Should I Be Scared Of A Pluto Moon Transit?

Mystic advises a Moon in Cancer woman who is freaking out about her Pluto Moon transit. Pluto is a Change God, and the Moon is the most private, inner walled garden sanctum of our psyche. So it is natural to be apprehensive. But let’s look at this logically and with a positive mindset.

Dear Mystic

I am curious and concerned about the future Pluto transit to my Moon. Not only is my Moon at 24 Cancer, but I have two kids, and my son’s AC is at 23 Capricorn, my daughter’s Moon is 20 Capricorn. I was imagining some awful family-wide disaster involving death and destruction and the ripping apart of bonds.

Cut to present day, when the Dark Lord himself is closing in on daughter’s Moon and has my son’s AC in his sights. Daughter, recently qualified as a teacher, is imminently taking up a position at a school in England, on the other side of the world. My son has announced plans to go traveling around the world with his girlfriend for the foreseeable future, selling up all their worldly goods.

In one fell swoop, I am losing both of them and while I initially expressed excitement that they are off to explore the world, as the reality sets in, I feel an irrational sense of bereavement. Then it dawned on me that this is my Pluto Moon transit flexing and things are just getting started.

On paper, I am evolved, modern, and mature enough as a parent to send my kids off into the world with all my blessings. I am proud of who they have become as adults and wishing for them to be happy in their pursuits.

Underneath it has become evident that there lurks a seething mass of resentment, bitterness, and deep dark feelings of abandonment that I’m scared to acknowledge. I have pop-up scenarios in my mind of me manipulating them to get them to come back sooner than they perhaps want.

A dark shadowy me is conjuring up complex, underhand and sinister plots that sabotage their travels and bring them flying back home to the nest. I’m horrified at myself and yet I know enough about Pluto to see that I need to do more than acknowledge these awful thoughts, I need to wheelbarrow that shit out into the daylight and spread it like manure before me, to pick over and analyze.

Adding to this weight of pain is the fact that when I was a 21-year-old, I left my home in England, said “see you later” to my parents and shot off to the other side of the world to live in New Zealand and never thought of going back. I am only now imagining and considering how my parents must have felt back then. This is like Karma.

This transit appears to go on for years! I’m just not sure if I have the strength to tackle this or where to start and how it will play out.

Yours (a scared and panicky) Amanda,

Virgo Sun/Cancer Moon/Leo-Mercury Rising.

Dear Amanda,

You are more than just “evolved on paper” – you are articulate and aware. It would be weird to be all rah-rah about this without any shadow emotions here. You logically have ambiguous feelings about this development.

But if you think about it, it is one of those significant paradigm shifts, like when you become a parent, you leave behind an aspect of yourself and take on a new role. Now your character is morphing yet again.

A Pluto-Moon transit is a gateway into deeper feelings, one way or another. Or, see it as a trapdoor into your subconscious. Conjuring up dark imaginings does nothing to help vent/feel the darker emotions in your psyche. If you give those some air and light, the paranoia dissipates.

You also, btw, have Uranus squaring your Moon for the next year, so that’s part of this too. Access your emotions and see the Uranian revolutionary potential.

You could write a cult empty nester guide (Mercury Rising) or go on a crazy-massive “Finding Ultra” style health-fitness bender. Pluto IS in the 6th House remember. Move onto a boat, Or create a magic sanctuary? Devise your pilgrimage? You could get full-on therapy; you could become a shrink your self.  As for karma and leaving home at 21, you are not your parents. It’s a different era.

If Pluto were a film director, he would be demanding authenticity, that you find the truth within your narrative.

If you’re going to have an empty nest, make it a Phoenix nest!  Still, you could always Feng Shui your house for the maximum vibe and appeal to nomadic offspring.

What does everyone else think?

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61 thoughts on “Should I Be Scared Of A Pluto Moon Transit?”

  1. May be late to this thread but I come in with the other POV? I moved out of my mother’s house a year ago to a city 3.5 hours away and I find myself alot of the time regretting it? It may be mostly out of stress; I’m living paycheck to paycheck and my current job gets worse and worse everyday. The only plus side is I’ve met alot of lovely people in this city ( mostly outside of work). Pluto will hit my Cap Asc which I believe is between 19-21 degrees, and I can already feel it blasting my Libra MC/Aries IC….of the exact degree Im not sure of (my mother estimates my birthtime to be 5:30pm, and I agree it has to be around there because of transits give or take 10 minutes). My Saturn return starts next February as well. I guess all I can say is life was definitely easier living at

  2. I love what Mystic wrote about the director who demands authenticity! This feels so true to me about the Pluto-Moon transit. I am in one right now. It’s interesting to think of the transit as already being so active for Amanda, since mine is 16 Cap and I really feel like what I’m experiencing now is a whole other level, *but* it does feel true to me that this one inches up for years. I had been attributing a lot of movement toward authenticity that began years ago (like 2012) to Saturn aspects, but I guess there was also Pluto creeping up all along! The awareness and also the acceptance of feelings and challenges now will make the tighter aspects way more productive and less intense I believe. Sounds as though it will be quite liberating and exciting, ultimately. I also wonder if as the aspect gets tighter there will be a more direct resolution or revisiting of her decision to leave home/that time/any loose ends (even energetically/spiritually)?

    1. and I didn’t mean that my particular experiences are another level as compared to hers, I meant it as compared to mine when I had a similar Pluto-Moon orb. 🙂

  3. Aww! So resonant.
    I can imagine being half thrilled and half terrified for my bunnies.

    Do you remember Mystic’s free Lodestone meditation? I listened to this meditation on the rainbow serpent tonight and thought of you Kataka Moon Lady.

  4. Sigh.. I understand the fear…my sons’ have Capps rising and whenpluto crossed over their ascendant a, one was severely injured, surgeries, bedridden, prescription drugs, addiction …all as a teenager.

    I have cancer sun….natal pluton on my 5th house opposing it….my niece killed herself.

    My non injured son moved 12 hours away to college.

    My daughter has campy acpscendant too, but Pluto has not reached it yet.

    They are all so different. The ride is frightening and ?I have been damaged, but I keep positive, pray, feed the light.

  5. My daughter left NZ age 19 and has never lived here since. She is 36 now, living overseas with her husband and My Grandson 🙂 who will be 1 in December. I also have 2 other adult children living overseas and one who will live in various countries with his job.

    I visit my children overseas regularly and most Christmas’s they come home. We skype often and I watch the grandchildren develop and grow. It is very funny when the little ones see you walk in the room and then pick them up when they are used to seeing me on a computer. When they seem me on the computer screen they come as if drawn by a magnet with big smiles on their faces.

    Over the years I have visited my kids in Europe, Korea, China, Singapore and we have gathered together in Bali, Thailand, Vietnam.

    I had an initial period when I felt like you do now but I love visiting them in the exotic places they live and I love having them home too but I have built the life I want to live for me and they are transitioning through their own lives. I think they will return in the long run and I am sure the grandchildren are going to want to spend extensive periods of time here. Kia kaha – stand strong – and just love them wherever they are and YOU will always be ‘home’ to them.

  6. Hey Amanda , I was wondering if given your 12th house combined with cancerian sensitivities , and the fact that this is an outer planet, maybe you are actually tapping into a part of the Universal as much as your own sense of loss and irreversible change? This rich vein of existence that is also inflected with bitterness grief and pain. Do you write? Could you dive into this sense and voice it for others? I wonder if it would be interesting (or comfortable I guess) for you to indulge all your worst fears and highest hopes as a work of fiction but coming from a profoundly personal place.

  7. Forewarned is priceless. I went through my Pluto moon conjunction without knowing what was going on. I had my chart read and knew some basics but I didn’t follow transits at that point. I’m Scorpio rising with strong outer planets, and my experience materialized the confusion I felt in my inner world. Not sure if you will experience it that way or not, but that’s what manifested for me. I would say don’t dwell and find those things that give you comfort and stability without screeching back to a former place.

    I have a Sag moon conjunct Neptune in the second house and I had a very boring/stifling upbringing with religious parents. I was ready to move on, have all those adventures my moon craved. But once I began, I felt out of place and unsure of myself. I wanted to go home. I wanted all the things I had left. My grandmother died. The day after her funeral, 9/11 happened and I was about an hour away from where the plane in PA crashed. The local news cut in while I watched the national news and I felt the world was falling apart. I could go on but the bottom line is that there was a giant schism between what I envisioned and the way life unfolded. Not sure if you can prepare for that other than upping your anti fragility.

  8. Oh goodness this is so timely. Approaching the end of P’s transit to my 15′ Cap moon, and I don’t feel as though I’ve adequately picked through the remains within the wheelbarrowful of shite. Kudos to you Amanda for your inspirational self-awareness – I shall try to emulate when when Pluto carries on to oppose and conjunct 4 more of my planets in the coming years. This may be a good time to swap my Saturnine talisman for a Plutonian one – any suggestions for appropriate materials?

    1. A piece of the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs set into a pendant made from a Rare Earth element in the periodic table, one of those freaky new ones that is only made under unique conditions in a nuclear reactor. For the string to hang it, strands of your own hair , for the Samson Delilah references, no one controls takes gives your power except you.

      1. Love this! So perfect <3 But until such time as I can get my paws on nucleo elements, I'll make do with pestering the meteorites at the local museum. They have one on display where touching is allowed. You have to sit on the floor to be able to hug it 🙂

  9. This is great. My son is 10 & I’ve begun preparing myself for the day when he leaves the nest– cuz it’s going to be *hard* for me! His Moon is on my IC, & I have natal Moon-Pluto in the 7th; (so far) it’s only ever been the two of us. Of course he is his own person & everything I do is to prep him for autonomy, but there will always be a part of me forever missing that short, magical time he was a little boy… *sniffle* This is the hardest part of parenting: letting them go. Strength & love to you, Amanda x

    1. I’ve got a plan, though: I hope to be in a place to start my non-profit horse rescue/sanctuary when my boy flies off 😉 that’ll keep my mothering self busy!

  10. I had Pluto opposing my 1H Cancer Moon during the Zap Zone. Pluto was George Cukor to my Moon. Cukor was a gay man known as being “a woman’s director”, able to coach the best performances out of actresses. 🙂

    My natal Moon is already involved in a tricky t-square with Uranus and Chiron, and this configuration did not make things easy either.

    I had some health scares during this transit (Pluto rules my 6H) – a mass growth in my pituitary gland and the temporary loss of my central vision. Adaptation, survival, transformation were the main themes. I had to learn to navigate through my daily life with a literal distorted/dark view of the world.

    My support network was put to the test, and I realized that my family and friends could not accept that I wasn’t able to fulfill my role in their lives anymore. I needed to become a new person in order to survive and this also required no longer being defined by external expectations. This fits, as I have Pluto conjunct IC/opposite MC and square ASC/DSC.

    Meanwhile, I had Jupiter conjunct my Moon, making everything feels like it was hugely dramatic and catastrophic. The moment I thought I had crossed over to a safer ground, something new and disturbing would happen and catapult me back to Hades. I remember feeling like I was going through death and rebirth on a daily basis (yes, that’s my Jupiter dramatic flair).

    Good thing that Pluto was also trine to my natal Saturn (Moon sextile Saturn natally) and it showed me that I was able to (re)build a solid, more authentic emotional structure for myself. Saturn rules my 8H, so naturally this had to be done through a thorough and slow process. I also got help through therapy, which is very suitable to my Saturn 8H. And it was also the time when I serendipitously found Mystic and this great community (natal 11H Saturn).

    This astro Smörgåsbord changed me forever. It made me throw away my tin can full of mementos from my previous self. Anyway, I think my Cancer Moon needed some kind of spring cleaning. Something Mystic wrote in one her daily scopes this week spoke loudly to me, even though it was not for my sign – “the past is a point of reference, not where you live”.

    Much strength to Amanda and to those with Pluto “coaching” their Moons.

    1. Yeah, PF, we were caught in the fire of that Grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter shouting: “bigger, louder, higher”. Eastwood? Ok. Inspired by Sergio Leone, I bet. 🙂

  11. Oooh, Miss Dee said this just makes for a stronger Cancer Moon, which I love that idea. My moon is at 27 Cancer and I, too, have had my eye on the upcoming Pluto opposition (complement) transit for similar, foreboding reasons. My moon is in the 8th and the closest aspect in my chart is moon sextile Pluto by like one second. Very Pluto-Moon here. (Also Pluto conj Sun and MC.) I wrote Mystic also and you know what she said? I’m paraphrasing here but she said to stop giving energy to all the worn out, old fashioned shite on the internet and step into my Pluto Power. Things happen to us all the time, not just when Pluto comes along to zap us, and I think one of his biggest lessons is to teach us that we are more powerful than we know, or believe. My favorite tarot card is the Star (see my icon) – and the reason is partly because of the beautiful mantra Jan over at Angelpaths has assigned to it: I can create anything I need. So, if you need to see your kids while they are away, get creative. There’s Skype, email, and guess what, you may find yourself becoming more mobile and going to see them someplace amazing and it may enrich your life so much more than if you’d stayed at home mourning their loss. So many beautiful and helpful comments above about mothering and letting go and being proud of your children! I hope this upcoming phase of your life finds you empowered to evolve into a more wonderful, strong, and creative mom than you already are. <3

  12. 15 degree Cap moon-Lilith conjunct here, so this has been my transit since forever. It falls in my 5th house, and it has been brutal. In the early years everything got razed to the ground and in my head I sort of see this transit as apocalypse/post-apocalypse.
    Short version: ideas and illusions about creativity and creative practice destroyed; replaced by more meaningful and authentic beliefs. Relationships completely reconfigured.
    Just now the opposition to my 11th house has also come into play. Lots of friends leaving. Tribes disappearing. New tribes on the horizon.

    1. Pluto tr my 5th house too. Don’t see it as apocalyptic but it is the kind of “intense” you cannot get yourself out of until you have fully done your transformation.

      I had it opposing my Venus in Kataka in the 11th and fell il love, but not reciprocated.
      I guess I have learnt some things back then but I am not sure I have the whole “self love” down right and I feel that now I have a second chance.
      One thing for sure: if you don’t abide to its beams and transform, it keeps hitting on that same button mercylessly.

    2. 14 degree Cap moon here (8th house) and yes, ‘brutal’ is a good way to describe it. I like your apocalypse/post-apocalypse analogy. Very apt.

  13. “If Pluto were a film director, he would be one of those intense ones always demanding authenticity”.
    I am so using this as a guideline for the Pluto Transit I’ll be re-experiencing toward year end and then in 2017.

    As for Amanda: one thing that often characterize Pluto transits – in my personal experience – is guilt. And fear, like ape-shit-crazy going all control freak fear.

    But guilt and fear are the way for NOT looking at what he’s showing to you.

    You should be authentic and show your pain for the separation, live through it and then evolve (that’s another typical request of Pluto) or better “transform” yourself into the “next level mother”: the one that has her kids around in the world living their lives but it’ always there for them.

    Also the Moon is not only motherhood but it’s also family of origin, habits, home and nutrition. Time to review and transform that parts too? Pluto is transiting your 6th house so nutrition and habits will be playing a big role.
    Like the kids are leaving home and it’s time to go back to your womb/moon and be reborn again in your the next phase.
    Sorry if this sounds a bit newage-y but I hope you get what I mean.

    1. Sorry for double message but I think Pluto also like concrete changes so once you have processed your kids leaving home you could visit your parents or do some changes to you home so that it evolves with your live and help you through this process. Moon is home yes but Moon in Kataka is like 1000 times stronger in this process.
      My mum is a Sun in Katata and whatever happens she needs her home to mirror a certain phase of her life so I guess that would help too.

        1. Totally. Plus it would be in the 8th house for Amanda, so the “psychological” and “transformation” mood of this period is enhanced through that too.

    2. A thought flowing from yours: Cancerian Moon for Amanda is in the Shadow Self 12th House.

      While that Ascendant in Leo with Merc may have previously manifested as more sunny, warm and loving golden with her son and daughter.

      When the BIG SUN is shadowed it’s an incredible depth-trip, and hard going.

  14. Has to be said but I don’t get the empty nest thing. I brought my daughter up not as mine but as her own and knew my job was to provide all she needed to go out into the world and seek her very individual life. Our relationship is very Pluto based and she’s always hammered me for not being a pink frilly Walt Disney cute mum who wraps her entire existence around her child and I’ve had to explain that I’m very much about living your own life and I was never ever going to be demanding of her to be in my life or make me whole. It sort of smacks of parental love zombie to me.
    She’s cappi and has had Pluto sun conjunction a lot since she was born and of course that opposes all my cancer sun moon stellium, you could call it authentic. So we’ve had some real hum dingers but she’s got me as cool mum on her phone and she’s admitted that our realitionship is the best of anyone she knows. She’s aware it’s very very real. Neither one is anything other than honest with the other. I adore my daughter but if she left and I never saw her again I’d be very content. Knowing it was her truth she’d gone to find.

    1. Just WOW.

      That is so not what kind of mother i thought a Cancer Sun Moon stellium would be.

      Grateful to you for breaking open an astro-stereotype, and aligning it more in tune with aspects of Kataka Kardinal i have sensed before.

      1. It has taken me quite a while to get to grips with what cancer means for me. All this gooey home loving mumsy stuff was missing the mark. But I consider cancer is about creating a very safe space to be authentic from which you can then go grab the world before retreating. I’m good at creating that space literally and physically.

    2. this is brilliant! I am also cancer sun/moon and this speaks very true to me too- as I get older I realize authenticity is HUGE.

  15. Cancer Moon in the 12th, sextile tr Pluto in the 6th
    Cancer Moon sextile your Sun in 2nd
    Tr Pluto trine your Sun in 2nd

    12th house, 6th house, 2nd house affairs then.

    I think you show a rare level of awareness of your parenting, at least in my experience. I ran like the wind to Asia as soon as I could and I stayed there for years. This was because my parents were awful, sabotaged my life at every turn. You are not awful. I really felt for you because the letter summed up the heartbreak of what I imagine it feels like to be a good parent, that sacrifice. You do such a good job that your kids are confident enough to go abroad and thrive. Then you feel abandoned and a bit pissed off. Not surprising you feel this way, and I want to applaud you for admitting it. Not an easy thing for a 12th house Cancer Moon. Wow! It must be a weird feeling, I mean one minute you have some ankle biters hanging off your leg demanding everything from you and then they’re gone. You get that parenting is supposed to be a no-strings thing, there must never be a “Look what I did for you” guilt vibe to it, but the changes you have had to go through along the way are immense, from kids having total dependency on you to now when it looks to you like they don’t need you anymore and you aren’t really “allowed” to have a need for them. It is a total mind fuq really.

    Can you reframe this in your mind as a natural consequence of a job well done?

    You have some nice aspects between Pluto, Moon, Sun. Up until now it has been pretty clear where your resources (2nd house Sun) are and what you should be doing with them (nurturing your children). Perhaps Pluto will drag something up regarding what you do next. For me Pluto is in the 5th right now, I’m focussing on a creative business which is a total 180 degrees from my history. Can you offer something of service to others? I agree wholeheartedly that this is your time and your focus should be on yourself now. Make a list of things you love to do, what stirs your soul?

    They will always, always need you. I need my parents more than ever I feel, and I am 43. But I don’t see mine anymore because I have the kind of mother who would never admit to any Plutonic feelings and instead projects them all on to me. You’re not doing that. I really feel like you’re going to be ok Amanda. Think Phoenix!

  16. “If Pluto were a film director, he would be one of those intense ones always demanding authenticity” Kubrick comes to mind.

    1. Hey, good to know as he’s just entered my 9th and I’ve had a hell of a time these last few years with him in the 8th. Thanks for posting!

  17. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Gosh wow. Aren’t Pluto transits amazing….all about the re-birth….

    Well yeah, look to the transformative possibilities. You’ll come out of this stronger.

  18. I can’t help but think – is there anywhere you want go? What an opportunity to just pack your bags and hit the road! Obviously not hot on their trail haha awkward.. but given you relocated to the other side of the world it sounds like you’ve had the travel bug at least once. Maybe home can wait?

  19. Last month I sent my 11yr old to live with his father, who lives two hours away. He was diagnosed with eating disorder last year and ended up in hospital for three weeks in July. He is a compulsive exerciser. I also have a two yr old and I was really struggling. And his father and I made the decision that it is in his best interest to live with him. His father and I have never had a good relationship , and even as co parents. After years in court, we finally have some sort of healing. I’m still trying to come to terms with sending him-i feel guilty, I feel like I gave up on him and I feel like a lousy mother. But he seems to be thriving, putting on weight and has made lovely friends. But he doesn’t want to come and stay with me. I’m not pushing him but I miss him.
    Good luck. You are a wonderful mum and your children seem like they are thriving too xxx

  20. Not a parent, but I don’t think it’s irrational at all to feel bereavement when your kids leave home. It’s a huge life change.

    And it’s only natural now, to feel empathy for what your parents went through when you left. It’s not karma in the sense that you’re getting yours now, it’s just the way life is. You couldn’t/shouldn’t have stayed for your parents then any more than your kids can/should stay now.

    Life is a series of changing stages and as you go through them, you gain the insight and wisdom that brings compassion.

    Have compassion for your kids as you remember what it was like to need to leave home and start out on your own. Have compassion for your parents, now that you are in their shoes.

    And definitely have compassion for yourself having experienced this from both sides now. It’s sad, it’s difficult but it is also the beginning of new journeys that will bring new joys.

    Go easy on yourself. I hope your kids have so much joy in their new paths and that your own path will be brighter soon.

    1. Yes, I think it’s harsh on yourself to see it as “payback” (because Karma is not strictly speaking, payback or you getting just desserts).

      Another person who is not a mother here, but god the mother-daughter relationship is one i am watching evolve over time. The things i appreciate or don’t like now but understand so much better!!! The young mothers in our family don’t necessarily find more sympathy for our own mother, either. In fact, interestingly, they see in sharp relief the deficits in the childhood mothering.

      Also i watch how our own adult developments are triggering growth in our mother.

      Long-time posters / readers here might recall some of my years-ago posts that have referenced a traumatic childhood. I cut dead to me one parent as a teen, and in my twenties considered saving my sanity by cutting another. But i didn’t want the third one, or the other siblings to choose; I stayed because I couldn’t cope with the grief of mourning my lost other family members. Thought it was a weakness: it is a twenty-year journey of … i don’t know…forgiveness, self exploration, excavated rage, psych investigation, and constantly new boundaries. But so much deep and tough love here.

      I feel your learning is incredible, Amanda. Real insights about ourselves hurt, and especially with Pluto, the MuckRaker. (I have natal Pluto in Virgo opposing and dark-shadowing my Piscean Sun…incredibly deep guilt, and not good-enough-voice but i think it has made some of me shine and be tempered for any psych battle. Though of course i have to keep depth-diving because i’m never “gooooood enough”!)

      You currently have no idea, Amanda, just how good you will be as your own closest friend, your adullt children’s stalwart, not dampening down with sweet words, but living in Pure Human Truth. Now THAT is what i am personally learning gratitude for: the Truth of my mother. She may be damaging at times, she may be awesome at others, but I as my own independent self am known among my friends and colleagues as an honest soul. Not motherly, but when the shit goes down, people know i have their back, and will help them get up on their own two feet.

      Your progeny will have that gift, also. Because of YOU, Amanda 🙂 Now THAT is Karma (the learning opportunities we create for ourselves and share with others who create their own for themselves) xx

  21. I wish my mom, all mom the moms in my line had access to your depth of awareness. As a daughter, I hope this doesn’t sound trite, I thank you.

  22. I have moon at 19 Capricorn so I appreciate this question very much! After a lifetime of Pluto conjoining every one of my planets except Uranus in Leo, this will be the last one, then it hits my MC at 25 Cap. (At 59, I don’t know if it’ll get to my Chiron in Aquarius). Good luck to you and both your children, they sound amazing.

    1. My moon is in his sights too in 2020 and right after Saturn has paid a visit. That should all be.. um, memorable. Have a lifetime of Pluto pings sans Saturn and Chiron. Maybe I’ll see it and you’re right we don’t know, but if I do at that point I don’t know if I’ll be fretting about the transit.

      Amanda – thanks for sharing. I wonder if evolved/growth orientated people can oftentimes be the hardest on themselves (ok, so can Virgo) in the pursuit of more growth, applying exacting standards of what = doing it well. Your honesty won’t lead you astray as you seem to be able to stare truth fairly in the eye and feel uncomfortable feelings so I’d say you’ve got enough soul steel to handle it.

      1. I have moon at 23 Cancer and am very aware of this upcoming transit. I also have a Sun Saturn conjunction in the seventh house at 16 and 15 respectively. It’s been one hell of a year. This time last year, with Pluto approaching that square and Uranus conjunct Sun Saturn and approaching the square to the moon, my marriage was torn apart. After eighteen years of relative calm, a tsunami hit. All our friends have been astonished to learn that we were both unhappy. In six weeks I’ll be divorced. It’s been rapid and painful and it feels like someone’s died. However, it’s for the best. Still, I do worry about the upcoming transit to the moon. Will the new relationship I’m in suffer as a result? I don’t know. What I’m trying to do is be self aware and to live for the moment. My mother and father are getting on in years. Dad’s nearly 82, Mum 76. Both are fit and well, but might this reflect losing one, or both of them. This is sometimes the problem for me with astrology. Putting the cart in front of the horse when it comes to worry. But it’s been a huge year of transformation for me. I don’t suppose it’s over yet. I’m rather looking forward to Uranus trining my Leo Jupiter art 26 degree next year though. Feel like I’m due some out of the blue luck…

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