She-Sagg On Shrooms

As a Sagittarius, Jovianne had no problem whatsoever with ordering Patchouli-infused Magic Shamanic Shrooms online. She ate half the bag and went to Zumba class.Β  Then she went shopping – cosmetics, a new ‘dancing with elves’ wardrobe and a cat.Β 

A short time later, she got it. The Green Man of Celtic mythology wasn’t a man. All the underworld legends were actually scientific but the science was suppressed. Hollow Earth Theory was real.

She was looking for the entrance to the under-earth when she remembered that she had an appointment with her accountant. Jovianne decided to no-show (nobody expects Sagittarians her to be tediously five-dimensional) and book Neptunian Life Coaching Services instead. She’d take her new cat along. They could help her discover his true name.

Image: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Autumn-Winter 13/14

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  1. I am having a cat naming issue.. actually a 2 cat naming issue!
    I’ve always loved this picture from your archives. Did you see Dosed?

  2. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    This is awesome.
    There’s a song in her head, and she’s tip-toeing-to-it.

    lolling out loud.

  3. Rachel Scorpio Aries Moon

    This piece tipped me over the edge – the edge of only knowing my sun, moon and ascendant…..Reading this, I was like HOLY MOLY – I get this. I really truly get this….This explains me when Im not beating myself about about how I should be performing (Aries moon)… So I took a look. Mercury, Neptune and my 12th house all in Sagittarius…..Free falling now…

    1. Rachel Scorpio Aries Moon

      Although, I would probably be too shy to ask the class to help name the cat. I would admire a cat from across the room and send it vibes of love and ‘come, come, I will ignore you, we can be friends for a time’….

  4. Scorporation, Inc.

    And I’ve been thinking about going back to uni! Somebody needs to talk me out of this Now. Right now!

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      Ah ok: that Sagg MC moment passed. Going back to uni would just be wrong for me on so many levels… Good thing I’m self-sufficient.

  5. oh yesssss. yes. yes. yes!

    i’m a Mars/Uranus conj Sagg rising in the 1st house with a virgo sun/virgo mercury in the 9th house.

    sounds like a typical day in the life.

    1. Hola Scorchy Centaurski! I do love you and have not been silent in retaliation but have lots of news and this is my first real two day weekend! Will catch you soooooooon. AND i vote YES to the new name xxx

      1. Haha… will always be Scorchy Mille! Think this must be a zap zone evo thing. Just need to change it up me thinks.

        Soooo good to hear from you lovely! Can’t wait to hear all about the exciting news too. xx0xx

  6. I don’t know that I have a handle on my sagg. I have a Sagg Mid Heaven and so obviously am way out there or at least trying to be. Maybe it’s my saturn on my Asc that reins me in???

  7. Today I was discussing astro with a Toro and Leo. I told them I was an centaur but my quiver was confiscated upon entry into this dimension and I was unable to access it until I returned. I was probably well over a century in age and anticipated my kin to be waiting for me to re-enter our dimension when my mission was finished. Yes, of course they would have my bow and arrow but in our land we only use them on trolls and goblins unless you are questing, then you may use the special arrow which works like a boomerang and always comes back to you to use again. Smiles and laughter all round… mostly from me as they didn’t think I was serious πŸ˜‰

    I’m also road testing a name change … and I’m sure it moves to align with something but I’m not questing the answer to that one yet. I have more important pursuits.

    Scorched Earth

      1. I like to blow bubbles out the car window. It’s difficult to be cranky with traffic as bubbles shimmer and float through the breeze. It’s also good to do when your trying to stop smoking.

  8. I love this! πŸ™‚
    I am Scorpio, Scorpio rising and there is the whole fun:
    Sun in Scorpio in 12th house – Saturn transiting it at the moment
    Moon conjunct Uranus in 1st house Scorpio
    and then the treat – Venus conjunct Neptune in 2nd house Sagittarius. I just bought Aromaco Lush deodorant with patchouli which is my favourite scent since ever. πŸ˜‰

  9. Take her new cat along? This is a definite possibility, he LOVES the car.
    Getting him a harness for walks next, coz he’s being he’s acting so canine, say she whilst singing tip toe through the tulips.

  10. LMAO!
    Brilliant, MM.
    BTW, try having this as your midheaven, public impression.
    oh, and with Neptune on it for extra good mad-measure..

    And who needs to hear another nay-sayer sling that word at me ” emotional retard” when I can fire arrows. That’s emotional retard with very good aim , thankyou.

    1. This is why shopping with my Bouncy, Impulsive Uber-Sagg girlfriend is always a fun / dangerous (in a fun way) experience πŸ™‚

    1. You have no idea how frighteningly similar this looks to my former friend, the quadruple Sag. I actually thought it was her.

  11. Just received best Saggie news ever ! Saggie Cousin and her Columbian Piscean man are expecting a baaabbyyyy !!! Yay! No more frolicking round on the ‘rooms for them !
    Her Katakan SunMooon mum was so excited she needed to breathe into a paper bag to calm down.
    Ahhhhh new life..I love it.

  12. Synchronistic Shock

    I can’t quite believe this post is up. BECAUSE for some completely inexplicable reason, the last thing I did online before seeing this blog was, pause for breath, drum roll, to go on You tube and watch The Magic Mushroom Band. Who I haven’t listened to in several years.
    I am in shock. WTF ???

  13. My almost 2 year old daughter guinevere is a sag and I prey this is how she turns out because she and I will best friends even more than I thought possible. She’s so effortlessly cute, she’s always happy and funny- she has a fan club wherever we go!! Seriously- I had that effect but once she came along It was like…. Nope it’s your turn now, sorry my little fae jester

  14. oh yes,
    i have a bunch of planets in sagg n scorp, been wearing the patchouli this last week (which i havent for many years)

    Looks like she shops at Fairy Floss in Byron.

      1. πŸ˜€ hehehe love this, multiple sagg, have also shopped at fairy floss in Byron but ~online~ from my moon in pisces sanctuary. *rolls eyes at self*

        Andromeda, have you seen the Sylph Dancing Pixies Designs?

  15. “Then she went shopping – cosmetics, a new β€˜dancing with elves’ wardrobe and a cat.”

    I have no planets in Saggo/2nd House could really use a bit of it in my life right now.
    I blame Saturn in Scorpio 1st House I keep pushing the rock up the hill to only gain momentum and it rolls back on top of me again. Having an art block. Hate it!
    Do I just let go and let the rock roll away just go with the flow. Stay calm and get Zen?
    Or push, work even harder, apply more pressure and energy.
    Sometimes I’d rather walk away and say fuq it!

    1. domestic Triffid

      The very definition of a Sisyphean task…. Stop pushing and get out of the way of the rock as it rumbles back down the hill….

      Climb to the top of the hill unfettered and stand there with the rain streaming down your face screaming “Fuck you !!” to the sky while you give the Gods the finger.

      With any luck, Zeus will hit you with a thunderbolt and you will emerge slightly smoking and newly re-energised.

      Either way, let go of the rock. If you’re pushing and nothing’s happening it means its not meant to happen, or not meant to happen now, or in this way, or something better is on the way which you have to make space for…..

      1. I lived a life of screaming fuq you to the gods/Zeus and was trying hard to be disciplined and more mature about work.
        But, I work better in a more Uranian, non-conventional matter.
        thanks, I needed the pep talk.

  16. Pretty apt … except, this is the new Zap Zone era … even for us Saggs. No way I’m skipping the appointment with the accountant, because that’s what fuels the treks across the world (and pays for the Neptunian Life Coaching Services … and *especially* pays for the mushrooms).

    And no on the cat. Independent creature, yes, but still someone/thing that I’d need to be concerned about when I’m ready to dart off into my next adventure.

  17. pretty sure I’m completely fuqed. Feel like some serious shit is about to go down. but in some deeply weird and deeply dark way, i don’t really mind. in fact, some wild part of me is awakening. She’s pawing the ground and snorting, looking indignant and yet somehow playful.

    1. Yes, I feel you. I’m reading Women Who Run With the Wolves, it’s very grounding and soothing to read about the “Wild Woman.”

  18. Scorporation, Inc.

    I was just sitting in reverie this a.m. thinking about my packed 8th house in Scorp, & how I use those few planets in the rest of my chart– namely, Neptune conj my North Node in Sagg– as an escape pod when I need a break from The Scorping… Pluto transiting my 11th house keeps stirring the pot that is my 8th, & I go to my Sagg bits for respite & grounding. Neptune in Sagg for grounding! Yep.

    1. I have a packed eighth house, neptune conjunct sag north node and pluto transiting 11th house too. My bday js 11/19/1974. Are we astro twins?

      1. Holy crap Scorp – I see that are both also having the same sixth house transit. You are considering buying a horse – I just bought one. Pick him up Saturday. How are you liking the 4th house and 5th house jupiter transits? I felt trapped in my house. Pretty dissapointing since I had delusions of loving time alone there and doing tons of DIY projects.

      2. Scorporation, Inc.

        Wow!! No, that’s not my birthday (not even within a few days), so I’m not sure how we have such look alike charts? But whatever: you *are* my astro twin! Crazy synchronicity. And your horse arrives Saturnday?! So happy for you! Please tell me all about him/her πŸ™‚

        Yes, I’ve been working & playing at home– lots of home diy stuff, having company over, etc– and I’m loving it! While I enjoy getting out every now & again, I’m a home body at heart. I love being home.

        How have you been going since Saturn entered Scorp? The transit started with a bang for me: had an accident, couldn’t walk for 4 months– all during my last semester at uni! I graduated in December, regardless πŸ˜‰ But, how has The Scorping been on you, astro twin?

        1. Saturn in Scorpio has been good for me I think. Major breakthroughs in who I am, letting go of control of people and things I can’t or shouldnt control. Are you pisces rising? The neptune transits are ehst have really got me over the past couple ysars but I feel like I am getting a handle on them even though I havd a coiple more years of neptune squaring my venus (sucks) .

  19. lol – I’m a saggo – I get it – was just down at the beach recording the waves for a friend of a friend in the jungles of peru – fair swap I thought

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