Gemini Versatility Starts Young

So i don’t usually share this style of anecdote here but this is SUCH a strong illustration of the Gemini Vibe, voila.

My teenage Triple Gemini daughter (Sun-Mars-Venus) got such an atrocious school report that I confronted her with the abysmal, way-below-her-potential results and threatened to send her to a stricter school.

YES, Saturn in Sagittarius is now opposing her Gemini trio. Saturn has a remarkably similar m.o. no matter what your age. it’s all about numbers and measurement.Β  What can be measured can be managed.

Anyway, Ms. Gemini came back with not just one but FIVE responses to this assessment of her school report and the subsequent threat.

(1) “Show me a straight A-Grade student and I’ll show you a sociopath.”

(2) “If you make me change schools, I’ll run away to become an Islamic State Bride and put it all on YouTube.

(3) “This is irrelevant because I am either going to be an actress or an MMA fighter.”

(4) “My history teacher said that in the future, society would be de-schooled. The very idea of a ‘report’ is defunct.”

(5) “Mother, this is really so conventional of you. I am disappointed. “

ALL these are within the space of five minutes. Gemini. A genre unto themselves.

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Saturn Transit Lounge

My daughter is also a teenager with Sun-Mars-Venus in Gemini.

There is just no mileage in getting heavy with the little so-and-so. I throw cultural products her way and hope the odd message from those might sink in …


I must agree with number 1, lol.


Love it all, except the last which isn’t a Gemini response, just universal teenage response for their parents, worldwide.


Quintuple Gem here- Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars. Plus an identical Twin. I went to school with one textbook for all subjects, never did homework, my sister and I played jokes with teachers – she set a geography exam for me. I traveled the world, speak 3 languages. My late parents were strict and I wouldnt say or write back to them anything like your daughter did(but I thought of that so many times). So- well done for both of you, you have an open two-way communication. Which for Gemenies is a must. Ask yourself- is she ‘happy and… Read more »


My teen girl is triple Gemini, too. Sun, Mars and Venus. She also had a crap report, wigged out and ran away to live with her dad!


HELL YES AN MMA FIGHTER! You have a true legend there.


Haha, that’s hilarious! I have a 3h Gemini moon and I can relate. I was always naturally a good student but I thought the school setting was boring and there were times I could have made the ‘A’ but decided on doing something fun instead. I love learning about different subjects but I cannot pay attention to tedious/monotonous subjects. I also believe that It’s all about the teaching style.


I’m still trying to decide which answer is the most excellent…..


I am a Gemini (Sun/Mercury), I stayed in school environment and now educate my students to be rebels πŸ˜€


My Gemini son is doing abysmally at school for the HSC too. What is it with Gemini kids and school??!!!


I disagree with most here. Teenagers know how to work angles on parents, and a child of yours Mystic is going to be more switched on than most and know how to sucker punch her Mum! stand strong in the face of that teenage smartass crap…in order to break the rules and be a true revolutionary and evolutionary, one must first learn how to play and succeed within the rules, hence our education…yes, even as crap as it can be.
But most teenagers, not just Geminis, know how to work it with parents…


Very witty illustration of the Gemini vibe! I have a late teens Gem niece who has been talking since she could barely walk, is witty and smart and can argue the fuq on any point, and win. She is a straight A student, killer work ethic (Cap rising) and connects with people as naturally as breathing. One of the most compassionate and loving people I know, she studies at uni, works two waitress-type jobs and in addition to paying her way, sponsors a child from her small income. I have a lot of teacher friends and they all would say… Read more »


‘A bad report should never be a surprise to the parent.’

Yep, there certainly does need to be interested communication from both sides!


Mystic – love the post. Too funny.

A lot of these comments are so funny (sad?) to read. Due to the judgement I can’t even take them seriously. Sad really that there are such generalisations and obviously major internal issues that more than likely need to be dealt with. A little jealously perhaps?

gemini cat

Acting and MMA are a great combination. We need more characters like Buffy and Sydney Bristow.


…and Electra and Mutants and Marvel Chicks
and Nancy Drew of course.


It’s entertaining and witty. I think she’s clever enough to know she’s putting one over you hence the far fetched and rad concepts. They’re designed to baffle, bluff and stun the person into a faltering hesitant phase where you just might go.. uh, ok πŸ˜‰

Sounds like a teenage girl to me!

Or rings a little of my Jupiter/Gem 3rd house – Mercury in Sun/Sadge thing… and amuses me.

I don’t think she’s expecting you to buy it, perhaps applaud her for creativity and cut her some slack though.



Good point lol, for a standard Gemini that is simply the opening to a debate, not an end in itself (as such) and a Gemini would be disappointed to have it end there or be taken far too seriously!


…what’s an MMA fighter ??

Year of the Phoenix

Mixed Martial Arts


Thank you !


My signature sign is Gemini. I also have Chiron, my North Node & Vesta in Gem. I very much am a Gemini and feel it’s dual nature strongly in my life. I struggled in school with math. It made me feel stupid. But im great at reading & writing & love history. I am an avid reader & in general feel like I can never get enough information on a lot of different topics. I love gossip & news. I feel like I need to know everything about everything lol I am an intelligent person but I did struggle in… Read more »


* I actively try not to lie or be sociopathic with my feeling anymore like no care what others think.. I’ve actively had to cultivate being compassionate in my life. I still say and do outarageous things tho haha sorry got messed up at the end of that post!


I was a straight A student and far from a sociopath!

Prince Stolas

Same here. I have too much empathy. If i had to talk to my child self, I would tell her don’t worry about straight A’s because it’s ok to get an occaisional B. Work on networking more and finding peeps who align with your values who you’d like to work with (but they also like working with you) rather than just settling for those who just begrudgingly accept your presence in a field that is sorta close to what you want. Because real truth: straight A’s can open some doors for you, but what keeps the doors openng and increases… Read more »

Your daughter’s comments gave me a good chuckle. I can see her intelligence but just needs to apply it in a better way. An MMA fighter needs self discipline and she needs to practice that. I’m an Aries sun with Mars, Saturn, & SNode in Gemini. My daughter has Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini with Mars in Aries. When she was younger, I had to sit next to her to help keep her focused during homework or else she would be distracted with other things. She did develop self discipline as she became older tho. I think Saturn in… Read more »


Tertiary study the best years of your life ? That’s concerning on so many levels Monte. What happened to the rest of your life ?
Is that why your so angry all the time ? I mean Tony Abbot our PM had a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford and he’s a total imbecile.
Aside from being a racist a liar and unable to put 2 coherent sentences together.
I’ll much prefer Mysts daughter for PM than that fool.


LOL. πŸ™‚

Maria Padhila

This story is delightful, and the same sort of thing is happening to a lot of us. The world’s tough on mothers, more so now with the feminism backlash… There is so much judging of mothering in an attempt to shut women down. Worse is when we do it to ourselves. I run into so many women fronting about the perfection of their children, who in their recounting are sometimes allowed one artful flaw. It’s hard to watch, especially in the mirror πŸ˜‰ I In the US, there’s a lot of projected anti-youth backlash as well, with “entitled millennial” showing… Read more »


“Who’s entitled is the boomer buying a new toy and saying his small business can’t afford to cover health care…” Yes! Truth.


I concurr!


The corner of sunset and vine.

What a great turn of phrase, is that from a song? It makes my Gemini things and cap moon happy.

I think Saturn would be a bit hurt by your assessment, but he wouldn’t say anything. He can’t help that he derives satisfaction from solid foundations… πŸ˜‰

Do like your comment though x


Ah but yes to the inadvertently realising the Saturn benefits .

Lady L

Mystic, any chance that feisty Ms Gemini considers following in her mother’s footsteps as Astrologer Extraordinaire?

That is IF acting and/or MMA fighting no longer tickles her fancy in future?

She seems to be an original and independent thinker. And Gemini practically RULES blogging/online comms.

It is a GIFT though – being an astrologer in the way you are. Would be Mercurial Jupiter-magnitude magic (for the PIAB community) if that special gift runs in your family.


Sympathies Mystic.
I have a double Gemini rising Pluto in Saggi and what a beautiful charmer she is too πŸ™‚
I can be so cross with her and then like you I get a dose of her logic …
She has her mock exams coming up.
She has just acquired a new boyfriend, is auditioning for a role in a musical, customising clothing, looking after her horses and still has time to correct her teachers mistakes …
I don’t know how she does it, it can really rile my Virgo stellium, but then I guess Gemini’s invented multi-tasking …


Multiple gemini mother with ascendant conjunct ceres (aquarius) failed leaving twice, yet was invited by painter john brack (now deceased) into national gallery school of art…and was noticably foreign (before white australia policy was abolished). Problem was father was there, (not by merit) marriage ensued, then children, then divorce. Then came the 70’s of ashtons art school, another marriage, divorce. Creativity abounds despite imposition. Some people are not supposed to do as they are told. I have been thinking about this for years. Imagine if I’d passed the $40k/ year school I was sent to. Failed dismally. Actaually just got… Read more »


Your stories always interest me aquasunbird πŸ™‚

I wish I could figure out what Chiron in my 10th is trying to teach me tho! “Give up your day job” ?! Haha


Hi Pi, Happy New Year! To be our own selves.
This year I hope to have more lunacy in the constructive original artistic sense…Best of luck with your endeavours.
Its true, most of the so called creative directors trade dollars in unusual ways – the menswear company owner bought cheaply an old night club building after a fatal homicide, then proceeded make a huge profit many years later…


I like it, your girl sounds great! You’ve raised a girl who can think (fast and smart) for herself and isn’t afraid to express those thoughts !! Well done Mystic! Sounds like she could do with some more intellectual challenge to develop that fine mind!

Venus Cazimi

I think she sounds perfectly lovely, encourage her!
Says me, awaiting the return of my Gemini-Moon beamed daughter who manages to hula-hoop, circus, balance & trapeze whilst large scale coordinating & event managing with her thousand well-toned arms! xx


Ahahaha nice πŸ™‚ You’re doing a good job, Mystic! Be the Saturn πŸ˜‰


Aqua sun coming up with smart arse logic driven counter replies πŸ˜‰ I agree that she’s probably bored and I don’t blame her. But reminds me of a social studies teacher who told our class that under performers will all end up as public servants or teachers. I studied a little bit harder after that just to prove him wrong. The last thing I wanted was a lifetime of going to school. And a couple of counter examples: straight a student Gemini from my year ended up going to med school. In her second year had a brake down and… Read more »


Lol, also Aqua Sun here. “in spite of or despite of” is a phrase I also my kids


It is hard to see your children ‘under perform’, especially when you know{and admire) that they have a sharp mind and learn easily.
My boy child was like that in school, and after many years of relentless harassment I stopped, as it was making us both miserable. One day though, he will blame me for not making him try harder!


Snap! Just read this post to my Gem daughter and checked her chart. She has Sun-Venus-Mars in Gemini and thought these answers were all valid.


#2 is clearly a joke Monte!


Mystic your daughters comments made me laugh. I love kids.


Also ftr there is nothing wrong with getting good marks, for the record. It means we’re actually learning things that schools are supposed to teach. I may be a Capricorn moon Pisces sun gem rising but I am not a sociopath. Well I haven’t done the test but you know.


Although the dux of my school though…


Genius. Toldja πŸ˜‰


Whoops!! No no I was definitely NOT dux… I meant the dux could have been a sociopath lol
Cringe at the thought of boasting about my own academic status xx


Or at least, our study technique is good. … Lol



‘I may be a Capricorn moon Pisces sun gem rising but I am not a sociopath. Well I haven’t done the test but you know’

πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


I like to get good marks too. Am Sag with Gem rising and merc / uranus conjunction (merc in sag) but also strong saturn and mars / jupiter conjunction in virgo. I hate homework though. Went back to school at 30 and took 5 years to get award and loved learning but hated homework. But hey, we all have to do things we don’t like sometime (that’s part of growing up) and I wanted good marks for my dip to get into second program.


Yes.. I wonder if that’s our saturnine points in effect. No work, no progress.


Glad you mentioned this. There is nothing more heartbreaking to see a young child with a fantastic mind being put down by his/her dumbass (and proud of it) parents. Just because he/she is smarter than them.


Yeah. There is a reason we have bridges and aeroplanes and doctors and accountants, it’s called study…


Totes, pi.

Surprised at the number who automatically agreed that straight A = sociopath. WTF? Bit like saying all Gem’s are full of shit, non?


LOL! Slippery little suckers.

She’s probably bored, more than anything else. That’s my theory πŸ™‚ but disciplining the mind is also a skill… says the geek.

cosmic fleece
cosmic fleece

Might I suggest sending her off to Acting classes at Nida for a week ? Or dangle the carrot .. better grades first term = seeing how it sits/feels (she’s a Scorpie moon right?) at Nida ? xx

lady j

oh mystic I love your daughters remarks! as a sun/Venus/Mercury/Chiron in gemini (all directly opposite my Saturn and Uranus in sag, 9th house), Aqua rising you can definitely guess that i was expelled from high school and did miserably my first two years of uni. I was miserably bored. I was expelled multiple times in high school for starting a and maintaining a blog about self expression rights for gay and queer students in catholic schools (I went to one and was sickened with my friends suicida thoughts). In uni, I worked several jobs part time whole going to school… Read more »


Amen to the teaching to multiple intelligences theory.
have seen it in action as a high school teacher, and with my own (Mars Venus Jupiter in Gemini ) partner, who struggled for years with a poor sense of his learning capacity from not being taught to his strengths. He’s extremely kinaesthetic and visual.


Eg. last week the alternator broke in his car, so he bought the part, watched a youtube instruction video a couple of times and fitted it that afternoon. Never did it before…he keeps surprising himself (and me!)

lady j

our minds are so much more powerful when we are given the tools and space to understand and safely play with them! πŸ™‚



πŸ˜† πŸ˜†



The feeling is mutual (not mutable… πŸ˜† ) Sweets! πŸ™‚



Absolutely!! I have plenty of jokes up my sleeve…. πŸ˜€

Leo on the Rise

You did good Mystic πŸ™‚
she will thrive wherever…….
blessings πŸ™‚ xx

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

I would counter–what if you change your mind? (on being an MMA fighter or an actress). Suddenly you want to be a heart surgeon and have to spend time and $$ catching up? No harm in putting in the effort just in case–particularly if you’re mutable, and want greater options.


Agree. Also to me this seems like behaviour / an attitude that is typical of many of today’s youth? BlasΓ©, maybe a bit lazy and entitled? I don’t mean this in a rude way, this is based on what I have heard from friends with kids (and articles read on Daily Life lol) and I don’t have kids.


Sorry I think this probably came out a bit wrong I don’t mean anything mean about Mystic’s daughter as I don’t know her and can’t know anyone based on reading a post! I think this reminded me more of my boss’s son who slacks off at school, not because he is too smart for it and bored there but because he is totally spoiled. My boss is rich and has bought his kid an 800k investment property *sigh*

Sweet sanity

That is AWESOME!! Lol I particularly love number 3. Mystic, you’ve done good.

Prince Stolas

Getting wasted with space squirrels is just about where I am at today.


You watching Spongebob ?

Prince Stolas

I wish!


As a gem moon, gem asc I do get this logic. Difference is I’m a 12th house gem moon so in this instance I would have just keep my brilliant deduction and maternal disappointment to myself. Which would you prefer Myst ? πŸ™‚


Oh and I would keep the secret of my mothers madness to myself. Never would I tell anyone, I promise. I’m incredibly trustworthy in these matters πŸ™‚

Prince Stolas

Spoken like a true 12th house moon!


My daughter’s moon is unfortunately NOT in 12th house so broadcasting mother’s madness for all to hear.

cosmic fleece

Love the artwork ! I was sitting down talking with the talented Gemmie sister yesterday , swapping snippets of info, when I suddenly recalled taking ”You have an answer for everything!!” as a compliment many moons ago – BC (before children). I was seriously impressed with myself and had a super smiley screen printing arvo after that ”compliment” – Gem Moon, Gem Saturn, Gem Venus/Mars conjunct. Gemini Sister agreed it was definitely a compliment. I’m pretty sure i can say I’ve never met a Gemini i didn’t enjoy being around . Can usually pick ’em, they look like pixies. PS… Read more »


I have an 11 year old daughter with a learning disability that we just discovered. She was verbally totally together, but we learned she had spatial, working memory and visual reasoning issues. I thought she was just a typical mutable Virgo – Mercurial and impulsive – but now we have a plan in place and school is cooperating! She has a moon in Gemini just like mommy! (Here I thought she was a mess – when its actually called “Executive Functioning” – yep, she’ll have a plan in place to help her with that….wish I had that sort of thing… Read more »


My Gem daughter loathes high school but can teach herself any musical instrument and is teaching herself Russian (for fun).


Yes! Mine taught herself guitar.

But, wow. Russian!


Yep. Check. I don’t even try to outwit or outplay my Triple Gem/Virgo Moon teen. She’ll verbally run circles around me and at least appear to win (I say that last only to try to save face). I used to be the one who could verbally run circles around people… I’ve spawned a very cute Mercurial monster. Woe betide her spouse and children. Or maybe she’ll have quadruple Gem/compounded by Virgo kids and get payback.


Also. Your daughter is right.


LOL….Mercurial monster. I’m also Gemini sun/Virgo Moon so I may just have to make that name my new moniker. Not terribly fond of my current one anyway.

I did well in school, but never could tolerate Math…it bored me to tears so I never did well in it. I also found it terribly irrelevant to my life and I was right! πŸ™‚


Double Mutable that is SO amazing! My daughter was just telling me very convincingly tonight that math is just not her subject. She said it in MANY words:D but also very eloquently.


I love it! We’re word people,
So it only figures.


Yes, maybe Myst should see this report as a cry for help from the teachers. They are hoping she will exert some influence cause they can’t. Silly teachers.


Agreed. They may not know she is a triple Gem, but they sense something powerful underneath it all and feel secretly scared.

cosmic fleece

Fear not Mystic,
Gemini sister barely scraped through high school. and is now pretty much running a Scandi telecommunications company ! Started her degrees during Saturn Return. Bada Bing Bada Boom !



Saturn Return irons out most of the Gemmy gremlins πŸ˜‰

cosmic fleece

Yes indeedy Wonder Woman !! xxx Mwa


Yes! Genius!! My double gem (sun + Venus retro, opp Pluto and in 9th) daughter gets wretched grades as well. She has used #s 3 and 4 on me, and I, not wanting to be #5 (and also cause I truly do), agree with her. This idea that kids are on the train to success from preschool on that must not be derailed by a total lack of interest in division or something is toxic. So last century!! #1, btw, was me. Never anything less than an A, but it wasn’t until I got to college and started smoking pot… Read more »


LOL That’s genius! πŸ™‚

All very valid points.

And I LOVE that image. πŸ˜›


Ha ha I love the first one, no hang on, I love them all. Kudos missy. I remember getting some very bad reports but sometimes school doesn’t always offer what a Gemini needs in terms of intellectual and other interest. I am now an academic and a writer but if you saw my Year 11 report you would have abandoned all hope. Arguably such measurements are not a true reflection of who we are. Perhaps To Kill a Mockingbird was killed by a less than effusive teacher, or the need for algebra superseded by an interest in quantum mechanics. Hard… Read more »


God I LOVE her!!! Mystic if it makes you feel any better I was one of those academically gifted children. My teachers pinned all their hopes and fantasies on me, wanting to be part of shaping the formative years of a “potential to be the next genius-artist-astrophysicist-thing” girl. If they had any knowledge of astrology the would’ve backed off once they saw the Sun square Uranus/10th house Mars in Aqua. I was never going to do anything the traditional route …. So I dropped out of high school. Twice. It was sheer boredom partially but mostly refusal to be taught… Read more »

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