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The astrological Pluto is the Change God, Underworld Boss, and keeper of the psychological labyrinths. There are Pluto People (when you’re born Plutonic) and Pluto Transits; metamorphosis.

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Karma Cop Saturn And Uncle Pluto

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction feels more weighty on a Dark Moon. They’re both on the South Node of the Moon, unearthing hidden truths or memories. Mercury square Pluto makes it easier for thoughtful insights on dark topics. Secrets and somber realizations slither up from the labyrinth in your psyche. Vaults are opening. It’s the sort of astro where you’re drawn to do anything that might muffle it: Neptunian substances, e-stalking, suddenly …

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Pluto Conjunct South Node Sorcery Is Lit

This Pluto conjunct South Node sorcery is lit. Strong for the last month, it’s climaxing this weekend and over Monday. Say what you want about Pluto, it delivers. There are lucky Jupiter transits where all you get is good times, debt and some extra padding around the middle. Or Venus transits where you find love but not as you know it. You may develop a deep and abiding love for …

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The Sun Square Pluto & Julian Assange

How raw is the Sun square Pluto? Go ahead and zap yourself into coherence. Or, as I suggested to Leo, see below, turn assassin on your treacherous elements. So, the Horoscopes are up – thank you so much for your patience and grace with the delay. I feel blessed. And, more inclined to follow my naturopath’s advice rather than try to wing it. Also, Julian Assange. I don’t know enough …

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Pluto Conjunct the South Node

Chthonic: Pluto Conjunct The South Node

At first, Pluto conjunct the South Node for the next four weeks feels stuck. It’s leaden inertia. Psychically, it can be as heavy as hell. But that phase is temporary. Pluto here unlocks a subliminal vault. Inside are hot secrets and shady aspects of your past. Out they come and boy do they have a story to tell. It also, btw, applies more broadly to society at large. Anything with …

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Pluto Square Eris

The Pluto Eris Experience – Pluto Square Eris 2019-2021

Pluto Square Eris is upon us, albeit not exact until December 2020. To get a clearer concept of what we might expect from this alignment, I looked into historic aspects between these two.  And now my mind is blown. But first, I need to clarify something. When Eris was discovered in 2005, a gigantic Pluto-sized Dwarf planet, astronomers called it Xena. Then they settled upon Eris, the Goddess of Strife. …

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Pluto Transits Meditation

Meditation For Pluto Transits

Any Pluto transit involves shadow work.  And the sooner you get that bit of it over with, the better. I made this shadow work meditation to help with that and provide a power-chill session. We all know that it is important to be keeping our Zen on point, particularly with the current rapid tempo of change. But personally, I find meditation without props or guidance to be super difficult. I …

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