Hair And Beauty Moons

Old Witches Tales and lunar mavens have long known the best time to cut hair if you want it to grow but that is not the only Moon & Astrology “rule.”

Hi Mystic,

I have well memorized that Leo Moons are great for hair and Taurus for a massage but I’d love it if you can do a post on all things beauty by the Moon (or refer me to it if you have already done this). I am interested in the best time to cut hair if you want it to grow, hair removal, manicures, facials, and clothes shopping. There is a lot of conflicting information online. Please set me straight!  

Yours Faithfully,

The Gemini Social Butterfly

Dear Gemini Social Butterfly,

The best known astrological hair rule is that the best time to cut hair to thicken it up or get longer is during the waxing Moon. That is, from New to Full Moon. If you want to discourage hair growth, do it during a Moonwane. So, for example, you would wax your legs then.

The Moon in Leo (waxing, ideally) is fabulous for adventurous hair moves and color and the Moon in Gemini for manicures. Gemini rules hands. Think of the elegant Gemini gesticulation as they make their airy, mercurial conversational points. The Moon in Pisces for foot treatments and a Libra Moon for facial treatments would be ideal!

Fashion is more the domain of Venus. You need her in good alignment – a harsh angle to Saturn and you end up having an existential crisis in some department store, overwhelmed by the consumer vibe and feeling every one of your body insecurities. Venus-Jupiter aspects work brilliantly except of course that your expectations can be way out of whack with your budget or lifestyle.

Most of all, don’t go shopping on the Dark Moon. It’s a lunar low tide. It’s not the best time to cut hair either. In fact, it’s renowned for spontaneous existential home haircutting and color benders. Dark Moon days (marked on the Moon Calendar as power-purge) work for subtracting clutter and simplifying.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Princess Gloria Von Thurn Und Taxi

10 thoughts on “Hair And Beauty Moons”

  1. So a back sack and crack wax on the full moon might not be such a good idea ? Hmmm.. I’ll wait till Chiron gets off my galactic centre, thanks x

    1. It’s Pride Parade tomorrow in my neck of the woods so you wouldn’t be able to get in to the salon anyway.

      (Do hope even an Aries would not plan to do the area by themselves.)

  2. This post is pure gold.
    I already abide by the New to Full & Waning Moon rules but it’s great to have it all the Moon tips in the same post.
    I think one should also watch when Venus is transiting in one own’s First House / Rising too.

  3. You had me at Princess TNT! Ah, ahe had the coolest Punky Art Joie de Whatever but she so worked it. And after years of partying, got her shiz together amd now really devotes her time to charity and art. Love her!

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