The House Where You Have Leo

The House Where You Have Leo is where you must Reign Or Abdicate. And either way, you will be damn noble about it. It’s where you aspire. Hell, do you aspire. You shine, get trophies, and like to be seen here.

If you can’t make that scene dazzling and amazing then, well, you’ll stay at home.

Your Leo sector is where you cannot bear things to be tatty or naff. Culture – cinema, music, fine art – inspires you in the affairs of this house. In fact, you can be over-influenced by it. Think of the sorts of people who identify strongly with movie/television characters or relate so strongly to certain novels that they subliminally play out the narrative.

You can have a teenage tolerance for dramatics or appreciation of scenes in the House Where You Have Leo.

It is also the sector where you can turn practically anything around, at Warp Speed, via the strength of your creative force and performance flair. The House Where You have Leo is where you rehearse your lines. No matter how authentic you are, it’s a performance on some level.

But you can also withdraw from the themes or activities to do with the house where you have Leo, for fear of stage fright. It’s called Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome. Or in an artistic tantrum akin to ‘if you can’t sing Mezze Soprano at the Met then you’re not going to sing at all’ style of a snit.

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  1. Going through old Leo posts for inspo! I have three 7 house leo signs… sun, Venus, and mercury and even before the co-19 stay at home orders, I had quit my full time job and started online classes (after a two year break) and being a shut in… not feeling a lot of shine as of 2019/2020— started around 2016 honestly! But this leo needs it back.

  2. LibraMoonAurora

    Leo in the 2nd with Leo Venus & Virgo Mars there…and boy do I hate being guilted about the price of stuff I buy. I’m a Virgo so guilt comes naturally but not when it comes to my STUFF, body, food etc. It’s crazy how unashamedly Leo I am when it comes to 2nd house matters…why yes I do NEED that $100 jar of La Mer & there’s nothing anyone can say to stop me from getting it ;-p

    1. My SUN in Gemini is in the 12th House, and Uranus and Pluto in Leo in the 2nd House w/LEO on the cusp. I also have Jupiter in Virgo in the 3rd House w/LEO on the cusp. I’ve been advised to write, write, write.

      1. Hey…my sun is in pisces in the 12th, have jupiter in the 3rd too (gem)
        I sometimes forget how much I need to write!

  3. Thanks! I also read that it’s my descendant because my ascendant is Aquarius…so Leo is the opposite of that and affects my partnerships. Interesting.

  4. According to Astrodienst, my Leo is on my Descendant, not in a House! What on earth does that mean?

  5. Like aqualeo, have Saturn, Mars, MC/10th house Leo. Cannot disagree with the assessment. I have an inner attention whore screaming to get out, but given how picked on I was as a child (and I am not attractive), I’m afraid to let it. Not looking forward to bastards going on about how ugly I am if I step out into the spotlight a la Susan Boyle.

    But I will probably have to give into it someday. Who are we kidding, right?

  6. Yep, Leo ascendant. Explains why I’m misread by so many people. And the hair, obviously, & the general social performance. Yesss. Any other significance/tendencies?

  7. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Got home & read this one, thought to self, I’m a tad schtooped as how to blend the half 9th house-half 10th house Leo (conjunct MC no less) with the Sun Virgo, which is more ‘I’ll just hang there toward the back’ AND the Scorp rising (I’m behind the scenes officially). Hm…
    “10th house Leo is a genius at self-promo & come alive when they’re on the telly. Has billboard fantasies.” Mystic, that is a LOT to aspire to!!! What genius at self-promo? I’m paranoid about it…eh…
    More things to learn then I suppose

  8. margy the cap

    Just read a little of the 12th house and if Leo is out there and over the top ect does this mean lots of hidden enemies or powerful enemies?? the 12th also dreams and other world items…. does that make us more in tune with the other dimensions…. know things just by looking at people???
    Are our deams bigger or better?? my questions just keep coming… just know my dreams are way out there at the moment and it involves many people around me and not if it’s the full moon thats coming or something on the premersion side of whats about to come??? and the questions go on… help Mystic… more info please……

  9. leonine lovely

    What about if you’ve got Leo in your twelth house? Does that mean I can’t keep secrets?

  10. Leo in the 11th! I really do get so much energy and enjoyment from friends. And playful doesn’t even begin to describe it. 😛

    I love when you write DIY Astro posts, Mystic!!

  11. Leo in the tenth, always adored the camera, being the ‘star’ of home videos. Studied journo to be a broacast one, didn’t go through with it though. Always been somewhat quiet/shy but in front of a camera, yes I do shine.
    Leo in Saturn and Mars and midheaven as well…wowsa, looking forward to some brave new changes ahead, esp in the workplace.

  12. *grins* I have Leo in the 12th house & my Sun is in the 8th, can we say very loud overdramatic drunk ;)?

  13. gem le taureau

    My Leo is in the eleventh house. Friends and associates? Throw lots of parties/start a matchmaking service/win friends and influence people?

    1. Leonine Librarian

      Oh how to communicate creativity…hmm there is the standard verbal encounter…which changes with whomever I converse. I have one of those weirdly pattern seeing minds…so I tend to listen a lot to what someone else is saying and then rainman style almost shout of connections…(well this is how it feels sometimes…I’m hoping I don’t actually go all idiot savant…I do know that it is fueled by an honest joy in sharing with others). This seems to happen professionally, socially…just happens, a lot.

      This to me is one element of creativity, seeing new things, being able to explain them to someone in a way that invigorates and enthuses them…

      Was talking only yesterday with someone that has done a course into how to access this level of creativity in a more deliberate fashion…am exploring this at baby level so far.

      I’m working on enhancing my written communication style…and will be doing an editing course throughout this time Mystic has mentioned. There is also a short course in linguistics…sort of a taste to see if it’s where I’d like to explore further…

      There is the desire to learn another language…am currently looking at beginner downloads of german, and a local course to get some face time experience.

      If I can bend time I may also see if I can reconnect with a local college to volunteer for some adult literacy learning programs.

      Oh and I’m keep dreaming of painting again. So I think that takes care of visual..

      Tactile wise I’m also at stray moments thinking of textiles that I want to create. Also secret jazz fantasies.

      Just feel Edwina like there is all this cool stuff bubbling along under the surface at the moment ,and I just need to be delving into everything I can to be in the right place at the right time…I’m so up for wallowing in creative expression at the moment it’s just a wee bit thrilling.

      1. Leonine Librarian

        lol just read back this absolute stream of thoughts that shows very little connection to punctuation, grammar or even at times the english language…I am usually a bit more coherent.

        1. Leonine Librarian

          By way of explanation, I had just mainlined 5 lemon sherberts…sugar is not always my friend.

  14. Most of my third house is in Leo – definitely some flamboyant communication styles (striding around the lecture theatre in full steam)

    yes to big noting siblings! (they are amazing creatures!!)

    But have Leo on the ascendent (sorry not sure how to explain) of my 4th house – i definitely love to entertain and have a lot of colour and creative expression chez moi – big harbour views, 7 acres, 5 minutes from town

    BUT also have saturn in Leo opposing sun and uranus, so lots of merde to work out re sibling rivalry and not having a nest. Only put down roots 2 and half years ago (nearly 30!) and at first it was a double garage that we were renovating! so classic saturn return struggles (and my dad died and gave more or less everything to my brother)

    So yes, me and leo have issues but I feel like I am working them out!

    1. me too pisceaness and trine my sagg moon. One long honeymoon?? with astounding psychic insights?? A girl can dream…..

  15. Leonine Librarian

    Cool, Third house in Leo. So eight months of grand creative energy. Although I think it a waste of time trying to big note siblings. Massive energy suck. I think I’d much rather work on bigger stuff.

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