Nine Vital Tips For A Saturn Transit

Saturn Transit tips to see you whizzing through your Saturn Return – or any other Saturn Return in fantastic style, learning timely lessons as you thrive.

Here are my hard-earned (Because this is Saturn) Nine Vital Truths & Tips For A Saturn Transit.

(1) Embrace the Suck. No matter how much we try to oomph it up and get off on the stoic splendor of a “hard” Saturn transit – Saturn Return, Saturn square Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus or Mars are the most intense – there is an aspect of it that will suck.  See Henry Miller Hated Saturn’s Guts for a particularly erudite take on Saturn transits. There are definitely rewards from a well-worked Saturn transit but they are not fun, as such.

(2) Activities that work really well with Saturn transits? The getting of wisdom and maturity via professional, official ways. Study. Fat and Debt Reduction. Giving up things or people that are bad for you. Sleep hygiene. Anything on the body alignment/mobility/bone strengthening spectrum. Whatever can be tracked and measured.

(3) Seven-year cycles really are super relevant when it comes to Saturn. For an “aha moment” of epic proportions, run your life back in seven-year increments from the time of your Saturn transit exact. Look beyond the difference of location or situation for the similarities of vibe or emotion.

(4) With Saturn transits, you are always being schooled.  The sooner you can crystallize the core lesson (eg: Self Esteem or Not Subduing your powers or an auto-martyr setting) the better it goes. Even if it feels corny, find that core lesson and turn it into a mantra or affirmation for your Saturn transit. Keep coming back to it.

(5)  Saturn trines and sextiles are easier than Saturn square, opposition, and conjunction transits. With the ‘softer’ transits, you feel inspired to mature or evolve. With the squares and so on,  it often feels forced upon you. But the results are the same – more wisdom, security, and maturity.

(6) With every Saturn transit there is always a low, a valley of despond where you tote up your defeats, assess choices that now seem sub-optimal, guilt yourself and generally feel like you have put on a wet blanket. It really does evoke the medieval Saturn – the “old devil” – of mythology or the Hermit in Tarot, a path only you can trudge and illuminated by nothing but the light of your own lamp.  Liz Greene talks of “the “Initiator” who, for the price of our honesty, offers us greater consciousness, self-understanding, and, eventually, freedom.”  All this is true but there is always a low as part of a Saturn cycle and trying to dazzle or numb it out won’t work. It’s like a valley you have to walk through to get up the mountain on the other side.

(7) When Saturn is at work in your life, you feel time acutely, regardless of your chronological age. You are also more prone to make calculations and estimations of where you “should” be or of time-money ratios. This can be gloom-inducing but in fact, measuring and calculations work brilliantly with Saturn transits and can be quite reassuring. Having a quiet little daily budget, debt repayment or calorie goals may not make you the most fabulous or seductive person in any room but they will be like a religious practice during a Saturn transit.

(8) Saturn Knee & Saturn Neck is a thing. For some reason, joints play up during Saturn transits. Knowing this, you get in ahead of the situation by working to strengthen yourself in advance. Identify where you are stuck or where you may need to update your information. Saturn is the Time God and if a part of your life is still operating on outdated info, an outmoded diet or trying to motivate off the sallow ghost of an old resentment, you will run out of steam or feel super stuck.

(9)  Whatever planet or point is being stressed by Saturn is being put under immense pressure to perform at an elite level.  It will not be easy and it will involve gazing upon – most likely with a Saturn square – areas and settings of your life that you really don’t even want to be asked about, let alone examine. But take on the Saturn Challenge with a great attitude and good things result, guaranteed.

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  1. I’m experiencing a Saturn opposition to my Sun and Mercury. Ugh, but thanks for the advice! I’ll just Saturn-Up more than usual until this takes its course.

  2. Saturn sucks. You just have to grin and bear it. Sometimes there is no lesson, he just wants to make you suffer. I would not assume that he is working you hard to get you somewhere. The square and opposition are sometimes just to defeat you. I generally hate this planet. He has ruined my life many times and the only relief I got was when his shitty transits ended.

  3. No. 9

    This is the hard part of moving away from Saturn square my Sun. I realise i disagree with myself hours after i write my thoughts or respond to anyone here.

    Took advice from Kimmy (i think) to write and purge, but it’s only helped a little. There must be a lot of old old self scrambling up like ashes into my conscious brain, and it seems to happen most when i am meditating by doing a bunch of different things towards the great home declutter.

    Weird because it’s not the hardest part of what i’ve endured over Saturn transit, but it’s almost the toughest as it’s gritted up my deepest sense of self, and that’s my support system 🙂 I don’t think i’ve been deluding myself to get by so much as i now need to feel very different to fit a new style of being. But *sigh* it still seems to me like i’ve been my own greatest illusion. Piscean Problems 😉

  4. OK so now that Saturn is in Cap I’m officially (my Sun) being squared by Saturn. Yuck. Looks like this will continue through mid-February. Still currently squaring my Pluto in late Virgo too. Sigh. Then I can look forward to a square to my MC (enhanced work production??), a square to my Uranus, and an opposition to my Moon which makes me sad just thinking about it, lol. My daughter just went through a rough patch and all I could do was wait for things to pass: she had Saturn opposing her Moon, squaring her Mercury, Sun, and Venus. It’s still squaring her Venus but with the move off her other planets she visibly and viscerally feels much better already. At least I know what to expect and can prepare for it! (Gulp)

  5. Yes but be careful which type you ingest – some types can cause stomach upset after taking it for several days/weeks. It will help you sleep better, too.

  6. Interesting… I am getting back into my keto meal plan and we manage our magnesium levels. Heading to my organic market to pick up something else so if they have a spray I am going with that.

  7. Ohhh what a yuck experience!! Like the last bit of crap showing its self to you! Great you were able to shake it off fast. A good meditation for this is – offer it to the universe to deal with it – you literally say, this energy is beyond me and I humbly offer it to you to resolve. Its a Buddhist practice of acknowledging some things are beyond us and we let go!! As soon as we do, the situation resolves.

    1. thank you Lidia and yes that is exactly how it felt. I am still a bit tired and wired from literally no sleep but it’s certainly roused some strong Sun vibe.

      1. I could not sleep last night as well.
        Yesterday during lunch break, I had the weirdest and most stressing quick “fight” with a dearest girl-friend yesterday and it resulted in all of my fears of being misinterpreted or just behaving stupidly (it can happen, you know) and consequently DESERVING to be abandoned, coming out during the night with insomnia alternated with nightmares.
        I tell you it was pure hell of fear Pluto (Sat was squaring my natal Pluto at 29° virgo).
        And it aroused an past time trauma that is still vivid for me and that I need to assess.
        Guess what I’ll use to assess it? A good ol’ Saturnian “plan” that will mostly require discipline and patience.

  8. Today’s Daily Mystic really resonated with me – especially the last bit ‘In fact it, fuq it. Plan a heist. Plan to steal your own life back.’

    I planned to do exactly that in the small hours this morning. With my boyfriend having recently moved interstate and me feeling a little jaded, but also kindof like ‘where’s the next one then?’, I made the – probably rather Saturnine – decision to just do me, be my own boy/girlfriend next year; I planned to ‘steal my life back’. Yes, Saturn has just crossed my Ascendant for the umpteenth time and is now rapidly heading for a conjunction with my moon, so perhaps, since I’ve made this decision, it will change (Libran, it’s entirely possible). And thinking back over the last transit of Saturn through my 12th/Sag in the late 80s, the lessons I learned and, wow, just how many echoes from that time have shown up in the most recent transit, quite amazing! Loving these realisations and, as ever, your work, Mystic. Thanks for all the valuable insights!!! Truly priceless.

  9. It really truly was the Grey Hair Transit. The witch lock of white to the right of centre got to stand out like never before, as going long for the first time ever (saves money, folks, and time 🙂 – no real reason beyond that) happened during this transit.

    If only i had felt as glam as Morticia! I received plenty of compliments about my white hair as striking against my young face, but i certainly didn’t look in the mirror and feel or see anything but tired. Like tired of myself and of my life.

    1. That does sound awfully miserable, doesn’t it?

      At present I’m just letting go, and feeling out the space, taking mini steps of clearing and organising, and resting and thinking/drifting just a little.

      Have my eyes on a prize: Me. I’ll recover energies and freshness for that. I had a Saturnian Plan to get busy on clearing and starting a new regime straight away, but bod has picked up a little bug, so natal Saturn in Taurus is counselling little steps and thoughtful ones, with mini rest breaks.

      How nice to have the time and freedom to do just that!

  10. Every 7 years counting back from my Saturn Return (official next week!) has been nose to the books grinding away at school. Processing, summing up, and finally advancing to the second onion layer of information. Each time the information has really shaped who I am as a person, though…broadening my worldview, feeding my soul, and strengthening my foundation of core values. I’m finding what I’m actually using to help heal myself is then fed to my patients and has more oomph… possibly that Taurus Moon Trine natal SaturnUranus?

    The time frame in which all this occurs seems incredibly condensed, though, and I’m noticing how I’m paving my path by letting things that don’t get me to my goal fall away…Some my own bad habits and others, unfortunately, happen to be loved ones who refuse to own their own bullshit. Plus I’m away from home more than I prefer and I get a lot less time for play, making art, or earning money (4thH Chiron Venus opposite natal Saturn/Uranus!). It’s just the start, but I’m optimistic as I’ve always felt tight with Saturn.

    Look for my book in the next few years: What Still Stands, coauthored by Saturn with an Epilogue provided by Uranus

    Peace ya’ll; May Saturn treat you well!!

  11. Ooh. Saturn square my Sun is EXACT in a couple of hours.

    Coming up next is an exact square with my Mercury at 3 degrees Aries, then my moon at 4 degrees Aries.

    Loving it. (Ouch…but genuinely LOVING it)

  12. Sat in Cap will square my Venus/mars/Eris conj in Aries and my Pluto in libra …. I guess good news is it will also trine my sun, moon, merc and Chiron in Taurus ….. looks fuking nutty – what to expect? Just finished Pluto squaring Venus/mars/Eris conj and on my natal Pluto for the last 2 yrs – what will Saturn do with that aftermath??

  13. I’ve got Saturn conjunct my Ascendent in Capricorn, I’ve been working really extra super hard, and yes so many neck issues which is always a weak spot for me brought about by stress and extra work travel. Seven years ago I was pregnant with my son and also working pretty hard, and about to go through my first Saturn return. I got a lot of publicity on some work I did then, and this season I’ve had a lot of high profile work too that does relate back to what I was working on then, that’s something I didn’t put together as a maybe Saturn thing even though I’ve had my facebook memories popping up reminders.

  14. This was timely, thanks, Mystic – I’m just coming up to my first Saturn Return, although I’ve been feeling it for most of this year and I’m exhausted already. Might print this out and stick it above my desk/next to my bed/tattoo on my forehead etc,

    1. First time Saturn Return-er here also and I’ve been feeling it since March and I too am exhausted of questioning everything on a daily basis and the weird depression. I also hurt my knee while hiking on Saturday and was like “What the heck? I never get hurt doing this!” So yeah, Saturn Knee indeed.

  15. Don’t even know which post I am commenting on but I just wanted to say that trying to understand the deeper, more evolutionary challenges of our closest relationships is fuqing exhausting. I just had another run in with my uranian mother. As I’ve mentioned before she is so uncommunicative about her intentions or sentiments, or actions that I wonder if she has some kind of socio-intellectual issue, where I see only the end point of the thought process and have nfi of how she got there. So I’m confused and annoyed and probably have some kind of argument about wtf.
    I’ve just realised that my virgo Libra uranian boss has this same thing, but as a Virgo he remembers weird tiny things and acts on it in a totally unstructured way which drives my cap moon mad
    Anyway today the same thing happened, and it’s taken me 5 hours of navel gazing (my own, this time, sigh #strip_poker) about a different connection (the Capricorn) to finally realise what uranian mother was trying to do, which is take action after processing – in an introverted way therefore non communicating – the significance of a couple of important conversations we’ve had recently. I don’t think she’d even consciously realise she’s doing this. Or if I’m even describing this clearly. Did I say this is hard fuqing work? It’s like I’m studying an alien life form and finally cracking the code, where it has been oblivious to my presence but is starting to realise that I’m trying to communicate with it using means that until now it thought was just me doing something completely unrelated to the alien.
    Anyway it’s 2.45 am so this might sound like junk in the morning.

    1. Nah this makes a lot of sense ….a few dark details emerged about my aquadads family – voila why he has all these silent and dramatic freak outs! obviously taken decades to Crack the code(alien life) and I am even kind of similar in personality. It seems to me that you being Watery + mercurial + stoic inner life would be hard for her to figure out what you need from her?

    2. Hey there, Pi, i regularly have these hurt moments, too, with AquaMa. Don’t get me wrong, she does work on herself, so I consider us lucky in contrast with years and years in the past, and it’s poignant when i read your moments with yours.

      There’s no way i could give good counsel, or flip out some self-care advice (though, sweet pampering can be really good when your mind and heart are drawing so much out of your physical reserves). Because, really, this is your Mother, and that’s one of those archetypal relationships that keep figuring in your life, especially when it’s not so sweet. You lost your dad, and i noticed the incredible expressions you wrote again referring to it. There’s going to be so much of that underlying your emotional responses to mother.

      Whatever you feel as time foots forward, and as Saturn approaches your…Moon? Is it Moon in Cap?…i know you will feel awful about um, feeling awfully. But it’s all organic, and truly understandable, it’s relatable, you’re still decent, kind and richly deserving. There’s got to be a space, place and time for you to feel it.

    3. My niece is Libra Moon-Uranus- I think she just figures we are all keeping up with the off planet synapse leaps!

      Will leave behind unwanted presents- making me wonder if I really forgot to wrap and give them- as she tucks them into a corner.

      Rants and judges fallible family but then is incredibly considerate by turn. Her Scorp Sun humanizes the Moon-

    1. I find Saturn “on” or “squared” and times “opposed” to some planets a lot harder then to others.
      Saturn opposing my natal MC, then Saturn, then Sun then Mercury (yes it has been quite intense for me Sat in Saggo, being Gemini with Virgo rising) were much more “I have achieved this or that in my life” though it felt quite lonely, whilst Saturn opposing my Moon when it was transiting Scorpio was one of the toughest and most depressing moments of my life ever.

    2. Just completed Saturn sq moon transit (confetti) (last hit of my stellium). It is depressing in that nothing comes easy, austere inner landscape, excess is like a chute in chutes and ladders. Lol casual dating…nope. I know I blab about this often but I do think the key to so much of our psyche is childhood programming so I’m thankful I had this square now to SLOW down and examine things, my patterning and beliefs.

    3. Yep, I had it at the beginning of Saturn in Sag because my Moon is at 7 Pisces. Definitely hit a low with that, August 2016 was the turning point. I have become much less depressed since then and made a lot of changes and have gotten a lot of help, various kinds of therapy. In a much, much better space now!

    1. Oh.. and that artwork just seems to fit so well, it’s fascinating.. and all the rings.. the hair and the outer rings just like you know who 🙂

      1. omg she really is …you know who!!

        Mystic probably meant that, but i only just saw it! Even though it’s been in the mirror for an age 😀

        1. Indeed!! And I suspect it was intentional.

          What is interesting about Cap and Saturn is the yang-ness of the whole vibe in descriptions yet Capricorn is Yin and as soon as I saw that I knew who she was… it sort of made more sense to me as even the conditioning parent is mostly a mother or maternal figure. Something for a hack maybe.. the seagoat is more mysterious then it is sometimes described.

          1. I only ever saw that side of SeaGoats, so the astro depictions, while they ring true as heck, make me smile. Mostly because their SeaFoam bubbling about is almost more poignant knowing their hard core. I don’t really know why i see that side, as i’ve got that hard edge Mars there, but maybe it’s just that, the hard edge finding a place to play where your hard edge is not shunted aside. I’m pretty sure my own Mars square playful 5th house sun merc chiron is an easy draw, if you can call a Cap an easy draw. My own Cap sibling is Gem Rising and VERY impatient with my Piscean self, trumping my Merc in Aries!

            Can’t comment on the Wire Monkey. Er, AquaMa, nurturing in her Aqua way.

            1. Oh yeah, with the Neptune Jupiter Moon trine Merc Chiron, and also that conjunct in Sag square Sun which also squares Merc-Chiron.

              Capricorn no doubt likes a self-doubting hard edge to the play of 5th and 12th on the rise…and trusts a good dose of my Pluto Virgo overshadowing/opposing Sun, and Saturn in Tau 6th for benefit. Pan/Satyr can really come out to play with me! (Forgot where my Dionysius is, but it’s somewhere high and louche, as far as i recall.) if you ain’t got structure to your biz, you ain’t got depth to your play. (Work hard, play hard, for the peeps.)

            2. Hard core when they have to be but I think mostly hard on themselves and have a steely resolve that assures endurance and survival as a minimum perhaps.

              Am Mars/Moon/Venus Cap and Pluto tr.applying to Venus. Mars Cap has an edge for sure…

              I tried to picture your aspects.. but my brain is not being of service tonight so the images flowed mostly random and fluid and out of that I imagined Neptune Jupiter in some kind of expansive dance and your Mercury on hyperdrive right now so is anything aspecting?

              Wire monkey hehe… I laughed out loud there!

  16. The knee and neck thing is so spot on. This past week my knee had been so sore. I thought it was just dance class being hard on the bones as I get older … But it just seemed excessive.

    Having had major Saturn aspects to my Libra Moon, then Scorp Rising and now Saggo Sun … I gotta say I’m ready. R.E.A.D.Y af to be done in a few days time.

    Bring it on for my Mars in Cap. 3rd house Saturn shenanigans have got to be better than 12th, 1st or 2nd!

  17. Yes. I’m not much of a “model myself on ppl I admire” but lately wondering if such a practice would help me get into New Pi. (Post-Pi?)

    1. Takes a lot of energy to make wind blow in one direction and do something more constructive than make a mess of one’s hair and the papers on your desk.

  18. I will be returning to this for the next 3 years. As I will have Saturn conjoined my South Node, IC & then my moon. A sextile to Mercury and then my Sun. As well as a square to my Mars & then Venus. So. Yeah. Stoic up!

    Any thoughts MM on your Saturn/Venus square experience that you can share?

    1. Just that it makes you excruciatingly aware of any shadow-pattern, fake seductive affectations, pretensions, dynamic, everything AND self-conscious about intimacy so you have to be present and your boundaries are automatically high. It’s great for genuine connection but the self-awareness makes a lot of standard-dating-mating a challenge.

      1. Thank you @Mystic and I love you for this insight.
        I am about to have Saturn opposing my Venus but it’s gonna last only a couple of weeks and I am not afraid of it.
        Mostly because – aside from Sat opposing my Moon years ago – I have had great experiences with Sat opposing all of my Gemini planets and MC. They all felt like “Ok, I got this, I achieved this and no one can take it away from me.”
        I am saving your tip for Venus as well as the whole post on a note.

        It’s funny how Saturn squaring my Pluto now (29°Virgo) meant finding a new osteopath, choosing to do a deep session with a counselor about a childhood trauma I haven’t been able to over come (and the over come will have to do also with practicing some tips and will require, guess what? Discipline! to get results.
        The last session is booked for when Saturn will have just entered Cap (wednesday) and start opposing my Venus (1° kataka) so you can see why I am seeing Sat opp Venus as an achievement point of all the work I’ve done with the therapist.

        1. MissDee, correct me if i’m askew here, but i think you are keen on relationship, even while being mightily over the deep ridiculousness that a partner can reveal over the course of one.

          Natal Saturn in Venus here. Granted, my Venus is in Aqua IC with NN, which might seem a bit Airy and Free, and it’s trine Uranus in Libra as well. However, just think on my Saturn in Taurus 6th squaring into Venus, too…i’d have to say, for all my freedoms, i’ve always made it clear that work is my driving force as i don’t expect anyone to look after me (Capricorn Mars 2nd house – my vicissitudes of fortune are my own.)

          So, with that astro disclaimer in mind, if you are on a dating app or on the circuit, so to speak, perhaps you might line up your ducks in advance. Get a bit a of communication happening, maybe even a light meetup or two. When the Saturn Venus square is in effect, you can meet again. Sounds counterintuitive, but set up dates for that time, if you’re not swamped in work and biz-tuning (even more so, if you are and seek a bit of Venus release with socialising).

          If it’s relating you’re after, you’ll see every nuance, nay you’ll feel it in your bones! And you will also decide then and there if it’s a lovely Pan/Satyr-like clearing of the past romance by pure organic nature, or whether you know for real you couldn’t blend your energy with them in any shape or form.

          1. Hi @milleunanotte this feedback is awesome. I wish I could understand all of it (I am not native english speaking. I write from Italy! 🙂 ).
            So what do you mean I am “keen on relationship, even while being mightily over the deep ridiculousness that a partner can reveal over the course of one”?

            As for the rest: yes I am on a dating App / on the circuit but none of the prospects are the least interesting to me. I wish I could organize a date.

            There was this guy, we exchanged a few emails and I was very interested but as soon as Mercury got close to go Retro he went AWOL and haven’t heard from him since then, He also took the time to write me he was going to write me again as soon as he going back home and that he really wanted to know me.
            But hey this is how it is with virtuality and Apps.

            Oh and btw: Saturn is gonna be opposing my Venus and not squaring it. But I took @Mystic suggestion for Sat/Ven sq. and thought it would fit anyway.

            Love the “feeling in the bones” thing. Yes it’s a true relationship I am after. None of that fake/love zombie/ things of the past would ever fit the new aware ME.

            1. Translation: “You are keen to date, but wary after experiencing hurt and grief in relationship.”

              Lika all translations, it misses some nuance, i’m sorry. But i feel like you cannot bear any more half-heartedness or underlying issues the other person has. Anything that would impact on their ability to fully be with you, and grow with you.

              Of course, dating is the early days, but i think with the Venus-Saturn thing going on, you will be very aware of early signs. You can never escape heartache when you open your heart, but you can always learn quickly from old patterns and old loves.

              Remember, some people have dreams, and they communicate their dreams on the dating sites. YOU, however, will be beautifully placed to love the dream but see it for what it is. Sometimes, on this site, Mystic and others have referred to the enduring love that comes with Saturn. Weird but true. The best part is, you understand your loving self, especially when alone, because you can’t help it. You learn to love yourself in your worst moments, just like a lover would. Best wishes! xx

      2. Very interesting. I will keep this in mind as my Venus & Mars are in my 7th house. Relationships will be a definite highlight. I’m guessing there will be some similarity to when Saturn was in my 1st house squaring and opposing these same planets! Now to process more deeply about what was going on 7 years ago for more insights. I really love that we can use these cycles like psychic time machines.

        I think it may be time to see what Vanadium Lightyear is up to in regards to this massive Saturnalia shift! ;)))

  19. Hi Mystic. I have Gemini rising and so this Saturn opposition has been tough tough tough. My Sun is in Capricorn though so I’m looking forward to Sat in Cap. A bit nervous though. Any tips?

  20. WOW! Thanks so much for this, MM! I’m taking it as a BIG heads up!

    I’m about to have Saturn transit conjunct Venus in Cap and square natal Saturn in Aries, which also squares my ascendant from the 10th. So transiting Saturn in Cap will aggravate my worst natal aspect, which is Saturn square Venus.
    Then Saturn will transit through my 7th house… I’m sure this will all be LOADS of FUN!!!! Not! I’ve already cooled off the idea of ever having a relationship and am really getting into being alone, so perhaps I’m ahead of the game? I know this could bring a more serious or realistic relationship, but not at the rate I’m going….

    With Saturn in Sag, it was transiting my 6th and, speaking of knees, I smashed both of my knees up in a bad fall while drunk and I had already been working on sobriety, which I think I started when Saturn in Sag was squaring my Pisces Moon, but after that relapse with the knee injury (my knees STILL hurt, btw, five months later!) I really got the message. Hopefully my knees will eventually fully heal.. So, I think this was my biggest lesson of Saturn in Sag and I hope I don’t have to learn the lessons of Saturn in Cap the hard way!

    1. For me, more and more, I’m realizing I don’t think I really want a relationship. It would have to be ‘just so’ if I were to even entertain one, and that’s highly unlikely to come around. I just went on auto-pilot for awhile there, thinking I needed to do a lot of dating, but I do better on my own, always have. When I remember this, it feels like liberation.

      Just read something recently about married/unmarried people that the happiest demographic was married men and the next happiest demographic was single women, so relationships and marriage, the way they are organized in society currently, benefit men’s well being more than women.

      Anyway, even in light of all that, I hope you find a good partner sometime, PF, because that is really what you want! You sound like a good person through and through!

        1. I think you’re missing the point. The study was investigating happiness, as a correlate of marital status and gender. I don’t know if it controlled for income, age, offspring or general gender enlightenment status of the participants.

        2. Marriage to me is still a bridge too far. I resent the preferential tax status afforded to married coiples, as though it is somehow superior (presumably it is to encourage procreation, that hotly contested ground for same sex marriage) He would have to be a superfuxkingspecial guy for me to think about it, although at Uranus opposition ish age I’m not really seeing the point.

          1. “Coiples” is how Australian rural politicians with egoic leadership aspirations pronounce it. ‘Couples’ to the rest of us

          2. Actually now that I think about it, women tend to lose out in the taxation stakes in a marriage as well, on the grounds of statistically lower incomes

            1. From what I’ve observed in my 53 years the majority of wives get the rough end of the pineapple. I can see the huge benefits to men though of being married.

  21. wow that was deep – you’ve just helped me see that every 7 yrs i am abruptly and unceremoniously spat out of an iteration my life that is based on a vision of myself -in-relation-to- (fill in the blank) rather than anything authentic. Gahhh – I thought I’d sorted all this. Sigh. Bring on the next Saturn transit (Venus in mid-Capricorn).

    Actually thinking of that – there must be some people with their natal planets sprinkled around the chart resulting in a non stop Saturn transit whether by conjunction, opposition, square or trine… <8-O

    1. Crystallised future

      Yeeeeeessssss. Having Saturn, Venus, Chiron, sun and Pisces 8th house opposite Uranus, Pluto and Mars in my 2nd house are an absolute horror couple of years. Pluto and Venus are opposite exact. But in a way I can see the advantage. I have viscous transits and the getting of wisdom is brutal but at least it short. It’s almost an advantage in some ways…..not that this latest Saturn square everything has been fun let me bloody tell you!

  22. MM or anyone with more knowledge about this stuff…Are we talking the transit period between now and Wed when Saturn goes into Capricorn??

    1. The transit would be the whole time Saturn is in a sign (the whole several years it was in Sag, the several years it will be in Cap) and also the specific days when it makes an exact angle to one of your signs (e.g, Saturn in Sag at 15 degrees square my Virgo Sun at 15 degrees).

  23. I love this so much. Having been under saturnine rays since 2012 every aspect of this rings true. Thanks for offering sympathetic and realistic guidance on this, I wish everyone knew this info during a transit and didn’t just feel like an auto failure.
    At the holiday party I was at last night I spent awhile talking to an ex flings girl friend. Would this had happened in 2011? Nah I probably would have either auto scorp faced her or done a Pisces inauthentic gush while internally judging. And it was a great and natural convo about Korean baths podcasts tarot etc. Saturn rewards aren’t always shiny

    1. I “knew” this kind of stuff from Mystic’s archives and the expressive posters on all different pages…

      …but one thing Saturn has given me, is the realisation that i thought i knew so much, and it was all theory, or lesser travails of experience. Maybe not lesser, maybe just different transits.

      It felt like i knew what i would face, but out of my Jupiterian and Neptunian consciousness (as this is the first thing Saturn ground to dust) i have had to actually face it MINUTE BY MINUTE, HOUR BY HOUR. In the daily. Even subconscious stuff come out of the earth and take shape as tasks and people.

      Your naturally conversing in a way that you wouldn’t have before…it seems so little, such a small quotidian thing, but it really shows how far you’ve moved from old patterns. This is SUCH an interesting vignette, as i have been noticing something similar. Feel like i should be proud when i add those moments up, but you’re so on point there: the rewards aren’t always shiny. They’re really quiet.

      1. Yes. I’ve noticed this too, dark star. That Piscean inauthentic gush was mine once upon a time. These days any lack of integrity feels like sandpaper on my energy field.

        1. Totes for me too…I used to boast about my ‘skill’ in being able to be anyone at a party, or anywhere else for that matter (Merc conj sun in 7th trine Neptune).
          Now I protect my energy like it’s a child and I’m Sigourney Weaver in a space suit.

    1. And based on a hectically managed 6th house transit now ended, a difficult Saturn transit, while sometimes unavoidable due to inner-reasons (depression, anxiety, massive life changes that you can’t “administrate” e.g. new baby, death of a loved one, relationship breakdown etc) can all still be defined as ‘work’ in their own way.

      1. Although (getting o/t) death admin is a thing, and saturnian types can do it even if it feels like pouring acid on heart paper cuts you just fuqing do it and deal with the pain later.

      2. So true Pi – its exactly my Saturn return tonight in my 10th – yet I’m actually on leave as my dad is passing away, and am doing weird, creative nesting things between bedside vigils – I colour coded his library for instance. Today and yesterday my ‘work’ has been about balancing and processing, ultimately, and finding my own joy in small creative things.

        1. So very real…and a daughter working away at a colour coded library for her dad is such a beautiful aspect. Memories live on in books. Sending you love and my best wishes x

        2. Ohhh…quintile. My heart is heavy for you. Your dad is lucky to have his daughter with him during his transition. I’m glad for you that you’re there. I hope it’s gentle, peaceful and powerful. Heartfelt love and best wishes to you, your dad, and all of your loved ones. xxx

  24. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Wow….this is all so bang-on.

    It’s heading for my social sector. Kinda nervous but really glad it’s GTFO my moon.

  25. Best article about Saturn I’ve read? I think so. Hats off, Mystic.
    My Saturn return is just finishing & it’s now moving into an opposition with my natal Mars. I am inwardly sighing over this, but still. i’ll try to grit my teeth & see it as a test. Any recommendations for dating calculations? I have the sense I’ll need to either maintain boundaries or standards & not give in to certain wishes I might have for recreational fun…
    I think there has been a core lesson, & no, it hasn’t been very fun, but I assume, as long as I adhere to my newfound maturity, it will have paid off. My SR was through the fifth, & learning to balance money & creativity has been a real lesson, as has self-worth in general via romantic drama/ disappointment, & underestimating myself. Honestly, it has not been a happy time, yet there have been moments of illumination & joy. It has felt like a massive detour that started off right & landed up totally faceplanted in steaming hot concrete – but I guess that was exactly where I needed to be. So, my Saturn lesson? MAKE A PLAN. STICK TO IT. ADJUST AS REQUIRED.

  26. Yes. Spreadsheets, IT records, analog vs virtual. Cycles in relationships.

    I hit 7 year mark chez work- loads of stock taking.

    I would add- relieve yourself of feeling special now, or Saturn does that for you. Conversely, Saturn gives oomph when you doubt yourself.

    Would not have survived without you, lovely Mystic.

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