As The Weirding Subsides

As the astro-weirding in play since Monday starts to subside, permit yourself a congratulatory moment: you can’t control or divert around wacky terrain like this but you’re as fuq getting better at navigating it.

The main thrust of it was Venus square Pluto as Mars squared Neptune – what a juxtaposition. Venus-Pluto is your go-to astro for core emotions around money, power, psyche and personal turf that demand a definitive discussion, release or move.

Yet Mars – currently cranked to max – square Neptune blurred every line and fogged perception. It’s been great for magic but nebulosity with strong plutonic emotions is treacherous. But this is ebbing away now as you read! 

If you have a situation that feels ultra-urgent or chaotic, assess it with the astro in mind – you may be picking p on the compulsivity of the now-fading Venus-Pluto intensity and the ‘everything-not-done-this-moment-is-dated‘ Mars in Gemini restlessness.

If it’s practical, a bit more time to let this astro-weirding properly simmer down is a good policy. The tension eases but remember that March 20/21 is the Equinox: whether it’s the start of your Spring or Autumn, the days around the Equinox are the most geomagnetically active of the year.

This effect is even more potent between 2022 and 2024 as we approach Solar Maximum – higher solar winds and more interaction between those and the Earth’s magnetism.

If you’re sensitive to electrical energy, vibrations (like the way elephants and mice pick up tellurian currents via the nerves in their feet) or natural energy in general, you may be more agitated than usual – inspired, yet restless.

There are some tips on how to manage it here but short version: magnesium, electrolytes, bare feet on Earth and supporting your nerves.  Evade anyone trying to generate dramas to match their inner pheromonal and neurotransmission storm.

Image: Cyndi Lauper + Jeff Goldblum – Vibes

6 thoughts on “As The Weirding Subsides”

  1. Thank you MM, need to get bare feet on the ground, but it is too hot where I am!
    Look forward to going camping in the cooler weather when it comes to detox. The electrolytes are in play but I really need an EMF free environment for a week. My dream retreat home would be adobe clay walls with gas lamps embedded in the walls. No wi-fi, no electricity. A smooth, rounded space for harmonious living that breathes. Mars is transiting my first house, a time I am meant to have more energy, but instead it’s been a painful time physically with hyper-mobility resulting in a frozen shoulder for many moons now. Evaded dramas by completely shutting down, I guess that could have been a bonus, we’ll see!

  2. Penelope Darling

    This vibe is not helping with the last few months in the phd madness… urgent, chaotic, dated, not done…

  3. Thank you Mystic, I’m glad it’s not just me having a super weird time. I keep feeling knocked off my feet by bills, rejections, people announcing they’re moving far away, that FOMO feeling that everyone has some great new adventure/home/relationship/job/travel except for me. Pluto in my 10th house, Saturn moving into the 11th (opposite my natal Pluto this week).

  4. Thank Astro fuq for that.
    Talk about the purge. So intense it’s been physically painful, Astro belly and nauseating harsh going. A high frequency Saturn neck ain’t got a pain patch big enough for this beast. Even added antibiotics to the mix.
    Couldn’t even dial up my usual musical 🎶 rescue mode either.
    Adios to the residual extremely low frequencies, you can feel the self imposed exile of hubris is indeed being recalibrated.
    Please tell me someone in the MM community is going to see Cyndi Lauper on this epic tour.

  5. I went to an Ocean Film Festival last night and I think most people kicked their hippy sandals or thongs off. I’m going to an Indigenous Astronomy talk on Sunday (was set for Monday but weather is forecast for clouds) It’s set on the beach, I bet we all lay down on towels and look up while three people lecture/tell Dreamtime stories. House witched this morning after an extra long sleep in dream sesh. Come on Pluto, Pisces awaits!

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