The New Aquarius Birthrock

Shungite is the new Aquarius birthstone. But I prefer the term birthrock. And anyone with an Aquarius/Uranian, zeitgeist-trippy tone to their natal energies will vibe with it.

Pluto in Aquarius is imminent. It needs newness. Fuq it. We need newness. Shungite is the new crystal.

Here are its credentials.

It’s two billion years old, absorbs electrical + radiofrequency pathogens and comes from a region in Russia renowned for sorcery. More? Shungite contains an antioxidant named after Buckminster Fuller. And, it probably came from a meteorite or even a planet that featured a lot in Seventies conspiracy novels.

The New Aquarius Birthstone Is An Alien Rock

I was loving the chunk I got on my desk (to ward off the quantum fog of E.M.F.s all around me) but now I know more; I am making it my birthrock. Aquarius Rising counts.

Shungite comes from Karelia in Russia, which has its own unique variety of sorcery practiced by shamans called Tietajar. While they keep it quiet these days, they were apparently adept astral travellers and brilliant at dream interpretation. Their magical legacy connects to the Ireland of Yeats and runs through many bloodlines.

My new birthrock has all these powers, apparently, because of its main ingredient; a carbon molecule called Fullerine. Or, buckminsterfullerine. The scientists who discovered the substance named it after the visionary architect because its structure reminded them of Fuller’s geodesic domes. And, let’s be clear here, its general coolness. Buckminster Fuller was a Sun-Jupiter in Cancer trine Uranus.

Adept Astral Travellers And Brilliant At Dream Interpretation

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims,” he said.

Finally, shungite could be from a meteor OR – for the full ancient aliens twist – a hypothetical planet called Phaeton. It evokes Worlds In Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky. He was a Gemini psychoanalyst, born a month before Buckminster Fuller, with his Mercury/Jupiter trine Uranus.

I will not try to summarize the vast scope of his books (there are a string of them) here but he was an extrapolator par excellence, a whiz at pulling together Mesopotamian temple art and comet trajectories.

Publishers, freaked by the hostility of mainstream scientists and historians towards Velikovsky, kept cancelling on his book contract. Naturally, it became a best-seller. He talked about things that nobody was into at the time: puns in dream symbolism, pre-human races, Ancient Babylonian deities, global warming and his theory that humanity had repressed the collective memory of what occurred in the Dark Ages.

Velikovsky annoyed everyone; He said our planet was an electron, Saturn used to be our Sun, and that Ishtar was a man.

If he was here now, he’d appreciate shungites “maybe lightning strikes formed it, perhaps it is alien bedrock‘ feel.


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  1. I might be a Maldekian (from the conspiracy novel planet) and I love Russian men and I love Shungite. It found me in 2013 in a russian mousse soap and it’s been in my water and underneath the foot of my bed ever since. Love Love Love!!!

  2. Love it! Especially if it can absorb EMF’s. I feel adversely affected by those. Also worried about 5G… I’m Aqua Sun and Mercury. I wonder if it can help me with my migraines. Never had headaches before about two years ago. They have been debilitating, sometimes lasting a whole week or more. I wonder if they are somewhat due to EMF’s, though I think it’s also peri-menopause, but that makes one more sensitive/susceptible to ‘stuff’, so… Also, glad to know Jupiter will be coming through Aquarius along with Saturn. I don’t know if I could take that Saturn transit to my Sun on its own. Saturn/Pluto was hard and Jupiter in Cap seemed to help a little in terms of final ‘outcome’. I’m being bought out of my SF apartment and will get some money out of it, enough to buy a car, and then improve the rest of my life, including getting out of my awful relationship.

    1. Look at the Medical Medium for headaches. He’s alternative and I’m glad I found him. My headaches are gone. Very pleased.

  3. Ok, maybe I’m a little…stoned but, I’m on board with this idea. Garnet never spoke to me. Let’s do it. Change is good.

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    Can I share an experience I had today?

    I got really hungry at about 5 p.m. so I decided to make some Mexican chicken chipotle and stuffed my face.

    I was so excited making it I spilt pineapple juice all over the floor. So then I’m madly started mopping the kitchen floor. I had so much energy. Thought I’ll lay my head down for a rest on my bed and it seems that one of my ancestors was speaking to me.

    “Why are you carrying on about crystals when you could be growing herbs” . And then I see roots growing in fertile, moist fecund earth.

    I still think shungite is good with so much emf around I might buy a necklace anyway.

    I suppose my point is find what clicks for you and get your priorities right. There is so much to choose from so I understand how it can be confusing.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      No wonder I’ve got the munchies and my ancestors are speaking to me today. I just checked my Astro and the current cancer moon is conjunct my natal moon in cancer in the 4th house.

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    Interesting. A few weeks ago I was looking at this rock in a hippie shop.

    Then this blog comes up.

    But be careful there is a lot of fake shungite out there especially on eBay apparently.

    I found this video on YouTube and it’s great. Beware of fake shungite here is how to know if it is real.
    And she’s a sweet, smart woman.

    Could some smart cookie please download this video ,I don’t know how to.

  6. Occasionally I forget about astrology and it’s influence on me. I’m obviously becoming more grounded and less dependent on finding reasons for things feeling a bit odd which is great in my particular case but ohhh thanks for the reminder this morning 🙏.
    Spaced-out moods or vague, drifting paranoia, juxtaposed with surges of action and vim. 🙏
    I’m obviously more Mercury ruled than I realised

  7. I have several pieces – a tower that pairs with Selenite, a pyramid as a paper weight in front of my monitor, a beaded necklace and my favourite a chunk of noble shungite for my water bottle. Aqua rising, Taurus Sun stellium. Moldavite, Labradorite and Herkimers diamonds have to be up there as close favourites. and i was compelled, even called to purchase them.

  8. Many of Velikovsky’s ideas are being explored by a new generation of researchers today. While he may have been a bit surreal in his interpretations of the evidence he was looking at, he wasn’t necessarily wrong that the evidence was there. I believe some of his theories tie into the Electric Universe theory that you wrote about last week.

    Certainly there are mainstream scientists looking into evidence that a huge comet hit the planet at the end of the last ice age (potentially wiping out a huge chunk of the human race that had been living in a higher level of technology than we give ice age humans credit for – though I don’t think the comet scientists are giving any theories about that, only the comets).

    Will definitely be adding his work to my reading list. Buckminster Fuller as well. I watched an old interview of Fuller a few years ago and he was magical. Thanks for the reminder that I need to read Spaceship Earth!

  9. I want to know more about the connections between the shamans and the Irish please?
    Sites or sources? Sounds intriguing.

    1. I just blast through the Occult writings of Yeats – also, the book I recommended in the Daily Mystic a few weeks ago: The Secret History Of Dreaming…Also, he’s Welsh but Taliesin is fab to research.

    2. This peaked my interest too. I’ve been obsessed by Russia since I was in my early teens and I have no idea why. Is it a Celtic connection??

  10. I’ve become uncomfortable with using crystals and rocks to tap into particular energies over the years. They’re usually mined in pretty unethical, destructive ways. I understand that our impact on the planet is pretty damaging regardless of whether or not we buy crystals, but I don’t think it’s just to support an industry that has a pretty horrific track record, both environmentally and socially, in the pursuit of spiritual growth.

    We have such beautiful energies and talismans surrounding us locally. Why not connect with those instead? And if you do want to connect with the energies of a particular crystal that comes from another part of the world, do you need to have an actual physical chunk of it? I think we’re capable of connecting in without.

    I’m sure I’m going to get some blowback for this, but I wanted to point out some things that people might not have considered. It’s all said with love, for my fellow humans and for our planetary home.

    1. That thinking is actually rather more Aquarian than a physical talisman imo.

      I agree. Too much of everything these days and you certainly don’t ‘need’ a crystal or anything else for that matter to be spiritual.

      I haven’t purchased new crystals for some time and unless it’s super compelling I won’t/don’t but I’m also not just going to dispose of the old friends I have. I either keep, gift or return to the earth as the mood takes me.

    2. Yes, I love rocks and shiny things, but it’s getting harder to ignore the cost of them: mining the earth, potential human exploitation, transportation carbon emissions, etc. I will admire shungite from afar and imagine it talking to me through the earth’s core.
      Also, I just went on a Buckminster Fuller bender and he’s well more exciting than a rock. What a dude!

    3. This is a good point! I am an extreme minimalist though and this is my first such purchase in over a decade, it felt like something i needed as I’m super-electo-sensitive and hating 5G. But I get it and generally concur. x

    4. Connecting to a crystal without actually having it physically, I think is THE most Aquarian thing one can think of. 🙂

  11. Been using this for some years now but maybe with Chariklo/MC Aqua I’m on that future curve.

    I’ve got a few pieces and I just want to share some info that I read and have had some personal experience with – broadly I’d say it’s a healer and therefore yes, can have space clearing outcomes which can facilitate the body returning to it’s natural or desired state. Further to those last few words (and worthy of note) consider that the way it might ‘heal’ could be to bring about change to you and your environment.

    Some of this may feel sudden or unsolicited but if you think about it and a request has gone in/out to source to change something or clear something then the necessary changes to support that will occur. It’s quite potent and not necessarily an easy stone to work with at that level. Don’t be put off by that but maybe don’t start downing Shungite water by the litre until you’ve checked your energetic alignment and make sure it’s authentic, not a fake.

    A cautionary tale.. some unpredicted and at the time unwanted change did occur for me quite soon after my first use of this stone. I had done some research and with some awareness that it’s a change agent decided it was a tool I wanted to use. The change I was shooting for didn’t occur but other parts of my life broke apart and forced (strike that out) encouraged a rebuild.

    I’ve read that this can be a thing. I knew that before I got the stones. I’ve since lost one of them (they were a set) just after this all happened. I’ve got several other acquisitions since so it didn’t really put me off or I’m a sucker for deep transformational change?

    I’ve also read that in Russia they have used it to (unsure if it still happens) paint the walls with Shungite in hospitals to improve patient healing outcomes.

    I think what I’ve noted in my use is that in order to get the best out of this stone it requires an upgrade to the system so to speak, meaning outdated software may be removed ready or not or at least no further maintenance upgrades will occur. I love how this stuff always sounds cool on paper but the actualisation of it feels a little different eh, maybe not so cool or not quite a walk in the park magical morph. The soul/human needs to be ready to fully integrate the changes to get the best out of the stone otherwise it’s kind of like using a car in first gear. Yeah, it still drives…

  12. Have Shards of this in a jug of fresh water and have drunk it daily, for most almost a year. It’s awesome

    Moon trine Uranus Xx

      1. I find it really grounding. Not in a black tourmaline or smoky way but it’s as if I were being gently washed on the inside by a mud fairy and all the better for it. There is a clarity and lightness in this rock. I don’t find it mind expanding at all, just really practical.

        Mine was gifted FTR. Not purchased

      2. Ok, yeah I do get the grounding vibe and agree it doesn’tdoesn’t feel like either of those two.

        That kind of sounds like my experience with clay, not that I’ve been using it in recent times.

        Whether it was gifted or purchased is ok either way. We all don’t have to stop everything and never consume again but we are all becoming more aware of our contribution to the collective results of these things. I see that as a good thing but I also think that we all need to be mindful of passive styles of shaming or coercion to move others to a position we prefer or desire etc. And what I find ironic is the way all humans will justify one thing and tsk tsk another depending on what suits. We all do it and whilst I make the assumption we don’t want to see the world over mined maybe we could tsk tsk a bit more at coal not other minerals but hey, we’d all have to be completely prepped to change our lifestyles and ditch familiar comforts as well, at least in the short term – and by short I really mean kind of longish.

        Evolution is sloooooow. Even when we get little speedy bits.

        Thanks for replying 🙂

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi Wizardora. I agree about the clarity and lightness with shungite. Very practical.

    1. I, too, am curious Moon Conjunct Uranus…(and Sun/NN/Merc in Aqua, trine the Moon/Uran conj., Uraniac!!!)

  13. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I love this! So intriguing!

    FYI peridot occurs on earth and meteorites, hence it’s a fave…but dinosaur skeletons can also transform into opal–I love the thought of something rainbow, sparkly and jurassic…

      1. I didn’t enjoy the vibe I felt from these and don’t have them, was just more of a mention as they have similar themes.

    1. If you haven’t read “Buried Treasure” by Victoria Finlay, you should because you’d really enjoy it. She describes the surprising origins of various gems & stones and the sometimes harsh, sometimes quirky history of humans who’ve sought them.

  14. Hey, I was perfectly fine with Amethyst, mang! But whatevs, I’ll take a big hunk of shungite too. I could deffo use the warding EMFs off by my bed. I still need to listen to stuff to go to sleep (which means audiobooks or spotify) but one Lenten detox element is no video streaming or surfing whilst in bed. That might help.

  15. The Year of the Phoenix

    WOW alien bedrock rocks!!

    Went to the Mind Body Spirit show with my Aquarian friend who bought a birthrock made from Dalmatian Jasper cause dogs ….

    Almost all the Aquarians I know are BIG animal lovers/vegans who believe in BIG causes but also live it. Another Aqua friend experienced domestic violence. Then studied Social Work to help provide better advice and help than she received

  16. Jinx! Aquarius rising here too..I feel so special! I’ve been drawn to shungite for the last year or so. The fact Alexander the G had baths carved out of it for its healing qualities was what lured me to this rock. I’ve got a little meteorite I call my pig stone cause it looks like a pigs head, I store with my shungite just cause it felt right.
    Note: I mistakenly bought some sugalite on line thinking it was shungite and it’s an amazing opaque purple rock that seems to take the hard edge out of jangley days.
    Off to google Velikovsky now…
    Thanks MM you blow my mind in the best ways!

  17. Well I need a chunk of this and I’ll promise to share it with my big pagan aquaman. Deciding I need to sort my electromagnetics!

  18. I’ve always felt very Uranian, must be my Gem sun, and I relate to Mercury with his flying boots. I can overthink and my mind is quick and sometimes keeps me awake. I must admit I do have ‘crazy’ ideas sometimes as well. But I can’t see why in my chart… Uranus/Pluto conjunct in Virgo/5th, which is generational (I’m 55), squaring my moon and mercury in 2nd Toro and trine Venus in 3rd house cancer… Uranus also opposes my Saturn which is in 11th Pisces. An astrologer I consulted years ago commented that I was very Uranian based on the colours I was wearing (I love turquoise, aquamarine (the stones and the colours) peacock green and strong pale blues). I also have an affinity with Aquarians and their save the world ideals — Aqua is my 10th and empty!

    Honorary Uranian

  19. I purchased a few pieces of shungite that come with an adhesive sticker for the back of your phone. Tempted to find a few bigger chunks for my home and desk.

    1. Same! I bought one for each of my children that have mobiles as well. And a slab for the PC 😉 I LOVE this large specimen rock though…!

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