The Saturn Files: Careless Versus Carefree

Saturn transits do a damn good job. But you often don’t realize it until some random event or encounter gives you perspective. Right on cue with the North Node in Leo being smack-bang where it was 19 years ago, I ran into a Sagittarius gentleman last seen – yes –  19 years ago.

It was weird. He seemed to be, apart from some of the effects of gravity and wind, I guess, the same as before. It was like a time warp, and I could not figure out if he were somehow more consistent and authentic to himself than me or if he had internalized the late 90s and decided to embody them.

Anyway, he asked me to go “for a drink,” and I politely refused the invitation. It was 2 pm, and I had a vast to-do list, literally no time but, you know, nice (though it wasn’t really) thought but maybe another time and so on.

Then he said, “You used to be so carefree, what happened?”  Bizarrely enough this stung me, but I thought it through with my invisible Saturn Crown on.

When I knew Mr. Sagittarius and saw him regularly, I was not carefree. I was careless. Of my time, money, focus, and health. There is a vast difference between careless and carefree.

Obviously surprised at the knock-back, Mr. Sagittarius asked another question. “So, are you still into all that, that…star shit?”  He was gesturing vaguely toward heavy clouds as he said this, like a comet might shoot straight out. “Yes,” I said, “I am.”  Then I went striding off, adjusting my invisible Saturn Crown as I went.

There are a few moments in your life when you say a silent prayer of gratitude for Saturn transits. This was one of them.

Image: Kay Sage

70 thoughts on “The Saturn Files: Careless Versus Carefree”

  1. Dear Mystic,

    5 hours ago I was reading this post. Waiting for this virgo sun/rising with a stellium in libra in the 1st House, venus in escorpio in the 2nd – and moon in cancer in the 10th (?), call me. Ups and downs after venus retrogradating on top of my ascendant piscis exact conjunction his descendant piscis and so.. MCs conjunct ICs in our Synastry together.
    His Pluto conj mercury in Libra – opposite my Aries sun conjunc Mercury Rx in aries. My Pluto in Capp trinning his coldish 10th cancerian moon.
    I meet him the 29th December with a new moon in Capp… I knew this week will be the end after the revamp of love with the last new moon in cancer activating our desires with Pluto/Venus.
    In the middle of the conversation I mention I have a Tarot..
    and he replies, to play poker?
    Is it the magic synchronicity? Today is my Venus in Gemini reurn and I said NO to our plutonic intimacy – no more!… to that person I felt like a Vampire Qi many times before.
    My Piscis rising stills loving him inconditionally.
    But this time is Me after him.

    Thanks to this little quote, I finished the night, in bed, writting and with my self steam (aka venus) super chilled relax – new chapter coming in


  2. Love!!! I have accepted that I am on the other side of Saturn and while the carefree past will always be a part of me it just is not what I am now and in some way Saturn was always my north star throughout the chaos.

  3. The mental image of some guy choosing to embody late 1990s style gives me the giggles. Such a choice can’t be ironic.

  4. Mystic you’ve been so spot on with the horoscopes + posts : this SO resonates; I did the math, my younger self also so fucking careless with her body, love, money, boundaries…

    Fast forward to now I’m wearing that Saturn crown like royalty : getting my body + mind right, money invested and secured, boundaries UP. My 18 year old self would not even comprehend this life but yet here I am 🙂

  5. Mystic is a writer with great comedic dexterity as much as a star-shit-giving, stellar piece of cosmic poo (as are we all!). I am offended by this sexist Saggitarian with his nerf arrows of slobby twit-wittery.

  6. I am Sagg and was never carefree – 1st house Sun exact square Natal Pluto in Virgo 10th and natal Mars opp Saturn squ Venus took care of that.
    But into astrology since the time we had Saturn Uranus and Neptune in our sign all at once.
    This guy must have missed the Uranus part – or maybe too young when it happened..
    Personally I think Saturn is way too concerned with crowns etc (Ozymandius and his legend comes to mind, not to mention Kronos knocking off his kids) and judging others.
    Maybe even while he casually dissed you this guy who has recently had Saturn on his Sun was kind of longing for that carefree-ness himself which is why he suggested the drink.
    Sagg’s hide their feelings – especially their need for nurturing – and especially right now. Maybe he really liked you back then and the diss was just a male response to the knockback.

    1. I’ve always been/am a Sagg champion & sympathiser (Sun/Moon in 9th, trined by Jupe in 1st; & now prog Sagg Asc) & have mainly looked at Saturn as a necessary evil, lol. Plus i’m finding this Saturn in Saggo transit vile as hell.

      But really, it’s that last bit about – “are you still into that star shit” that i find really offensive. Having had similar(ish) experiences with guys (it’s always the guys) from my previous publishing life ask about “that…massage body stuff of yours” with a look as if they have a piece of faecal matter on their upper lip OR wink, wink, with smuttily raised eyebrows and a completely derisive tone – i can relate to how Mystic might feel.

      To dismiss this as “just a male response to the knockback” is almost akin to accepting this behaviour as normal when in fact he was being totally rude & denigrating.
      There’s never a good excuse for rudeness or nastiness.

      1. I was not apologising for his behaviour – by “normal male response” I didn’t mean “acceptable”. Men are often rude and denigrating when faced with a knockback, loss of face or sense of being outclassed in any way – they’ll pick at whatever there is about you that they feel is “odd” or different in order to feel dominant. It’s how they treat each other a lot.

        Personally, as someone who is pretty open about my interest in astrology, I choose not to take offence – and to let their intended zap hit my palm and bounce right back to them without any overt reaction. That’s because taking offence gives people like this exactly what they want – ie for you to FEEL denigrated and on the defence- with associated rise in blood pressure etc. .

        1. Yes, of course you are right. It’s the actual action of deliberately hurting or putting some one down – not so much the content of it – is what always surprises me.

  7. Your point about careless and carefree ! I’d so much rather be self actualized Saturn cool empress of the Internet vibes than a sad man stuck in the late 90s day drinking for fuqs sake.

  8. Such a good example of what I’m trying to do right now – put on a Saturn crown, own my life move _’d forward.

    I’m crazy mutable (only fixed planet is Scorp Pluto) and I’ve been through a very intense process over the last six years that’s changed me a *lot*. Many of my loudest professed values are no longer my values at all. I’m always afraid someone will notice and say something (or worse, secretly judge). But I took the personality I had out of pain and trauma and am slowly turning it into the best I can from experience and mindfulness and kindness. Including being a lot less careless, simultaneously a lot more carefree, but still no 2pm drinks with a Sag. No drinks at all, actually.

    Anyway, I just want to own it. Not with unnecessary pride – still a work in process and never going to be perfect. But I the changes were intentional and mostly for the better. ~adjusts Saturn crown. Tries to stride off. Maybe kind of cowers and scurries but with a bit more backbone than usual?~

    Besides, who doesn’t change? I mean, every now and then I’m struck with the beauty of some loving stalwart person who doesn’t need to upheave some major part of their life every six months (maybe they even keep the same everything – habits, furniture – for decades) but still feels fresh and present. Most people just feel(/smell/look) stuck. Growth is a good thing.

  9. I LOVE this! The invisible Saturn Crown is genius!!

    Careless not carefree – There is so much wisdom in that.

    Dr Aqua has said to me a few times – you don’t have to live your life in austerity you know.

    Yeah, I do know and yet…

    Natal True Node in Leo 21 5th House
    Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th House

  10. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Ooh yes, there is a BIG fuqing difference between careless and carefree!

    Your time is clearly far better spent doing other things than drinking with anyone stuck in the late 90s!

    People who have that ‘stuck in a timewarp’ vibe are generally not very good at evolving.

    One of my big Saturn revelations was that organised does not necessarily mean boring. Spies are organised!

  11. A bunch of friends I used to hang with always seemed so carefree and I was not. I was the boring, think it through person while they were endlessly accepting of each others’ choices. Years later quite a few of them are now dead of avoidable causes. I was talking to a friend of that era who survived and she said something I’ve never forgotten. ‘Don’t confuse neglect with acceptance’. All that time I’d thought they were more open and free than me but it it turned out they just didn’t care. Not for their mothers who turned up for their funerals, themselves or even each other really. Caring is hard work!

  12. Carefree v. Careless …….great distinction! Shows how much wisdom you’ve gained in that time and, yeah, there is no time for jackasses like this guy…….there really wasn’t 19 years ago either! If he’s Sagg, wouldn’t he be getting sobered by Saturn right now, himself? Sounds like he’s SO unconscious that he doesn’t even know it, and is instead projecting his issues onto others. What a side-winder! Ick! You handled the encounter perfectly, MM! …and got a great insight out of it! Total win!

    I, personally, was also way more careless 19 years ago, and entered into what turned out to be an extremely abusive relationship at that time.

    Also, 19 years ago I was just starting my career, and now I’m thinking of giving it up, or drastically changing how I’m doing it, because I’m just not making any consistent income from it. Something has to change, and it will, and it is. I’m giving up my private practice office space this week…. 🙁 …..but I feel that will make ‘space’ for something else to transpire and transform for me. Saturn is touring my 6th house right now and Uranus my 10th, near my natal NN in Aries. Something has to shift, but it has to include something practical, yet ‘bigger’.

    1. “so unconscious” – it’s hard for me to remember sometimes that this is a common thing. what an edge we all have!

  13. Uggghh …. Rude piece of work. But be reassured that you did not waste your precious time by having a drink with him.
    When someone is rude they reveal who they are – & silence really is the best response (even if you then spend the entire day coming up with belated but brilliant put-downs involving dick or prick).
    You did good, Mystic….and your star shit is the best shit ever.

      1. Sooo true!!! Silence is the best

        Meanwhile in my head i have demolished you with witty succint comebacks that have cut and shamed you to the core !!! (Only in my head for the 24 hours following the incident)


        Take that silly sagg from the 90s yuck

  14. Boo Boo Kowalski

    RIGHT ON with the Saturn crown. Disappointing how dismissive he was of the wisdom of your work, but prophets have been dismissed for centuries, in many more violent manners than a wave of a hand and a curse from the lips. Excellent way to model for many of us who have had similar exchanges with muggles

  15. Too bad he didn’t read his daily horoscope…

    This too could have been avoided if he’d only listened to Father Saturn.

  16. Hmm, yes, I feel like the North Node in Virgo was all about showing me how careless I have been with my life to date.

    I have always passed myself off as a flaky fish with all the things in Pisces. But N.N. in Virgo finally introduced me to my Virgo Rising who has been lurking in the background rolling her eyes and dying to get her hands on all my problems.

    Recently got my brilliant Reign reading from MM and with N.N. in Leo conjunct my Saturn for most of the summer I am ready to polish up my Saturn crown and emerge worthy of wearing it with all that Leo regal-ness that Mystic has clearly displayed in this story.

    My sincerest gratitude to you MM for your amazing guidance with all this star shit. 🙂

  17. LiberatingVenus

    “Are you still into that star shit?”

    “Yes – actually, I operate one of the best astrology sites on Gaia, TYVM. You might check it out sometime – I see you’ve missed your Jupiter in Libra cue to embrace the Tao of Tactfully Candid.”

    😀 😛

    This is exactly why people in my past can stay there, TYVM – if the relationship mattered to me at all we’d still be talking and wouldn’t have lost contact for 19 years. The fact that we did and then you seriously ask me a question like this upon reconnecting only proves to me you’re not worth my time. I would have spun on my heel so fast that it gave the boy whiplash. Sure he didn’t mean anything by it – he’s just a Sadge doing what they do best: blunt. But all the same if you don’t understand that something which has been a core part of my life since I was a kid is not just a “passing fad”, well, you really don’t know jack about me at all…

    And for goddess sakes, all Sagittarians please do take note of the above story – there’s nothing wrong with honesty, but let’s polish it up a bit and make sure this comes out politely, yes? Your ruler is presently in the sign of grace, finesse, and tact, meaning it benefits you to take a class at Charm School. Ask a Libra how to get there if you have to.

    1. Another cogent, muggle encounter analysis (con jajas), per usual, LV!

      This 3rd H Leo Mars conj Venus/6th H Scorpio Libran is happy to edify anyone interested in the Art of Swinging the Velvet Hammer with precision & finesse, learned painstakingly thru gross errors/battles picked unwisely, compliments of natal Jupiter sq Saturn.

  18. Lol! Are you still into “Star-shit”? Hell yes!
    I smell a new tshirt logo or stickers.

    Thanks for taking one for the team Mystic.
    I got a similar treatment from such a Sagg a year ago or so, they can be so hard-headed and sheltered from reality in their luck bubble. I say this as Sagg asc mind you!

    1. thelovelyduckling

      Sagg asc, too, which seems to be a beacon of some sort to the same type of Saggs as Signior Montanto in Mystic’s story. Three major relationships in my life (1 family, 1 lover, and 1 frenemy) and they were all the same sort. It was incredibly fun…until it wasn’t. I’d never want to run into that relationship again, so I’m hoping 3 is my lucky number.

      1. Oh dear 3 of them?! I only had one and he broke the mold. He still wants back into my life, despite knowing how different i am now. But when saturn was on my sun i made the decision to NEVER again be with someone who made fun of or belittled my beliefs. ( i owe it all to the asshole Taurus i briefly dated during my mid-life crisis.) They dont need to believe the same thing mind you, although that is preferred now. In other words, star-shit all the way!

        I hope you get your wish and that 3 is magic for you!

  19. Leo on the Rise

    Feels great doesn’t it
    Pure class… There’s such elegance in being evolved –
    Also it makes one look Hotter Than Hell ????????
    Love from London ?

  20. Interesting you mention the 19 years ago thing. I’ve had the feeling I was on the edge of a new phase in life. As in brand new life. Whipped out the calculator and WHAMMY. Almost exactly as in maybe within a week’s time 19 years ago I did start a completely different phase of my life. Everything except where I was living completely changed. Maybe it is time to do that again. But this time would entail moving to a new location several states away. Hummmm

    1. You know I met and moved in with my second hubby 19 years ago practically to the week !! Whirlwind romance so to speak. Fingers crossed for some action this time around !!

  21. Yay, Mystic. 2pm in some seedy bar with Monsieur Moron or off doing your awesome? Glad you chose the latter. Don’t let idiots subtlely put you down just cause they’re annoyed you don’t want to hang out in yesterday-city with them.
    You’re my heroine. X

    1. This! xx

      Well done Mystic for passing & kick-assing Saturn’s little yesteryear test.

      “Saved by all that star shit” could be a lovely new PIAB t-shirt. xx

  22. My Capricorn moon (that I keep mentioning, sorry) is actually insulted and outraged (in a capricorny way, which means he’d never know about it) at his complete and total disregsard of the very thing that you have built your public reputation and $ making on (it seems from here) . Instant write off of that connection in my books: Dismissed!!!

  23. haha “that star shit!” if only he knew how adored and important you are to us…muggles can’t live with them, can’t live with them.

      1. Right?! Bet those testicles constricted even smaller.

        19 years & still low on the human phylogenetic tree … wise departure then & now.

        Saturn City – yeah, baby.

  24. Nice suggestion @Mystic.
    I have been very careless (hello Gemini Sun) of my own good and plans and what was important for me in the past, and now Saturn in Saggo in my 4th house is letting me know. With an extra load of “heavy weight on the stomach”. Yes I know I’ll never be careless with what’s important for me in the future, but it’s very sad to know some very important things have very few – almost no time left to be done.

    1. Question for you. I’m still pretty remedial on astro but your fourth house reference got me wondering. I’m mega Saggo in 4th house – Sun + 4 planets. Beyond the home, childhood, familly — what are the big lessons here?

      1. Physical comfort, sense of security – how you seek (or may have been denied) it and/or from whom, nourishment, staying in,
        Can indicate a penchant for cheese or carbs, soft natural fibres eg. Angora sweaters, silk-cotton tunic dresses, flannelette shirts, the secret keeping of some version of a blankie in acceptable adult format such as a throw rug, an innate awareness of where to be and when, probably canny with real estate, probably kinda goth.
        Well that’s my guess x
        Hotel business? I.e. international homes, homes for travellers, backpacker hostel? Family law. International efforts for orphaned children or displaced families…
        Well they’re a my 2c xo

          1. I have currently similar 4th house activity and can agree, as themes are eerily of similar nature –

            A charity organisation for homeless people I am regularly involved and work with…

            Also FYI, I find it echoes some sort of displacement / desire for freedom and truth, from childhood to now –

            My father iis very absent to his children, always busy with travel and law (international) and so, as you know it does show up uncannily…

            At the heart of this is a true motivation for spriritual higher knowledge too

            1. Thank you thank you Pi + all! Aquasunrise – Have father issues too, never met mine, though from what I understand this is actually in my 10th house.

      2. @Juliek all the things mentioned by Pi do stand. But 4th house is, mostly, the house of SELF. And by this SELF I mean defining your values as in your own vs the one you got from you family. Maybe you keep some of your family values, maybe not. And Saturn is the one who’s calling you – through that feeling of heavy heart – to ponder what to keep and what to let go. It’s like making a sort of a existential balance sheet in the area where it’s passing.

  25. That was major epic, Mystic. And “carefree vs. careless” has been added to my list of personal systems checks.

    Of course users will always come back with a personal attack (couched as personal concern for your well-being) that we are less than we were when we were useable… anything to guilt or power trip us back into that place where we can be useable again, if even for a night, to be thrown later like a… fill-in-the-blank.

    Have yet to run into anyone from my late teens-near twenties, and goddess forbid, I don’t want to either. It would be the exact same scenario.

    1. Yes! God I hate this one: “how are you going to make any money out of that?” I mean what the fuq do you want, my business plan? Quarterly objectives? Maybe I should sign up to something I hate, just so you can feel more comfortable about your life choices? Ugh lol

      1. Precisely. Always ironic and amusing that these are always the very same people who will not lift a finger to take the same risks toward self-actualisation and multi-level fulfilment. Have made it a rule to not hang out with anyone “not in the arena”, as Brené Brown puts it. Not worth it.

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