Mercury in Aries

Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

Covid-19 Astrology? I blame all this on Saturn, I really do. And okay, Pluto. I knew that whatever kicked up in Dec/Jan would be disruptive as fuq and propel us into the future. I exhausted the word ‘catharsis’ and made sweeping suggestions about canceling globalism, flying, and factory farming. They irritated some people but I have Mercury in Aries so all my suggestions can sweep. But I was secretly hoping …

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surreal fashion shoot with Adriana Lima in pink costume holding a pool net

A Classic Mercury Retrograde Interaction

Mercury Retrograde July 2019 is outdone by Saturn, Pluto, and the Eclipses. So it’s resorted to high-fructose theatrical surrealism. This exchange between me and a Mega Mystic member is an example of it. We both have Mercury in Aries. From: Nancy The Aries To: Mystic Medusa Subject: Re: Daily Mystic For Monday I just learned today how to wire-tap stones….this is exciting!!  From: Mystic Medusa  To: Nancy The Aries  Subject: What? …

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Saturn Pluto Planet collage with water and woman watching the planets

A Saturn Pluto Schooling

Hello! This is just a quick note to say that the Daily Mystic + Daily Horoscopes will be up asap but that I am fine. Mega Mystic Members, thank you for your patience and stand by for the Horoscopes + Daily Mystic email. I hate being late with things or vibing unreliable and I appreciate your patience with this. I would usually be well ahead with it all so you …

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Hex Wives Is An Awesome Omen

Hex Wives fits the astrology. It is super-now. Being a Mercury in Aries person, I’m either one-click grabbing something to read the moment I hear of it or it is energetically irrelevant.  Hex Wives was a click-to-order so fast that my fingers spasmed. To me, the impending release of Hex Wives is an awesome omen. It’s like someone data-mined my brain while I was sleeping. What is it? It’s a …

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The Astrology Of The Royal Wedding

Well, i was not even going to watch this event, let alone write about the Astrology of the Royal Wedding. But i was sucked into this frankincense and regalia vortex and watched the whole damn thing. So, some astrological observations, for anyone interested. # The stand-out star of the whole event was the Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church. He blew away the …

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Mercury Retrograde In Aries

Mercury Retrograde in Aries is good for getting you back on your top game but you only get that benefit if you first feel like a non-contender. Actually, this Mercury Retrograde is going to help us get back ON our game. Mercury Retrograde in Aries is from March 23 to April 15 and we are now in the shadow-zone of this Retrograde. That is – when Mercury has reached the …

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