Daily Mystic For Thursday 16 December

If you’re having problems outweirding the weirdness or you’re brilliant at it, but you’re approaching peak ennui, grok this:

(1) The Gemini Full Moon this weekend is both informative and expansive. It is most potent in the hours leading up to it, so switch up your ability to listen through the noise. The signal is there, and you don’t have to strain to hear it. Just think less noise-more signal.

(2) Chiron is Direct next week, as Venus turns Retro: It’s a little bit musical chairs (for politicians or C.E.O.s) and a little bit supply-chain-dysfunction-hits-the-mainstream consciousness. On the personal level, it’s brilliant for d.i.y. genius and autonomy with a smile.

(3) Saturn square Uranus is ramped way the hell up: It’s truculent and potentially combative. Read/re-read What The Astro-Fuq? for perspective and in potentially difficult dynamics with family, friend or colleagues, aim for bland diplomacy.

(4) From literally day one of the New Year – the numerologically funky 2022 – the Jupiter-Neptune jazz is tangible. Think psychedelic, shamanic, artistic, and/or romantic renaissance. Once the over-intense fixed square vibe of 2021 starts to fade away, the harmonious and potentially ultra-magic astral influences will be more prevalent.

(5) Your talent for conjuring up what you need is still there and you will prevail. Optimally, lay low for the remainder of the year and emerge, gleaming, with the new calendar year.


PS: This is the last Daily Mystic for 2021 & they will resume on January 31 with the New Moon in Aquarius. The Weekly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscopes, as well as – obviously – the Daily Personal Horosopes will continue as normal over the holiday phase and throughout January. This break will allow me the time and space I need to focus on some research/planning and completing new report offerings. I am also hoping to take my first day off this year!

10 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Thursday 16 December”

  1. Hi MM, as our fave personal cosmos-broker, i get that it would be totally and utterly understandable for you to just update this beautiful space:
    1. On kairos, not chronos time
    2. And even then, only on days where you drew a favourable oracle card AND the planets and stars – literally – favourably aligned, AND
    3. When you felt fully rested, inspired and heck – even loved. 🤗💕
    But until then (if that isn’t happening already), I am just going to selfishly say that I love your daily updates, rain hail or sunshine; but you also deserve all of the above. Be careful on roads, and thanks for helping us feel the magic..💖🙏

  2. May Saturnalia honour you with rest and refreshment. I adore your witchy talent, your witty channelling of the wisdom of the stars xxxx

  3. Mystic! I hope you get to take good care of yourself over the next few weeks. Thank you for the honest and supportive assessment of the stars that you always give us!

  4. Strong coffee in hand, I get up before the rest of the house for peace and quiet and to read your page. Thank you for the wisdom, magic and laughs. Enjoy a restful, restorative break ❤️

  5. Enjoy your very well-earned break Mystic, and thanks for all the fabulous, timely, astro weather forecasts over the past year, and for the numerous LOL moments in your witty writing. Seasons Greetings to you and yours xx

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