How To Not Smoke Frog Venom

Hemp Seeds are an automatic add-on. I have Reishi nearly every night.  My first trial batch of PQQ is in transit. But I  have been totally out of the loop on Frog Venom. Is there even a loop? Is Frog Venom the latest antioxidant, psychedelic It-Substance? Or a deranged fad, emblematic of late-capitalist decadence?

Let me walk you back a bit. Ever since my Ascendant Progressed into Aries, I’ve wanted accentuated brows. Strong brows really are an Aries/Mars thing. I was having them henna-ed by a very Leo Beautician when she confided that her close friend had been recently hospitalized after taking Frog Venom.

What? This was a Void Moon in Pisces, when it’s easy to mishear things, as if we’re listening via a surreal translator. Leo Beautician went on. “She does Yoga. I mean who doesn’t…but she became Yoga-obsessive. She went to Bali to do a cleanse, had the Frog Venom and rang me from the hospital.

I asked what sign this woman was, hearing the right answer in my head even as I phrased the question: Sagittarius.

My mind was free-associating. Macbeth’s three witches – was this like eye of newt? All those princesses kissing frogs in fairy tales. The animal cruelty component – was venom like when bees or scorpions sting and once you sting you perish?

How did she take it? I was visualizing little vials of venom people put under their tongue before Vinyasa. Was there a way to mindfully get a drop of venom without killing an animal?

“She smoked it”, said Leo Beautician, mixing up a henna hue called latte with one called caramel. “The venom you put on your skin is meant to be an antioxidant but she was hoping for a spiritual experience more like ayahuasca. She said she felt the oneness of all existence but then broke out in a rash so bad they took her to hospital.”

I am like the world’s most boring person when it comes to psychedelics. I already have hypnogogic dreams, see auras and encounter ghosts. Acupuncture and dental gas give me shamanic journeying type experiences.

So I tune out when I read those articles about how micro-doses of LSD enhance efficiency because I’m pretty sure even a minute amount would have me in the astral outlands.

And Neptune squares my Ascendant in Aquarius. When you have Neptune squares, you can’t paddle in the shallows or even go surfing. You’re either deep in that ocean or you’re safely on shore.

But Frog Venom –  however it’s been taken – is enough of a thing that it was mentioned recently at a Goop Wellness Summit.

I left the Leo Beautician with brows looking temporarily garish and big, like a hieroglyphic. Then I recalled that there was an Ancient Egyptian Frog Goddess. Her name was Hequet, bringing to mind Heka and Hecate – the Dark Moon Goddess, the Crone, the Witch Queen and Keeper of the Cross Roads.

Is this yet another evolution of the long-time myth of the Frog-Prince? Only nowadays, women are skipping the “prince” part and trying to spiritually transcend via the Frog direct? Or is it just the new Vodka Martini?


Image: The Princess and the Frog

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  1. Sorry I’m like 2 years late to this discussion, but back in the day one of my art school Pisces friends was a herpetologist/photographer.
    He cultivated one of those psychotropic frogs. When said frog passed on he and some other dude smoked its skin. I, being the Capricorn geek that I am asked, “Well what was that like?” expecting some sort of Don Juan revelation. “It was like smoking a dead frog.”
    True story. Sometime around 1992 on Benefit St. near RISD in Providence. (It is a real place. Swear!)

  2. Love this anecdote — super-pithy and funny, and love it when you frame posts thorough out and about experiences. And pls report back on the PQQ!

  3. Neptune is squaring my Mercury in Gemini, which is the ruler of my chart. One thing I’ve noticed is that anything mercurial takes ten years longer than it used to. This is not fun for Mercury in Gemini. I’ve been even more sensitive overall. But the thing I notice most is how long everything takes.

  4. I’m all for exploring other plains and self discovery, Saggo to the hilt, however I say leave the frogs out of it.

    Acupuncture literally changed my life, there is a marked difference in my vibes after a good needling.

  5. Is Botox not enough? Ffs
    Amethyst on the third eye out of fashion already?
    Is a full moon worship skyclad simply old school?

    The air miles, the animal abuse, the sheer wankerdom of the whole thing is exhausting. Just no

  6. I recently listened to an interview with Dean Jeffries who is making a doco
    The interview was interesting and he does a lot of work w Sea Shepherd so I did some further research. This put me off!

    Toad medicine ceremony with Dr Octavio Rettig
    All participants should be aware of and agree with the following conditions. Please be informed that during the Toad Medicine ceremony, Dr Octavio Rettig:

    Might pour water on a participants face or in a participants mouth to stimulate a breathing or swallowing response.
    Can administer very small electrical shocks with a toy to keep a participant from lying down during the peak of the ceremony.
    Will blow rapé up a participants nose right after the peak of the experience. This is to ground the participant and it can also help the body to purge low energies that came loose during the ceremony.“

    No idea if Jeffries experiences were like what Dr Rettig does but the key points of pouring water into mouth, electric shocks & rape (with or without the accent still doesn’t sound great) sound kind of like torture!

    It’s been a long time between plant medicine vision quests for me and I’ve felt a calling. However, I do not think it’s the toad that beckons. I don’t even think North Queenslanders are into it anymore 🙂

    And yes! I had same thought rE fairytales and kissing frogs.

  7. So there is an ancient practice in amazon, called KAMBO” where you apply frog secretion on a burn. This helps you to purge and release/ toxins and clear your energy, it is effective. I have had this administered to me by facilitators who were trained by shamans and it is works!

    I think things go wrong when often times, somebody who is not a shaman and does not get it comes up with their own “inventive” method to get some “healing”. This is sad because really frog poison can be used and assist in healing, and then some Joe goes and does something dumb that discredits ancients methods that shamans have developed over centuries.

  8. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    I literally just read a post about people smoking scorpions, and then opened up your blog to find this.
    In my imagination, her lips are caressing either the frogs bum or mouth, and somehow lighting the poison erupting from the rhomboids, toking on the frog a though it were an old empty coke can, dented in the middle with some singed glowing embers of nutmeg.

    Would a vegan smoke frog venom? Surely not.

  9. Hequet!! This explains so much. I have Hecate conjunct my Sun trine Neptune. The crone Hekate is not so much my bag as the mothering, midwifery quality of Hequet. (I cried watching Anne with and E on Netflix last night, it’s traumatic!)

    I have been listening to ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna talking about creating a course in Peru to train people to become a hallucinogen therapist. It is my dream course!

    But I am also sensitive enough sans plant allies to not to be too keen to overdo that connection.

    That connection can be, interestingly to me as a mild synasthete, be related synasthesia.

    I like what David Verdesi says about not overdoing these connections but am all for a spiritual bypass at the right time, which can be a saviour for those who are skating the edge of the abyss.

  10. Also, i think there is appearing a problematic confusion between “beauty” and “spirituality” in a way that is actually threatening to women’s actual physical health. It’s like the middle ages again or the 19th century or whatever. You don’t need a prince, frog Prince, or entheogens, or poison injected into your ALREADY BEAUTIFUL face, to transcend (escape) the bullshit of daily existence.
    Mercury retro in Leo??
    I’m sorry if I’m beginning to rant, but this is starting to trigger all my rampant Lilith in Taurus ” srsly donot fuq with my body” instincts

    1. My favourite beauty treatment is smashing the capitalist patriarchy. Intersectionality is so hot right now.

      1. It really soothes the nerves and makes for a good night’s sleep. You wake up looking and feeling ten years younger.

    2. There’s a lot of healing and wisdom to be gained from entheogens. It annoys me that they are abused or even dragged into these sorts of debates. It’s like saying that medicine is bad. It doesn’t make any sense turning this into some feminist rant. This frog venom shit is about stupid PEOPLE doing stupid things.

      1. Entheogen or not, It seems from some info here that the frog poison is seen as an anti oxidant for applying to skin. That sounds like a beauty treatment to me. So I reserve my right to call it bullshit from that perspective. Especially if it is marketed to women as yet another way to extract cash based on fear of being unattractive.
        Whoever it was might have made a silly decision that she didn’t think through, but what bugs me about the whole scenario is that she felt a need to smoke frog-crack when the entire universe and pantheons already exist within us if we just try to look at things differently. And we guzzle some whatever as a shortcut and send ourselves to hospital. Then again, who am I to tell someone how they should reach god.
        I’m down with next levelling our consciousness and I can see how/why my casual misuse of the word entheogen pissed you off. At the same time, maybe I’m just an asshole, but the whole concept triggers a whole bunch of spiritual cult shit for me. Soz. Maybe I’ll change my mind tomorrow.

        1. Well yes, I agree with most of what you say, but I don’t think this is being pushed on women specifically and I’ve read the comments on here too. What I’ve read is that it is administered through the skin as a purgative and cleanser of the system, nothing about it being a beauty product for the skin per se. I think you can blame the patriarchy for many evils, but this is not one of them.

          1. I’m appreciating your rational tone CSL (are you a cap or an aqua by any chance haha)
            Purgative still sounds horrid.
            Consuming poison as a kind of one-day vomit fest (yes I get that I sound obnoxious) strikes me as an alternative kind of catharsis, where just basically partying or going mental / letting off steam to achieve the same effect is less fashionable these days. Maybe as a society we can’t fix the worst things (power imbalance, evil, whatever) so we turn the heat on ourselves to “fix” when probably there’s nothing wrong with us at all. I’m fine with this being used with care in its own context a la Ayahuasca or whatever. Although I can’t help but wonder if we’re still obsessed at some cultural / Xtian level with being ‘impure’ and needing redemption or spiritual cleansing of some sort. But because the concept of redemption (or virtue, or cleanliness/godliness) went out with Catholicism, even though it’s a spiritual need sometimes, then we seek it through other things.
            Not sure if I’m making sense

  11. “When you have Neptune squares, you can’t paddle in the shallows or even go surfing. You’re either deep in that ocean or you’re safely on shore.”


  12. the cherries are safer

    It happens in Sydney – a millennial in the bulk foods store confided in me as she weighed my dark chocolate cherries. Said she was doing a cleanse before having her skin scraped with something sharp that was impregnated with venom. Young people sense that I am an open minded woman from a previous generation and tell me all kinds of crazy shit. Sometimes I wonder if they subconsciously want me to warn them against whatever it is. I have Neptune square Mars, so they’re out of luck there. Apparently, it helps you to get to the bottom of things in the recesses of the psyche quickly and there’s a lot of vomiting involved. Sounds labour intensive. I can think of more efficient ways to get to the bottom of things. Also, this was maybe two years ago and I haven’t seen her in the shop since and I am a regular. Possibly she was repressing a dislike of the retail sector.

    1. Why not just go on a massive bender and have the same experience the next day in the form of a disgusting hangover, whose toxins are at least a known equation?

      This is my response to anything marketed at women: would a man do this? If the answer is “LOL fuq no hahahahaha Ru kidding” then that’s my answer too

    2. I can understand a desire to get things done quickly and effectively. As a mother of two young children who is frequently taking college classes who also has a husband, personal interests, and lots of intense close friendships: I have very little time.

      I sometimes fantasize about a sensory deprivation tank where I could go quite mad and hallucinate and drum up stuff quickly. To integrate and sort and dismiss.

      I love rituals and ceremonies and things that are effective faster. Journey work, dream work, tarot, yoga and astrology all essential of course. Wish I incorporated more herbal allies. Like mugwort! Which is flowering right now and I don’t know where any is near me and even though everyone says it’s so freaking easy to ID I haven’t before and so don’t notice it in passing.

      Hopefully she got out of retail. I hated working.

  13. I remember a million years ago, certainly a decade or so before discovering the wet tropics of Australia, seeing some segment on tv about the hippies in the jungle getting high on cane toad venom, have a distinct memory of seeing a Gandalfish fellow picking up a grand daddy toad by the back legs and kind of tea bagging it’s head and body down his throat, then popping it back on the ground where it languidly hopped away. The wizard then glazed over and grinned.

    the old ‘witches riding broomsticks’ was actually because they would imbibe the toad/frog venom vaginally, to avoid side effects, by lubricating the end of the broomstick with the venom and inserting it so the vagina absorbed the venom. I guess, back in the days when riding broomsticks was all the rage, there was probably some comparison to modern drug testing and so few women would have had the pleasure of husbands into cunnilinguis, so the venom went undetected for the most part?

    wow, random time travel tripping thoughts with my dilmah this morning…

  14. Pisces rising, Neptune on my south node in Scorpio my 8th and Neptune my only above the horizon planet I should be a total quaff it all addict but I just don’t. Can’t even. My system can’t even cope with caffeine ! It must be my Asc conj Saturn Chiron that trumps it and says you’re staying grounded girl !

      1. So every one grabs you by the moon. That could ring true in that I offer up my Neptune in 8 ! It’s my toad venom of choice as I’ve always said !

  15. I am a PhD in psychology and have studied synthetic psychedelics and plant medicines extensively, both academically and through a LOT of personal experience.

    Smoking Frog Venom is at best highly debatable in psychedelic and spiritual communities. The scientific term for this type of DMT is 5-meO-DMT. Many people who have used this version of DMT have had horrible experiences, and done more damage than healing using this particular version of DMT medicine. As a scientist and spiritual practitioner, I do not recommend using 5-meO-DMT, particularly for inexperienced psychedelic users. If you choose to use this, I seriously recommend being sure to have a guide and someone to sit with you during, after, and to check in with for integration over the following days, adverse mental effects from this particular source, 5-memo-DMT, have been known to last weeks. I have had spiritual teachers say part of the reason this is so, is bc the frogs and the original tribes that used them in spiritual practice had a relationship, which has been corrupted by this modern usage.

    The reason people smoke this is because they believe it is an acceptable source of natural DMT. For those that may not know, DMT is the nuerochemical released by the pineal glad in the brain during delta and theta levels of brain wave activity that is the essential component of dreaming. No DMT = No dreams. There is a large field of sleep science and mind science working to understand the complexities of DMT naturally occuring in the human brain. Additionally, mind science is developing work to demonstrate understanding of how calcified pineal glands from environmental toxins (like metals) impede our brains ability to produce DMT. Thus it is theoriezed as having a huge impact on human consciousness. (this heavy metals stopping our pineal gland from producing DMT is the foundation of the anti-fluoride toothpaste movement)

    The objective of using DMT that is not naturally produced in your own brain is to induce a euphoric dream state that has been revered in many spiritual traditions as opening the portal to a spiritual realm or astral plane. DMT is contained in several plants used in spiritual ceremonies (auyahuasca and San Pedro, for example) including the potentially life saving plant medicine ibogane, which is successfully healing people with really intense life threatening opioid addictions. Scientists here in California are working to develop a predictable, safe, and reliable plant based source that can be used in a personal way for spiritual and psychological healing purposes. I do believe in the power of plant based medicines containing DMT, they also have other naturally occuring chemical compounds that the brain needs to make it possible for it to have such amazing and ‘mysterious’ positive effects. I also support plant based derived DMT isolates. I do not support the use of 5-meO-DMT, which derived from frogs found originally in the Amazon.

    1. I am an energy worker and one of my long time clients smoked the toad 5-meo-DMT you’re talking about. She had such a traumatic experience and for obvious reasons, can’t share specifics on what she went though. But like you pointed out- it lasted for a long time. She had to work really hard to get back to feeling normal again. Sadly that wasn’t the last time I encountered a client in a similair situation. I don’t recommend anyone try it! There are other medicines that are way less dangerous.

    2. Much agreed. 🙂 There are many healing substances which are much better suited and montitered than the Colorado River Toads.
      However, Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid from the root of the Iboga, and is one of many active alkaloids within the Iboga tree. Ibogaine does not contain DMT but other trephans which studies have shown have anti-addictive properties. Why it is used to heal addictions of all kinds.

    3. Great username! Earnestly absorbing the info on plant-based DMT isolates versus the one found in frogs. First thought: why take the venom designed to keep predators away? But, second thought: i have the last of the roses, a few still going, and i had to strip the thorns. We do it all the time, in a way.

  16. Pretty sure my best friend did this. She said it wasn’t as profound as some other experiences..She spent several years searching for purpose, healing traumas, addictions, through the use of plant allies. She was actually assisting our friends whom facilitate ibogaine to folks in Mexico for awhile.
    As an herbalist myself, I have worked with some of these plant allies. I regret none of it. It’s incredible heart centering and humbling work.
    However, the thought of using a frog, to reach such places does not appeal to me.
    Is anyone familiar with The Simpsons episode where Homer can’t stop licking frogs??? Yea, it’s a thing.

  17. I have Neptune square All.The.Things. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Ascendant, some asteroids. I struggle not to be addicted to life in general. Zombie crushes, food, shopping, binge-watching shows, the internet. I definitely had to cut my social drinking days off after a few short years of hanging at the local pub. I’ve instinctually stayed away from mind-altering substances, too much potential for ending up on the street selling my soul for a fix.

    As for the frog goddess, she has recently been co-opted by young, angry, white nationalists on the internet. We seriously need to reclaim her.

  18. “And Neptune squares my Ascendant in Aquarius. When you have Neptune squares, you can’t paddle in the shallows or even go surfing. You’re either deep in that ocean or you’re safely on shore”
    HOLY Fuq YAS! Thank you for saying this. I have aries venus square cap neptune and this statement is basically the building blocks of dealing with this combo. I have a 30 sec crush on everyone I make eye contact with and woe be to me if I don’t reign it in if the attraction is still there a week later. Cap neptune goes into building mode and let’s everything but the illusion dissolve away.

    I literally always imagine myself sitting on a shore because the love language of most people does nothing but confuse me or has me tricking myself and not seeing them or me properly.

    As for frog venom. Instinctually against it. I think there is something to be said for it having the potential for transcendent experiences. If people like Mystic have psychedelic whiffs in their perception without aid, then it stands to reason that there are people who need an external source to spark similar reactions. However – the line between poison and medicine is so thin. Made unfathomably even more so when it’s blurred by personal intentions, patterns, escape, growth, etc.
    An old acquaintance comes to mind – they first brought frog venom to my attention as they had just returned from ‘a session.’ They were more or less cognizant, but vibe wise, so far from earth it was like trying to listen to a child full of sugar try to explain why there was an explosion of sugar and play-doh all over the living room.
    This same person had done AT LEAST 10-12 ayahuasca sessions within a year. Yet couldn’t have a straight foward conversation with me about something concerning my employment under them. Their response to my discomfort/concern at work was visibly moving away from me as I explained my feelings and mumbling ‘maybe don’t think about it..’ UGH.

    They’re more or less competent in the world, but it’s that invisible niggling energy that they’re spending a lot of energy leaping and rushing away from personal pockets that feel to be bursting with a lot of decomposing muck.*

    (For my own work I’ve learned to not give into my compulsion to approach said pocket with a needle and pop it. Rather when I sense it, I move quickly in the other direction.)

  19. “Ever since my Ascendant Progressed into Aries (Progressed Ascendant post coming up, I promise), i have wanted accentuated brows.” Hahaha.

    Once I was prescribed Percocet after tearing during childbirth (yep) and knowing this was not an authentic way to feel good I said to my hubs, “why isn’t it possible to feel this good naturally?” He said, “well maybe it is.” And such has been my quest ever since then. Yoga and meditation allows me to come close, and lord knows I dont have the time for a 12 step program so the only vice I have is Chardonnay. Not anti-frog venom or reiki, but maybe the body knows how to conjure up their effects? (Sun conjuct Neptune in Scorpio, Aries rising and yes the prominent brows are a must!)

    1. The person i am telling the story about said “frog” and so i did not change that. if she had said “toad”, i would have said “toad.” This is an anecdote = not in any way a recommendation of mine. Sorry, i thought that was obvious

  20. Ugh so tired of people needing the last stupid idea for their beauty/spiritual awakening. Sorry for the harsh words but seriously when I see those creams and lotions with bee venom, snail, etc I just don’t see the point when there are amazing botanical sources for amazing products.

    1. Agree — the latest super food, the latest ‘natural’ craze… and they are eventually recycled after a few years…

        1. Moderation, lots of fresh vegies, you need carbs for energy but best to choose wholemeal bread, grains, whole oats, etc. etc. Just use common sense, and listen to your body, if you are craving something, eat it! Try to minimise sugar, processed foods, and alcohol. It’s pretty simple.

  21. Seriously google some videos. There’s one with a guy who spazzes out for a short period of time (under supervision) and then boom is completely back to normal. It must be a very short trip, could be part of the appeal.

    Humans are so attracted to novelty, it’s like clockwork once the latest thing looses its sparkle. It’s like some kind of weird trance.

    1. Hmm, let me just add that the ‘latest thing’ is often something ingrained in a culture or practice. I’m sure you guys know this but still wanted to add it to my comment.

  22. OMG! That is CRAY!!! I’ve never ever even been stoned! Not once! My friends all tried drugs and some do shrooms and edibles still but I’m not that brave. I’ve had crazy dreams falling asleep listening to binaural beats or theta wave recordings….unfortunately I don’t remember most but I do wake up thinking “WTF?!” Working on the remembering part. I’m always afraid that I’ll end up like the yogi if I try anything more than alcohol.

  23. Are people licking toads again? I keep waiting for some new drug to be discovered, but it’s always some rehash – so to speak.

    1. “Are people licking toads again” ?1?!?!?!

      Priceless. Willl be my mental exclamation if the Eclipse/ ZapZone flashes rbing down the muggle trolls.

  24. What do they do, drape an absorbent paper towel over the frogs and then make them sweat poison? Put them into a food processor and then add fragrance to the result? Distil them? Squeeze them gently? Oven-bake their little poisonous skins and then grind it into powder? What species of frog (or toad) is it? Is it a rare or threatened species? Where are they taken from or is it a breeding program, like a dank little back room with frogs in tanks? What is the actual substance, a psychedelic or an anti oxidant? Is the market for fro-tox kinda slim? Guessing it’s not suitable for vegetarians and vegans? Is it in the same part of the shop as snake whisky? I have many questions. #science #notsorry #uranusintaurus?

    1. I agree. Poor, sweet frogs. What gives us the right? I’ve never heard of an animal product that’s truly humanely taken unless it’s an egg from a pet chicken.

    2. I did some research (asked my Jupiter in Aries 9th house husband) and he said the venom is extracted from glands on the topsides of their heads. It does not injure them and they are able to produce more. He said you would scare the frog a little and then wipe the glands with paper. This is regarding the Arizona and Colorado type of toads, he wasn’t sure if this was the extraction method for other varieties. It helps to have a living encyclopedia in the house, lol.

  25. I have a frog in my garden, I’ve never seen him/her/it but I love listening to the calling at dusk in the warmer weather. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the eco-tones and he’s actually my new dealer. (Think Chiron transiting 8th house meets a tip-top reticulation system). Perhaps he’s really saying, ‘Pssst! Chrysalis! Put down that glass of cheap shiraz and Sara Lee cheesecake. When did your choice of mood enhancement get so fuqing suburban?? I’m out here under the gardenia and have I got a trip for you. Trust me, it’s NEXT LEVEL.’

    1. Hahaha! go for it.
      Tip: for a better deal go to Queensland – the amphibian dealers’ HQ.
      I actually had to wear earplugs for the first time in my life at my parents’ place to get some shut eye…. thousands of them peddling their wares from dusk till dawn.

  26. The article -Natural Products from Ethnodirected Studies: Revisiting the Ethnobiology of the Zombie Poison
    makes interesting READING. Frog/toad skin being one of active ingredients.
    Having no interest in becoming zombified, I am sticking to Pinot Gris and local oysters.

  27. This reminds me of a 1988 Australian documentary titled “Cane Toads an Unnatural History”. It is a really kooky but factual look at these toads which have become a huge pest in Oz. They also have a toxin which apparently was licked off their glands by feral hippies wanting a trip. It doesn’t focus on this aspect so much – but it is so weird that it’s worth a look.

    1. Oh yes i remember this!!! I was going to say some people have been known to lick frog venom off their backs. Also certain Amazon tribes use frog venom to hunt. Is it called Curare?

      I quite like the idea of micro- dosing LSD though. Was also thinking about boiling up a branch of san pedro cactus and having it as a tea. Aparrently can make you feel nauseous…but does work as an entheogen

      1. Yes, curare it is – a powerful analgesic. (I LOVE my encyclopaedia of psychoactive plants (as per our previous convo) – well worth it if you are interested in this topic. It gives doses & preparation too)

        Oooh San Pedro! I inherited a San Pedro cactus when we moved to our present apartment. It was abandoned in a corner of the roof terrace looking abused & forlorn. I’ve brought it back to good health (loves water) & it shot up about a foot in a few weeks(!) The day i repotted it (not an easy task!) i had the most outrageous dreams of the jungle – where i was physically walking through plants & even trees – like physically floating through the trunk of trees and melding with them & feeling their pulsations.
        San Pedro (Saint Peter) holds the keys to heaven, as they say in the bible ;-)….

        1. My nightly visiting possum ate my peyote cactus, took great chunks out of it, now it looks very strange. Every night i put an apple out to stop it eating the parsley after realising how hungry it must have been or was it just wanting to get stoned. Now i know possums eat almonds, pineapple, cauliflower apples and peyote.

  28. saturnplutoflux

    what a bloody stupid idea, there are plenty of non amphibian harming psychedelics if you really can’t get into that zone unassisted

  29. I was waiting for “you lick it”. I am using Eyenvy for the return to the bushy brows. Worked a treat on Aries Madam at work.

  30. A podcast that I listen to described the experience of having a frog venom treatment in Bali. The healer declined to be interviewed bc she didn’t want to speak for the medicine/ doesn’t want it to be trendy. It sounds like powerful earth magic. I don’t know about smoking it…this was injections.

    1. Maybe smoking it is an option if you have a thing against needles, or if you think that’s too close to heroin-type narcotics and you’d rather stick to the weed/crack side of things, lol. Either way, powerful earth magic shouldn’t be sold to tourists, yoga-addicts, or anyone really, imo. This should be reserved for the shamans. People who haven’t done the psycho-spiritual prep work before ingesting such strong substances will always end up in the hospital – it’s totally a bypass of all the work if you ask me.

      1. Agreed. The sacred traditions involve prep, assessment, monitoring, humility, work, secrecy- and occasional rejection. Safeguards in astral travel.

        One person’s microdose is another’s overdose- Ultra sensitive Neptunian so stick to runner’s high, caffeine and occasional cider.

      2. i feel like I described this badly. The person who received the treatment is very sick and felt them (the frog spirits) calling to her, and that’s how the healer likes keeping it. Not a casual thing by any means. Very much agree with you re: ayahuasca and the commercializations of shamanic traditions. If you don’t do any prep and pick some random person to do the ceremony at best it’s going to be spiritual bypass with a charlatan and the plant making you puke, at worst you’re opening yourself up to potentially a very dark and dangerous situation.

  31. Methinks the toad venom becoming popular is just another symptom of spiritual bypass/yearning for connection to something greater than oneself, sans real “effort”.

    That said, it could also be part of an ongoing shift toward more of the indigenous, ancient ways of connecting with the Earth/world at Large.

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