Sun Signs Psychic Powers

Sun Signs Psychic Powers Are Variable.

The Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are traditionally the most psychic. Each has a different style of alternative perception.

Cancerians are the natural-born psychometrics of the bunch. That is, they get strong sensations and data from objects. They’re empaths who are able to pick up on vulnerability with extreme ease. If you’re harboring a specific emotion, don’t bother hiding it from a Cancer person.

Scorps have an uncanny ability to zoom in on sex, money, power, and vice issues. They’re sexually telepathic and easily triggered by power dynamics. Patronize them at your peril. Ghosts come to Scorpios for solutions.

Pisceans are strong in Source Vibe or Quintessence – the 5th element – and adept at picking up on other frequencies. Their psychic powers are always on, and many of them take it for granted. They lose or confuse the signal sometimes โ€” their specialty: dream messages and visions. Twelfth House transits can turn on previously unexpressed metaphysical powers.

The Outer Planets and Eighth House also have a role to play. When Neptune crossed my Aqua rising, I had loads of lucid dreams & the most fantastic shamanic style experiences. Uranus is always a strong point in the charts of people who feel an affinity with astrology. Pluto is prominent in people who are drawn to the formal study of magic or esotericย subjects.

So citing your Sun Sign or any other astrological indicator you think is relevant, share your ghostly or supernatural experiences here!

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  1. I had a ghost encounter with my best friend who was a pisces. At the same time we said the same exact thing. Both gasping and then saying, “I saw a ghost wearing orange checkerd pants.” There was a third in the vehecle. She didn’t not experience anything..she thought we were playing games with her. It was anything but a game it was real.

  2. I’m a Scorp and I see dead people, just like in “the sixth sense”. I was a sceptic all my life until a couple of years ago I witnessed a fatal car acco right in front of me as I was driving to work at 2am. I was first at the scene and pulled a dying bloke from the burning car. He died in my arms. About 6 months after that, I started seeing the dead bloke waitng on the bus-stop bench right next to the acco scene. Then he started walking out to the car as I drove past, coming through the door and sitting in the passenger seat. He did not talk at first and used to hop out again after a couple of hundred metres. Then he started asking who I was and had happened. To cut a long story short I had to go to a a person to help me send him over to ‘the light’. Then I reralised my house was full of them and even had to employ a ghostbuster!!!…a 6’6″ polynesian guy rugby player type called Andre!! Now I realise I see, and all my life have seen, earthbound spirits EVERYWHERE. I only learnt how to see them through this experience. It’s a little bit embarrasing and I don’t tell everyone I meet.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      again, major goosebumps reading your story aesthete! a couple of them have done that to me on this comments page..!

  3. scorpalicious robot

    me too saggigal. I just don’t like the energy of that house and the DV.

    And Peg, Sugar Pearl getting bitten on the bum by DV’s uneutered feral the night you moved in doesn’t sound like a good sign or a good start.

    Of course we are sending love and light to you. xx

  4. geez pegasus, all my thoughts, light and protection to you. i would’ve been outta there a long time ago. i cant bear such energy. good luck and stay safe…

  5. Yup..for sure, you all sound very very tuned in.

    Channelled my dead darling Sugar Pearl, white fluffy angel cat last Sat.
    She was bitten on the bum by DV’s unvaccinated, uneutered ferals, the night i moved into house (built 1914 Federation) & the ‘leprosy’ she was given took a year to kill her as it was deadly. Received a 240 volt shock from exposed wires the next day.
    Sugar Pearl wanted him to say sorry & ask forgiveness. Spooky. She died 5 years ago = unresolved issues taking on a life of their own. Thought forms manifested?
    Had purchased a white spade to bury her & last Fri eve, i ‘saw’ myself take the spade & give him a good whack! Nearly called the police to stop me, but went out instead.

    With the breakins & harrassment, am beginning to wonder about the dark energy i have kept at
    bay. Is it ‘the house’. During the reno’s, heard the Tradies talk about haunted houses & joined in.
    mmmmmm have been thinking of doing a seance to see. Have only done 3 before eons ago with
    DRAMATIC results, so never went there again. HSP…highly sensitive people need to be listened to.
    The tension since breakin is extreme……………….send me light & love.
    It is the ONLY defence for psychic attack by bi-polar schizto’s &/or other entities possessing them.
    That & the pitchfork, personal alarm, rolling pin & knife next to my bed.
    Sik ’em Minks!
    You are al lwonderous x

    1. I’m so sad for you pegasus, definitely sending strength and light. Have you read Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-defense, it’s a bit dated but still valid. An old nun told me years ago that if you want someone to go away, you place a St Joseph’s medal near where they live and work. Maybe slip one into his side of the house. At least it’s legal. xox

      1. also pegasus, have you considered a full moon ritual to call the light and love into your space, banish the dark, ask the elements for protection and during the ritual bless some salt to sprinkle along your boundary.

    2. Dear Pegasus, sending light, love & protection to you for sure but I reckon its time to move on, ie. OUT, of that festering space & the people it attracts.

      You have nothing to prove to these idiots. Better to use your precious energy to find yourself a better location. It is not a competition – they don’t win by you leaving and you don’t win by staying and fighting.

      Sometimes engaging with sad people just keeps their deranged energy flowing. ‘Engaging’ includes even thinking about them. If it has got to the point where you are sleeping with implements beside your bed, this tells me its time to find a safer harbour to rest.

      best spiritual & practical wishes to you xx

  6. Thanks David, it was my favourite dream, one that I hugged to myself when shit happened. One of those wonderful dreams where you wake up smiling. Since I had the dream, I’ve always thought of the mystery man as my guardian angel. It’s so special to be able to touch my guardian angel.

    1. scorpalicious robot

      aaaaaw, that’s beautiful CC. I’ve had a few of those dreams too – wake up smiling and blissed out for weeks. Not long now until my angel comes along.

          1. HEY. I thought I was your angel ๐Ÿ™‚

            Like davidl I shall be sending you angelic vibes to call that special one to you… and CC that dream is beautiful, and so heart warming to learn of in this sometimes harsh world.

          2. thank you nice people. I pinch myself because it still seems too good to be true after years of difficult stuff. I wish you all your share of magic because that’s how it feels to me. xox

  7. I had a cognitive dream about the new taurean about 8 years ago. The dream had us dining and dancing in a candle-lit restaurant with a red rose on the table. At the time I wondered who this man could be but it was so vivid that I’ve never forgotten it. We hadn’t danced together till last weekend, the lighting was dim and I had a “holy shit, it’s him” moment. The whole feeling was the same.

  8. neptune-sun conjunction in my 8th house in sag means im right up this alley. i have always understood more going on than whats said, and only just recently learnt how to handle that. it’s always been the feeling of just ‘knowing too much’. about everyone! colleagues, strangers, loved ones- my 6th sense is often about their pain, or deception. i can usually pick other people’s true feelings long before they get round to realising it themselves. until lately ive considered this all quite a burden, like i have a million little feelers out all day every day.

    like i said though, i’ve just started to appreciate it and manage it, so i can detatch a bit from some info. it’s rarely been pre-cog stuff, though my dreams are vivid and lucid ad always have been. learning reiki made me more comfortable with it.

    as for ghosts, i have a deathly fear of them unfortunately, having experienced at least two, and i never sleep in the pitch dark- always a blind open or something. keeps things at bay.

    i find with such a loaded 8th house and neptune so prominent in my chart being grounded is *everything*. have never gotten into any drugs, though i used to enjoy the drinks, mostly for the numbing of it, as mentioned above. i need to vibe very taurus to ensure im connected to the earth and balance out all the ‘woo-woo’. that”s one of the things ive realised in the last year or so about how to handle it so it doesnt handle me ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Tammie Davenport

    Mystic, the fact that your ex husband was asleep and the spirit of his grandmother communicated with you- perhaps- this is a message that we are all portals for spirits.
    I have a funny grandmother story;after my grandmother passed; she called me in the middle of the night- i will never forget it-she asked me How I was doing-and that she had meant to call my Aunt and not me. And that she was disappointed with my Aunt.
    Several weeks before “the call”, I had asked, my aunt, for one thing-a coin that Grandma and I had bought, I had a coin just like it,… My Aunt turned me down. The coin in question meant a lot to her, and that it was given to her by my Grandmother. I was surprised, because Grandma wanted me to have the coin. I was hurt but I let it go and was thankful for the memories. Well my Aunt is now bankrupt and has gone through the entire inheritance. I think Grandma got back at her.

  10. Sagittarian Writer

    Oh and I have to add my Leo Sun/Scorp Moon soul sister who seems especially sensitive to things – and saw the TI Spirit of Sexual Rage rise up out of her husband after his voodoo efforts to woo her bestfriend turned back on him and he tried to kill himself. The spirit rising thing happened while she and her mother-in-law were sitting suicide watch with him.

    She’s always used her dogs as the gauge of the character and suitability of her men. They were always brilliant judges of character.

  11. Sagittarian Writer

    There seems to be a certain amount of psychicness (did I just create a word?) in my family – all on my Dad’s side. My Great Grandfather on my Dad’s paternal side was a horse whisper of some repute – but was very humble about it all. He also survived a bayonet through the gut in no man’s land during the First World War while a stretcher bearer for the Black Watch regiment.

    My Great Grandmother on Dad’s Maternal Side was apparently psychic – but I never heard exactly ‘what’ she could do. I can’t find my family tree at the moment to see what either of their signs were.

    I’ve had weird sort of deja vu moments – especially in my teenage years… the most poignant and terrifiying I guess for my friends, was seeing one friend get up and receive her science test back. She was really upset with the mark, etc but managed to get her to tell me what her mark was, gave her some encouragement etc. About a minute later she got called up to get her paper … and I sat there at the science benchwondering what the hell was going on … asked my friend why she’d gone up to get her paper again and she looked at me strangely. I told her that she was upset with her mark -which she agreed. Then told her what her mark was. She was flabberghasted and asked me how I knew. Told her that she’s told me … very odd! My Dad’s always said that it wouldn’t be surprisingly given the family history that either my sister or I, or both of us would have some inkling in that direction.

    My sister gets visitations – or at least used to, from a friend of her who committed suicide in the early 90’s. I woke up with a start from a dead sleep when my Nanna passed over. And like others here – both her and my Pa come to me in my dreams – though it’s beena while.

    The second last time I had my tarot cards read …. the guy said that I had untapped psychic ability. The only inkling in my chart – Pisces in the 12th house, Saturn Rx in Cancer 3rd house … Neptune in Sag in 9th?? After the reading I almost passed out and felt really ill – like the reader had been in my actual head- though at the time it didn’t feel like it.

    But my vote goes for Scorps. Have one friend deeply into astrology – has Scorp Sun/Cancer Moon, another friend is Scorp sun (no idea of anything else) who ‘hears’ messages/feels/intuits things and another Scorp friend who sees her father from several life times ago who follows her through each life trying to redeem himself for the fact he didn’t care and protect her in that life!!!!

    Such an interesting thread Mystic – thanks for giving us all the chance to share.

  12. triple air gem

    Have had some lucid dreams, they come and go but tend to be in chunks when they do happen. Seen things in dreams that then happen in “real” life – they can be either days or years apart. Seen occasional, what feel like, past life snippets in dreams as well and an interesting “energy training” dream where was in a group of people who were learning how to control energy/cosmos/surroundings.

    Have had some interesting waking experiences too, seen things while awake or just after having woken when you’re in that weird half state between sleep and awake – a shadow at the foot of my bed with red, glowing eyes – the watcher on the threshold – my inner voice told me – paralysed me with fear for at least half an hour. Any hints on who that might be?

    Another time, after vipassana when was seriously open woke up to find “someone/presence” come in and sit down on the bed next to me. Was curious and amazed then freaked out and asked it to leave. Wish now that I’d asked it who it was…

    An amazing astral travel thing as a kid – didn’t get very far but realised I was hovering above my bed and practising going higher and then lower. When consciously realised I was hovering under the ceiling I “snapped” back in a whirl of spiraling colour and jolt. My inner guidance or voice or whatever you call it had told me what to do to get there – in the form of hunches tho not really a “voice”.

    Saw my exterior bodies in the mirror once, or maybe call it the auric field? – freaked me out. I was very grey at the time.

    Two out of “consciousness” experiences that were amazing – one a tantric sex thing (extremely unexpected!!) and then 13 years later visited the same “place” while at vipassana (also unexpected) – v intense

    Recently had a heads up knowing that the house would be burgled, the voice told me “it will happen today” and told me to dead bolt the doors so he couldn’t get out. Promptly forgot about it til came home later that evening and actually confronted the guy in the house – knew I would be ok – almost like I’d put myself through a little cosmic test to see if I could handle the unexpected stress and come through. Let him out and then started shaking and called the cops. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Generally know who I will end up having relationships with and now am even getting which ones to avoid – much better! Pretty tuned in to environments and what people are thinking – made me v insular as a kid – agree with Leonine Librarian about layers in people and conversations and that it’s handy to have now.

    Don’t know which astro is pertinent to this stuff…? but have mercury & mars conjunct in cancer in 6th house, moon pluto & uranus conjunct in 9th, sextile neptune

    1. Hi Triple Air, I recognise that higher and lower thing. Hasn’t happened in the last year, but used to happen very frequently, almost every night. Could rise above my body and see me sleeping. Weird thing was that it was almost uncontrollable. And the swooping up and down was like flying. No matter how far I fell I could never get back to the bed.

      It was most intense after my siblings died, so I now wonder if it was a reflection of my emotions at the time? But it has happened at other times when I was not aware of any emotional stress, so I’m not sure.

    2. unpredictable pisces

      Hi TAG, I was interested to hear about your experiences following Vipassana, as I’ll be doing that quite soon too. I haven’t personally met anyone who has done it and made it through, which is a bit disappointing. any comments i’d love to know. I do realise it’s a v personal journey so not exactly the same for everyone…

      1. scorpalicious robot

        hey UP, I worked with someone recently who made it through. He said it’s one of the toughest things he’s ever done but it was rewarding. I admire you, I couldn’t do it. It would be like 10 days of solitary confinement.
        Let us know how you go!

        1. unpredictable pisces

          thanks robot…i daresay i’ll be keen to share my experiences…i often like to be alone with my thoughts, but to be alone with ‘no thoughts’ (ie meditation) and 10 days in almost complete silence and no normal human interaxn will be …interesting. i really hope to get into my mind, atm feel like its a filing cabinet that i haven’t really organised since i started using it. i want to spring clean my brain if that makes sense! I think that vipassana will be just the first step of the journey… ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Hi UP,
            I have a friend who is like a vipassana expert, she did a 30 day sit in India a few years ago. She loved it, although for me 10 days without a coffee or a ciggie would possibly turn me into a ‘dangerous element’ for other participants. Good luck and make sure your knees are nice and flexy.

  13. You guys are all amazing!

    I think the whole psychic thing is there for EVERYONE if we open ourselves to it. But amen to the so-called gift.

    Mine is the arrival of truth no matter how far, improbably or unlikely – I shall always know it before most and feel it before most. This is hard because it feels like living in another world that looks just like the one everyone else is in but with many many hidden dimensions. Plus there is a responsibility in holding the information as well as making decisions in a way that isn’t easy to explain.

    I’ve heard the things that people think, in actual voices. I’ve seen my dearly departed, but mostly I just follow my intuition. It speaks anytime and anywhere.

    And I listen because I’ve been hurt enough when I don’t.

    1. amen to that fallen angel … but I do tend to find it the double edged sword syndrome too … cuts if ya do, cuts if ya don’t.

      That being said if I follow that “otherwordly blueprint” that you described and follow the voice with faith, it’s a case of initial intense pain for x period of time, followed by freedom and peace of some sort.

      If I avoid … which I’ve done on many occasion … the pain of a particular situation or surrounding a particular person goes around and around in a circular or spiralling orbit until I’m too exhausted with said person/situation to continue and the whole thing just deteriorates of its own accord but usually over a much longer period of time and is far more debilitating.

      1. Leonine Librarian

        I’ve found accepting it works better than resisting it too. Actually that goes for pretty much everything, not just the unseen layer of stuff.

      2. Sagittarian Writer

        I could say that I’d wished I’d had that sort of relationship radar – could have saved me a woeful three years with my ex partner

        1. Leonine Librarian

          I’m better with picking up stuff with people I’m not closely tied to. It’s like my bat signal gets muffled by the love I feel for a person…so I might feel unease, or have a series of strange dreams, but don’t connect it directly, to that person…it takes me much longer to catch on.

          I think my natural sibling dreams were clearer because my siblings are important to me, and there was a pre-existing connection but it wasn’t clouded by any stuff. This pre-echoes my present relationship with them as we have strong ties with no childhood resentments cluttering things up.

        2. scorpalicious robot

          i bet you learned something from it though. Life would be very boring if we never made any mistakes or didn’t experience the bad in order to cherish the good. I think the radar gets stronger as we get older.

          1. Leonine Librarian

            I try very hard to see mistakes as learning exercises…no point immersing in regret…just one more way not to do something.

  14. Leonine Librarian

    I think as an adult I’m better able to handle sensing the unsaid…it had me like a cat on a hot tin roof as a kid (very skittery)…being able to sense different layers of conversations, and truths, untruths about people…the face they wore, sometimes the utter falseness of a person…As a child it’s hard to explain to people why when someone has acted nicely towards you, you still want nothing to do with them. Better now, just useful.

    When I was looking for my natural family, I had a series of dreams which acted beautifully as a heads up.

    The most vivid one was reading a letter with government letterhead, explaining details to do with my siblings. I think I had this 3 days before I met my natural mother.

    It went into where they were born and sequenced who was who. I can’t remember now if the birth years were stated or it was just a sense of ages…but that too was spot on. I was a little fuzzy on my third sibling, as I apologised to him later, I thought he might of been a girl. I knew my sister’s name.

    I also had dreams often after that that gave me further heads up of emotional strife that came associated with my natural mother. Usually a 3 days heads up too.

    I’ve for as long as I can remember been a bit sensitive to what’s gone on in a house. For a long time I could sense an old man in his early 70’s still lingering in my daughter’s spare room. Had him sit on the bed I was sleeping in one morning near dawn. I’m not a morning person, so sort of acknowledged his presence with peace and went I’m too tired for this right now. Pressure eased near my feet, as though someone stood up and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

    Different people find it easy to sleep in that room, others not so much.

    I’ve got neptune in scorpio in the 6th house…plus the scorp moon/leo sun combo with the piquant charm of a taurean rising. Saturn in Pisces the 10th house retrograde too.

  15. Unfortunately neither peaceful nor serene. More… intense Alice in Wonderland tunnel that my never end ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. hrmmmm scratch that! I’ll stick to the previous Uber Leo plan … a tad bimbonic but look fab, potentially rich and famous for no particular reason, with great hair

    2. Leonine Librarian

      yeah I had to laugh at the idea of anything scorp being peaceful and serene…in my experience with the scorp moon it’s way more twisty than that, and dark, sometimes like ghost gums humming in the night sort of dark.

      1. I have no scorp in the personal planets, only a scorp in Jupiter which I think is generational and have no idea what it means anyway … but I do have too Leo parents. Parent Envy perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Leonine Librarian

          My poor little Spazzy Aqua has two Leo parents…I don’t think there is any parent envy going on there…just a lot of eye rolling.

  16. And before any Scorps yell at me I’ll wave the white flag and submit that Scorps are never entirely clueless … OK?? lol

    1. I agree P. Though most Scorps tend to hold people (even those they are fond of) further out on the spectrum leading to a greater pool of 3rd party.

      1. Gawd … that makes me want to be reincarnated as a Scorp. How cool is that? Further out on the spectrum sounds peaceful and serene.

  17. Mystic … coupla things I’ve noticed personally, although I think your general observations are pretty spot on … Crabs have the 1st person intuition/insight/extra perception whatever you want to call it. You know, it’s usually about them, or peeps close to them. Scorps have the 3rd party thing down pat, they can read others or complete strangers, but tend to be a bit clueless in their own personal realm. Fish peeps are a bit of both depending on various factors and tend to produce the more “out there” paranoid surrealist stuff or the “spot on it’s terrifying” insights.

    Also all mind altering substances affect this gift. For me, alcohol numbs it or warps it …. pot opens the floodgates and turns it into an almost unbearable hallucinogenic experience, depending on the strength of the pot and how many people are about and/or how congruent they are in terms of their inner worlds and their outer behaviour (which is probably why I hate pot) – nightmarish

  18. I also have very lucid dreams, and used to have these amazing dreams about an old love interest (he too a scorp) where we would have detailed, deep conversations. We lived on different continents for years. I remember being able to “call” him whenever i wanted to see or speak to him in a dream. It only worked when we were both sleeping though.
    When visiting him once in London and after a drunken evening with friends the night before, we had a huge argument, complete with accusations and shouting, which was only interrupted when the phone rang, waking us both up. When we finally met an hour later in the kitchen over tea, it was exactly as if all those things had been said and it took the whole day for the tension to dissipate. It was completely usual in the course of our relationship for none of this stuff to ever be openly discussed. Only ever as we slept.

      1. yeah, it was pretty cool, except that we never did figure out how to talk about our feelings out in the open, even when it mattered the most. Of course, we never got together, and although we’re still friends, the dream thing doesn’t happen anymore. That’s almost more disappointing i think!

  19. Tammie Davenport

    I am definitely very sensitive to my surroundings. Scorpio Sun, 9th house, Pisces rising, Mercury conjunct Neptune in my 8th house. Mars in Cancer in my 5th house- moon in sagg. Anyway it seems that people that have passed from this lifetime are able to communicate with me. Usually someone wants me to give a message to someone that is still here. The really weird thing is, that I have never met the person that passed away, but the message is always relevant to that individual.
    I used to be embarrassed to tell people this, but for what it is worth, I am glad that I have an unusual gift! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sounds like we have very similar charts Tammie! I also went through the embarrassment but now I donโ€™t mind at all. If someone doesnโ€™t want to know then at least they have the option to ignore it. Better to be informed than not.

  20. Stress Princess

    I’m a Cap sun, Cancer moon.

    Dreams, aren’t they wonderful? Boyfriend doesn’t dream and can’t understand how I do so lucidly. I really don’t get why we have them (dreams, that is, not boyfriends) and no one really has given me a satisfying answer – scientific nor spiritual.

    I also have the occasional prophetic dream. I imagined many pets dying as a kid before they did – usually 4 days later after the dream – and I clearly dreamed of the Kobe earthquake in Japan (the one where a massive freeway/ bridge fell on its side) a few days before it happened. Very scary when you see it on the news and go “whaaat? Okay, am I somehow causing this?”

    The weirdest (and please don’t laugh) was when I dreamt of Jeff Buckley’s death. In my dream, he met me at Uni (I’d already graduated) and was wearing a bright red shirt. He kissed me (totally innocent and non-sexual) then walked off. I ran around Uni trying to find him, panicking I’d never see him again! 4 days later, he went missing in the Mississippi ๐Ÿ™ I was such a big fan and so sure I was the reason for his death. Waaa! (And just as a complete name-dropping side note: I was working with Heath Ledger at the time – on a show called “Roar” before he became huge – and I wore a black armband on set in remembrance of Jeff Buckley. Heath said “who the Hell’s Jeff Buckley? Guess it doesn’t matter now.” I REALLY didn’t like Heath after that. Sorry, Dark Knight fans.)

    But hard to convince ppl of dreamy things so they’re best left for posts like this ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I tend to dream of water water everywhere. Up to my knees in it but I just continue along. Plus I have semi-darkness dreams. The world is still in colour but it’s like the sun has just set and the lights aren’t on yet. Very eerie but always making an appearance.

    Pardon my ignorance but what area governs dreams? For what it’s worth – my 12th house is Pluto in Libra. My Neptune is 2nd house Sagg.

    Great posts, everyone!! Very interesting!!

    1. scorpalicious robot

      Neptune – it symbolizes sensitivity, psychic and mystical capacity, dreams, illusion, delusion and deception.

      Neptune rules the 12th house.

    2. Similar to your Kobe dream SP , I had a vivid dream of 911, there I was standing in New York watching a plane flying into a building. I rang a friend to talk about it, cause the whole idea of a plane flying into a building had never entered my head. Anyway a week or so later my friend rang me at 3 in the morning screaming at me to put the tele on, and there it was. What bugs me is why would I have been given that vision ? of what value would it have been ? Even if I rang the authorities in the US they would’ve thought I was screwy or I would have become a suspect or something ? Like Prowlin said before, sometimes its very unclear why this type of information is available and to what purpose ?

      1. I was in the plane too, one second viewing from a distance , the next in the plane. When the plane hit it didn’t enter the building, just smashed into the side and fell. Inside the plane we tumbled to the ground. I immediately woke my wife and told her also, then later rang my friend. I often dream about being in war zones. This one was different, the plane flying too low, slamming into the building, so odd, yes, and so vivid, thats why I think I mentioned it to others.
        After all of that I spoke to a few people and suggested the government should have a place you can call to log those type of dreams without prejudice.

        The raven thing you saw was truly horrible!
        My impression of that event was that it was a turning point in history, a marker that will be looked back on as the day the west began to crumble.
        Even now the GFC is seen as a direct result of the financial decisions made by the government at that time. They were so desperate to stop the market from crashing all the purse strings were loosened and the great credit splurge began.

        1. I had a dream about the plane landing safely in the Hudson three days before it happened. In the dream there was this incredibly under control feeling with utter assuredness. It was actually quite a nice feeling after the initial shock that the plane was going to make an emergency landing. There was the pilotโ€™s announcement which was uber calm and then the dissent. I remember thinking the plane was going to break into bits then being shocked that it landed in one piece in a river. In the end though I dreamt everyone had to jump into the river and that was when things did not go as well because people were less inclined to help each other. I have no idea if people actually ended up in the water but in my dream they did and there was some debate surrounding which place was the best to entre the water for the least amount of swimming ect. Very strange dream and had no idea what it was about until I saw the news. The strange thing was I dreamt it was a tropical river but it was cold.

  21. I have my mars in cancer, dont know if that makes a difference, but ive always been good at picking future trends. I did a stint in futures trading in the 80’s and made quite a lot of money for my clients, but never dared tell them how I picked winners. My mothers family are middle eastern jews who run there whole life on premonition and talking with dead ancestors. I can remember sitting around at breakfast over arabic coffee, with my mother , grandmother and great grandmother (yes, we all lived in the same house) listening to their dream stories and how the interpretations would effect our day to day lives. It all seemed quite normal. When I was 18months old I fell and split my forehead open, and instead of taking me for stitches they all took turns in holding the wound together so that the scar would be clean and not block my 3rd eye.
    I miss my noona and nana a lot.

    1. what a magical childhood david! I so hope you’re passing the same spiritual values on to your own children so they also have lovely memories when they’re older.

          1. Cancer male, born on the 4th of July,99. He has incredible emotional intelligence for a 9 year old. The other 2, leo and gemini not the least interested in anything other than themselves and their friends and whats cool.

          2. give them time David. Two of mine showed no interest till they were at Uni then asked me to teach them how to draw a chart. I think it may have been to impress their friends and look cool too but they still retain an interest and one is head of English at one of Brisbane’s top private schools.

  22. Im aqua leo moon gem rising. Have had some full on psychic dreams. Best one was when I with The Scorpio Bastardo…he out at a party one night I stayed home. Dreamt that night he having sex with a girl at the party, everyone saw them but noone going to tell me. Woke in tears and rang him immediately…of course he said it just a dream hush hush….two months later a friend tells me that everyone saw them kissing that night at that party…no-one saw the sex but they did go to bed together…..Convinced me believe my dreams not a Scorpio Bastardo!!!

  23. I still smell my Grandfather on occaision, and once he was in the kitchen with me, and I walked through him accidently. Gave me a jolt….

    I have pre-cognition dreams – usually so far in advance however that I forget them until they happen to me – I always figure I am exactly where I am supposed to be when that happens.

    My cousin also visits me often – he died tragically only 6 months ago, so the visits are V bittersweet. And cherished.

    My Mother and her mother are the same, precognition, ghosts, know when people are pregnant to the point that they tell the other person!

    I am Scorp Sun/Cancer Moon/Pisces in the 12th

  24. I’m Cancer as you know, the crabby but vocal variety ๐Ÿ˜‰ – with Venus Cancer and strong Aquarius placement on my midheaven in Mars … so have always been drawn to astrology and always had spooky “knowing” instincts. My friends used to call me the psychic barometer and introduce me to potential boyfriends and/or new peeps to get my “reading” on them. It didn’t work on comman though much to their annoyance – it works more as a random, in the moment flash or intuitive knowing about something or someone.

    Three weeks ago I had a vivid “vibe” that my Double Bull boyfriend had “something going on” … obviously the vibe didn’t come with detailed instructions except that it pertained to another woman. Bingo, over last weekend he fessed up to having met someone the day I had the vibe with whom there was a strong mutual attraction. He distanced himself and didn’t act on it, but he’s got a bad habit of this sort of stuff – always keeping an eye outside the relationship and thinking the grass is greener someplace else – in either case once I found out an unholy ruckus in my psyche erupted, something equivalent to being in a building with all the fire alarms going at once and a voice overhead shouting “evacuate now” – so I broke up with him. Ho hum

    I must say I’ve always been very ambivalent about this so called gift … knowing isn’t always useful and it does nothing to shield one from pain and harm I’ve noticed.

    1. agreed prowlncat, that’s why I call it the so-called gift. Some things I’d much rather not know and it can make social occasions difficult if one is being spooked

      1. Yup …. ignorance can be bliss … but then again whose to say? I’ve heard so many say “I wish I knew … I wish I had been warned”. You know … the cry of the insightless. Doesn’t make much diff tho’ – life is still a challange for everyone in an individual way and insight can be a burdern that brings its own set of challanges.

  25. Sun + Pluto in Libra, Moon in Cancer

    Most definative experience was in high school. Had just returned from an excursion to the city and was waiting at a busy metro train station (rare for me to be there). Had the strongest feeling I would see my friend there (not from my school, in fact had dropped out completely), but reasoned that there would be no reason for him to be there, it would contradict everything I knew about him – probably still asleep at 3pm! Five minutes later I look across to the main entrance and see him walking off the platform.

    My psychic-googooness has disappeared with age, but looks like there is a trend with the Cancer-Moon people.

    (Hey, just noticed the tiny smiley face at the bottom of the webpage. Cute.)

  26. scorpalicious robot

    I kept a dream diary for over 20 years, started it when i was 17. I was obsessed with dreams, dreaming and their meanings. I have had many lucid dreams, flying dreams, astral travelling and plenty of premonitions too. I’ve picked the sex of my sister’s children and had a dream she was pregnant the night before she actually announced it. I’ve talked to my niece many times in dreans years before she was even conceived and she looks exactly as she did in my dream.

    I can usually tell if a relationship will work out with a guy by the type of dream i have the very first night i dream with them.
    I’ve had weird dreams about people at work. The most amazing one would have to be when i was introduced to a new work colleague from a different department. I knew absolutely nothing about him but that night i dreamt of his diary and the drawings it contained. It was so vivid. The next day i sent him an email and asked “this may sound a bit strange but can you draw?” He confirmed that he could and i described the style and medium used. It was exactly like my dream. He was a little freaked out by it of course.

    I can usually tell if a dream is a premonition if i wake up in the middle of the night, straight after i’ve had it. It’s a bit freaky sometimes.

    I have an Aqua friend with moon in Cancer who’s quite psychic. Her Sun is the 12th house.

    I have 3 planets in Pluto and Neptune and Merc in Scorp.

    LOVE this post Mystic!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes I am posting for the Scorp side. I have had very similar to SR above. I frequently have precognition and have also had telepathic experiences but only with a few times (oddly with an Aquarian). Dreams are definitely where most things germinate for me though. Often my precognition involves acquaintances and people not normally in my everyday thoughts. It sort of heightens the awareness of it being precog… especially if I wake and say something like oh so and so has split with the boyfriend. Like SR above I also wake straight at the end of the dream in the middle of the night. I have also had some strange conversations with people whilst asleep and not remembered a word the next morning. Really deep and intense conversations. I have also completed activities in my sleep and woken to find a snake wrapped around the head of the bed.

        Sun and 9th house in Scorp, Pisces rising, Cancer 5th house.

        1. scorpalicious robot

          do you live in the country? it would be unusual to find a snake on the head of the bed in the city… hehe

          1. It was when I was living in the North in Outback Australia. Was still quite unusual though. It was only a Python but enough to rise an eyebrow!

          1. Yes I do also. There is something about the colour pallet that is so unique and energizing. Plus it is very beautiful. One can even put up with the flies and critters to marvel at it.

  27. Yes, definitely Cancers. I have lots of deja vu, lucid dreams every night, and can (oddly) sense when someone is going to die soon, or suddenly. I once hugged an old family friend and thought “he’s going to visit his wife soon. oh wait, she died 2 years ago.” that night he died of a heart attack. I hugged my grandpa and knew it would be the last time i hugged him, that night he suffered multiple aneurysms. I also know instantly if I’m going to fall in love with someone. Met my husband and thought “you’ve just met the man you’re going to marry.” SAW another man a few years later and instantly thought “uh oh this guy is going to be the end of your marriage.” 1.5 years later, yep, he was.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      Darla i just got major goosebumps reading your post!

      the last time that happened was about 2 years ago when Mystic was writing about a strange dream she had involving blackbirds and a red ribbon, someone posted an interpretation which had exactly the same effect. hmm

      1. wow! Well I hope the goosebumps are a good thing. I’ve been struggling with whether i made the right decision to be with the second guy in my post, so i wonder if your goosebumps are a message for you or me or both?

        1. unpredictable pisces

          i don’t know if it’s a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ thing i was noting – just sometimes hits a note for me , seems more real somehow. Maybe Man # 2 is a bit of a spiritual detour for u…if he’s not quite right…p’raps

  28. unpredictable pisces

    mine’s probably not that exciting but i had a horrible upsetting dream about an ex-bf, i called him the next morning to say hi, are u ok, he was awful to me on the phone. we broke up 2 months later. i later tracked back and realised that was about the night he started cheating on me…

    also years ago i swear i had a telepathic experience with a male friend of mine. a perfectly formed sentence appeared in my mind, not my thoughts – can’t explain it other than it being like it was a different ‘font’ (i’m a visual person i guess). the exact words were “should I ask her out?” so hopefully i wasn’t imagining the toaster talking to me…

    also general stuff. only ever the first few meetings, after that the ‘noise’ is too much – just able to get strong impression of people’s needs, maybe loneliness, or insecurity, maybe what drives them sometimes. dunno. i spose any sensitive person might be lke that.

    mars in aqua/ 8th…pisces sun…uranus scorp/5th…lots of 10th house action…no idea what’s important for this

  29. I don’t have many lucid dreams but I do suffer from deja vu a lot. Strangely, it is common just before something happens, like seconds before I know exactly what someone is going to say or do. Like Cody, I can get a nagging feeling that something is wrong, but not specific enough to know what it refers to.

    Once woke up in the middle of the night sobbing. No idea why. Weeks later, MOTM got back from a long trip away and sent me a diary he had kept. At the time I woke up he was writing to me about how much he missed me.

    Usually, when it is personal, I’m as thick as a brick, but otherwise I can usually sense if something is wrong with someone.

    Sun/taurus moon/cancer.

  30. I’ve written about my so-called gifts here before. I read people, minds and am empathic and the only water planets I have are Mars conjunct Saturn in Cancer. I put it down to Moon and Merc rising in Sagg in the twelfth house sextile tenth house Neptune in Lib sextile eighth house Pluto in Leo sextile sixth house Uranus in Gem. Ceres conjunct Venus on asc might add something. I’m a cap.

  31. Dreams definitely – I have dreamt of many things before they happened – such as one of my children being conceived, uncle in a fatal car accident (dreamt when I was about 4), father getting sick with cancer and being operated on etc etc…

    The worst is when I have unspecified dark dreams where I know someone somewhere is in pain or suffering and can feel it but only get glimpses and wake up freaked out for hours, only to find out the next day that something terrible happened overnight closely matching what I dreamt like the virginia tech school shooting or some horrible child abduction.

    I have a 12th house moon in taurus conjunct my ascendent and have wondered if this was the cause maybe of tuning in nocturnally to these events.

    Does anyone else have this happen?

  32. cancerian annie

    Cancerians for sure. I have intensely lucid dreams basically all the time (lots of spiders at the moment) and lots of deja vu. I also know things, especially when people are pregnant! My best example – I’ve been able to tell my ex the fact he keeps visiting me in dream life (at least weekly for months), but not in waking life means he has issues and unless he has the courage to relate in the real world, he must go. And he did, only reappearing in the background of dreams occasionally. And my Scorp bestie knows things too, especially about me! But she always knows more than she tells…

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