The Capricorn Con Man

Meet Victor Lustig – Capricorn Con Man Extraordinaire.

Wanted by 45 different law enforcement agencies during the 1930s, he conned arch-gangster Al Capone, sold the Eiffel Tower (twice), and wrote a list of Commandments For Con Men that actually seems quite sensible advice for everyday living.  Or is that because my Saturn-Moon transit has sent me sociopathic?

1. Be a patient listener (it is this, not fast-talking, that gets a con-man his coups).
2. Never look bored.
3. Wait for the other person to reveal any political opinions, then agree with them.
4. Let the other person reveal religious views, then have the same ones.
5. Hint at sex talk, but don’t follow it up unless the other fellow shows a strong interest.
6. Never discuss illness unless some special concern is shown.
7. Never pry into a person’s personal circumstances (they’ll tell you all eventually).
8. Never boast. Just let your importance be quietly obvious.
9. Never be untidy.
10. Never get drunk.

And he was a Multiple Conjunct Capricorn! Sun! South Node! Venus! Mercury! Jupiter!

Guess what he had Rising?   Gemini lol.  Moon too. Neptune Rising. Fascinating chart.

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  1. have jupiter in gemini, does come in tres handy for times when nifty, swifty, shifty (?) moves required for sure… lol ! ! !

  2. yeah i can see alot of sense in these rules. I follow some similiar rules at work although I don’t pretend to be a different religion or policitcs I just don’t mention it. I do occassionally get drunk and I don’t really hint at sex talk but i’d have to say the rest is spot on.

    My home self is different though.

    I have another rule for work.

    ALWAYS be super nice and respectful to the Admin person/people this aplies to office admin and technical/system admin. It never fails to pay off.

    I don’t have any of that astro though. Do have venus and saturn in gemini.

    1. Piscean Under New Management

      Samantha, you echo the same Cube Farm Philosophy that I have…. ALWAYS be good to the admin and IT people. My rationale is thus:
      (1) Admin people always have to deal with ridiculous childish requests and all manner of simplistic demands when in fact said admin staff are in fact very organised, socially adept, generally NICE people. Not only that but they will actually be able to tell help you, unlike others in the organisation.

      (2) similarly, the IT crowd. All of the above plus the snitty e-rage crap they have to put up with from people who haven’t figured out that it’s not exactly their fault.

      So, yes. 🙂

        1. i include payroll (which is admin i know)…and anyone to do with shipping. be nice to the delivery guy and things get there even on short notice and on tight deadline.

  3. I’m a Gem rising and I’m pretty good at #2 and 7.
    (or I can at least fool a good amount of people with 2)

  4. Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini on his Ascendant trine Mercury conjunct MC – I imagine that would be enough to stun and beguile; then there’s his Sun/Jupiter conjunction….

  5. OH MY! I do all those. Ha ha. No wonder guys get smitten with me quickly, but then they get to know the real me…LOL.

    1. saturn conjunct sun, mercury in Gemini. moon in 12th. I could con I guess, but I never would. I don’t like to lie so very very rarely do.

    2. but I would never pretend to have religious or political views I don’t have. I do always listen though, then I state mine if different. I will not argue though. If we can have a pleasant exchange of ideas that is great, but if they start trying to change my mind, I drop the subject like a hot potatoe and say no. I never try to change anyone else’s, just give FACTS about why I see things the way I do.

  6. SunMoonLuckyStars

    Interesting horoscope, like the Czech article…..
    No I could never be a con artist. I even find lying too much of a hassle, It weighs you down. I need to be able to FLY ;)!!
    As for his commandments, only number 6 and 7 I can live up to (alright, I don’t get really drunk any more either). I’ve got this jumpy Mars/Jupiter opp Uranus that can’t stand listening to dull monologues.

    1. Piscean Under New Management

      ahh i do struggle with the self-aggrandasing monologues, tedious tales, dull dramas and the like. I mean, the point of a conversation – imo – is that is is two-way, or even better, more! If I wanted a soliloquy I would listen to Shakespeare… as soon as i hear someone say “and THEN I said…. so I said…. and then HE said…. so I said…..BLA BLA BLA BLA ” AAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH somebody save me

      1. Piscean Under New Management

        I meant *aggrandising*

        and yes my piscean vagueness, or whatever TF it is, means that lying as an integral part of my conversations is rather difficult. Easiest to be oneself, more or less. who knows. the proof of the pudding, etc.

        1. SunMoonLuckyStars

          Yes, I agree. I also see it as part of my fishy vagueness. Can you imagine having to remember all the crap you told people ?!!
          I really can’t be bothered.
          Funny thing is though, that lying is always being put down to Neptune or Gemini.
          Also with this man. He had Neptune on his AC.
          Same with conning people. I’m far too empathetic for that (Pisces), but again it’s a Neptune thing

  7. Well I always thought that caps are always thorough … So it had to be a cap who”d do a con job so well…

  8. There’s a link I read to the hidden strengths and weaknesses of each sign – this post bought it back to memory so I dug it out. After 30 years of getting to know people with different signs and ascendants well, since I first got into astrology, I’ve found that, far more often than not, the descriptions of the dark side and hidden strenths to have a very strong grain of truth, not only for sun signs but for rising signs too, since not everyone with Sun in one sign has preceding sign as their twelfth house.

    The link (see full link at bottom) is explictly meant to be humorously bitchy – ie an antidote to those sun sign guides that deal with only the haute facets of one’s sign, so please don’t get insulted, caps and gems! (It nailed my own Sagg Sun and Scorp rising too!)

    Here are the entries for Cap: (I use)

    Your hidden strength and hidden weakness is the ability not to give a damn. When you have taken all you can from people, then with Sagittarius in your twelfth house it is time to gallop off towards pastures new, leaving behind whatever carnage or bad feeling you’d have had to face up to otherwise, while telling yourself and all of your future victims it was everybody else’s fault. Even if really they weren’t to blame, then who in your next round of cannon fodder is going to know? Besides it’s their problem being so gullible and stupid, that’s your view on the subject anyhow.

    (yes, yes, I know, there are many Caps whose Sagg 12th make them prone to depressing bouts of conscience, but the point is that the 12th is what we repress, right?)

    and Gemini:

    Your twelfth house is Taurus, so your hidden strength is your talent with money, a characteristic you keep secret behind your dippy, airhead facade. This helps attract more resources your way and vacuous though you seem, you are privately not reticent when it comes to feathering your nest, preferring solid assets like property especially. Your hidden weakness therefore, is immense greed. When you see someone with something you want, you try to take it from them if you can, rather than build a similar scenario for yourself. You’ll never pay for anything, if you can avoid it.

    (yes, yes, I know, not all Gem’s like this….but do not these two combined perfectly describe someone who could sell the Eiffel tower twice?

    Here is the full link for all the signs. Bet you will find a grain of truth here:

    1. SunMoonLuckyStars

      Hey! That’s good (true AND funny)! They all are, but I like the Saggo and Libra writing the best.
      Thank’s a lot 🙂

      1. Soz, I disagree. I’ve read and re-read from a variety of peeps astro perspectives; summation = a pile of shit.

        1. Goddess that sounds harsh, sorry Fi. Having a truth serum moment – it just isn’t ringing true for me atm. It may be Mars retro over my Pluto – saying it like it is? Don’t mean to offend.

          1. Me too fluidfeline. Mars over Pluto AND Uranus at 1° !!

            Have to say though, that the Virgo description nailed my low Virgo father!

            1. SunMoonLuckyStars

              Wow, I would be jumping all over the place!
              + you’re doing Uranus square AC/DC now, right?
              You seem to be doing fine!

              1. hehe…. you reckon? I was thinking today that I just want to blow something up. It was a lot worse when Mars was over my Mars.

                Very restless now and I do that leg shaking thing when I’m seated. Like junkies do when they need a fix. Lucky I’m not working at the moment. I’m sure I would have burned a bridge or spontaneously resigned. I’ve done that before (natal Uranus square moon in 11th)

                Things aren’t moving fast enough (damn you Mars Rx!). So frustrating!! I could take another 2 months off but I’ll go MAD and won’t be able to relax, I really want to work right now. Crazy huh… who ever itches to work??? – Saturn bang on my MC 29° ?

                I forgot about Uranus AC/DC, yes!! My Asc is 3°.

                Hey, I accidentally stumbled upon your reply to one of my comments way back about the teeth issue. I missed it completely. My Saggo moon 7°. And yours?

                1. SunMoonLuckyStars

                  Haha, the shaking leg 😀 !! today I DID blow We were all warned not to, but my son (9 yrs) was really disobedient. The Astro works on him just as well.
                  Saggo moon is on 15*
                  Of course you want to work! Work can be fun.
                  But I don’t like to write on this eeny weeny typing space (the reply on reply on reply)->
                  Speak to you later!

          2. LOL, ff, I too have retro Mars on my Pluto in 10th right now, for second time around in a few months, heading back across my stationary Uranus on MC in a week. All opposing Chiron return in Pisces. So no need to apologise – am sweating big stuff, not small stuff!

    2. OMG, I hate to admit it, but that def has some truth, especially for my Asc – Saggitarius! It is hilarious because I definitely am guilty of deciding I’ve had enough of someone and cutting them off like a wart and going right on about my business, as if they never existed in my tiny kingdom LOL! “Do we know each other? I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name”, etc. And the Libra, too, I gotta own it.

    3. SunMoonLuckyStars

      I thought he was being a bit too kind about the Pisces (many astrologers are, I reckon, probably because many astrologers ARE Pisces themselves 😀 )
      But later this afternoon I went back to the site and’s he’s also got a little book on Zodiak insults. Help!!! The Pisces, that’s what I look like today!!!!!

  9. Seems like sensible advice to me too but my Mercury is conjunct his exactly so maybe I’m a little biased…

  10. My Cap Asc doesn’t see anything wrong with his Commandments. Quite sensible advice as you say Mystic, except my Sagg moon would really struggle to agree with anyone’s political opinions if they differed vastly from my own.
    Really love No.8. So Cap!! 🙂

  11. Oh my lord, this is my ex to a T!!
    Capricorn Sun, Libra Rising and Gem moon, this guy could have written these guidelines himself, seriously! (except for the one about getting drunk lol).

    1. equilibrium girl

      Oooh, I’m a Cap Sun, Libby rising!

      And yes, I totally love this guy’s list. I do a lot of this myself – but i don’t con anyone. I just listen and like to be agreeable if I’m not particularly offended by anything they’re saying.

  12. 😯

    Ahahahaha! I was thinking… “man this guy sounds like a Gemini” and then I read the last bit! 😆 😆

    I’ve seen a doco about this guy or was it about the Eiffel tower being sold… 😯 can’t remember… 😯

    1. twinfishrising

      Snap! 😉 hehe .
      Gemini does sensible better than anyone so long as there are shortcuts involved .

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