Is ADHD Like Being A Mutable?

Is there an A.D.H.D. astrology link? If so, it would be with the so-called Mutable signs. It is probably some version of Mercury-in-Aries arrogance, but when I first heard of A.D.D./A.D.H.D. as a diagnosis, I dismissed it.

I thought it was just the insistence of making a kid sit still for hours on end, all day, crap teaching, etc. I mounted an ideological argument against the suggestion of A.D.H.D. and even re-read Ivan Illich, the Virgo author of De-Educating Society and other forward-thinking for his time tomes.

But then the other day, a la the promptings of readings from trusted sources – including some commenters on this site – I went and did a few ‘do you have adult A.D.H.D.?’ quizzes online. All the results were dinging off the scale yes.

I asked my Gemini daughter if she thought i had it and she shrugged “of course, I have it, you have it, my brother is it, I think a quarter of the population has it.”Β  She is not seeing it as a disorder to be treated but as a neurally different tone of being.

So now, I’m diagnosed with it (this is an update) and I am super-Mutable, FYI.

This is not a medical article – it is a post on an astrology blog. BUT it seems like all the traits being “tested” for in the quizzes were the same as demonstrated – broadly – by the Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

And the lists of “famous people thought to have had A.D.H.D” are thronged with the Mutables:Β  Alexander Bell (inventor of the telephone) – Pisces. Einstein (you know) – Pisces. Frank Lloyd Wright (genius architect) – Gemini. Mark Twain – Saggo. Emily Dickenson – Saggo. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Gemini. Leo Tolstoy – Virgo. Yeats – Gemini. John F. Kennedy – Gemini.

This is just going off Sun Signs. The shifting consciousness and diffuse focus of ADHD syncs with many of the Mutable traits in astrology.

Is A.D.H.D. a legit diagnosis of an actual problem that requires the individual to be medicated or given therapy to re-align? Or is it more of an adjustment that society needs to be making?

Can you see any link with the ‘relishing change’ awareness of the Mutable signs or people who are strong in those? It is not like we can set and forget any vocational or educational structure anymore.

Image: Eijin Suzuki

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  1. There’s so many great comments here that I don’t need to say much more, and yet I’m still compelled to. 🀣
    I’m heavily virgo and sag and I’m ADHD, possibly on the ASD spectrum too.
    I’d suggest that in addition to being highly mutable, a prominent Uranus, or a lot of Aquarius energy can bolster the quirky, iconoclastic vibe. And point to being neurospicy. Lower vibe is obviously scattered etc
    PS- I can’t believe I only just saw this post!

  2. Uranus in the 3rd/Virgo, Gemini rising/mutable signs on the angles, Pluto in Virgo on the IC just barely into the 4th house, Jupiter conjunct Chiron, both conjunct my Pisces MC on the 9th house side tightly opposing the Uranus. I’d say I’m the poster child for ADHD. Middling student, hugely bored with school, β€œdream shaman.”

    1. β€œWired and tired,” LOL. Also, I love ideas… visionary, β€œsystems thinker”… but let others work out the boring details.

  3. Absolutely right. Im like 90% mutable and have strong adhd since a kid…got sag moon,mars, venus, mercury and midheaven plus pisces rising AND sun conjunct Neptune…sometimes its like I dont even exist in this physical body lol

  4. I think you are absolutely right and stated what I was thinking. I’m very mutable and i have ADHD – sun and mercury virgo, mars neptune uranus sag, gemini rising. mercury is in an exact square with uranus (both mutuable) and I think that’s the major kicker for me. when I took adderal in college I received high praise from my teachers, and if I didn’t take it I couldn’t get any work done at all. I’m also chronically messy and disorganized which is unusual for virgo. addeal and Ritalin feel like cocaine to my body and I can’t take them, I’m now 35 and have never consistently been on any meds but I’m about to go on one that’s not a stimulant. I have mixed feelings about it because i know it’s not something that needs to be fixed, but at this point in my life I’m living in a stressful society as a full time single mom with a 5 year old, and I need to be providing for us and basically on my productive game 24/7. in other situations I don’t feel bothered enough by the ADHD to medicate

  5. I’m an Aquarius, only my Mars and Saturn are mutable.
    My Scorpio son has a mutable Mars and Moon. And my other Capricorn son only has a mutable Venus.
    We are all “clinically diagnosed” ADD.

  6. I love your resistance to the trend but feel like your Gem daughter about it: different neurological pattern is all, no shame, meds def help but in circumstances to which the neurodivergent one MAY not be natally suited at all.*

    Or, meds may be crucial to university completion… I feel like some of us (ahem: your family, my family) have these massive gifts and sometimes they simply correspond with other not-so-fun-to-endure qualities.

    And on an individual and deeply considered basis these may respond best to medication at certain points in one’s life… I’ve done it.

    We try to craft a life in which we can be totally meaningfully present as we are made/born/starseeded… but sometimes we need some help getting from here to there, you know?

    *I’m no fan of institutional schooling; I was homeschooled by curriculum myself for a while and have big plans to unschool or Montessori any sprogs.

  7. My kid (he’s in his early 20s now) was verrry frustrating to all his teachers. Although he was super intelligent and learned easily, he absolutely refused to do paperwork. In 3rd grade, he kept signing out for bathroom breaks because he was so bored. The teacher wanted him tested for ADHD, but to me he seemed like a normal kid who was stubborn and didn’t want to conform to the system. Glad we didn’t listen to her. He is a Taurus with Virgo ascendant.

    In middle/high school, he’d sit in class and appear to be sleeping, do ridiculously well on his finals, and fail the class because he hadn’t handed in any homework all semester. His position was that if he could learn the material without having to do the homework, he shouldn’t be punished for that. πŸ™‚

  8. retrogradelemonade

    I consistently (or so I thought) was noted on all report cards from my teachers:

    “Pleasure to have in class. Does not disrupt but has a strong difficulty focusing on the task at hand/needs a tutor/doesnt seem to be interested in the work but is great at participating”

    (Mars in Virgo in the 11th, ruler of my ASC, least aspected planet in my chart, hard to tie that energy down myself. In addition to that, my 3rd house is packed with a full blow Rx Capricorn stellium. Uranus is there, Neptune’s there, Saturn’s there, and My moon conjuncts it, sandwiched in between the rest of them. Lastly, I have Mercury and Venus Rx in my 10th, quincunxing almost every 3rd house planet including my moon.

    A few therapists diagnosed me at a young age but my mother refuses to believe it exists. (Moon conjunct Saturn in the 3rd LOL)

  9. I agree with you 100%! And I came up with exactly what you are saying myself when I started getting into astrology some years ago and also tok online tests and then gpt officially tested for addult ADD through a neuro scientist. It all became an experiment to me to see the resaults, because like you, I dont believe its a “disease”, its just a different energy. People are different.
    I am a Virgo 9th house, moon in Pisces 3rd house, Sagittarius rising, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Pluto in Libra 9th house (also in equal house systems, but then my sun is sometimes in 10th house..Vedic 9th and 10th)
    I got the diagnosis Addult ADD and I could even use that diagnosis to get special treatment through the Norwegian goverment because I am this way/abnormal (they would give financial support because I “cant stay still in one job for more then 3 months..actually because I am bored to death and feel trapped and want to go travel and learn new things..daydream and start new projects…but they say its because I have a diagnosis..)
    Btw, I am 39 years old, and I have always been this way and I like it πŸ™‚ ..and now I am packing and moving my daughter and dog to live in Spain where we cn be more free and outside and have fun in the sun πŸ™‚ Everyone should be supported to live their true planetary energy. I wish everyone knew astrology πŸ™‚ And if mutable people feel too stressed there are plants like grapeseed extract and probiotics and vitamins and food people can eat to feel more ballanced and ballance hormones and the immune system (I had to check myself because I was out of ballance), still being themselves πŸ™‚ I love your posts!! πŸ™‚ It is so spot on!! So true and funny!! πŸ˜€ Thank You so much!! <3 πŸ™‚

  10. ok, come on mystic. you are so beyond everyone in so many realms and you are just now writing on this. all i can really can say is people with add/adhd have other worlds beckoning their attention. maybe other realms is a better way of putting it. we are evolving as people and i think people/children with add have the ability to communicate in highly sophisticated ways, whether its body movement or actions, or words poetry or math. all in all people with this “disorder” do not need to be medicated and your inclinations were correct. your daughter is the shit and sounds like she has a very good grip on it. as she gets older don’t be surprised when she starts laying down some highly advanced spiritual musings on you. you seem like such a cool lady, and you help me a lot. i sort of feel like im getting no where do to said “a.d.d.” but i started working on a comedy routine, and i am piecing together songs, and movie ideas, its more just wondering where the fuck my tribe is. i need them…. gallivanting across Europe without me probably.

  11. This labeling stuff really bugs me. Learning to cope with one’s energy be it a lot or little is just something to understand and learn. Like playing a musical instrument. It’s a practice. A skill. There’s always, in my opinion, more to the picture than what ever the surface looks like. I think a lot of people feel unsafe in this world and than can make them hyper active. There are just too many labels that obscure the issue which can only be addressed individual by individual. Perhaps I miss the point here but respecting differences rather than mechanizing people might help.

    1. Really like your first 5 lines.
      ‘Unsafe=hyper active’or hyper vigilant
      perhaps. An interesting hypothesis.

    2. I LOVE the labels. The labels send you on the information highway to self-knowledge. They are tools in a tool chest. They are keys to unlock hidden chambers.

      People who give a toss what OTHERS think hate labels I think. Perhaps as they feel boxed in or disrespected.

      But I am happy with my labels as I truly don’t care about how others perceive me, I just care about how to be the best person I can be. The labels help me seek out others who are in the same situation.
      This is the essence of what language is about no? To connect us!

      Respecting differences is of course ideal, I just don’t depend on others to care for, respect or provide me with anything.

      1. YES
        It’s kind of like finding out your enneagram number- it helps you understand your Self better, and more clearly identify problems and solutions.


        very much like astrology. Those who wish to can operate at a lower vibration and label someone based on their (sun) sign, but the sincere student uses the information for their benefit.

      2. Haha, thank you sincere student for bringing us back full circle to where this started: astrology.
        Beautiful, meaningful, miraculous star patternings on which all psychological, phenomenalogical generalisations and characterisation are originally based!! Mutable Powers: Activate! Form of a Grand Cross. X.

  12. Ok, I know my sun and rising signs and that’s about it in terms of astrology, so I can’t comment on whether ADHD only occurs in mutable people. But, when I was working as a therapist, I found kids were often being diagnosed with ADHD (and sometimes put on Ritalin) when they were acting out due to having terrible family environments. So that is a proportion of supposedly ADHD cases where I doubt it’s biological. In other instances, I do think there is some brain chemistry component. Some people diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder (something not particularly accepted by the medical establishment but often accepted by naturopaths and I have friends who have benefited greatly from treatment for this diagnosis), which is supposed to deplete healthy levels of Zinc and B vitamins, often experience much-reduced ADHD-symptoms when they take vitamin supplements. While it’s tempting to romanticise ADHD, and to try and recast it in terms of some sort of super, multi-tasking brain, I think the deficits in the brain’s executive functioning in those with ADHD can actually be very challenging and difficult to live with.

  13. In classic ADHD style, having dominated the comments in a hardcore propaganda guerilla anti-conspiracy theory / pro big pharma kind of way. I feel as if I’m not being completely honest and over reacting.
    Not you?

    I’m about as mutable as it’s possible to be astrologically speaking.
    Not just the all the Sag and all the Virgo but the squares with Saturn to sun moon and mars. There’s just so much to indicate it in my chart but I guess what’s really been bothering me is the fact that I thought my Sag moon and Sag rising were what made me so oppositional to almost any kind of authority except one I choose. I also berated myself for not living up to my packed 10th house potential and felt bad that I wasn’t like a famous wildly successful career prodigy. Basically, I blamed myself. Finding out there was more has helped enormously.
    Over and out

    1. I so get this. When my doc suggested my issues I read this really depressing book by an MD on ADD/ADHD who was all about medicating people.
      There was this story about a girl who was struggling at school, who then rebelled and found a rebel boy, who then got pregnant -because she found remembering taking the pill a challenge and so on… Her whole life a jumble of misadventures.

      It really depressed me and woke me up to the pattern of my own personal life choices.
      It was like I was suddenly able to review my whole life through the lens of a neurotypical adult. And it was not good! I could see clearly how others had viewed my decisions and recalled expressions on their faces with fresh clarity. So painful!

      My Sun and Mercury in the 2nd have been much less about assets and external goods than I’d like too, lol.
      Having a Mutable axis and SN in Gem conj my ASC needs to come with a disclaimer.

      1. I know exactly what you mean. Was listening to an audiobook on life hacks and coping stratagies for adult adhd and had to switch it off. it was just freaking me out to listen to it. Sometimes focusing on the problem, even ‘how to deal with the problem” make me feel as if I AM the problem. And it’s not like I need that rubbed in any further. I’ve spent my life feeling like I was a problem to be solved, something broken to be fixed. I want to be loved for who I am, the way I am so I’d better love myself. Omg I’ve just realised it’s about 5 hours later than I thought it was and my dinner is burned. Classic.

    2. Being a triple Sagg with Virgoan Mars
      and also have big 10 & 11th house action have always thought my delightful travelling Sagg bits took over the Cap rising & Virgo earthy grounding part that could have made me very very financial secure foreva if i had worshiped at the altar of Mammon, alas Everything Else was more attractive.
      Fret not you are doing what you are meant to be doing….Exploring, yes?

      1. I agree that this ‘diagnosis’ of ADHD is merely describing a set of symptoms.

        Autism has about 200 symptoms – other than that there is no way to define it scientifically yet.

        What’s the problem with giving this set of symptoms a name? It needs to be named to be described so we can have a conversation about how to live better with that set of symptoms.

      2. 12th house virgo

        I have a problem with giving a set of symptoms a name and diagnosing 100% of people with the disease/disorder. I have yet to hear of someone who asked and does not have ADHD. That isn’t saying people don’t have it. But who asked and had a doctor say “No, for sure, you don’t have that at all.”

        If everyone is diagnosed with a disease, shouldn’t that be a public health concern too?

      3. That isn’t how ADHD is diagnosed at all. I’ve never known any adult to get a diagnosis of ADHD based solely on the evidence they provide. School reports, information from family, friends, ex or current spouses, bosses, colleagues etc are required and even this is no guarantee of either a diagnosis or treatment. The NHS simply does not address it. It’s horribly frustrating for people to go to doctors and have their symptoms dismissed in the 15 minutes they are allocated and told to just try harder or that they need to be more motivated etc.
        I was lucky that the healthcare package in my current job included – or was willing to stretch to cover a private diagnostician. Then again, it is a start up who’s primary function is creating awareness about mental health issues and neurodivercity. The money isn’t good but I’d rather work for them than do anything else with my life. By paying for me to see a top specialist they pretty much guaranteed my loyalty because no one’s ever cared enough to do that before.
        It simply isn’t true that 100% of people claiming to have ADHD get a diagnosis or treatment for it. It’s not like joining AA. You can’t just declare yourself as having it and show up for treatment. I’m bewildered that you would believe that actually as I’ve always found you to be sensitive and highly intelligent.

      4. “If everyone is diagnosed with a disease, shouldn’t that be a public health concern too?” Yes!! But it’s NOT how this plays out in the Dr’s room in my world.
        But for those of us who have issues, clarity is just SOO relieving. Because a lot of the issues around identity are what confuses in the first place and when you hear it and have your AHA moment it’s amazing.
        And it’s wonderful to finally have the keys to the doors you have been braining yourself on.

        As I said earlier there are 200 symptoms known to be associated with autism – ADHD symptoms comprise some of them.
        It’s not rocket science – we just need to stop being so overwhelmed by or ignoring these issues and deal with how to improve on the situation – individually, as families, medically and as a society.

      5. Um, neuroscientists who write for The Daily Mail?
        It’s not what I’d consider a reliable source of news, more of a tabloid famous for twisting soundbites out of completely out of context without regard for the consequences or even the validity of what they print. They’ve printed more outrageously bogus articles than any UK paper I can think of, but if you choose to trust what they print that’s your decision.
        Hope you’re ok.

  14. I am in the minority here. I have only asc and venus in mutable signs and do not have adhd. I am what is described as neurotypical.
    I do find that article about brain hard wired for novelty seeking because when my genome was looked at, i am homozygous for a gene known to produce novelty-seeking behaviour, such as taking a bunch of drugs, etc… But no none of those things interest me. I can focus for days. If anything that is my problem as i almost never let go unless forced to.

    1. “I can focus for days. If anything that is my problem as i almost never let go unless forced to”. Marsbar! This IS the other side of the same coin. My Saggie Spectrum In-Law lives with me in part because he is obsessively sits at the computer for hours translating documents for a pittance without moving.
      He can disconnect from his body and be in his mind so totally he won’t notice hunger or even pain – in fact I had to send him to hospital for an infection he neglected last week until he was suddenly in agony.
      If there is intense interest there is intense ability to be lost in the work.

      Where did you get your genome studied? I would be fascinated by that test.

      1. a simple 23 and me will reveal whether you have certain snps affected. You have to manually look in snpedia. It doesn’t just pop up on a ready-made file or page.

        I guess what I mean to say, regardless of if I am neurotypical or not, I have been lucky to not have been punished by society (for once!) for how my brain works. I do have many friends and exes who have adult ADHD.

      2. I am happy of you not to have been punished by society for how your brain works, lol!

        Thanks for the 23&me tip!!

  15. Yes I agree.
    We are pathologized/stigmatized/oppressed
    Because we are feared.
    Burn the witch!
    Except we are the fire.

    (It took me probably 15 tries to finish this comment, heehee πŸ™‚ )

    1. Hey HDQ

      Pathology is only a scientific way to describe what is going on in the body. Don’t take it on board as YOU.

      Stigmatised. More public awareness and less ideology about everyone conforming to a particular way of processing and operating. Nature loves variety and goes out of its way to create multiple variations in all manner of life forms. We humans need to get off our high horse and respect nature’s creations.

      Oppressed? Who’s oppressing you? I’m coming over to give them a bloody good talking to.


      1. Thanks, prowlin’!
        So much of the oppression is internalized these days, at least in privileged and passing populations (ie me). Children of color, poor people, however, you know. .. :'( there is also a lot of good work being done to change this.

      2. You know from my work in mental health I have learned one thing: The best way to work with social oppression and stigmatisation is to be your own advocate. Then join others who are their own advocates. Peer support is one of the most powerful movements out there.

  16. This may sound simplistic as hell, but if the diet were changed, which would change blood chemistry, it would also change the way the energies were operating. A vegan, and gluten free, processed food and fast food free diet would allow body chemistry to stabilize and energies to balance. Most western diets have to much sugar, dairy, fats and chemicals which affects the body’s natural chemical balance…

    1. Everybody is different – and react differently to different diets. Not everybody can exist on a vegan or even vegetarian diet. As an example: my bestie developed Graves disease & had also been diagnosed ADHD years before. She had been a vegetarian for 25 yrs, meticulously combining for the “right” balance of proteins, she consumed no sugar, gluten, or dairy or processed foods. Was finally told by a specialist Doctor-Naturopath to switch to a diet with meat or she would just simply die. She was weak, with zero energy, a foggy mind, depressed, but also weirdly speedy due to the overactive thyroid. She switched to a diet high in animal protein. After 6 months – she was a completely different person – full of energy – the thyroid had settled down & the ADHD symptoms mostly gone.
      A lot of people actually do need meat & animal protein.

      Eating fresh and real foods as opposed to processed is probably the only rule that most in the medical (both complementary & allopathic) world agree on. It’s also common sense.

      Promoting the totally vegan way was a cure-all for every body can be just as dangerous as promoting the totally protein way or totally raw food way. There is no cure all for everybody as we all have different metabolisms & genetic makeup .

      Virgo rising, please note that this rant is not aimed at you personally – but is a general rant against the promotion of mono/exclusive diets or lifestyles & hard rules in general.

  17. if you have the mic/voice recorder on your phone set to quick-swipe next to sms and calls or whatever, then uranian-mercurial incoming is way easier to catch. no pens / paper or double hand RSI walk into other people on footpath phone note typing crap. just hit it, speak then writeup / re listen later.

  18. I maintain that ADHD is my super-power. If you think about the huge advantages of being ADHD, in terms of imagination, drive, flexibility and genius, you understand why big pharma wants to sedate the ever-loving crap out of us. The world needs more people like us to shake the dominant paradigm until it becomes totally unstuck.

    I’m Gemini as FUQ, by the way.

    1. ADHD is absolutely a superpower. I’m not sure of the generation you were born in but early ADHDs really copped it and suffered enormously.

      If you’ve learned how to use your superpower effectively more power to you. *thumbs up*

      I think being ADHD or on the autie spectrum is like being born into a body like a high powered, uber performance super car. You can’t just bung crap fuel into it or give it a suboptimal every once in awhile. πŸ˜‰

  19. huh! just saw this. my grandson has that cancer sun/virgo moon and a LOT of mutability. he’s almost 9. he bounces off walls with adhd diagnosed at age 4. school is tremendously difficult (especially for the teaching staff and other students. here’s the thing – he’s happy. let’s see what happens when he gets older…

  20. The person I know who has the hardest time with her ADHD happens to be a Taurus. I think she took medication for awhile but I don’t think she does now…..I know she often now manages it with high levels of caffeine. But anyway…

    It’s another one of those diagnoses that has increased per capita in recent years. Is it because we’re getting better at identifying it and diagnosing it, or are there just more cases than before?

    I do believe diet and supplementation can improve symptoms or conversely make symptoms worse, depending on what you’re eating and supplementing with. There seem to be correlations. I don’t know that diet and supplementation alone can ‘cure’ it. I’m sure efficacy with that is on a case-to-case basis..

    I don’t have ADHD but I have noticed my attention span has changed and has gotten shorter and more distract-able since the internet. I’d say, if anything, I have some level of ‘internet addiction’, or some such…
    I’m Aqua Sun and Merc, but have a bunch of mutable Pisces and Virgo in my chart.

    1. Hallowell calls it “pseudo-ADHD” not to imply it’s a form of fakery but rather the last in a long list of how ADHD presents – can look like other things and is misdiagnosed.
      Our society has become all about sound bites and short attention spans. We channel surf, use social media and have several windows open at once when online. We ARE all becoming more ADHD as a race and the need for mindfulness, good nutrition, exercise and health as the first wealth has never been greater. Ultimately, my take is that we are all somewhere on a spectrum. Some are like a 2 and some 2000. If it makes your life unmanageable, then it’s a problem. If not, enjoy! There is a lot to be said for not becoming entrenched in a position and being mentally flexible. I think the downside or painful part is when it just slowly corrodes self-esteem because the person can’t keep a job for more than three days or ends up in prison due to the type of ADHD and their background or circumstances.
      It is sad when people self-medicate due to pain and do things which undermine their self-esteem because they don’t have the support they need. Fortunately, things ARE changing, and kids like MM’s amazing daughter just shrug it off as yeah so what? I find that reaction so heartwarming and reassuring.

  21. Society totally needs to make the adjustment. Someone I knew 20 years ago had adhd and became a chef. He thrived in that role because it was fast paced, and that’s when I came to the conclusion that schools and society need to adjust for different people. School caters to stillness, and how many jobs are like that too? On a slightly separate note, I recently saw a vid on a group that was providing work to adults with severe Aspergers editing special effects (frame by frame) for movies. They were so highly suited due to attention to detail and were also teaching social skills and practicing these with other workers. I’m reading Judith butler’s gender trouble at the moment, and she says something at one point about how we make laws/societal rules and then the rules become invisible (although still operate in the background) to tell us what is “natural”. She is referring to binary gender, to the point that then we try to make people “natural” (when they already were natural)… But the natural we make people is actually a construction (think Intersex baby and doctors deciding which of the binary sexes they should be to be “natural”) – when in fact their Intersex status was completely natural… I find myself wondering the same about adhd… Child can’t sit still in class, the social system about children being quiet and still has become invisible, and a child who naturally is not is considered “not natural” and we give them drugs… Obviously if there are kids who struggle based on food additives and even possibly lack of boundaries but that’s a different story… I just wonder if we’re medicating children because they don’t fit a mould, instead of changing the system to allow for other moulds… Just a thought…

  22. I’m mutable but being medicated with essentially a bunch of speed would not be a good look for me. Some people thrive on it, though. I’m a non-medical-person and my opinion is functionally useless but I basically think that if you do not respond well to medication for ADHD then you don’t have it. Like this is a solution that was invented for a problem people may or may not have, but it’s speed. Lots of people have worked better on speed since our ancestors started finding ways to get speedy.

    1. Speed calms me down. Proving your point.
      I get upset at how if someone has a stomach problem it’s ok to take medicine for it but if you have neurobiological condition it’s seen as a cop out or a weakness.
      I understand that each person has the right to decide if they want to be team science or team onion water and this isn’t directed at you at all. I just wish people would be less judgmental about people who’ve been diagnosed by a physician and won’t lie about taking medication or be shamed into just bucking up and getting on with things as like everyone else does. Especially since medication can mean the difference between living a healthy and productive life or suicide in say cases of depression. I feel like people who ask me if I’ve ever tried yoga or dandelion tea but secretly drink 2 litres of wine per night need to get with program.
      It’s like we’re the new black gay Jews or something.
      #NotAshamed. #SickNotWeak or just #notneurotypical.

      1. yeah totes
        i don’t think there have to be teams, e.g. science vs onion water (wtf even is that lol) i think people should stop being tribal about it all, full stop. it’s just another way that we divide and identify ourselves. shows that we never get far from the cave before we start hitting each other over the head with different clubs
        “omg why aren’t you on a herbal decoction with avocado paste, and a steady social media diet of anti-pharma memes and oversharing of wholesome photos of raw food, for that health thing you’re dealing with?”

      2. It’s my ADHD brain referencing the Tim Minchin song Storm, about homeopathy.
        onion water

      3. It’s just so easy to laugh at hippies, isn’t it? But perhaps Tim Michin should’ve checked out the tens of thousands of deaths that aspirin causes every year in the States alone, due to it’s gastrointestinal toxic effects – before he so arrogantly states that it has absolutely no side effects.

        In fact, way back in the 70s, aspirin was listed in the top 10 most dangerous drugs. The reason they don’t make the top 10 chart now, is because they’ve invented far more dangerous ones since then.

        Also the FDA (in 2014) retracted it’s previous stance on people taking aspirin to prevent heart disease – makes you wonder why.
        Apparently it kills 400% more people than Swine Flu.

      4. I didn’t know that but I can believe it. Personally I don’t take aspirin, ever because I know it does have side effects and I’m wary of taking medications, even when they are prescribed by a physician but over the counter? So not my style.
        I didn’t mean to set Minchin up as some kind of medical or scientific expert. He’s an entertainer and a comedian. I was merely clarifying for Pi what I meant by onion water, that’s all.

      5. No Invicta, of course i knew you weren’t, hon. And he is funny .. great rant.
        But my point is that that sort of rant is what is thrown at genuine healers who don’t necessarily agree with everything that the pharmaceuticals throw at them. Imagine that dandelion tea or ginseng killed as many people as aspirin does every year? So far, no recorded deaths on either. Yet they’ve been trying to ban the sales of these herbs in whole food shops in Europe for over 15 yrs now.
        What’s worse – expounding flaky gerberas or downright medical lies/misinformation?
        I like to choose a middle path & be well informed.

      6. That is so interesting Skarab! Aspirin I thought was the wonder drug – goes to show how these infectious diseases are confusingly highlighted in the media.
        Tim Minchin.. ugh. I was listening to Margaret Throsby interview this person on the radio one day. How insufferable I thought ! The arrogance and ego was just dripping off him… Turned out to be Tim. Just, wow.

      7. Yes, well i guess it’s fine to be an arrogant knob & still be funny… sometimes.
        But it would be good if he at least got his facts right.
        What amazes me most is the sheer hostility ignoramuses like him display towards subject matters that they haven’t even bothered researching for themselves. Just swallow the official pill & go lynch….
        How imaginative.

  23. Was reading about brain wavelengths and add and so on. Apparently the vague spacey states are too much theta and or alpha. The stimulants zap the wavelength up to beta or gamma (beta mostly) so as to make one more ‘present’ and focused in real-time. Caffeine same but less intense, well unless you have 3 double espressos I guess. Beta wavelength range is when you are smashing out reports at work, or heavily involved in quotidien / life work biz, very Virgo/ Saturn etc on-point making-sense-to-the-world vibe rather than whatever else.
    We all have a bit of all of them at all times but it depends which is dominant more often I think.

    This is all very internet-neurology so yes pls check all info lol

  24. Was fast off the draw just answering the question w/o reading the rest.
    Glad you agree Myst. It is the education system that creates restlessness.
    ‘They will do better if they paid more attention’ the blurb on many report cards. There was no right of reply to make the subject more interesting.
    Guess that’s why i loved geography so much, sitting dreaming of faraway places on the colourful maps ,
    sucking in all the continents with every breath and thinking how am i at the bottom of the bottom of the lands before Antartic and longing to be closer to the action which was always Elsewhere, like Above πŸ™‚

    1. PowerFinger,
      Want to see the fastest draw in the west?
      Want to see it again?

      Yes we have quality food in SA and can still take the line and catch a fish in the gulf for dinner. Great wine and fruit.
      Sadly my sylph like body don’t like cakes buns pastry stuff coz it puts me to sleep πŸ™‚

  25. Short answer YES says the Pegasus but only if you drop the last ‘D’ and not consider it a disorder, maybe dis-tracted,
    Conzentration and serious focus fixes that.

      1. YoHo Invicta, yay fuq the ‘dis-‘ anything, diss the disses.x

        The world is so full of wondrous scenes, adventures, creativity, one wants to sample it ALL, so is happy trying to do everything at once.
        Am at my happiest when blending oils, reviewing music trax, making playlists, watching an historical drama,
        reading a book and browsing thro’ a Vogue/VantyFair/Rolling Stone…..bliss & brushstrokes.

  26. SagittariusHeart

    Sagittarius Sun-North Node, Mercury, and Neptune.
    Pisces Rising square Mercury.
    Gemini South Node, opposite Sagittarius Sun.
    I was dignosed with ADHD as an adult. My kid’s therapist pointed out that parents need to provide structure at home, check on homework and do other boring, intolerable tasks.
    I cried at the list of expectations…and was never able to meet all of them. Medication has helped, but i still have daily bouts of painfull restless energy. Every day I feel it.
    It’s all the Sagittarius qualities that can also be interpreted as ADD/ADHD. They are the same thing to me.

  27. So I agree re Mutable energy, but have a few thoughts on why:

    1) The ability to process information in a systematic and organised way is partly destiny, partly heredity, partly health, partly environmentally supported or negated.

    2) The corpus callous is found to be smaller in autistic people AND people with ADHD.
    The corpus callous (along with other bits and bobs) links the two hemispheres of the brain.
    So it’s harder for the two hemispheres to comprise the “I-Me” discourse” if there are less fibres for info to travel on.

    ADHD people/autie people are in one part of the brain, then the other – but holding the two perceptions of themselves and another person together at once is a struggle. This implies planning, abstract reasoning etc conscious mind is difficult. Everything is ‘now’.

    On a mystical level, this is all quite true.
    So why on earth would you step outside that? But we need to be able to traverse both the way of Spirit and the way of Man.
    I do believe there is a point where reality ceases to matter and you can be in the Tao, matrix style etc. but in the meantime..

    3) Alternate ways of perceiving/being/ thinking is judged so harshly.
    I perceive some people to be very actively involved in the material world, others are doing ‘energy’ activities and the body is like an anchor or hearth around which such activities take place.

    This is not ‘bad’, illness or ‘less’ on a spiritual level. You may be mentally retarded and working your heart chakra to the max in this life. Is that less?
    In the scheme of things absolutely not.
    If you believe that you have one life to get it all PERFECT then probably yes..

    Our consciousness ‘here’ being a tiny tip of an enormous iceberg that is our life here, there and everywhere. Healing is not necessary for all.
    It is what it is, respect…

    4) However!!!! We are able to develop or improve neurologically with INTENT if we want to (and our destiny conforms to this intent, doesn’t always).
    We have to want it.
    Meditation has been shown to change the brain.
    Meditation is a way of enlivening the organic matter of the body.
    We improve the body via consciously being in the observance of the torus motion of the energy field, as it connects to Source energy. Clean soul, clean body (not the other way round).

    5)The brain-body is the organic product of the energy field.
    Our brains do show that we are not ALL as interested in connecting the dots as BEING the connection and the dots; the particle and the waves.
    People with ADHD are responding physically to feeling without getting bogged down. Great dancers/lovers/mystics.

    So I think the Mutable connection is the nature of a person’s ability to connect with ‘flow’ or the ‘tao’ as shown by Astrology.
    The planet’s influence, our destiny IS provided by the map of the stars, but only as read by a really competent astrologer. (I really do think this kind of info in the hands of a scientist is probably useless).

    1. Thank you, sphinx… i was wanting to hear your thoughts on this because of your personal experience & you came through beautifully, as always.

      I just feel like paraphrasing everything, and that would be silly. But this:

      “Our brains do show that we are not ALL as interested in connecting the dots as BEING the connection and the dots; the particle and the waves.”

      YES & thank god for that & the “different” forces of consciousness.
      What new things can we ever learn – or how can we grow if we only look towards the accepted – or very often – imposed “normal”?

      Anyways, thought on this is: Respect, be curious and learn from the “different” because it’s a gift.
      Really enjoyed, xx

      1. Thank you so much Skarab – I feel so ..recognised with your comment, I so appreciate it.

        I sit with all this info trying to prioritise what I need to do or not do for my little man – and myself et al. Spiritually, physically..

        I am really interested in learning about hyperbaric chamber to help my little possum along with his corpus callous atm.

        But more broadly, we don’t have to actually ‘do’ anything in this life, we are so neurotic it’s painful. Connect to spirit, love and get by is enough for me atm. Oh, and try to be friendly on my way through..

        Hugs to you, xx.

      1. Thank you Sphinx.
        I pretty much paraphrased what you said above to my shrink today as I’m really battling to accept that I am in fact, in some real and measurable ways “mentally retarded.”
        Sure I have other gifts and I roll with the upsides but the need to redefine success and adjust my expectations of myself, to stop measuring my life against say, my brother’s life is so important. But honestly, my ego struggles to accept it. For a while I joked at my own expense, thinking if I called myself a spazz and had a laugh about it, it would be ok but it’s been sinking in lately that that really ISN’T ok at all. If I don’t value and respect myself then how can I expect others to?
        So today I felt sad about my confidence crises and “constant under achievement”
        Just talking about it made me feel a bit better and my doc said how well I was doing considering my age and how little real world support I’ve actually had/ have. He said the feelings are understandable and even healthy.
        He feels I’m under medicated considering where I am on the spectrum but totally respects my need to feel in control and take the minumum amount of medication because frankly being dependent on pills is so scary that I can’t commit to it emotionally yet as a permanent solution but only as one I’m willing to TRY, under intense scrutiny and to as many other coping stratagies as possible like painting, writing out my feelings, journalling, tracking goals, money, diet exercise and blogging and talking about it to anyone and everyone. I’m going to start seeing a female ADHD counsellor once a week and only see him once a month since he’s quite expensive and more of a diagnostician than a talk therapist. But he was bemused by my idea that I had oppositional personality disorder and said he’d never found it to be the case that if a person wondered if they had a personality disorder that they in fact had that disorder, especially oppositional! Both he and my online ADHD coach said that my view of myself was remarkably clear and UNdelusional.
        I so appreciated how you put this though because I hadn’t been able to find the language for it but was struggling with the feelings around it. So just thanks xxx

      2. Oh, that is an honour to be paraphrased, what did the shrink think? If he’s that expensive I’d like to know if he can expand on this line of thought!! Lol. You aren’t delusional at all, I love that you put so much effort in to listening as well as expressing yourself. Like the time you were the target of some criticism on the blog here and you really listened and tried to take what you could from it. You are a rare and unique in being able to do that, you have intense regard for Truth above your ego. xx.

  28. Yes — there was a recent NY Times op-Ed on how brain research is showing that peeps often diagnosed with ADHD have a different — but not dysfunctional — sort of wiring for seeking more novelty:

    I remember talking to a Gemini friend — so I have cosmic ADD, she said when I first did her mega-Gem chart — about whether she should get on the heavy duty stimulants they use to treat it.

    I agree with the implications that a lot of it is being out of sync with our hyper results focused culture — which I think runs a lot of people ragged who would flourish better in more flexible setups…..

    1. Interesting article. As a very restless person, i particularly enjoyed reading about the benefits of the nomadic hunter-gatherer cultures over our static, goal focussed, city bound lifestyles. I have always thought that humans fuqued up when they began farming, owning property and settling down – for so many, many reasons – but boredom is a main one.

    2. Great article. I think it’s unfortunate the way some things have developed over time. Another motivator of stifling daily environments is fear. Stop and think about that one, it’s a wormhole. I live in the woods and I always say it helps keep me sane – the animals, the seasonal changes, watching the plants cycle through.

    3. Thank you for this link, it’s so true. Most people I met on the road travelling were ADHD: soldiers, people born premature etc all were legion. We need all sorts in this Universe.

  29. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I was literally discussing adult ADHD this with a Gemini friend who has just started a course of meds to treat it!

    I was like, well I have that too (i.e. forgetting things constantly because I’m so FOCUSED on some other, NEW thing) and I’m Virgo.

    He said he kept forgetting to take the meds.

    I was like, this is just a MUTABLE thing.

  30. My partner has adult ADHD and I definitely think the label describes a completely different wiring of the brain. Admittedly he was born in the 70s and during that era hyperactive boys with short attention spans were simply told they were naughty and had the crap bashed out of them to get them to “behave”.

    He is a Cappy with moon in Pisces, however this is his only mutable aspect. Everything else in his chart is cardinal or fixed. He was only diagnosed in his late 20s and after having suffered severe abuse under the guise of discipline, developed PTSD that affects him to this day and probably will do for life. Without medication he is utterly hopeless. Cannot focus, concentrate or attend to even the most basic requirements of life.

    I believe that if identified early, with positive reinforcement, supportive counselling and the teaching of behavioural strategies that help the child understand that their wiring is a bit different, the worst aspects of ADHD can be avoided. There is also a strong link between ADHD and food sensitivity. Gluten, dairy, salicylates, nightshade plants can all be culprits for ADHD like behavioural problems. There is also a link between maternal smoking during pregnancy and ADHD.

    1. Oh and one final point. High quality extra potent fish oil is an excellent preventative treatment for ADHD. Remember these people have high powered brains with no screening mechanism … they need as much brain food as they can possible get and fish oil is brilliant for this.

    2. I think it’s really interesting that you mention the link between diet + ADHD symptoms here!

      I know for a fact that my stuff kicks in more when I have diary, sugar, wheat/gluten – and when I’m taking my fish oil 2x daily + probiotics + thyroid support I can more easily manage the overwhelm that often occurs with AD(H)D.

      1. When I was supporting my partner in the early days I was shocked that the psychiatric community mentioned nothing about diet when he clearly showed signs of food intolerance.

        It also disappoints me that the medical profession always turns to medication first, even though there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for dietary change as being the first port of call when it comes to children showing signs of ADHD.

        Brilliant that you’ve worked that stuff out for yourself though hey? Maybe you need to go on a speaking tour or start a blog about your experiences? πŸ˜€

      2. I agree. I eat fresh wild salmon daily, often a few times a fay and also take fish oil supplements. I cut out sugar and refined carbs years ago as am totally, horribly intolerant to them. My shrink is very clued up on the importance of diet and exercise as well as having a schedule, a routine because as much as I resist that, it DOES help. It’s just so hard.
        I have support from other smart women with ADHD via social media too which helps.
        I have started a baby blog about my experience of living with undiagnosed ADHD and how I’m coping with it post diagnosis, helpful therapeutic activities etc
        I know you were addressing gogengo not me and I think it would be bad manners to unilaterally just post a link to my site as it would divert traffic from MM’s amazing work to mine, which is just bad internet form.
        There is a lot we can do besides taking meds and taking meds on their own isn’t a solution.
        BTW I think it’s wonderful that you’re embracing a partner with ADHD. It isn’t easy to find someone tolerant and loving enough to do that. I think it’s wonderful that you are and I wish you guys every happiness xxx

      3. He’s a bloody handful at times at let me tell ya!! But I loves him to bits so it’s worth it. πŸ™‚

  31. Personally I think you are on to something here. Social change is necessary and new ways need to develop for expression, rather than trying to suppress energy we could begin too canal it towards a new way of living and learning. My generation was brought up to be seen and not heard, all very good and proper, the next group broke away, neither of these was great for the individual, now the future beckons, perhaps the children so diagnosed need to be encouraged to blaze the way rather than trying to suppress or oppress them. They behaviour indicates will not be ignored nor will they not be heard, difficult as it might be for their guardians to live with.

  32. I can only speak from my personal experience. Im a Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, Sagittarius stellium 1st house(Ascendant, Venus, Uranus, Neptune). And I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2012 at 29. I do believe there is a link between the two & it reuires further investigation and study.

  33. @Invicta – I am also really loving the positivity here, especially given that many people dismiss ADHD and say that it isn’t a real thing.

    I was diagnosed with ADD (primarily inattentive) at the age of 35 after I broke down crying at the doctor’s office – years and years of struggling, feeling stupid, missing things that “normal” people easily understood erodes your self -esteem and I was at a breaking point.

    He said that I was able to maintain for so long due to my intelligence and masking skills – skills I see now that come from being a Gem rising/Pisces moon – easily being able to pick up on cues and adapt seamlessly really did help me get through high school and college.

    Now that I am on medication those attributes still serve me well but now they are stronger as I no longer have to fight so much to tune out the noise in my brain.

    Thanks for this post Mystic and big hugs to all my fellow ADD/ADHD mutables πŸ™‚

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that you had to go through all that crap. It really shits me that ADHD is not taken seriously and the trauma people have to go through before receiving proper treatment.

      I’m glad that you’ve found your path now. πŸ™‚

  34. Wow. I just got in and am LOVING the positivity of this post and all the comments. I need to re read all the comments before saying anything else except that finally getting a diagnosis and treatment for ADHD has transformed my life and the way I deal with me. It’s hard to put into words because there’s such a lot to unpack emotionally. The secondary symptoms of not aknowlwdging my dyscalculia, dyspraxia and dyslexia as well as the ADHD feel more challenging than the primary ones. The low self esteem from thinking it was a moral failure of that I just wasn’t trying hard enough are still hanging around like ghosts but Saturn on my Neptune gave me this gift. I know people find Saturn scary but for me it is so healing. I need the structure, the self care, the seriousness of Saturn transits. Without them I’m lost in Jupiter rising hubris or Virgo guilt tripping on me.
    My north node Capricorn in the Second house feels so nurtured by the knowledge that no, I am not neurotypical. I am not whimsical or flaky. I am simply wired differently from most. The more I embrace this, the better I feel. Everyone has talents and abilities and mine are becoming apparent to me the more I accept myself and take care of ME. Not who I think I should be but ME. As I am. Here. Now. Today. And also reach back in time and thank myself for my courage and tenacity. Because I like who I am.
    I also love this community. Not because of astrology. I enjoy the astrology but I’m here for the art, the genius of MM and her rad posts and observations and the incredible support of this PIAB tribe.
    Yeah. I’m here for the awesome. The Astro is gravy. For me.

    1. YES.

      I also struggle with dyscalculia, dyslexia, along with auditory processing disorder. Up until my diagnosis, I always just thought that I was stupid and a failure at life.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing that.
        Yes, you are not alone.
        You DO belong.
        You DO have a tribe.
        I read that one who never howls out in pain will never find their tribe.
        We are connected, and we can thrive by supporting each other and fighting against the stigma of mental health issues.
        Because you are authentic, it has taken you (and me) longer to grow into who we are, but it has also given us such reliance, compassion, and creativity
        Together we are unstoppable.

      2. You are so right! I am proud of us + all those who have struggled in finding our way as it does teach so many great lessons along the way.

        Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to give voice to mine πŸ™‚

  35. Definitely a mutable trend. But can I point out these things are not new. ADD, ADHD, Aspergers and Autism. Remember Asylums. Guess who used to fill them? Knowing kids and adults on the spectrum, some function fine without meds others are unable to function without. Those kids would have been even been labelled demons, witches, possessed and touched in other times. In parts of Africa children are abandoned and labelled as witches and bad omens. The fact that we name something differently now isn’t bad.. For the most part it has been a good thing. Less kids being abandoned, tortured or punished for being ‘different’. Less adults in institutions rotting away or having Labotamies (sp?) and shock therapy etc…food for thought.

    1. I read “Neurotribes” recently and they talked about a lovely little school for autistic kids where Asperger worked and when the Nazi’s took over they starved little 5 year old students to death as they were considered subhuman and a danger to the health of society.
      The history of autism is a horrible topic but also full of surprising love at times. But there is no point romanticising it even to this day. Anyway a great book that gives a taste of the gifts our neurodivergent ancestors passed on to a culture that often despised them.

  36. My parents were both mutable, Virgo/Libra dad and Gem/Leo mum. Super verbal/writers- whirring political sniping at meals. Mum went through life red pen in hand correcting every entity written and 3-D. Both voracious readers/addicts of data-info. Dad sent newspaper clippings to friends on their interests, old school tweets and shares.

    On ADHD-

    SENG- Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted- holds a treasure trove of articles and giftedness. Giftedness/artistry often is bundled with emoting/learning/processing/relating differently. Hence the ironic term twice gifted. Anxiety, sensory processing, oppositional attitude- and asynchronous development are all part of the picture.

    My Virgo Sun/Mercury young adults 20 and 18 both with mutable Moons- Saggo and Gem- started life with reading glitches. Gem Moon son full blown dyslexic and ADHD. Eldest more dreamy- bit introverted. Had to fight school apparatchiks for learning accommodations.

    Their dad is super ADHD- 12th H Pisces Mars and Moon. Super procrastinator space cadet and gullible. Very oppositional-rebellious (Leo Sun Cazimi Pluto). Daughter Pisces Sun- but fixed Aqua Moon- and Merc and Aries Venus/MC- very together- psychic but not spacey or scattered.

    Currently reading “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. Conquering scatteredness.

    Middle way for my Gem Mars square Pluto means editing energy for worthy causes. Connections vs release.

    And chez les français-

    1. I like this idea that you mention linking giftedness and ADHD. I completely agree. I have met a few ADHD people now as well as people on the autism spectrum. Highly intelligent, often very empathic, special gifts in certain areas … also very giving, open and loving. But have shut down due to negative feedback from society.

    2. Interesting article.My French Saggi FIL is spectrum, he had to leave his home country due to their very specific ways of socialising. He couldn’t cope with the expectations and of course back in his day they had less understanding of ADHD/Autism/sensory difference.
      I definitely like the idea of an alternate version to the DSM based on basic science, blood work etc.

      1. it’s interesting you say this and it reminded me of something. an expat friend has two little kids who were in school in the US and it was very happy, inclusive, relaxed, kids were loving it. then move to france and it’s teasing and mean-girls for days. crushed the youngest’s love of school, ever, I think. So yeah, a game of snakes and ladders maybe

  37. Thanks for writing this. No professional experience to speak of re any of it obvs but yes attention deficit in relation to what or whom, exactly? Your gem daughter is on the right track maybe. Like, we should all forcibly align with a set of traits that are determined to be the norm etc? I have so many pals and loved ones dealing with /medicated for one kind of diagnosis or another and you know… Much seems to be because of these hideously limited processed-life options that society seems to like to shunt us into without remembering to add the richness back in.

    1. Pisces might be ADD rather than adhd if my vagueness – a.k.a. daydreaming – is anything to go by, lol.

    2. The question worth asking is often based around the “should”..
      You “should” be more calm (why?)
      She “should” focus more (to what end?)
      Any answer is fine as long as it is thoroughly interrogated until all the “should”s are unravelled to a point where personal or social expectations and beliefs are seen for what they are. The expectations may be perfectly justified but as long as everyone agrees to the same principles for the same reasons
      If this makes sense.

      1. I agree xompletely, Attention deficit ?… We are talking about the same attention that is bought and sold for consumer purposes, correct,?…

      2. Yeah. “Sorry I can’t focus on your production and consumption timeline lime a good docile citizen.”

        Adhd as response to conflict situ makes sense.

  38. Heh. In my experience mutable = varying degrees of bipolar. My sister and father are Geminis. My husband has Gemini rising and my best friend is a Pisces and all of them are bipolar

  39. LeoEscapeArtist

    Mercury.Jupiter.Neptune r u kidding? The space/ time thingy wasn’t their idea. It’s the everything to appreciate the beauty of mutable genius. As a school teacher, I create situations for this species to thrive. Astrology IS a sacred tool.

    My personal experience dating this FUN tribe is all the amazingness of doing all the things being balaced by the text from Snag to meet in the parking lot…zoom.zoom. This tribe knows they aren’t in Kansas–never have been, never will be…even if the gps literally says, Kansas.

    Mystic, you wrote something so profound for me in the hyper-flux memo…something like how mutables can be all over you and when you return contact, it’s like you’re bothering them. That collective mutable quick-switch-flip mode is in contrast to the subtley of the outer Neptunian drift/disappearance but the mutable team is the team to watch…blink at your own risk–lol.

    These are just my experiences of course and as a Leo, I roll! πŸ˜‰

  40. ADHD and ADD weren’t around or diagnosed when I was a kid in school. I had the opposite problem of being too focused and stubborn on what I wanted to learn, lol. If the teacher changed up the curriculum or the structure varied, I was one unhappy camper.

    When ADHD and ADD first came out, I had this theory that those folks have a different intelligence that’s just, sadly, not recognized by the common educational model (which, by the way, was taken from the Prussian educational model of creating good workers, not necessarily critical/creative thinkers. Read about the classical trivium for an eye-opening view on how education was originally conceived from the Greeks!).

    There are many different types of intelligence – 7 or 10 or however many depending on who you’re reading – and someone who’s athletic intelligent or musically intelligent is just not going to want to sit at a desk comparing and contrasting the Industrial Revolution with the Great Depression. Yawn. Maybe if school was more exciting? It sure wasn’t when I was a kid! In fact, I hated history in school and am now a very good self-taught historian – go figure. πŸ™‚

    Aqua Sun/Kataka Rising/Virgo moon

  41. All I know is that ever since Mercury started moving FORWARD the delays and hiccups have been next level.

    The Taurus in me is screaming from all the good sales and deals I missed out on because checks wanted to arrive before the weekend delaying clearance. I mean, companies I love that FINALLY after a decade had a 50% off sale. Checks that should have cleared TODAY after the 3 working days still on delay. Third time my damn phone has broken down this year but because it wasn’t sent OUT last time I am unable to claim warranty until I go back in for the FOURTH time (it will happen, watch).

    But than also, I trust things always work out better still, man, just sucks. Birthday was so uneventful. Best year for live music since moving back to Australia and I’ve missed all but one (which I bought tickets to last year), including my beloved Prince.

    BUT, I remain hopeful that all will work out better than expected. Just not feeling Gemini season – let’s skip June and bring on July already!

  42. My nephew’s Saggo Sun is conjunct Mercury. He was diagnosed with ADHD around the age of 4 and struggled a great deal in public school, on various kinds of ADHD medication, until my sister removed him to home school him when he was 10. His behavior stabilized a lot after that and he is no longer on medication at 14, although home schooling presents its own challenges. But none that are as damaging to his self esteem as the public school experience was.

    I agree with the poster above that Uranus plays a part in ADHD. My nephew also has Rising-Mars-Uranus conjunct in Aquarius and he cycles through ideas, thoughts, impressions, images, activities so much faster than the rest of us in the family. He needs to have physical activity every day or he gets antsy, and needs lots of protein at breakfast to keep blood sugar levels from fluctuating during the course of the day.

  43. I was diagnosed ADHD Inattentive last year at age 37. Slowly getting my head around it. What I thought was just “getting bored” with a job turned out to be a short attention span. No wonder I’ve been through so many.
    Ritalin & Concerta is helping though.
    And to top it off I’m Libra Sun, Pisces rising. You might be right Mystic.

  44. I’m a mutable/fixed hybrid AND a public school teacher in the states, so I’ll try to answer without letting loose the infinite amount of thoughts I have on this. First, I am not a huge fan of the educational system but I do love teaching and I haven’t been able to find a public school alternative.

    I think some can be attributed to mutability, some to genuine miswiring, and others to horrid lifestyle choices or even lifestyles not based on choices (poverty, abuse, etc are more of a trap than a choice). The way our society is set up really puts some people through the ringer and it’s hard enough to survive let alone power up and integrate lifestyle changes that would alleviate the ‘fight or flight’ reactions.

    Way too many people are medicated, obviously. Last I read was one in four, which is basically one person in each household which is scary. I mean really – something needs to shift badly.

    1. wow 1 in 4 people on medication is a ridiculously high figure. we need to shift this! i’m an acupuncture physician in the states as well and am not happy with our educational system especially as our economic structure is changing and the educational system is not adapting to support that. what is to be done? i have 3 children and have contemplated home schooling them although that is such a huge responsibility so i am finding creative ways to suppplement their education but at the end of the day about 8 hours in school there is not much time so in short the whole system really needs to be reconfigured! a girlfriend of mine and I are working to put together a school based upon their own unique strengths and learning styles. hopefully we can connect with the appropriate teachers to make this a reality soon.

    2. Like what you say too.
      My conscientious, enlightened and exasperated teacher friends in UK school system say same thing (re it being more of a societal problem – with a minority being for real ADHD due to neurological miswiring) as more children are being medicated there. The number of ADHD meds have more than doubled there in the past 10 yrs. So has the number of self-harming cases of kids under 16. Something needs to shift badly alright.

    3. i just had 8 x 11 yr old for a sleepover and they were noisy but one kid in particular acting out with no self control and when his Dad came to pick him up he whinged about the kid, was going to “kick his arse, he’s ruined everything” and I thought, well, this explains it, that kid has no safe harbour, he’s on constant high-alert. and of course I wanted to kick the Dad’s arse, but you can’t risk making things worse for the son.

      1. I have a kid in my class who was sexually abused as an infant by his parents and now has no contact with them. He lives with his grandmother, who lost her job this year and also was hospitalized with an illness, so he & his brother had to live with an aunt for a while. This is the extreme but I could tell a story for every child in the class. Kids go through a lot and it breaks my heart.

        I think I do a pretty good job of balancing what I have to do with what I want to do. Teaching is really exhausting though, most teachers want things to change but become burnt out by the process and aren’t really given a say anyway.

  45. I think the main thing to remember is that these constellations of attributes are given a label only because they are causing ‘dis-ease’ ie. affecting the way a person functions in a negative way. Despite how it’s presented these days, all the label is there to do is direct therapies (and funding for that matter). So you could have a constellation of very mutable attributes but be totally high-functioning with them. In that case you’d be better off giving yourself the label of HMG ie. haute-mutable-genius, than ADHD.

  46. Like most things, I think it’s not black or white.

    I’m Saggo sun, and was diagnosed early on with ADHD. While my mom chose not to medicate me (for many of the initial reasons you stated above) I do think it’s a way my brain functions differently. I’m an excellent writer, for example, but in conversation, sometimes words literally get stuck or mangled in the transition from mind to mouth.

    I also lose interest in things (sometimes mid-sentence, ha!) and do find it hard to stay committed and persevere once I’m uninterested. I physically get restless and need to move every few hours, going without exercise for more than two days is like torture and I can feel tension, and a sensation of being “on edge.”

    Classic Saggo stuff, yes. But as I’ve gotten older and learned methods like meditation and yoga that give me edeepe mind- and self-awareness, I do notice how my thoughts race around. I can step outside myself and observe how to slow them, when necessary.

    In terms of society and career, I change jobs every year and a half or so. That may be commonplace now, but when I was younger it was even shorter intervals. Staying interested trumped stability, but now I think I balance the two better. Thankfully i have Mars in Cap (everything else is fire, air or water) or I think I’d have no work ethic or ability to stay put.

    Anyway, yes I do think my brain is different. In some cases, I think medication and/ or therapy may be really beneficial for people who “suffer” and I think society is evolving to accommodate all kinds of lifestyles (and brainstyles), but there’s no massive shift that needs to occur on behalf of people with ADHD.

  47. As my GP was explaining my ADD (Leo, Gem Rising) she was was distracted mid sentence by my Gem Stellium guy jogging his knee up and down and prescribed him magnesium.
    But he’s just ADHD, I mean, Gemini I said. Birds of a feather, she laughed.

    Piscean Pa has been recently described by a psych as likely Aspie but I think it’s ADD layered with an unhealthy dose of self protective narcissism.

    1. It’s probably worth noting the fact I never crawled and so parts of the brain never organised as is the norm. I am quite ambidextrous, epileptic, have synasthesia etc all probably features of a wild brain that refuses to quite shut down. I ride currents outside the accepted norm. As do many of us with Attention Dialled into a Higher Dimension.
      My little Capricorn Aqua Moon with Scorp Rising is most dialled in of us all, but not mutable at all, just divine.

      1. Yes, my Cap brother is the same. My rock. I love your way of interpreting things. Attention Dialled Into a Higher Dimension.
        Please print that on a T-shirt?

      2. I think they have one already. It’s on the rack next the t-shirt that says, “it’s so exhausting pretending to be a functioning adult”.

  48. LiberatingVenus

    I do find ADD typically present with strong Mutable influence, however for the legit million-miles-a-minute hyperactivity cases, it’s usually Uranus I’ve seen at work, believe it or not. The warp speed (brilliant) mind and constantly shifting gears is usually a hallmark of some form of Mercury/Uranus action, sometimes in hard aspect to Saturn. That popular analogy of having a Ferrari engine for a brain, but with bicycle brakes is totally accurate for true ADHD – it can’t stop itself and generally lacks control/grounding. But folks with this condition also tend to be SUPER smart, so I’m not sure if it’s a condition so much as we (as a society) just need to figure out how embrace neural diversity more.

    Anecdotally, I am a veritable Mutable-Palooza with strong Cadent emphasis. I do not have ADHD, have no Mercury/Uranus activity, but I *have* felt quite ADHD-esque when Tr. Uranus hit my Mercury. My brain was in a constant state of (over)stimulation and thoughts/ideas would hit from totally out of left field that I had *zero* control over – it was a bit maddening TBH, as these were really hard to pin down and make use off unless I had a pen & paper handy at all times. It was very rapid-cycle – that’s the best way I can explain it. I didn’t hate it, but it was definitely weird – especially for someone with Mercury sq. Saturn as one of the tightest aspects in her chart.

      1. Me too. That’s exactly how the dr who diagnosed me described me.
        As having a brain like a Ferrari but no brakes and a very sticky gearbox.
        He also said that with time and treatment, even just therapy, reading and group support- I’d want to start unpacking some of the PTS – which simply MUST be within me but because I’m so focused on not crashing or recovering from crashes it’s gone past my “Windows” so quickly.
        He refuses to call ADHD a disorder though and insists that with support (which generally we don’t get partly because it is a genetic condition so parenting may be dysfunctional- obviously depending on circumstances but there are links to dieting, smoking, alcohol and drug use in pregnancy as well as chaos in the home certainly exacerbating the less fun symptoms. But especially among women – this condition is simply not recognised most of the time or dismissed as “she’s bad with money or ditzy etc and sadly we buy into it – I know I did for years. It’s predominantly been seen as something which if it happens at all, only happens to boys and that with enough “discipline ” they’ll grow out of it.
        If you have ADHD, you’ve always had it. It doesn’t just suddenly appear during adulthood. However because it often shows up in highly intelligent children we develop coping strategies and hide it. What does happen in pre menopause / pregnancy/ PMT and puberty is that the symptoms become far more intense and upsetting. Often women only seek medical help when they are just at their wits end at which point it can present as being very similar to the symptoms of depression. So we are prescribed SSRIs which make us calmer and help with the accompanying social anxiety/ generalised anxiety and sleep disorder but speaking for myself I found the side effects just made me have to stop taking them after six months tops. By this time my brain has more serotonin and dopamine activitiy so yes I do feel better but it’s not addressing the problem- not at all if anything it merely added to the despair and sense of isolation. I’ve been reading articles all day about the impact of hormones, specifically a drop in estrogen associated with menopause and how it reduces the effect of stimulant medication. So it can feel as if the medication isn’t working anymore- and perhaps what’s needed may indeed be a change in the dosage but definitely communication between the ob gyne – GP and ADHD therapist or diagnostician is critical. I think like so many women’s issues, it’s something we need to be far more vocal about and less willing to take the first answer we’re given.
        I hate to say it but it feels like a feminist issue. The idea the girls are inattentive and dreamy whereas only boys are oppositional socially is just crap. I’ve always had massive issues taking orders, following instructions and sticking to rules. Socially and romantically the impact has been immense. Turning up on time, being there for friends and maintaining relationships is challenging to say the very least.
        The upside is, I’m scarily self reliant, resourceful, wildly creative and can be insanely but sincerely charming. The trouble is, I feel like an imposter. I worry about letting people down when I make plans because I know that I may not be able to sleep the night before or get myself into gear to perform as expected. When there’s no adrenaline- it’s that much harder to change gears. Once I’m running I don’t want to stop but to get started, that’s tough. You know I’m really enjoying this post and all these comments. I feel as if I’ve come out of the mental health closet and I’m shouting it from the rooftops because I refuse to be shamed back in. Yes, there are downsides but knowing I have it, and when you have it you KNOW. Reading Women With ADHD -by Sari Solden- well listening to the audiobook actually because I don’t remember the last book I finished. Listening to that bright me to tears. I felt as if the author had been hiding out and watching me. How on earth could they know things about me I’ve never told anyone? They know because it’s a neurobiological condition and it exists. The only difference is that finally women are courageously speaking about it despite the social stigma, the nay sayers and the haters. If I hadn’t happened upon that information and those stories I’d never have found my tribe. I’d still be feeling like a spazz and a failure for being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Some alcoholics talk about feeling uncomfortable in their skin. I’ve always felt uncomfortable in my brain. Knowing why and joining online forums, closed facebook groups etc has helped me imessurably. As much as the therapy and treatment for sure.
        There are so many different types off ADHD and it can look like so many other pathologies that I sometimes wonder if it IS a pathology. I’m glad there is help but honestly, there’s not nearly enough help for us. We need to be informed, we need to tell the truth and to redefine success. We need to stop pretending shit is ok when it isn’t.
        Being told that for someone so smart you sure act stupid and yelled at by people who just didn’t understand has hurt me. It’s made me feel less than. Had a terrible effect on my self esteem and made me prone to isolate myself and retreat into fantasy/ love zombie “relationships”
        There’s a difference between being dreamy and having ADHD.
        I have a lot to say and this may not be the appropriate time or place to say it. But every person I meet now hears about it and if they give me a judgey vibe I lose THEM rather than a part of myself. I won’t anymore.
        i just won’t. It’s too important to me

    1. A-HAAA – YES, LV! i had a similar experience when Tr Merc & Uranus were conjunct around March/April this year – they were trining my natal Uranus-Merc conjunction. I barely slept for a week. My mind was on mega-hyper mode for the entire transit.
      It was amazing and exhilarating for the first 3 days because i was just high on ideas & insights, tho it was hard to write them down fast enough. And i & was researching & writing like a maniac.
      I started freaking out because i wasn’t sleeping – I wasn’t even remotely tired – but it worried me because i thought my mind would eventually blow (3rd H Cap/Saturn is such a fuqing downer) – which took away from the initial high. I went back to my usual 6hr sleep routine after 7 days – but it was truly freaky.

      1. Hyperfocus can be a double edged sword. Last Thursday I worked from Thursday morning on a project until 2am on Monday morning/ effectively Sunday night to get something ready for a pitch I was to do on Monday.
        I didn’t feel remotely tired until Sunday evening when I was pleasantly “drunk” from it.
        But to suddenly have your brain be THAT obsessed and to not be able to change gears takes a toll. On health, circadian rhythms and relationships. It’s the primary reason my short marriage didn’t work. My husband could not deal with me not being there when he wanted to spend time with me.
        And I can understand his POV too.
        I wasn’t aware of my condition back then and the weekend I hyperfocused I’d gone off the meds because I felt like they weren’t as effective as when I’d started taking them and I’m wary of abusing it.
        Interestingly the lack of stimulant medication made me stay awake for three nights and I felt like rubbish obviously for a week after that.
        I’m seeing my therapist on Tuesday and will address this issue but it stuck me that Mozart worked himself to death by hyperfocusing and I wonder how many other artists and musicians have done the same.
        I’m not comparing myself to Mozart and can’t prove he had ADHD I also know he was in debt and had syphalis or whatever so of course there were other factors. I’m only going by the movie Amadeus here but the guy who was paying him to work on the piece envied him and hated that he wasn’t able to be as spontaneously creative. It’s interesting to me that he found his weakness and exploited it – if that’s what really happened.
        I just know I have always gone into these weird almost fugue states where sleep just something I resent and avoid to my own detriment.
        I just wish there was more information and support for the neurodiverse and less pressure to conform.

  49. Seawitchmermaid

    I’m like 90% mutable and have been diagnosed with A.D.D. Also I finally got around to reading the Percy Jackson books (which were fun coming with an Astro perspective, btw), and he has dyslexia and ADHD and it’s because he is a demigod and his brain is wired for Greek and adhd helps you during battles. I appreciated the author making those connections and for the accounts of dyslexia and add. (Have a degree in psych so love reading/hearing about all this stuff). Also the last book I read was ocd love story (yeah I’m on a YA kick lately, whatever) and there’s some great accounts of what having ocd is like, which is another one of my diagnoses. πŸ˜‰

  50. I think there is something to be said for being able to have the diffuse awareness, ability to glide from one subject to the next and this talent should be nurtured in such a way that provides a container for this genius. A different container. A flexible container. A container that provides outlets and experimentation to solving problems requiring the abilities to dance and make connections.

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