectification! But have been agreeably surprised by their engagement with certain causes. I have a feeling that the pendulum is swinging back to a more modest phase. And while you might find it hard to believe, since reality stars fill the UK tabloids, we are also seeing more of a backlash against celebrity culture. And perhaps the suicides/deaths of a number of reality stars has made people more aware of its shadow.

    I loved the Christmas card, though!

  10. The Kardashians are one of my favorite, I-should-feel-guilty-but-I-don’t indulgences and even though the show isn’t as fun as it used to be, I’m sad to see it leave. This is one of two shows I’d record to make sure I didn’t miss. My own Neptune really ate them up as an escapist fantasy.

  11. I watched some of the earliest ones and find the family strangely endearing and fascinating. Though I did not “keep up” I would so tune in for a season about Kanye trying to start a cult in Wyoming while running for president and how the women deal with the pandemic world.

  12. havent seen a single episode
    im sure id enjoy it if i did…its just not that big in the u.k.
    wish i had a work ethic …

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