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Listening To The Soul Zodiac

Jaded with your current tunes? Saxophonist and composer Cannonball Adderley’s Soul Zodiac and the follow-up Love, Sex, and the Zodiac are sensational. They both blend psychedelic jive with smooth patter Seventies (Neptune in Sagittarius) astro-talk but the second album has the hilarious song titles:  Examples: Aries: Damn Right, Taurus: Wampus Cat and Pisces: Allison’s Trip. They’re voiced by Rick Holmes, a Los Angeles Dj and astro-obsessive whose hot takes on …

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Capricorne The Comic Book

Why have I never heard of this?! A triple Capricorn – Andreas Martin – has a whole series of graphic novels starring a protagonist whose entire narrative IS (kind of) about being a Capricorn. And not only that, a Capricorn Astrologer! Even this Google translate version of the Wiki sounds legit. Capricorn arrives in New York on a full moon night, he meets three old women who give him six …

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Astrology And The Black Supermodels – Part 1

Astrology and black supermodels may seem like a trite topic, given what’s going on in the world, but no.  The supermodels on the cover of magazines and repping mega-brands – are at the intersection of art and commerce. They embody our aspirations or what big business wants us to aspire to. They’re selling but they’re also channeling. In the early 20th Century, most models were society women, presented as having …

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Extra-Galactic Rays Coming From A Black Hole In Aquarius

I Interested in the Solar Minimum and Astrology? You are in the right place because I’m obsessed. I’ve stayed up late researching and live-chatting with space meteorologists. You wouldn’t know it by the current social structure but Astronomy came out of Astrology. Someone had to track all the stars and planets while ancient astrologers wafted around writing sonnets to Sirius and trying to talk down antsy Emperors. So it’s been …

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Sun square Pluto

A Scorpiological Case Study

Scorpiology should be a subject. In 1973, the sculptor Richard Serra made a short video called Television Delivers People. How prescient was this?! He talked of it as a corporate control tactic to maintain the status quo. He’s 81 now, approaching his Uranus Return. I’d like to know his thoughts on today’s data harvesting and The Algorithm. Serra is also scorped up to the max: Sun in Scorpio square Pluto …

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Seventies hippie astrology art

Hippy Shop Insights

I have two modes of perfume. One is a probably toxic but beautiful and expensive smelling French fragrance for when I need to front society. The other is an organic, aura-protective and amazing one that nobody but me likes. It smells, apparently, like “one of those cluttered hippy shops.” Pondering this observation bought about a Proust-style recall of these places. Aside from the fact that “those cluttered hippy shops” are …

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