What Is A Void Moon?

Also called the “Moon Void Of Course,” the Void Moon merely is when the Moon in one sign has no more significant aspects to make before it gets into the next sign.

It can last for any length of time from a minute to a whole day.

You can see when they are occurring on the Moon Calendar here.

People disagree over their significance. Some say it is the “down tools” signal and that projects begun during them are a no-go. Whilst I would never launch anything on a Void Moon, I also would not take it as the cue to bunk off.

I mean, it’s impossible. If you slothed out every Void Moon, it would be a LOT of time out of a busy schedule.

But once you observe them for a few Moon cycles, you start to understand how you respond to them. They often inspire wild insights and creativity.

There is an old witches tale that you meet soulmates only during the Void Moon. It’s a time when tangential projects spark useful synchronicity. For example, bereft of inspiration for the task at hand, you go on a seemingly mindless meander through the media online and discover something super-useful.

Conversely, when you plan to relax during this time, you can suddenly feel inspired to do your entire tax admin for the year.

But shopping during Void Moons? No. You rarely come back with what you set out to buy. It’s like you’ve been out shopping for a shadow self, a version of you that’s long gone. The same goes for meaningful negotiations.

If you do a Horary chart (a question chart cast for the time you are asking a question – very popular in the olden days when barely anyone knew their exact birthday, let alone time of birth – only royalty did proper natal charts), the Void Moon means forget about it for the time being.

I would NOT launch anything major or try anything drastic during this lunar phase if possible; if I know a super long one is coming up, I will try to not over-schedule it.

Many people are born on a Void Moon. They are usually adept at magic or blessed with high functioning intuition. They trust the tangents and during a Void Moon, so should you!

Image: Anne Wipf – Freedom

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  1. Scorporation, Inc.

    I’ve blatted into tangential activity a day early, invoking dead poets & burning incense. Not a forgivable 5 minutes early, but a rude 24 hours early! I blame Neptune conjunct my AC-Jupiter but ultimately I blame myself: I take full responsibility for my jackassedness, astro only provides a perspective. Full disclaimer.


    I feel you, Chalupa, or whatever your name is K.L.’s cat. I feel you, baby. Stay strong, we gonna get through this.

  2. Haha he must be a Leo because his arm disappears towards the camera.

    In all his half nekkid, trackpantsy glory, this evokes such a Super Selfie vibe! Ha.

  3. Fuq me but he is HOT! I am Leo rising, Jupe in Taurus. Is he Leo rising?? Put me in a room with him and he would be lol

  4. http://www.lunarium.co.uk/calendar/universal.jsp?calendarYear=1997&calendarMonth=5 Found this for looking to see if you were born in a void of moon. Nikolaj is hot. I am starting to fall in love with his character in game of thrones 3rd season. Something about a male mars in leo (usually with sun in leo or virgo, not really any other signs)– it’s like fireworks as soon as I see one. Super sexy hot studs. Must be my venus in aries. I don’t know what just happened but I’m laying low now that I’ve “cleared the air.” I feel freer and more relaxed. I guess these transits vibe nicely with my cardinal signs. I almost have a grand cross in my chart.. I wlil feel right at home in the zap zone.

    1. Jamie Lannister is my favorite character in GoT. Something about the archetype- the man who loses the very thing that he identified with, that brought him glory, and in return gains his humanity- is very appealing to me. A lot of spiritual truth there.
      The actor’s appeal is a bonus. πŸ˜‰
      I have Venus in Aries too, and I know what you mean about Mars in Leo men! Instant attraction.

  5. There are questions on how to define a void of course Moon. Does the void of course end when the Moon gets into a new sign? I go with that definition but also like the idea that void of course does not end until the Moon makes a new aspect, to an actual planetary body. It doesn’t seem like hitting the 0 degree of a sign should really count as far as snapping the Moon out of what it was doing. I like the idea of the Moon coursing through space, and not making any aspects. It makes so many aspects, so frequently, that it only gets to do its own thing void of course.

    As to what to do during a void of course Moon? Can’t answer that one. Its got to be good for something though.

  6. We are out of the Void Moon I think so I am happy to say I had an “a-HA” moment this morning. This moment will help me so much with my dealings with men. No more feeling sorry for them when they hurt me.. yes.. I would feel sorry for them because they were so damaged. OMGosh.. I can’t even tell you how important this is!


    1. Ha ha! So funny, i learned it again. I was angry when I didn’t understand the Disappearing Piscean, now i get him i’m not angry. Not available to him, but not angry. I’m sick today and cross because if destiny calls i will be sleeping. Destiny wouldn’t be unfair…

  7. OMG those tracky dacks are an affront to good taste and fashion sense. I will volunteer to go and remove them…..I wish!
    Thanks for that heavenly image M, you made my day. Also for explaining the void moon as I’d been wondering about that for a while but was too shy to ask. Cheers.
    Off to sleep now with very pleasant dreams….

  8. Oh I have been getting those unresolved emo things coming up w this Virgo moon albeit with a bit of distance creating objectivity, a bit of love myself neuroplasticity, but some definition burns that need cooking and soothing…..Virgo is my 11th …. I know the moon must be in Libra by now but I’m still dealing with the hangover from the full moon.

    While it feels mainly around family stuff I just realised just then that it’s the friendship w my family members that I miss, that I used to have! That feels like there are multiple issues with each person that mean the friendship is not being enjoyed!

    I could dig deeper but I may bore you, but you can be sure that I do…. But the important thing is for me to feel connected and loved and to connect and love, I just read about how it’s so important for the immune system and as I’m sick right now, it appears both sides are true, the hurtful stuff could have impacted in my immune system but even more importantly I must not hold onto this hurt but find the love to improve my immune system!


    I mean, I could see where Karl Lagerfeld is coming from, yes. But nothing does a tracksuit pant like a Leo Toro combo. That I think we can all agree on. Now if you will excuse me I have to go and claw at the wall.

    OK,a joke,
    How do you make a tracksuit pant?
    Put it on Nikolaj Coster Waldau.

    boom tish

  10. Something I do dam well know..men rarely wear jocks under trackies..it just all hangs loose and so asks to be fondled by a handful πŸ˜‰

  11. I love the image too. So my idea of hot. The rope, punch bag on floor. Hot dude in track pants. Mmmmmmmmm πŸ™‚
    Thanks for posting that MM
    Oh my Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch T shirt arrived today!

  12. Oh, yeah Sir Jamie of the Royal Sweatpants looks just fine.
    Our Suns are exact conjunct (plus his Lilith/Mars).

      1. Lol, I think we should decide this based on astrological synastry. My Mars/his Venus are in Virgo that’s gotta be worth a few points.

  13. Oh. My. God. CRAPADOODLE, and WTF?!
    Just fired off a “how you doin…” txt to the kinky Virgo – after being so strong in my resolve for almost two months.
    Me? A Love Zombie?! I have never done that before.
    Since that vile full moon, my energy has been ridiculously scattered and I feel powerless and confused – so un-Scorp and so UNCOOL.
    *cringes and hangs head in shame*

      1. We’ve all been there hon.
        One text does not make you a love zombie.
        As Leogroover says. Rise above it.
        Try some yin yoga or a walk to take your mind off him.

    1. Yeah, you’re right, but I still feel totes fuqtarded.

      “Shine Shine Shine”!
      (and brush it off like Jackie – the rock-star wife and psy-chic from ‘Bitches Fighting Melbourne’)

      1. Ha! funny Catz, πŸ˜€

        I actually met her briefly at a party recently. She is a Gemini.

        She was holding court at the kitchen/ bar, whilst keeping a very strict eye on any female that might be attempting to chat her man up….
        I wanted to say he really isn’t all that interesting *shrugs*

  14. Hey Cal, I am born on a VOC day also! The Lunariam also tells me I am born on a “Lunar Day” – Day 9. “The life of the child born on this day will be long and fruitful. Illnesses can be dangerous but never fatal. Dreams will come true”. 😯

    1. ha, cool πŸ™‚ my Lunar day is 17, “A child born on this day will be happy and prosperous. However, if this day falls on Saturday, it might prove to be dangerous.” lucky it was a Monday!

      check if you’re out of bounds too!

      1. My Moon is in bounds but voc.
        It’s ok, I don’t need it more strangeified my happy & prosperous friend!
        It’s already in blood-thirsty, obsessive, Scorpio. πŸ™‚

        1. I couldn’t find that bit about describing the day? I looked in the Lunarium attached to astrodienst, is that the right one?

          Where it describes Scorpio moon as wanting to own the soul of your child and loving very hot, almost scalding baths (???? Moi = 1 degree Scorp moon… hate hot baths and owning anyone’s soul)

          1. He he, I had just a had a small (medicinal) whiskey & a hot bath when I read it! Owning someone’s soul seems a pesky affair, I have enough on my hands thanks.
            If you look at the calendar it says a day number – it might be a few days before, but look for a number in black.
            To get the phrase, you might have to fossick on the site or google Lunar Days Lunariam.

  15. oh wow, I just found out I was born on a void moon but I’m really excited by the site that told me that – maybe some of you know it already but I just put in my location and month of birth and voila! Deets for 44.5 years ago at your fingertips….Lunarium indeed πŸ˜€

    ps. track pants look like triumph in this instance however, I maintain that me wearing them either to work (I’m not even going to talk about that) or uni – as a 30-something Mum? – no good.

    1. Thanks for the Lunarium tip. The calculator says my Moon is Out of Bounds. I like the sound of that.

      Mystic, what is the deal with out of bounds planets?

      1. you’re welcome Leo Princess….Centaurus’ link below explains a bit about them, basically it is how it sounds, you’re not bound to convention/expectation as much as others whose planets fall in the “normal” range of declination. That’s based on a quick read, Mystic might have some better insights x

    2. I’m out of bounds too… well I knew that but thought my moon was void actually. Is there a difference? Will leave that to MM to answer. I don’t know.

      I found this. Had a chuckle having a fairly significant Uranian vibe in my chart overall and Lilith, Juno and Pallas in Aquarius. They’re all 9th house and even though my moon is Capricorn it’s actually 9th house as well.

      1. well, THAT was an education! veeeeerrrry interesting. As I read that description I just KNEW that my Moon was OOB too, and so it is. Also is my progressed Moon OOB since 2012, AND my progressed Venus has been OOB since 2000 and doesn’t begin to behave itself again until 2028!

        Planetary bodies gone wild…

        1. oops, sorry – it’s prog Mercury – Venus is within bounds. so….I’m going to be saying some out there shizz?

          1. Yeah, great little read and educational without feeling hard. I can loose interest with some stuff quickly if it feels like a slog.
            I haven’t checked progressions yet but can relate being an ‘out there’ commentator in life evidenced mostly by the looks on other peoples faces and my amusement. Mostly unintentional, apt to be misunderstood and prone to being too futuristic for where everyone else is at then plagued with second guessing in odd man out scenario until proven correct with the passage of time often with no acknowledgement, sighs, smiles, moves on πŸ™‚

            1. I’m the same when things are a slog – even this confounded me at one point because the instructions weren’t for astrodienst but poked around and found some cool graphs.

              yes, also know the feeling that you’re on a different wavelength, and that people aren’t getting you, often for me because I’m at some level joking around for my own amusement but not in a way that is obvious.

      2. thanks for the article. I have an ‘out of bounds’ moon too. Wonder how common it is?
        I like that it has an Aquariua/Uranian vibe because I have nothing in Aquarius, my Uranus isn’t that strong but still felt that I have that quality, so my moon explains that a bit.

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