Venus and Jupiter

The Logic Of Venus and Jupiter


Imminent: Venus conjunct Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are potent together at any time. But when they meet in Scorpio, it is indigo, magical alignment. See your Horoscopes and the Daily Mystic for more on this potent duo. But think a la [ Read more…]

Multi-Leo – Uber Scorp Cosmic Mojo Oomph

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Crazy-bats super-awesome Mars-Saturn in Scorpio + Venus-Jupiter in Leo = intensity.  The Daily Mystic for Wednesday HAS been sent out but you can also view on the Daily Mystics page here if you prefer. It is all go-go-go.  Goodbye everything [ Read more…]

Liberace Made It Big

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The Taurus artist Liberace was classic Jupiter Pluto conjunct. For several decades, he was the highest paid entertainer on Earth. Jupiter conjunct Pluto is the wealth signature of astrology. Any aspect of these two = riches. But the conjunction is [ Read more…]