Planetary Eras

This Jane Fonda interview in W Magazine examines – as do all articles featuring Fonda – her lifelong regime of successfully shedding skins and re-birthing herself. Hers is a particularly dramatic version of it – one decade the “Hanoi Jane” activist in batik, the next Versace-clad with her boobs done as Mrs Ted Turner, for example.

The actor has Pluto conjunct her Descendant so every relationship is a major morph and she literally cannot tolerate stale relationships. Every relationship is plutonic, a reincarnation of sorts and so of course there is a fresh self revealed with each new lover.  People without a strong Pluto signature might see this as having a weak core but nothing could be further from the truth.

Perhaps her greatest metamorphosis will come when she forms a powerful relationship with herself? It would actually feel as relaxing and natural for her to phoenix as it would for others to stagnate.

But everyone has these planetary eras. Some morph more strongly than others but who hasn’t looked back at an old photo of oneself and wondered who the fuq was that character?

Often you can time these morphs alongside the outer planet transits; Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. Whether you look at them through the signs (eg Neptune through Aquarius, then Pisces etc) or by house (as the Transits Report does), you can see how there are distinct planetary eras in society and individual lives.

One of the fastest and cool ways to get insights into astrology is do a timeline of your life and track the big events alongside an ephemeris. Or get one of my Flashback reports for a year the felt particularly momentous to you. You’ll know more what to expect the next time a similar energy is evoked.

A personal example: I had a really chaotic & big 1989 – life was surreal that year. It felt like every time I left the house, there was an explosion. My relationships were just bats. EG:  my dinner companion being arrested over the entrees by a squadron of federal police. If I slept that year it was a fitful ‘power nap’ between dramatic episodes.

My neighbor got murdered and when I went to his apartment to return the vacuum cleaner I’d borrowed, I was questioned by homicide police. I was given some uranium. Someone tried to curse me and as part of my quest to deflect this I went to the one library I could find which had a copy of Malleus Malificarum and read it all in one day.

I went to a shrink who offered me free therapy in exchange for sex (like he would have been a great counselor, right?). My manicurist invited me to a “voodoo coven” and then nearly died in a fire the next week. I read a lot of Nietzsche and Egyptian mysticism whilst keeping  vampire hours, soothed only by long, long walks in the dark.

I tried to rescue lobsters from restaurants and would end up in hideous arguments with people who thought I was from another planet. I played backgammon with a Greek Sagittarius conman who said he was teaching me Neuro-Linguistic-Processing. I got poisoned by rohypnol or something and got to share my cubicle at emergency with a guarded prisoner in chains.

So strange times and I didn’t know enough about Astrology then to assess it. Recently I was like WHAT was that – it was Pluto square my Ascendant, that whole damned year.

Everything was so consistently weird and intense that it erased whatever identity or set of drop-down menu beliefs I’d had. It was just too raw and electric for anything unreal to survive.


Image: Masao Saito – Rose Tea

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  1. I may be having exactly one of those transits. I feel cursed. Harassment and bulls… around every corner! Starting to be paranoid 😳

  2. My desc is 19degrees Aries. So Uranus is going back and forth over that sucker this year and next. And also squaring my 10th and 4th. I moved out of my parents house after years of waiting and wanting. Also- letting my strawberry blonde hair naturally grow out without dye for the first time ever. Plus learned the magic of curls and red lipstick. Losing my job because the business is going under so currently trying to find another. Home- check. Self-Identity/Look- check. Job- check. Now onto relationships… I wonder what’s in store…

  3. Pluto is square my natal Pluto, and has been since about the same time Saturn crossed my Scorpio ascendant. I also have Chiron square natal Venus, and Saturn square my Mercury.

    I would say I’m going through an era of inner to outer. Natally, I have a fixed T-square, Saturn on my MC, and a secret spy Uranus in Scorpio on my ascendant. So, I’m busting out of all that self-censorship. Someone said that above about Saturn on the MC. I think Nono Sophia. Perfect. It’s a survival strategy that I’ve had for a long time, and it just doesn’t fit anymore. These past few years have been peeling back the layers.

  4. Wow, major moment of clarity: trans Pluto has been opposite my natal rx Saturn. And sending rays to my Neptune-NN in Sagg, Mars in Scorp, Pluto in Libra, & Jupiter-asc in Pisces.

    Doesn’t feel like a transit. Just a way of life.

    1. Yes! your clarity has clarified my thoughts.

      i didn’t even know where to begin with this. Pluto trine Sat in Cap natally. Sextile my Neptune.

      Opp my chiron.

      Uncle Pluto has played with me all the time. Was a bit rough when i was younger (squaring my Sun).
      He calls it tough love.

      He’s waving at me(sun) now from opposite … which is cool – but now Uranus wants to play too.
      Is this when the strange turn pro?
      I’m ready.

      Just a way of life.

  5. When transiting Pluto conj. my Scorp asc (natal Neptune conj there, too) occurred about 25 years ago, almost to the day my mother kidnapped my children and fell off the face of the earth, I became homeless and then attempted suicide (my Taurus moon was opposite all of that). No drugs or anything illegal like that, just trusted family and got screwed over big time.

  6. sweet post! love your anecdotes, mystic.

    i am super plutonic. it shows up a lot both personally and outwardly; outwardly i think it kind of weirds people out/ mystifies them because i am also very outwardly sparkly-leo-sag.

    my midheaven is zero degrees scorpio and pluto is hanging out with juno in the 10th.

    definitely am familiar with the constant phoenixing re appearance. which is much of the reason for the aforementioned weirding-out other peeps but i wouldn’t be complete without it. i love transformation – in certain ways. sometimes i am really stubborn against it, which holds me back growth-wise. thanks, mars in taurus opposition.

    1. oh, and i am just getting around to adding this thing i forgot:
      pluto has been transiting my 1st forEVS. milling about over my loose uranus-neptune-saturn conjunction and opposing a dense pallas-chiron-jupiter-venus in the 7th.

      and my 8th house is def having a party.

  7. I’m not having a Pluto transit – did have Pluto on my moon in 2012 which was an interesting year emotionally. I felt very compelled to move away from where I was living at the time because I wanted to get over a toxic ex. Pathological liar-levels of toxicity. So I moved to abroad to teach ESL. Went about as far as I could get. I guess that’s Pluto for you. Since then I’ve gotten a lot stronger emotionally – got over some co-dependency issues and self-image issues.

    Anyway, I am currently having a Neptune transit in opposition to my Virgo sun at 10* and mars at 7*. No wonder I am frustrated that everything is so murky lately. I am working as a part time contractor and I’m in limbo because they said they’d hire me full time in July but it came and went. They still say they will make me full time ‘sometime’. Yes they’re stringing me along and I’m thinking of looking elsewhere because it’s so vague. My boss is watery himself – Cancer – and just does not give definite dates. I like the job a lot but I’m worried that I’m not doing well and they’ll get rid of me.

    I’m having so many other questions right now too. Everything is confusing lately. Even interactions with people are confusing. Someone called me a ‘piece of work’ today. What did they mean?! Ugh. I guess I better get used to this feeling as Neptune will go retrograde back over my Mars then be back on my Sun next year too.

    1. I take that back. I went and analyzed my chart some more. I am actually having a Pluto transit as Pluto is square my MC (and trine my Venus). So…that’s probably adding to my career troubles currently. Wonderful.

      Anyone want to help me interpret this transit?!

  8. Can’t wait for Astro Hacks because if I’m reading my Natal chart correctly:
    Pluto conjunct Sun & Sextile Midheaven/Saturn, AC & Neptune, Opposed Eris…yup.

  9. i’ve seen a reaction to the “hanoi jane” era so consistently that i’m befuddled by.

    if you bring up jane fonda of 2015 to someone of a certain ilk they will RABIDLY go into a state of hyperbolic vitriol. as if she directly insulted them today. i could set fire to the air if i brought her up around some relatives.

    watching how people reacted and continue to react to that and so many other twists of history when i was aging had surprising effect on my way of interacting in the world.

    the lesson is inherently wrapped up in “what you say can and will be used against you” and when you are necessarily Plutonic it can be deadening to be like “but that was 40 years ago!” or for my part “that was two years ago” or even “that was last week”

    Soul development being what it is its amazing, and certainly telling, what we are held responsible for. people still go to her speeches to protest what she did in 1972. what we say and do effects so much, and maybe this is saturn on my midheaven, i’ve self censored myself into a tiny box because i am aware that no matter how passionate i am about something, there is more information to be had. blowback from my speaking out on causes has been significantly more dramatic than the work that needed to be done. celebrity would magnify that a billion times.

    the she referred to herself as a lightning rod and i’ve had that phrase used casually to describe me. its no joke.

    the shedding of the skin, that skin ends up left somewhere. someone picks up that skin and tries to say “THIS IS WHO YOU ARE” but its pointless to say “i left that behind.”

    what i see though is how people are scratching at their tight restrictive coat as if it held them together. if they get to close to my lightning it burns off and all their them-ness spills out. i could be doing crossword puzzles but i AM a pluto transit. not that i can do crossword puzzles.

    i’ve been looking at the last time jupiter was in leo and virgo. the time i let it get away to not hurt anyone and ended up in a gray haze, lost so many years while pluto pulling that ascendant square. damn near erased myself. the change was so internal.

    i’m trying to fit in entire ages into eras into a few more years.

    1. Yes. They do this to Malcolm X too. People love to talk about how ‘racist’ he was. I’m like, “did you even read his autobiography?” He lived through so much and morphed like a badass every single time. His description of Mecca is profound.

    2. if i had the same opinions and beliefs i did when i was 19 i would hope that someone would punch me in the face.

      i’m not sure if peeps around me got mystic’s zap zone memos, but they are holding on, white knuckling in the face of oblivion.

      as if you could turn off the movie titanic in the middle and just imagine everything went great for jack and rose and they are still together and have babies and live in a 55+ resort community. he golfs and she took up bunka and they just LOVE IT! rose made jack buy a new golf cart and they have two pekingese. which more than make up for the lack of grand children their distant children have given them. there are no transits if you turn off the celestial objects and turn up the tv loud enough!!!!

        1. i just logged in and saw the fun times. i didn’t check email yet. this is very ezzciting. thank you! i’m going into the woods for a few weeks, so when i get back i’ll have swam naked every day and be like “gimme some scent!” i’ll go check email now! thank you Mystic!

  10. How does one identify aspects with numbers instead of symbols? When I go to astrodientist, I don’t think all the aspects are shown in the chart for transits because there isn’t enough room. Maybe there is an option to show the transit aspects only that I don’t know about?

    I haven’t done a timeline yet, but I have looked up a few dates. The day my brother died was huge for me and my family, but there isn’t anything that sticks out in the planets other than almost everything being in the very bottom of my chart. I’m wondering if it would be appropriate to put in some asteroids, but as there are so many, I’m not sure which ones.

    1. When you bring up your “natal chart with transits” in Astrodienst, on the upper left you will see “Additional tables (PDF)”. Hit that, and on the bottom of the second page will be a matrix with the natal positions at the top, the transits on the side, and the aspects in the boxes.

      1. i love that astro hacks is happening and i can smell all the new pencils and dust old ephemerides bought years ago that made no sense

        my astrogeek level is HIGH

    2. Bonjour CP, with your brothers passing, have you checked out what his astro for the day was .. There wasnt anything that jumped out on my chert that day, but i looked at my Dads for the moment he passed (My Sister and I were there) Pluto was direct on ascendant and Saturn on his Scorp Sun.

  11. I’m having Pluto swing back and forth over my 6th house saturn…also had saturn all over my 4th scorpio moon/neptune and Saturn has been the most memorable so far …big changes: Son’s marriage, Fathers death, grandchild born…house flood, roof needed changed…Please get the hell out of my 4th (when Pluto hit my 4th found out we had termites lol. had to go thru that crap) Of course when Pluto makes its last hit to my natal saturn maybe i’ll change my mind about it ?? (also do these correlate? maybe the pluto over natal saturn is jazzing up that saturn transit?? idk)

    1. I sympathize with you, those outer planet transits can take forever, and they retrograde back and forth for years. I just went through several years of Neptune opposition Pluto. I still have no idea what the hell happened there (unpack that sentence carefully). Now I am waiting for Saturn to go direct, and away from opposition to my natal Sun-Moon conjunction for the very last time. At least Saturn moves quickly, compared to Neptune or Pluto.

  12. LiberatingVenus

    GREAT topic!

    “And her relationships are Plutonic so of course there is a fresh self revealed with each major relationship. People without a strong Pluto signature might see this as having a weak core but nothing could be further from the truth.”

    I do not see this as weak AT ALL – double Venus/Pluto sig having a Venus/Pluto transit here! Seriously, my relationships have all been catalysts that served to slowly and methodically purge me of some toxic (inherited) dysfunctional shit. Let’s just say I haven’t had the best/healthiest role models in my life for love (well, actually anything really, LOL!) and leave it at that. I have learned so much about myself through seeing my relationships crash and burn, because if relationships matter to you at all (and they do to me, being Venusian) it forces you to look at the lowest common denominator(s) and lay it all bare. I wish I knew in my 20’s even half of what I know about myself now.

    With Pluto Rising and Sun/Pluto, my whole life is made up of various “eras”…transformation is the only constant. I would say that other than the present Zap Zone era, the most notably challenging period in my life was when Neptune and Uranus passed over my IC and went through my 4th. Those were arguably the hardest years of my life (which you might guess is really saying a lot, LOL) – I was a very young adolescent then, and there was absolutely no stability anywhere in my life – one parent was distant, the other was an alcoholic. I had no tools to find my way. It was then that I picked up astrology – I wanted to understand why my life was so fuqed up. I was struggling so much emotionally with nil for parental guidance, so I turned to the planets which became sort of a celestial substitute for the support and nurturance I would never receive from either parent.

    1. Beautifully put, think I’m doing the surrogate planet syndrome as well, laying low in chrysalis and ever so softly rocking and humming….

  13. 1. Jane Fonda is my favourite person ever. I love her SO MUCH. I always identify very heavily with what she has to say about life and in particular relationships. I think seeing her in Barbarella when I was 11 or 12 was a pretty huge awakening on all accounts.

    2. Pluto square my ASC was 2010-2012 SO weird. All the time. Great stories, still some minor trauma.

    3. I’m in a perma Pluto transit and heavily Plutonic, always phoenixing,

    1. me too..I always find myself standing there wondering why I’ve been so drastic in changes I’ve made.
      At the time it just had to be that way.
      Afterwards I think “fuck but that was intense. Why did I do / say that?
      It was so extreme.”

      But I am a person of extremes.
      I seem to destroy myself and regenerate each time from nothing.
      Other people seem to grow incrementally and I really envy them.
      I’d love to grow in measured, rational steps. I need to transform compulsively. It’s exhausting.

      Starting with nothing is the only way I can do it though. I don’t think I could do change any other way.
      I look back and think “why?”
      Why was I so extreme in my approach?
      But that’s just me.

      1. You’re not alone.

        When I look back on my choices, the extremity is insane. But I needed it, my soul thirsted for it.

        Not jealous of anyone I know anymore. I like me and ALL my experiences made me. I wouldn’t be the artist if I inched in increments… 🙂

      2. Same, I always say I don’t do grey area and I’m envious of people who do BUT it’s who I am and I’m not going to rage against that side of myself anymore.

  14. PlutonicUranian

    In the summer of 1989 I spent a morning traversing the hallowed labyrinth of St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow as a student-ambassador. I could have spent a lifetime doing that.

    Pluto was in Scorpio (factoring in retrogrades) from roughly November of 1983 to November of 1995. 12 years of fixed, non-stop intensity in some area of your life.

    In 1995 I completely leveled my entire worldview (Pluto to Saggo) and entered college as a young man transformed.

    You can easily mark entire eras of your life by the slow passage of Pluto.

  15. Pluto in Virgo , 3rd House. I’m the one who everyone in my circle bring their presentations and proposals for editing.
    I earn my bread and butter by condensing data into information so people can make informed decisions, and establish systems that can be replicated. Pluto in Virgo says any question can be answered in a single line if it’s the truth. Lies, vagaries and fluff takes thousands of words. Like the old tailors quote, never mind the quality, feel the width.
    Love your reminiscing Myst. Life wasn’t so homogenized 30 years ago. I do miss those days.

    1. Ooh I also have that aspect/sign/house. I love your interpretation of it. There is something very meta about it- synthesizing lots of information into clear, useful language.

      Rather than data, this gift was given to me in more psychological realms- Pluto is in exact sextile to moon in Scorpio. In another life, I should have been a psychologist- people bring me their problems and I can break them down (the problems, not the peeps) into very clear language that acts as a mirror for them.

      Also, I attribute this aspect to my ability to research the fuq out of anything. If it can be found, I will find it.

    2. Love that you put it so well- “any question can be answered in a single line if it’s the truth.”

      Pluto in Virgo in 10th here. Spreadsheeting is my bane- I have Cap on 3rd and Pluto transiting 2nd.

    3. The quote is “never mind the width, feel the fabric” ?
      As recalled by my rag trade dad about the Jewish fash/textile merchants. Quality first. Worry about the dimensions later

      1. Oh I’m filing that one … Sweet one liners have been about .. Studying insects, i found my first assassin bug last week and texted pic to my (most dry and excellently haute) toro study mate … ”Wow, my first Assassin bug !” and he texts back ‘ ‘And I thought we were in for a dull year – *wink”.

        1. I”d heard something similar on Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels,
          ”Now come on, let me feel the fibre of your fabric”.

      2. So I’m guessing you’re not the type to buy that dishwasher cause they throw in a free set of steak knives and .. Hold your money … Interest free for 5 years no payments till 2030. Call in the next 20 seconds and we’ll throw in a years subscription to Bizimum !!! 🙂

      1. Did you love the one dialogue in Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels David ? My Gemini sister and i still call each other up with quotes from that and Pulp Fiction … Got any favs language wise ?

        1. I haven’t seen it ! I’ll watch it soon.
          Here’s a quote my mother has on the fridge.
          “No woman ever shot a man while he was doing the dishes”

          1. Bless your Mum David ! I love it ! Whats her astro, i think i recall your lovely one (mrs. david) is Katakan…

          2. Might be ok for your boys, lots of f**k bombs ! some violence …drugs – weed, .. I sat down transfixed and didn’t move a muscle the whole time…xxx In my all time top 5..

    4. “Pluto in Virgo says any question can be answered in a single line if it’s the truth.”

      Pluto in Virgo here, also. I decided a few years ago to revisit a traumatic event in my life, which was hugely therapeutic but OMG, the long story! I’ve finally got it down to a short sentence.

    5. Reminds me of the quote ‘My Tailor is rich’. Who said that?
      Sammy Davis Jnr or one of the rat pack perhaps.

  16. Pluto has been tracking and backtracking over my capricorny MC like someone doing a ten point turn in a cul de sac. Just get off it already! Yes I’m about to phoenix into professional me and go broke at the same time – what of it? At least I have all my teeth and a winning smile 🙂

    1. “doing a ten point turn in a cul de sac” is the best image. i am afraid i’ll be punished for imagining the god of the underworld driving a huge old cadillac poorly in front of my house, but it was totally worth the laugh. he is Fuqing up my lawn though. like spike on buffy, the windows painted black to keep out the sunlight, bastard has taken out the mailbox even.

      too funny. he’s on the corner of my sun and my nodes since 2012, so really, we might need to send old man pluto in for an eye exam.

      1. Ha! What a jerk!
        I once watched a little old man (he could barely see over the wheel) in a huge car carefully carefully take a corner at 10km/hr by driving up over the curb and onto the footpath. Some hipster guy had to jump back to save his foot. Pluto on valium.

    2. Lol – you have a wonderful way with words. I had Uranus on my MC for ages while the Zap Zone was happening. It was super annoying – non stop evolution gets tiring after a while you know? At least I’ve switched careers thanks to that…

    1. Haha – love that tune.
      Scorpiodawn, go to astrodient ->
      it’s in the sidebar 🙂
      Click on free horoscopes
      Click on extended chart selection
      Look up Natal and Progressed Charts or Transits
      Have a squizz
      Do this a few times till the squiggles make some sense to you.
      Figure out what Pluto looks like and where it is in your Natal Chart and your Progressed Chart, then look at where it is transiting. You should, depending on your age, be having some kind of transit action – Pluto transits are HUGE- I don’t mean to fear monger but after my own Pluto transit my life was unrecognisable. Before it I was of the opinion that anyone who made judgements based on astrology was obviously Sagitarius or something but post Pluto transit I was begging for info. I was terrified of my Uranus opposition but it seems to be quite the non event. I guess I’m already so unconventional and Uranian that there’s no need to break free from towing any lines or keeping shtum. Other people talk of having “survived” their Uranus opposition. For me, it was Pluto. Some aren’t too hung up on those classical/ midlife transits and focus more on the quirky ones like sextiles and more subtle influences. I’m not hacked up or clued up enough to understand them without having it explained to me by one who knows. The Biggies like Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter (the most over rated of all) and Uranus you can spot quite easily using astrodient and just clicking on different chart options to follow the planetary action.

      1. ok i’ll try…I am familiar with astrodienst, its just figuring out the charts…im 39 so im sure somethings going on…im desperate to work it out…its quite frustrating but i’ll have another look…

        1. ok so I’ve had a look….how do I know where its transiting???
          my natal pluto is in libra at ten degrees…then I look under prog for progressing,and it just says 11 then the libra sign, then 35. ????/
          aaaaargghh hopefully all will b revealed!!!!

          1. ok I looked at my birth chart and transits combined and it looks like pluto is on my midheaven..ascendant??? and I remember mystic telling me this is so till 2017.

            1. Oh wow.
              Yeah 39 is totally the time of tradional astro mega transit action. They occur at different times for people, I think because the orbits are elliptical but don’t quote me on that because I could be wrong.
              I had my Pluto transit start at 37 and I’m 42 now and in the 2nd half of my Uranus opposition so yes, check out the squiggles and identify the major players. Forewarned and all that..

              1. ooh exciting..i’m trying …still need help so I’m really glad im doin the course…can totally relate to not wanting to socialise etc….every day just seems mega weird lately!

      2. Oh that’s really interesting re: your reaction to Uranus transit having to do with how Uranian you already are.

        Explains a lot. I also braced for my Uranus opposition (at 42?), but it just meant I was extra-itchy to get out of a confining corporate environment (my first corporate job, which did not suit me at all). It actually helped me to take action and get out.

        I have Uranus conjunct Jupiter natally, so I am already down with Uranian energy. That transit actually helped remind me who I am.

        Interestingly, I don’t think the same could be said for Pluto transits. No matter how afflicted by him you are in your chart, he will still remake your world and have you on your knees- until you learn how to get up again. 😉

  17. my dinner companion being arrested over the entrees by a squadron of federal police. No sleep. My neighbor got murdered and when i went to his apartment to return the vacuum cleaner i had borrowed, i was questioned by homicide police.
    I was given some uranium. I got cursed. I went to a shrink who offered me free therapy in exchange for sex (like he would have been a great counselor, right?). My manicurist invited me to a “voodoo coven.” I lived like a vampire, soothed only by long, long walks in the dark. I tried to rescue lobsters from restaurants and would end up in hideous arguments with people who thought i was from another planet. I played backgammon with a Greek Sagittarius conman who said he would teach me NLP. I got poisoned by rohypnol or something and got to share my cubicle at emergency with a guarded prisoner in chains.

    This is the type of stuff that comes out of my mouth in random conversations so lately I just don’t indulge in conversation. Like it’s wrong to talk about it.
    I’ve always been so bubbly and outgoing. Positive despite the intensity, as if I could detract from it by been lighthearted. Lately I don’t want to detract from it. It is what it is

    1. I’ve HAD years like this…just non-stop wtf weird shit…some years are quieter but I am a magnet for insane shit!

  18. Wow, I have Pluto square my ascendant natally.
    When I tell people stories about my life I see their eyes go wide and everyone starts feeling awkward – especially me, as if I’m some kind of crazy freak and even I wonder wtf?
    My brother once told me I just shouldn’t tell anyone about certain encounters because it just makes me sound insane and as if I am making it up.
    Lately, the past two years, I’ve become a total recluse. Most especially the past few months. I just don’t go anywhere or talk to anyone. I’m not an anti social person, I’m great with people but it feels as if there’s a quiet transformation taking place inside me.
    I have no idea what it will look like but I am wressling urges to get tattoos on my back and cut my hair off with kitchen scissors – oi vey.

    1. I know about Venus retro and the rules.
      The trouble is I don’t care.
      The need to transform is so intense.
      It’s not just a physical thing but there is a sense of needing to present a more authentic identity to the world.
      If I totally backed my instincts now I would get rid of 99% of my stuff. Im looking at all the Louboutins etc and thinking “gross” I just feel for boots or trainers, (in a heatwave) a vest, beat up jeans and short, messy hair I cut myself.
      It’s really strange.
      On the inside..hmm. I don’t know. Quiet.

      1. I’ll take the Louboutins.

        I won’t pay for them, though – for those prices they should at LEAST be comfortable, fashion be damned! WHY must they add that EXTRA inch (or two) and just murder ankles?

        1. you can totally HAVE them.
          I can’t BELIEVE I have so many gorgeous pair of unworn stilettos.
          It’s insane.
          i look at them and I have no idea wtf I was thinking or why I had to have them. They just look stupid. And the fact that I have so many, all mounted on shelves in glass cabinets is even more insane.
          I never, ever wear them..

          1. Maybe you could approach a charity of yr choice, and offer yr unworn Louboutins to them to auction off to bidding public.

            Could be a whole EVENT — and could run it via social media.

            “Free the Louboutins” in support of …perhaps a charity helping women.

            Unless you want to keep your Loubis as art. That indeed they are. Although I am totally WITH you re: boots, jeans and short(er) hair au naturelle! Sag Moon natally yeah!

      1. Moon in Sag, 12th house.
        No Pluto / moon aspects as far as I know…
        Pluto square my ascendant is enough of a compulsion button though. All my close friends – admittedly that’s not a lot of people, have Pluto square their moon and I totally understand the zero tolerance for small talk / shunning of whatever is cool in favour of what feels authentic. There is a deeply compulsive quality to everything I do and say. I can’t fight it. I took Gretchin Ruben’s quiz recently to determine my personality type and the answer was 100% “Rebel”.
        Resists any form of control, internal or external.
        Wakes up and asks “what do I feel like doing today?”
        I’m trying to cut myself some slack for being totally incapable of sticking to any kind of a plan.
        I hope that if I become more Saturnine in my ways it will compensate for a complete inability to exist within structure ..if that makes sense…
        I feel very Plutonic.
        I have 63p in my account atm and my cards are all maxed out. I am sitting typing on my laptop with black hair dye on my head. Couldnt stop myself…
        Will probably have hacked into it by end of today.
        Despite the numbers I feel rich. I’m completely ok with myself and the way I’m living my life. I don’t know how or why I have such faith in myself.
        Jupiter Rising with a Pluto square I guess.
        Or hubris..
        I just know that whatever happens as long as I am ruthlessly honest with myself and brutal in the execution of the actions in any given day I will thrive.
        And if that doesn’t work I guess I’ll try something else.

  19. I looked at that 3 times before I read it as the plural of “era” and not another astral body like Eris or Eros 🙂

  20. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Wow. I cannot wait to do the timeline exercise in Astro hacks!

    Since Neptune has approached my Piscean asc life has been so much more Mystical and Synchronous and everyone keeps giving me druqs.

  21. Seriously? I feel like perhaps you might have hit “post comment’ too soon as there was presumably some more relevant or nuanced thought that came after your nostalgic recollection?

        1. it’s none of my business so I should shut up but I think sexual awakenings and becoming aware of our reactions to things- (even breasts)- and how they have changed- or for the first time are pretty relevant.
          The outer world often mirrors the inner. – thats my two cents.

          1. yeah mama, do you remember the first time you saw a pair of tits in real life or on the telly? even for me (woman, no Kat) it was major! breasts are beautiful and I would venture that they resonate with us in ancient ways.

          2. Agreed.

            If this were a post about Sean Cassidy, for instance- no matter how profound the content, my first reaction would be: Looking at him was the first time I experienced that “special feeling”. And that is indeed a milestone in one’s inner life, of and in the physical plane.

        2. I did wonder if there was a Kataka vibe but didn’t to sound “signist”
          Being politically correct never became me 🙂

    1. Ha! Was it Barbarella? That film ruined me for normal anything. I still can’t look at dolls or lava lamps in the same way.

      1. Ooh yes, Barbarella did it for me too! Watched it on late night tv when I was a tween…fell in love with the blind angel, and was very intrigued with the pleasure machine Barbarella fell into…

        1. ‘An Angle doesn’t make love, an Angel IS love’.
          One of my have Barbarella lines.
          And after she had an earthly orgasm with the furry man and got the tail of her outfit caught in the automatic doors..’No wonder they say it’s distracting’.
          The other scene i loved was when the Black Queen is smoking ‘essence of man’ 🙂

      2. i remember my dad renting this from the video store when i was a kid. i wanted to watch it, but i also thought it looked trashy so was kinda like eeehh. (i was probably like 8 or something at this time – i already knew i liked boooobs)

    2. OK so I know I’m wandering off topic a little but this post about sexual awakening just reminded me – I’d love to see Leonard Cohen’s astrology. I read his biography – apparently he hypnotised his nanny into taking off her clothes when he was 11 or something. According to the book he had an obsession with the female form. Also dedicated to immaculate personal presentation and wearing a suit every day. He reminds me a lot of my Virgo husband – Botticelli-esque fascination paired with a sense of repression and yearning. I think he’d make a wonderful study of Virgos. OK I’m done.

        1. you’re killin me. neptune conjunct venus opp moon? oh god that is sooo perfect.
          killin me

          i want to go back to 2000 in Los Angeles now and shake my finger at him and go “AHHHHHH!!!!” and walk away

        2. I love his music. His moon is conjunct. My descendant and his Lilith on my moon….his voice and sounds move me.

          1. i like the idea that our ascendants are in leonard cohen’s 12th house. for some reason this comforts me greatly. like, a place for virgos to be at home.

            back when friendster was a thing, my exes brother (we’re all still friends aaages later) put the words to suzanne but replaced her name with mine. i felt cooler than shit that day

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