The Blood Type Diet, Zodiac and Pluto

What is the link between the Blood Type Diet and Astrology? Well, none officially but there are four main blood types and in astrology, four elements that are also associated with temperaments.

“The Human Genome Project turns out to be a ferocious magnet for a host of synoptic metaphors, very few of which actually evoke the human body. Such terms as Holy Grail, code of codes, map of the earth, book, set of instructions, mosaic, jigsaw puzzle, recipe, scripture, blueprint, Talmud, software, the key to human nature, master medical model, summit of human knowledge all crop up regularly both in scholarly and popular discourse.”

Mapping The New World

If you don’t know what i am talking about, the Blood Type diet waxes and wanes in popularity. It is always big in Japan, where they even have dating sites based around it. The theory is that your blood type determines the foods that do beautiful things for you or act as chaos agents within your system.

And then it can be taken further into genotypes – nomad, warrior, gatherer and so on. It’s cool, and weirdly, for many people, it seems to work. It has to do with how different blood types deal with different lectins.  Vegetables that are nutritious and fabulous for one blood type may mess up the metabolism of another.

So nobody has done this research, but I would not be all surprised if somehow the four blood types correlated with the elements. Remember that there are four medieval “humors” – sanguine, choleric, melancholic and bucolic.

They correspond with the four astrological elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Chinese and Indian traditional health methods also have their basic types – eg: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood or Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

But to my chagrin, my blood type turns out to be O+ – the Endurance Predator of the blood zodiac.  Equipped with fierce Cro-Magnon genes, I should be leaping into icy rivers to rip the head off any unsuspecting creatures dumb enough to swim by me. Or pursuing mammoths with my stone ax, whatever. My body thinks it is 5000BC.

O+ is apparently the blood type with a super-strong immune system IF it shuns dairy, wheat/grains, and potatoes but eats tonnes of meat. This is completely counter to the vegetarian/vegan stance and mindset I adopted sincerely at the age of five.

I’ve learned all this info, btw, during a Pluto transit – it’s square my Mercury in Aries at the moment. When Pluto is in any aspect to your natal Mercury, you’re questioning everything, ready or not.

Irritatingly, even trying the tiniest elements of the Blood Type Diet have thus far proved highly effective. My Scorpio doctor – an Ashtanga teacher who also has a degree in nutrition and is an expert on the Gut-Brain connection – thinks it is the real deal.

But diagnostics are now so much more precise and refined than the days of simplifying people into four main types. The brilliant book Gut – by Guilia Enders – talks of how even four years ago, all you could see in a sample of gut bacteria would be E-Coli. Now that same sample yields veritable dynasties of species with far more complex roles (e.g., manufacturing neurotransmitters) than was ever suspected.

It’s beyond probiotics – it’s about the integrity of the biome. It opens the way to some genuinely radical remedies and innovation in medicine.

And for the full “as above, so below” experience, the same process has been occurring in astrophysics. The universe is a multiverse. What we saw as “molecules” a few years ago is, of course, at least 80% of the mysterious Dark or Quantum matter — the “Quintessence” of the Ancients.

So obviously I’m thinking okay so I’m an O + predatory type but could I – say – eschew grains while also staying off meat and get similarly cool results? And if the blood types do correspond to the elements, which would be what?


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  1. Love all this sort of stuff. Thanks for posting and reminding me, Mystic. Perfect timing. I’m back on this diet and feel so much better.

    I’m B, and for health/animals, tried vegan three times, each time I caved in at exactly 3 weeks…with cheese. And we’re the only type that’s encouraged to eat diary.I also feel so much better with red meat in my diet. Have gotten over the guilt factor by making sure I obtain grass fed, organic animals and say thanks to the animal prior to meal for it’s contribution to my health and vitality.
    Spoke to a friend last night who’s been sick for weeks and asked her blood type. She’s B as well and llives off lentils, loves tomatoes (two thing highly recommended NOT to eat as leads to fatigue, blood sugar issues etc). Interesting to note.
    I love Dahl but always feel bloated and sluggish from it.
    Also, I have thyroid autoimmune and the gene for celiac. Fare much better sans gluten except for real, fresh sourdough which I can tolerate in regular doses, thankfully.
    Anyway, appreciate all the info here and the new found strength from tweaks to diet. Bon Appetit.

  2. I follow the Blood Type diet and totally agree with what you’re saying here. I got an autoimmune issue and was prescribed no grains at all. Then I found out about the Blood Type Diet and it said my blood type- B positive- does really well when not having grains and is prone to autoimmune issues. Ever since I followed it – I’m POW! I do think honoring what our ancestors ate – nomads for Type B- makes sense elementally, astrologically, and in many others ways!

    1. Rachel, I’m also B and have autoimmune and gene for celiac. Interesting, hey? I’ve found a bakery that does real sourdough though and can digest with ease. 🙂

  3. So glad to hear this, Mystic! Next step: Weston Price reading. The vegan diet is actually dangerous. Not just for type O. Impossible to get b12 from veg sources, same with adequate omega 3 fat which is the key. Good luck and feel better!

    1. Thank you but that’s it – i feel fine. Only i am actually protein deficient and gluten acts like a sedative with me. SO annoying re B12 – i always thought spirulina did the trick.

      I met a woman at the park today who said Rich Roll (who pulled off one of most spectacular Uranus Oppositions ever- there is a thing on him in archives here) has done a Type O vegan rant, which would be interesting.

  4. I’m blood type A+ and the diet seems very much what I’ve naturally gravitated toward — eating fish and some chicken, but mostly vegetarian, and no dairy or other meats. I can’t do total vegetarian, though, because I seem to need a lot of protein otherwise I get really spaced out. I don’t eat soy because it causes estrogen dominance and I have fibroids, don’t want to feed those! Also, I’m not supposed to have eggs according to my blood type, but I do eat a lot of eggs…….but anyway, a lot of the type A diet resonates for me and works for me.

    This is interesting, too, about the way A+ people deal with stress and have naturally high cortisol……..oh yeah, that’s me all the way!
    This list of things are those that I’ve naturally avoided in my life, without knowing it might have been due to my blood type:
    Crowds of people
    Loud noise
    Negative emotions
    Strong smells or perfumes
    Too much sugar and starch
    Violent TV and movies
    Lack of sleep
    Extreme weather conditions (hot or cold)

    It says we have sensitive immune systems and maybe that’s true, but I rarely get sick and don’t have allergies, to speak of. Though, I do wear down if I don’t conduct my life in a certain way. Case in point, having done that effing retail job for a few weeks and then quit this week because it was too exhausting, I caught a cold literally the day after I quit, and I hadn’t had a cold in about four years!

    I’m fully on board with the gut health thing and have been for years! I take probiotics in courses throughout the year and eat sauerkraut. I notice less brain fog and better mental health/mood, when I do.
    Sugar, caffeine and alcohol have always been my nemeses and whack me out completely, physically and emotionally, though I do use them to some extent —hard to avoid sometimes, they all seem to be a part of ‘socializing’ — but always looking to minimize them, and pretty vigilant about it. Can’t even handle coffee, I just drink green tea, which sits with me ok, if it’s one or two cups just in the morning.

    My whole life I’ve sought through my diet to help myself to feel better and deal with being a highly sensitive person. I just intuitively went in that direction and it has served me well.

    I’d be interested to look into the blood types and the elements or humors, as well. I’m sure there are correlations. I’m in Chinese medicine and we ‘type’ people by the five elements and there are correlating diets for each. I’m mostly an Earth element type with some Wood. These are considered ‘constitutional’ types, that can’t really be changed, just tuned to their best possible balanced expressions. You can find out your type by taking a very long questionnaire. Doesn’t always correlate with your Chinese zodiac year element or western astro. I’m Aqua Sun, Pisces Moon, Crab Asc. It’s all pretty interesting, isn’t it?!

    1. Hey, great link. I’m A- and I eat very clean. I live in PA, and we primarily get our food from an organic Amish farm that picks vegetables daily, sells free range eggs & meat, and sells raw milk products. The rest we get from our local CSA and the co-op. I noticed a huge change when I started eating this way.

      I’m still working on the lifestyle stuff the article mentions. I always blamed my Uranus rising for my nervous tension, but it looks like it us more than that. I need to cultivate better habits to manage my stress levels. I needed new motivation, so again, thanks for the link.

      1. I find that adaptogenic herbs help my stress levels and baseline nervousness. Maybe look into those?
        I take ashwaganda right now, and I want to take reishi at night, just looking into getting a really good quality one, doing a bit of research..

        That’s awesome you’re getting so much fresh and organic produce! I live in California, so it’s the same here…..easy to get fresh organic produce and we grow every type of vegetable, fruit and nut you can think of, here. It’s literally everywhere, even in Walgreens! …or just on the side of the road or in a friend’s yard… I feel lucky to have this accessibility.

      2. I recommend Sun Potion for reishi, ashwaganda, and other adaptogenic herbs. Pricey but I think very high quality. Based in Santa Barbara so supporting a CA business. 🙂

  5. Meanwhile, Nico in the picture is thinking: “My blood type is a) heroin or b) whatever blood type thrives on heroin. Heroin wofcwcnbas;cnab” I personally think she would fit into your O+ description. I think that’s who she truly was and not the chic persona people wanted her to desperately hold on to. She truly hated to be exploited only on the basis of her beauty. She wanted to be acknowledged for the true beast (not in a bad sense) that she was inside but people didn’t catch up.

  6. I’ve never gone for this diet though I’ve always done well with meat compared to my years as vegetarian. Still, I don’t eat it very regularly, that was until…

    I recently did a bio energetic evaluation (meridian stress assessment) and to my amazement have a raft of things that I have allergy to and/or cause stress which weakens the immune system. I don’t typically get allergic reactions such as the ones that are cited in todays terms but still. It’s been very insightful and broader than I anticipated.

    The combination of allergic reaction puts a load on the immune system and a weakened immune system generates inflammation which is the single most common underlying cause of illness.

    Suffice to say that even on a mostly organic diet with limited exposure to chemicals etc I am now getting settled into a very specific diet for the holiday season and will then introduce some things back in moderation. It’s been a challenging couple of weeks but one thing is clear through the signal noise… my body is very happy, I might even say satisfied. It’s my head that has had some initial grumbles and even those are backing off. All sugars gone! All gluten gone! All dairy gone.. for now. I don’t drink milk, like most of my life but I do like cheese. No alcohol but this was gone anyways. Certain legumes gone. Sadly, most coffee is gone.. for now. I only do organic black and had used only coconut sugar but now it’s neat and down to 1 soon to be none. The other side of it has been I’ve had to introduce more protein ala meats. Like some others, I’ve had to reconcile my feelings here being a big animal rights supporter.

    I think you can be both if you have an ethical approach as prowlin said and I know that takes a different budget and a different approach and our food industry has developed on practices that will, I believe, inevitably change but for now I respect that this is not something everyone can do. It’s bloody expensive but for me it’s the only choice.

    Oddly enough I’m not even mourning the seasonal gorge.

    Happy holidays!

  7. every single person is different…but for auto immune, good quality meat, LOADS of veg….no nightshades…it works for me

  8. The problem is Ayurvedic diet as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired diets are not prepared for the mess that is the modern age. Lots of people are allergic to spices, beans/legumes, certain veggies/fruit, or dairy now and can’t eat a lot of that stuff. Is it GMOs, pesticides, stress, chem trails, environmental roxins, or over-use of thickeners in food like guar gum or Polysorb 80 causing it? Who knows??

    1. I’m not too familiar with Ayurvedic diet but TCM has a wide range of possibilities to eat healthily even with food allergies. Super simplification is matching colors of the foods with the elements as colors typically indicate Vitamin or mineral content (ex. yellow carrots contain betacarotene) and then can help tonify Spleen (digestion, yellow element) Qi (B vitamin give energy)). Preparation via temperature is also important…If you’re yang qi deficient (or you’re experiencing a lot of fatigue, cold, and have edema, loose stools, etc) heating your food would be advised…not til it’s devoid of nutrients, but not straight from the fridge or raw vegetables as these require more of your body’s yang energy to warm the food and then digest it. Strongest tonifiers are animal sources like organ meats and bone broth soup If Yin deficient, more raw vegetables and cooling foods would be advised (celery, cucumber, watermelon, etc)…..It’s actually very flexible.

  9. The Blood type diet did not work out for me. I am an A + and guess what? I am fucking allergic to almost everything that it says to eat. Granted I was a vegetarian for 15 years (vegan for 5 of those years) before having to bow out for health’s sake. I hear it works really well for some others.
    I have a suspicion that the blood type diet was made for more homogeneous populations rather than for people like myself, super mixed breed. I have strange traits that were difficult to understand until I got one of those 23 and mes.
    Also consider this, There are OTHER blood types besides the ABO and Rhesus system such as MNS, P, Fisher, etc.. . I wonder if these other systems affect diet as well.

  10. I have stated this so many times with so many of my clients that a vegan diet can be super nutritious to some and down right lethal to others. Of course I normally get shouted down by those live hard vegans (can’t really say die hard can I?) But you have to ask when you see a vegan who looks totally sick and has health problems galore if he/she is simply abusing the animal/ life form that he or she is??? I have to admit that I too didn’t think much of the blood type diet for a number of years but being an A- and now hitting 50 I am drawn to veggie and vegan living, just because my immune system does not freak out that way. So Thanks Mystic, again. Here is another topic to go back over and see if a few years through the collective psyche has brought forth new information.

      1. I know right? A’s just seem like total asshats whenever I read the description, but when I hear other Asian peeps talk about it it is supposed to be a “good” one to be. I won’t tell anyone in person I am an A unless asked, lest I be judged. The one that Asian peeps mock the most is B tho.

      2. Really? B? O seems to be the paleo kings and I am engaged to a complete O. He’s the epitome of hunter/sofa/hunter/sofa…
        But I figure we all have to play around with this to see what really suits us. I have to be gluten free as grains simply don’t do it for me.
        But the veggies are my friend. Bring on the babbaganoush or however you spell it.

    1. honestly I have vegan friends who live on burgers and hot chips cooked in vegetable oils with 10 vegan beers and others who eat clean obsessed with putting on weight as much as they are protecting animal rights, but both are vegan. Is it the same diet- No. It totally depends what you are actually eating than what you are avoiding.

  11. Great piece, Mystic. On first hearing about this a few years ago a lightbulb went off since my food likes/cravings have always been naturally in line with my blood type – even as a child, e.g. instinctively disliking grains potoatoes and poultry, craving meat and dairy fats and anything pickled.
    Even further, apparently the origin of my blood type (B) is nomadic Himalaya hunter, which explained so many things to me – lifelong love of cold clean air and snow – a hot day makes me literally ill – constantly moving to new places – or just dreaming of living in Reyvjavik or Stockholm 🙂
    Thanks for the links, off to read them!

  12. Inherited immunity is well researched, so inherited gut flora (which is really just another form of immunity) and blood type seems a reasonable assumption to work from. It would be interesting if more research was invested in this area, as we have all heard stories of the non smoking, non drinking, healthy exercise freak who died of cancer or heart attack in their 50s.

    My genetics cross Greek, English, Irish and probably some Turkish considering the Turkish occupation of Greece. My body has this amazing constitution considering the abuse I’ve hurled at it. I’m muscular even if I don’t work out and quickly get lean with a small amount of cardio and progressive weights.

    I learned a long time ago that high quality protein is essential for my well being. After 6 months as a vegan I bloated beyond belief and was constantly hungry. I mean rapaciously hungry … not just normal hungry.

    I believe in sustainable, ethical farming. I don’t just buy choice cuts but frequently experiment with things like tail, kidneys and liver.

    How my conscience copes with the eating of meat:

    – top to tail eating, if I am going to have a steak, then I have to take responsibility for the rest of the animal and not contribute to waste
    – cows eat grass not grain, buy grass fed meat
    – buy local from farms that practice ethical, organic, free range produce
    – shun caged eggs, it’s a disgusting practice, the less we buy the faster they will change
    – be careful with pig products: pigs are a wonderful and intelligent animal and don’t deserve the abuse they cop in the meat industry
    – I don’t eat babies … no lamb, no veal. Nothing made from babies

    1. another point … I really wish farming practices would qualify the age of the product. Like sheep live 10-12 years. I would be much happier eating mutton from a 10 year old sheep who is aged anyway, than a 2-3 year old teenager.

    2. This also happened to me: I was a vegetarian for some months and I also got bloated and ravenous. It all ended in a scene reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby, where she cooks a big steak for 3 seconds and eats it with blood running down her chin. I was an animal until I got my meat again, haha.
      BUT I’m bloodtype A- – the vegetarian.
      My feeling is that the diet of your family is what you’re best equipped to process (the inherited gut bacteria?). A is also typical for Scandinavia where I live, and vegetarianism is a new thing. We eat loads of fish and pork.

      One thing that fits is that I do have a tendency to have low stomach acid which is typical for As and I LOVE eating raw veg like kale and cabbage…

      1. I think I inherited more off the Greeks than the Irish/Anglos, whose diet I find rather stodgy.

        I remember when travelling in Europe, I was in Germany and asked for a salad. The waitress looked at me curiously … salad? What do you mean by salad? Do you mean potatoes. No I mean lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes … got any olives or fetta? They were bemused.

        I adore the Mediterranean style of cooking … all that lovely fresh produce. Olive oil, fetta, cucumbers, capsicum. A little bit of good bread and seafood – octopus, sardine, prawns. YUM.

      2. i love it. but i am in area heavily populated by asian food universe so yes. this realm does cabbage right
        but also sauerkraut, devour like nothing else

      3. You have clearly not tasted my cabbage salad Ms!

        Two types of cabbage, plus spring onions, fresh chopped coriander and basil. A few baby spinach leaves for flavour.

        Then you get some free range eggs and bacon. Boil the eggs so they are still a little runny in the centre. Crisp up the bacon and tear into pieces. Add good sharp parmesan and a sprinkling of slivered almonds.

        Dress with a top notch ranch dressing, lemon, salt and pepper.

        You’ll never say cabbage is boring again my love!! <3

      4. haha nothing against you doll I am sure its amazing I just had flashbacks of my mother´s irish slop where it was boiled to hell. It´s an auto response, nothing against the vegetable itself, just some left over childhood food trauma haha

      5. And as for pears … have you ever had pears slightly stewed with a little coconut sugar and free range bacon on the top? Holy moly …. divine

        Oh and if you want to add a bit more texture? Crunchy onion bits OR a tiny sprinkling of roquefort … good god that is a smashing breakfast.

      6. Oh god now I have to talk more about food. I’m a Cancer Sun/Venus … cut me some slack 😉

        But then we get into the Turkish side of things … those delicious kofta … baba ganoush with real roasted eggplant and divine flat bread

        oh my gosh.

      7. I was talking to a local turkish kebab owner about smoky baba ganoush yesterday!! she said she doesn’t make it any more because it’s not popular in footscray! I said, that’s my favourite dip and she said she’s planning to just do it one day a week. And the flat bread is divine 🙂

      8. raw cruciferous if not fermented will destroy your thyroid over time and mess with iodine levels.

      9. I only believe that’s due to ancestral diet.

        A lot of northern cold climates rely on cabbage, cauliflower etc and in order to keep over dark, northern winters – learned to ferment them or keep them edible in brine.

    3. Ha! Me too. I was vego and went back to meat eating. Pigs, baby animals and squid are off the menu. I keep chickens for their eggs.

      1. Porridge is the perfect winter breakfast. Made with hot water on the stovetop and I add shredded coconut, banana, sometimes chopped apple & cinnamon. Then I sometimes add a bit of warm milk and/or yoghourt, half a tsp of coconut sugar. So warming in Winter! Can you tell I’m a Taurus moon (obsessed with food lol)

      2. I love it too! Sadly I get migraines from oats worse than sour dough bread but not as badly as high tannin wine.

      3. I can only eat a small amount of oats. I’ve experimented with different cuts of oats, but usually they leave me starving after an hour and hunting for sugar.

      4. I do get hungry after about 3 or 4 hours. But I love them and I have Scottish heritage (among others)

  13. I am O negative with a heap of auto-immune issues. Have finally given up dairy and wheat and committed to paleo, and it seems to be doing the trick. Have come across a few ex-vegans with auto-immune issues who’ve also improved their health via paleo. You don’t have to eat heaps of meat, it’s more about being choosy with what veggies you include in your diet with small amounts of protein. Good luck Mystic with your own health journey xx

  14. IRegardless of blood type, I have Celiac disease so no gluten grains ever! I was vegetarian for many, many years, but undiagnosed and I’ll. I had to bring meat into my diet, fowl play and fish only at first, to heal the over two decades of damage done being a gluten eater eating tons of high gluten fake meats and grains.

    My ex had the blood type to do well as a vegetarian. He has been one his whole life and is healthy. Our daughter is a lifelong vegetarian as well, very healthy too. I do not know her bloodtype thought.

    1. I am B positive…which so no wheat so that.fits with my celiac disease. It says no corn which does make my muscle and joint pain worse.

      1. I am a B- and I’m also celiac. I think there’s something to it, and corn also makes me feel like total crap.

  15. And as an o positive who was also seriously veg for many years, it turned out to be wondrously great for me to eat meat, and grains are def an enemy.

  16. There’s also the umami flavours that I crave. I found that dried porcini mushrooms cooked in trad Italian ways (recipes etc) really satisfying. If pasta wasn’t an option, You could probably make a nice sauce with a bit of flour/cornflour, white wine, dried herbs, porcini and maybe a dusting of good parmesan…crack of pepper… Pour it over some soft cooked polenta, or grilled something or other.

  17. I’m O rh neg…and from an Asian culture where blood type is a really big deal. I would love to be veg or even vegan, but my body and brain absolutely hate it. I feel blunted. A little sick. Like forcing a cat to eat peas for protein.

    I did raw vegan for a while, and that was the worst. I love the idea of it, but my brain did not function and my body crapped out. I hated the idea of meat, but my body was greedy for it, especially raw meat. It’s easy to look at other people successfully eating a certain diet and thinking that is proof that you should be able to thrive on it as well. But as far as I can tell, we are not all the same.

    There can be a divide between our strongly held ideology and our physical reality, and when that happens, my experience tells me it’s best to go with the body. After all, I’m not eating for the benefit of my ideology. I’m eating for my body alone. Ideologies don’t need to eat any food.

    I do wonder if rh negs are different though. The Blood Type Diet doesn’t seem to differentiate.

    1. I feel the same… I’m O neg (although not Asian) and I literally can’t function without animal protein. .Until my 40s I was vegan/vegetarian on principal until a cascade of health issues left me bed ridden, severely underweight and in constant pain. I developed sensitivities to dairy, legumes, most grains except white rice, fruits, sugars you name it. I had no idea what to do until I heard about the GAPS diet and in desperation decided to try it.
      It was incredible, from the minute I drank a cup of beef broth full of fatty marrow my body was craving for it. I binged on it for about 2 weeks One day I’d just had enough and moved on to chicken broth which still forms the bulk of my diet as soups and risottos.

      It made a massive difference to my health including reversing hair loss/ greying. I still can’t eat grains/legumes/dairy/raw vegies and if I go more than 2-3 days with out animal protein all the symptoms start coming back, so I just have to deal with the guilt about how many animal deaths I’m contributing to.
      In the end I decided that I just have to make my life “worth while” in some way to pay them back…

      1. well, someone was having a moment of melodrama when they wrote their comment…(-that’d be me). Just read back over my comment above and it reads waaay over the top….I’m blaming the heat today.

        PF I feel like I’m missing some cleverly hidden puns…blame that on the heat too

    2. This.
      “It’s easy to look at other people successfully eating a certain diet and thinking that is proof that you should be able to thrive on it as well. But as far as I can tell, we are not all the same.”

      Diet is so ‘in’ at the moment and the western world is OBSESSED with what is ‘good’ for you and what is ‘bad’. Then you get these ‘health’ gurus telling you what the F to eat and drink… I think the paleo diet is especially bullshit — no scientific evidence, and can make people sick. People are always looking for the ‘answer’ and they get sucked in by clever salespeople. Like that bloody cancer woman who was a total fraud and said she’d cured herself by ‘eating clean’ and blogged and instagrammed about it. Turns out she never had cancer.
      We are so lucky we have plenty of food and choice. And can choice to eat organic and fresh. I think we’ve become far too spoiled and fussy. Just 50-100 years ago people didn’t have access to the amazing fresh produce and variety we have today. Lots of people in the world are lucky to get a small amount of rice with some flavouring each day and some muddy water to drink!

      1. Am a big believer in the art of pleasure in eating regardless of what we ‘should’ eat and how happy it makes the psyche.
        Don’t eat what you do not enjoy, like tofu gives me no pleasure not even a sense of righteousness….lol. Whereas an aged porterhouse has me gurgling with love of cows and the time and care into making it so soft and tasty.

      2. thank you gemyogi
        like fine tuning whether we eat goji berries or acai will make us 5% more intelligent or live 3 weeks longer.

      3. Lol, or if we have a special seaweed green ‘smoothie’ we’ll do better in our exams, and feel self righteous when bragging about it to everyone

      4. One of the hilarious memes going around showed this health nut woman who eats vegan / organic / whatever and is an ‘expert’ in the field, with a photo of her at 50-something — she looked haggard and scrawny — and compares her with Nigella, who eats butter, cream, chocolate, pastry, cake, meat, basically quite a rich diet, drinks wine etc. etc. and looks AMAZING and glowing at the same age. And has some meat on her bones. It was hilarious. Not a good ad for an extreme ‘healthy’ diet

      5. agree with you Gemyogi. !!

        My pet peeve is people who eat gluten free just because it’s trendy.

        Don’t even get me started on Pete Evans and his activated almonds which cost a bloody fortune!!!!
        Nuts are expensive enough as it is.

        Then there’s the whole “sugar is evil” brigade. No it’s not. Sure, it is if you consume a bottle of coke a day but a little bit of chocolate or piece of cake is not going to kill anyone.

      6. Haha. The funny thing is, gluten is the thing that actually makes bread chewy and good. I had a gluten free choc brownie the other day (that was the only type they had) and it had so much more sugar in it, and was a bit hard and crunchy instead of cakey. So much better to have proper flour and more butter than be loaded up with sugar.

        Very small % are actually gluten intolerant but lots of people think gluten or carbs are the enemy — and yes Peter Evans is a total dickhead, and a charlatan

  18. Interesting! I’m O (I think positive) and I relate to this — after some health problems a few years ago I started eating meat, especially fish — for the omegas and other things, and do find me energy hugely steadier.

    Love it when you riff on health, mysticism, good living, and science, MM.


  19. God Mystic this is so on point for me right now. i have been questioning my diet lately because everything i eat seems to leave me feeling low. So I’ve been playing around with foods trying to find the right combo and wulla the other day going through my books which are packed up at the moment. I found my small book “diet by blood type” and my blood type read out that i did while over in the US in 2014 and questioned myself does this really work? So now I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens.

  20. Have always had a grudging respect for the blood type diet. It makes a lot of sense to divide according to blood type, as much as anything really. Genes change all the time, blood type not so much.

    Mine is B+ and I do relate to much of the suggestions and personality indications described. My brother was really into it at one point and was thrilled that they mentioned beer was good for his body type. I tried to point out that was not meant to be as a meal, but he was like, “it’s on the list!”.

    Also I noticed a bit of palmistry on the link above. I KNOW palmistry to be true and work, as even as a novice at 14 I was able to see read a palm more or less. A relative whose palm I read I observed had heart problems in their 30’s. I asked my mother if he had ever cheated on his wife!!! Or you know, had a heart related issue. She was very shocked and then remembered he had suffered heart palpitations after a cyclone tore his roof off at exactly that age. Tsk, she said to me regarding the idea of an affair, lol.

  21. I’m a big fan of the Bulletproof diet. The creator Dave Asprey is a former computer hacker / developer Silicon Valley person turned “biohacker”. I wager he has some kind of Virgo- aqua- Uranus mesh in his chart, definitely a mad scientist type. He emphasizes fats, quality meat, and veg and coffee! I especially find the infographic on which vegetables should be lightly cooked as helpful. Some of them hurt my stomach if raw. It works very well for me and hey butter and chocolate are on the list 😉

  22. I have a theory that nothing is really vegetarian/vegan. Animals that eat plants chomp on some insects in the process. Those plants live off of decomposed creatures, nutrients in the soil they are. I think this thought process began when my husband told me that deer have been caught on camera eating baby birds out of their nests. That’s not so vegetarian. Then there’s like 400 species of carnivorous plants. No diss on the vegs or anything, just observations.

    Plants are so healing and as a novice herbalist and essence maker, I totally get that plants have incredible energy systems. ALL things we eat (or use as medicine) deserve respect and thanks.

    I’m A type and bought that book ages ago. I think it said to stay away from vinegar but I put apple cider vinegar on my salads all the time. I’m totally not gluten free so I’m glad A is cool with gluten. The more you listen to what your body needs, the more it will tell you. Plus it’s totally fun to do things like eat in season foods and try to figure out what to do with all the interesting veggies in your CSA box. I could go buy strawberries right now but I’m not going to because they taste better in June when you haven’t eaten them for almost a full year.

    Can you tell the full moon will be on my Venus/Jupiter conjunction? Lolololol

    1. I like your theory and have always imagined the same.
      For me respect, compassion and dignity for all lives is important, but as I believe that there is really no death that it is all part of a continuum or a river of life.. I don’t value life over death so obsessively as some more agnostic or materialist oriented people. That doesn’t mean I think we should be greedy or eat loads of meat. But your observation is quite true in my mind.

      1. Yes, definitely! I don’t think eating dead people would be ‘wrong’ necessarily either. Not that I want to!

      2. There’s a beautiful soul herbalist I worked with over the summer who is hard core vegan and I know she is well versed in health and infusions, but her eyes are surrounded by dark circles and she seems super low energy. I can’t help but think she is doing herself a disservice by not supplying herself with what she needs. I don’t know her well enough to bring it up because it is such a personal choice. And I also know it’s not universal because I know another vegan and her diet suits her like a charm.

    2. Agree. I’m an omnivore. Moderation in all things. I’ve never understood how some vegos/vegans seem to think they’re superior to meat eaters, or morally better. I think eating a carrot or a legume is just as predatory. As long as the animals have a good life and are killed humanely, what’s the difference.

      I tried drinking organic apple cider vinegar after reading about all the health benefits, but I didn’t like the taste, and felt it was too acidic and that my system didn’t need more acid.

    3. I like the way you framed this up Electro. Not that I’m looking for a justification… just a different way of looking at the whole.

  23. I was working in an industrial area as a screenprinter next door to a motorcycle mechanics. This one day I’m out the front unloading screens and yapping away merrily to screenmaker and there’s this guy in his leathers waiting to pick up his bike in my peripheral vision..He comes over and says ”This is going to sound strange, but you’re an AB blood type right ?” Ummmm..Yeessss AB+ …Turns out so was he, and he had been eating for his blood type and proceeded to tell me things i should stay away from .. One was cheese, unless of course it’s goats cheese, im pretty sure also grains, pasta, rice, bread which at the time i balked at ..) However i dont touch any of them now unless somewhere and they have some eccentric artisan bread and i’ll eat a slice and bloat up like roadkill) … and also goats milk is meant to be super good..which is odd, as when i was about 4 I told my Aries Mum i wasn’t drinking cows milk anymore and asked for goats milk .. Goddesses know why, we werent on a farm, we were by the sea in Sydney, Aries Mum though…Giver her a mission – sourced it and that was it, for a couple of years…

    Reckon you’re on to something with the elements and blood types….And maybe fire is related to AB…

  24. I’m A- blood type and I saw a very good nutritionist many years ago who suggested a vego diet for me. She also said As thrive on grains. I do crave meat and eat it about 3 times a week, especially steak or roast chook. I also love nuts and vego food, but I also LOVE butter and cheese and detest low fat milk. Love tempeh and some tofu, legumes, broccoli is a staple.

    She also said to stop eating tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant (part of deadly nightshade family?!) that’s when I thought, no way lady, potatoes are my main food and I crave them. Also good quality bread (the staff of life). It’s interesting though.

    I do eat pretty healthy and try to avoid junk food, and it’s funny how many people assume I’m a vegetarian. Which I have never been. 🙂

    1. I feel like the kind of food you are craving is probably your body telling you what you need (unless it’s a vat of sugary lollies or a bucket of wine).

      I absolutely love avocados and can eat a whole one as a snack. Some days I need an egg and bacon muffin, some days I feel like brown rice and lots of vegies. When I need comfort food, hot chips or a baked potato always hit the spot. Carbs do increase serotonin, and as I tend towards depression, I feel like they really help me. Bananas too.

    2. I have a theory that nothing is really vegetarian/vegan. Animals that eat plants chomp on some insects in the process. Those plants live off of decomposed creatures, nutrients in the soil they are. I think this thought process began when my husband told me that deer have been caught on camera eating baby birds out of their nests. That’s not so vegetarian. Then there’s like 400 species of carnivorous plants. No diss on the vegs or anything, just observations.

      Plants are so healing and as a novice herbalist and essence maker, I totally get that plants have incredible energy systems. ALL things we eat (or use as medicine) deserve respect and thanks.

      I’m A type and bought that book ages ago. I think it said to stay away from vinegar but I put apple cider vinegar on my salads all the time. I’m totally not gluten free so I’m glad A is cool with gluten. The more you listen to what your body needs, the more it will tell you. Plus it’s totally fun to do things like eat in season foods and try to figure out what to do with all the interesting veggies in your CSA box. I could go buy strawberries right now but I’m not going to because they taste better in June when you haven’t eaten them for almost a full year.

      Can you tell the full moon will be on my Venus/Jupiter conjunction? Lolololol

      1. Eeeek! Wrong comment! I have to cut and paste them because they never go through the first time for some reason.

        Sorry for the spam, I’m going to bed now. Enough internet for me!

      2. So true. There are no vegan human cultures, but there are many human vegetarian cultures. But when they move to cleaner area like the states, eating the same vegetarian diet, many become ill and suffer things like protein deficiency. Why? one reason is less bugs in your grains. In the U.S. if you eat cereal everyday you probably eat anywhere from 1-4 roaches a year.

        I saw a squirrel eat bird eggs and try to kill a pigeon to eat it! I think animals stay veg when it works for them, but they’ll adapt when they see an opportunity.

        Also consider this, plants do NOT want to be be eaten. The grass does not like to be mowed and gives off distress signals. Those essential oils we slather on ourselves. Plants release those as chemical signals and to ward off insects and such. Lectins in beans are too keep off pests! Including us! Quinoa has natural saponins that you must wash off prior to cooking or else it puts holes in your gut like roundup. Supposedly Monsanto saw similar mechanisms in plants and just synthesized a man-made version. Cucurbitacin in zucchini type squashes have been known to kill. Never eat squashes that taste bitter. The organic ones are the worst in this chemical because it is their only defense against pests.

      3. Oh man, I remember when I found out that the cut lawn smell was the smell of grass trying to repair itself. That’s all I can think about when I smell it now.

    3. relate to everything you’ve said Gemyogi. I’m a A- too.

      Lucky i’m not gluten intolerant because i would DIE if i had to give up bread. As soon as i wake up i’m ravenous and can not leave the house without avocado on wholemeal toast. Never get bored of it either.

      I eat pretty healthy too so i can indulge in my comfort food – potato chips. If they added vitamins to chips i could live off them. LOL.

      I’m lucky i don’t need to diet (Cap Asc) because i hate being told what i can and can’t eat. Everything in moderation I say.

      I freakin LOVE tomatoes. Not giving them up. No way!! And I thrive off carbs. I crave baked pumpkin and sweet potato. Pretty much bake it every day except in summer.

      People assume i’m vegetarian too. Chuckled when i read that. I guess if you look healthy or a little “artistic” or “alternate” ??? people assume you must be veggo.

      I like meat but I’m crap at cooking it.

      I have low stomach acid levels common to A- peeps so can’t eat anything too rich.

      I’m hyperglycaemic, so have to eat small regular meals. I really, really hate that. Too much preparation involved. I wish i was one of those people with a cast iron stomach who boast that they haven’t eaten anything all day. I would just DIE!!!! Sucks having such a delicate and weak constitution.

      1. A lot of the people who eat only one meal a day have other issues like hypothyroid. It isn’t normal to eat one meal a day. You can train yourself to go it but it isn’t necessarily healthy. I have heard good things about intermittent fasting though.

    4. Gemyogi, what I meant to say yesterday when my comment crapped out was that people always think I’m a vegetarian and on a diet. No and no. Too many people on the SAD diet I suppose.

      1. ok, just looked it up and it *is* literally sad that peeps eat so much crap and think it’s food 🙁

  25. Resonates much??? I too am 0+ and have over the years tried to follow the blood type diet that was devised by the 1960’s(?) naturopath who’s name escapes me.
    Only, I’m vegetarian again due to purely not being able to hurt little animals. This has been a crisis for me since I was a child and would go rabbiting with my Grandfather. My bouts with meat eating and eschewing PASTA and bread and avocado do have me feeling more …. in better health to a degree. But then I just can do it and revert back to being vego. I do eat more legumes in the aim of upping my protein but what I really always want to eat is vegetarian and most of the foods in the list that I should be avoiding. I wish someone could do a chart for me that can tell me what I can eat accordingly!

  26. I saw a psychic once & she had a vision of me carrying bags of pineapples…’you need to eat loads of pineapple!’ she declared. It was only in reading the Blood Type diet book a few months later that I found as a Type A my stomach acidity is somewhat lacking & that the bromelain in pineapples is an excellent enzyme assisting in the breakdown of proteins, which Type As generally don’t digest well (hence less meat more veg). In a nutshell (pumpkin seed preferred) it works for me, however I am lucky in that the foods super beneficial to me are the ones I also enjoy eating.

  27. This has been a big discussion in my family for years. Your doctor sounds so interesting, I wish I knew a doctor like that in California!
    I am the same blood type as you, and I love love potatoes, salads and fruits, however, when I used to eat red meat before I did feel also good. It is all a mystery!

  28. I know in certain Asian cultures, blood type is also said to correlates with personality and such.

    You might not absolutely HAVE TO eat meat, right? Maybe just extra, what, protein and iron? I am veg, I do nettle infusions when I crave meat. Maybe you can write a book about THAT–the no meat version of a diet that addresses the needs of a high meat diet?

    1. exactly. the point is that i am not one of the blood types that officially thrives on a vegetarian diet and even tofu/lentils are apparently bad for type Os. So it involves a big re-think around protein. but it is so thought provoking just reading and contemplating this material – as in being totally objective about everything.

      1. I am 0+ also and when I read the book I was like arrrghh this can’t be- vego since birth (5th generation) one of the only blood types to really thrive on meat diet.

      2. again, your timing is impeccable. I am in the exact same boat re blood type- personal politics vs genetics, i have an A grade warrior meat hunt genepool O+ both sides and nothing fucks my body harder than a grain based diet. Most of my personal health issues stem from carb-insulin-digestive immunity hell and Our family diseases and cancers are actually all based around the mentioned in the text breakdown.

        I´ve been aware of certain allergies for some time but I´m only just getting the protein aspect on a macro balance for this. (mainly due to my weightlifting right now but now I am learning about all this) My protein count and carbs (not fat so much) needed a particular reset around the norm, I need to be careful due to hereditary disease so I am not on a fast track to thyroid cancer and type one diabetes. Lentils actually have a high protein count but I´m really on path now (very early days it feels) to finding my bodies natural balance diet it feels. Dairy and most grains have always made me feel sick, i have a high vegetable diet for my carb sources and I am very particular about my grains, I eat a lot of plant based protein sources. Fats are fine, mostly nuts and oils. But yeah, its been ages like you say to think of the blood type base but it´s always so true for me right down to the last detail its hard to ignore regardless of whatever new wave info comes. Adjusting my protein count and lowering carbs (within reasonable macro count for my training, do your homework for sure) has done wonders so far, I´m speaking to a lot of people about all my diet health aspects so its an evolving state. But yeah, would be interesting what LT experienced information has to say about the blood type with protein count connection

      3. I was similar. Vego for 14 years. O+ blood type. I never craved meat while I was vego but at some point I realized my body needed it. And I was eating other sources of protein – god so much. Now I eat a little meat every week and my body is so much stronger for it. I can build muscle faster and I’ve been sick, I swear, once in 6-7 years. I really thought the blood type diet was bs when I first heard about it (and I was vego) and maybe it is but I wouldn’t rule out meat helping your body. The thing as an ex vego is that I still don’t crave meat and eat much less than most people do. Omigod I sound like an ad for the carnivorous lifestyle! Forgive me. Plus this is just my experience 🙂

      4. The Dalai Lama mentioned in his autobiography that he was constantly ill with gut problems & had no choice but to eat meat for his health. Pretty sure he’s 0+ blood type.

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