How To Parse Saturn-Uranus Aspects

The Saturn-Uranus interplay is everything.  Even if your natal birth chart has zero alignments between the two, society runs off their dynamic.

There is always a set of rules that seem like a good idea when first regulated but which expire or are exposed as corrupt in the first place. They’re never going to be rewritten by the people living high off them so something has to provoke the rethink.

Additionally, there is a perpetual alien hum beneath normality, a code to crack, a matrix glitch, or an insurgency. It’s within our psyche as well – the constant tug between a Saturnine and Uranian sensibility.  Is there another truth out there or is your renegade nature just an excuse for under-achieving?

You make your new rules and then you subvert them until it’s time to for breaking and remaking those.  In a Utopian scenario, it would be a really chilled and organized process but what creative phenom goes like that? Seriously, which one?

Nobody gets to genius or even clarity by scheduling an assessment date or going to a workshop. It’s chaotic because it has to be. The more a prospectus or press release mentions “innovation” or “subversion” the more likely it is to be the status quo parting their hair on the other side. Or with a new jacket.

Similarly, in your personal life the revolution you think you need is hardly ever the (better, weirder, and more effective) one that you get in the end.

Astrologically, Saturn is often portrayed as the Boss Planet and Uranus as the iconoclastic rebel but it’s weirder than that. The mythological Uranus is a Primal Sky God whose partner is Gaia – the Earth Goddess.

Saturn AKA Chronos overthrew him and established himself as Chief Deity. And then he was overthrown by Jupiter but – spoiler – Uranus never really died. Leaving aside the Real Deities Of Olympus saga and the (repressed) role of Goddesses in all this, what’s up with Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus?

Saturn and Uranus are both considered rulers of Aquarius – who will “win”? My theory is that it’s going to be a clash between different styles of ingenuity: the digital/tech smart-city utopian ideal versus a decentralizing, eco-centric, less networked aspiration.

Normally with square aspects like this, you’d push for a merger or compromise but this is happening in Fixed Signs.

Have you ever tried to get a Taurus or an Aquarius to change something? They bunker in for the duration of the debate. Or, in the case of Aquarius, they slide into a parallel timeline where you never happened.

The Saturn-Uranus Cycle

  • For the best take on Saturn square Uranus consider the following: It’s not happening in isolation, it’s part of a broader story.

May 1942: Saturn and Uranus were conjunct in Taurus – starting a new Saturn-Uranus cycle.

December 1951 to November 1952: Saturn in Libra square Uranus in Cancer – the invention of color television, credit cards, barcodes, pocket radios, and more.

April 1965 to January 1967: – Saturn in Pisces opposite Uranus in Virgo – Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution, the Black Panther movement, new-gen feminism + the invention of calculators, video games, microwave ovens + more.

October 1975 to April 1977: Saturn in Leo square Uranus in Scorpio – the environmental movement gets traction, home computing, Roots, the first woman (Barbara Walters) to anchor a prime-time ‘important’ show, the Village People and a s-load of cultural moments/inventions.

Feb to November 1988: Saturn conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius – a new cycle starts and so did the internet! It was also the year of the first computer ‘virus’, the decline of the Soviet Empire, the beginning of Prozac and mood-altering medication, AND Mars in Aries for the longest time until 2020.

July 1999 to June 2000: Saturn in Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius – if you are noticing that this is the flip-version of 2020’s Saturn-Uranus square, yes! It was also Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus and this year, in late December, is Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius. It was also the Millennium Bug, bubble burst, Enron collapse, and AOL/Time-Warner merger which arguably was the foundation for today’s tech titans.

November 2008 until July 2010: Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces – The mass existential crisis era for all the Gen X people born with the Saturn-Uranus Opposition in the mid-60s, Global Financial Fuqery and the launch of multiple apps like Netflix, Instagram, Uber and all the similar-consciousness creations that came with the widespread uptake of smart-phones.

So, two questions for you. If you were writing a screenplay and this was the backstory you had to work with, how would you write 2021?

And, visualizing your Aquarius elements versus the Taurus elements, what would they invent if they had to work together?

*This is a general take on it – if you want to know where Saturn + Uranus are influencing your natal birth chart, please consider purchasing a Transit Report.

Image: Roberto Matta & Victor Brauner – Innervision

32 thoughts on “How To Parse Saturn-Uranus Aspects”

  1. Crystallised future

    Have you ever tried to get a Taurus or an Aquarius to change something? They bunker in for the duration of the debate. Or, in the case of Aquarius, they slide into a parallel timeline where you never happened. Bahahahahha!!! OMFG yeah!

    I had a run of Gemini’s with Taurus rising or Taurean lovers for 14 years and bunker in a furtive repeat pattern of their norm happened for sure if they were challenged. I’ve only ever had Aquarian friends not lovers so don’t know what they’re like in an argument but have laughed at some of the antics of those friends when in combat with their own lovers.

  2. That last line!! Thank you Mystic! My Mars in Taurus is square my Venus in Aquarius, and I have felt like I have spent my whole life trying to integrate this (also my Pluto square Venus, and thus Mars opp Pluto). Also Sun in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus.

    New developments occurred in the last couple days that are exciting and transformative–hope they’re laying the groundwork for what’s coming for me!

  3. I’m Aqua Sun in the 8th house at 10 degrees, with transiting Uranus in Taurus in my 11th house, exact squaring my Sun right now. I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere these days except with Nature. I feel best in the forest, at the ocean, or with my garden. This brings my deflated energy back up, back on board. Transiting Uranus is getting close to my Lilith too. Wonder what that will bring?!!
    I think I get what you mean about Saturn/Uranus being the forever story in our evolution. I think of swimming – kick, kick, glide…. Uranus being a big push forward, innovation, reaching for something/somewhere new (kick, kick), then riding on that for awhile (glide), letting it steep in and solidify for everyone (Saturn), before the next push…
    From the timeline above, (I joined the timeline in 1968) I can see that as an Aqua, Uranian ruled, that when Uranus has moved, big changes have occurred for me too. I want to think more about this, particularly on when we had the flip side of now, when Saturn was in Taurus and Uranus in Aqua. That was another pivotal time for me – a time when I became quite strong in my life. I’ll see if I can harness some of that now, as I feel so exhausted and depleted and scared. Also, recently I reunited after many years with a good friend who I had originally met around that time 1999/2000. Maybe there is something significant to learn or pay attention to in my friendship with her.

  4. In other news. My Gemini dad passed on the 17th. Day after my birthday Pluto opposite sun time. The Astro is quite something. I’m highly relieved and very glad. So please no condolences. Just good on yer dad.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Happy belated Birthday EMG. It’s so sweet how your Gemini dad waited for your birthday then passed away.

  5. Aqua rules my 4th and is the scene of the missing leg of my t-square. Currently I’m in an egg phase, a thought solidified with the discovery of a fully intact but deceased butterfly/moth in the yard. One cycle has completed (my Uranus opposition is really over?!?) and I’ve pulled back from social media to let my mind warm up on its own without all the electric noise scrambling my wires. I’ve had some very dynamic Taurus 7th housy things in the past few months (how could I not?) and I’m pulling back to reassess who I interact with and how I interact with them. I am making space for this next cycle to unfurl with as much universe juice as possible. Maybe I will find that elusive release valve for my top heavy t-square.

    1. It sounds as if you were talking about me, similar feelings, similar charts. 4Th house Aqua, 7th in Taurus and my chart is top heavy (9th house) with a T-square. Uranus opposition – I hear ya 🙂

  6. Last night was thinking the opposite to globalisation was tribalisation. Borders closings, each state becoming independent, creating it’s own resources where EVERYONE is designated SOMETHING to contribute, even if seemingly trivial, is important to the whole’s functioning. Imagine how ingenious people would need to be to make themselves useful in some capacity or other to justify their existence.Even an 90 yo can stir rice or water a garden.. Then true fair trade can begin again or simply live w/o what isn’t.
    The state that has been deemed boring as batshit ooops forget bats, though their poo is brilliant fertiliser, has had the good fortune to be plague free as i doubt it is good management, so is placed for investment or increasing population. For how long dunno as now unexplored microbes/bacteria being unearthed as the ice melts. In our world now microbes & viruses rule ******sigh*****microscopes & telescopes to get out of this day to day and into another.
    Is it winter global angst affecting my high vibe or is it all written in the stars.

  7. My aquarian 6th house combined with my 9th house taurian would like to create a screen play how university level education is now the new high school. All universities are nationalised and students from throughout the world partcipate in zoom university lessons for free. The result is the ultimate in thought control as everyone will be marked to a rubric so that independent thought is minimised.

  8. If the twitter link isn’t cool, here are 2 screen grabs of the twitter handled ‘Athena’ and her act of goddess at the Portland Protests 48 hours ago.

    1. saw that and thought the name cool. Reminds me of the flowers put into the barrels of the guns guns at Kent University back when the revolution started 60 years ago…..

  9. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    My taurus elements (3rd house, lilith and true node) want to write a savage feminist screenplay.
    The Aquarius (Jupiter in the 11th) just wants it to be a jolly party involving friends and community.

    They end up collaborating on a series that is equal parts dark, funny and dystopian.

    Taurus insists that there be cake on set at all times. Aquarius infuriates taurus by wanting to schedule shoot dates around astrological phenomena.

  10. I just read Sasportas “The Gods of Change” and he has a fascinating take on Uranus and his fight with Saturn. As the story goes blood was spilled when Saturn made his impending strike and out of those droplets came “Furies”. And the Furies come to represent the anger and frustration we get when things aren’t going our way. Sasportas says that whenever Uranus is involved Furies are involved. Either on the inside, tearing at us to make changes or on the outside coming from those that don’t want change (a la Saturn).
    In this case I think with Uranus being in Taurus its going to be the Earth. Either we recognize and get the furies out of us by making changes or we keep them inside and let them rumble. But if kept inside mother nature’s rumbles will not be pretty.Hopefully being the last square in the cycle will bring about more lasting change.

  11. Mystic, I’m only a few paragraphs into this article and I’ve already needed to add you to today’s list of things for which I’m grateful. I’ve always been fascinated by time. Can we have both Uranus and Saturn time? Just not at once like light as particle and wave during the early quantum experiments?

  12. I am a Saturn-Uranus conjunct birth of the internet baby! The beginning of Prozac? What, are these the themes of my life?

    I’m also Aqua sun-midheaven square Taurus moon and Ascendant which can admittedly be very challenging. I do feel this huge push and pull between my ego, my dreams and desires and who I really am at my core and what I NEED to be maybe not happy but content and healthy. I don’t want to be embodied, I want to be a brain on legs doing things (Aquarius side) but embodied practices have been key to healing and are something I just have to do (Taurus side).

    Another person who has this same Aquarius sun square Taurus placement is Gabrielle Roth, the dancer who created 5Rhythms and has been quoted on this site before.

    I have NO IDEA what is going to happen in 2021, I pride myself on being able to predict future events and on calling things that happened but everything feels so chaotic it’s really hard to say.

  13. All myths have multiples and in one version of Saturn deposing Uranus, Saturn chops off Uranus’ genitals (I could make a bad joke there but restrain myself). Out of these discarded body parts springs Venus, riding on the waves (a la Botticelli).

    I’ve read somewhere – and am now reproducing incorrectly – an analysis of the above along the lines of: Saturn killing the all-father led to the introduction of time as we know it. But I can’t quite recall why the genitals produced Venus!

    1. I believe the genitals produced the birth of Venus to be the half way point between the two gods. She uses diplomacy in order to slowly convince saturn to change the status quo. A la both gods getting at least a little of what they want.

  14. I’ll be having my Saturn waning square then. Transiting Uranus is now conjunct my natal 12H Saturn/Mercury/Venus. It has been a lot of push and pull, can hardly fathom how is going to be when Saturn in Aqua (9H) squares it all. Philosophy: ‘be like the bamboo:
    be flexible yet firmly rooted;
    what looks weak is strong;
    be always ready;
    unleash your power to spring back;
    find wisdom in emptiness;
    commit to continuous growth;
    express usefulness through simplicity.’

  15. My daily horoscope had several pieces of advice including watch out for animals like birds..bird somehow flew into bathroom through narrow opening pooped everywhere to the bemusement of cat and myself..flew out leaving me with having to tidy and clean a space that was made me reflect on how I was avoiding tasks because covid had put me into a stupor it’s time to regenerate and then this post! Loads to think about as I only have Aquarius factors in my chart..

  16. I think Saturn in Aquarius will be pushing to give structure to the message of Uranus in Taurus, ie, note to humans: take care of the planet you call home. Don’t just talk about it, do something. Aquarius doesn’t exactly have tons of patience, so I imagine there will be calls for concrete action and to accelerate efforts, while introducing new technologies. Because of the square, it will be push-pull, herky jerky, but we will make strides.

    As for my own chart: Uranus is conjuncting my Moon for the next year and half or so, and squaring my Midheaven. I’m just at the beginning of the transit, so I’m not clear yet how it will play out.

  17. As for the birth chart. Aqua is my 6th house but only from 9° on. So first they “meet” involving my 5th and my 9th. Then my 6th and my 9th (Taurus in 9th house cusp).

    I’d say maybe foreign love for the first and alternative health remedies after?
    I’d say if there’s ever been a time I quit meat and fish for good it will be second half of 2021 when Sat/Uranus square is in my 6th.
    And like me also other peeps. Uranus in Taurus is alternative agriculture/farmers and Saturn pushes for it with a not so gentle hint to go boldly into “out there” concepts in it.

  18. I’m a square and throw in Pluto conjunct Uranus and Aqua rising. I am always stubborn, and right, my family have no chance. Especially with Mars n Mercury in my solar taurus/4th. My movie would be me spearheading a new working from home scheme that allows me more hours to dream, create, plan and walk whenever I feel the mood. I am over the insane amount of effort I’m putting in on this 7:30 to 4pm madness, so scattered.

  19. I am sure I had other aspects going on that were great (Venus forever in Gemini, to name one) but Saturn in Aquarius felt AWESOME.

    I must confess that though Saturn in Capricorn worked wonders for me (I was attending therapy sessions) I loved the breeze electric airy vibe it had in Aqua for a few months and cannot wait to feel that again.
    25 more weeks of Saturn in Capricorn, right?

  20. I laughed like crazy at the paragraph of the workshops and the “status quo parting their hair on the other side”. I feel like the resurgence of research into psychedelics and formalising (research, science, the beginnings of use in actual psychotherapy; SATURN) of something that was very alter-culture and subversive (tripping on psychedelic substances and all the ensuing transcendence + the psychedelic artistic movement; URANUS) could be one of the highlights. Whether that’s going to bode well for the society and make these experiences more accessible (+ perhaps more structured for the benefit of the fragile minds and bodies among us, such as elderly people in special homes), or whether it’s something that will just kill the essence and meaning of psychedelics-boosted spirituality, remains to be seen.

  21. Very interesting, I’m excited for the future!! I’ve checked where my Aquarius is sitting in my astral DNA (it’s in my Jupiter and after reading this I just want to get up and get shit done), but I don’t have any Taurus. What are your recommendations if you only have one but not both?

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