Turbulent Times Update

Cryptocurrencies, Covid-21 & Geopolitical trends – Welcome to latest update in my Turbulent Times series! Reminder: This is not financial or health advice – it’s my unique, no fluff astrological take on the Zeitgeist. If you haven’t read any of the previous pieces, please do, as this is building on those and it probably won’t make sense without that context.

#2021’s Signature Astrology: It’s Saturn square Uranus! Exact three times over the year, it is in effect the whole time and amped whenever the Sun, Moon, or an inner planet is in a Fixed Sign. Relax. Saturn in Air Aquarius is tangibly lighter than it was in Capricorn, shacked up with Uncle Pluto over 2019/2020. And Uranus rules Aquarius so has some leverage – it will be edgy but productive.

Worst Case Saturn Sq Uranus Scenario: Governments (Saturn) let rip with a ‘smart citizen tracking’ solution that they outsource to corporatocracy who blow billions (our money) on focus groups perfecting a groovy “hey there!” overlay for all the surveillance, cash bans and whacko additives to the water supply. The people (Uranus in Taurus) become drastically polarized over this.

Best Case Saturn Sq Uranus Scenario: An enlightened, genius blend of Aquarius high-tech futurism and Uranus in Taurus Gaia-first solutions to (1) save the planet, (2) reform the multiple areas of justice and social security that need it, (3) restore sanity in fiscal governance.

Weird New Political Trend: Unlikely but beneficial bipartisan affinities between politicians who appear to be in the game for more than merely their own ends: Eg: In America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Ted Cruz. In Australia, Penny Wong & Andrew Hastie.

Joe Biden’s Birth Chart is Wild: He’s a big 12th house guy – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio/the 12th house. It’s a rare phenom in politics! The 12th house is usually the realm of shamans and poets. However, Hillary Clinton has a similar vibe: Venus, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio/the 12th house. Biden has secrets but his Scorp is also in a beautiful trine to Jupiter and he has Neptune in the 10th house, suggesting emotional intelligence + a degree of visionary charisma. But jeez – his Mars in Scorp squares Pluto in Leo and they’re heavied by the Saturn-Uranus square all year, beginning now. It’s a unique transit – a true once-in-a-life-timer and it suggests either an expose of shady power deals or the high-stakes of the geopolitical arena he has entered.

I’m hesitant to mention the Kamala Harris astro. When I posted about her as a nominee for candidate, the anti-Kamala comments got so intense that I took it down and didn’t write about any of the other candidates lol. But strikingly, her Mars in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius are square Biden’s Scorpio stellium. Her Jupiter is opposite it. Their rapport would need to be tactical and highly calibrated. They’re both super-fixed, reflecting the times, and any animosity or difference of opinion could rigidify.

The Gray War Is Here: P.R. skirmishes, social media routs, cyber-hacks, corporate espionage and duelling propaganda giants. Striking news headlines appear one day and then the story is dropped. Was it real? Is it no longer news? What happened? A glitch in the matrix? Who knows if you’re seeing ‘the main news’ or something the algorithm thinks you’ll respond to? Or is it just because so many journalists have been ‘let go’ and the ones left are out-numbered by lobbyists? The Gray War has already begun. It does your head in but we’d probably all prefer it to a hot war. With Caligula having ungraciously vacated the White House, the tone is remarkably more elegant, reflecting a coherent management structure as opposed to whatever happens when you inadvertently snort Cheeto dust with your sildenafil citrate. But the Gray War will still be happening. Privacy hygiene is very 2021. 

Currency Wars Will Be Hip: China was already fixing to try and mess with the USD’s status as world reserve currency, multiple people in governance are fed up with central banks and their methods and even the most not-into-economics characters are waking up to how the stock market is being gamed. Cryptocurrencies, gold, micro-investment, vendor-financing – anticipate multiple breakaway movements in money.

Beam and Dashcoin are already unsettling Paypal and co. Now the David versus Goliath Gamestop stunt and the subsequent trading halt have put Wall St on notice. Good! If you have not read about it yet, do. It occurred with Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (the cooler cousin of the longer-playing Saturn square) and is very much a coming theme.

My Experiment With Gann Trading Cryptos Worked – Sort Of!  I recently wrote about W.D. Gann, who invented all these astrological stock-trading techniques back in the day and I’ve been trialling some of his methods. He clouds them in Christian Science banter but, if you know astrology, a lot of it is common sense. Eg: A high of something when there is a Mars-Jupiter conjunction will be a low when Mars opposes Jupiter. His Moon declinations technique does, however, work brilliantly with crypto. I will track it some more before I share. You could also set up a dummy trading account and compare highs and lows with the Moon Calendar. Or, generate a chart for a crypto based off it’s genesis block and then observe how various astro-phenoms affect it. It’s fun and highly addictive but fiddly to set up. If you’re an algorithm builder or good at setting up charts to compare data inputs, email me!

The Flashpoints For The Year Are Super-Obvious: G.F.C. 2 and/or intensified conflict around/over the contested Spratly Islands/Hong Kong/Taiwan and Co. June is the trickiest time, featuring a Solar Eclipse square to Neptune and Mars opposite Pluto, ahead of the second Saturn-Uranus square. If we were allowed to travel internationally, I’d say avoid flying that month anyway. See the previous T.T. pieces for more on strategy, but it will be a good time to be fluid, objective and financially well-informed.

Will The Revolution Be Decentralized? Everyone is talking about it but the city versus country theme is yet to play out. The concept of commuting into a central business district seems quaint post-Cv-19 but there can be a lot of fantasy in people’s concept of how their ‘green change’ will go. This is an era of massive transition and restructuring, obviously. Saturn-Pluto performed beyond all expectations and it will take a while for the new terrain to be clear. It’s not, of course, an impulse decision. Now that Mars has simmered down, stately pace decision-making is back in vogue.

Already Obvious New Personal Trend: The end of relationship ambiguity. In love, friendship and business, people are taking sides – either declaring allegiance or scramming at warp speed, probably after a definitive moment. Nobody has the bandwidth for ‘must catch up’ acquaintances or long-time semi-frenemies.

The Post Viral Information Crisis Will Be A Thing: Once Covid-19 is cured or, more likely, it fades into the broader array of pathological threats – the accusations, cover-ups, conspiracy theories and conflicting intel will go on for ages. What really caused it? What should have/should not have been done? How granular are the testing and morbidity stats?  Is X vaccine a medical miracle or future liability? Is it really possible to snap back into full-speed globalism and contain this or the next pandemic? Is W.H.O. imperfect like any large bureaucracy but still the goods? Or does it need urgent reform?

Solar Minimum Is Ending: In terms of the actual illness, I thought (and still think) that it would decline with Saturn settling in Aquarius and more specifically, as the Solar Minimum ended. The Sun was so underactive for the last two years that many scientists thought it might stay that way – that we were on the verge of a Grand Solar Minimum. The Solar Minimum is part of a standard 11-year-ish cycle – it loosely parallels Jupiter cycles.

We were at Solar Minimum as per usual in 2019 but it was a deep one and lasted longer than usual, sparking concerns that it could be a decades-long G.S.M.  This phenom is behind the scary medieval warnings etched into the super-low water lines of rivers in Europe: If you see me, weep. They also coincided with the gigantic, notorious plagues of history.

But the Sun kicked up into action again and we’re now in a new Solar cycle – with stronger Solar Winds and fewer outer galactic cosmic rays.  Swine Flu began in January 2009 – another Solar Minimum – and according to W.H.O. – was over in 19 months. If Covid-19 follows the Swine Flu trajectory, it will be declared ‘over’ by August 2021. In my (non-medical opinion), the greater threat remains the myriad of chronic conditions created by environmental toxins, the underfunding of preventative public health strategies outside of big pharma and iatrogenesis.


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  1. On a personal note, there’s major changes taking place in my closet. Previous staples and default settings no longer feel resonant to the evolving identity that needs a visual expression and the sumptuous upgrades are freeing my spirit.

  2. Wow! Things can really look illusory without proper research and analytical skills. Surprises, h u g e surprises are in the making. Complex and deep. Fraud clones need to go –

    1. Haha, you have levelled up and programmers out there, we need an astrology computer game! Chiron returns, Uranus transits etc. You input your birthdate and play though the levels. That would be a cool way to get astro understanding. Congrats btw.

  3. Struggling with this info, as a fixed type star-set starlet (ahem), this jangles like spangled bangles. Aqua energies grind my gears and teeth to an edge. And June is my boy’s core solar fire fest season, being so Twinsie Winkle Gem through and through. More knife in teeth clenching as we climb the rockface? And honestly, the last year had my eyes vomiting tears of anxiety to the point I can no longer be blithe about that Valley in the Matrix where governments stew their agendas in the land of blind kings, one eyed jokers and three eyed ravens of endless apocalypse. Acceptance, unity in love, Ram Dass and Yogananda have my bhakti back, but sheesh.. Uranus in Taurus is going to have me snorting cinnamon.

    1. OMG I have gotten sooo into cinnamon lately! Mix with orange and frankincense. Feels safe, but also helps me feel brave around creativity.It’s like the essential oil for the House of Gryffindor. 😉

      1. Brave around creativity sounds gorgeous, I need some! Especially as I was sorted into Gryffindor by the online sorting hat.

  4. Thanks Mystic for the update!
    Re: the § on Joe Biden’s astro:

    they’re heavied by the Saturn-Pluto square all year

    shouldn’t it be the Saturn-Uranus square?

  5. It’s all a little cold for my liking. The social consciousness is there but as you state becoming more polarized. The physics of polarity are that the wheel becomes wider and less stable. Warps form as the spin cycle wobbles, if you are on one extreme or the other, the more that gather there, on one side or the other, the gravity of the spin keeps you locked into a more and more extreme cycle till the wheel eventually looks more like an elongated 8. It’s not good. Move to the center of all of these issues or risk being flung into oblivion when natural forces rips apart and loses its polarized appendages. The best analogy of this is an old amusement park ride I used to love. It was a big spinning wheel. The closer you stayed in the center the less turbulent the ride. As it moved faster and faster the closer you needed to be to the center to stay on the ride. One step towards the outer extremes of the wheel led to being flung out into the big cushions on the side of the hall. And you definitely couldn’t get back on. And there are no cushions.

    1. articulating the problem is one issue, solving it is quite a different matter. And the polarity starts at the articulation stage, making solutions difficult to bring into that centre point.

      1. Polarity occurs when in any moment people choose to see themselves as separate from the other. Before articulation is intent. If this intent is consciously or unconsciously self serving or seeks to judge others, exclude the other , articulation of problems becomes a weapon. Most people I see in the media paid to articulate global problems as experts in their fields look more and more like parrots repeating cultural memes so as to gain popularity and personal power.
        Finding the center of the wheel is all about intent. When the intention is sound the center of the wheel becomes evident, then it becomes as simple as choosing to be there.

      2. I’m definitely with David- we all need to work together with love in our hearts and an inclusive spirit bringing everyone with us.

  6. Unicorn Sparkles

    I’m going to buy a compost bin.

    The rest (pandemic, finance, politics) I’ll watch like the dumpster fire it is.

  7. koalas still can’t buy dogecoin.
    and I need more aluminium in my life.
    space-x was a blast
    so I can rest easy in 5G
    instead of 5D soz Dolores.
    cos I’m herd and dangerous.
    its for my own good.

  8. I had a thought about the bushfires. I think you’re right about environmental toxins, and we have been pouring things into the soils for a century to kill fungi, insects etc. Around Chernobyl which people wrongly think is some wildlife paradise now, much of the soil is dead, no soil biota or very little, and as a result the leaf litter that falls does not break down in the usual way, it takes years for the usual decay to happen, rather than a couple of seasons. So I am wondering whether on a smaller scale we are facing a similar problem, leaf litter does not decay as quickly now (that is my own observation but I wonder if CSIRO is tracking this), and then superhot fires come through feeding on excess surface dry litter and they are so hot that they further sterilise the soils which only recover their biota slowly and you end up with this death spiral where the decline in decay fuels fires and fires further damage the soil biota.

    1. Omg. 12 house. Sleepy Joe. Dreams. Get it??

      But seriously speaking I am watching with unbridled joy as all the kids on Reddit donate their GameStop money to children’s hospitals and hire planes to fly over San Francisco displaying penises

  9. Well you’ve just said everything that’s floating about in my head. Personally I think this year is pretty dark and polarised. Let’s live it out and see what happens.

    1. EMG I tried to reply to your comment about your dream about your dad.

      But in the middle of it the whole page just vanished.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I currently have Mercury transmitting my 12th house, the sun has just entered today. Followed shortly by Jupiter and Saturn.

        Spooky central. And all in a Aquarian Merc retrograde.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        As I was saying the whole page just vanished. Maybe your dad didn’t want me to bore you of my experience of my passed over dad as it is not relevant to you.

        I was watching a video about Merc retrograde in Aquarius. When she mentioned “freedom of choice”. A buzzer went of in my head for you.
        It’s a message for you. I feel it is from your dad.

        I’m glad your dad is smiley in your dreams.


    1. Thank you! And yes, my fave surveillance book is in the Mystic book recommendations – I am going to add this to the article reccies also!

      1. I think you get 10 articles a month for free? But may have to register. Yes, it’s so systemic. I mean … I went to post the article on Facebook, but couldn’t work out the ends and means equation of doing that!

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