Be Your Own Most Trusted Psychic

Trusted psychic advisors are sought after but ultimately, you are your own best source of psychic intel. It’s within and without, transmitting on multiple streams.

A relaxed, meditative consciousness – neither yearning nor trying to compel circumstances – is the best way to cultivate intuitive receptivity.

Is there a particularly good astrological time for extra-sensory-perception? Traditionally, it’s the Dark Moon but keep a journal or track your dreams and you’ll soon figure out when your instincts are most honed.

And yes, Neptune influences are the most likely to open the channels. I’ve shared this before, but the year I had Neptune hanging out on my Ascendant was my most potent year ever for ghosts, alt-dimensional awareness and telepathy.

Remember that there are many different styles of so-called psychic awareness. Some are like visions where you sort of slide out of yourself for a moment, seeing or hearing something inexplicable but so valuable. Prophecy is when you just say something, wonder why the fuq you said it and then it turns out to be correct.

Many professional psychics seem to be Moon-psychic – they’re empaths, skilled at picking up on feelings and where you’re at emotionally, offering guidance based around a superior sense of where you’re heading anyway.

Uranian psychics tune into multiple wavelengths and pluck things out of the aether. It is impressive because they can emerge with something random and unrelated that nobody would know about you or your circumstances, but it may not be super-relevant to your dilemma.

Anticipate crazy synchronicity ‘advice’ when Uranus is strong in your transits or natal energy – a song comes on in your ride or taxi  and it matches your circumstances so ridiculously that it’s cosmic trickster energy.

Indicators often come in clusters of three in a row and if it’s got an edge of humor, like you’re in a nutty surrealist movie all of a sudden, it’s Uranus.

I often get uranian flashes looking at charts, but they’re too edgy to share. Besides, it can be risky to merge astrology (which has its logic and language) with the more nebulous nature of clairvoyance.

People who want astrology to ‘tell me what’s going to happen…what do you see for me…?’ are in the wrong place.

Astrology is (1) the astral ‘weather,’ (2) timing cycles – some of them very swift and some lasting decades and (3) assessing which ones are most likely to affect you. It has an intuitive component but is also methodical. What is the prevailing planetary influence and the best way to work with it?

Eighth House people, Pluto-ruled folk and Scorpios specialize in Plutonic psychic sensations. They emerge from deep instinct – a sharp sense of danger, the whiff of apex predator behind the smooth grin of the auto-seducer or that involuntary spine shudder. Pluto psychic skills are particularly raw and potent around sex/money.

But our friend Neptune rules this space. Neptune psychic energy is pure and unmistakable. It’s spirit guides, lucid dreaming, ghosts, visions, figments, astral travel and emotions that you froze but hello, they vaporise and permeate your psyche. Or so it seems.

The Tarot and Oracle etc are just an aid to your telepathy and instincts. Everything else is just a prompt or a cue card to help you realize things. The more you cultivate your intuition, the more you see things, dream true and perceive trends ahead of time.

Seeking an objective or expert opinion is often a brilliant move but always remember that you don’t need a third-party to commune with source, magic, guides, gods or goddesses – you have this acumen within you.


Image: Henry Watrous

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  1. i recently kicked a plutonic millennial to the curb. sniffing round my tree for a year me thinking he’s sweet on me. his pluto in scorpio in my 8th. his leo sun in my fifth. his pisces saturn in my 12th. i never took the bait although the vibe was POTENT and magnetic. all his sexy planets ran shock waves through my atmosphere until i could finally steady
    myself long enough to ground into MY pluto square moon/ conjunct venus connect,expose his machinations and tell him to bounce. it was an interesting year cause of his seduction talents but i’m a late boomer AND in my hecatate time so shining bright white lights on his activities,kind of like what we do here in the desert to catch real scorpions,got him gone. all hail astrology, growing older, and a wizened PLUTO.

  2. At a late meeting we had a quick fun raffle and to win you had to hit a number you nominated on a dart board I was chosen mucked around with some bravado noticed 12 and called it. Didnt really aim cause I never really played (sober) boom ! Wow your a good dart player they said.I answered no just psychic.

  3. I get flashes- But Pluto/Neptune reign. I sense the untold story- learned not to say. Pluto in Virgo on MC square Gem Mars- Via Combusta run in 12th Libra Merc /Moon-Scorp Neptune Jupiter Scorp Asc.

    Not clairvoyante but I know stuff. Pluto.

  4. Year of the Phoenix

    Moon Neptune in Scorpio trine Sun Pluto in Virgo and Lillith in Cancer and yep had some incredibly insightful psychic experiences and my own strong intuitive flashes

  5. Have been using ur tarot 4 a while now and best tarot result as in meaningful/synchronistic is end of day, while relaxing and reflecting on what’s happening.

  6. i’m seriously trying to grok this and it seems out of reach …

    i have a sag moon (in the 3rd) conjunct both pluto and uranus both in virgo in my 12th … (also conjunct chiron in pisces in my 10th, but this is more than i can even begin to deal with)

    i’m getting this is major spooky, and i am up to my eyeballs in synchronicity and clairesentience … total gut, BOOM, this is the THING.

    but the whole virgo vibe wants me analyzing and organizing, and intellectualizing that which cannot be left brained, so i find myself in a state of discordance and confusion … so i like linear systems like tarot and i ching over scrying …

    am i making any sense? i am so over this mercury retrograde which has manifested TOTALLY on my internal/emotional plane this time … gah

      1. Do not talk yourself out of the snap things that come in. I used to too. It’s much more fun not to. It’s fear driving that. Just open up accept and run with it.

  7. I just realised, through reading this post (which is so apt and helpful, by the way), Neptune has been sitting smack bang on my sun (and close to my mercury) for the last year and a half – since my (long gone) dad turned up via a letter, and in my dreams. I’ve had so many dreams – well, three, but each so memorable and clear visitations – since this Neptune transit.

    If sun is father and neptune is dreams, would that make sense?

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Who else here keeps getting the SAME darn cards in the site tarot readings?

    It’s spooky and I love it

      1. Please conduct an experiment and feel free to preface it with ‘to be taken as experimental humour, a la your own personal version of a Vadium Lightyear snippet.’ ….and have at er’!

      2. Which is also to say I would LOVE to hear a tangent from the edgy uranian. Could we just consider it a temporary red pill trip?

      3. Yeah! Could we invent a new astro chart? Like the draconic which is dialled to nn at 0 Aries, except here it’s spun round so Uranus is on the ascendant or mc or something.

      4. ooh,if my MC (changed so conj uranus at natal degree) was 10 scorpio, I’d have an aquarius ascendant and mars – sun – mercury in the first house. The square to saturn would come from my 6th house of Daily Practice, venus would be in my 2nd or 3rd? house, with (holy crap) Eris, node, etc – and jupiter in my 3rd or 4th.
        my god. Maybe this would work? I need to suss the house placements better. and pluto in the 8th, where it belongs lol.

        It’s like a relocation chart for astrocartography except like psychological relocation.

      5. no. Jupiter and lilith would be in my 4th house. So venus in 3rd. I think i’d be a sci fi writer or a musician working in experimental-emo realms

      6. WAIT omg I just realised I did some astro cartography experiments recently and there are locations that line up with this chart. (and similar – so many planets on chart angles *except pluto aahhhh*) haha awesome!
        ok soz enogh about me

  9. I’m multi-Pisces with Sun-Saturn-Merc-Chiron-Psyche (latter two in 8th house); Merc trine Neptune/IC; all that Pisces opposite Pluto/Uranus and Mars. So I am a walking mobile phone tower for calls from alternate dimensions.

    I’ve sought help /insight from a range of psychics over the years but have never really had anything ‘come true’ as they say. Although they have made me feel better at the time. Looking back I was probably too focused on wanting reassurance about a particular outcome.

    I do use the site Tarot, probably too much lol, but am often not sure what to make of the answers. Again I am possibly asking the wrong questions. Last night I asked it something about my career and got just about all ‘Big Love Incoming’ cards across the whole spread… not that I mind! I will take happily take big love if it’s on its way 🙂

    1. I was thinking about this post today and the astounding number of weird coincidences that happen to me. This example is quite typical – I was in the car playing a new album I hadn’t listened to before. A song started up about redcoats. I looked up at the billboard at the traffic lights – full of people in red coats. Stuff like this happens all the time to me. Most of the time I have no idea what it means but I feel generally ‘on track’ if they are happening.
      One of the biggest happened after I’d been to a Tarot reader. I caught the bus and on the way home I got off at a stop earlier than normal. On the ground was a playing card – the one corresponding to the card I’d chosen to represent me in the Tarot reading. That freaked me out.

  10. I have Neptune in 12 th house Libra conjunct my Scorpio ascendant also conjunct Isis. Mars n mercury conjunct in Gemini in the 8 th and Jupiter Uranus conjunct in cancer in the 9 th . Til I learnt how to really ground my energy I was like a live wire thrashing about! So much psychic energy and intuition. On my Saturn return my dad died and I had an existential crisis then lots of synchronicity brought great teachers / healers friends into my life and I found some peers, a shamanic practice, and some peace! I was like a radio tuned into all stations at once before that! Sitting next to someone on the bus and knowing their darkest secret and pain is annoying and uncomfortable! I did tarot professionally for about ten years, with lots of psychic self care I add! Now I know how to tune out without buckets of red wine! Chiron on my I c is my anchor conjunct hecate. So no choice but to be a priestess/ witch but loving it in my 60s . I make my own magic cards build altars for ceremonies and visit sacred stones for nourishment. Magic is wonderful we never stop learning! Like a muscle our higher senses get stronger the more we use them . Love the tarot on this site, insightful and beautifully written. Def contribute to the new one card reading. Love all the comments too

    1. Love hearing this…the grounding im realizing is of the upmost importance. I can relate to your chart, and I’m thinking with Chiron trans my Pisces stellium for so long my Chiron weird turn pro lesson these last few years was grasping magic/ intuition with my inner life and emotions and expression . Natal Chiron in gemini ruled 8th house – so maybe we need to talk about it or have community around it

  11. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Since neptune went into Pisces (my ascendant) my dreams became FAR FAR more detailed and vivid….I started keeping a dream diary…

    I get a lot of Uranian synchronicity (Jupiter in Aqua??) and it always seems to involve technology—particularly youtube videos and songs on radios, also signs and number plates….it’s beyond freaky and does indeed seem to happen in threes….it doesn’t happen often but usually when the scheduler says “super psychic”

    The scheduler is amazing

    I always do the site tarot on the new moon—freakily accurate

  12. Prophecy is many times the principal cause of the events foretold.

    Thomas Hobbes

    To separate projection of the future from divination of the future is extremely difficult. It’s hard enough knowing what’s going on right now.

      1. Ha ha was going to say same then thought, it’s a Venus Aries and a Merc Aries talkin to an Aries. Of course we agree! 🙂

    1. For me it’s absolute. I no longer question. I’ve looked at the secret and frankly scoffed then read the deeper secret which was much more resonant. Things are coming but I don’t influence them they arrive. The secret seemed very Capricorn to me. I’ve also found if I do push for my ego wants it usually backfires horribly or gets totally bogged down until life smacks me 180 and off I go again. So I just wait until the thrilling arrives

      1. I think proper capricorns might feel uncomfortable about the lack of integrity and (ab)sense of achievement in just magicking up a Porsche or a book deal or a new house or whatever.

      2. Do you? Not the ones I have known and loved and then got over!!!!
        They would just do anything including steal and scheme. My ex the lawyer was the best thief I know. He knew the way around any legal problem. It made him very dangerous indeed. I do know of another very high functioning Cappi but she is determined that she can control her world absolutely. We have had many an evening of discussion…

      3. oh that sounds bad! Caps do often know their systems and how to use them to best effect for good or bad, but i think the ethical caps know when to stop (? maybe.)

    2. Great quote. In this case, i’d say “prophecy” is in fact “persuasion”. That’s why you have to be careful who you get your “prophecies” from..!

      To separate projection from divination… i’d say you can feel it. One is going outward, like a literal projection, like in a cinema, where you are the projectionist, and the director, and the producer…

      Whereas divination is “seen”, received by the eyes, as if the audience in the cinema – but it’s in the mind’s eye… it’s also received through other senses, depending on one’s different capacities or channels for receiving… dreams, senses, feelings, sounds. All the ‘clair-s’.

      It’s subtle, and we can complicate it with our desires & fears, but it is distinct. One comes from within, the other without. And yet, there will be endless paths for fate to choose so even what is “seen” may not come to pass, and that can cause you to doubt what you saw… but what you saw may have just been a path unchosen… Like those Twist-a-Plot books. You take one path – but it doesn’t make those other pages suddenly vanish.

  13. Such a good description of it all.
    My psychic skills were moon, uranus and neptune…eek
    I feel so much more ‘in tune’ since cutting them off and just being me!

  14. I’m a serial tarot user… outed! I mean that I will use the tarot day after day on the same question. I’ve found that it tells me exactly what I need to know and what I already knew deep down. The fact that the readings sometimes change feels like it moving with a situation that is in flux. It gives me a sense of stability when I feel the boat yawing. But I’ve also noticed the same cards arise for the same issue – sometimes in the same placement and sometimes not. Seeing the Tower repeatedly is not fun.

    I’d like to understand the i-ching better. The few times I’ve done readings it has been like being doused with a bucket of cold water.

    I used to fond of bibliomancy too. Opening a page at random from any book (doesn’t need to be the bible) to read the message.

    All of these things are like doors in my mind opening up to the answers I already knew. Unconscious me is way smarter than conscious me.

      1. Hi Lux – i hate to say it but this just means you need to clear your cache – i mean, if a few cards repeat as themes that’s obviously a message but if ALL the cards are the same, the page is not refreshing properly and you are getting cached content. So please clear your cache and then email me if it is still happening x

  15. ah i love this so so much. i get uranian flashes constantly. i am more uranian than i realise! can’t wait to read everybody’s thoughts.

  16. i go with the ‘little voice’ as well, is that mercury in pisces?
    random example, this evening, i am making some dinner and the words appear in my mind: leave the outside light on [outside light is already on and i was about to turn it off] because you need to hang washing out on the line later. (I haven’t thought of doing laundry at this point)
    i’m like, yeah fair enough then. and then think – does it have to be tonight?
    words in my mind: you can put it on tonight as long as you hang it out tomorrow morning before work.
    then I vibe that there’s something in there that you’re going to want to wear on the weekend.
    o rly? i think. (thinking of all the other clothes i might wear and I have no plans yet anyway)
    wondering what’s in my laundry that’s so important to my intuition (or i need medication lol.)
    it’s one of the dark things, there’s an invitation, something nice, unexpected. [says little voice]
    so anyway the washing’s on and I’ll be hanging it out and I hope i am not breaking the spell by writing it here?!
    this isn’t clairaudience, it’s more like phrases appearing in my mind. the voice isn’t necessarily my own tone.. once or twice when around a guy I have just had a complete sentence form in my mind, and it sounded a lot like a question he’d be asking himself at that moment. mostly it seems to be just the little useful things. Also my body kind of knows when i need to get started on something – packing for a trip, the cosmic time to move house, I just kind of get going, it’s more intrinsic than “7pm, time to start the thing.”. Neptune natal in the 6th? haha
    Anyway, I like it and hope it sticks around

    1. I have a very similar dialogue with my intuitive voice. The small, daily one. I have honed it mostly by asking it for directions when I’m driving over the past few years. I know when it wants me to go a specific way. Other times, it doesn’t care. This practice though, of having it tell me the best way to go, has helped me decipher it from just mind noise.

      I get Uranian hits all the time–those are my favorite. Love the kooky, comes in triplet, cosmic joke. Pluto knowings–ugh. Also, Neptunian dream connections to past and future/ancestors and descendants, other realms. So much interesting going on in the other realms. And no dishes to be done.

      1. i love the uranian ones. I get it as music – a song i have not even heard for 15 years pops into my head with an answer like the i-ching or at least it perfectly captures somehting that has been preoccupying me and the clarity alone is freeing, hahahah

    2. yes there is also the pragmatic voice, but there is also the little voice and the information that arrives in kind of nebula form.

  17. I’m going to be really greedy and claim Neptune Uranus and Pluto as my inner eureka omg wow psychic moments. I know I do all of them and they are the norm. I only have to walk into an aura and I can feel what ever it is that has gone down. Seen things with patients who haven’t let it slip, so I ask the question outright… you should see their faces. I do sex as my Ayahuasca and Pluto is ever present day to day. I’m all trines and water 1st 4th/5th and 8th. Knew my first husband as I looked at him also knew he would leave. Knew my second on seeing him first time, knew I would leave. Have known things, can’t explain but just know things. I love this post.

      1. Nep and Pluto are stronger in my chart but I want to claim Uranus too…maybe just as a lighter note. second house loose conj nep sat and squaring my 11th h aquarian Lilith

      2. I’d love a light Uranus but mine is Gung ho full on, shift or I’ll break you. It’s even thrown me to the ground and broken a few bones when it was conjunction mars at my asc! I mean it’s a driving force in my life. Weird shit finds me.

    1. When I was going through a hard time in earlier years my mum sent me to a shrink. He defined me as manic depressive border line schizophrenic after I answered ‘well yes of course I receive messages from the universe via radio etc.
      at the time & to this day I still think what a poor limited understanding he had in the magic available to all of us everyday if we are just open to listening/ seeing the messages.

      1. Oh god that’s just frightening. I hope your mother utterly disbelieved him. It was my fear at 7/8 years old, that one could be incarcerated because although you were completely sane and could be put away. Previous life stuff coming back or maybe just because I felt like an outsider and didn’t consider myself anything like the other kids.
        I’m glad you can tune in.

      2. and synchronistic of course, yesterday I was talking with someone who’s kid is being checked out at school because she isn’t fitting in. Immediate alarm bells, Mother is totally happy with her child, sees no issues other than a kid who is totally happy to not bother if kids aren’t playing what she fancies doing or walks away from tantruming kids etc. Just really well individuated child by all accounts.

      3. Glad the little one has her mother’s support. My mum was ok, she just didn’t know how to deal with me or the nightmares etc that I was having at the time.
        I’m glad I had enough inner knowledge to know the shrink was misguided. However, several of these kind of episodes with alleged ‘mental health professionals’ has made me very skeptical about their ‘profession’

      4. being a water sign raised by aquarians, goes doubly. Amazing? I am not a freak because I have Actual Feelings and quite like feeling them, it’s productive and even healthy!! Who knew? Took me 35 years to figure that one out properly hahahahaha

      5. Oh Oh I was raised by a gemini sun mother and father and of course that air just could not see my water at all. Was told I was a mess constantly. Then called aloof when I decided I’d had enough and couldn’t fit in.

      6. yes! after a while you just can’t be bothered investing yourself – Not fulfilling at all (especially with transformative personal transits underway). That’s the current state of affairs with my family anyway. I hope it changes, stilted conversations are not my happy place

        thanks PF for the idea back up there

      7. I wonder if libra nnode for watery people is also a call for a kind of balanced emotional intelligence & expression thing. Air node is ideas, mental realms, communication, libra is balance, and the house is the rest, and informed by our own astro shizzle. just a thought

  18. blimey my son was just telling me abt his psychic stuff on the drive home today.
    but he said ‘i dont think the force wants me to tell you’
    ok george, lol x x

  19. I was just wishing I could share the simple element of part of a dream and thought, go online tell mystic.

    I did a spread in the dream and got all four aces.

    It’s hard to tell what’s real these days and with Neptune flirting with my Pisces Mercury chart ruler my cave has turned into a theater that couldnt get written down fast enough.

    New old new old the revolution is just a circle stuff. Numbers and images and too much reading dammed up behind my navel. I’ve been wondering what stones Deucalion and Pyrrah threw. It’s just all mushed together.

    1. I had a similar dream once. I knelt down on the ground and as I touched the earth a card would appear. I did this 5 times and each time received an ace with an image of the moon. Each image was a different phase, starting from the new moon. The 5th a full moon rising above dark clouds.
      All I can tell you is from that time my life changed dramatically. Everything changed, where I lived, how I lived and all the people in my life. The dream still comes to me at times. It was full color and a foundational moment.

  20. Also, re: I-Ching – I am in love. When I was younger it didn’t speak to me the way it does now but something about my age/longer & deeper immersion in symbolism has it yielding striking insights at this juncture. I seriously think this could become a go-to divination method for me – it’s scary accurate and I have and infinite amount of respect for its wisdom.

    1. same here… I ching delivers its answers with a kind of mic drop, but not in a harsh way
      i know when I ask the right question when the answer makes all of the ‘follow-up’ questions kind of disappear from my mind.
      Credit to the i ching too for allowing me to learn some kind of chill (alongside meditation talks) in the face of gigantic heartache last year.

      1. Right?! From an interpretive standpoint, I can’t adequately explain how it resonates with me other than to say it seems to more clearly amalgamate general symbolism, astrology, etc. and spit it out into a very potent and cohesive package for me. I feel like I’m working with its imagery on multiple levels simultaneously and synthesizing – I think the best word for this process would be “synergy”; the sum is greater than all the various components that have gone into it.

        Personally, I also find that Yi can have a really dry sense of humor – I like its candor and that it gives it to you straight. I have actually laughed out loud at throwing a hexagram that would cause most to despair, simply because the imagery and advice was pure perfection. I can see why some find it intimidating or even offputting; it definitely pulls no punches. It’s kind of like horary in a way; it’s objective and you don’t consult it to get the answer you *want*, but the answer you *need*. Phrasing the question properly is half the battle, too. But if/when it gives you a nice response, then you know it’s fuqing golden.

      2. Yes. You have to kind of sit down respectfully and internally position yourself like you’re listening to a very wise and kind, but absolutely no-nonsense grandparent.
        Have had the “ohhh ok lol” answers sometimes!
        (This also in reply to rubent!)

      3. Ahaha I like this. I feel like the I ching has been niggling around me after I first came upon it. I’ve not given it the attention because I don’t feel I have the proper focus to give it the attention it deserves. However the sense around it did actually feel like a mic drop, but like a mic drop on a cloud, bouncing up and down patiently.

      4. In contrast with the tarot, which (to me) is more like a conversation with a chatty but insightful friend.

        In all this I have forgotten about runes! A Norse equivalent (not really) to the I ching, (only in the sense that it is based on pictographs not images.)

  21. !!! That is some whack synchronicity; I just wrote something quite recently re: differentiating the various forms of “intuition”, though I didn’t go nearly this far into it! I experience all of the above to varying degrees – my nativity is fairly decently wired to the Outer Planets, but for the most part I had to grow into these tendencies via transit/progression which served to unlock latent natal potential. The least common form me is the Uranian clairvoyance, though when it does (randomly and totally beyond my control) hit it’s freaky as hell. Uranian clairvoyance seems more to me like a spontaneous “download” – you have no idea where it came from or how you got it, but it definitely upgraded your OS for a hot sec in a sudden and unmistakable way. It’s like some kind of weird automatic update setting you didn’t know was on, or as if your internal CPU were inexplicably and abruptly “overclocked” for a nanosecond or two. I quite like that, actually – I think the concept of “overclocking” fits Uranian energy to a T.

    By far the most common for me, though, are Pluto and Neptune – when you’re Plutonic, the omens are omnipresent; you see things at a deeper, hidden, more occult level that others just cannot. Everything is filtered through the lens of the symbolic – it never shuts off; like you can see the invisible undercurrents running through everything. The normies tend to find this trait disconcerting/offputting, so you learn to cloak it by keeping your insights to yourself. Neptune is a really different animal, however – that particular varietal of “intuition” has been with me since I was a kid in the form of my dreams. Despite always having a really active dream life and easily remembering them, I never thought it was particularly unusual to dream about animals almost every single night – think about it; how often in our ordinary lives (in school, at work, etc.) do we tend to talk with others about the content of our dreams?? I was completely and totally oblivious to the fact that I was actually being visited by various power animals in my dreams my entire life, until a shaman girlfriend dramatically re-aligned my perspective one day. It was a profoundly paradigm-altering conversation and I’ve never seen things the same way since. Lately Neptune has augmented with some clairaudient tendencies…I “hear” things. Looking back it was always there, too, but it’s growing stronger/clearer/more consistent now. I’m much shier about divulging this as I don’t want judgy people thinking I’m nuts for hearing things that aren’t actually there :-/ I’m just weird, not crazy. Or, at least not *clinically* off my rocker – I can assure you that I have all my marbles intact; certainly far more than most, anyway…

  22. The Lion & The Centaur

    With Cancer Mercury, Neptune in 1st, a loaded 8th house and 12th house North Node I guess I’m bound to be more sensitive to this stuff but it’s weird nevertheless. Thank you for this post!

    Yesterday was full of weird synchronity with my ex. I read the first text message from him in weeks, look up – and the lamp posts in my yard light up on that second. They haven’t been working in ages. This has happened before with lamp posts on the street and with my ex’s yard light.

    I’ve also been getting this weird message of two sons. Last week I worked with two clients – both had two sons. I had to do work that included me handling the photos and stuff of the boys so I felt like I was in contact with them. This week I’m working with a client who just had boy twins. Of course I was the one to handle their tiny clothes. Three would suggest Uranus according to this post. Any ideas what this could be about?

  23. I like this! I definitely have flashes of Uranian psychic energy that usually leave me laughing and/or shaking my head. A few years ago while I was at art school I made a lot of work about the links between completely disparate things that only I could understand. Unfortunately it wasn’t very good art though, because, well, only I could understand it… Would love to develop my Neptunian skills though!

  24. Hm yes with those things strong i agree with all of this, and overriding all, as a player of Oracle and Tarot here (a witch once told me it was okay, even though i didn’t ask, she said it was a ‘learning tool for a woman’, in the context of me growing into being one) is the true knowledge that there is no future but what i make.

    Actions and decisions, but also the attitude with which i even simply “be”. Which is more than just passive, because how you “are” with yourself is how you interact and relate, and i’m one of these psychic-types, in old astro wording, who is in an incredibly people-based career.

    The hard part about that is getting the data, or the observations, or the sudden clair-audient flashes, and even the deep Pluto thing (it’s opposed my Sun, and it’s in Virgo in the 11th) which is not ‘everyday’ but is how i see everyday, and eberyone: in terms of their motivations, which is not always pretty. Neither are mine, but i can’t help but be aware of the patterns banging on my door, even if i want to neptune out, or jupiter blow myself up in confidence.

    So i have to use divinations to learn, by play, of my own self. Because that is the only real use of them. I can take as much stock of them as i take of the synchronous songs, articles of news, street signs and graff, plant growths and animal behaviours etc.

    If you have these signatures, you definitely get instant karmic learning experiences that teach you not to interfere, to pry for goss reasons (pure curiosity – all that Sag and Aqua, Virgo stuff) or to attempt influence, which which surely and swiftly smack you back. Maybe that’s my Australian boomerang lesson from the indig spirits.

    And when you find an astral / psychic playmate, that always has a time frame, it seems.

    I’m not one for believing that life gives you “lessons”. That’s such an authoritarian, sometimes blamatory way of reducing the person’s victimhood or level of autonomy, and also far from empathetic about the PROCESS and IMPACT. We learn what we learn, and we feel out our own limitations: can you force a Scorpio to feel like a Gemini, or Sagittarius? Can you make a light heart revel in passionate drama?

    Also, i have noticed incredibly advanced psychic souls here alone, who have astro that is not traditionally associated with that. I love them. I’m just a learner. Every time.

    Plus, i want to add that a Uranian style ancestor witch (in my case it seems to be a family thing, and checking the astro i realised also that my siblings in a non-Water family have planets or even a NN in Pisces) talks to everyone close seriously as though we all know wtf that data of our deepest selves is about and can clinically discuss it. The newest actual Piscean in the fam baulks at the effrontery. …Dying to find out that person’s Asc Moon etc but fam keeps a close watch on my qs and i am HIDDEN to them, unless it’s just something acceptably random.

    Chrsit! The competition among witches! Never mind, we hone our skills at home, non? Outsiders don’t stand a chance.

    1. 12th House Virgo

      When I was at my most “psychic” if being at your most of it as a thing, or during my nervous breakdown, if its not, I notice that the “answer” I got depended on my attitude/question. I put attitude/question as one word-thing because when asking a silent question, attitude and question are one. In any case, I noticed that I controlled the outcome. The answers would change dramatically depending on my expectation. Then again – who am I to decode an answer? I can only see what I can see, not what I refuse to see, which is where an oracle may be handy. And from what I can see, in terms of setting a future, there is no higher power than the power in yourself. I’ve never had a prediction come true. Well, other than the general palm reading I had done when I was 16. But no one has predicted love, job, money, any of it.

      1. 12th, i keep re-reading but not replying only because it’s taking me time to grip onto your thoughts.

        I am thinking about the integrated attitude.

        It must be what is missing somewhere at the moment for me. Like i get the idea, but not feel truly.

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