Who Is Your History Crush?

Venus Retrograde is the perfect time to ponder your History Crushes! Your South Node sign (and perhaps also the house + any aspects) can often reveal your “type” so far as History Crushes go.

History Crushes are an excellent study aid. They work especially well for Venus-Neptunian people who can’t engage in history without a little personal engagement but who, once hooked, will happily learn Latin or read all six volumes of The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire.

But perhaps our History Crushes also provide vital insight into our psyches?

Mine have always been Mark Antony and Nikola Tesla, although after more recent revelations about the latter, he is now a former H.C.  However, Mark Antony or more correctly – Marcus Antonius – was a double Capricorn Sun + Mercury with his Venus in Aquarius aka we would have gotten along brilliantly, I believe.

A man of few words on record, he did vow to “be a good politician, even if it kills me…or if it kills anyone else, for that matter.” Mostly he stuck to fighting and conducting epic love affairs a la his epochal hook-up with Cleopatra.

If I am allowed a Gay History Crush as well, it would be the inimitable Aphra Behn. Restoration playwright, poet, spy – what’s not to like?  Some say she was the first woman to support herself by writing and I cannot ascertain if this is correct or not but her espionage code name was 007.

She was baptized on December 14 1640, which would make her a Sagittarius but for various reasons, this date is not thought to be her actual day of birth. She made astrological references in her plays so you’d think she would have referred her personal astro in passing – *adds to lengthy list of labyrinthine research topics.

And so who is YOUR History Crush?   Bonus points for working out your compatibility.

This is what I did like about Tesla, btw.

“As a young apprentice in Thomas Edison’s New York office, Tesla, regularly worked from 10.30 in the morning until 5.00 the following morning. Later, after he had started his own company, Tesla arrived in the office at noon. Immediately, his secretary would draw the blinds;  Tesla worked best in the dark and would raise the blinds again only in the event of a lightning storm, which he liked to watch flashing above the cityscape from this black mohair sofa.”

Daily Rituals by Mason Currie

115 thoughts on “Who Is Your History Crush?”

  1. Van Morrison, Irish poet and musician. Leonard Cohen for the same. Those deep minds produce beautiful music. Yes, both Virgos, go figure !

  2. My crush would have to be Oscar Wilde. I found a poster of him when I was 16 and I fell in love with his beautiful velvet clothes, his eyes and his young body (he became quite pudgy in old age). I had him on my bedroom wall for a couple of years until a jealous neighbour cut out the book he was tenderly holding in his hand, pronouncing Oscar a wanker! I still miss Oscar.

  3. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    T.E. Lawrence all the way!

    I even worked out out compatibility and it’s Sleazometer central–Mars-Venus synastry!

  4. Patti (Skyler Rosey)

    I had a huge crush on Dr. Kildare! I cant think of the name of the movie where he played the priest where a woman was coming onto and succeeded with him. Those were my 1st thoughts about sex. I had been raised very Catholic. I am no longer after they fucked up my desires, telling me they were sinful.LOLOL.

  5. My historical crush is an odd duck: Peter the Great. I just find him endlessly fascinating.

    His Gemini with my Libra sun obviously get along, and his Pisces ascendant and Cancer moon play fairly well with my Virgo rising and Cap moon. (Well, insofar as anything really plays with with a Cap moon…) But I really think it’s our shared prominent, 1st-house Uranus that draws me in.

    Even his chart–which, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, it had never occurred to me to look at before now–is kind of amazing. Everything points to the unconventional, over-the-top kind of figure he was: Uranus conjunct Ascendant, Sun square Jupiter, Jupiter opposition to Ascendant, Mercury trine Mars… the man is one chaotic, energizing mix of squares and oppositions, but with the Sun trine Neptune of a real dreamer.

    This is the guy who pushed hard to make Russia more European, who studied dentistry as a hobby (and, uh, was prone to practice on unlucky members of his entourage), insisted on establishing a navy in a country that at the time didn’t even have a coastline. (Figured out how to get one, thus, St. Petersburg.) To soak up as much information and culture as he could, he toured the continent “incognito”–as though a 6’6″ tall exuberant Russian could really pass unnoticed.

    I mean, he was just so intellectually curious about everything. And, yes, wildly stubborn and willful and other less pleasant things, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Pyotr Alexeyevich is my historical crush, I just can’t help it.

  6. Oh boy….I’ve had tendencies to become obsessed with the “bad boys with the souls of a poet” in history, or….actual bad boy poets. Who weren’t always the greatest people in their personal lives. Byron, Jim Morrison. Jim’ Sun is opposite mine, we’re both Aqua ascendant, our moons are compatible (trine), and his Venus in Scorpio (naturally) would be pretty hot with my Mars in Cancer. As would his Mars in Gemini with my Venus in Cancer. Sleazy!
    Byron was an Aqua, so I think we’d get each other.

    And always had a romantic, swoony thing for King Arthur. No idea what his astro is tho…maybe I’ll go look it up.

  7. Well that’s a nice piece of synchronicity – I’m currently re-watching the HBO series ‘Rome’ and the guy in the pic up the top plays Marc Antony. For anyone who hasn’t watched it, get thee to a torrent site ASAP and download – it’s brilliant!

    It’s reignited a major curiosity in Ancient Rome. Anyone got any recommendations for good books on the subject?

  8. Is that James Purefoy, the actor? I am watching “A Knights Tale” and he looks like King Edward in the movie! Loved him in this movie!!

  9. I’ve always had a thing for Napoleon, but then so did his lady Josephine and we share a birthday. She unfortunately had many other types, not limited to this “man of dangerous ambition”. This presented quite a problem for the famous couple, one that almost rivaled her inability to bear him any more children (spring chicken she was not. massive amounts of charm go a long way). Though already having two herself from a previous marriage I’m sure this was secretly a non-issue for her. I imagine this description would’ve inspired the same thrill in her as it so often has in me.
    “For many who encountered him, Napoleon’s personality escaped the usual boundaries of definition. The writer Germaine de Staël, whose opposition to Napoleon saw her exiled from Paris, thought that unlike most people, he seemed ‘neither good nor violent, neither gentle nor cruel’. ‘Such a being,’ she continued, ‘having no equivalent, could neither feel nor arouse the slightest sympathy.’”

    1. Did you ever read Desiree, by Annamarie Selinko? If not, you’d probably love it. A young Brando played Bonaparte in the movie – never saw it, but sounds like great casting. Mind you – Merle Oberon as Josephine? Nooooo!

      1. Goodness, no, but now I’ve got something else to speed order on amazon. Hopefully I can track down the movie and the book! Thanks for that. 😉 Merle is certainly not bad looking, but I’ve never seen anything else she was in. Hopefully she did Josephine at least a little justice. :-p

  10. I’d switch teams for Jezebel. All that killing-babies stuff sounds like propaganda. Any woman who the whole world reviles *must* have been interesting.

  11. Arthur Rimbaud! I had such a crush on him when I was a teenager. He’s all Libra . My Sun conjunct his Moon and other interesting aspects but not sure it would of worked, he was in love with a man after all! But he has this dreamy quality. Composite Sun in the 12th house, Moon oppose Neptune, AND conjunct Pluto. No hope

  12. Voltaire, a young Hunter S. Thompson, the Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad, 1970’s Cher, Vali Myers.

    I probably have loads actually, assorted artists, scientists an poets.

  13. Oscar Wilde (as a friend). His Libra sun opposite my Aries moon; my Leo sun/mars widely conjunct his Leo moon. His Libra Venus conjunct my Libra Uranus/Venus. His Scorpio Mercury conjunct my Scorpio descendant. His Sag. Mars square my lunar nodes. His Capricorn Jupiter conjunct my Capricorn MC. And finally his Taurus Neptune conjunct my Taurus ascendant, and his Taurus North Node exactly conjunct my Saturn.

    I’d love to have him as a frequent dinner companion.

    1. Oh i have always ADORED him too!!! And no wonder…

      his Libra Venus conjunct mine – exact degree!! and his Mercury smack bang on my Sun – his words make me swoon. His Mars conjunct my moon, his Saturn conjunct my NN. His NN conjunct my Jupiter
      His neptune trine my sun. His Pluto trine my Ascendent.

  14. Crikey Mystic, you had to ask this question? 🙂 As a writer and historical fiction author, I’m all about the history crushes. I have so many – cripes, it would take all day … and night *wink *wink

    I’m an air-heavy freak in my chart, so all the smarty-pants men would get me: Tesla, Darwin, Voltaire, Newton, Lewis Carroll, Shakespeare. Anyone who could spin a phrase and look sexy doing it. I’d love to go on a nature walk with Thoreau, be all swoony and lovey-dovey with Keats, stay up all night discussing archetypes with Jung, and shake Hawthorne’s hand just once to tell him how much his work has meant to me. I give tours at Longfellow’s birthplace, so lots of love for Henry, too. Oh, and Emerson – are you kidding me? Mr. Gemini and my Gem-rising would get along crazy-good. I’m reading Moby Dick right now, and it’s full of Leo-tastic bombastic phrases from adventure-loving, lion-hearted courageous Melville. It’s a trip.

    And artists … Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Picasso, Klimt, Rodin. My Mars in Libra goes gaga for anyone who can put paintbrush to canvas or breathe life into music – Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy. I just can’t get enough. Sooo sexy. 🙂

    If I went on a love zombie time travel tour, I’d never come back to the 21st century … you’ll find me sipping tea with Jane Austen, cavorting the moors with Emily Bronte, hobnobbing with Oscar Wilde or laughing at Mark Twain’s jokes. I’d never come back!

    1. 12th house virgo

      I misunderstood – neither is my history crush but their romance is my history crush – if that makes sense. Epic romance.

  15. hiddendragonqueen

    kerouac as well! also eleanor of aq. and henry II as a couple, and aleister crowley. *hangs head in shame*

    all pisces suns or moons, synastry but nothing to sit up straight about. there is somebody who eclipses all of these, but in the neptune soup, his/her identity is hidden, only a shadow of a shadow. mystery crushes are the most fun anyway. 😉

    1. Hepburn/O’Toole as Eleanor/Henry II in The Lion in Winter: it all I know about them, but it is one of those movies I çould watch for a fourth time….

  16. I always liked Gaius Julius Caesar, for some weird reason. He was as much an ass as anyone in politics at that time.

  17. Wish I had deep intellectual discourse to add to all these wonderful comments, but……………….here goes, shallow yet passionate!

    RITA fuqing HAYWORTH – Oh my God, just one night, please! I’d love her so beautifully if I had the chance! Insanely beautiful and statuesque, profoundly sexy. Conjunct suns, lots of synastry. Yumyumyum.
    LADY DI. Since I saw her wedding to that English guy, so jealous…….elegance, grace, venusian beauty, Cancerian sweetness. But stubborn and strong, determined. But above all, sublime loveliness.

  18. Also Dorothy Parker – sassy dame, lilith in sagg, stellium in gemini, mercury in leo and oh how she roared in the 20s. jupiter, sun and venus all at 0° of the respective signs – she was the essence of gemini, virgo and libra. She was the mercurial embodiment of the spirit of her age. North node in aries a few degrees away from my saturn in the 10th which vibes nicely to me because she was able to support herself and remain independent in a time when not many women were and they are qualities I was brought up to value and aspire to. I saw an enormous print of a richard avedon photograph of her in an exhibition last year and I thought the size was unnecessarily grandiose and unflattering. For some reason it really bothered me.


  19. He’s not so much a crush because there are aspects of the man that I find repellent but i’ve always had a feeling of total compassion and empathy for charles bukowski. This I realise, is strange for a woman to admit. His poetry moves me deeply – his bitter honesty and yearning to feel something – anything. His alcoholism rendering him incapable of that desire ever resulting in anything but empty fucking. What fleeting moments of tenderness he managed to experience seemed destined to trigger a rapid decline into self-loathing and hatred of the women he shared them with. He was a terrible, violent, misogynist. In his defense he rescued stray cats…

    We are both mars square neptune.
    Our chirons are loosely conjunct and my NN is exactly conjunct his chiron.
    His moon conjuncts my sun, IC and uranus, his mercury sextiles them. His sun sextiles my mercury and venus + conjuncts my mars.
    His mars is conjunct my neptune – which also squares his sun.
    His mars sextiles my jupiter, uranus and pluto.
    My lilith in the 12th exactly quintiles his sun in the 5th + exactly sextiles his neptune in the 5th.
    His sun in the 5th exactly trines my saturn.
    His Jupiter in the 5th exactly sextiles my venus and mercury, his uranus in the 11th trines them.

    Blessed be the heavens for giving us distance in age and geography. I don’t find him in the least bit physically attractive but there is a fascination and that astro is a recipe for a lazy co-dependent disaster punctuated by binge drinking and epic but empty sex.

  20. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Charlie Chaplin? Strange, I know, but as a Neptunian I’m obsessed with film history, and I love dudes who can make me laugh.
    I have googled Charlie’s astro many a time and we do have the “sexual napalm” aspect- his Mars is conjunct my Venus BY 3 MINUTES. It’s really too bad he’s dead. (…..And that he had a thing for teenage girls.)

    I also feel a real affinity with the silent film actress Clara Bow aka the first “It” girl, and I think we would’ve been pals. (Her Venus/Pluto conjunction conjuncts my Mars in Gemini/sextiles my Mercury in Aries, and her Sun in Leo trines my Aries Sun exactly… a lot of people I’m attracted to (friends and lovers) have some sort of Gemini/Leo combo. We both share Saturn Rising and we’re both Outer Planet People, although hers are a lot more intense- she has Venus/Pluto Conjunct and Moon/Neptune conjunct opposite Uranus.

  21. Well that was an odd experiment which has made me think. I took Abe Lincoln, Rasputin and Tesla. Simply because their eyes hold something for me and I feel a sort of resonance.
    Oddly both Abe and Rasp are 1.93 tall as in my perfect height for a chap? Couldn’t find Tesla’s . But what amazed me was that all of them had significant Pluto conjunctions with me and more interestingly they all had a significant placement conjunct my main man’s Sun! How bizarre!

      1. Errrrr I have found after numerous pieces of research that this height tends to bring with it other properties that I look for in a man! Namely one other property.

  22. My all-time history crush is John Keats. I read his poetry in school, of course, but it was his letters that blew me away and continue to do so–he’s so palpably wise and funny and bawdy (yes, bawdy) and generous and curious about life in them. I remember being 17, sitting up in bed late into the night, reading and re-reading those letters and wishing I could spend just one rainy afternoon with him.

    Looking up his chart, I see he had a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio just like me. Which is conjunct my Mercury. (So perfect.) His Venus and Mercury are right on my Descendant. His Mars is conjunct my Uranus.

    Sign me up for Mystic’s time travel tour, because Saturn is starting its transit of my Sun and Neptune for the next nine months. It’s already been work, work, work and delayed gratification. Can’t imagine what the next months will bring.

    1. Yes. Love Keats. I studied him for my final high school exams (aeons ago). We weren’t allowed to take books into the exam so I memorised a lot of his poems. They stay with me still. I still reckon ‘The Eve of St Agnes’ has the best sex scene ever written in literature. “Into her dream he melted”. *Swoon*

  23. I have a few mid 20C crushes….

    I love Jack Kerouac. His Sun is on my North Node, Uranus conjunct my MC, his Venus on my Chiron, his North node & Saturn conjunct my Uranus, Jupiter conjunct my Venus, his Venus sextiles my Moon exact. Sigh. Also I have Neptune on the cusp of my 7th house, so show me an alcoholic and be still my beating heart.

    I share a birthday with Sylvia Plath and I love her AND Ted Hughes. I lived for 2 years down the street from where they lived in Cambridge.

    Sylvia: our Suns conjunct, obvs, our North Nodes conjunct, her Chiron ON my AC, her Pluto on my Lilith (ooooh yeah….), her Moon conjunct my Uranus and Venus, her Venus conjunct my Pluto, her Mercury conjunct my DC, her Mars trines my Merc EXACT, her Uranus opposes my Merc v. v. close to exact, her Venus trines my Mars exact, her Pluto opposes my Mars exact, her Chiron opposes my Neptune, her Mars is doing something to my Uranus I don;t understand and there are heaps of other close trines, etc, I’ve just pulled out the ones with an orb of less than 1º.

    Re: Ted there aren’t many contacts but interestingly he had his Sun exact conjunct his IC, and Lilith conjunct his MC, Chiron conjunct Moon in 12th. He writes like a pantheist. I love the poetry he wrote for her in Birthday Letters. Apparently his notebooks were filled with sketches of astrological charts and he wrote this poem of the night they met:

    “Our magazine was merely an overture
    To the night and the party. I had predicted
    Disastrous expense: a planetary
    Certainty, according to Prospero’s book.
    Jupiter and the full moon conjunct
    Opposed Venus, Disastrous expense
    According to that book. Especially for me.
    The conjunction combust my natal Sun,
    Venus pinned exact on my mid-heaven.”
    “That conjunction, conjunct my Sun, conjunct
    With your ruling Mars. And Chaucer
    Would have pointed to that day’s Sun in the Fish
    Conjunct your Ascendant exactly
    Opposite my Neptune and fixed
    In my tenth House of good and evil fame.
    ……That day the solar system married us
    Whether we knew it or not.”

    1. his Moon/Chiron conjunction in 12th was on her fuqing Lilith. Anyone who knows her work must think that significant, yeah?

    2. Ohhh this is beautiful. I found Birthday Letters so beautiful and painful at the same time.
      You have powerful synastry w Sylvia, were you always drawn to her work?
      I am planning a bit of a pilgrimage to her grave later this year as part of a UK trip.

      1. yes, i have felt strongly connected to her ever since I first read her work.

        oh, that sounds so wonderful Chrys, can I come? 😀

    3. woah! those words like fingers barely there, tracing the length of my spine. Those two have always given me shivers. I had a thing for sylvia in my late teens but the bell jar was so downbeat I never went back. Her moon and his venus within 2° of my SN, his mercury exactly conjunct my jupiter, his neptune exactly conjunct my mars, his SN within 2° of my mercury and venus, her venus exact conjunct my pluto, her IC/MC square my lilith + Asc.& Dsc – which I find most interesting vis å vis the bell jar which probably rattled cages in my 12th house in retrospect.

      1. oh, you have lots more synastry with Ted than I do Fluxy – what say you of his Sun/IC conjunction? Do you love how he writes about the natural world? Adoration!

        1. I’ve read more of Sylvia’s work than his + some of his love poems so I’m not so familiar with that aspect of his writing – his love poems I find super moving, the SN and venus mercury connections mentioned above are probably the reason. There’s something really comforting and familiar – I’m a closet romantic 🙂

          I read a bit about him so I could get my head around the sun IC question and I think it’s really well illustrated by his return to the country and owning a farm in his later years. I have sun IC and themes of home and belonging are super important. His studies in anthropology too I think point to that 4th house/ancestors vibe. It’s his 5th house that I find interesting – he has venus in libra there and he wrote children’s poetry and I think he might’ve had foundations or educational charities for children too. Venus in the 5th in Libra is a person who can relate to children at their own ‘level’ so I also think it’s poignant that he didn’t tell his children their mother killed herself until they were older. He didn’t want to taint them and kill their joy. I didn’t realise their son had killed himself too though – there’s a saturn cycle running through the family in relation to depression and suicide.

          1. thanks AF – yes, makes sense!

            I have his kids poems and that’s what I read to my kids when it’s my choice.

            How do you know about the Saturn cycle?

            1. Ted remarried 7 years after Sylvia died and died when Nicholas was around 35, Saturn’s conjunct N’s sun and venus. He has a stellium including saturn in the 4th – 5 planets.

              Ted Hughes has saturn square venus and uranus, Sylvia has saturn square her sun and uranus. Sylvia’s saturn is conjunct nicholas’ sun, saturn and uranus in the 4th, while Ted – the main carer which I think is interesting – has relatively friendly saturn aspects to N’s chart.

              Sylvia’s saturn squares Frieda’s uranus and moon, Ted’s squares her sun and jupiter. Frieda has saturn in the 10th and went on to become a poet. Nicholas committed suicide when Frieda was 49.

            2. Ha! LOL sorry, my 3rd house mars in virgo research skills when woohoo! and ran with it. HOW do I know??? I’m having a phase of familial chart obsession and noticed a pattern of 7 in events in their lives when I was reading about them last night so I looked up their charts. Astrodienst has a button you can click on the astrobank page which makes it really easy if you’re a subscriber.

              1. haha, that’s OK – I’m Scorp, I’m interested and impressed by your research 🙂

                Thanks for the insights – I guess I’ll look out for it, do some reading and learn more about Saturn cycles as i go!

                It’s fascinating adjunct material to their biographies which I’ve read. It always had an aura of tragedy and well, should i say inevitibility about it.

  24. Most of my heroes are political.

    Off the top of my head, John Curtin (a Cap) and Ben Chifley (a Virgo?) both for their egalitarian sense of justice, and Curtin, in particular, for working himself to death to lead Australia during the war effort, and for standing up to Churchill when Churchill was making grave errors that affected Australians.

    But then there IS Churchill, and perhaps astro has something to do with it here A fellow Sag, I love him, in spite of all his faults, naivete, conservative politics, and the number of Australians he is responsible for slaughtering thanks to his foolish insistence on Gallipoli.

    Why?He really had to fight with “the black dog” of depression (I relate) while working like a madman to help his people keep their courage and faith in their darkest hour. He overcame dyslexia and a stutter (Mercury in Scop opp Pluto – probably also responsible for his depression) to deliver these words, which really appeal to the Aries Moon/Leo Mars/Scorpio Ascendant in me:

    We shall go on to the end…
    We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be.
    We shall fight on the beaches,
    We shall fight on the landing grounds,
    We shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
    We shall fight in the hills;

      1. In Libra, conjunct his Jupiter in 1st house, and opposite his NN and Neptune in Aries in late 8th house. Hence both the fighting spirit AND the drinking, I guess…and his deep reliance on his beloved wife Clemmie, who left him at one point, because he was impossible and had no time to give her given his huge responsibilities to get England through the war. She came back to him, of course, because even though he was no oil painting (he looked like a pug dog) he was loyal and lost without her…and begged her to come back. An extraordinary yet vulnerable human being who in spite of his priveleged origins got fuq all in terms of love from his parents/

        1. my grandfather has Jupiter conjunct Mars in Libra which I always think would have served him well when he fought in WWII.

          I agree Churchill had some aura of charisma and I suppose having that conjunction in the 1st house would explain it.

          1. Have a relative buried at Villers-Brettoneaux, too, More than that, my parents remember this speech (which I have edited a bit) on the radio. If you listen to it on you tube, the weight on him and the democratised world is all there in his gravelly voice…heartbreaking but very stirring stuff.

  25. My crushes are more on the Actors playing the historical personage, like Jeremy Irons as the Borgia Pope, Alexander.
    Colin Farrell in Alexander the Great. Brad Pitt as Achilles.
    Victor Mature as Sampson (Delilah was cute too).
    Aaron Eckhard as Aaron Eckhard, now we are talking MEN 🙂

    Women? One would be Isadora Duncan but don’t have a crush on Vanessa Redgrave just her acting.
    Coco Chanel peut etre?
    Bathsheba a wife of King David.
    Am i off track again?? Stream of consciousness is all.

  26. Matthew Flinders, explorer, navigator, namer and cat-lover: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Flinders.

    If he were alive today he would have a crush on me too. My venus sits on top of his sun and juno. My moon trines his Jupiter, mars, venus stellium also sextiled by my sun. And we both have moon conjunct uranus so we would under each others urge to voyage to unknown seas.

  27. The historical times of the Mr Keith Richards and the undeniable drive that was behind all the sexy cool aura. Flooring enough as to skip heart beats at some images of him through ’65-’75…

    1. Crush-wise, I so get this. He’s another Sagg with Scorp venus and ascendant… his guitar riffs….hot as….he’d keep a voice recorder by his bed in case they came to him at 4am, which they usually did. Sex on wheels, in his day. Thank god I never met him in person.

  28. Poseidon.

    I dreamt of him at a time where i felt my life was disintergrating.
    I was leaning over him with a group of woman, all in pale coloured robes.
    We we mourning. There were light coloured cliffs all around up, a monumnet of substance up from were we were washing him, in sea water in a shallow pool of pale stone. We were weeping. I woke myself up by screaming out ”Poseidon”.

    At the time i didn’t know Poseidon was another name for Neptune.

    Pisces Rising. Neptune a few degrees off MC in Sag.

    Oh and he was blonde, salty blonde, not all grey.

  29. Well, okay, CLEOPATRA -obviously!- Theodora, Jane Digby (who I became aware of via the fantastic biography “A Scandalous Life”,) Mata Hari. In the male department, Alexander the Great seemed like an awesome dude, as did Jesus- but without the centuries-long post-mortem hysteria… Also, I quite like Al Capone.

  30. Isn’t it terrible that I can’t think of one woman from history that I have a thing for ? Of course there are plenty to respect and admire but a crush…nope. Let’s face it , history was written by men about men.
    Please help me ladies. As a priest of the goddess it’s embarrassing.

    1. Hmm…. Nefertiti? Cleopatra? Joan of Arc? Nancy Wake? Marie Curie? Anne Frank? Florence Nightingale?Sacajawea? Amelia Earheart? Frida Kahlo? Any of those crush-worthy? I don’t know.. I think it’s the tern ‘crush’ that is the problem – for some reason it seems to cheapen and dilute the power and grace of the women I’ve listed above….

    2. electric eel libran

      Same here except extend that to both men and women of history! I admire many but crush on so few. Why? Because once i start being interested in a historical person and start reading about their lives, then they almost always do something shitty that makes me like…meh…
      …like finding out Ghandi and Dr. Feynman were dicks to their wives.
      The women also were sort of similar…
      crush so over…

      humans are so disappointing…

      now literary or fictional crush is something i can get behind!

  31. I never had a history crush …. I had a “from a galaxy far far away” crush on Han Solo. And for awhile I also quite fancied Hannibal Lecter, especially after reading the last book in the series Hannibal. I quite liked his “eating the rude” value system. Han Solo was just hot – I could tell that even when I was 8. 😉

      1. I based my Hannibal crush on the one I conjured in my head after reading the books. Not the Anthony Hopkins version – who did capture him quite well in some respects, but who also had to play to the Hollywood stereotype of a psychopath as well. Hannibal was actually not a psychopath, or at least, not born a psychopath and his ability to sustain a relationship with Clarisse reveals that.

      2. Yes my 8 year old self is also in the Han Solo crush camp. It’s the vest.
        Even as a little girl any dude on a motorbike. I blame my older brother, who’d take me around in my pj’s on his dirt bike.

    1. Fuq yeah on the Hannibal Lecter crush! My crush also developed from the book series, not the movie, though I do find Anthony Hopkins pretty fuqing sexy in his own right, he’s actually one of the few actors on the planet I fancy, I get off more on muso’s.

      1. haha … yeah Anthony does have a certain charm doesn’t he?

        In other news, the Cap came over yesterday. He had to pick up some of his stuff, so I kinda expected it. But he also made sure to tell me how happy was and how great his life is. Man he peeved me right off. You wouldn’t do that to your ex now wouldya wouldya??? 😉

        1. if he was truly happy he wouldn’t have rubbed it in like that. Bet he’s not happy at all. He just wants you to think he is. What a jerk!!!

            1. Well he’s not exactly going to say it while he’s picking up his stuff. Is he? LOL. He’s probably hurting too. Guys deal with things differently.

        2. I hate to say it but I’d probably do something like that (depends on the reason why they are an ex really). Don’t let it get to you, he’s probably trying to save his pride more than actually wanting to actually rub shit in your face to annoy you. x

          1. We broke up because he went from attentive, considerate and kind to dismissive, cold and shut down in virtually a nanosecond. I spoke to him about it but he just couldn’t see the behaviour, so rather than sitting round feeling mistreated, I walked.

            But yes I figured it was probably a pride/bravado thing.

            1. If you’re the one who walked, then it’s definitely pride/bravado bullshit. Living well is the best revenge and all that jazz…

              You’re both pretty much each other’s Pluto transit in person, there’s no fuqing way either of you can just ‘get over it’ and move on with such apparent ease (I notice you were all strong and then a few weeks later had reverted to carbophilia or something similar… he’ll be doing his own version of break up hell, even if he pretends not to be – trust me!)

              Wish I could provide some insight into the overnight coldness and dismissive thing, but that bit sounds more like a case of emotional immaturity than specifically astro related. (then of course, maybe I’m exactly the same but don’t see it!)

  32. Women: Emily Bronte. I grew up not far from Bronte country. She has sun-Merc conj in Cancer loosely opp my moon-Lilith and exact opp my Juno-Eros-Vertex. Her Chiron in Pisces smack on my Pysche. Her Venus on my Leo asc. We both have Mars in Virgo plus our Saturns exact conj. So mostly we’d end up talking work 🙂
    Also Berthe Weill, turn of the century Paris art dealer. Just checked her chart and it’s intense. Sun-Mars conj, Venus-Saturn conj all in Scorp plus Pluto-Chiron conj in Pisces which must have been a generational thing. I don’t have much in Scorp but her Pisces conjuncts my stellium.
    Blokes: Neruda. We’ve done his chart here before, half his planets in Cancer lined up opp all my Cap stuff. Plus his Lilith in Pisces conj my Sun-Saturn-Merc. That’s good enough for me 🙂

    1. Ooh and George Eliot. Scorp sun w multi-Sagg and Pluto-Saturn-Chiron conj in Pisces, Aqua moon. What a chart! Don’t fence me in lol

  33. J.S.Bach – I’m named after him and his music is the one I’d take to a desert island if I only had one choice – it grounds me – it is mathematics converted into love for life on earth and a higher being (or whatever) above – mathematics displaying its infinite possibilities in the way that a leaf or a shell displays it – the bones of the universe displaying the essence of life.

    and Isabelle Eberhardt who is kinda my weird pinup chick.

    And Carole Lombard yes, died young, and was a hollywood actor, but I’d turn gayist for her!

  34. I think Petrarch.

    poets and/or explorers in general.

    More locally, Governor Phillip was also pretty cool, I think that interest stems from (what I understand to be ) a more humane (sigh) approach to and genuine interest in the local Aboriginal communities around Sydney. Many / most of the other governors were , well, it’s in the history books :\

    1. ok so women:
      Mary Wollstonecraft, one of Australia’s earliest or better known womens’ rights activists.

      Boadiccea, of course.

      Amelia Earhart

      Joan of Arc

      Margaret Sanger.

      1. these women are not only special for what they achieved, but for their immense battles against the male establishment and social expectations of their gender. So they fought on many fronts, as do nearly all women who (eventually) enter the history books.

        1. yep. i have major history-hero crushes on any woman who basically says “fuq you all, I’m doing this.”

          a bit like prowln though otherwise, I am kind of averse to ‘looking back’. … Venus in aries? right here, right now 😉

  35. Sid Vicious. He has Venus in Taurus and Mars in Crab like my Gem man, works nicely with my venus cap, mars pisces, also my moon conj Sids asc, usually a nice connection. Not much else at a glance though.

  36. I really like history actually, but I dunno about history crushes. My favorite person in history is probably Santa Anna, dude was like NixonX20

  37. Tesla and I have the same birthday!

    As a teenager it was Einsten an Escher. Loved them both.
    Now, I don’t have any.

  38. Clearly, Romeo Montague, cause I’m Juliette and whether or not well ever be together eventually that story will always be the classic tale of true love

  39. Harry and Caresse Crosby.
    Buckminster Fuller.
    June Miller.

    Jesus because he’s the ultimate unattainable dude and apparently was pretty hot if art has any accuracy whatsoever (it doesn’t; I don’t care).

    Tycho Brahe because I have a thing for vaguely sociopathic geniuses.

    Venus-Uranus-Neptune in 8th

    1. Raché(Aqua/Tauri)

      Holy shit. Buckmister Fuller also Cancer with Taurus rising (= midheaven in Aquarius).

      Bucky + Tesla = my new Aqua midheaven inspirations.

  40. Richard the Third (last seen in a car park in Leicester). I put our details into Astrodienst’s relationship query, and apparently:

    You and Richard generate both attraction and tension in each other. You arouse strong erotic feelings in him, and often he may find you very beautiful and desirable…


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