Work Witching

Work witchery is much easier when you work at home. It enables a degree of magical practice that is difficult to deploy in a working environment or even your own business if you have other people around.

Sure, you may not get paid leave for, well, anything and the dress code can be downright dodgy as fuq – athleisure evolved with the growing sector of the population who work at home.

But the animal familiars are close at hand, doing laundry can be a therapeutic way to process an annoying communique, and there is nearly always time for a quick sage smudging or speedy Tarot read.

So how to retain your magical/esoterically informed in a work environment full of Muggles?

Do you carve protective runes into your calculator? Meditate in the office loo? Take out Hex Insurance? Insist on facing your desk in your most magically powerful direction?

Install a gigantic black obsidian crystal next to your desk? Spritz yourself with Artemesia spray every five seconds? Pretend you’re normal?

Some might think you weird even just for knowing when Mercury is Retrograde or for being mysteriously absent during Eclipses?

Being out and loud about your ‘weirdness’ is nice in theory but there are many pragmatic reasons for not wanting to share your supernature with colleagues or professional acquaintance.

Here are some hints for when you need to be in Stealth Mode but want to do some form of work witchery.

(1) Find out your optimal success direction in Feng Shui and do your best to face it. Or, if you have an Astral Magic report, turn your desk/work-station to your Venus, Sun or Jupiter direction. If in doubt, go with an angle between the direction of Sunrise and Noon in your locale.

(2) Sneak into work after-hours and sage the place. Yes, it will smell like weed but deny everything. If you really can’t sage because of smoke alarms or the scent, throw salt around the place. It’s super-cleansing and protective. Alternatively, consider a shake-around with a sistrum!

(3) Have a screensaver that’s a magical symbol, resonant to you but plausibly abstract to anyone who might notice. If asked, act mystified unless the querent clearly recognizes it. If they’re like ‘wow, is that the star of Ishtar?’ or something than you may have found a confidante. The image will be more potent if it’s animated, ie moving, rather than still.

(4) It would be creepy if you were to start finding out everyone’s birth dates + times and running charts but relating to co-workers via their Sun Signs still gives you an edge. eg: You know someone will be feeling extra frisky yet also under siege during a Full Moon in their sign.

(5) If apt, suggest that the workplace gets a geomancy makeover, a building biology assessment or Feng Shui as a “selling point” and for staff/client wellbeing. No need to mention magic even though it will enhance the metaphysics.


Image:  Bell, Book & Candle 

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  1. I did a salt border around my studio-cubicle (shared artist space), have a bowl of apples at all times for prosperity, and my desk is faced in the most feng shui appropriate way. That’s it for now but I’ve only been here a month… May consider some rune carvings.

    My workplace crush walked in on me doing the salt line but I pretended to be inspecting something on the floor

  2. I am very sensitive to odours and stuffy air. I use essential oils as part of my fortitudinals at home but won’t assault others with oils that may not work with their physical resonance. So i only keep at work the medical lavender for bruising etc emergencies.

    Decades ago, i had to sit beside a completely stinkfesty colleague, a reg pot and rollie smoker who just smelt like metallic sand with a compost undertone and high testosterone overtone. On a day with particularly tight deadlines, he had played basketball in borrowed sneakers during his break, then gulped down some hardboiled eggs at his desk, and the whole funk just miasma’d around our corner when i returned to my desk. So i lit a tea light with lavender drops in it, worked on client papers like an Olympian running marathon timing, when the phone rang. Deep in concentration, i was startled and autopilot-ran to the phone, flicking some papers off the stack into the candle. I cut the client convo short when i could see low flames at my desk. I flipped the burning doc onto the floor and stamped a few times. My Aries boss was in the room the whole time, and i was worried about burning the readable corner of client documents, I was about to fully tell my boss with apologies, but just at that moment another staff member came in and said they could smell burning, to which the Aries replied: “Oh mille has been doing some of her witchy stuff. Are you right now, darl?”

    The colleague who had to hand on documents was a Sag. I found the client myself, whose name had a word meaning ‘angel’ in part of it, and apologised for the burnt corner and explained that i had actually read and filed the full document before the accident. Client said it was fine but told me my colleague brought back the original burnt document and said i must have been lighting a fart.

    If you’re fully twelfth house and piscean but with the twelfth Rising Up out of the Ethereal 12th into the Ascendant, especially in Embarrassing Sag, just don’t

    for the love of all that is holy

    don’t bring that shit to your desk because you will fully out your poor little try not to be noticed piscean self.

    1. Bahahaha!!!!! Oh yes this tickled me in all the right places…mannnnn that stinky coworker would have driven me to outright honesty.

  3. Scorpio_Rising

    I prefer to work at home, tried being “normal” at an office job. The work was easy the office politics wore me out until I had adrenal fatigue.
    I adsorb others energies way too easily.
    Now, that I work from home I’m still being constantly bothered by neighbors encroaching on my time. My daughter’s ex-friends are constantly coming by knocking and won’t leave. They will knock for two hours straight.
    Any spells to discourage that behavior? Because, even the cops cannot scare them away.
    Neither of us invite them, they show up uninvited start knocking, refuse to leave start yelling getting manic. It’s insanity.

  4. I’ve been in my first job with my own desk area for a few months now (finance stuff), and so far I’ve accumulated a little jade plant, a tiny gold/black pyramid with what look like weather patterns to help facilitate flow & grounding of crazy energies that come up in working with money, and a Durga magnet to help me stand in my feminine don’t-f-with-me power. I wear my kind of amulets in the form of jewelry, too. Just got an orgone lightstone that I love. Personal power symbols are important!!

    Speaking of work, the Neptunian t-shirts on customers have been out of control today. Just in the last hour: “Guided by voices”, something about astral projection, and “We are That Church”. Hahaha XD

  5. If you’re magical enough, you don’t need the things. A cloak of invisibility surrounds you and your secrets. You project your aura like a bubble of happiness that surrounds all who enter your space. You sit on your throne like a queen holding court. All who dare enter with ill intent are escorted out by your knights.

  6. Thanks all for sharing and to MM for posting this! Loved reading all your witching ideas… I’m going through a career morph and have been all over the place lately, from sharing desks, sharing my “office” with the lunch room, working from home (my favorite) having my own cubicle as a temp… it’s been interesting because as a Taurus, my personal space is important to me. So I’ve had to let go of a lot of things, mentally, emotionally and physically. My bad habit is always having a ‘pile’ on my desk, of things that need to be filed or thrown away but I can’t let go of for some reason. I do the desk wipe down and have some magic rocks/crystals and few photos to look at, at the moment. In terms of muggle politics, I’ve learned a valuable lesson when I got fired from my last job. I will now be making strict lines between my work and personal relationships. I like the idea of one of you having an office ‘bestie’ but honestly, I’ve sadly learned that no one can be trusted and from now on I’ll be all business at my place of work and vibe normal. Working from home (now) as a graphic designer though is exactly how MM mused, Tarot whenever I feel like it, afternoon dance parties to Madonna, some yoga stretches or floor exercises, my rabbit familiars to admire, therapeutic laundry/cleaning and the most random of outfits with a bra on because I don’t want saggy boobs as I age.

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      I also changed to all business, head down bum up. Post divorce and child free the straighter types haven’t got a clue how relate to me

      I too have reached a point of not trusting due to being burnt and keep my private life private.

      I dream of the day I can work from home and creating the lifestyle I want

  7. I struggle working from home. I like white or light colored desks and ambiant sounds and activity. Now that i work in an office, i made a choice to go ultra simple. Nothing but zen simplicity to distract me because its detailed eye straining heads down work that i do. Only thing i have on my desk besides my phone and keyboard, tissues and sticky pad, is my notebook for inspiration. The result is focus, attention and good productvity. I like the “plain” zen ness of a nothing to mess with me atmosphere. Since I started as a temp, i didnt want to be too “committed” wirh personal stuff. When they let you go (often…it shocking) i dont want to spend too much time garhering all my crap while my boss waits looming over me as hes about to escort me out. Zen simplicity.

    That, and spraying prosperity and protection oils on me before i head to the office.

    1. Yes, I think the increasing instability of a full time job means not accumulating too much stuff in workspace.

    2. How funny. I have usually had long term positions but no crap at my workspace as, unforeseen by me, i might suddenly get another job or have to move for other reasons (usually not in the same city). Sagittarian Moon and Ascendant conjunct Antares warrior.

      Now, during hectic times, just two months, shit has built up and looking at it makes me panic though i have seven years to go on contract.

      Cursing myself for not being more fluidly clean in the workspace ( trying to be self compassionate about not having the energetic time). Mutable plus Shrinking Planet Saturn in 6th, Efficient Mars in Cap 2nd. Virgo Lilith in 10th….god so ashamed for these last two months. What if my Sag stuff Leo MC found a new gig??? What would Pisces 5th house do for a bolt of creative impulse though in these econ climes ill thought out??

      Farq, give me a rune 🙂

  8. Years ago, a friend told me about how in offices in Indonesia, they make little altars with offerings at their desk, for their computers and equipment. Working at a call center at the time, I did my best to adapt the concept, bringing in a little altar offering every day.

  9. I currently work as a Sales Supervisor in a boutique sex shop, as a between gig, building up my savings–where we serve, among other things, as sort of therapists, confidants, health and wellness experts ETC to our customers. The work of welcoming frightened, nervous customers and letting them know “it’s totally ok, you are normal”–assisting in the process of shame release, etc. does feel like we are this culture’s remnants of sex priest/esses.

    I keep my tarot deck on me at all times. I wear talismans. Essential oils too.

    While working at a different shop, a manager actually asked me to do a clearing for the shop, LOL–sage, line of salt, etc. So I suppose I have attracted kindred spirits, even in muggle jobs.

  10. Hi.. yes, working from home is me. Virgo Sun, Rising Libra, Moon in Leo. Being a virgo I never leave my seat and need to better balance my work home life. I do go to the site periodically and feel productive but I need to dig deep into my schedule at home when I work and step away, do laundry, not worry etc. In my industry working from home is becoming very popular, cost effective for the clients and makes life easier.

  11. Looking around my office desk, I see crystals and a hawk feather tucked discretely under my monitor, a “worry doll” type statue on my tower, and small prints of feathers, flowers, and power animals around my desk. My calendar is Thich Nhat Hahn quotes. It all snuck in one piece at a time, didn’t notice how much there was until now!

    I don’t discuss with coworkers, they’re lovely Muggles. I walk in the beautiful woods behind my office whenever I can, and lock myself in the back room to do reads and tapping. I have a tea station tucked in there too.

  12. Thanks for for this MM. I am a Cap with a big 4th house (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter). I have been doing everything I can to make my home a place of work and comfort these last few years. I am almost there.

  13. I have developed a tea corner. I need to drink tea any time I need deep focus. The other staff have learned to accept this. I was very lucky and had an opportunity to start a community garden, as I am a Youth Development at a Club for kids, and I sneak out there for peace any time I am over stimulated. Staff call me a hippy. I accept this. I am also lucky enough to have to opportunity to create programs for the kids that really work with who I am and my witchy, ritualistic ways.

  14. We hav ea fiath and reflection room where I work (government organisation) . I presume it is so that it is primarily for faiths which have to pray during the day have a quiet place to do so. I feel so sad whenever I walk by as it has got no chairs, pictures or cushions and is the barest room you have ever seen. This post has just motivated me finally after 6 months of being here, or sending an email to HR that I personally would be more able to reflect if it had at the least a single chair, and better still, cushions, picutres or flowers.

    1. I need to meditate regularly as I am what they call a ‘sensitive soul’ (lots of pisces, pisces rising)

  15. Year of the Phoenix

    Lavender spritz and Soul music are my jam! I have taken to picturing a white light enveloping me to protect me and my space

    Might have just reached peak freak but shared a portion of my brothers home made hemp tincture with my boss, he is strangely (for me) the person there I feel the closest to. He sleeps badly and so do I ten drops and I am out for tha count!

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      Ps he is the person I can say “Magic is real!” to not seem weird or recommends Tarot readers to me (she was v good) or brings up star signs in a serious way in tense meetings

  16. Crystallised future

    Hmmmfff. My house is crowded with people looking after my disabled daughter! I mark dates and warnings in my diary and strategise to either get out of their way so they don’t get in mine or keep to myself somewhere else in the house. I hate it, even if I like them

  17. I’ve always worn different clothes to my job than in my own time, even different coloured underwear! Black for work, colours for the weekend.
    Not so rigid these days, as I am enjoying work, and have more time at home to do my own thing than before.

    I have a couple of like-minded souls at work (notably my Sun Leo- mars Scorp head of dept) who warned me right at the beginning to never discuss astrology with the big boss. She keeps her outside persona even more separate than me!

  18. Also – annoying but true – i find what i eat/drink/how healthy i am physically really affects how much i absorb of other people’s ‘gunk’.

  19. I find the public transport involved in getting to jobs not at home really problematic. I feel like i need a bath / smudge before i’ve even started work! It all makes me ‘close up’ and shrink which isn’t good for any creativity and problem solving. In summer, if you walk or ride it’s ok, and i do always keep black obsidian near big computer screens, but there;s only so much a tiny chunk of crystal can transmute when you’ve got giant strip fluorescent lighting overhead rattling your central nervous system with 1000 flickers per nanosecond.

    Water, meditation, walks, and positive self-talk help. I also find standing up, popping your things in your bag, walking out and never returning helps, too.

  20. Hmm. my work has always been full off muggles. I’ve been working on my vibration NOTHING can touch me no more.

    Constant low energy.. its crazy people can operate from down there and not think OKAY MAYBE THIS ISNT A FUN WAY TO LIVE?

    So weird.

    I used to soak up everyonessss energy (piscessun/asc)

    But not anymore. I lvoe MM daily horoscopes they are SO spot on. I’ll have a sneaky read in the morning and she would of said something along the lines of WATCH OUT FOR THOSE MUGGLES! lol im like, girl i feel you.

  21. I’m a public school teacher and children are more awesome to work with than adults. There are some adults of course but a child’s energy is quite different. I don’t follow Feng Shui but I need organization and minimal clutter. Blue covers over the fluorescent lights, shades up for as much natural lighting as possible. I used to have crystals around but now I just have one giant rock on my desk that found near my house. One particularly stressful year I wore black tourmaline in my bra daily. I bought a spray smudge that is nice too since I would set off the fire alarms with burning. I don’t worry about playing normal because Saturn near my MC has that all taken care of. They will never know how deep it goes unless they know me, and I have a Pieces rising coworker bestie and that’s all I need as far as office buddies go.

      1. That’s ok i have a Katakan and Scorpion friend at work and they would probably laugh at my being Pieces, then tell me how well i do my managerial job despite that. Even the most together seeming Piscean feels they’re just Pieces, and it’s nice to have true buddies who know you are both high functioning and even manage others (though you doubt you’re ever compassionate enough and loathe anything that seems enabling while being supportive), while also being fragmented fractals in your whole being.

      1. It is! This one is a little different, made by a local herbalist. I’d share the ingredients but I gave the bottle to someone who needed it more than I did.

  22. I pretend I’m normal. It’s not too hard with a Capricorn moon and 10th house Venus. If the vibe is warping out and I am informed ahead of time e.g. via scopes, I just try to keep my trap shut. I never ever mention, show or do anything esoteric. But being a pisces.. you know. Sometimes maybe joke about sun signs or nod sympathetically and murmur something about the atmosphere being a bit intense all-round lately, but that’s it, or a subtle piece of crystal jewellery for my own reasons.

    1. My desk is the model of professional neutrality – no knick-knacks, photos, dusty reports, ageing post-its, etc. So maybe that’s how I keep the work vibe ‘cleansed’. Imho it is nobody’s business how I run my inner life. (Usually because when you work with mega straights like I tend to do, you just can’t be fuqed dealing with the whatever).

      Oh yeah, a salt sachet sprinkled around the desks and shared space sometimes. The nice cleaner guy vacuums it all up none the wiser, of course 🙂

      1. Annabelle Fabriczy

        Pi can I ask you something.. Why do you say ‘its none of anyones business how you run your inner life?” im just curious.. WHY do you feel that way?
        My partner has loads of capricorn and says that all the time i just think its so bizzare what are you hiding?

      2. Annabelle Fabriczy

        Are you scared of being judged? 🙂 you dont have to answer im just curious

      3. I’m going to reflect on your Q a bit more annabel Angel – the judgement thing being a thing too

      4. Its a good question. But it’s not about hiding something e.g. to maintain some perceived upper hand or feel smug etc. I think the cap vibe is acutely reputation-sensitive and task-conscious. To dilute the Task/Matter At Hand with off-topic paraphernalia, conversation, activity, etc, is borderline distressing at times. It means our full attention cannot be dedicated to surmounting this job, achievement, problem to be resolved, action, etc, and we risk being caught in some eddy current of flotsam, floating grease, litter and other pointless garbage that serves nothing and no one. (Please note – I am inhabiting a cappy mindset writing that, and learning where the ‘unsubscribe’ button is for such an attitude -where it is not helpful, e.g. group dynamics, personal relationships, being kind to others and self – has been a big part of my life learning)
        So it’s more about genuinely needing to just do the damn job, and setting aside the “unrelated” (lol) details. And yes – in my experience ppl do like to judge, control, gossip, backstab, for their own weird reasons, so the less ammo the better imho.
        I also can think of a lot of points around this but writing on phone so yeah 🙂

      5. I think an evolved approach to leadership (the cap MO) also wisely embraces emotional intelligence and the diversity of ways in which something can be done – and allowing for the possibility that sometimes the ‘something’ itself may benefit from a revision..

      6. Agreed. I’m also scrupulously neutral in my work environment – not a hint of esoterica. I don’t want to distract from the mission at hand. People from all walks come to my practice so i don’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable. I once had a v devout Christian woman practically fleeing my room in terror when she spotted my tarot pack which i had left in my book-shelf. So that’s out.

        If i have to work in particularly gnarly work environments I spritz the area with my lemon scented space clearer – chirping that *Scientific Research In Japan* has shown that lemon enhances work performance. Which is true. And what boss however straight doesn’t want to hear that, right?

        I also think that the less ammunition you give straight people the less problems you will have if things go pear shaped for whatever reason. I’ve seen how people can’t wait to turn & use whatever they can get to lynch slightly “different” people.

        (speaking as someone who has a humungous 10th H stellium)

      7. This is great PI thank you so well written and i actually get it..
        I get it – its not actually weird.
        My partner does let his work place know about ANYTHING in his life, our engagement, our sons genetic disease, buying a house NOTHING hes so closed off.. i was surprised to hear that from his co workers because hes so open with me.. But this makes sense.. makes me want to adopt this sort of approach aswell. Double pisces with Aries mercury I tell everyone my life story lol. thanks for writing 🙂

      8. Me too on the cleanliness factor with regards to office space! I do wipe my desk down with lemon oil but palm it off as being ‘antibacterial’. Other than that I do a maharic shield meditation before turning up on the job and if shits hectic at work will choose magenta undies as a power booster

      9. Maharic shield meditation..this sounds good.

        Am down with the underwear colour as vibe support!

      10. Oh oh. Matching underwear in specific uplifting (ha) or protecting colour is so important.
        And I never advertise my off planet psyche but folk just seem to gravitate to my ‘weird’ as they perceive me. I obviously exude something. And then I’m always totally honest. It’s up to them what they decide to do with that !

      11. I totally agree with this – I am the same at work. Must be the Cap moon… I keep it professional, the only personal-ish things in my workspace are CV/award-win related. I work in an extremely non-me environment but I’m good at what I do and the benefits of working there are why I stay. I neither want nor need every single person in the office to understand or know every aspect of my personality…it’s none of their business. I’m also Sun-Saturn conjunct so perhaps I vibe more Cap than Pisces in some situs.

  23. Bikinigirlwithmachinegun

    This is PERFECT timing for me. I’m a pediatric therapist and I feel my space is EXTREMELY important to what I do. I just moved offices and there’s a lot of heaviness here. I spent a lunch hour moving in, washing doors and windows in Florida Water, smudge spraying, blessing, hiding crystals and feng shui-ing the fuq out of my office. Feels so much better and the kids love it.

  24. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I feng shui my desk and clean it peridocally with water (with a few drops of oil of Mars by Alchemy Works mixed in).

    Also a couple of crystals on the CPU.

  25. leotaurusscorp

    i werk in a bookshop. it’s hard to avoid the public and their wackiness, their neediness, means i have had to develop a way of deflecting the thievery (of my creativeness) over the past 20 years. i imagine a huge, beautiful silver ball enveloping me, one that reflects crap right back at them.

    lying on the stockroom floor at lunchtime and deep belly-breathing helps me deal with the staff who are needy too…

    loved working from home when i did – soon to be doing that again, yesss!

    leo sun, taurus asc, scorp moon

  26. One Saturday I went into our department, did some energy clearing and laid salt across several thresholds. I just smirked to myself when my co-workers began talking about how all of a sudden things were better in our dept.

  27. Yes I have the activewear, my rabbit close at hand and the laundry humming in the background. Working from home is so good. And yes when I was allocated a desk with a long term client I did say which ones I would sit at purely based on their Feng Shui. Lol. They know what I’m like.

  28. I work in a bakery that I swear is haunted or built upon grounds with nasty history/energy. Shit is always happening there. On occasion I’ve seen it suck dry the people who work there, tear down quite a few cakes, cut open people’s hands/arms/wrists… There have been weekends where every customer will complain about the exact same thing, regardless of their occasion for cake.

    I protect myself with pre-work meditation and protective crystals. Recently started carrying orgonite and people’s attitudes toward me have gotten more benevolent, and the ghost in the freezer doesn’t fuck around as much…

    1. I’ve also been working there only 2 months. Two people had quit without notice right before I was hired, and one had mysteriously been transferred back to her old store.

  29. LiberatingVenus

    I thank my lucky stars this is not a problem I have to deal with anymore. Whenever the astro is dodgy and/or I have to deal with the general population en masse, I take extra care to mind my own vibe and augment it with an energy clearing/enhancing spray. My workspace itself IS Sacred Space – I smudge, pray, converse with my Guides regularly, and make every effort to be as clear a conduit as possible. I keep a crystal grid on my desk and schedule my work in accordance with celestial rhythms. I’m blessed in that I never seem to deal with “problem” peeps when it comes to work, probably *because* I do so much energetic legwork – I sometimes lose my frame of reference for this fact until I hear other colleagues’ horror stories and am reminded of how fortunate I am. I think the most important thing is that I don’t try to be all things to all people; I strive only for authenticity to my own point of view and won’t ever compromise that to make a buck – I think that’s what keeps me out of these kinds of scenarios. Because when you are in a “service” field, it’s critical to always operate from a place of integrity and never meddle with your sense of ethics – especially for profit. IMO, it just sets up a totally wrong energetic foundation for the exchange – never be afraid to take a loss/turn business down if the alternative means compromising your values/standards.

    Re: the Muggles, I don’t and have never shared jack shit about the things I know from an esoteric POV. I’d much rather just sit there and smirk privately to myself as I watch it all play out – pearls before swine and all of that. If I like them and they’re lucky, I’ll often find a way to frame the astro in a situationally-specific way they can understand without actually using any terminology at all or telling them this is what I am doing. They have no idea – they just think it’s good advice. 😉 I love being covertly occult like this – it’s like being a witchy Fairy Godmother!

  30. Spritz rose water everywhere while saying “it smells funny here doesn’t it?”

    Carrying a black tourmaline with me wherever I go

    Leaving my work shoes in the car when I get home – not tracking any of that inside

  31. i tried to be normal and it didnt work.
    gonna go self employed.
    had fantasies of telling my boss why i was ill from work ‘ive got too many planets in the twelfth hse right now’.
    not any more, thank god!

    1. Scorpio_Rising

      I tried to do “normal” too and failed. I loved the actual work and job but hated the social climbing games and politics. Office women seem to hate me.
      I much better at self employment.
      I love the astro explanation of why you need a mental health day! <3

      1. lol thanks…used to work in a supermarket …did enjoy some aspects but oh! the politics…too much going on…and too much considering what i was paid…not worth it

      2. Every day is a mental health day when you’re natally multiplaneted in 12th house. I suppose i’ve been known to invoke my Uranus 11th Libra opposed Merc 5th Aries, both squared Mars 2nd Cap, to protect my right to mental health while being actually AT work.

        Wish i could: “Stahp it! I am multi-planeted 12th House!”

        Huh. On the Rise in Sag. Don’t invoke my arrow….freaking energy wasters!

    2. I concur. Loved the work and the travel, but the politics – ugh. There are so many hours in the day and I don’t want to be fake nice for most of them!

      I quit the big corporate gig on the last day of 2015. Found a small office (2 + me) to help me get by while I launch my self-employment empire.

      I see the word “scoprio” in this cluster … I myself am Quad Scorp (Sun,Moon, Merc,Uranus) with Sag rising.

      …and … Can one use that excuse when they have a 12th house sun?

      1. Scorpio_Rising

        great question…I think Scorpios tend to be introverts? What do you think, am I onto something? maybe?

      2. Even the twinkling, popular Scorpios i know by friendship or blood are respected as being secretive unto themselves. The Gem influenced ones hear a lot of others’ inner workings, and never turn a hair. An understanding but wicked smile (they know what you just unwittingly also revealed of yourself when you told them, and it is happily slinked into the x files on you). Now i guess i’m in the shit for even saying so, but i do love that smile they give. It’s as open as a Scorpio can get light-socially.

      3. My Scorpio sun (5th) BF is the antithesis of introverted. (Cancer rising, Aries Moon). He’s born 10 days after me, so our charts are largely the same with the exception of moon/rising. He’s so social – tons of “buddies” and all about conversing with family. (makes my scorpx4 stuff cringe -yes, but without him and his entourage, I’d be a recluse)

        But then I know other Scorps who are very introverted – Scorpio rising folks I meet are, too.

        I’m going to search MM’s site for introversion… perhaps she’s already laid out the stardust recipe for introversion.

  32. Theres already runes on somethings. Anything that has the Bluetooth logo on it has a bind rune.

    Black tourmaline by computer for crappy emfs.

    Tea leaf reading or tarot at lunch! Self employment rocks in this regard.

  33. Oh goodness……I hand out Rescue Remedy pastilles to my fellow staff members, have been known to make up Bach flower treatment bottles when needed…….dandelion root/milk thistle is now quite common amongst staff (I work at a brewpub/restaurant). I rarely go to work without my Welsh blackthorn protective pendant, wore a hole in my skirt from carrying around a morion smoky Quartz crystal all the time…..the fabulous NOLA Esoteric makes a Jezebel potion lip balm that I cannot do without….of course wallet feng shui is in practice, as any good Mystic subscriber would do!
    This is just a quick list, as I am forever scheming how to better handle the muggle environment I find so abrasive to my energy.

  34. Yes, yes and yes! Work Witchery is so key to keeping my vibe steady in the midst of the corporate rushing river. In my case though, to be honest, it’s more like a small business vaudeville show 😉

    Here are my go-to witchery desk items:

    Magical Mug: inscribed with a happy message [ current one is : all you need is love! ] and my current go-to brew is yerba matte + rose hips hibiscus tea. Sweet, uplifting, grounding.

    Zen snow globe: it’s empty! And reminds me that this too shall pass.

    Plants: they remind of two things. 1) that ultimately, no matter how spastic of a muggle episode I’m encountering, we all want the same basic things in life: to be seen, loved and heard. 2) self-care and self-love can be super simple!! Put myself in the sunshine every day. Add water and fresh air. Say nice things to myself. Easy.

    An intention for the day! I set one by pulling a card, and using that as a way to ‘surf’ the day. It’s my anchor to come back to something positive, instead of getting sucked into someone else’s vortex.

    [ Currently using my Embody Your Destiny cards ]

    And of course, if I can sneak in a tarot reading at lunch, I’m stoked!

  35. serpentinegrace

    In true Virgo rising fashion I do all of the above, plus sometimes if a chakra is out of balance I will nurse it for the day and eat foods / wear corresponding clothing colors to help me focus on it. I do get wildly out of it during Dark Moons and the crystals come with me then (for extra protection – customer service in an industry with 99% tactless men requires it). Also I utilize the Scheduler and I plan my calendar a month out. I HAVE to sage often after work, and christen anything I touch if I’d just come from work so as to minimize tracking the qi mud everywhere I’d just accumulated.

    I USED to pretend I’m normal. Now… with Lilith crossing me so personally, plus this Saturn on my Sun… you can figure.

  36. I am a Cappie sun creative and I do a lot of my work from home. I also have a natal Saturn retrograde in Virgo in the 3rd house- I’ve been told this is contributing to my chronic lateness. Does it also affect my ability to be disciplined? I don’t seem to be able to do the same thing at the same time every day. Maybe it’s my cancer rising/aqua moon.

    1. serpentinegrace

      May be the Cancer rising. Lol my bf has it and he’s notoriously slow doing everything.. except his physical job, then the Taurus comes out.

      1. serpentinegrace

        As a Sag I could benefit from some of that slowed down pace actually lol. My Cappie stellium also drives me bats when I don’t make things on time. Perpetually frazzled

      2. I second that. I also have a Kataka rising BF who is uncomfortable in routine and perpetually late. That is, of course, until the j-o-b calls … then he’s suddenly Mister Prepared and on-time.

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