Saturn Tattoo Syndrome

Are Saturn accessories or body art astrologically advised? If Saturn hired an influencer, he could do no better than Adele. Thanks to her ‘endorsement,’ literally millions of people with scant interest in astrology are now Saturn Return aware. There was the Saturn tatt to commemorate the occasion and more recently, she acquired Schiaparelli Saturn earrings.

Adele’s Saturnine statement is not the first celebrity embrace of the Time God: Kesha got her Saturn Return ink in 2015 and Miley Cyrus popped up with a Saturn tatt a year later. It was apparently a mistake, she’d wanted Jupiter, a far more appropriate choice for her exuberant multi-Saggo personality.

But Adele’s Saturn syndrome is the most talked about and no doubt tattoo artists all over the world are receiving requests for similar work. Saturn is already more depicted than other planets – it’s the chic rings, for sure.

But guess what? Saturn is not necessarily the astrological influence you want permanently etched into your skin. Obviously Adele – or anyone – can put whatever they want on their body but traditionally, people would seek talismans to balance the influence of Saturn.

They’d use Sun, Venus or Jupiter imagery to offset it – gold, roses, a rising Sun, sigils that translated to ‘Saturn thank you for the lessons but don’t stay‘ and/or the element most likely to minimize the effects of the current Saturn element.

A Tattoo Is Like A Spell

A tattoo is like a spell – a visual depiction of that planetary energy, the moment and all of its associations. Saturn has benefits but cosmic goals wise, there are easier energies to have emblazoned onto your bod. Having said that, the image of the planet is less potent then the symbol or one of the funky magical glyphs for it.

If you are getting a tattoo, try to time it so that the first ‘breaking of the skin’ takes place at an astrologically appropriate time – it’s fiddly to work out and to organize but incredibly potent if you can manage it. As an example, I only have one tattoo but I am considering getting another for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction next April: It’s ultra rare and beneficial. Given the nature of those two, the only way I’ll know what image to get will be via dream messaging.

Adele Is More Jupiter Than Saturn

From the outside, Jupiter and Uranus have been far more significant players in Adele’s last few years. Her Saturn Return was exact in January and then Aug/Sept of 2018. It was in the 6th house – think health, digestion, and the inability to skid along on natural oomph.

When Saturn transits the 6th – Return or no Return – basic health rules do apply to you. And, it was opposing her Cancerian Ascendant – Saturn’s gloom-specked mirror is never flattering.

Saturn then hung out in her 7th house for the last three years – I’ve said this before but it is a phase when you reassess all relationships with a sentiment-free objectivity, like an engineer appraising the structural supports of a bridge.

She reconciled with her alcoholic father in this phase and possibly then realized that certain people in her life were not up for an Adele with extra psychic gravity or complex emotions that were not about them.

But 2018-2020 also saw Jupiter crossing her natal Moon, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune line-up – Adele is a definitive Jupiter woman.

She has the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, amped by Mars + Pluto, ruling her Saggo Moon. You can see it in her wide-beam aura, outsize talent and the way she inhabits her celebrity with such gracious ease. She’s expansive.

At the same time, Uranus – en route to her Sun-Jupiter conjunction – was activating her Lilith in Leo, Saggo Moon, and then her Ascendant, natal Uranus, Saturn + Neptune.

This would have manifested as a practically seismic urge toward more space and freedom. Not everyone can channel such intensity but she is a lightning rod of a woman.


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    1. Right… we have it tattooed in our Natal Charts. I at one time thought was going to get the Saturn Glyph tattooed on me during an auspicious time when it was astrologically appropriate like what Mystic stated being the transits in the sky and the placement on the body need to be right since it is like casting a spell with blood no doubt.

  1. 2 years ago, I had my daughter’s name and and a clam shell with a stick and poke feel, inked on one arm and the other arm, my love’s name and a monstera leaf. They’re really simple and quite fine in placement. Afterwards, I realised that I had inked the four elements, the two names are very distinctively Fire and Air representative of each person and the shell and monstera leaf, Water & Earth. I still love and muse at the accidental synchronised outcome. Ive been visualising symbols and potential future tattoos but they’re not fully realised as yet. Maybe!!! The Jupiter – Neptune conj will work with my Neptune & Jupiter heavy chart.

  2. Some tattoos look incredibly shamanic, the soul of art, divinely channeled power…other people look a bit like they have rolled on a newspaper.

    As for me, my theatrical ego stage whispers to me that i can only make a Grand Dramatic Visual Gesture once! After that i would be an actress playing the same role with no range 😂

    Theatrical Ego Points: Sun in 5th, Leo MC and SN, Clown Rising conjunct Moon Jupiter Neptune

  3. Clear sky last night first time in weeks and weeks. The moon was huge and bright zapped me when i looked through window, it was signalling my attention and lit the whole sky around it.
    Same time dear old friend interstate called to say he was gifting me a substantial mount of moola for xmas, enough for 3 days at a hills or coast luxury spa holiday.
    Moon Magic.

  4. My Gem moon makes me super flighty over signals and symbols. I’d love a tattoo infused with meaning, but am scared I’d be at the laser removal clinic two weeks after receiving it – for real!! Also – my Mercury in Aries direct opposite Libra Pluto makes me super-respectful of all comms. Pluto can induce wordlessness (for me) – but in best possible way.

    1. I am same. Plus my underlying belief that we evolve as we age. A symbol from my 20’s may not resonate in my 40’s

      1. Completely understand… I think if you found something that did resonate (say, a symbol that felt right, even/especially from before you were born), and this continued to ring ever more true (throughout personal evolution), then it’s fated, for sure! But if you have only just learnt to properly listen to that inner consciousness that speaks in symbols (like i only have in 40’s), then opening my energy field to a mark sounds ..profound? 😂😏

    2. Super Mutable here! But with Saturn in my Daily Alchemy 6th house in Taurus, i already feel the grind polish of Saturn in every minute that seems unproductive. Such a sigil on me would probably stop the clock and somehow bring on a tax audit until the end of my time. 🙄

      1. Ahaha Mille ! X Love the grind/polish dichotomy. 😀 Ah Saturn, my old friend.. But yeah – if Adele really wanted to pay homage to the Time Lord of Bones, Skin and Teeth, maybe getting some braces? A new hip? Exfoliating facial? Inking is Piscean, and music is Neptunian. If you’re going to alchemise Saturn and Neptune – in your first house of image?? – you better be linked up to some powerful Jade Goddess!??
        (In my very, very gratuitous, uninformed opinion – lol). Xx

  5. I just got a tattoo two weeks ago — a hamsa on my upper arm. Love the symbol and it’s one that’s been coming to me for years. Turned out beautifully on my middle-aged skin 🙂

  6. I have a lotus, Indian stylised, on my lower back (on the right side not the centre like a tramp stamp) but as I had it done just before my 27th birthday (26 was sh!t) it needs a little clarity restoration. My cheeky son says it looks like an echidna. I go through stages where I crave, chocolate, blingy jewellery, a new pet or a tattoo. But by the time I have decided what tattoo I want, I change my mind and think just wear it on a tshirt- that’s probably my ancestors talking. Looking for tattoo symbols is a periodic hobby with my friends and I. One mate has had the Holy Spirit dove symbol removed from her wrist, she said the pain was similar to getting one done and quite nice. Mmm no! I also imagine putting a reiki symbols somewhere might also be bad juju so deciding for me is superstitious and therefore tricky to choose, maybe after all the “you know” has mellowed I might get one to celebrate coming out on top with my senses intact ✊

    1. Just did a Saturn return calculator and like my birth year I will have a retro make it pass over three times. Yikes, f yikes!

  7. I’m glad this blog came up. I was always in two minds about getting a tattoo. But the other night I had a dream. Basically the message was: You are constantly changing but the tattoo isn’t. The feeling was no to a tattoo.

    But I like the idea of Indian henna tattoo. You could have one for a phase and then it would go. Perfect for a Pisces Rising !

  8. I think these earrings are ostentatious and when you see them on her they are HUGE. They look wrong.I would prefer another version made of thin silver hoops and just a few diamonds on the outer ring representing some winking stars. Maybe the Saturn planet could be a smooth gem ball like emerald or amethyst, or even lapis lazuli.

    1. Agreed, the way the earrings are in executed (very big and glittery) doesn’t seem to be right for what Saturn symbolizes. Love your ideas for alternatives ✨

      1. Thank you Calcifier. The earrings don’t represent the Saturnine qualities at all. They should be much more pared back but still strong. Thin and cool (silver), not gold and sunny. We’ll leave that to the Leos. They are the shiny ones.

  9. I once saw someone with a Tower card tattoo inked on their back. And, yes, it did seem like that energy was hitting their life Hard 😰

      1. I also couldn’t stop laughing at this. It’s like all tattoo artists should dispense a hackneyed metaphysical disclaimer with any art chosen, such as..
        “Choose very carefully, what you affirm
        For come what may
        whatever you say
        Will come to life, in the short or long term..” (after-cackle optional) – lol xx

  10. keep meaning to get the P for pluto on my middle finger (with that lottle ledge on the bottom)
    i dont know why
    would it b a curse?
    i love that b*stard 😹

  11. My old colleague told me about a friend of his who had a tattoo of a Mexican death god tatooed on his side. Few days later he went to a nightclub and was knifed in that spot! So certainly want to choose your symbols well

  12. Am intoxicated!! Eight magnolia trees in the neighbourhood have bloomed and this flower thief has a room full of them and the aroma has my endorphins flowing at last. AND cherry chocolate liquor chocolates have been released for xmas.
    Apt for an earthy full moon lead up, on the sofa with a Netflix sci-fi series like Altered Carbon playing.
    So i hear Adele has recorded her son on her new album telling him about her divorcing his father.
    Some believe that is tacky. Wonder if it’s a new style White Woman Rap.
    (I didn’t say that 🙂

      1. Aqualeo, fun doesn’t seem to jump up and at you lately, so small pleasures are like doing a ‘gratitude’ that can also delight the senses w/o breaking the bank.
        We need to remind ourselves to take whatever pleasures we can since many have been taken from us w/o our permission!

      1. The aroma wafting through the house is quite intense, they are the lemon scented magnolias that grow on large bushes, so tall that the owners don’t see me steal them. Often thought of printing a lovely photo of them or a thank you card with a charity donation in it because of the weeks of aromacology they give me leading up to silly season.

      1. Let’s draw or paint them. How many shades of white 🙂
        Chinese Zinc and the off-white one gets from not cleaning the the brush from last colour used.

  13. I will always remember a woman in an undergrad writing class showing us her Saturn tattoo and wryly observing she had *no idea* what she was getting herself into when she had it done. Saturn is pretty dominant in my chart, but I’m *not* getting a Saturn tattoo.

  14. I’m Virgo sun/ rising- currently (not enjoying) my Second Saturn return in the 6th house- I’m thinking of getting a tattoo , but something more along the lines of a Wonder Woman symbol and a total sleeve on my right arm , the golden lasso of truth!!

  15. Saturn is definitely the coolest and most iconic *looking* planet and therefore there is an abundance of Saturn iconography in space-themed things… something I learned after naming my horse Jupiter and then looking to find Jupiter stickers, images, whatever, and only finding Saturn Saturn everywhere! I took a course by the woman who wrote Existential Kink where we did experiments in planetary magic and had to choose a planet… the only one we were advised not to choose was Saturn. I guess because she thinks we live in such a Saturn-influenced culture that it’s not wise or necessary to bring even more of that influence into the experiment.

    Off topic but yikes I just realized the full moon eclipse on Friday is exact conjunct my Ascendant at 27 Taurus, yikes or no yikes? Anyone got insight into this short transit? Interestingly it’s just after midnight Friday and I will be getting my highlights done Thursday evening, pretty appropriate haha

    1. My ascendant is at 28 Taurus so I’m wondering the same thing. As it’s a lunar eclipse, I suspect it will have to do with the culmination or ending of a way we’ve interacted with the world and/or let ourselves be seen.

    2. The Saturn return’s can be heavy hitters for sure both of mine were huge shocks, big upheavals but came out stronger with muscles on my eyebrows 🙂

    3. I met my husband on the day of a lunar eclipse right on my Leo ascendant. That is more than 13 ears ago now. So in this case, the lunar eclipse on my ascendant (1st house) was the starting point for an important relationship (7th house). The ascendant and the descendant are always linked to each other, so I think it is fitting that a new relationship started when the lunar eclipse activated that axis…

      1. So astro perfect, C! Perhaps eclipses are ultra potent when they hit the angles. My partner & i got hitched on a Lunar eclipse as well – bang ON our ICs.
        We had also met on a lunar eclipse 3 yrs before (conjunct my Venus-Pluto.)

        Mystic mentioned in a post once about people who thrive on astro storms – maybe we are such types of lunatics 🙂

        Tomorrow the eclipse falls on my Lilith-Jimi Hendrix & on my partner’s Jupiter – we are doing something MAJOR – but i won’t say what it is yet in case i jinx it….😬

        1. I second those blessings and wishes, Sk. Xx The eclipse was conjunct both my Lilith at 26 Taurus and Jupiter at 28 Taurus. I had a big headache from a big exam?? But loved it. And felt loved. XOO

  16. Is it me, or is blinging up Saturn earrings with plenty of gold and sparkle like that kinda an anti-fragile statement?? My Leo ascendant loves it, anyway

    1. Diamonds seem Saturny (enduring, very hard, valuable) but gold not at all… They should have made the earrings with platinum and diamonds, or better, with lead and diamonds 😉
      By the way, I believe Mystic once wrote that Capricorn people prefer jewelry without stones, just metal…

    1. Personally think 1st house because although they are meant to be ‘tribal’ they are usually an ego or personal branding.
      Interesting question, mine are hidden and have 3 planets in 8th house.

      1. I agree. I would have thought of tattoos as a 1st or 5th, but 8th makes total sense too, depending on location and function. 🙂

  17. Very timely, as usual. I have a Draco constellation (just as stars) on my upper arm. It’s significant in my chart but it’s looking a bit blotchy and faded after more than 18 years. I want to get it prettied up to a full Copernicus-style design with watercolour tattoo but the artist is booked up til April next year. Definitely going to do it then!

  18. While Saturn travelled my second house and Moon Neptune, I wore a hematite bracelet in hopes to ground myself. I’ve been wearing it a lot more again but just realized it was the reason my work laptop would turn off multiple times randomly throughout the day. Just traded it in for some shiny sparkly bangles that are more appropriate for my Venus in Gemini anyway.

  19. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Ooh love Schiaparelli as a designer…sooo totemic.
    Keen to hear about your tattoo! I’m also v. excited about next year’s conjunction.

  20. I would love to hear more on your tattoo takes Mystic! I got a simple, aztec style sun with an eye in it tattooed on my back when I was 15 and ramping up my teenage rebellion.
    I chose it simply on liking the look of it, no consideration of the imagery, symbolism or cultural connotations.
    I have been meaning to get it lasered for quite some time and thought no more tattoos for me. However, I have recently thought that I might want something more meaningful to me now in my early 40’s and in my midlife rebellious phase (am not in Uranus opp yet!) I am a Pisces with Venus as chart ruler and am having some heavy Neptunian transits so maybe I should wait until those are done?
    The once in a lifetime 2022 Jup/Nep conjunction seems like the time!

      1. Hi quasarina,
        I am no astrologer but it’s the classic ‘mid-life’ crisis transit that occurs in your early forties. If you search this site I am sure something will come up on it. Also google!

  21. Yes she’s the least Saturnian person i can think of along with Miley.
    In my 30’s was called ‘Mercurial’ by an astrologer perhaps because of my expressive delivery of travel stories.
    Waited til i was 42 to be branded as by then one wasn’t obliged to mention it on applications for passports.
    One was a turtle and one a Gekko done on the island of Moorea (French Polynesia) by a fire dancer who was tatooed from face to feet. They were tapped on in the traditional way. Gekko’s make kissing sounds when they run around the ceiling and walls heading for the mango bowl.
    As it was being done, had a mind’s eye experience of being draped over the turtle’s back and holding its flippers as it dived. Found out later that riding the turtle was part of Polynesian mythology and pushing the flippers up or down was to guide it, like a reigns on a horse.

    What a business tatooage has become since then, i fear some young women are seriously fuqing up their body with huge inkings and at $150 an hour HOW do they afford it? There is some extraordinary tattoo designs of Egyptian art on Pinterest worth a look.

  22. Heh, while they’re certainly not so flashy as Adele’s pair I have a humble brass pair of Saturn earrings that I love. I’m Saturn ruled (mars and Uranus AC conjunct it so it may not be ‘pure Saturn) and while I would never get the literal image of the classy planet inked, my second tattoo was a pair of hourglasses, one on each wrist (few inches past where sleeves pull up cos at the time I knew they’d need to remain hidden in professional spaces)

    I postponed a tattoo session recently due to C-VID and am wondering if I should wait till this venus rx is done and out of my first house or if because the process started months ago it could still be okay. Any advice? The session is a new piece but to also cover up an older one that I no longer have any resonance with, was ill-begotten, and is linked to a failed friendship that ended exactly like one of Mystic’s description in her year ahead report – evacuated like it was a toxic chemical spill. Baaaarfuh

    Love your reminder about the Jupiter/Neptune union next spring Mystic!

  23. I used to think meh, tattoo-scmattoo when I had a beautiful magpie, my favourite bird, inked around my first late teen tattoo, (a spiral) on my back. Since then, I’ve been a solo flyer generally & happily single since but I feel the winds of change & he/she needs companionship. I am still very sceptical re the verse, one for sorrow etc but I believe in pairings & feel suspicious there may be auspisciousness following a second, planned magpie.

    The spiral has been confirmed to sit ontop of a very compromised disc in my back. I wonder what would have been had it not been there, worse possibly? guessing but I am glad I followed my instincts & fell soundly asleep having it done. ah.. such is the vibrancy of youth. I intend to have a magical, arty corpse that only a lover & a mortician will see.

    I like Adele & if she’s positively connected to that bloody planet, good luck to the gal xx

    1. Definitely feeling for two magpies, Wizard – especially if you’ve felt an energy shift toward being a duet. Xoo

  24. I am perhaps one of the few people on the planet who are not moved by her music, but God, do I love the woman. Her recent Insta live before latest release was hilariously Adele. When asked about the influence behind the music, she didn’t even blink. “Divorce, babe, divorce….” 😃 She is definitely a child of Jupiter, so much so that I think she has supernatural ability to shrug off adversity. Hope she adds a Jupiter Tatt to complement existing Saturn one.

  25. Going to make my godchild read this – she horrified me recently when she told me she was getting a Saturn tatt. Unlike the wonderfully expansive Adele, she’s Cap rising with Venus-Mars-Saturn-Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn. (Saturn-Mars ON the AC!) She thrives under punishment adversity. Would a Saturn tatt for her not be like a devout Christian wearing a cross? I mean, if she’s so much a creature of Saturn, would it be that bad? Or is it too much? She has Pisces Sun, & Aries Moon squaring the Cap stellium. Help appreciated.

    1. I think she will be fine. I have 5 planets in Cap. I think really fortunate people have responsibilities. I don’t have any tattoos, but don’t think Saturn ink would be sacrificial or masochistic (a la the cross). You may want to talk to her about general lack of acceptance of body art in traditional workplaces and traditional values espousing uninked skin. That may affect her decision to have one or not, rather than the art subject itself.

      1. She’s 33 going on 73 & v conservative with her appearance, so of course she’s having it well hidden (on her hip) … but still … Saturn … so *much* Saturn. I feel like the ol hippy that’s wondering where she went wrong with her straight godchild’s education.

        1. ‘Put that splifette down, stop diffusing that musky patchouli & sweet Ylang Ylang, and no i’m not going to read the Prophet’ she say to godmother

          1. Yes, it’s a bit like that. Love teasing her – I told her she’d be better off getting an Mj leaf tattoo, seeing it’s the herb of Saturn (which is true, weirdly enough). I just got an eye-roll.

  26. Neptune is a bigger influence in my life (I think…I never know wtf is going on) but I don’t really need to be reminded daily that I’m a nebulous blob of everyone else’s thoughts and emotions. So no, hard (or soft, in my case) pass. She’s amazeballs, though.

    1. Mmmm. You got me thinking CC. I’m a Pisces Rising. Wonder if there is a pretty symbol for psychic protection?

      Anyone know? I have no ink? I know the symbols for reiki and seichem.
      Maybe it will come in a dream.

      1. I’m a Sag rising with Neptune (squaring every thing and one) in my first, so hmm. I don’t know. Maybe a horse shooting an arrow into a fish. 🤭

        1. I did research on my surname. I have a heraldry on my surname. And you know I found two stars on it. As a child I constantly doodled this star. The one with an upright and upside down triangle overlapping. Like the Jewish star. It has so many meanings doesn’t it? ✡️

          I also doodled and upright arrow ⬆️

          1. Stars are so beautiful… One of the symbols I would consider for a tattoo. IF I ever were to get one – but I don’t think I will

          2. Plan to go to Jerusalem to bring in my birthday in Jan, and been researching the star. Its ancient, enduring and so beautiful!

            1. Are you talking about the Star of Bethlehem? Are you researching that star? I am not religious but have a strong connection to Jesus.

              I would be very interested in the results of this research. What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday.
              I’m currently taking the Star of Bethlehem in a Bach flower remedy.


              1. Yes, the Star of Bethlehem, or Jupiter-Venus conjunction as some astrologers say. I have that in my natal chart at 5 degrees apart in Cap, and I think it affects my life choices. I am fascinated how many places/crucial stories the star appears in various religions and folklores. I am nowhere near Mystic’s level of research but devour anything that comes my way through synchronicity. Will share more if I do get to go to Jerusalem as planned. Xo

                Love Bach Flower remedies. They helped me in the aftermath of a divorce and being left all alone in a foreign country in the middle of a pandemic. They also helped manage my mom’s anxiety induced allergies. 🙂 They are shit expensive to ship from UK to mainland Europe or Asia though. Almost pay as much for customs + shipping as for products themselves. How do you get yours?

                1. Oh wow! What a coincidence. I have Venus and Jupiter at just less than 4 degrees apart. Both in the 5th house, Jupiter in Leo and Venus in Cancer.

                  For me it makes it extra special. Thanks for being a part of this synchronicity !
                  You say it effects your life choices. In what way?

                  I’m glad Bach flowers helped you and your mum.
                  I live in Australia. They are easy to get. I just decide what I want and ask the local health food shop to make them up. It only costs me $8 for a bottle. It’s horrible that you have to pay customs etc? Is that because of Brexit?

                  Anyhow please do share your experiences. I would really appreciate that.


  27. Depicting any Saturnine upheavals in my life on my body permanently in ink is NOT what I want to be reminded of daily lol. But hey, I’m not Adele!
    My Saturn influences are my most challenging aspects, (Mars square Saturn/ Mars quincunx Saturn) so does this mean if I overcome these blessings I’ll be at Adele goddess level? 🤔🤔🤔

  28. Amazing MM!

    I thought the same, and I would never get a Saturn tattoo (I actually don’t have any tattoos). It’s a hard reminder of hard things & I don’t think you need a tattoo to remember Saturn kicking your butt. Your mind, body and soul are changed forever. Thanks forever for the lessons, Saturn 🪐

    I really wanted to believe that Adele had a Jupiter tattoo. She vibes Jupiter so much more & as you say, she’s a lightning rod of a woman. Love her!

    Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th House.

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