Venus Square Pluto: Astro-Weirding Deluxe

Every Venus and Pluto  aspect is intense, with spooky subtones and life force to burn. Venus square Pluto is the most potent.

This is the case whether it is a natal aspect, between two people (synastry), occurring in real time or as a transit from Pluto to your natal Venus.

It is a hot catalyst of a natal aspect or synastry between two people. It’s karmic, cathartic and sexually super-charged.

It’s a guaranteed trigger point for compulsive but evidently destined love affairs, libido reboots, and obsessive, amazing makeovers.

When you’re born with it or it is a tight aspect between you and another person, you or that relationship are a catalyst in motion, with stagnation and inauthenticity the only taboos.

Venus rules creativity, fashion, and beauty as well as romance. Venus-Pluto people can not and will not wear/create/consume an aesthetic they don’t feel in their bones.

Once a lifetime – if that – Pluto will square your Venus. This is often a time when you enjoy (?) an over the top life-altering, self-actualizing off-the-passion-Richter scale karmic crush or relationship.

As Pluto is a slow-moving outer planet, such a transit can take up to two years to play out. When Pluto squares Venus, you morph into a rut-busting endorphin machine. The side effects? Spiritual growth at Warp Speed and intense chemistry.  They can become Reset Romances, that help set you back into being your authentic self.

But Venus squares Pluto frequently. Think power-tripper relationship politics, sexual grudge flashpoint, karmic-echo encounters, extreme dating and fast-tracked transformation via sex or love.

It usually occurs twice a year and is a good window of opportunity for de-stagnating a situation that has become too stuck.

Anyone you meet when Venus is square Pluto likely IS someone you have known before.  There is an element of fate to the encounter for sure. But remember the rules!

Venus Square Pluto Must-Knows

(1) Just because something is “karmic” does not mean it is a healthy or desirable relationship. “It’s Karmic” has become a bit like the new “It’s Complicated.” Try to retain normal, functional relationship rules – eg: that you don’t emotionally over-invest in unavailable people.

(2)  No obsession, no stalking, no tequila texting if you can help it. Aim to enjoy the passion and transformative potential without becoming consumed by it. Unresolved sexual tension and incredible intellectual/spiritual connections that cannot – for whatever reason – be consumated – are a common Pluto-Venus experience.  Sometimes people realize years later that the point of the thing was not that the attraction had to turn into a pair bond but the metamorphosis it sparked.

(3) Venus square Pluto occurs twice a year and it’s an atmosphere when everyone is more likely to seek more. Venus square Pluto people and relationships are naturally wired that way. Pluto square Venus transits are your deal. So don’t expect unilateral applause when, Pluto-powered and not to trot, you charge into a dangerous Love Triangle or become unable to handle what you’re suddenly seeing as fake intimacy within a relationship.

(4)  A good deal of the intensity being generated may be because you are greeting your True Self once again. However whether they become official partnerships or not, attractions that spring up during Pluto-Venus transits or when people have this sort of synastry between them are unforgettable. They have a half life that goes on forever, like the ember of an alien element glowing in the psyche.

(5) Esoterically, Pluto-Venus relationships run between lives and so you re-encounter one another again and again.

38 thoughts on “Venus Square Pluto: Astro-Weirding Deluxe”

  1. oosh.. I once dated someone with Pluto conjunct their Asc, it made an exact square to my Sun and Venus… multiple lifetimes, obsession, exposed trauma, intense sexual and spiritual themes, ugh. Too accurate. Do not wish to repeat.

  2. Yep funny.

    Ta re th unicorn, it’s a welsh unicorn apparently.

    When I saw I had that Lilith I thought aha…. yep th intensity lol never a dull moment this side of my eyelids I can tell you lol

  3. well on feb 7th i went with a friend to swim at the beach, lovely. Then bam! right next to us in the water, my exboyfriend from about 6 years ago, with his new (very glamourous bronzed) girlfriend. eeeeek!

    major freak out . we had to get out of the water, get our stuff and walk down the beach a bit to get back in. Then the current kept pushing us towards the ex!.

    all very universe conspires against one. NOT the most glam possie to wow the ex. looking as i do like the whitest person on the beach.

    1. there’s a link in the lilith thread back a few that has the deets on the lilith in the houses etc. if u want to check it out – having her in scorp seems a little bit intense :o) That explains the frisky unicorn maybe? It has an air about it – looks like it’s about to canter off and make mischief.

      1. Leonine Librarian

        I think scorp lizzy’s unicorn sort of looks like it would happily impale you…and then with a swish of it’s tail saunter off.

        Been meaning to say, great image scorpy lizzy.

    1. often, but would love to know which compulsions your thinking about LL. And please don’t say eating a caterers king size block of Greens organic chocolate please.

      1. Leonine Librarian

        Had wildly strong desire to hunt, with intent…in all the wrong places…nothing chocolate would of helped david.

        It can only do so much.

        And SR strange times.

        1. umm like hunting and gathering – nuts and berries for winter survivalist style or prowling around devouring anything that crosses your path style?

          1. scorpalicious robot

            ooh, sounds exciting LL !!
            Make the most of the energy. The wallet fiasco was just a really horrid case of Merc retro.

          1. Leonine Librarian

            I just know that lately I’m feeling this fierce energy… I haven’t felt this way in so long. Apart from the wallet fiasco, I’m really focussed, action orientated, and all sorts of revelations keep unpeeling hell west and crooked.

    2. Uhm… I always do. After being Pluto’d to bits, it is a constant urge I live with now. My suggestion: Let it be.

      There’s a reason its there – I think its getting you back to your instincts, the hunt as you noted below. If you curb it, it will slip out inappropriately. If you question it, you may lose the gift its meant to give you.

      I think embrace it… it will simmer itself down and hopefully find its new place in your reality.

      Ra-roar, welcome to the hunt, my dear!

      1. Leonine Librarian

        Thanks for the advice FA and the welcome.

        twas a bit like having a switch turn back on…initial burst of power was a little startling to say the least..while I did not race out and follow all my urges (though I thought about it) I did actually welcome me back, and it’s just focussed me differently.

        After that first burst of rawr, it did simmer down although my senses are sharper,smells are smellier, vision enhanced, possibly producing vats more estrogen or something. Instincts are humming.

  4. Watch out ladies, a Taurean is ovulating! I feel the earth move under my feet… as the song goes.

    Fishgirl, your comment about Anthony Robbins’ and the island reminds me of a trip to Fiji when in the most bizarre meet-cute ever, I got this guy’s dinner and he got mine. Which he ate part of. Then when the waiter begged for us not to rat him out, Dinner Man swooped in on my table saying perhaps since we’re already in each other’s dinner, we might as well…

    The twist? HE was on his honeymoon while his newly wedded wife was finishing up a seminar with Tony Robbins! I am wondering if there is a line in the registrar’s office where newly married men are shunted off with a form bearing my name and number. Honestly! The ring had barely warmed on his finger!

    But soz, got distracted. Meant to say I WOULD take an island if I weren’t so feeling the Saturn bit of the Saturn/Uranus Opp. and slogging away.

    Bluelib, LOVE the ironical arches, would so suit the Plutonic where less is more, and words are barely used, haha. Have missed you all… Salacious sweetie I think you can go to to load up a kicking hot avatar. Typical Scorpalicious’ avatar is steaming sexy… sizzle…

  5. Hey welcome back FA : >, can just imagine you in molten core red.
    I too lurve red and wear it heaps. As the lovely Scorpalicious robot says, definitely Pluto’s PR Rep is The Scorp!

    Hey btw, can anyone give me some advice on how to upload an avatar (and where a good place to find them)-is this the right name for it? The green quilt block is not me for sure. Even though I am into antique quilts!

  6. This is my transit, dammit! I have Venus in Aries and Mars in Aqua and damn Pluto in Libra so the square keeps on keeping on. Sick of it, i tells ya!

    At least Saturn has moved his depressing (very depressing) heaviness off my moon. Just you wait. I’ll be a millionaire by the end of this transit, i swear i will! (even though currently living in tiny room in share house at age 31 3/4 due to Plutonian belly-up career/fundage scenario…) Just think of me as the female Anthony Robbins, “i used to live in a railroad-thin walk-up where i had to wash my dishes in the bathtub…but now! I own three islands!”
    You can all come and stay for astro full moon parties when i get that million!

  7. Pluto again!?? Honestly, I will have to find out WHO in Hades’ name is his PR Rep, because they/it/he/she is doing a damn good job of it. Right. So am a tad tired of wearing Molten Core Red, Incendiary White and Grave Cold Grey… but honestly, would be so freaked out if my love life suddenly went…normal.

    I THINK I have got the Radiance Self Reliance down…with the occasional slippage from Lilith the Bitch bursting forth.

    TA, nothing like a testosterone fog to accessorize one’s home, no?

    1. scorpalicious robot

      hey, your back!!!

      fallen angel, i’ll tell you who Hades’ PR rep is – The Scorp of course! You deserve so much more, you truly do.

      1. Oh, yes, I am Scorpalicious – from being abducted by a compliance project where I get to write about the joys of phthalates and its degenerative effects on genitalia – you know, the subject is a complete turn on, haha..

        Goodness yes, He IS.

        But obviously something is up with me as well – as I seem to gravitate to Scorpios like a homing device. For instance, was going on and on about my fave dragon in the Dragon’s Den Richard Farleigh who turns out to be what? A Scorpio.

        Truly you guys are SOOOO good once you get past the purification process and attain that well-earned balance. The promised riches perhaps?

        1. Welcome back FA. We’ve missed your enlightening comments.

          When I read this comment I thought you had written “…once you get past the putrification process…” How very scorpionic & biological I thought… My own Scorp rising putrification and purification process is well done now, I hope!

          1. Thanks, Nat! Well… putrification seems rather apt too, no? I can at least say that something definitely stunk to high heavens for a very long while.

            I’ve missed the blog too and I’m amazed at how it’s grown! Go Mystic and her Merry Maidens and Men!

  8. I’ve got venus square pluto and natal venus/sun conjunction in Cap plus square/op natal neptune in libra….sheeeees……hiding under the doona again but I’ll take the new taurean with me 😆

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