X-Ray Radiation, Magic & Psyche

X Rays and magic seems like the weirdest topic for a post but it’s a Void Moon in Aquarius so let’s hit it.

A few nights ago I was looking at images of my bones on a computer screen. It was 2 am in the morning, and I was seething with rage. You have to love Saturn transits LOL. It was such a literal expression of this year’s signature Saturn Pluto conjunction. Bones are Saturnine and repressed rage is Plutonic. So even by my strange standards, it was surreal. The bone pics were from a Cat Scan (Computed Tomography) that I had to get because of vocal cord dysfunction. That came along with my Saturn Mercury transit but Saturn in Capricorn is accentuating muscular-skeletal challenges for many people this year.

X Rays And Magic Is A Legit Link

Beneath the logical explanation for whatever it is, lurks a highly poignant scenario, usually one you don’t want to even think about, let alone discuss. It goes back ages, maybe from before you were you. Anyway, the seething anger was because I could see a disc out of place and I was discussing it at 2 am my time with a radiologist on Skype.

I was thinking of all the times I had tried to hold my head up high in difficult circumstances, furious at whatever made my neck wonk out and compassionate for my neck. Call it Saturn-Pluto therapy. If you want a fast paradigm shift in your psyche, gaze at your X-Rays.

Looking at imaging is often really emotional. Those eerie pictures of your skeletal structure resemble, well, every other skeleton ever seen. Viewed via invisible energy (radiation) and without the context of psyche or aura, they are stark. And the language of a radiology report is naturally clinical. “Unremarkable” in this piece of writing is, of course, excellent. You don’t want a radiologist remarking; you want them bored senseless.

Looking At Imaging Is Emotionally Catarthic

Anyway, the X Rays and magic aspect of this is that I have never had a C.T. before and though this one was necessary, I was apprehensive about the procedure. It was actually fine but what I wasn’t expecting was the psychic pow of it. I felt the energy of it, literally seeing a dark cloud surround pass through me.

For a split second, I was elsewhere and experiencing something that felt like sentient energy. It was not malevolent but it was something. It had a Plutonic feel to it but seemed more alien than that. Could X-Ray radiation be a strange magical element in its own right?

I would love to hear from others who’ve had scans how they felt influenced by them energetically or psychically. I’ve had sharper perceptions since the scan for sure. I went in worried about being blitzed by a machine associated with heightened risks of cancer down the track and came out more psychic.

Can C.T. Scans Lower Or Elevate Psychic Power Levels?

So my Mars in Virgo and I went a googling for info and found a surprising lack of discussion on the topic. What I did find was kind of fascinating.

*Psychic and “death doula” Debra Diamond sharing shamanic insights from her emergency neurosurgery.

* In the Eighties, a woman received a million-dollar payout (so like 10 million now I guess) for the loss of her psychic powers after a C.T. scan.  But I had the opposite experience!

* Botox contains blood!  It also contains, as you probably know, extracted and diluted clostridium botulinum, which occurs in mud and swamp water. The kind used to make the product is formulated in a top-secret lab because naturally, you don’t want hostile agents bio-weaponizing it. But despite the modern patina and high-tech element, blood and mud mixture to make you look younger seems so medieval and witchy.

X-Rays Are Scorpionic

* X-Rays themselves are Scorpio, not just because of their penetrating, invisible force that reveals secrets nature but also as they were discovered in Scorpio season. Note the word used: Discovered, not invented. On November 8, 1895, German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen perceived what he called “invisible rays of the solar spectrum.”  That day was a Scorpio stellium, with the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Uranus conjunct in that sign. Pluto and Neptune were conjunct in Gemini, squaring the Moon’s Nodes.

The inventor was an Aries with Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto in Aries quincunx his Moon/North Node in Scorpio. Unsurprisingly, his Sun-Uranus was in the 8th house and he won the first Nobel prize for physics. He called them X because he didn’t know what the energy was and then they were renamed Rontgen rays, after him. But X stuck.

I’d call them Trans-Pluto Rays.

* The radiation hazard symbol is a version of one of the most ancient symbols of all; they just made it blades.

Thoughts? And has anyone else noticed interesting experiences from C.T. scans?  They are, after all, just super-strength X-Rays.

Image: Nick Veasey

49 thoughts on “X-Ray Radiation, Magic & Psyche”

  1. Just an interesting synchronicity that I saw an X-ray of my own bones for the first time on 10/9 when participating in a research study on stride & foot pressure. Prior to that, I’d only ever had X-rays taken of my teeth at the dentist. It was surprisingly surreal to see my own bone structure. I didn’t have time to really stare & dive deep, as I was viewing these on a computer screen for a minute or two with the few researchers running the study. However, I still had a little jolt of “that’s what’s under the surface”. Also learned that I have high arches, which I went 30 years without knowing?

  2. I’ve always loved getting X-rays. I’ve even enjoyed the few MRI scans I’ve had. I feel elevated during and after. Even if the info it reveals might mean surgery (like my appendectomy), I’ve always felt energized and a sense of gratitude and being in awe of being able to see in. I’ve kept my x-rays when they’ve offered them, teeth, strained thumb… I also really enjoy ultrasound. Love this post.

  3. I would like to add a strange addendum to this X-Ray/vocal scenario. it began to improve radically yesterday, with no new input other than the fact that I changed accountants. How’s that for a Saturn square Mercury transit manifestation?

    And, last night I had a dream that the X-Ray aka the radiation was from black holes and that if we had not fuqed the soil up/depleted it with certain styles of farming, we would not have ill effects from it.

      1. Well, it is usually something you think you “can’t” change and why not try the Pluto Meditation from here? It always brings interesting insights. Or, I get the best out-there realizations from the Jupiter Money Beats, even though it is not specifically set up for healing or anything. Any that promotes neuroplasticity is good for healing I think. And, of course, see a good doctor or naturopath to address whatever it is.

  4. god how do you do this. I had to have an x ray on the weekend. First time in decades. thank god it’s magical. everything was ok but I’m feeling the saturn right now. … toothache starting

  5. If anyone is interested Carl Jung wrote that astrology is not a mantic method but based on proton radiation from the Sun.

    1. I love this – where did he write it? I read the Memories and Dreams book years ago but don’t remember this bit? There is also this wild esoteric book I read in Jan with a similar theory – I will post re it soon!

      1. If this interests you Mystic, look up Ra Uru Hu and human design He was ‘given’ the info about neutrinos before anyone at CERN had recognised they have mass. It’s a fascinating take on things and one which switched my light bulbs on !

      2. In a letter to Aniela Jaffe 8 Sep 1951, in C G Jung Letters 1951-1961 Vol 2 23-24. I read it in an article by Brian Clark, AstroSynthesis entitled Jung and the Astrological Timepiece when he address the C G Jung Society October 2018.

  6. Recalling a discussion with a dear friend who is very good at removing auric implants. She thinks it common to pick up implants from Greys during CTs. A very sterile, mercurial energy.

  7. Just something I want to throw in here. Much has been said about the theory of evolution, survival of the fittest blah blah but little is talked about how radiation may mutate dna over eons and the role that that may play in evolution. I think it plays a major role. Radiation may have negative effects on our material bodies but radiation may have positive mutation effects on our ethereal bodies. Over time I think it conditions these light bodies to higher frequencies which in turn may allow us safe access to these higher realities. So Myst, there you go, a hypothesis that may answer your question.

  8. I love this so much! This year i’ve had two MRI’s and an xray. After the xray I kept getting out the images to admire how nice my skeleton is – maybe meditation on bones is a thing..

    MRI, the first one I had was long and I could feel the magnetic field in these weird wooshes, but also managed to stay pretty calm – love the analogy of the whale in the comments! Never had a CT scan so can’t attest for new psychic powers..

    And Plutonian ruled – as I left the imaging centre yesterday I saw a guy with a large scorpion tattooed on his leg – so very apt.

  9. Interesting blog and responses. Just a thought. The idea that the body is the temple. Maybe experiencing our x rayed body contributes to a feeling of wholeness because while inhabiting our body we tend to focus on its image and/or lived consequences of function/malfunction/enhancement. Perhaps via scan our imagination is awakened to the shadowy wonder of it all as well as opening a path for the spiritual reality that as much as our temple is sacred, it is temporary. The spirit, the eternal will be released. In the meantime the temple is sacred, holy/consecrated if we so choose while we inhabit it. Saturn and Pluto cannot be denied without loss of wholeness in this life. Still, timing is everything. When the student is ready…. Consciousness is a delicate matter in a somewhat brutal environment. Chiron in Aries ….. we are both mortal and eternal?

  10. Yesterday I had my teeth digitally scanned to make up some guards for whitening.
    It felt surreal seeing the exact replica of my teeth and how they align on the screen in 3D

    This post is why I would rather have a mega mystic subscription than groceries.
    Happily I have both but if I had to choose.MM you are everything.

  12. I’m not a scientist. I’ve had lots of tests in the last 10 years due to a diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I had two treatments at UCSD. One was a clinical trial with way too many tests and in fact, I denied them my body for finishing up grueling final tests for their studies because they showed no leniency toward the fact that I’m a human being. I’m 59 now, having lived through 9+ years of something I thought 10 years ago might cut my life short. I read in 2010 that getting it at 50 I have a 50% chance of living another 5 years. All my grandmothers lived into their 80s and many into their 90s. It woke me up. I had a healing crisis this past July and realized how much our bodies don’t lie but what our bodies need is simple, if we only give it to them. Last September (2018) I was trying to get mom signed up for an MRI and had trouble with that. She had a stroke 4 days later and had an MRI on the day I was scheduled for one of my own. I’ve always been afraid of the radiological effects… but I get that there is definitely something mystical transmitted when we pay attention.

  13. I’ve had an X-ray on my feet. Which I felt with distinct clarity. The clinician wasn’t pleasant and despite a broken toe I wanted to get away fast.

    I’ve had an X-ray of my chest for lungs as per rheumatoid arthritis management protocol but I felt so connected to my (visible) heart; I believe to this day this to be a significant wholistic key to auto immune management, from micro perspective ie: finding love and joy.

    During an experimental mri to support meditation for patients and response to pain and stress, I heard it’s rhythm as the inside of a Whale. Despite profound claustrophobia, I felt reassured, safe and fell asleep. The agency and energy of every procedure (and it’s intention) also has a detectable frequency.

  14. Let’s keep in mind that humans only see .0035 % of the electromagnetic spectrum. While most of the spectrum is invisible it doesn’t mean it’s not there. We are constantly being bombarded with a variety of these and we must be affected in some way though not sufficiently within a time period we can notice. The other thing to keep in mind is that the whole electromagnetic spectrum is made of the same stuff. The only difference between an X-ray wave and a sunlight wave is the wave length. So it’s a bit like water. You can comfortably shower under water that has a low pressure, pump up the pressure and that same water can kill you.
    So maybe there are psychic waves in the spectrum that can be affected by xrays ?
    Though feeling that you’re more psychic after a CAT scan is interesting. Maybe during the scan before you, the person shed there psychic powers like ballast. When you entered the machine you just sucked it up ? Waste not want not.

    1. I was about to post and then i saw yours – fairly much along the same vein. It’s not really that far fetched to think that some people are affected energetically by C.T. scans/X-Rays. We are light beings after all (even science has caught up) & X-rays are basically light albeit of a higher frequency which can penetrate most objects. So i leave it open to peoples’ imagination here of how this higher frequency light could affect our own light field when they mingle in such a concentrated way – especially if there’s some sort of vacuum/block caused by trauma in our own sphere. Believe me this has been playing on my mind too since having to be exposed to X-Rays more times than is normal this year (Sat-Pluto opp my Sun) + Uranus, [trans & natal] pinging/being pinged from all directions. Alas, no sign of a super power so far.

      1. Hey Scarab. If you’re concerned you can do a simple calculation by adding up the exposure you’ve had and comparing it to average exposure eg …

        In a year, the average person gets about 3 millisieverts (mSv), the units that scientists use to measure radiation. Each CT scan delivers 1 to 10 mSv, depending on the dose of radiation and the part of your body that’s getting the test. A low-dose chest CT scan is about 1.5 mSv…..

        So in the scheme of things you would have to have had literally hundreds of X-rays to start breaching what is considered a safe amount. I suppose what’s considered safe is the real question. To me it’s not the exposure that you know you’ve had through medical procedures that is quantifiable, it’s the exposure you don’t know you’re getting from a variety of household and environmental sources. Eg Byron Bay township was built on top of sand mine tailings. The tailings of sand mining can be quite high sources of radiation. Parts of Byron Bay township have msv readings of 60 times the average. So you can be literally living on top of a high source without knowing. It’s ironic don’t you think. City folk worried about their exposure in metropolis’s move to Byron for its cleaner greener image and end up living in a place that’s giving them the equivalent of an X-ray a day.
        The lesson here is that If anyone is buying land they will live on, always have msv readings done.

        1. Just googled the Byron thing, jeez it never ceases to amaze me… what a calamity.
          Maybe it’s those higher radiation levels that higher beings thrive off that attracted Thor to build his cute beach shack there?
          I always thought the place was full of Uraniacs.

          1. Yes really, the history of Byron Bay ticks all the wrong boxes in a way few places on earth could compare with
            * radioactive waste (sand mine tailings) used widely in the development of the town.
            * a brutal whaling industry that murdered thousands of humpbacks. Their bodies dragged up on main beach
            * a large Meatworks right on the beach at Belongil that dumped its bloody waste straight into the ocean attracting flocks of sharks

            My fathers family were dairy farmers down at south west rocks and I spent a lot of my youth on the north coast. By the mid 70s Byron was like a broken ghost town. I remember in mid summer 1975 walking down the main drag, 2 people in the whole street. That was the turning point also. The only people that came to Byron were surfers. Surf culture was very hippie oriented at the time and guys were coming back from surf trekking in Bali, Asia and backpacking in Afghanistan, Iran.. Byron because it was empty and cheap with great surf became a bit of a meeting place for surfers. A few started setting up small shops and selling stuff they had found on their treks. A food place called the Rib Cage opened and sold the first vege burgers. That started to attract hippies from the wider area. You could buy a shop for $500 in the main drag and it was these surfers and hippies that bought them. The vacuum was filled and the rest is history.


            1. Thanks for this, davidl – omgawd like a condensed history of environmental horror.
              (i used to eat at Rib Cage & play pinball next door round mid 70s)

  15. I can sort of pick up on pi at the beginning of this thread. Maybe it’s my Pisces asc my Neptune in scorp 8th but humans are just that. Under the clothes, the cars, the houses, under the skin, we are just consciousness in this meat suit. I can’t take anyone at anything other than their auric value to tell the truth. Maybe that’s a bit like X-ray we all give off, or that I perceive. Our own energy field. Now working with the mega rich, it’s a lovely habit to have. Hello, welcome and just who are you? Don’t care about name or title I feel way deeper. I feel the intent, the barriers or openness, the joys, the pain and that like the X-ray doesn’t have a habit of being too wrong.

    1. This is what brought me to studying astro as a teen…
      I could deep feel peoples intent- thanks scorp moon) and astro was the best correspondence to I could find to able to describe/relate/feel

  16. Hmmm … I keep thinking about Spider-Man, The Hulk, various other superheroes whose powers are developed by radioactive incident/uranian accident/botched scientific experiment. Maybe there’s a deeper alchemical connection there? In a way, seeing inside one’s body/brain is occult in the extreme if we just take the word occult to mean hidden.

  17. This reminds me of that time I got my x-rays to my spinal column and brought the results to my physiotherapist. He placed the sheet on a luminous board and said “this can’t be you. there must be a mistake with some other patient and they labelled it with your name”.
    He said so because by seeing me walking and by treating me when I was in pain, he did not perceive the close disks and the scoliosis e was seeing on that board.

    I went back to the hospital and said they were wrong. So they placed me behind the machine, made a quick x ray check and showed me the results on a screen: it matched the sheet that they had previously given me, so that WAS me.
    I went back to the physiotherapist and said “this IS actually me, I saw a new x-ray shot on the screen and it’s actually me”.
    He said: “well you, your body, are very good at hiding traumas and pain”.
    That was such an on point portrait of me it’s almost scary. But at the time I hadn’t been enough time on psychotherapy to be aware of it.
    It rang a bell though.

    Many years after I am undergoing – it’ been a year – a very successful EMDR therapy.
    It’d be very interesting to take X-rays now and see how my insides look.

  18. I went for a CT scan years ago and I use to always associate pins with my mother who had passed away a few years before. Her saying was See a pin and pick it up and all day you will have good luck. Anyway I was so scared to have this scam and as I went into the machine the nurse said ‘hey there’s a pin in your scan! I had a pin in my pants. I felt that she was there with me that day.

  19. Interesting! I’ve been doing a similar activity but with my teeth X rays. I’m going to analyze them again now.

  20. Wish Upon a Star

    Yes I had an Xray for a bad neck back in the day when they leave the room. LOL.

    Yes it was emotional in a sweet way.. I noticed how feminine my bones were and how in real life I try to armour this feminity to protect myself. Pretty profound really.

    And then I went to the Supermarket and imagined everyone as skeletons walking around, picking stuff off the shelves and chatting. I was giggling inside.

    Then I saw a lady with a massive amount of bling dripping from her neck and wrist.
    This made me giggle out loud.

  21. I had a plethora of tests from May, MRI CT, echo, blood n more blood, wee… because of a weird Temporary Global Amnesia empisode. Turns out I’m healthy. Thank God/Goddess/Source/Yahweh. Donating blood in couple of days 🙂

  22. I had a CT scan just over a year ago. It was my hip that was bothering me, so the whole of me had to be slide into the CT donut and headphones on. I remember having a cold at the time, like now, and I had a coughing fit inside the tube- trying to stay as still as possible. Otherworldly? I thought I was dying… anyway,
    Saturn, I think is hips, but the whole thing turned out to be a deep groin strain; Which I recently read is ruled by Pluto. This wasn’t discovered by any of the top male doctors I’d been referred to, btw, but a female, gay physiotherapist, who was absolutely amazing. She did this Trigger & neuromuscular therapy on me as well as deep (painful) massage. I was pretty annoyed at the fact the top people didn’t think of it, but Drs don’t want to go near groins it seems.
    Now, when my hip aches, I know it’s my groin pulling the hip, making it overwork.
    I won’t be rushing back for a CT scan, when they do your hip they have to inject the joint with an fluid so it show up. They do that with a normal x ray machine.
    Long winded answer…but really interesting post, Mystic.
    Hope you feel more yourself soon.

  23. Not sure I want a paralyzing bacterium injected into my face, but I’m reserving the right hahaha, getting older is making me kind of ruthless when it comes to my appearance, Libra node? Leo Saturn?

    I LOVE the realness of witnessing our own interior physical structure. It’s so profound. We concoct all these high falutin stories about power and prestige whatever but we’re just flesh and blood. Literally that’s it. Maybe some fat lol. Once that’s gone, we are gone, vehicle sent to the wreckers, sayonara, good night, hello darkness, see you in the next life, the pure inescapable 3 D reality of it presents a super good way to get over ourselves lol. All this immortal robot theme stuff is maybe death anxiety? Anyway that went deep pretty fast

    Edit. Sorry mystic I missed the whole magic discussion x

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      That’s OK I appreciate your thoughts Pi.

      Sometimes people take life too seriously. When you see life and death in context I think it helps you cultivate joy instead of all that stressful shit and YES totally get over yourself.

      1. Yes I think it does help with some things too, wish! I want to add though, I didn’t mean it to diminish or lessen our importance as living beings but more to allow a kind of levelling, like grounding (oh Saturn I guess, and Pluto for seeing the heart of the matter) and – on the other hand – to take people as far more than their bodies, exactly because these bodies house consciousness, a human mind, because we’re diversely-bodied, is exactly what we must address, looking someone in the eye and seeing their happiness, needs or fears, whether they are a triathlete at the peak of their career or an accountant or a refugee or a high schooler or a CEO or person in intensive care (or some combination). don’t know if that makes sense I’m not writing v clearly atm. I think emg went there.
        I’m also facing a death anniversary of a loved one (and some change stress) so I guess that is a little front and centre in my mind just now.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I’m sorry about your loved one. Yes I am also going through a transition (moving house) so I can relate.

          Take it easy Pi.

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