Cosmic Compatibility Is Here

I am delighted to announce that Cosmic Compatibility is live! I think it’s great and while, obviously, I have creator bias I can tell you exactly why it is so great.  If you don’t want to read my granular greatness list, you can go and see sample reports here. Otherwise, take cognizance of this!

This is the report formerly known as Soulmating and those esoteric ‘soulmating links’ are still in there. However, there are 300 new ones – all the connections from Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and so on out to the funky asteroid belt. So the problem with Soulmating is that some couples or friends would have 12 links and others just one or even none – which was frustrating, I understand.

The average amount of interpretations for Cosmic Compatibility seems to be about 15 but regardless, it is a deeper, richer report. It is also written to give you an edge in relationships, not just waffle and I have obsessively tested it. It took ages because I wanted it to be relevant, fun, accurate, and super-helpful.

I also worked hard to make it effective for parsing relationships besides romantic partners – Cosmic Compatibility will give you valuable insights into the astrological dynamics of any kind of connection.

I think that one of the post-pandemic/end of Pluto in Capricorn era consequences has been that we don’t want to piffle around with flaky, vibe-vamping relationships or pretend that a tepid professional connection is a heartfelt soul synergy.

We want to take their measure, manage the peripheral ones effectively and beam high-quality focus at the worthwhile genuinely intimate ones. I hope you like C.C. and find it useful. It’s upbeat, of course, but pragmatic when it needs to be. If a synastry aspect is one of those ‘ lessons to learn’ ones, cram it and get out of the classroom! You don’t need to hang around to do a thesis on it.

Note that the report addresses itself to the person whose birth data is entered first. So if you put “Kim’s” details at the top and then “Pete” second, Cosmic Compatibility would address you and talk about Pete.

If you then flipped it, so Pete was at the top, it would be the same astrological links but with a different take as it would be addressing Pete, and talking about Kim.

Also, if you previously purchased Soulmating, your copy in the Astrology Reports section of your profile will update to the new version, and you will have all the new data. You don’t need to re-purchase – just click download for the new version.

If you are getting a new one, remember that Mega Mystic members receive an automatic 50% off all the Astro Reports. It is applied automatically if you are logged in. Sing out if you have any queries!

13 thoughts on “Cosmic Compatibility Is Here”

  1. So MM, was the first sentence written for my relationship personally? On some narcissistic “I manifest my reality” level I believe it was.. I have Sun sq my partner’s midheaven and my understanding of my husband’s job is nebulous, I like to tell people he “works with cubes”. I have this image in my head of platonic solids floating in a Tron-Scape. This is deadly accurate to my Neptunian head.

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    So I did a report when it first came out.
    I did it with the American actor Paul Rudd. Everytime he is on tv I am magnetised to him. There are alot more attractive actors out there. But Paul is the sun in my universe. Ha ha.

    Now I know why. Wow. We have the JZ and Beyonce vibe going on! LOL. And apparently I give him enough space.
    There are alot of other really good qualities.

    It was a fun read!

  3. Ultra-poignantly, the invitation to reboot the report came right as my current partner and I, who I ordered it for in 2020, are talking about separating (during a late night and very full moon phone convo yest he told me that’s what he wants to do, and though it’s sad I’m totally on board and feel like it’s the right thing). And indeed, it’s all there in the new cosmic compatibility report. The gnarly aspects that perfectly articulate the persistent problems we’ve had around emotions and communication: Moon square Moon, Mars square Mars, my Moon-Merc on his Saturn, his Sun square my Venus. And all the big, bright aspects that have made this a deeply inspiring and catalyzing relationship: His Venus conj my Mars and North Node; my Jupiter on his Midheaven; his Moon conj my Midheaven; his Sun ON my Jupiter (and his mercury loose conj to it)–along with a bunch of others.

    So the report all puts down and suggests an elegant macro-read on the relationship: that it was this big, hungry, propulsive, and inspiring and sexy entity that grew us both and amplified big things about both of our life paths (some of those feel very clear some will probably only become clear later), but our dynamic was also riddled with some deeply jagged edges that made it hard to fully feel in sync and at home with one another and to pair-bond, which My Beloved Pisces very much made me realize I want to do in a deep way.

    When I first got the report, during our inspiriting pandemic summer camping road trip, I was a little disappointed it didn’t include some of the big traditional planet aspects though of course it was fun to read about all the sexy goo-goo soulmating ones. And so getting the read on our extended charts now is a nice, albeit melancholy, bookend. I’d missed a bunch of these aspects in my own look at our chart, as I’m not great at reading squares. (The one aspect that I noticed missing from the new report is Saturn conjunct North Node, which might be one to add some day–in my and my fella’s case, my Saturn on his NN, which further suits the theme of enforced growth and maturation and a deep, enduring link, even as it’s one that’s not easy to sustain / live with in long-term relationship.)

    That is all to say that the report is wonderful, a really beautiful piece of work. I’m delighted, too, that it takes in business partnerships as in the next few months or so I’m likely going to be hiring a literary agent (perhaps sooner if a promising underway dialogue pans out–send me good career witch vibes!). Thank you so much for this piece of astro-artistry and wisdom, Mystic. xx <3

  4. Loved this. Made a lot of sense for my mercurial triple Toro and me. I also snuck a look at the ghosts of soulmates past, haha. Can’t believe I spent money decoding the astro of those fuqwits. Mystic was spot on, as always 🤣

  5. I love this report! I did it in 2020 after meeting my current partner which was a love at first sight this-person-speaks-the-language-of-my-soul thing followed by some gnarly adjusting to living together barely knowing one another and I was like I NEED ASTROLOGICAL ANSWERS. So I got this report and both my Venus is square his Pluto, and his Venus is square MY Pluto. We also have North Node trine North Node which is pretty cool.

  6. I just ordered one and I am so impressed. I feel ridiculously validated of both the good and the bad, thank you for your hard work on it.

      1. Thank you! And no, the price is correct – the non-member’s price went up as this is now a much more comprehensive offering – so $39 AUD (28 USD) full price which with member discount is $19/$14

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