Timing Love And Money With Astrology

Technically, people are interested in a vast array of esoteric topics. Copernicus and his thoughts on the Sun as the center of our galaxy? Chiron as the ‘rainbow bridge’ between Saturn and Uranus? The mysterious 13th Sun Sign alluded to in a media frenzy every seven years or so? Asteroids – relevant to astrology or just cosmic clutter? Arabic Parts – useful or a fatalistic hangover?

But in practice, it’s the timing of love and money that interests most people. The writer Seth Godin – a canny multiple Cancerian – once said that the only thing people ever really want to know about is how to “get laid, get paid or lose weight.”

Some caveats: Free will is paramount, always. And, particularly when it comes to money, there is no substitute for a focused work ethic.

With love, we are living through an era of unprecedented social change, disrupting old relationship paradigms and resetting the mating/dating scene. It’s in hyper-flux. Relationships are complex, and there are times in your life when self-actualization or energy poured into magic, parenting, health, and spirituality are a better investment.

Still, here are some basic tips for timing love and money with astrology.

* No ONE BIG transit does everything.  Generally, a favorable upward life leap is reflected by several astro-passages at once. One – meh. Two – hmmm. Three phenomena are pointing toward the same theme – it’s happening.  For example, Jupiter moving into the 7th House AND Pluto trine Venus AND the Progressed Moon conjoining Jupiter would = a romantic upgrade. Look to there being several signals at once. Like the way that spies determine the value of intelligence.

* Significant Official changes in relationships and status (e.g., a massive promotion) are most often shown in the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) conjunct the Angles: the Ascendant and Midheaven mainly but also the I.C. and Descendant.

* Look to Saturn for where things may be constricted or slowed down.  Saturn in the 2nd or 8th House can force people to decelerate and re-think their biz model. It’s a time of paying down old debts – literally or psychically.

For example, a person I knew with Saturn going through the 8th House was always feeling broke, and money stressed. She would get into crazy debt. It was not until she attacked some old ideas around what constituted ‘status’ and ‘power’ that her thinking began to shift and cash flowed better. You don’t get the speed-up in the area being affected by Saturn until the thinking changes. It is a restructure.

* Look to the Jupiter transit zone for where you can express audacity and pull off something fast. If you want to bump that up, wait till another beneficial influence supports Jupiter. EG: say Jupiter is in your 7th House and you want to find a partner. You would initiate your efforts or anticipate a breakthrough when Jupiter there was also being aspected by Venus or even Uranus.

* Progressions count!  A progressed New Moon or a progressed Sun on Venus are all indicators of a new era coming into being. A new character in your life catalyzes growth.

* Saturn transits are epic for honing physique and having discipline, but you don’t usually feel like they are “fun.”  Start any form of self-improvement or self-control scheme on a New Moon with a strong Saturn aspect for rad results.

* Jupiter is still the big $$$ vibe and mainly when Jupiter is a friendly aspect to Venus or Mars. But it’s steely old Saturn that delivers the long-term, bottom-line money. Any transit of Jupiter-Pluto is empowering and prosperous.

* If you are fixing on a money scheme or a new love with any whiff of a square from Neptune to your personal planets, apply caution. Neptune Goggles are not just rose-tinted; they come with scent and dimension warping features.

* The ruling planet (the one that rules the Ascendant) can always be relied upon to help. So wherever that is transiting is the area to emphasize. It sounds trite, but it works. So say someone is Taurus Rising and frustrated at a lack of romantic options. But their ruler Venus is currently in the 10th House – public image, career, visibility, etc. Even though it is not technically a “romance” transit, attention paid to the vocational image, work events, corporate wardrobe, publicity, etc. would activate positive romance Qi.

* Find generally “good” or strong astro-passages coming up and work out where they will be manifesting in your personal chart. E.g., Saturn conjunct Pluto in 2020. They determine the climate and societal themes that you will be operating in.

* If you want a clue as to how to handle (say) Pluto coming up to your Moon in a year, look to the Moon on your Pluto the very next time it happens. Or at the Moon-Pluto conjunction that occurs each month. It is marked on the Moon Calendar. There will be a clue. It may be minor, but there will be an echo.

* Anything connecting with the South Node also affects the North Node as they are always in exact opposition. BUT a conjunction to the South Node closes off an old karmic situation or your emotions around the past. The North Node brings in new people and future Vibe.

* Eclipses move things along REAL fast but generally only if the degree is super close to a potent point in your natal chart. Don’t invoke eclipse protocols for a piffly eight-degree orb or a second-tier aspect made by an Eclipse.

* In relationships, aspects to the angles of a composite chart show changes to the status of that relationship. People often meet one another when an Outer Planet is conjunct their Composite Ascendant.

* The progressed anything changing sign is usually a new chapter in life. Add in a potent Pluto or Uranus transit, and the evolution is significant. E.g., You move country, have a baby, get married or divorced. The Progressed Ascendant often triggers an exceptional change in consciousness.

* Mercury brings a message. If you’re waiting on something, look to Mercury and when it next connects with a point in your chart. The Mercury Return (when Mercury conjoins your natal Mercury) is often neglected, but it often syncs with a time of MASSIVE clarity around who you are and what you want to transmit to the world.


Image: David Bailey

29 thoughts on “Timing Love And Money With Astrology”

  1. Uranus in Taurus exact on my 8h Mars-Venus today, trine my Virgo Saturn, square my Jupiter. And dear old Santa Saturn has finally given me the stores full of the beautiful, durable, fun clothes in the right materials, ( natural, and soft) right prices and made for my Venusian body. Ladylike, timeless and fun. I have prayed for so many years for this! Thank you!

  2. Not sure this is on topic but just putting it here in case anyone is interested…watching the Australian Story on Bob Hawke this evening and couldn’t help wondering about his soulmate links with Blanche d’Alpuget. He was a quadruple Sadge with moon in Pisces opp Neptune in Virgo. Saturn at 1 Cap. Blanche a Cap, with moon in Aries opp Neptune in Libra. Her Mars-Uranus conj in Gem opp his Venus in Sadge. Would love anyone else’s thoughts…

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Knowing that he has a Pisces Moon makes me like me more. But no wonder he had a problem with alcohol.

  3. Thanks for these Mystic! Excellent tips. I quite agree that once you see an astrological indicator for something three times, it’s the magic number 🙂
    this underemployed, in-debt & perma-single astrologer & artist is VERY much looking forward to Venus, then Uranus, crossing my MC/Venus conjunction over the summer <3 change at last, & i'm in a position where I have little to lose. I also have a bunch of good jupiter transits that your wonderful report alerted me to… so the only way is up!

  4. Sometimes I have this little moment. Amidst the subterranean Pluto/moon silent and tectonic transit. Besides the tidal breeze of old dry wall being sucked out of my psychic house as I pull down walls to pull out old parts of me that were scratching and weeping for air inside these makeshift walls. Beyond the incomprehensible loss and how it hurts just as much to loss what you love as much as what you no longer love. Sometimes I have this little moment, last time it was when someone looked at me and asked what’s up. I just stared at them, unblinkingly with round, quiet humble lidded eyes. The silence unnerved them and they asked what was wrong with me.
    I smiled. Because behind my turtle stoic face was absolute chaos but with ZERO urge to try and share it, explain it, unload it, dress it up, or otherwise deter from what it was. I replied ‘nothing’ again shaking my head as if anything could be wrong when absolutely nothing about me in that moment was permanent. (Also knew I would definitely never need to talk to this person ever again…a person who years ago I used to care so painfully hard what they thought of me.)

    This is long winded to say that I checked my progressed chart and I’m about to have a New progressed Moon at the end of Pisces – 27 degrees which touches a few other things in my natal chart including my Moon with Uncle Pluto finishing the adoption papers in my first house.
    This happens this coming Fall and by Spring 2020 that New progressed moon will be well into Aries, conjuncting my natal Venus (thus squaring the fortress that is uranus/saturn/mars/cap ASC) and transiting Chiron.

    I am simultaneously jumping to high five the stars and scrambling for the darkest cavern. Which is just par for the course so I think I’ll be good.

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    All this love zombie, love, Scorpio Full Moon stuff just felt like I had to critique a movie I just watched.

    Let the Sunshine in with Juliette Binoche.
    How emotionally gruelling. Then I watch George Depideau at the end tell her what any good, sane person would. Then I watch the trailer then it sums up the movie succinctly without the emotional drain.

    But I’m glad I watched the movie.

    I love how Juliette’s face sparkles at the end.

    1. I’m curious about Juliette Binoche’s astro. She’s taken up some roles where her character is at an incredibly emotionally complex and dark crossroads. Gruelling yes . But the sparkle face! Also yes. Three colours Blue, Les Amants du Pont Neuf etc

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Don’t know about her chart but I have just seen my progressed chart.

        My natal Neptune in Scorpio is in the beginning of 8th house. That’s why I noticed a recent intensity. And full moon in Scorpio. Geez.

        I will take it easy. Any suggestions peeps?

        My mind body wants to cry but can’t. I want to shift this stuff, it’s been here too long.

        I’ll do the Pluto meditation.

        And my 12th house is packed with natal Chiron in Pisces 27, Saturn in Aries and progressed Aries Moon.

        Viscerally I understand this.

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      After watching the above movie I watched Return to Montauk with Stellan Skarsgard who I like. What the above movie took from me like a Qi Vampire this movie restored and gave more.

      I like the stark, real depiction of grief from Susanne Wolff.

  6. What an incredible resource. You’re so generous!!

    Am entering 5 years of Neptune sq natal Uranus 17 degrees/Venus 21 degrees Sag.
    & Uncle Pluto is just a degree away from my IC.

  7. I tell everyone that if they experience a change of sign in progressed Mercury or Ascendant, they are changing their mind/ways and are never going back! I have witnessed this happen so many times with people, and in myself, I treat it as a fixed entity. Always always always, never fails. When my prog Ascendant changed signs to Aquarius, Uranus also happened to begin it’s transit of my IC/4th house and within six months I was getting divorced (BEFORE I was even aware of these transits). I also had an old friend whose gf got pregnant, and he convinced her to quickly marry her, but a month later her prog Mercury changed signs and she not only split up with him/divorced him, but got an abortion! He asked me for advice when she was in the process of leaving him and I checked her charts and saw the change, so I had to tell him, sorry, bub, she’s not coming back. Now I look ahead to see if friends and loved ones (and myself) are going to have these types of sign changes in their prog chart soon so I know what to expect!

    1. seawitchmermaid

      Crazy you say this. I just checked my progs and my Mercury has just changed signs- at 0 Aries now And long story short yes my thinking has changed a LOT. Contemplating if I still want my current relationship and it’s just shitty. I thought it was just Saturn conjunct sn in my fourth (heading to ic) but this adds a deeper dimension.

    2. Eeps, just spotted that my progressed ascendant moved into Aquarius on Halloween last year and at the same time Uranus moved over my IC, into the 4th house too Holding onto my hat.

      Remember that a few years ago, when I was LZing bad, my progressed moon was in Pisces (exacerbating the Neptune googles). It moved into Taurus this Spring, which is again my 4th house. Keeping my eyes on early September now when it meets Uranus. Pluto is squaring my Mars and Sun at the same time, and Venus will be on my North Node.

    3. I’m definitely on track to another paradigm with a freshly relocated progressed moon and asc in Leo, with a progressed un in Taurus. Might explain wierd urges to do Outfits, fleeting desires to crush and or Cut Out Of My Life people who disrespect me lol, and also a relatively new love affair with comfy sofas… i do miss my aries era though.

    4. I’m looking forward to my progressed Venus going direct. Somewhere around my sun, too. It’s been retrograde since idk how long. SD in a couple years. *thinks for a moment, makes a note in pencil, with faint swirly handwriting, in a mysterious ledger full of blank pages made from whisper-thin rice paper*

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