Zodiac Lipstick Style Inspiration

Are Zodiac-led lipstick preferences legit? Do Earth Sign women prefer heavier, matte lips, and the Air signs something more translucent?

As an Aquarius Rising, I love the concept & visuals of dramatic crimson lipstick. But to literally wear it? On me, it looks bizarre, like an aberrant experiment or a mood disorder.

BUT I have a theory that the devotees of proper, old-style red lipstick are Fire and Earth signs, especially the Ascendants.

Bright color – particularly the warning flash signal of a high alert red – supports the Fire sign sensibility. Red lipstick is also a statement, something the Sagittarius contingent, in particular, is always up for.

Earth signs enjoy the packaging and relative heft of a tube lipstick, with the ideal being heavy, engineered and historically resonant. The dinky little pots of lip tints and glosses would seem insubstantial, not to mention a bacterial contagion risk. They’re the element most likely to revere a brand for being old, for having survived.

Air sign lip style is transparent and with a treatment component like an antioxidant – for multi-tasking, you understand. Color can overwhelm Air Ascendants but they’re big on metallics.

Water element lip enhancement is at the glittery, magical thinking – ‘this is actually a spell‘ end of the spectrum. Their choice reflects a rainbow of desires and references. Consciously or not, they recall that the root word of “cosmetic” is “kosmos” or “cosmos.”


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  1. I’m not earth heavy. I’m water dominant but I love matte red lipstick ranging from one spectrum of red towards the other end. I’m Scorpio stellium..

  2. I love how it’s not the colour that makes this appealing – it’s the fact it has a matt finish.
    I have tried and tried to buy a red, crimson lippy that has a matt finish. It makes it look more smoulerding I think. But no, Mac are soooo limited sometimes.
    I think I’ll try again before the end of the year.

  3. i’m sun n libra, moon n leo, mars n leo … iluv red lipstik ifeel so sexy and feminine wn its on..and ithink it’s my 2 fire singz..:D

  4. Agree with Dr Lucas’ paw paw. It’s the same as the famous 8 hour creme by Arden
    & quarter of price.
    Don’t we get conned over the skin care & makeup thing.
    Like $80 for a mask powder mix that is basically powered egg white.
    I wonder if courtesans or gieshas wore lippy on their other lips.
    Now that’s a good guide line…matching collar & cuffs, they came in as many coulours
    almost as lipsticks, yoni’s i mean:)
    Bluey red, baby pink, cafe au lait, magenta?

  5. Mauvellous Capricorn

    And just saw cheshire cap in post above does a paw paw ointment thing too… you just can’t beat it!

  6. Mauvellous Capricorn

    Cap sun, Scorp rising, Pisces moon.

    Tried for ages to wear red lipstick – like QuiteLight resolved it was a night thing and even that was too much hassle. So I stick with colours that are just easy to wear – nothing too dark, nothing too clashy. Matt for day, shimmer for night. And nothing against lip gloss – but apparently it increases risk of skin cancer on your lips? So I use paw paw ointment over a matt lippy – same effect, very nourishing for lips.

  7. Cap here, and while I like the way red lipstick looks, I think I personally look better with a red/pink gloss like the ones they sell at Victoria’s secret. I think I look garish with red lipstick on while a good tinted gloss is sexy but not overwhelming.

  8. This cap can’t wear red lipstick. It looks shit with my super pale Auburn colouring. My eyes are a weird brown almost the same colour as my hair. Always bronzey tones and more gloss than stick. I think bright red only looks good on young people. It ages a woman after 30 unless she has dramatic colouring. At home I’m a paw-paw ointment girl. Love eye make-up and feel naked without mascara.

  9. I love red – but can’t bare lipstick … it has to be red lip pencil. Lipstick has always felt like someone painting my lips with goo.

    But red’s always been my favourite lip colour. And it’s got to be a blue based red for me (I shudder to think I actually know this about lip stick/pencils when I know NOTHING else about makeup in general!) rather than orange base. And it’s only for going out – which is so bloody rare these days!

    Also partial to a good burgandy colour – and equally the beautiful pink nudes and lip gloss. Funny – I have the world’s worst lips yet its the area the receives almost the most focus when doing my face.

    Sag Sun, Aries Rising and Virgo moon.

  10. Aquarius with Leo rising – and I always wear red lipstick. My colouring (blondish, olive skin) suggests not, but all other colours make me look anaemic and gloss is nightmarish (put on lips, lips glue together, slight gust of wind blows hair into face which sticks to lips etc). Rarely leave the house without it – in fact, only at times of extreme crisis. You need to find the right red – and I have the problem that every time I find a good red, it gets discontinued…

    1. I think I must have got into lip gloss once I cut my hair short – I remember now how annoying that windswept instant glue to lips scenario was.

      Fav lip gloss is the Perfect Potions Rosebud (or something like that!)

    2. And I agree with you on the good red. I used to lose mine rather than have them discontinued … was rather frustrating.

  11. Capricorn. Like you, love the red lip look, clip all the pics for my Look Book, but whenever I put it on during the day, I feel… overdone. Conspicuous, not sure if it’s in a good way.

    I read a quote once, a glamorous French showgirl saying that a girl only needs two lipsticks, one for day & one for night. Red is my night.

    But my guy is allergic, so I can’t wear any if I want kisses!

  12. I think you’re bang on there Mystic. 1st house scorp with Libby rising and definitely nude shades or gloss girl myself, though as I have gotten into my 30s, i feel more and more that i should give the red lippy a serious go. However every time i do, i just feel slightly ridiculous when i look in the mirror. Sadly does nothing for me, yet i still love the idea of it… i keep trying to tell myself that it’s just that i haven’t found the right shade, but do not find this argument the least convincing when i am feeling ridiculous at the makeup counter…

  13. I used to love YSL deep red, colour packaging et al. I remember hearing about how lipstick was invented or advertised in India in front of brothels. Big sandwich boards with big red swollen lips (vulva) to advertise sex and caught on from there but am unsure if this is true.

    Also fascinated with the idea that someone actually has the job of naming lipsticks…’Come Fuq me blush’, or ‘feigned vestile rouge’ or ‘jaded tart red’…certainly more interesting than ‘009’ (would have loved that job)

    Suppose you have tried rubbing a gold ring on red lipstick to determine how much lead is in your brand?


  14. Yes, Mystic think you are right in your theory. Sun-sign Pisces…when I’m getting ready for spesh night, it’s loads of dark, sultry eye make-up and lighter coloured lips. Taurean rising, Aries moon…I love the IDEA of red lipstick, but never quite get there myself. Best is muted version of it when feeling fat. Yes, I don’t know why, but when feeling fat I where less eye make-up and more red lips.

  15. Chanel all the way in the red lippie stakes – Rouge Allure 09 Lover

    My gay brother gave it to me – with matching nail polish – a couple of years ago at Chistmas. Yay for gay brothers, you get the best presents 🙂

    I also couldn’t wear red lips in twenties without feeling rather over exposed. Now in my, ahem, late forties, I find red lipsticks suit me quite well, especially when I’m wearing black or grey or other neutrals – same goes for red shoes, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

    In all the what-to-buy-your-friends-by-astro-sign articles you see in the fash mags they always suggest the best present to buy a Libra is something white or pink and girly but my wardrobe is chock-a-block with red, hot pink, orange and purple along with black, black and more black and not a frill in sight – oh all right one fushia evening blouse.

    Perhaps it’s something to do with the over-representation of water signs in my chart and Venus in Scorpio?

    Libra sun, Virgo rising – water, water everywhere

  16. Love it but can’t wear it … cupid’s’ bow mouth – makes it just too full on. No lippy for me, nude gloss very rarely. (Crab/Gem Asc/Saggo Moon)

  17. hmmm i do love red full stop.
    and certainly red lips, but i really hate the smell/feel of caked on thick goopy lipstick. it smells like old lady dressing tables.

    its nothing or red, either or. i like lip stains, glosses, weleda balm, and the ‘no kiss off’ smudgeproof lippy in a tube (applies like a gloss with little brush thingie). you know the kinds.
    It must be this – otherwise i get it all over my teeth and face -erk.
    benefit also makes a glaze to prevent this – but i haven’t gotten around to trying it.

    People do seem to listen more when i am wearing lipstick though.

    i am a.
    aries (cancer moon, taurus rising)

  18. Gem sun, Aries moon, Piscies Asc – all evenly distributed in Fire/Air/Earth/water : 4/3/4/3.
    As a boy I go for a slight gloss only, as my lips are naturally huge, BUT when doing drag ALWAYS wear red red lippy and the juiciest gloss I can find. I find Nars has a lovely red “Jungle Red” and Kryolan (Stage makeup) has a fabulous red as well… usually i just go up to the counter and ask for the reddest red that ever redded!! Although in my youth I remember wearing light pinky/purple frosted shades like “iced plum” and such – GAG!

  19. Sigh. Taurus sun, scorp rise aqua moon and lippie makes me look a man. Seriously like a man. People laugh when I tell them, and then when I demonstrate they are shocked into agreement. Sigh. All I want is some bright red lips and all I got is nada.

  20. leo sun, leo rising and I love, love, love red lipstick. The good old-fashioned, bright red kind. It goes well with my super pale skin and mane of dark brown hair.

  21. I haven’t found the right shade of red as of yet ( black hair & dark brown skin) I usually go for glammed up eyes & blush with a sheer gloss, but since my solar return chart has so much leo energy in it I think this year is all about playing with different looks. Sag Sun, Merc, Venus, Saturn, Uranus & Rising, Scorpio Mars & Pisces Moon. I’m digging the retro cat eyes, red lips and nylons 😉

  22. Yes! Had a Taurus friend who wore proper red lipstick even to yoga, was absolutely never seen without it. I, an Aquarius, now pretty much only wear glosses and more natural shades. Although through my teens and early twenties did wear pretty much only dark lipstick.

  23. unpredictable pisces , I too can’t stand wasting time in front of the mirror. So i am very quick, 10 mins max and I manage to apply my foundation, black eyeliner/eyebrows, well defined red lippy and I am off. If stuck for time I will do my eyes at traffic lights. I hate wasting time, so use traffic lights/jams to do all sorts of things. I can get 6 stitches in to my applique/hexagons, I read, do all my phone calls, set goals for the day etc. No I do not get honked as I keep an eye out usually…

    One time I was happily reading when there was total traffic chaos and everything was at a stand still due to building works etc. Well, nearly died when this guy with a huge grin tapped on my window. I wound down the window and he very gently told me that the guy in the truck in front had actually got out and left the truck!! Aragh! Died with shame but thanked the kind knight graciously and drove off with my head held high, whilst workmen observed with gleeful grins!:)

    1. unpredictable pisces

      i do most definitely believe in multitasking. why do one thing when you can do 20 (yeah zen mindfulness bla bla ok but i’m not in the mood for that today)? and when there’s nothing else to do? stickin it to traffic jams, waiting rooms and queues everywhere…

      and there is the gem rising i think…

      1. Leonine Librarian

        Having a book to read, and or make lists in another book is the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane in stalled traffic, or lines, or delays when someone else is running late. Can also do some core strength exercises too.

        Hah SS you out zenned yourself. Love it.

  24. scorpaliciousphoenix

    i wore red in my twenties when i could get away with anything but now i prefer the natural look. I can’t stand the feel of lipstick or sticky lipgloss on my lips. In the morning i apply a subtle pink shade of lipstick then wipe it off and add lip balm.

    I have a Gemini friend who only ever wears red and applies it several times a day. It’s okay at night but during the day at work it’s a bit OTT.

    Scorp, moon in Sag, Cap rising

  25. unpredictable pisces

    god, the maintenance…i’d love to but i just can’t. all that face time in front of the mirror. although there’s a claret colour that MAC makes that i love but rarely wear (cool reds… need for the fair complexion.,.) working in a beige desk job with straights and government clients does’t work with the out-there lippie. 🙁 unfulfilled pisces!

  26. Sag with Aqua rising.(sometimes Cap rising). Born 8am on 8th day.
    Always wondered why i could never find a shade to suit until last year
    the Dior Lady said it was because my lips are naturally very red. Well, that
    explained it. So gloss/balm does it for me and little tip……diluted cinnamon
    ess oil on lips makes them red, so does biting them. Mother taught me that
    before a date, pinch your cheeks & bit your lips.
    If game, can get fine sewing needle & just prick around the lip line to swell
    There was a red toothpaste made once callled Gordon & Moore that reddened gums
    so teeth looked ultra white. Remember the Mavala blue eyedrops to whiten eyes…banned!
    It contracted small blood vessels in eyes.
    Just love those fire engine red lips……….on others. Like wearing grey, not many can really pull it off.

    1. scorpaliciousphoenix

      Astro-Beauty – YES please mystic!!!!! and quick question. I thought venus retro ended on April 17. I think somewhere (daily astro or twitter) you said it’s going until end of April – yikes! Is it okay to have a facial?

      1. oh cool… i was actually looking at revising skin routine. I get the Daily Mystic but not sure that you have mentioned it. It’s mostly been about ex’s

  27. aries bff always goes for the red power pout!

    i’m libra i always wear nude coloured lipsticks. i love the look of gloss but they are so messy and sticky, they dont last as long and the tube always gets muck around the top (i’m virgo rising lol)

  28. Oh God, a subject after my heart! I am a major red lippie ladeeee. It’s the black hair, pale skin & red lips. I don’t feel ‘dressed’ unless my lips are done. I can’t be bothered with eye makeup but those lips will be red come hell or high water!

    After years dedicated to the matter, the perfect red is Bessette by Ali Hamylton. Deep blood red, glossy & long lasting.

    Taurus with Gemini rising & Aquarian moon

    1. Leonine Librarian

      Lexicaon Limbo, just wondering if this is a Taurus thing…both my Sun Taurus niece, and I (with it rising) both have very full lips…makes it dead easy to apply lippy…I mention this because we’re the only two women in our family that do so…only ones that I’m aware have Taurus looming large in their charts too.

      So do you have full lips too? Is it the Taurean thing?

  29. You’re absolutely right about red lipstick – it is my signature and I look like death without it. Sag with Cap rising, Taurus moon, Sag venus

  30. Can’t live without my lips dressed ladies – and my perfect red shade is chanel premier rouge. Only on occasions when I’m feeling like a total hollywood screen goddess (mostly at night) with outfit to match.
    Always wear something on the lips mostly lippy in all its forms and gloss too – lip balm is for the beach or upon retiring for bed…

    Cancer sun, pisces moon and Gemini rising…

  31. ha, just read sal sag’s comment above- i think the red lippy is very much a scorp thing. suits the scorp/scorp rising ladies alot…

    1. Leonine Librarian

      My daughter the Sagg has lately gone from just wearing a natural lip balm to full on red lippy. She has a Cap moon and Libra rising. Quite frankly she works it well. (not that I’m biased or anything)

    2. saggigal, maybe it is affected by your rising sign, as your comment made me think about my other sagg gal pals and they are December born Sagg’s( I am a November 24th Sagg) and they are the lip balm ladies or very light lippy. I dont know their rising signs. I have my mother’s cupid bow lips, so the red lippy looks good. However my other Sagg pals have thin lips and methinks thin red lips are a wee bit hmmm….

  32. ohhh, no. def not for me, nor for my saggi girlfriends. i can see how aries/leo gals might be into it, but i think sag women favour looking natural. (i can spend up to half an hour getting myself looking ‘natural’). im obsessed with lip balm, but actually hate the feeling of lippy on my lips, not to mention that i look ridiculous as im usually in jeans, etc. i think very few women pull off any kind of lipstick to be honest.
    anyway, so no, i dont think the fire signs-lippy connection works in saggi’s case…

  33. Most definitely it has got to be luscious red and no I definitely will not go even to the letter box without it! I am not into gloss generally, maybe just a smidgen, but lip liner and then I fill in creating a matt/slight gloss luscious look.

    Sagg, Scorp Rising : >

  34. Total Aries Rising – love my red lippy, but spec occaisions only…. or if I am monochromatically dressed in blacks/greys at work….
    Also have a collection of rose pinks, in deeper tones, and recently became a fan of gloss….
    personally I do know many Scorp women who only wear Red Lippy…. I figured it was the deep red which so attracted us?

  35. Ram tormented by Librans

    Ladies – the perfect red lipstick shades come from either Chanel (Premier Rouge) or Shiseido. I am Aries Sun, Cancer rising, Libran moon and while I love red lipstick, I don’t like standing out from the crowd too much unless I have a point to make. Whenever I wear red lipstick, I am guaranteed to get comments from women – all positive, it’s a bit embarrassing. Mystic, I appreciate your love of lipgloss but I only use the tiniest bit over my lipstick – a la Leonine Libran.

  36. gem with cap rising and aquarius moon, i flicker between bright red, stong pink, and now shock orange, but always back to red. it’s the drama, the statement, the dress-up and it’s being a woman.

  37. Leonine Librarian

    Although I can leave home without it I do have a thing for red lips.Still haven’t found the ‘perfect’ red lipstick. I’ve found that using red lip liner and then a gloss over the top gives the best of both worlds as a not bad substitute.

    Leo Sun, Scorp Moon, Taurus Rising

  38. I’m a Sag gal with Pisces Rising (apparently – if Mystic says that’s what it is, then that’s what it is) and I can’t bear make-up at all on me. Occasionally a bit of lip balm for dry lips but that’s it. And not red. Never. I’d look ghastly.

  39. Only color of lipstick to wear is red…
    … but a good red these days is hard to find.

    I am also a fan of the gloss… depends _entirely_ on the outfit darlink.

    1. forgot to mention my signs:
      Taurus Sun, Librian Moon and Scorp rising.

      I should also mention that this is when I wear make up, which is probably only once a month or something…

    2. Try MAC ruby woo. It’s practically a cult and the only lipstick I’ve worn since I discovered it fourteen years ago.

      It’s also the only make-up I wear (I’m a Sag/Libra rising) because I loooove clowns and pay homage with my lips.

      Should say I only wear it about 40 per cent of the time, and use shea butter on my lips otherwise. Also, the rule is never reapply. If I eat something and it comes off, so be it. Life is too short.

      Also, life is too short for the nasty patriarchal ritual of shaving, but if anyone knows where I can get a badass glittery underarm hair mascara lemme know!

  40. scorpion_tongue

    love, love red lipstick!

    Virgo, Scorpio Rising, Pisces Moon. Leo MC
    One Earth plus Two Water Signs and Fire MC.

    1. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

      Me too Virgo Sun, Scorp Ascendant with Pisces Moon scorpion_tongue!
      Love red lipstick & gloss as well, for extra potency perhaps both on a (rare) spesh night out.

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