Barbie’s Bigtime Pluto Vibe

“An ancient mansion sits beneath ink black skies. Midnight winds whisper through deserted rooms. Softly, the sound of clanging chains and supernatural murmurs rises and grows. From the darkness, an apparition appears, sheer and barely visible. Frightfully beautiful, she lives between this earthly life and an unknown world beyond. You are indeed fortunate that this sublime spirit has revealed herself to you!”

From 2012’s Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie blurb

Barbie – yes, as in the doll – is a Creature Of Pluto and here’s why.

She was born on a New Moon in Pisces, 12 years into the Cold War – March 9, 1959 in New York City.* People were reading Dr Zhivago and talking about radioactivity residues in plants.

In Space Race mode, America was selecting the first astronauts, Ava Gardner was in Australia filming the apocalyptic-themed On The Beach and the Dalai Lama was about to flee Tibet.

Pluto had recently arrived in Virgo and was in alignment with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Eris. A double Pisces – Sun + Moon – Barbie was ‘born’ with all that and Pluto quincunx her Ascendant to boot.

Synchronicity aside, Barbie is the ‘child’ of the Mattel corporation co-founder Ruth Handler – a complicated chain-smoking Scorpio with Pluto trine her Sun and a valid grudge against sexist prejudice. She’d pushed the project through against non-stop warnings against such a sharp disrupt of the sedate doll market.

It was her company, she was an avid gambler and it was her Uranus Opposition – a time when risk-benefit ratios can radically flip – but still, there was significant money and credibility on the line.

Barbie’s background was controversial: Based on a German ‘adult’ doll named Lilli, her hips, waist and knees were engineered by a triple-Scorpio missile designer named Jack Ryan.

Handler had poached him from Raytheon to work for Mattel, making him enormously wealthy via Barbie royalties, but nonetheless the two Scorps fell out and their feud grew into a notoriously toxic animosity.

You can see how Barbie was basically born into a plutonic funk and that was just the beginning…

From Barbie and Ruth by Ruth Gerber

Barbie initially bombed, as toy store buyers baulked at her past life as a ‘Deutschland dominatrix.’ Handler later revealed that she went back to her hotel room and “burst into tears of grief. My baby had been rejected.”

Then she pulled a super-scorpionic stunt. She hired a Freudian psychologist to devise an ad campaign and analyze the aspects of Barbie’s persona that would be most appealing. It worked – the doll went from nearly non-existent sales to making spectacular bank in under a year.

Barbie has her Pisces Sun + Moon in the perma-popular 11th house and her Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto alignment is a classic wealth signature. Yet she also has a crowded 12th house – an Aries stellium featuring Mercury, Eris, the South Node and Venus with Lilth in Taurus.

Perhaps the hidden fire and iconoclastic Lilith represent the clandestine back-story of Lilli, the original doll who was not only an ebullient ‘gold-digger, exhibitionist and floozie’ but free. I’d love to see the original Freudian notes.

The male doll Ken was a Sixties add-on but was never – apparently – intended to be a boyfriend. His role – as dictated by Dr Dichter, the psychologist – was to be a “fantasy escort – male.”

Created out of this plutonic maelstrom, Barbie drew controversy for practically everything: her ludicrous proportions – she would apparently have had to walk on four legs if she were human, flimsy role modeling – tennis and home-making at first – and limited look – thin and white.

Well-managed, Barbie morphed in response to the marketing climate over the Sixties and Seventies, becoming a billion-dollar earner. The dream spin on her in those decades was that – say – Astronaut Barbie or Pucci Barbie, whatever, reflected the emerging culture where ‘girls could do anything.’

As Pluto crossed Barbie’s Libra North Node in the late 70s, however, the slow-burn seethe between her two Scorpio creators erupted. The details were lurid enough to affect sales and many of them (allegedly)  are chronicled in an unauthorized bio called Toy Monster – The Big Bad World of Mattel.

An example of the fuqery at play: It was essentially a custody battle. Jack Ryan, the triple-Scorpio missile designer, now vastly wealthy via Barbie, had doubled down on the Space Dust and whimsical follies.

He was involved in a hyperbolic divorce from triple Aquarius glamor-icon Zsa-Zsa Gabor – his second marriage, her sixth – and seeking to be fully acknowledged as the ‘father’ of Barbie. He also claimed that the tale of Ruth Handler creating Barbie for her daughter’s self-esteem was a concoction.

A side note – Gabor accused him of de-assembling her Rolls Royce and there were revelations of a tacky-sounding dungeon in his Bel Air mansion.

Ryan sued Mattel, then there was counter-litigation and most significantly, an action by the US Government against Handler herself for various forms of stock market fraud.

It is way too involved to go into here but the ‘mother’ of Barbie was ousted from the company she’d co-created whilst she was also dealing with breast cancer. Pivoting on the spot, she started a successful breast prosthesis manufacturing company called Nearly Me.

This time there were no Freudian shrinks but Handler insisted on hiring women who’d recovered from breast cancer, correctly surmising they would make the best sales people for her product. 

It could have also have sprung from her sharper appreciation for the setbacks and vulnerability of women who become ill in the workplace.

The Pluto in Scorpio years were peak years for Barbie as she became ‘cool.’ There were fashion collabs, body morphs, Black and Hispanic versions of herself, a Time magazine cover, presidential runs and an Andy Warhol portrait etc.

The Pluto in Sagittarius era (1996-2007) cast her in a less flattering light. Manufacturing moved to China and with that came the exposure of hideous working conditions and a massive lead contamination recall.

The Barbie brand of feminism seemed anachronistic and her very name became an insult suggesting vacuousness. It was the age of scathing, lengthy take-downs for many a corporate-spawned cultural icon but Barbie generated an outsize amount of them.

Then, in May 2001 when Saturn was square Barbie’s natal Pluto and Pluto square her Pisces Sun/Moon, the Bratz dolls arrived on the scene. Created by a former Mattel employee, multi-ethnic and with a more rebellious persona, they were on-Zeitgeist and a huge success.

While not an existential threat, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade were followed by a wave of adversarial forces for Barbie – the lead paint recalls, demise of big box stores like Toys R Us, the arrival of screen culture – even for children – and competitors like the princess from Frozen.

Pluto in Capricorn coincided with the launch of collector’s items like the Haunted Beauty collection, above. Magnificently kooky, they did become collectibles but Ghost Barbie, Zombie Bride Barbie and Medusa Barbies did not exactly wow the target market – parents who were purchasing dolls for their children.

Barbie then got an ESG make-under, co-branding with National Geographic amongst others and launching a Down Syndrome version. It may have helped share prices but while still the top doll in the world, her sales have slumped.

Now, with Pluto on her Aquarius midheaven – the vocational zenith – Mattel is spending $100 million USD on a July-release ‘live action’ Barbie movie.

Starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and a cabal of celebrity guest Barbies, it looks like Truman Show lite but with less pathos – more humor and fluro-fuschia.

In a weird reflection of her 1959 debut, the Space Race is also being revamped: the Barbie film may or may not restore her fortunes to their former glory but launching at the same time as the Starliner spaceship and a host of weapons-tracking satellites is a surreal homage to her plutonic roots.


*Barbie’s birthday is officially March 9, 1959 – the date of her debut at the American Toy Fair. The time – 9AM New York City time – is when I believe the fair opened that day.

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  1. redondo.bleach

    It seems to either still be in pre-production or benched until the hype of the Barbie movie passes but Reese Witherspoon is producing a movie based on the book Dream Doll about Ruth

  2. A few days after this write up, a Barbie Doll with Down’s Syndrome was released. This is inclusive as often felt Barbie dolls were divisive due to cost, low income/welfare mothers could not afford them.

  3. Wasn’t allowed any plastic dolls! Always wanted a Barbie Doll to dress up, I loved her eyes and long legs. But Piscean Father only allowed lego in plastic, the rest had to be natural materials. Raggedy Ann, old school teddy etc. But we did get a Sasha Doll each which was pretty cool; they are quite collectable now. I found out recently that Raggedy Ann was created after the death of a child from the smallpox vaccine which is relatable in that my kids and I reacted badly to vaccines. Foreshadowing of a sort? In defiance of the no plastic statute, one of our favourite things was to scrounge for coins and buy Smurfs from the local BP Petrol Station, they were around $2.00 I think. I was deeply shocked when the price increased, it was one of my first (unpleasant) realisations about reality of the exchange for goods and services! But then, I thought I could fly if I intended it hard enough, so I was bound to be stumped by price hikes by BP.

    1. My grandmother made Raggedy Anne dolls for left over materials. Also made colourful golliwogs until the church fete asked her not to.
      ***sigh**** Grandma’s Hands.

      1. I love Raggedy Ann golliwog style dolls, they are just very sweet and tactile. Your grandmother sounds like a honey, xx.

  4. striped_hoarse

    Someone should make a series of 🦂 vs 🦂 feuds. We do it so well. You know it is going to be very personal and looong running. For anyone familiar with underground music of 80s, Spacemen 3 imploded due to friction btn the 2 🦂leads born on the same day in the same town. I am sure I have come across others.

    1. Would watch!! It would be a long running series with convoluted plots about power grabs and there would need to be a shifty surgeon, a retired CIA agent who appears to offer oblique & confusing advice that points to a larger darkness, a powerful business woman, an undertaker, a serial killer and a glamorous movie star. Perhaps a hairdresser who keeps her opinions to herself while documenting the lives of the customers!

  5. I never had a Barbie, but a brunette Sindy doll… Not sure how I feel about that 😆 Fascinating article Mystic, thank you.

  6. there was an article just last week on one of the supplements of ‘the sunday times’ about barbie’s story. interestingly, the most successful ken was the 1999 (or 2000, I can’t remember, just thrown away the mag) one – supposedly a trendy one, with bleached hair, a lilac vest and a round pendant hanging from a necklace which was immediately interpreted to be a c§*k ring by the male gay community, which proceeded to buy loads of this ken and made it the absolute best-seller. can’t wait to watch the movie, even though I wasn’t that into barbie – I believe they did a great casting and trust margot robbie and ryan gosling.

  7. Thank You Mystic , Great Information . I had a lady come in the Gallery the other Day . She Restores Vintage Barbies and Has Clients all over the World . These masterpieces sell for in the $5000.00’s . Crazy to Hear . Thanks Again

  8. You know I never vibed with Barbie. I guess her particular look was so far from mine, so I didn’t feel that connection.
    But wow those pics of sorceress-esque looking Barbie would’ve been my cup of tea 🍵 ……. Barbie being made into a movie just feels unnecessary to me, but I get the hype at the same time.
    We are in a time where we need real life influence, NOT my-waist-is-so-snatched it-has-been-proven-to-not-support-my-organs-skinny lol.

    1. just had this historical realisation: corsets went out, barbie came in. barbie went out, thots came in (snatched-waist photo angles and all). the real winner here is sub-20″ waists..?

      1. Hahahaha I LOVE this! Somewhat sad historical realization lol… What is next? Woman completely disappears?? 🪄

        1. I think it’s about the symbolic, the way that everything disappears into symbols, people more academic than me will know reference..I can’t remember just now though

          1. Hhmm symbolism of a woman’s body? Wow okay if you remember or if anyone else knows this reference, pls do tell! 🤔🤔

            1. I was going with semiotics as well, S. Also the concept of “symbolic annihilation” or “symbolic violence” in media & advertising. For example the trivialisation of the complexities of women’s lives, the omission of those outside of the hegemonic feminine ideal, & censure & criticism of women’s bodies – all of which produce the symbolic annihilation of women.

              1. Skarab – I’m so in awe of your intelligence! Do you believe the media intentionally set out to erase the representation of women, that didn’t fit their narrow criteria?
                Societal violence is having a concerning resurgence with the whole ‘Manosphere’ movement. With the rise of a highly sexual woman of course, there has been the equal and disturbing rise of misogyny against women. Equilibrium is always at work…..

                1. Mystic you always seems to be on time with your posts even with Barbie, you reach into so many layers of relevant trends and themes! 🎁

                2. Hey – it’s not my concept – I’m only the messenger here! The concept was developed in the 70s by several people. The reason i know about this is that a friend teaches semiotics of fashion & culture, so i’m familiar with it because i sometimes do research for him.

                  The answer to your question is YES. Basically, it’s all about money. The advertising/media bods set out impossible ideals of what women should look like which echo the tendencies of the era (eg., thin, racy flappers of the roaring 20s; curvaceous vixens & impeccable housewives of the 50s; collagen filled, sex-doll-type bodies of the 2000s, etc) & then sell you the products to achieve these ideals. And because we are being bombarded CONTINUALLY with SO MUCH advertising all around us (mags, screens, billboards) selling these impossible ideals of womanhood, eventually women – & society – begin to think that that is reality. So they keep buying more products to keep up. It’s a horrible cycle. The result being that normal/real women get annihilated.

                3. Wish Upon a Star

                  Thank you Scarab for being the messenger.
                  Yes it is all about money. People believing something is wrong with them so the buy the product to make them right. It is a major head fuq.
                  And children absorb this shit from tv/social media and society.
                  And even before tv etc women wore corsets so tight they feinted etc. Imagine back in the 1600’s. If you didn’t conform they would burn you and call you a 🧹 witch.

                  Wouldn’t it be great if someone could create a device to reprogram all this shit we have been fed. For both women and men. It would be a bestseller. Oh the irony.


                4. The programming is real…..
                  There is a way to sidestep all of this harmful rhetoric = disengage from mainstream media, surround yourself only with knowledge/news that champions the use of critical thinking & eg. free will and lean back into the innate abilities we all came into this world with……

                5. You may be the messenger, but you do it so eloquently! There is no sidestepping that 😝

          2. Are we talking about semiotics here? I think so. Essentially breaking everything down to an artistic sign and symbol and what that means; based on the iconography, the perception of the society then, the historical context of that culture and time and then viewed through a today’s lens.

            1. Hello S. Thank you for chiming in! Sooooo using semiotics in this particular case is to sell a product for the brand? The pink logo being feminine etc etc…..her 12th house stellium including Mercury & Venus is making a whole lot more sense now!

              1. Hello Cecemesee,
                Well that was my thinking on the subject too. How do you work a full house astrologically indeed? You have sustained momentum and outer worldly potential, then you balance this with Barbie pink and prepare for the battlefield.

                1. This is such a brilliant way to look at the balancing act of outer worldly pressure on a particular house! The 12th house is a life long quest to understand its potential, without drowning in the abyss lol.
                  Thank you for the fresh perspective ✨

                2. Wish Upon a Star

                  Thankyou for the fresh perspective. Helping me understand my Pisces Rising.


  9. Always being different, I didn’t want a blonde Barbie doll.
    So popular and very common among girls my age then.
    I wanted, and was eventually given by Mum, a lovely dark haired ‘Sindy’ doll.
    Sindy was released as a rival to Barbie, but never really took off in the same way.
    Sales slogan was Sindy – “the doll you love to dress!”.
    I loved dressing her, so many groovy outfits! Very British.
    I believe that’s why, to this day, I am a bit of a “clothes horse” with a versatile wardrobe.
    Not one to follow fashion (tho did love Mary Quant’s fashion & hair, bless her), I followed my own sense of style as it had to not only look good, but it had to be comfortable, more than anything.
    Back in those days too, all the girls had “Bride dolls” but not me – I had a “bridesmaid” doll. Didn’t want to be a bride & a slave to some man.
    Such a rebellious streak – must have been my inner Aquarius shining through – always following my own path.

    1. Maybe it’s an aqua-influenced thing? the ‘bride’ fantasy was (is) repellent to me too. it sets off my eris-mars-lilith, er, inclinations.

      1. And how. Moon in Aqua influences me in wanting to be free of feelings that compromise my freedom.
        Lilith reigns supreme in my life from the North Node in my 9th House of Sag.
        Lilith in my chart here explained a lot: raw & wild – or more delicately put as strong willed and adventurous!
        A Scorpio man finally won my heart as with him, I have the space to retain my independence – no compromise needed. Freedom is still my way of being.

  10. Brilliant research as always, MM..!XX
    As (I interpreted) Sam alluding to below, there’s a lot to unpack, right..?
    Personally, I had to take a breath to countenance the possibility, that, the Idea of the Perfect Female Form/Femininity, as unconsciously? (Or not) internalised by myself and millions of girls like me in childhood, was actually designed by a male missile engineer..? NO WONDER Barbie’s tubular legs, derriere and overall torso look as if they would neatly compact into an aircraft’s weapon undercarriage!!! (As for why men would even design missiles – but just gonna leave that little sandwich where it lays.)
    (Apart from her Permanently Perpendicular arms. That must be in unconscious rebuttal of the doll-as-missile presumption.)
    Well, this whole subject is somebody’s PhD (or a couple), so am going to keep catching my breath. Phew – really interesting. Thanks MM.

  11. As I child, I liked Barbie’s wardrobe and dressing her. But I never liked Barbie herself. Her stiff ultra-narrow hips; her strange, thin, knee-less, bendy legs; her micro-feet frozen in their pointed position; her hard upper body… All very, very limited and off-putting, repellent even 🦩

    1. Dolls creeped me out as a child. Whenever anybody gave me one i would hide it in a trunk in the attic, including a couple of barbies. To my mother’s credit, she would never ask me where they were.

      1. I really get the ‘creeping out’, Skarab!
        I did not hide my Barbies in the attic, but if someone had suggested it to me, I could have!

      2. Cannot remember my having any dolls at all. Perhaps i hid them like you did never to be seen again.
        Did have a Teddy Bear collection though.
        They taught me about love and hugs.

        1. Me too, Pegs. Still have my teddy George – went through thick & thin together. Looking a bit worn now, much like me, but i can always rely on sympathy & luv from him.

      3. I used to face my toys away or hide them under the bed at times as I was afraid they were able to come alive! Dolls are creepy.

    2. Just re read my post above and just wanted to clarify, that what I disliked so much about Barbie was that her figure seemed so hostile to what women really are. There is nothing supple, warm, human about her… Of course not, you could argue, she is a doll… Still, I think they could have done a much better job in designing her (though maybe not at that particular time in history)

      1. Agreed Calcifer – it seemed she was literally designed as a clothes horse/peg!!
        Interestly, I YouTubed vintage Barbie commercials from the 1960’s. Super interesting. I don’t know whether the Freudian analysis extends “just market it to the Mums, who want the doll to model perceived empowerment/self-determination for themselves, but who then buy it for their children to feel better about it”😂, but certainly, I couldn’t see anything child-centric about it – nothing unwholesome, but it was all about the clothes, wardrobe, and tailored accesories!! (And as somebody who still loves playing with Lego or playdough every so often, am not against creativity – but why could the doll not have been a volumptuous librarian, or Greek or Roman deity of wisdom, or have a pot belly and love handles??)😆 #likeme #thelatter #notthedeitylibrarians

        1. How clever of you to research the way Barbie was marketed back then, CJ! A clothes peg indeed… I was thinking about it a bit more yesterday and I realized what I disliked most, were Barbie’s feet. Feet like they had been bandaged to keep them small, like they did in China. Feet which would not allow her to really move, dance, run like a real human being, to fully express herself physically 💃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️

          1. So true, C – and permanently on tip-toe, on edge or eggshells, on a precarious balance (all the better for high-heels, said Mr Wolf..)
            And while I personally love ballet, even being en pointe, and a good pair of heels (occasionally)- Barbie’s feet needed some grounding (and maybe to be twice the size – lol!😂) Xx
            (Ps. No cleverness in me – just wanted to see how Freudian advertising worked!! 💖)

            1. You inspired me to look online for a Barbie with normal feet CJ, and I found ‘Made-to-move’ Barbie. She has arms and legs which can really bend, and feet which can firmly stand on the ground. So much better already! And definitely a much better message for children 🧒 👦🏿 👧🏼

              1. Ha, who would have thought it?!! Definitely an improvement – even on those wooden figure-drawing models you can buy on a stand in art shops!😃 Now they just need to make Barbie in bio-degradable//compostable plastic – I can just see the marketing line “Just Place Her Upside-Down in the Compost!!”😂❤

            2. How i loved my pink satin point slippers!
              My Nanna made crotchet pads for the tips that are dipped in resin.
              She put methylated spirits on my toes of a night before bed to toughen them.
              Barbie def not in the picture. About pictures, there WAS one of Pavlova, she was my ‘doll’.

              1. Snap again, Pegasus!☺ 💗 Mine still have the crochet tips stuck on (although I hadn’t heard of the methylated spirits trick! But we had a big platter of resin for dipping feet in next to piano in the class). I also had the great fortune to have had one or two “masterclasses” by Marilyn Jones at age 12, when our (small, regional) ballet school organised her to visit, so she autographed them, too!😊 If you could have seen, even just the way she walked – like a leopard, such was her training (as you’d know). Ah am such a nerd.. Thanks for all the memories flooding back!! Merc rx in Taurus..? 💖XOO

  12. So interesting! As a Pluto in Scorpio myself, I LOVED Barbie. And I’m honestly so excited for the movie, it feels like a happy part of my past and as far as I can tell, my fellow Pluto in Scorps are super excited also. I also read a reddit thread about the movie being Wizard of Oz esq- little easter eggs in the trailor of Wizard of Oz posters, a pink brink road, etc.
    Also, although a kids toy, she’s a bit…. sexy? So Scorpionic!

  13. In the mid-2000s, someone made a Barbie of Willendorf and philosophized about how the ancient Venus figures may have shown just as unrealistic a body image to girls of the Paleolithic.

    1. Ha, perhaps there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to be as amply proportioned as that fantasy-effigy, in the paleolithic era, either

  14. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I et people who made modified Barbies. This transformed my understanding of her from “trying to indoctrinate girls into a limited and unrealistic idea of femininity” to “she is whatever you want her to be.”

    One of my friends made Barbiebarians, with armor she crafted from old earrings. She also made a Barbie dominatrix.

  15. The mid-to-late 80s also challenged Barbie with the popularity of Jem and the Holograms, an animated series and line of dolls who were a rock band and also superheroes. Barbie tried to match them by assembling her friends into a band called Barbie and the Rockers, but it just seemed inauthentic and pathetic compared to the awesomeness of Jem. Children were not buying it.

    1. I loved Barbie AND Jem.

      I had so many Barbies, including the Barbie and the Rockers versions that had a custom movement mechanism that made them “dance” and glittery guitars!

      I adored Jem and the Holograms on a whole other level though.

      What was funny about the dolls was that Jem was much bigger in terms of overall size and proportions than Barbie. Jem also had a cartoon show that endeared many of us to her before there was even a doll.

    2. “Truly truly outrageous” I think that’s the theme song playing in my head. The Misfits were also incredible too. So much more appealing to a little kid like me, and the outfits.

  16. I have SO much to say but I wish (hope?) Margot Robbie’s version was written as an Aries mercury character. No other Barbie actress would deliver zingers with even half the heat.

  17. Wish Upon a Star

    Have just read this post. What a storyline with deep Scorpionic undercurrents.

    Barbie a double Pisces and such a chameleon. I want a Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie.

    And yes Breast Cancer Survivors do make the best sales people for breast prosthesis.

    Thanks Mystic.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      The Medusa Barbie is pretty impressive. Check out her snake necklace and fishy tail.

      Can someone explain the bottom image Barbie. Is she from Atlantis?

  18. Wish Upon a Star

    So as a child my favourite doll was an April Shower. She came complete with a 🛁 bath tub and 🚿 shower.

    I washed her hair so much that it was just frizz.

    Thanks mum for honouring my Pisces Rising and Kataka planets.


  19. I wanted a Barbie as a late 60’s child with a scary ferocity but I got a cheaper look-a-like version, which quickly lost it appeal anyway. I do remember drawing costumes and my grandmother hand sewing little outfits. What I do wonder the most is, how many tonnes of plastic barbies have been made? It would never rival soft drink bottles but still.

  20. Does anyone dislike Barbie Pink as much as i do?
    Ava Gardner & Ruth Handler both seem to have had mouths like sailors.
    Ava said something about Melbourne being a pimple on the a..hole of humanity.

    1. As an avid fan of Ava, i feel compelled to clarify. The quote she’s famous for never uttering was “Melbourne was the perfect place to make a film about the end of the world”, as she was filming “On the Beach” there – a tale of nuclear disaster. The quote was made up by journo Neil Jillett on Sydney’s Sun-Herald (he admitted it yrs later). Australians were outraged by it & the quote then took a life of its own morphing into cruder versions, such as the one you mentioned. But yes, she swore like a fuqing trooper. 🙂

      1. Ah, misquotations – why would anybody ever want to be famous??
        Although to be fair, people often joke that my city (Perth, Western Aus) is “the end of the world” (as second most isolated city in world, I think the first is on the Siberian steppe) – and I love it.🤣

        1. I visited Perth, and I liked it… Lots of space, room to think under the vast blue sky. I would lay on the grass and imagine myself on the edge of the universe, looking out over the Indian Ocean… 🏝️

              1. And cockatoos! To me they were exotic and beautiful, in their white and pale-yellow coats… But I assume they are quite ordinary to Australians 😉

                1. They are very common the white cockatoo and a bane for folks with wooden houses as they actually eat through the wood at alarming pace…i live on the east coast and they are everywhere …they screech around and are quite hilarious to watch on telephone lines and live in large flocks…messenger birds…the cockatoos that are super special are all varieties of black cockatoos differentiated by their tail feathers…yellow, red or white …they travel the casuarina tree corridors which sadly get chopped down a lot..they signify rain coming amongst other things and spiritually as Xavier Rudd sings about are the Spirit Bird here…. I travel to South Dakota USA yearly to partake in the Sundance ceremony of the Lakota nation …I wear red tailed feathers in my ceremonial sage headdress and they are a much admired and revered ‘winged one’ commodity …akin to the great eagle to the North American First Nations people I am often asked to trade my feathers 😉 ….but yes cockatoos are pretty amazing many of the species ..white yellow crested and the pink,grey ‘galahs often are great mimics. With love from Australia X

                2. Thank you, Shakti! For your beautiful, poetic description of the different kinds of cockatoos and their miraculous feather coats… I guess I should be thankful that they do not live here in my Northern European country though as I live in a wooden house 😉

                3. Indeed… we are blessed with so many characters in our native birds here, blessings to you as you head into summer X

                4. So many birds, Calcifer – so many beautiful birds. I am friends with every single breed. We have several species of black cockatoos indigenous to SW WA here, and while I love them all, my favourite is the black Carnaby cockatoo, not least because it is endangered. But I will talk to them all -magpies, ravens, willy wagtails, pink galahs, corellas – and they all talk back!😂😍🐦

                5. What riches, CJ! 🦜🦜🦜
                  And it is such a gift being able to love and appreciate animals and nature 🌟

        2. Perth has fab weather & beaches. Friends are going to Monkey Mia next week. Apparently there is a helicopter trip further north where you can swim with ‘whale-sharks’. Wet suits required.

        3. You just made the case for me to visit Perth. I live in the vast Nordic desert. Maybe a visit in our depressing winters would be just the thing. 🙂

          1. That’s it, 5HC – the minute you can come away from those gorgeous Nordic landscapes, your beautiful rescue dog, and finding your own piece of “Gaia”, you simply must come to Perth’s enormous landscapes – coffee & cake on me!! Xoo 😘😘

            1. That’d be sooooo nice, CJ. I’d love to take you up on that, goddess willing. 🙂 Maybe we can have a Mystic Winter Exchange program. You come here during your winters and I come over during mine. 😊

              I don’t know when it will happen though. Everything is in flux at the moment for me.

              The rescue grand old lady is moving to a better foster home in 4 days time – one with a large garden and another dog. I am happy-sad-happy-relieved. I woke up this morning to see diarrhea streaked bedding, walls and furniture in her room.🤢 Poor baby has been sick. And she has not adjusted to indoor living even after 2 months. I am hoping that a home with a large outdoor space and company of another dog feels soothing for her, even as I am sad to let her go.

              I am also starting a fresh cycle of IVF with a donor sperm. My parents are visiting me here in the Nordics for the first time ever. I am due to apply for my citizenship. I am looking for a new role within the same company. I am opening my own AI based sleep wellness and dreamscape venture. I am sure I’ve forgotten a few things. 🤣🤣

              Its like the floodgates of change have opened and I am reveling in the rush of everything, all at once.

              1. Completely understandable, 5HC..🤗💖 Take good care of you. 😘💗🤗 You did all the right things, and are very brave!! If you ever come down to southern hemisphere, the coffee & cake offer stands. Lots of love XOO XOO

      2. Skarab, realised it was the wrong quote after i posted! And yes correct that’s exactly what she said. Wonder who said someone about a pimple…lol.
        She was stunning.

    2. Pegs, as somebody who did years of ballet growing up, I think I object as much to the seemingly endless classifications of pink, as to any particular shade of it!! 😄 But, yes – concur that the (Pantone?) certified shade of “Barbie Pink” looks a bit like a piece of discarded bubblegum that got exposed to the elements on a road in the vast (hot) Oz outback!🤣💖 To be fair, I do love the magenta and fuschia shades (in nature??) I just don’t like the plasticisation of them (or anything. Who does.)
      As my daughter is literally about to take her first ballet class steps tomorrow, I had to stifle a laugh when the shop attendant apologised for the uniform stockings being named “Theatrical pink” when they were “Ballet pink”, according to the newer brand they stocked. How about this addition to the oyster/shell/bridal/petal/shocking/limestone pinks being tossed about –
      “Perimenopausal Pink From Laughing At Inappropriate Times” 💗🌸💖⚘😳🎀👚🥿🩰

      1. You too Sister of the Pants.
        Did ballet from 5-15 years old. Sometimes up to 8 hours a week plus practise times.
        Love the ballet pink of satin & leather shoes, and the ribbons, that’s where the colour should stay. It’s sacred to ballet.

        What a life-long sense of discipline it has given.
        Excellent balance for my dotage. No falls or hip replacements on the agenda. (And still climb trees)
        Have never ever been able to gain weight and wonder if that same discipline was responsible.
        One can’t dance on a full tummy.
        Still walk with duck feet when tired. Lie in bed and legs turn outwards
        like permanently turned out from the hips…lol.
        Still walk around on my toes at times.
        Et toi?

        Happiness your daughter is starting.
        Love that line of yours but am sure your laughing is totally appropriate. x

        1. Hi dearest Pegs, you are nothing less than a ballerina pretending to be human, even though you stopped at 15??!
          Yes – I had 2 years less tuition than you, I started at 7, finished at 15. I didn’t have your statuesque elegance (going by your avatar photo) (I was short and hairy !!🤣💖) but yes, the piano, the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) discipline, the expression of hitherto indescribable emotions via the human form has always and will always stay with me. My very aggrieved/grieving stepmother enrolled me in it, and unwittingly gave me the tools to cope with her, and whatever ensued. (You can’t say it now apparently, but our ballet teachers – kind and grounded – would often say “Pain is good” or “if it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t doing it correctly” 🤣🤣 (while simultaneously being paranoid about their students avoiding injury)). The memory of their discipline and “push through it/own the pain” and “smile gracefully while pushing” 🤣ethos was an infinite resource and gift, even helping me through a four day labour (no drugs or sleep, then emergency c-sec) with my firstborn..! (I clearly gleefully ignored their warnings about how having babies changes your body forever!😆 (they were all parents themselves, so only semi-joking)).
          Anyway I have talked way too much about myself again – but Pegasus, please know I have carried your words in with my daughter and I, today (she is having her first class now as I type – and as she is your “Astro twin”, I am sure she be the same about ballet, as you were (and are). Love, & thank You. CJ XXOO

          1. (And yep – still have the balance, turnout from hips, and drawing navel into spine while tucking bottom under habit – although had to change that recently as pelvic physio said my pelvis way too tight!! But yes, “wings down, breathe, and smile…” 🤗🌸) xooxoo

        1. Me too, Calcifer. Xoo It was a past life immersion walking past all the Bloch and Paul Wright shoes!🥲💓

        2. Still swoon over ballet pink particularly in satin. All of those salmon pinks approaching ‘nude’ as it was called, look amazing with red too. I think it’s my fave colour combination. P.s. your name is making me want to watch Ponyo and Howl’s Moving Castle again, it’s all Pom Poko in our house atm.

    3. I will say pegs it took me a long time to like pink after early-girlhood. I remember a specific moment that I decided to like it again. Now I love it the same way I love all the other things that society relegated to being too ‘feminine’ one way or another … I had to take myself through a Process – *exactly why* was it so lame, shameful, to embrace these things? to like Pink? The reasons my mind offered were so shallow. I was carrying more internalised misogyny and misplaced / mislabelled thinking than I realised at the time. (I didn’t even know the term until later). This is not to say that everyone who does not like the colour is ‘thinking wrong’! It relates specifically to the beliefs and wonky logic that my mind was applying and that I had not critically challenged within myself. I decided that in my case it was a vestige of British colonial/ patriarchal influence – pink isn’t a problem in say Mexico, or Italy, or India. as one of mystic’s Oracle responses says, “Many a scarecrow makes a roost for the enlightened crow.” I see pink as a scarecrow sometimes. I could keep writing !

      1. Sam, my feelings around the pink colour spectrum is purely about fashion and fabric quality.
        My colouring cannot wear pink.
        My mother, the Scorpio man magnet fashionista, allowed no pink anything, anywhere.
        Yet pink in India is the new black and black clothing looks weird in Tahiti/

        I like your self examination method, the questioning about the source of personal like & dislikes. We should all do it when faced with any type of aversion and opinions. Trace them to the source, methinks, and find if they really hold weight or simply conditioning.
        The etymology of thought?
        The Tao of Pink?

      2. Sam, i was caught in the same kind of thought process re pink as you – until i learnt that it wasn’t so much the Western patriarchy per se that established the pink/girls – blue/boys dichotomy as much as capitalism re the fashion & retail businesses.
        Basically it was just another means to make more money out of people.
        This BS colour-gender construct is so tenuous. Especially when you consider that the colour for boys & girls was the complete opposite at the beginning of the 20thC. Pink was considered more appropriate for boys because it was a derivative of red – the colour of action & robustness. Whereas blue was considered to be more delicate & pretty, so more apt for girls.
        It wasn’t till the end of WW2 that they did a switcheroonie on the colours, but purely on the whim of manufacturers & retailers. Apparently it could have gone either way.
        It’s not the colours so much – as the individualising of them. Basically they figured that the more you individualize clothing (or anything), the more you can sell.
        It’s all about the moolah. Much like the retail stories of Mother/Father’s Day, St Valentines, Xmas etc.
        I don’t recall this gender-colour thing to be so rampant when i was a child in the 60s, nor even the 70s. Might of had something to do with the Women’s Lib thing happening back then. The hippy fashion might of also squashed it for a while – but it certainly rose like crazy during the 80s – especially after all the vile Disney shops started opening up.

        1. They should ban the “days”, just on plastic consumption alone. And it is so weird, (saying this as somebody who loves all colour), how colour is apparently an invention of our brain, when certain colourless UV? Light..? rays hit our retina. Maybe I read the science wrong but this blew my mind. Put another angle on the Buddhist philosophy of dependant arising “all emptiness is form, and form emptiness”.. 🌈

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