The Mutable Memory Paradox

The Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – are rightly renowned for their adaptability. Change is not only a core competency – it’s their Zen Zone and innate nature.

Of course it can be annoying if you’re halfway through your second sentence and the Mutable sign is having an existential angst attack because you’re apparently droning on and on. Likewise when they declutter your vital files due to mysterious vibe metrics or claim to have zero recall of something they agreed to yesterday.

Their lightness of being around shifting circumstances or strange days compensates for the flaky factors. They’re fantastic Change Muses.

But Mutables are so skilled at speed-adapting that in their mind and psyche, nothing is actually changing. It’s a bit like the optical illusions that can make it seem like you’re going slowly when you’re zooming.

So at semi-regular intervals, Mutable signs are prone to stop mid-stride and weird out at changes they apparently never noticed: “Where did the tree go?” or “What happened to the laundromat on the corner?”

It can make them sound wacky, especially to people used to their data-mining and ‘breaking gossip/trending news’ style.  But my theory is that it’s a less-discussed offshoot of the mutability.

What do you think?

Image: Lawrence Schiller – Elizabeth Montgomergy

16 thoughts on “The Mutable Memory Paradox”

  1. My little Gemini is scary when she decides to clean. Lifts lounges single handed to vacuum, gets stray spiderwebs off the ceiling (her only phobia is spiders), washes cars inside and out, but god help us when she is stressed cause nobody’s wardrobe is safe -except my Taurus wardrobe, she knows that is untouchable. It’s like she is house witching without realising the need for change, she just feels a deep urge for order before change approaches.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Interesting. I am a Gemini Sun. On my birthday about 2 weeks ago I woke up and the mess of my cabin was right in my face. So I vacuumed and cleaned. Especially under my bed and around it. Got into all the nooks and crannies. I sweated it out and felt good.
      Went to bed feeling great. And yes change was afoot.

  2. This actually happened to me the other day. I noticed an abandoned building- the town’s welcome center- and couldn’t recall ever seeing it before, but it’s on the route I always take after getting gas. It felt eerie! (I am Sag sun, merc, and jupiter and Virgo mars)

  3. in my experience the only verbally incontinent mutables are sags, and even more so people with lots of sag in their charts. you know, the ones who talk over you/talk you stoopid, but surprisingly enough never repeat themselves because of their endless catalogue of topics. I have a virgo stellium in the third, and change in general is not something I genuinely crave tbh due to a lot of insecurity, but when it does happen yes, I’m extremely adaptable and have strategies for just about anything :D. I enjoy listening much more than talking and am the perennial student = 100% third house. on the other hand, the physical realm is where change is absolutely vital for me. I really am incapable of staying in the same position for more than 10 minutes. I’m slightly claustrophobic and I get panic attacks if I can’t get out of a life situation that’s physically exhausting, especially if it was me who put myself in there in the first place.

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    I think your timing is impeccable Mystic. Last night I discovered my progressed moon has just moved into Gemini. I noticed a noticeable shift in my demeanor and grokked there might be change afoot with my progressed chart and bingo I was right.

    So I have natal Gemini Sun in the 4th house with Pisces Rising. Natal Taurus Moon and Progressed Taurus Moon was healing, simplistic and rejuvenating. But I feel the spice and airiness of more Gemini. I feel lighter too.


  5. With Gem Rising I have a mutable axis, Gem vibe & requisite space cadet cred. For about 5 mins. Then my Scorpio Moon, Leo Sun in the Taurean 2nd House wants to sink its teeth in to a topic and is frustrated by the constrictions of the Clock, having to remind myself, “This is a three to four gig tops, there are 20 people here, so allocate 15 mins to each person more or less, keep talk superficial”. It’s frustrating! Genuinely Gem Moon, Saggi stellium sis, despite her Taurus Rising fixed axis, Fixed Aqua Sun speed talks a Great Wall of China around herself talking about nothing at an incredible pace, so that you feel you know and understand her. Yet, on reflection you come away with nothing meaningful. Old friends are shocked at how little they know her core self. Deflect, react, flight? Elizabeth Montgomery shockingly is all Cardinal despite this lovely evocative mutable photo shoot.

  6. Sun/Pluto/Jupiter/Mercury/Uranus/Venus in Virgo and, a Sag Moon. Can confirm. Some of it comes from occupying liminal spaces between dimensions (everything everywhere all at once style). Friends treat me like a walking Duck Duck Go and are astonished when I suddenly notice something major/obvious six months later (a building no longer there, a new person at the office, a giant tree planted in front of the house) and I “when did that happen?!”. They think I’m putting them on.

    1. “Some of it comes from occupying liminal spaces between dimensions (everything everywhere all at once style)”

      Yes! Brilliantly put!!

      1. Just checked and the Daniels who directed that movie are an Aquarius and a Gemini 😉 Makes good sense!

  7. Yuuuuuuup. I’m super mutable, and my memory is like a tub full of water and dry ice. If you reach in to find something, you’ll have to feel for it. There’s no way to see what’s down there.

    1. YES! I also found that the perception of time is not the same everywhere and that there are places where it feels like it sort of expands and contains many more experiences in the same amount of time.

  8. Yes to all of this.

    It’s an interesting situation the conversation with a Mutable. Strap yourself in, it’s going to be all over the shop. Take notes and try and stay on point. It’s a double shot caffeinated ride.

    My Aqua Ascendent allows me to translate this terrain, I’d get a headache trying to keep up with that pace 24/7.

    Mutable people tend to call at ridiculous o’clock too.

    I’ve also lost my sunglasses 🕶️ yesterday, possibly last night. This image is so poignant.

    1. Sunnies update: I found my sunglasses 🕶️ thankfully safe and sound. However no evidence of having been outside for the night. Someone placed them there in the morning, kinda creepy and unsettling. The location and without a scratch or condensation evident….sus as fuq. Totes glad to have them back tho. The same person that posted my other sunglasses to me was involved in this. As both has the same feeling when I held them. ESP is activated and in the “on” position.

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