Princess Diana, Saturn & Pluto

Nobody can accuse the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of slacking off. Of course, it’s in Capricorn, so exceeding expectations is part of the deal.

I have done dozens of posts on this thing, and this recent take is the most somber. I would leave it there but people are apparently interested in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – more specifically, is this a Saturn and Pluto linked event?

Yes, in that their decision to step away from the Royal Family, copping a heap of snark, is a fuq you to the established order. Aside from the darkly amusing concept of ‘financial independence’ constituting of only your millions in inheritance loot, it is touching.

Saturn, Pluto and the Eclipse are all in a favourable aspect to Prince Harry’s Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon. Prince Harry lost his mother with Saturn opposite his Venus and square his Capricorn Ascendant. You need not be a rabid conspiracy theorist to describe the circumstances as murky.

At the time of her death, Princess Diana was on the verge of letting rip with her natal Mars-Pluto and Uranus-North Node powers, leveraging her unparalleled media clout to combat hypocrisy and oppression. She would have been the ultimate influencer.

Pluto was approaching her Sagittarius Ascendant; who could have shut her up? Saturn had also just crossed his Lilith – with its themes of renegade women, exiles, Madonna-Whore complex, and more. And in August 1997, Pluto was square his Mercury; a savage induction into secrets and power.

Having your wife and the mother of your child endure more scrutiny and ill comment than your uncle who the F.B.I. is investigating as part of an enquiry into sex trafficking underage girls would be a catalyst.

The BBC interview with him would probably have cinched the deal. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is squaring Meghan Markle’s Pluto in Libra.

It’s doing so from her Descendant, the threshold of her relationship sector. At 21 Libra, it’s close to Harry’s Venus and Princess Diana’s Midheaven, AKA the most public point of her natal birth chart.

The silencing or failure to validate Virginia Giuffre would echo earlier injustices, as might the alleged Rose Hanbury affair. Meghan Markle is no stranger to complex and painful family dynamics.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 1982 squared her Ascendant FYI and it was when her mother struck out on her own. Both the Duchess and her husband have announced that they want to be more, not less, politically active.

When you grow up skirting around unmentionable subjects, it’s like an electrified domestic zone. There is no haven.

New parenthood and the Saturn-Pluto pressure would push for a definitive line, an alternative court. Her favourite book is apparently Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements:

“Wherever you go you will find people lying to you, and as your awareness grows, you will notice that you also lie to yourself. Do not expect people to tell you the truth because they also lie to themselves. You have to trust yourself and choose to believe or not to believe what someone says to you.”

She has Mercury, the North Node, and Sun in Leo; she needs to represent her truth. Princess Diana had Uranus conjunct the North Node in Leo. 2020 would have been Diana’s second Saturn Return, and it will most definitely be Ghislaine Maxwell’s.

But Princess Diana is not the only ghost gloating about (I meant to say floating but I am keeping this Freudian typo.)

The sad news of Flight 752 downed in Iran raises the melancholy spectres of Lockerbie, Flight 655 and TWA 800. The South Node now is on the Saturn of Lockerbie. If you are an astro-fiend and you ever want to awe yourself with spooky across-time connections, look at Saturn and South Nodes hook-ups.

In our personal lives, we’re reassessing pacts made with ourselves long ago. It’s the same with societies and governments. Time collapses like a wormhole short-cut in a sci-fi movie when Pluto is directly influencing Saturn like this.

This Saturn/Pluto conjunction, boosted by the Lunar Eclipse, is a watershed moment.

I did not know what a watershed was until today. It is a geographic term for a ridge of mountains or earth that directs water to flow in different directions.

Although, if the politicians charged with protecting Australia’s environment were managing it, they’d sell the rights to the rivers and mine the mountains, hitting up citizens for the bill to clean up the toxins in the now dry riverbed.

And water would be not so much an essential element for life on earth as it would be a unit in the Futures market.


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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Love the revamp Mystic. New information that is easy to read and absorb. And it looks beautiful. The revamp suits my Taurus moon.

    The new information about Pluto and Saturn in my 11th house is a lifesaver..

    Thank you Mystic. Very helpful indeed.

  2. On the watershed issue, being in Scotland we have absolutely beautifully defined watersheds and some folk make them an area for climbing/hiking. So you climb all the peaks which make up the Earn watershed, seeing as they’re all nAmed by their watercourses they feed. Just another way of organising your climbing routine and giving yourself a format.

  3. I’ve got that Oct 82 Libra conjunction (And Mercury and Sun and Venus) square my 29 Cancer ascendant. “When you grow up skirting around unmentionable subjects, it’s like an electrified domestic zone. There is no haven.“ that’s a big fat YUP.
    It’s my second nodal return RIGHT NOW and currently Uranus is directly opposite my Sun/Venus. People (person..really) and theme repeating from 18 years ago. Mind blown 🤯

    1. My curiousity have me picking up a book at Library called American Princess- The love story of Meghan & Harry. She is amazing, a wondrous match.
      The daily Mail are spawn of satan and Piers Morgan the largest spawn.
      Am one who likes watching and reading about the British Royal Family, it’s a history thing and i loved my time living there plus Harry aged 16-26 had stunning colouring and skin and of course i adored his mother as a goddess.
      Yes Harry thinks of the press as murderers who are not going to get his woman again.

      1. My fave anagram of 2 famous people is: *Putrid man and a mean doll*
        – but you gotta guess who it is. Not hard – just think about the visual.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Donald and Melania Trump.

        But I do feel the mean doll is a bit harsh.

        How would you feel if you were married to Donald Trump? it will it would eventually show on your face too.

    2. I know; it is insane to see them juxtaposed like that! And it is so predictably Lilith versus Eve, madonna whore complex writ large.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Go Lilith in Aries from a natal Lilith in Aries.

        You know where you can stuff your cucumber sandwiches.

        I really admire Prince Harry. He saw his mother killed by the media and he is protecting his wife and child. They are very brave and are following their hearts as opposed to social conditioning. Harry is lucky to have a full blooded woman in his life.

        Harry and me are both Taurus moons. I think it will be difficult for them both but I wish them all the best of luck.

  4. This isn’t totally relevant but I finished watching Years and Years (SBS) last night and OMG it isn’t just an incredibly intelligent and prophetic series, it’s a guidebook on what we all need to do now to avoid further dystopian nightmares. Can’t tell you how much it’s a must see!! Gran’s speech in the last ep is one of the best speeches ever aired!

    1. I suppose you know all the comforts for a migraine? Feet in a bowl of hot water etc.
      My deepest sympathies, they are hideous only know this from nursing friends thro’ 24-36 hours of hideous pain that no-one should endure…like childbirth.

  5. The good old fashioned conservative thought (very Saturn) revolves around the idea that we do not own our resources, territory, customs, culture or even our society – we are merely borrowing them from the future generations and should hand over everything that is relatively functional and everything that has been more or less successfully preserved as more or less culturally/intellectually valuable into the future. Including a livable physical environment, of course, but not limited to it. I find this strain of philosophy refreshing. It’s also sort of easier and more constructive to focus on “okay, so what are the things/phenomena that we really need to protect, preserve and/or cultivate” instead of “this needs to be torn the f*** down”. Sometimes preserving X means tearing Y the f down, too, but then at least you know why you support doing that and what you’re likely to be left with.

    1. I was just realizing that the afterlife is here, after I die, my legacy lives on. I determine if those who come after me live in heaven or hell. Oops.

    2. ‘Tread carefully-you tread on my dreams’ our future generations have a right to demand that.
      It’s an Indian philosophy ‘borrowing the earth’. isn’t it. It is not ‘ours’ to destroy, steal from, take without replacing, just as people can’t do that to out personal bodies without serious penalty neither should they to the body we walk on.
      Womens’ body’s are the earth. It’s beginning to suffocate and my respiratory dis-order is symbolic of Gaia’s oxygen-carbon balance.

    3. It’s just about every body’s philosophy from Australian Aboriginies to Native Americans to the Kalahari Bushmen – they all consider themselves as custodians of the Earth, not destroyers. Basically all non-capitalist societies – you know, the ones that are/have been marginalised or eliminated off the face of the Earth for profit. Money/big business/government/Patriarchy are ruled by Saturn – i find nothing refreshing about it – quite the contrary, it’s brought on rapid destruction & misery for a majority of people on the planet.

  6. Watching so much shit hit the fan, I hope this wakes people up enough to 1) vote new, thoughtful and progressive leaders in 2) look closely at their own contribution to the problems we all face 3) change for the better! Bring on the clarity of 2020 !!

  7. It’s interesting that it has been exactly 84 yrs (a Uranus orbit/cycle) since Edward VIII abdicated coz of Wallace Simpson.

  8. Ugh. This post is the reason I ended up watching the entire Prince Andrew interview. I’m gobasmacked. What the actual fuq? *I* could have taught this person how to lie better–don’t they have access to people who can coach for this sort of thing? Can’t say as I’m better for the watching, but today was out of whack from the moment I woke up, but the question that is haunting me after the rabbithole inspired by the name “Ghislaine Maxwell” is: What are rich people freaking doing? Scribing is now engaged on this subject.

    Personally, I am trying to GO with the energies: Question all basic assumptions (“Why do you brush your teeth this way again?”) and saddle-up, by the minute, to cross things off the to-do list. And NO short-cuts. Take the long way home.

    I have Pluto Rising and one of the reasons I think it will “Feel good when you get there” is that I remember the 1982 conjunction as a very dark time for a very little girl who BURST open in 1983 with a very Mars in Aries/Pluto Rising dedication to truth-telling and living authentically–which began, thus far, one of the happiest times in my life. So I feel like I got that going for me. (That conjunction was the end of Pluto going through my 1H, btw).

    I had a dream this morning that a nuclear bomb had been dropped on San Francisco (my old home, which doesn’t exist any more and to which I therefore can never return) and my brother was in my apartment when it happened and I was on my way home from somewhere. The air seemed like one big microwave had gone off–silver and tinny, an acidic, permeating flash and as I watched people and things around me atomizing into dust and felt my own atoms pop, I kept walking, thinking that I wanted to say “Goodbye” to my brother, whom I thought might survive, and I was determined NOT to be a ghost wandering around the pavement for eternity wanting to say goodbye to someone. And I couldn’t really tell whether I was dead or alive as I was thinking this.

    Then I woke up and saw a message from a drunk college buddy saying “Your tits rule!”

    How fuqing Saturn / Pluto is THAT?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Hey I thought I was the only one feeling off the last few days. Yesterday I was hiding under the bed sheets Today I was so languid it was an effort to shower, wash hair and feed myself.

      This did follow a particulary healing dream. Maybe I’m just processing.

      Your dream sounds very Platonic.

      Cheers to the vibe picking up.

    2. I clearly recall 80s NYT headlines about young gay men being found dead- after hiring out their sex services to thanks to kinky, bored rich folk. The dirty open secrets. Ugh.

  9. One day I hope we will put our politicians and the leaders of corporations on trial for crimes against humanity and against Gaia. Our world doesn’t deserve to be treated with such contempt and so little regard for future generations, let alone tomorrow. I ache for our environmental watershed in this climate emergency.

    1. Absolutely. I think there will be lawsuits flying around sooner rather than later: if someone suffers severe consequences or even mortality from an event which was preventable, the responsible parties ignored multiple warnings + failed to act on recommendations from scientists they paid to deliver such and there is a clear paper tail for all of this, it’s straight-forward. Government then has to either smear the victim – try to find proof they smoked or were already sick, or blame the states etc and even if they win, they are bogged down in court, taxpayer foots bill and the optics are terrible. This is aside from the damage and destruction.

  10. Fascinating, Mystic. x
    You’re absolutely right about this conjunction exceeding expectations. No one can argue that with the magnitude of events worldwide right now. To speak of what’s been going on here in Southern NSW and surrounds, the past week has been completely unforgettable on so many levels. Never ever in my life have I seen so much rabid anger towards the government for starters. People will not forgive and forget the negligence and lack of support. And then there’s the wide scale loss and devastation. So many friends have lost so much, houses, lifelong possessions and in one case a family member. 😞 It’s sad beyond words. Other friends have been through hellish evacuations with small kids, queuing up for petrol, hoping they’ll get it before it runs out so they’ve got a chance of getting themselves and kids to safety…that is, IF the only road out stays open. I’ve been worried sick about friends and then my own family as we’ve been on fire alert too. Although we’re safe for now comstabt smoke has been keeping us indoors and no air purifiers or masks available in shops. Ordered an air purifier online only to find out Australia post suspended deliveries until further notice. Fortunately, I finally got it delivered yesterday, after a 12 day wait. I feel like I can breathe again.
    It’s been a literal hell of a start to the new year, and I’m not even mentioning the stuff going on in my personal life!
    The fires to me feel like an apt manifestation of the Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunction – the people of the dry capricornian landscape, the transformative power of fire, forcing us to accept greater responsibility. I don’t think things will ever, ever be the same again.

    1. My heart really bleeds for you and what your friends and family are coping (or not) with.
      Cannot watch it on TV as it’s just too horrific.
      Changes WILL happen. Wishing you masses of courage strength and hope for the

      1. Thank you, lovely! Your words always make me smile and are soothing to me. Same, I’m mostly staying away from media now except for brief updates to make sure the threat isn’t about to hit where I live. Here’s to some seriously positive changes coming out of all of this. Hope things have been ok in your area. xo

    2. Sorry to hear about your loss. I watch how things unfolded and hope that it’s now time for the transformative power – as you mention – to rise and burn the fuckwits out of the way. I hear you and stay strong.

    3. Yes, the silver lining is that people will rise up and sweep away the CC deniers and their ilk in 2020!! ‘Change is coming, whether you like it or not’ Greta Thunberg

    4. It’s insane – I live in Sydney, aka urban and over the last month, I’ve morphed from someone who automatically walks flings windows open for fresh air all the time to an air purifier and breathing mask geek. FYI: Vogmask for the people and K9 for the dog. Also, the Dyson Air Purifier/Fan/Heater is legit the goods, although the most costly.

      My point is not to complain – obviously there are SO many people who have far worse probs from this situation. But the current management is not grasping how much this has changed everything. They’re lobbying the USA/UK to change their warning to potential travellers here – why the fuq should/would anyone spend their hard-earned holiday money to fly however long it is to trot around checking air quality readings? They are not getting it: we either pivot to an innovative, ecology first amazing country or become a fly in fly out mining continent with everything dead or dying. They keep saying that it would cost too much or risk wrecking the economy – I bet they have not even run the numbers on this yet. Or if someone did, they ignored the report.

      I like how Saturn-Pluto is cramming in some more items to its ‘done’ list right before being exact in a few hours: Taiwan election result prompting the CCP to ask other countries not to talk to them (is this real? I think Australia P.M. could resign over this; it’s not like running a bigger version of the Property Council) and Kimia Alizadeh defecting from Iran, citing the millions of oppressed women.

      Anyway, I hope you are all good and the Year Ahead report is nearly ready – I have completely redone it. It’s now amazing. Turns out barely leaving the house has been good for prolonged writing focus!

      And because I am vibing this, here is multiple Virgo Fawn “we shred every day” Hall at the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987 AKA When Saturn squares your Sun but you have Leo Rising.”

      1. OMG Fawn Hall married that idiot who wrote “No One Here Gets Out Alive” (and also an even more ridiculous book about GnR) and got addicted to crack. Jesus.

      2. That’s a great photo, Mystic. What a smug smile (in a good way)! I’d totally forgotten about her–Leo Rising, indeed!

      3. 320 billion dollars was the figure i read that coal sales bring in.Where would the money come from if sales stopped. We have GIVEN away mining rights. A Singaporean businessman said to me in 1981 ‘ Australia is like a whore giving everything away instead of leasing’. Which reminds me another thing i heard when someone was given the 24 hour fee for a top escort. He replied ‘I only want to lease her not buy her’. So i guess Leasing was The Thing.
        So what is there left to lease-sell-negotiate to pay our expensive social security and health system. Uranium?

        Trying to find a book recommended called ‘The 4 Elements of Financial Alchemy’ by Dr Jacques Fabrice Valee, a rather interesting person.

      4. That’s kinda the whole deal with prostitution:. a “slut” gives everything away. Leasing it is exactly what a “whore” does. And, as famously said by Frederich Engels, a wife “differs from the ordinary courtesan only in that she does not hire out her body, like a wage-worker, on piecework, but sells it into slavery once and for all.”

        I think it’s that specific control and knowledge/affirmation of value on the part of prostitutes that garners them so much vitriol.

      5. G’day, actual sex worker here chiming on the slightly divergent topic of sex work.

        1) we’re not very fond of being called prostitutes by those who aren’t in the industry, only those outside say that (it’s pretty derogatory), so sex worker is nicer to hear, please.

        2) we are culturally absolutely on the receiving end of our collective shadow in regards to feelings about women and feminine sexuality and financial autonomy.
        The idea of women selling services (no, not our bodies-athletes, builders and cops do the same thing but aren’t shamed for it) and retaining autonomy and having financial independence at the same time drives people nuts.
        Factions of men hate that we can’t be controlled and factions of women wish they were able to own their power and self-worth in the way that we do.
        Also sex work and sex trafficking are truly not the same thing; Those who enter the industry are not all doing survival work to feed a drug addiction, nor are we stolen Russian teenagers being abused in order to make money for a “pimp”.

        We are the vessels of Venus, as we were in ancient times and protected by Lilith as we take the reins in steering ourselves through the underbelly of a ruthless Capitalist monster onto a little island of serenity.

      6. duly-noted re: the word “prostitute.” i was in the industry a long time ago now, like, pre-internet. Thanks for taking the time to educate!

      7. ‘Vessels of Venus‘ I hold respect for your statement; clearly written by a profoundly strong person. So why are the demographics of people who pay and recieve payment for sex often so vulnerable; to abuse, to disease and to harmful substances, displacement and many other key negative impacts? Many sex workers are not doing this as an informed life choice but due to harmful cascades of loss. I think you are a rare Phoenix who rises from a shadowed world. You’re right of course, However I would be very cautious about romanticising an ‘industry’ which remains dangerous to women and men both (-Sexual health nurse in training)

      8. Yeah I’m pretty aware of the risks of my industry thanks, I am on the frontline of possible violence regularly as a result of how bloody stigmatised this work is and being a sexual health nurse doesn’t really have the same insight as actually working as a sex worker, even if you work with sex workers as part of your job.
        Being a cop is dangerous, being in the army is dangerous, working in a mine is dangerous, yet those industries are romanticised and held as valuable sectors of community.
        I’m not trying to romanticise it or downplay the possibilities of danger that are a very real part of working this job; we live in a culture that does not value feminine sexual agency and actively punishes women who deviate from the enforced norm, and there are definitely unstable, violent men who pay for sex, but it is not the daily reality for most workers.
        There are actually so many great and really nice aspects of this job, and I’ve only experienced abusive bosses and shitty conditions in regular “civilian” jobs-here I get to make my own rules and set the boundaries.
        Honestly most of my clients are often lonely and gentle people who want intimacy, to talk my ear off as a surrogate therapist, to have a safe space to explore their sensuality without being judged or trying to navigate disappointing social interactions. They simply want connection.
        The key problem with danger around the sex industry is stigma; sex work isn’t stigmatised because it’s dangerous, it’s dangerous BECAUSE it’s stigmatised.
        Of course there are people who do it from a survival perspective-same as any job-but basically all the people I work with and know in this industry are very much informed and well-educated, stable people-still the same as any other job.
        We’re not having these conversations about single mothers who are forced to work in shitty hospitality jobs to make ends meet, yet we pour shame, and condescending pity onto those who are in the same position and choose a more flexible albeit “taboo” line of work.
        Stereotyping us and this industry only reinforces that stigma, which keeps nobody safe and us all in a loop of bias and judgement and disconnect from each other.

      9. And heaven forbid I put a poetic spin on the beautiful, capable women I am so blessed to call colleagues and friends who are otherwise dismissed or considered revolting by the community at large.

      10. I like the distinction in your explanation of the differences Hg.

        May Venus bless you and Lilith protect you always.

    5. So sorry for your losses, and all the losses on that side of our country. The devastation is impossible to comprehend. xxx

  11. Woke up this morn straight into The Guardian, NY Times and the weirdly addictive Daily Mail before i took a sip so riveting was it all.
    Three & half hours later Daisy Dog nudging me 5 times before i tore myself aware and into the sweet sanity of the park with 2000 trees.
    Happily they were all green, the grass was growing, th youths were skateboarding, the magpies protecting their young ones.
    This washed my eyes and cleaned my mind.
    Later breaking news said Iran DID accidently missile strike the Boeing. Would they have been on red alert though if the Usof A hadn’t made them so nervous?
    The Wolf Moon’s shining though my window and there is much healing to be done.

    We love you Myst. So succinct, so calming.

  12. Holy fuck! Because I read about Saturn/Pluto conjunction with your help Mystic, I have been preparing mentally and psychically for this turn. I love your posts and this one hits home. Somber? It suits the mood.

    We can’t hide from who we are and any debris we have accumulated is being blasted away. I decided to take time off from work for this time and I’m going through the ringer. Emotionally this is def my watershed moment.

    One part of my river floats past with the half truths I have made up about myself, along with the murky secrets that pull me down in their maelstrom, while the other is raging past, destroying and redirecting Everything I think I know. Exhausting.

    I laugh, I cry, I laugh then wail even harder. What’s happening in the world and around in Australia also impacts me. I feel that I don’t have anything to hold on to, but then I don’t want to. Take it all away so that I am reborn! Off with her head says the Queen!

    Thank you every singe le one of you with your stories and comments, knowing we are doing this together adds buoyancy to my trials.

    1. Sounds intense, Sooshy, I can relate to a lot of this. Have you got any planets in Capricorn or much at 20 degrees in your chart? Wonder what’s being pinged.

  13. Megan Markel is only 10 days older than I am. Our charts are nearly identical – except she has her moon in Libra and I have mine in Aqua & I’m Cap rising. Never realized before. Meanwhile, she’s married to a prince, having babies, etc. While there is literally zero areas of my life that haven’t imploded for me.

    Fiancé – left me days after my bday in August & a few weeks after my dog of 15 years suffered kidney failure and died in my arms. After a fight. In the middle of the night, I went looking for him to work it out and he was gone ….I never saw him again. This was also about a week after I fell down the stairs and broke my foot.

    He also left 1 week before we were supposed to get a new place to live. So I had no where to go, couldn’t walk or pack or move and had to stay in this house we rented together. I was trapped in this house, unable to drive or walk for months. Seeing him *everywhere*. It was horrible.

    I had just lost my job several months prior, had just run out of unemployment and was left in this giant, expensive house bearing the burden of the entire rent. Thousands of dollars a month. So now I’m DEAD broke.

    Our roommate was – I thought – my best friend. We had lived together for 15 years (He just rented a room. It helped financially, but not much as far as housing cost). I helped set up a dating profile for him. He went out with ONE girl. And – of course – they are still together despite living an hour apart and have gone away on vacation with her 3x. It’s going so well without even trying. I’m glad for him, but it’s infuriating how easy his life is. Everything works out for him. And he says that himself… often. (his chart? Every planet is in Libra, except for his Cancer Mars — too far to square his massive Libra stellium and Neptune in Sag. Everything always works out for him. ALWAYS). But he just came home from Mexico yday. Walks in the house and says he got his own apartment and when I went to his room, he had already moved his stuff out. Feels good!

    He was supposed to help me get a new place before he left. We also have dogs we adopted together. He left me and the dogs and is now refusing to help me for some reason. So now I’m paying over $3.5K every month on my own.

    Oh yeah! And the landlord wants me out because I was supposed to leave in August with my Scorpio fiancé. But like I said…he ran away like a thief in the night (literally) and I never saw him again. We lived together for 3 years, engaged for 2, together for SIX years.

    I did start seeing someone – to make myself feel better in Sept after my fiancé left. I’ve known this person for years. Everything was great. Then he started acting kind of weird and vague. This became increasingly worse until he totally ghosted me. The last time I saw him was Dec 9th. He was supposed to come over a few days later. I waited and waited and he never showed up. I called him he said he was coming and ….never showed up. Stopped returning my calls and texts and never heard from him again.

    Then I found out that my best friend was using me for some connections I was able to help her with. Yea…*best friend* she’s been using me for years. I finally told her via text (because she never answers my calls and no longer replies to my texts unless she wants something) that we’re no longer friends and not to contact me ever again. She’s a pathological liar. She lied about having Cancer TWICE. She lied about being beaten by her husband. She lies to her partner all the time. Her partner has been a good friend of mine since I was 14. So I found all of this out and bailed.

    I never hear from my family. Many of my former friends didn’t like my fiancé – he’d left me several times before we got engaged – so I lost a lot of friends over the last 6 years being with him. Many of them are married now, don’t go out, or moved far away to various parts of the country during that time. So I literally have NO ONE anymore. Literally no one. I have never felt so alone in my entire life. Left so abruptly by the people I counted on the most for many many years. No money, no job, no place to live, but have to move, dog died, fiancé left me, new guy disappeared, was forced to end one of my best friendships and my other best friend came home from vacation and abruptly moved out the same day. Leaving me all alone to care for these dogs on my own.

    Best year ever.

    Not a Megan Markle year.

    1. Oh Star, you are truly copping it. I feel for you. It seems a lot of Cap risings are doing it particularly rough, and then if it’s squaring Megan Markle’s Pluto it must be squaring yours too, to make it a double whammy. All of this loss makes me think the Pluto energy is particularly strong. Some years we lose and we lose and we lose again until it’s like nothing’s left. I had a year like that. I hope that the other side of Pluto energy – where you rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, is on its way to you soon. Just wanted to reach out and say I feel for you. xo

    2. It is said we are not given more than we can handle, but not so sure of that saying. Sounds like you need an exorcist or a serious smudging of yourself and environs and a hitman for your fiance.

      1. Cap rising here and after 20 years of energy work (now retired) am very very careful of whom i allow into my space personal and environmental, but that’s easy being my age with a headful of interesting things to occupy myself with.Someone once told me the more light you have the more you attract the dark, this could explain the dirge around you.
        Be gentle on yourself Sweetheart, it all changes to be looked back on later with 20-20 vision. You just got some heavy luggage to divest yourself of and when you do remember to give yourself a bunch of accolades. In the meantime buy a bunch of flowers for some flower power.xx

    3. Hey Star, that’s some heavy duty shit. I’m sorry. Be kind to yourself, take small steps, ask for help from any loyal friends you have. In a year or so believe me, you will realise you have dodged a bullet. It’s better your finance left before you got married. Develop independence. Be strong, but first heal yourself of heartbreak. You sound overwhelmed and weary. Can you do some nice things for yourself? Find a new place to live — can you stay with anyone until you get back on your feet? Rent a room? Also, I think it would be great if you have the heart to rescue a new dog, dogs are the best. Keep sharing here, and good luck. Sounds like a major purge of stuff, cleaning/energy clearing, writing out your fears, to do list, etc. might help as well.
      Also — can you have some body work done? I know you are broke, but it would help. Your situation sounds like the Tower tarot card.

    4. I had a year like that, 2014- 2015–including a cat of 20 years who died in my arms. Three best friends died, two ex-boyfriends dead, abusive ex-husband killed himself before signing divorce papers so I got stuck with the bills, BF broke up with me the day I was cremating that body saying one of the worst things anyone has ever said anywhere (um, yes: “You make men want to hit you, and I don’t want to hit you, so I am calling this off”), I get blamed for the death, Yoko’ed to the max, his estranged family accuses me of hiring a hit man (I even got hate mail addressed to “C.Love”), his ex-guitar player holds memorial fundraiser concerts and pockets the money (but somehow *I* am still the asshole?) ….I think Saturn and Pluto were squaring my 1H Libra Pluto Rising. Chicks at my new job hated me on sight (other peeps around here may remember the “she’s too old to wear cowboy boots” thing) and kept trying to get me fired.

      There was no clear end to this, though it did ease up. Maybe because it hasn’t yet?

      This conjunction and generally Pluto through Capricorn has sucked major balls. I spent the last year getting bullied by ageist Millennial and GenZ Brats in a graduate program in new country all alone–trying to make contacts with people but always having them brush me off–with the vague feeling that they have no idea where to put / how to deal with a childless “widow” my age who is doing a creative degree and still rides a motorbike.

      What they don’t tell you about being a single chick as you get older–or, say, moving cross-country or expatriating yourself–is how hard it is to make friends/find community. People are seriously distrustful of single, childless women. I think MM has called his Bride of Saturn Syndrome.

      In any case–I would imagine everyone here has had a year like that….Uncle Pluto takes no prisoners. Is this conjunction anywhere near your Cap Rising? It squares my Moon/Uran conjunction…

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Interesting She Rat what you say about being the older childless woman. I have received bad feelings off various people and generations and now you have hit it on the head. I finally get it.

        THANK YOU !

        My Pisces rising picks up the bad feelings and gets confused.
        But my Gemini mind just needs to know what is going on so I know how to deal with it.

        Knowledge is Power. I just need to fortify my resolve. Thank Goddesses I have Lilith in Aries. Also Sun square Pluto.

        I cant please everyone so I just need to please myself and say fuq em. Then I shine and attract kindred spirits.

      2. Wish: You are most welcome! I don’t have the same astro, but my astro amounts to the same: 1H Libra Pluto/Moon picks up the vibes, stellium inc. Sun in Aqua just wants to know WTF IT IS, just as a matter of curiosity.

        It’s hard to call out, because it seems *extremely* tiresome and last-era–esp, with this new generation’s embracing of queer and trans people (and let’s not forget freaking drag!!! lol), and all the political “woke” ness–even if much of that is only performative. It’s was almost like I gaslit myself into thinking it wasn’t happening!

        If you are read-as or straight-identified (of course, no one asked me, I am bi, but probably vibe more straight than not to the untrained eye), I think people care less about single than childless. There is something much more fundamental about the perceived rejection of “maternality.” I think it’s really unconscious.

        .What really does suck about it, from here, is that this has been all coming from people who really see themselves as highly liberal and enlightened. I feel the heartbreak of this hypocrisy as a black gaping hole in my gut.

        We can’t post links here but if you search for Brides of Saturn, it will come up. As it’s been squaring my 1H, it *has* been a thing for me to resist the siren call of “Maybe this Saturn/Pluto deal is telling me I need to present more normal / vibe more like Miranda Priestly.” I’ve caught myself thinking I need an image makeover so that I’m signaling some kind of streamline, icy “dignified” artiste, which I imagine would somehow disarm people up front into perhaps just being scared? Or more respectful? Convey more clearly that I have actual power?

        The 1H Moon/Uran conj. means I vibe pretty crazy period. I picked “hippie biker chick / blues mama” back in the 80s because I felt it would, over my lifetime, require the least amount of tweaking / buying new clothes. It was a set and forget decision that has allowed for a certain amount of tempermentally-required whimsy. But it’s freaking people out, apparently.

        I have been resisting the Call of the Brides of Saturn throughout this past year. I think that it’s a low-Saturnian instinct.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks for the reply She Rat. I will get back to you with an elaborate reply when I am feeling better.

      4. She Rat I think people need freaking out. Stick with the image you want. Once you start appeasing people you lose yourself.

        I am sorry about your heartbreak.
        The world would be a boring place without crazy people.LOL I like how you just shoot from the hip. Your voice speaks of a very individuated person. And have a guess what? alot of people are not.

        One thing that I really notice is that the zeitgeist suggests progression but reality presents something else entirely. It’s a contradiction. Is this something to do with social media and reality?

        The childless issue is a very sensitive issue for me. It is something I had really no control of. Yes I did read the blog on brides of Saturn and I am a bride of Pluto. When people ask If I have children I say no and I am visited by very complex traumatic emotions. It is a very private pain. I have Venus in Cancer 5th house and adore babies and children.

        But at 52 I really value my freedom and independence.

      5. I’m so sorry the issue is so complex and causes you pain. That sucks as other people’s projections have no business in such a private matter, really–but, as women, that is one of the most public of our private matters. And YES–the point re: zeitgeist vs. reality is a good one. Hippies musta felt the same way during Grunge / Third-Wave Feminism, etc.? LOL.

      6. I’m not aware of the brides of ♄ but I will certainly be looking this up later.. what is it about marking out we are stronger singular? Oh yes I forget, in some cases, we ARE! 😉

    5. Wish Upon a Star

      Star you are not MM you are you. And you are special.

      You have hit rock bottom. The only way is up. With small steps please.

      I have been there too. It takes as long as it takes.

      Much love.


      1. Oh snap & duck shit….

        Poor woman

        I HAVE been there…

        Promise it will get better…

        Good NEWS you are free from all the toxic, using pieces of shit…

        Sorry about your fur-baby…

        Fur-babies are better than people because…..

        You WILL prevail, you will make a life free of people that take advantage of your pure heart…

        Do you live in Australia?

        Love South (previously Gwendolyn)

      2. Hello Wish x
        Happy New Year 2020!

        Changing my name

        No longer Wendy

        Too much metamorphosis for the old name….

        So SOUTH it is xxx

  14. Wow. Your insightful, intuitive, Astro intelligence, not to mention your extremely high IQ/EQ is like a salve to my mind and soul. I love your musings in Harry, Meghan and Diana. And all of the south node tie ins.

  15. Mystic has cracked the orchestra of the universe and it’s symphonies on us in this piece. I hope for better times soon. The lead up to the full moon in cancer has my pisces sun, quad scorp really emotional and is making me delve deep in thought of how things need to change on so many aspects.

  16. This is the MOTHER of all posts on this topic, I’m actually blown away by the exquisite accuracy. It’s like a sword slicing through the BS. Bravo. I’m Cancer Moon 7th house and have basically been sleeping to cope with the exhaustion this is causing. Bring on next week x

  17. Great post. And the Duchess of Sussex had to negotiate Hollywood so probably dealt with many a sleaze bag which must infuriate when the appalling behaviour of Andrew is considered. Have you thought of doing a post on Emily Maitlis who interview Prince Andrew? She is absolutely brilliant, I have heard her as an after dinner speaker when she talked about covering the campaigns and events of both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Her Trump anecdote was gripping. Her astrology must be absolutely fascinating now I think about it.

      1. Cool me too!!!

        Queens are starting to show their power, Kings have been “it” for SO LOOOOONNNNGGG!!!!

  18. I am not up on Royal behaviour, but things are lightening in the US as the media is finally noting that Bernie Sanders may be our next president. Being from Vermont, we have long benefitted from his progressive ideas.

    1. Hope Sanders keeps his stamina and health and has a group of therapists around him ensuring just that.
      At last the donald is being reigned in…phew.

  19. Yeah, if I was Harry, I’d get the hell out too. Kudos to him for putting the well-being of his child and wife over an old and creaky family system.

  20. I’m sorry if this is widely known, did I just realize this minute that the full moon is at 20kataka/20cap.
    At 2:20 pm here to boot.
    19:21 universal time must be a glitch. So close.

    Really, kudos on the nailing this 20:20 thing to the marketing department of the universe.

    1. I am 100% telling the truth when I tell you that the ascendant for the full moon where I am is 20 gemini. Putting the part of fortune at 20 sag.


  21. Dark. Darker than you usually are, MM. But I think that’s the final Saturn/Pluto sally. The world seems very dark again literally in my case, surrounded by smoke from bushfires. A long way from YES WE CAN of a few years ago. Cycles. Ugh. Hard to gird one’s loins. PS I’ve just started a diary/journal for 2020 and not 15 minutes ago wrote in the front of it Be Kind To Yourself And Take Your Time. I’m a failure if I don’t have done NOW what I was considering. Emphasising TR Pluto/Saturn square natal Mercury I guess… xxx

      1. Hah! I just spent 7 hours on Saturday scrubbing up my niece’s bathroom, kitchen, stove, book shelves- books- all in prep for her birthday party. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is square my NN- from late 2nd H.

        Clearing clearing clearing- shining surfaces, washing up- as if my last trip home may be my last- taking nothing for granted.

        xx to all of us-

    1. I hear you…it really does feel dark these days and thinking back to the YES WE CAN days is seriously surreal. Feels like a dream – did we really have such times? But as tough as things are there is change on the horizon. Ultimately, there’s going to be positive taken from the hard lessons if Saturn/Pluto combined. Saturn always leaves us wiser, however horrendous. Hope you stay safe and the smoke lifts. I’m finding damp towels on window sills and stuffed in vents to be godsends in reducing smoke inside, if you haven’t already tried it. xo

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