Daily Mystic For Wednesday 15 June

WOW, so okay – I just went back to look at my 2019 post Freak In About The Economy and it’s pretty bang-on.

I am working on updating it – fixing some broken links and so on – along with some others along similar lines and a Turbulent Times update. But if you’re finding the current economic fuqery perplexing, I think you will find it helpful!

For the next four days, the Moon sets as the Sun rises and while it’s part of the Lunar-Solar rhythm, it is more noticeable in times of speedy societal transition.

Interestingly, it’s brilliant if you work it with awareness: It’s far easier than usual to discern between inner and outer you, psyche and logos – the dreams versus the goals. They’re not actually in competition with one another – usually – and this week’s additional awareness is instructive.

If, for example, you’ve been letting instinct over-rule worldy wisdom or ignoring instinctive promptings, you’ll see the entire paradigm quite clearly. Other people and relationships will also signal clearly  – or they will if you’re aware!


Image: Anne Siems – Magical Fox

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