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A Scorpiological Case Study

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Scorpiology should be a subject. In 1973, the sculptor Richard Serra made a short video called Television Delivers People. How prescient was this?! He talked of it as a corporate control tactic to maintain the status quo. He’s 81 now, [ Read more…]

Seventies hippie astrology art

Hippy Shop Insights


I have two modes of perfume. One is a probably toxic but beautiful and expensive smelling French fragrance for when I need to front society. The other is an organic, aura-protective and amazing one that nobody but me likes. It [ Read more…]

new moon in capricorn artwork

The New Moon Of Substance


Happy New Moon In Capricorn; a Solar Eclipse, augmented by power-players Saturn and Pluto. It is a Moon of Substance, a magical moment for worldly people. Give thanks to the people who let you down, disregarded your feelings or belittled [ Read more…]

Zodiac Superheroes

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These Zodiac Superheroes are surreal.  It is interesting how Leo is in, you know, a jungle and the rest in dystopian futures or space but Libra – W.t.f.? – is in a hotel corridor with the renowned scales of Libra [ Read more…]