Paleo Eyes – Embracing The Blur

So I went to see this amazing natural eye consultant – an opthalmologist who does not rely on glasses so much as train people to enhance their innate vision.

She teaches the Bates Eye Method, which was invented by a Capricorn eye doctor and is sort of like Pilates consciousness for the eyes, along with more modern modalties.Β  I went because my vision was getting blurry with too much computer time and anyway, this woman – Jenny Livanos,* an Aries – was amazing.

I am passing on some of the things she said because they were so cool. By ‘passing on’, I mean I’m paraphrasing what I gathered, Mercury in Aries style. Obviously I am not a doctor and these are not medical recommendations but rather, interesting observations. Please see an eye specialist if you have any optical concerns.

These are from the notes I took, my mind was blown.

* The eyes are the only visible part of the brain – they are basically the brain on stalks. They are the brain. Your vision is your brain.

* Our eyes are not being used to their full extent and fuq knows what effect this is having on our mind. In the olden timesΒ  there is no way we would ever have spent so much time staring straight ahead as we walked or drove, let alone into a screen.

Our eyes would have gazed far ahead and also to the side and up/diagonally, scanning for predators. For optimal optical and mind powers. we need to gaze around more as we look – practice some side-eying as well as looking far into the distance.

* Astaxanthin – try saying that after a glass of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice – is a genius supplement for the eyes & is also what makes pink flamingos pink. Saffron is also beneficial but if you have a problem you’re trying to correct, they need to be in a properly devised formula not just sprinkled over foods.

* The Eyebody Method is like The Alexander Technique only specifically applied to eyes. Pinhole glasses make you look like a D-List 80s rock star but anecdotally, are said to strengthen your eyes. No clinical studies have been done but the method and these glasses have passionate advocates who swear they altered their vision profoundly for the better.

* If you change the way you see, by doing eye exercises, as opposed to just magnifying your vision with artificial aids, you change the way you think.Β  Some people really do (for example) have something they don’t want to “see” or “turn a blind eye” and they experience vision changes.

* What to do if aging or too much screentime is making things blurry? Don’t glare, squint or think irritating thoughts about yourself/your vision. You relax, especially the diaphragm – as it is linked to the eyes – and just embrace the blur. While you will no doubt need to figure out a more structured solution, this will help and it’s a good attitude to practice for other things.


*Jenny Livanos is based in Sydney, Australia but I am sure she is networked and can recommend people of similar sensibility to herself in other locations.

Image: Bang Hai Ja – Naissence de Lumiere

46 thoughts on “Paleo Eyes – Embracing The Blur”

  1. Rache(Aqua/Tauri)

    I’ve been doing chiro that focuses on the dura (by adjusting the coccyx and the sphenoid) and it’s amazing how much my vision changes after being adjusted. I can see details I couldn’t before, but I didn’t notice that I couldn’t see them before! My sense of smell gets far more vivid as well. Search “Erik Dalton dura mater” for more on this, it’s so interesting…

  2. 😯

    I’ve been having so much trouble with the blur! So this is really helpful! I read for hours per day (I’m a triple gemmy πŸ˜€ ) & it takes hours for my vision to clear up, if at all. I’ve been practicing some of these techniques such as looking into the distance & ‘stretching’ my eyes & it has been useful. I’ve noticed my eyes aren’t always blurring & when I relax my vision increasingly becomes clearer. I’ve been meaning to go to the optometrist because I need glasses for driving, particularly on the days when I’m really blurry. But gee I was so happy to see this post 😯 πŸ™‚

  3. Whoa, talk about timing. I recently had a dream where someone I knew was looking for these special contacts – ones that super magnified naturally, without harm to the individual. I tracked down a bottle of these sold out special contacts and got them for said friend.

    Never had dreams of contacts, much less helping someone else out with them. I think it means that this friend is wanting to see things between us clearer, and I am wanting to help that.

  4. There might be something in that advice you know. Years ago I was feeling confused quite often and put it down to having scratched spectacle lenses. Got new ones and voila, sense of powerlessness disappeared

  5. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Ohh, very interesting~!

    Of course the eyes are linked to Mercury–you coined the term Virgo Vision yourself!

  6. Thank you so much for this, Mystic. I am going to eye specialist in early January for my glaucoma check-up. I think I will mention this to her. I have
    Mercury in Aquarius, 11th house and am Sun Aqua unaspected there too.. My Mercury is exactly opposed to Pluto and close to opposite Saturn. ( Who me worry?) When my sight started to diminish radically 10 years ago, I read about 2000 pages in case I would go blind. Luckily I got to an excellent eye surgeon and he lasered my eyes to widen the narrowing of the narrow angle glaucoma I have; so I am blind to drive but I walk a lot and take buses. I love my eyes. I love to read and I love to
    be online. I have a glorious view from my Seattle apt. of a pie slice of Lake Washington and see the Cascade Mts. I am so glad I can SEE.

  7. Beta Carotene supplements and drinking carrot juice/smoothies to your diet can improve.
    thanks for the info! Switching to a computer day job in the last five years messed up my 20/20 eyesight.

  8. I bought some pinhole reading glasses when i used to proofread for a crust, and my eyes became tired and blurry. They really did help. Even now that i have to wear reading glasses, when i use the pinholes, i see perfectly well. Something about how they cut out excess light which confuses the retina and give you more depth of field. They took a little getting used to at first, but it was worth it. Now I use them if i’m on the computer at night – they seem to alleviate the strain.

    1. This is the 1st feedback from the pinhole specs that i have been curios about for ages, and it’s positive. Thanx will try some.

  9. If you use a computer a lot and wear eyeglasses, get a set of eyeglasses just for your computer. It makes a huge difference to have glasses that are set just for the typical distance and resolution of a computer screen.

  10. My left eye has much worse vision than the right – the opthalmologist said it was straining to do all the work while my right eye just takes it easy. What does that mean for my brain? The creative side is daydreaming, looking to the distance, and not paying attention to the immediate world? The problem-solving side is a workaholic?

    1. Could you wear a patch over the the left eye occasionally ? Or maybe keep a parrot on your right side to be a spare set of eyes ?
      If you took that Astaxanthin it might improve your weak eye, though you apparently could end up with a full beard ?
      Is this making any sense ? It’s coming together in mine πŸ™‚

    2. Generally, the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body, and visa versa. But with the eyes, information travels from both eyes to both hemispheres, through the optic chiasma. It’s the only way for a “full picture” to be created with the natural limitations of the eyes and sight. And it’s more complicated than that, even. So…the answer to your question is probably a bit more mundane and less interesting than your initial hypothesis πŸ˜‰

      1. And not only banged him, she then squawked about it to everyone in the neighborhood. Polly’s a got a BTD, Polly’s got a BTD . Some parrots have no shame.

  11. The eyes are so easily fooled. I don’t think they are very smart or need to be. Our habits our language our emotions our experience shape and filter the data pouring in. We all see the same thing differently, even though we have roughly the same equipment. The brain doesn’t have time while we are in motion to notice very much at all lots of the time. We can watch a movie at 24 frames per second without much jitter. Start getting up to 100 or so and you’ve got too much. Blurring simulates fluidity, sharpness simulates stuttering.
    I actually think the blur in vision is where other things may be seen. A different focus. In some indigenous communities crossed eyes is considered a path to seeing the other side. Those born with cross eyes considered as born shamans.

    The eye can only see a very small part of the spectrum. I think this is where we can improve our understanding of the world and ourselves greatly, by developing the ability to see more of the spectrum. Meditative states and visions are a perfect example of spectrum expanding exercise. Hence the breathing and eye control. Currently we have tagged those that see auras and specters etc or meditative trips as somehow having some spiritual even magical property when really I think that almost anyone can exercise the muscles in their eyes and see more spectrum with practice.
    Apparently some fighter pilots can notice or be trained to notice single frame incidents in a 200 frame per second environment.

  12. Mercury in Scorpio- i’m always looking every which way!

    But Neptune square Moon…there is a slight blur over everything, near and far. Just a bit so when i put on glasses i think, “Oh, I wasn’t tired…everything was just a tiny bit blurry…”

    I generally don’t wear glasses though because I don’t like anything on my face…too distracting…and takes attention away from…my face!

    1. OMG i am like your opposite. I want people to forget me. To forget my face. I wear glasses just to anonymize my face.

      1. ooh, this is interesting! i myself don’t like wearing glasses, because i don’t like anything on my face. but, i have terrible vision – usually wear contact lenses. i rarely wear any of my three pairs of glasses in public, but they are all very unique and i don’t seek to be anonymised when i wear them, but rather to stand out. they’re an accessory…but annoying.

      2. Haha, I actually do that, too. It just depends on what mode I’m in. Being an uber vain Venus 1st house, my personal hiding fashion is sunglasses, a hat, and loads of hair in my face…not glasses though.

  13. I want to let you know that astaxanthin is purported to be a good supplement but be aware of one side effect you might not like… causes incredible hair growth to occur on your body. No one tells you that part. I’m a woman. I took it for years. I don’t take it anymore. πŸ™‚

    1. Sounds like it’s better for sheep πŸ™‚
      Increase yield etc. while totally eliminating the need for sheep to have glasses. Genius.
      ….buy Astaxanthin, you will see better and no need to get a new coat for winter. Bargain !

    2. Well for some of us as we get older, only certain parts get hairier and need hair removal like facial hair around mouth and nose hair….while other parts that have hair not so much….scalp…. ugh….eyebrows….

      1. How are the ears going ? They say ear hair is the age giveaway. I’m old enough to have it slightly and it’s gross. Do women over 45/50 get ear hair ?

  14. There’s a school of mystics referenced in one of Paulo Coehlo’s books (I love him- I know his writing oversimplifies concepts, but sometimes I need that) where the first step was to stop looking down and to train the self to look at the horizon and not the ground.

    I try to do this when I’m walking or on a run and I’ve noticed that it’s helped me to shift my thoughts to becoming more expansive. It’s also triggered my body into becoming aware and trusting my feet to step on the sidewalk the right way. It’s subtle, but has shifted me to consciously look up or straight ahead and never down.

    “A warrior cannot lower his head – otherwise he loses sight of the horizon of his dreams.” – Coelho

  15. My optometrist noticed that my eye (short)sight seemed to have improved , in a head-scratchingly noticeable way, and he asked what i was doing differently, basically i had left the computer-based desk job and was at that point starting to gaze across a large university campus searching in vain for the building that housed my next class, or at distant lecture theatre screens or a diminuitive lecturer at the front…more travel time across town in more modes of transport, more looking looking..

    i mean i wasn’t “cured” by any means

    he basically described it as when the muscles that make your eye focus at close range are focused for a prolonged period, they are contracted that whole time, it’s basically like holding a bicep curl or a crunch or tense shoulders for a REALLY long time. eventually the muscles just get stiff, basically, and stay contracted (close-focused). Doing the thing where we stare at distant treetops and horizons and birds in the sky, colour and movement, that’s what our eye are for. yes.

    wow so i wonder what flamingo eyesight is like?

    1. like wearing rose-tinted glasses? :-).

      maybe that’s where it comes from – xcept flamingo-tinted glasses doesn’t quite have the same ring?…sorry…

    2. Pi , was told by optician that shortsightedness corrects itself with age. Was shortsighted when younger and now long sighted.

      1. Yep, my shortsightedness has improved over the last couple of years and the mid vision is much better since stopping desk work.

  16. The brain on stalks– like flowers, or broccoli.

    I am always scanning for predators. Scorpio occupational hazard.

    Did you mean, try *spelling* that after a glass of bdhj? Lol Mystic πŸ˜›

    I think there’s something to eye changes after an unpleasant experience. I was 9 years old when I walked in on my parents doing the deed; by the time I was 10 I was nearsighted & needed glasses.

    Starry-eyed πŸ˜‰

    1. Lol and omg…I was thinking “saying” but also “spelling” and got “selling.” I think also “she sells sea shells…” my brain works in odd ways. BUT corrected now, thank you.

      And yes, i get that about Scorpios – it’s good for the small muscles around your eyes though!

      1. Ahaha a glass of hoochie here & there is a-ok. Reds have some kind of nutritional value, right? Good for the brain stalks, I heard. Corrective πŸ™‚ x

        1. Ah no– don’t change it, it’s funny! “Embrace the blur”! Lol I thought you did that on purpose.

          You the Best! Orange & emerald πŸ™‚

  17. Oh and my own eyes are getting a bit of that..oh crap bifocals in my future thing,,, i try to use voipce dictation software to save excessive typing, and i listen to audiobooks as much as poss, unless it is a super important book to save eyes. I love reading but i also think reading is not a natural caveperson thing to do.

    Liver health is correlated to eyes as well.

    1. Yes. that’s why when you get a hang-over, the eyeballs and head hurt – Liver Yang Rising.

      and yellowish eye whites with jaundice.

      floaters, blurry vision, poor night sight (with other symptoms)- signs of liver blood deficiency – not necessarily means you have liver disease but an imbalance in your liver qi.

      1. So if the eyes are the windows to the soul and they are also the windows to the liver….then the liver is where the soul lives? …..and notice the word *live*…
        just throwin’ it out there, people.

    2. I don’t know if you should worry so much about not reading. My younger brother probably has the closest life to a paleo person that I know in the western world. Has lived in the mountains hunting, tracking, farming, fishing all his life. No computer, only watches weather on tv and the only reading he does is when he gets a bill. I have worked in publishing all my life – so I read for a living. We both needed reading glasses at the same age (45).

      1. I just noticed during the time i was studying night and day to pass licensing exam for 3 months straight, my eyesight was verifiably worse after that adventure meaning that intense reading did affect my eyes. I had to stop reading, take herbs, and do eye exercises to recover my eyesight for the next 6 months.

  18. I think in nature flamingos get their astaxanthin from shrimp and crustacen shells. It reminds me that the best gumbo is made while boiling down shrimp heads and shells! I’m not sure anything will turn pink if you eat it though!

    Another thing that blurs vision is sugar. Try taking an eye exam right after you eat something sugary. Your results are usually worse. If you has a bad eye exam result that is suddenly worse, that might be a culprit.

    Also daily….. Plus zinc…zinc gets concentrated in your eyes.

      1. Well our brain and system run on glucose exchanges so it is good for that. It’s just we now have gross amounts available to us at any moment. πŸ™ Plus it’s all refined and not combined with fiber or anything else.

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