How To Combat Dark Moon Dread

Β Dear Mystic,

Am I alone in feelings of dark moon dread? I appreciate the full moon’s effect and observe however nothing rattles my cage more than a dark moon. I want to hide (some where pleasant and comfortable if possible heh heh ) and not have to deal with people and mundane type stuff ie. work and other 6th house issues. I would feel way more comfortable in dealing with the dark moon energy if I could hide and meditate or go into recluse mode during this time ….


Dear Taurus,

You are not alone! Ennui and a gloomier outlook are more likely than actual dread though.

To refresh – the Dark Moon is the few days at the end of the monthly lunar cycle, right before the Moon is new again.

You can see them on the Moon Calendar and the Daily Mystic updates featureΒ  provide more extensive briefs. Some are stronger than others – depending on your sign and foibles. Eg: the Dark Moon right before a New Moon in your sign is often ultra intense.

If you’re a strongly lunar person – eg: Moon Rising or very Cancerian, you’ll be hyper-attuned to highs and lows.

In many ancient societies Dark Moons were honored and it was assumed people would spend more time hanging out at their preferred temples at this time. Large public events were simply not scheduled for this inward-gazing phase of the lunar cycle.

These days it would be professionally and socially unacceptable to skip an occasion because of the Dark Moon so people can find themselves out of sync with themselves and nature. The ideal D.M. protocol would be to stay at home in a bathrobe or distinctly ‘not for public consumption’ garb, graze, potter, read, declutter, meander and stretch etc.

Whatever your preferred chill, the point is that it’s ennervating to try and force the fabulosity when the Moon is end-of-cycle.

Often those evenings where you go out and eat/drink too much without especially enjoying it, feel strained and drained then come home for a bout of frustrating fuqing around on social media/e-stalking and/or watching crap tv/consuming crap edible non-nutritious food-like substances before going to bed in a foul mood are on a Dark Moon.

Yet relaxation if 10x more restorative at this time. Even if you’re nocturnal or high-adrenaline, it’s the best time of the month to slide mindfully into your lavender-scented bed for an early night.

The other part of the Dark Moon protocol is that it is extraordinary for decluttering and sorting out your 6th house issues – admin, bureaucracy, filing and scheduling. Micro-focus feeds macro-genius so you can clean and sort your way into profound clarity re scenarios that would be too big to tackle head on.

We’re unlikely to get Dark Moon leave any time soon but don’t let that prevent you from some subtle adjustments: Start scheduling the sort of work obligations that involve analysis or sorting for the Dark Moon and block them out on your calendar ahead so that, given the option, you can decline all but the most desirable social events that occur at this time.

What does everyone else think?

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73 thoughts on “How To Combat Dark Moon Dread”

  1. I always seem to have terrible insomnia on a dark moon. I am an insomniac anyway but it’s typical that I am always exhausted & badly want to rest, but never can! Moon in Aries in 9th with Cancer in 12th.

  2. Well I have done some of these things today exactly. I walked for an hour and twenty minutes before work and I unsubscribed from invitations to LinkedIn which for some reason all seem to come from people I don’t like or make me feel uncomfortable (some weird cyber stalking going on?) And I especially blocked the Instagram account of a friend of mine because he is what would be classified as a Qi vampire here: all negativity, no pictures, no loveliness, just angry text and memes and negativity. What made it worse was a lowly joke about Charles Manson’s wedding which a person with whom I had a falling out liked and that was it. But my friend had to convince me on the phone for minutes that blocking wasn’t going to cost me my job, my family or anything real in my life and I finally did it. I was being bullied in typical “angry girl on Instagram” fashion by a man in his mid forties on an almost daily basis. I needed my friend’s encouragement to do it, though. We sometimes cling to things that ended long ago that we really should take a radical approach and let go. Let the mind be occupied with the social reality of life and the positive things happening in it and not about what a person may think.

  3. neptune direct and i meet the leo dude in oxford. Was visiting a friend and i was booked into formal dinner event and then we all went to informal ice cream get together. he made the effort to come and speak to me but what does one do when they’ve just had a soup with extra onions and garlic. Embarassment for sun in virgo/venus in leo talking to Sun in leo/ venus in virgo. Ooops! he was very interested in talking to me. great eye contact from his corner to me at the end of the table. There are feelings there from both sides. I regret not encouraging him. I have IBS so social situations can get awkward πŸ™

    I was the moody depressed one in the dark moon. I came back that night feeling a mix of things. The guy is what I want in a man. when I came back home, i sobbed like ive never sobbed. Things went pear shaped in April when neptune went retrograde and its amazing that I saw him exactly when it went direct. Also didn’t realise it was a dark moon.

    Virgo Sun, libra rising, sagg moon.

  4. Any explanation why Dark Moons seem to summon bitter, angry ex’s, and strange stalkers and haters? It’s like clockwork.
    Wonder if Dark Moon and Neptune Direct triggered strange delusions?

      1. oh gross! It’s possible. Some of these people seemed compelled to lash out. I just avoid others during Dark Moons and the Full Moon. It’s my favorite time to rejuvenate, but I see others fighting it and becoming overwhelmed and irritated.

  5. “don’t try to force the fabulosity or dazzle.”

    yep. also, i have been eating so much candy. like, right before bed. groan.

  6. I was so sad and feeling so lonely last night. I ate dinner, had some wine, listened to emo music and ate ice cream in bed haha. Thank goodness I’m feeling better today.

  7. It’s also good to have a break from moon energy is it not ? Maybe instead of dark and light think of subtle and intense. Low tide is best for a walk on the beach. Lower moon light allows other planets to shine, be noticed.
    Do we sometimes have to see things without those moony vibes putting Vaseline on the lens ? the cold light of day ?

  8. Jah, I have Moon rising, and I totes get the dark moon rut but I love it – is that a Scorp “Dark before the dawn” thang?

  9. got nothing for dark moon dread apart frm liquorice allsorts and green tea and too much internet and walking

    but i was getting a bit “agh i am not Now enough” for an upcoming Thing that i very important to me and my ‘image ‘i guess i was looking at one of those shopbot sites, aggregator thing and ugh online fash SO freaking awful πŸ™ anyway before i slid into an identity crisis, i thought ‘this is ridiculous i have a fuqing awesome me-style thing , i just need to freshen up my eyes’ who should come through but the sartorialist. I searched “oldest” not “newest” because fuq newest, aaahhhhh bliss so much style that is not cut-out dresses, body con, panels and digital print bllaarrrghhhh
    i guess if i was 20 i would love it but i aint

      1. Lol no, I get it. You found your freshness in the retro/classics isle. Like searching outside the box you found your treasures. Right? haha

        Which is so fab, if that’s what you were saying πŸ˜‰

        1. Yeah. It wasn’t quite retro but classics might be closer to the mark, or at least non-Australian and highly personalised take on style and clothes-composition. Felt better instantly. Call me shallow.. lol x

      2. I had a Homer moment and got stuck at licorice allsorts. Which led me to memories of playing rummy with my nana as a child. We would play for hours eating rounds of pistachio nuts and licorice allsorts. Thanks for that Pi x
        Then I read the rest and I’m not sure what you’re on about.

      1. I get it but I am just so fuqing over it! Or its the silhouettes maybe, not sure yet
        Prefer checking out the plus size sections if only to be able to see what the styles look like on an actual human body with an ass.

  10. “Often those evenings where you go out and eat/drink too much without especially enjoying it, feel strained and drained then come home for a bout of frustrating fuqing around on social media/e-stalking and/or watching crap tv/consuming crap edible non-nutritious food-like substances before going to bed in a foul mood are on a Dark Moon.”

    ah, this? can my progressed moon be a dark moon? this has been de rigeur for months and months pour moi

  11. ahh tis good to hear these words, feeling completely upsidedown and stuck. forgetting the prequel to the NM…sfter being a single mother for two years to three v intense kids, (two scorpio moon one aries moon!) with a paranoid ex, feel completely at odds with no social life and my world dissolved into v small space…need to generate money and work as sliding backward into credit cards but been out of proper creative work for so long feel my confidence completely shot and feel quite exhausted all the time, this is so not who i am that it is scaring me, i was a therapist but quit to ‘work on myself’ and this is scaring me too…ahhh this too shall pass, this too shall pass

  12. Running around like my usual crazy woman today with all sorts of schizz interrupting what I really needed to do…but felt an amazing sense of calm…as in the Pacific Ocean calm.

  13. Explains why I have been in a funk. Also why I was obsessed with an epic decluttering bender. I mean, really, who gets excited at cleaning their refrigerator so thoroughly that they take the drawers apart to make sure the crannies get soapy water in them. And, no Virgo in my chart!

    The next day was the laundry room with parts of the pantry shelves being attacked. Now pondering the gym to get my body in order.

    1. This Taurus relates.

      I did an EPIC 6-week house cleanse back in July/August not to mention shopping. Everything on my want list I found for UBER cheap on sale for my house so I spent, spent, spent til my hearts content. My bathroom and laundry used to be my two despised rooms – now both are sanctuaries of cleanliness, ordiliness and color co-ordination. I donated well over 20 garbage bags to the thrift stores. It felt amazing.

      Needed a break. Or should I say, I ‘broke’. It’s been a rough year. But over the last 2 Sunday’s I finally did the kitchen and bought the last appliance on my want list today (just so happened to be on sale the day I remembered I should pick it up – I am uber in sync with material vibes). Due to the stress of the year (and my upstairs neighbors over watering) my poor balcony garden died). Last night I washed and rinsed the floors, washed ALL of the 50 hanging lamps, the table and two chairs and the pots that hang on the railings. Took 4 hours. Today, I spent 4 hours planting my herbs and chillies in the cleaned pots, disinfecting the concrete wall and washing all the big pots as well as fixing some broken chimes etc In the next 48 hours I plan to spend the last 4 hours washing the last of the 7 pots, cleaning out the shelf and throwing out the few pieces that were not needed.

      Dark Moon days, man…I was given money today to boot! Always so abundant for me πŸ™‚

  14. Jeepers peeps ! So many of us are going through the wringer at the mo ! And the ZZ isn’t even in full swing ! Maybe we’re clearing/pruning in readiness for ZZ full flight ? I can almost hear MM going “Ahuh, ahuh, I told you so ! Get a grip on whatever blocks the awesome ! Then fling it to the farthest reaches of the universe, never to return. That or churn and burn !” Easy to read, painful to do, stay stuck and we’re fuqed. Fuq it ! Hold on to those dreams, even when they’re slippery ! Stagnation is worse than the effort to bust the cocoon.

  15. Hey lovelies ????

    I have recognize a recurring ‘dark’ period of Dreamscape where long ago or twisted scenarios with otherwise loving relationships..haunt and disturb. I understand Hecate and life death cycle.. But my brother really wouldn’t kill birds and!!! Most importantly I have forgiven, cut chords and blissfully and celebrated deep wisdom moved on from toxic situations.So… After YEARs of dealing with, (the one I needed to lose in order to find myself ).. The insurmountable work and blessings … Why the unnecessary downer? Is it karmic ties not yet resolved? Just the planetary cycles that have somehow programmed this recurring sorrow to express itself on the dark moon?
    Any suggestions..? No, the other has no interest in a peaceful forgiving exchange.
    Yes I’m completely over it and only have love in my heart.
    But give me a break!!! That was like soooooo yesterday.


  16. Listened to an interview with RuPaul today after looking up her quotes on account its his birthday. Amazing human. Doing yoga, listening to Bjork, having a bit of wine, really glad I quit smoking weed. Healing. If I start following dark and scary thoughts, I could find a lot to follow. But why? This is the life today. I can’t believe I got here – peace and contentment with my self. No need to pull in another or push a thing away.

    1. Am quitting weed right now, been a week only smoke one before going to bed. I’ve been using weed as an anti depressant since I’m 15, just opened the box of pandor, on Monday the 10th, conjunction of mars and Pluto on natal Neptune.

      No more illusion.
      Weed is the 2nd drug after heroin that makes pool go to rehab.

      1. I quit last month and it hasn’t been that bad. Having motivation to quit was hard, but I have to do a drug test for a job so that’s that. The only symptom of quitting past the first few days was remembering my dreams, an improved sense of smell, more energy…basically, all good stuff. When/if I have trouble sleeping, I take a benadryl, those knock me out. And if I miss smoking, I role a joint with this instead. I don’t smoke it often.

        Good luck.

          1. Awesome! I was so inspired by RuPaul I spoke in RuPaul quotes all evening. Self care is so important! I got to get up at 4am so I can be more like him/her.

            1. i know his dedication to the clean life is un-reaaaal. but also, i could no way jose handle all that acid in my life. queen is made of fierceness! after listening i wanted to wardrobe makeover my self and go dancing hehehe xxx

  17. Ugh, yes. Maybe this is why I have been “watching” episode after episode of sleazy true-crime forensics TV in one window while procrastinating on a writing project in another. Plus I had candy for dinner. I’m having a harder than usual time not smoking. I’m kind of toying with starting a new relationship and am starting to think I’m not excited enough about it for it to be a viable Thing.

    Sun/Saturn are also right on my Uranus which conjuncts my super early Sag Sun. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing with that, but I wouldn’t have guessed it involved candy for dinner and forensics TV. Anyone know anything about Saturn-Uranus transits? What is happening?

    1. As I recall, Saturn Uranus transits can be a sudden shift in responsibility. You’ll have increases or changes in responsibility as necessary to make your responsibilities in line with a more authentic you. That could be the ill feeling about relationship too. Like, if it doesn’t light your fire, why invest in it? Intolerable. Or, if you have a career that’s crap, you can either work to shift it or get sacked. But, its Saturn, so its not going to be a sudden shift into all you want. You have to work for it.

      1. Thanks, that sheds some light. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my job lately. Dating is whatever. There have been plenty of men in my life. I’m not going to get all excited about another one until I’m very sure there’s something to be excited about. It is what it is, but I used to be so dippy/romantic about these things that the shift in attitude/value is a bit shocking.

        Just realized Venus is on my Sun and Mercury has returned. Then Neptune is about to get up off my ascendant. I’d say it’s no wonder I feel weird. I’m just going to go to bed early and start over again tomorrow.

        1. “Sleep on it” was some of the best advice that my cancerian former housemate gave me. She was the master of not stressing out.

  18. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Oh YAH I fully agree! Much prefer new or full moons….but the dark moon is great for sorting through emo, realizations and decluttering….if I feel like crap I declutter….

  19. Is this why the daily horoscopes page is all glitched up right now?

    I can see Wednesday’s, and last week’s but not the 4 days or so in between.

  20. Was made redundant and dumped by a man I really loved this time last year. Had to move interstate. Took me 8 months to find a job. Was bullied by my boss. My boss got rid of me last week before the 3 month probation is up and the man I was seeing has vanished into thin air. I just don’t know if I am strong enough to face this again. Result crippling anxiety. Yes this is a very dark moon indeed. Im broke, terrified and see no way out.

    1. Geez, that sounds kind of dire atmo anonymous πŸ™ I feel you, been that place myself once or twice.

      Sending you strength and safe passage to somewhere you can rest easy for a while xx

  21. As a Pisces with an observant Scorp moon and sensitive Libra rising, the vibes on dark moons make me so drained. Actually “dread” can sometimes accurately describe it, although it gets exponentially better when I am able to do an Haute Pisces recluse ritual in which I bathe with Lush bath bombs, make hot tea with milk and cinnamon which invigorates, and get into bed in my towel, reading and journaling and night dreaming fantastic things until I get drowsy. It WORKS. A nice pretty movie usually suits my Libra rising quite nicely as well a la Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Makes me lucid dream pretty & nice things.

  22. Lol, I just told someone, I don’t want to do ANYTHING today.

    Actually I just want to lie around in some Balinese environment of cushions. I think even a chair will give me vertigo today.

    If I could I would be having a Cape Cod & smoking while watching Vikings.Travis Kimmel the main viking is a Cancerian & I think water people are really the most relaxing on the dark moons. πŸ˜‰

      1. I hear you. Struggling to keep it together and not breakdown at work. I feel completely smothered in a dark cloud and the future feels and looks so bleak right now. Struggling to keep the faith that the outcome for me will be positive. Slamming me down right now and I’m now actually beginning to face that I may have no way out. Devastated. I’ve done everything that I can to get out of my drowning situation, have taken the steps that I’ve not wanted to take, now I’m here, and it feels like Universe isn’t working with me, yet again I’m left struggling and don’t know how I am going to survive this one. There HAS to be more to life than this. Has to be. How can it be, when you’re being proactive, accepting the guidance, going where you are directed to go, HOW can you not be met? I just cannot cope with this one. I can feel myself breaking. Cracking up. Holding on by a thread.

        Damn you dark moon. You’re killing me.

          1. Hey Anon, trust, trust that you DO have whatever it takes to do this challenge. Sometimes rock bottom is the only place we can bounce back up. Do something wild for you. Something totally out of the ordinary, therein hides your hidden key. You can ace this.

        1. I know this feeling. Really felt it Sunday night and Monday morning. But things feel better. Still want to be alone for a bit.
          Always helps for me to remember there are others facing pain I haven’t, the deepest losses. I call a couple of friends.
          Organizing, cleaning, taking care of my to do list make me feel better.
          I do really want to be alone, but last night watched movie with the best thing ever, my daughter, and it was sooooo sad. We felt so bad for the guy in it. Made me feel better about me.

          1. Thank you both for your kind responses. Am feeling much better after my breakdown yesterday. No other option other than picking myself up and riding this out. Feeling strong again and able to conquer this. Keeping the faith that it can only get better.

            Appreciate your responses. Hope life is good for you both today x

  23. Another reason could be that women tend to begin a new cycle in the dark moon/new moon, (ovulating around full moon,) hence the crappy mood.. pmt?

  24. Interesting. I seem to thrive during Dark Moon periods. A tonne of synchronicity. Lots of gifts from the Universe. Enjoyed an epic home ‘spa’ experience last night. Am wholly blissed out on Metatron vibes as I type.

    I guess all that energy I have in my Taurus ruled 12th House (Sun, Mercury, Chiron) means the hidden and mysterious is my niche peak times πŸ™‚


      1. Last Thursday somehow my phone went on ‘airplane mode’ and I couldn’t receive phones and texts. Yesterday the same thing happened with ‘do not disturb’ mode. I know it wasn’t me or any physical being, so, I take it the Angels like the Tarot reading said just want me to be on some High Priestess intuitive vibes. Loving every minute, I feel recharged and replenished πŸ™‚

        P.S. I meant to say fixed SIGN, not moon. Oh, the moon. Love le Luna πŸ™‚

  25. Yup, this Virgo wants to run a minesweeper through the house but been busy bawling my heart out all day. Exhausted, emptied, waiting for the phoenix but for now it’s charred remains and choking on smoke and mirrors. Deep sigh.

      1. Hey Anon, am finally accepting my 14 yr relationship is no more mojo. Bearable but for having to take my two beautiful children through with me. Just did a tarot, 12th house began ” To move through this place of smoke and mirrors. . .etc” At least I know where I am ! We will be fine, we will return with treasure, just feel like Persephone touring Hades for now.A Churchill quote springs to mind, “When in hell, KEEP GOING ! ?

        1. The Heirophant in the 12th– I just got that too! Back to class. Take the Dark Moon (with Neptune-Venus vibes) protocol very seriously right now: unplug from the fray as often as you can. Alchemy bath, zone out with nourishing music & art, eat well, purge toxins (via tea/tears/smudging/etc), declutter your physical space… 101. Let it go (for now), let it go la la la. Strength & love from the frozen north, Anna x

          1. Cheers beautiful ! Snapped out of my despair,wielded the vacuum cleaner like it was a majic weapon, took kids to the beach, chatted with a woman who knows, and rose out of the dark fear. Great advice from you, nurture nurture nurture.We women are made of strong stuff.Ready for the next level. P.s., I wear a ring daily with an Ankh and eye of Horus. Affinity. ?

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