Venus Retrograde Beauty Rules

Because you asked, here are the definitive Venus Retrograde Beauty Rules. Read on for the cosmic take on Venus Retro treatment protocol – everything from lasers and oil-pulling to fillers or Botox.

For Retrograde Think “Reassessment”

People who are reading this run the gamut from avid beauty-techies to coconut-oil for everything. Take what interests you and ignore the rest. Likewise, with gender-specific factors that don’t apply to you or any idiosyncratic opinion that you don’t concur with.

Should You Worry about the Venus Retrograde Shadow period?

Not really. It is useful for plotting the progress of intricate attraction scenarios or relationship negotiations but no precautions are required during this phase.

Botox And Filler?

Absolutely not. Yes the neurotoxin used to create wrinkle-freezing injectibles is highly diluted, practically homeopathic. And it is a billion dollar business because it’s effective.  Still, the results can be unpredictable. You have only to watch the Real Housewives Of Anywhere or google terms like “spocking” for proof of this.

You could also delve into potential impact upon facial meridians/fascia/the so-called Third Eye and/or your psyche from being rendered less able to express yourself. But regardless of all that, Retro Venus is the most likely time for a sub-optimal outcome and Botox is hard to undo. You would just have to wait for it to wear off.

Filler is similar in that it can look incredible or bizarre – think “pillowface” and while it can be dissolved, unlike muscle-paralyzers, – it could still be difficult to deal with.


A tattoo is a permanent spell and an activation of the planetary energy on that day. So, like elective surgery, it would be good to get a date professionally chosen for you or find a good time in the Moon Calendar.

Retro-Venus does not necessarily negate tattoos but if you are essentially doing it to enhance your appearance or as body art, it is not a good time for it.

But it would be particularly cool for body art you considered remedial or to mark your emergence from a dark era, especially if it involved a relationship. However, impulse tattoos during Venus Retrograde? No.

Even if you are dreaming of ravens, ankhs or other cool symbols day and night, get a t-shirt or a piece of jewelry instead.

As for permanent make-up, which is essentially tattooed on – no-no-no. An ‘over-deposit of pigment’ – as they call fuq-ups in this space – would be indelible short of surgery, which would in itself leave a mark.

Cosmetic Surgery?

Avoid! The basic guidelines for selecting good elective surgery dates are that Mars + Saturn are well-aspected (representing the surgeon and their skill/experience, also knives), a potent Jupiter for robust recovery and general good vibe, no negative or tricky aspects involving Neptune whatsoever – it signifies the anesthesia! – and if it is cosmetic surgery, avoid Venus Retrograde.

If you get the concept for a procedure during a Venus Retrograde, do not book it. Shelve the idea for later and consider a more holistic self-transformation. Re-assess once Venus is Direct. Given that this is prime time for the re-emergence of ancient love angst, there could be a deeper psychological meaning to your sudden yen for a boob job/jaw implant.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Yes if there is also a broader health imperative at work – then it is Saturn, no if it is an impulsive tooth-whitening treatment or quick fix.

Lasers - IPL - Ultrasound?

No. Just no. Like fillers and all, they can create great results but Venus Retrograde is the most likely time for a fuq-up. If it is a machine treatment – laser, fat-freezing, intense pulsed light etc – wait until Venus is Direct. And Mercury too for that matter.

These devices and treatments get less regulatory oversight than you might think and sometimes the results being dangled in front of you are so desirable that it’s easy to overlook the fine print.

Arguably the dodgiest procedure to get during a Venus Retrograde would be one of the vaginal rejuvenation zaps.

It would be, however, an excellent time to devote some energy to pleasure, sensuality and the “my yoni is the rose of the universe” style of meditation.

Additionally, a gynaecological check-up at this time is a fantastic idea, because one of the Venus Retrograde blessings is healing – another is discovering things that had been overlooked.

Fresh Cosmetics? Scent?

Yes, totally. If you pivot to a fresh look that later seems more like a mood disorder, it’s easy to dispose of jaffa-color lip-gloss or anti-aging skin cream that clogs your pores and smells like synthetic roses mixed with a Ponzi scheme.

Even so, Venus Retrograde is a fantastic time to declutter the usual suspects – particularly if you’re somehow hoarding items that have now become less enhancement and more petri dish. Once cleared, the scene will be wide-open to experiment.

With scent, why not become a psychic detective and assess your fragrance story thus-far? List the perfumes you’ve worn so far, when and why or re-imagine each one as a character.

What did they aspire to? Or, go full Circe-Venusian and concoct your own scent, aligning with the notes and concepts that resonate with your astrological constitution.

New Hair?

Yes but with caveats: If you have thick, anti-fragile hair that grows no matter what you do and seems impervious to any form of chemical or heat damage, do what you like. If your hair has been problematic for you in the past, this is not the time to launch into a radical cut, color or treatment protocol.

Venus Retrograde is also when a color is more likely to turn on you – even if you have always had your hair dyed in that shade. Requests are scrambled in translation – “oh sorry, I thought you said you wanted violet highlights” and the super-Venusian space of the hair salon seems steeped in politics or Byzantine intrigue.

Fine, you think, there are home hair-cutting videos online and who can’t tip a vat of peroxide or similar over their hair then wait for it to turn orange/white/whatever? It’s punk, it’s post-capitalism, it’s…Venus Retrograde.

The hair concept that does work during this phase? Hair health, scalp massages and treatments, researching the image morphs – if any – you’d like to put into play when Venus is Direct.

Images:  A 1930s Beauty Visit & Remedios Vario – Visiting The Plastic Surgeon

66 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde Beauty Rules”

  1. Ooooooo, okay regarding tattoos:

    I had a stuuupendously spectacular end to a long-term friendship back in 2021 (hello gemini/sag axis eclipses in May – holyyy)
    This person and I got matching tattoos years ago. During the collapse of this relationship, my ‘ruminations of vengeance’ basically amounted to wanting to get the tattoo covered up lol. I had everything booked, but couldn’t afford it in the end. And my coverup idea was waaay too intricate.

    Flash to now, a couple of days ago I was reading in bed and what I read drew me to contemplate this tattoo again. As gazed at it I felt a lot of gratitude for the distance placed from this person, my own accountability in putting my life on solid ground/learning how to identify and thus not entertain such dynamics, addressing my codependency and the general feeling of neutrality towards this person outweighing my mind’s lingering fluffs of resentment or mental twist stories about them.

    I found myself tracing a simple shape around the tattoo – the form of a coffin. Voila!
    I want to get it asap, but then remembered it was Venus retro (8th house for me) so I arrived here.

    What Mystic said about tattoos above affirms that this can be empowering and like a final clearing or ‘laid to rest’ more than some body enhancement. It definitely would signify an emergence from a dark era. Not only that relationship, but the adjacent relationships that came and dissolved very much like this one – not so dramatically but certainly just as necessary – as I made changes to be a better version of myself. A life era of about 10 years that actually started with a decision to quit my work/career and go meet this person in another city. This wasn’t even a romantic relationship! GeeeeeeZUS

    Such a simple shape to contain and mark the end of a huge chapter of how I was in the world and how I am no longer that version of me.

    1. Love the profundity of this but yes a coffin seems a bit neg – could you cover it with a phoenix or “emergence” symbol? Perhaps something themed around one of your rising constellations? Ie: the one on the ecliptic is your ‘rising sign’ but other constellations also rise at the same time.

      1. Thank you Mystic:)
        Aye, that’s a great idea. Cap rising, end of a pluto era for sure. Pluto still has a few years left in my first house as it moves into aqua and your suggestion has me thinking that aqua’s glyph or similar would be incredibly apt!

    2. Update:

      Its going to be a hare. In honour of my Venus Aries, fire rabbit in Chinese astrology and my new emergent self, unburdened by the heavy patch cloak of obligation, complacency, shame, and residual relational habits that turned on me years ago and we’re eating me alive.

  2. One of my favourite tattoos was done during the Venus retrograde in 2020.I absolutely love it healed well and still looks amazing today

  3. MM this is great advice. I’d like to suggest a wonderful hair oil called HairOM.
    It smells incredible and is a great hair treatment for scalp massage. A Sydney company with a women CEO with incredible formulations and the Black Chicken staff are amazing too.

  4. I have a white vinegar hair rinse recipe that I use on my salt and pepper hair. I usually make it with the moon cycle. Do you think it’s ok to revisit (Rx) this recipe and make some while Venus moves backwards? Thanks!

  5. I love this guide! I changed hairdressers last Venus retro and it was horrible, cost 3x what i paid the old one, and is going to take 2 years to fix the damage, but I have a lot of Leo so it was just a bad idea from the start.

    That sinus balloon thing—I know naturopaths who do it in a regular office visit for general sinus health, or a deviated septum, or if someone was in a car accident and their sinuses were impacted and not quite right after healing. Basically it is an actual sinus chiropractic treatment. It’s not worth thousands though and doesn’t change the shape of your face so that chiropractor is really getting away with something. Here it’s called a “nasal specific” treatment.

  6. I’m booked into a Make-up joint for my first lesson EVER and online dating for the first time EVER. I’m 40. I have a stellium in the Via Combusta. So obviously this is what Venus retro looks like for some.

  7. Okay, so a few days late, but: what’s your take on nutritional rebalance/(medically necessary) weight loss efforts during VR? It’s not 100% image driven (maybe 50% though), and it’s a process rather than a procedure, but if I need to re-strategize, I’d rather do it now.

  8. I got an impulse tattoo on the 16th… got a bit infected unlike every single other one of my tattoos. No regrets. It was a “zap zone” day and it was a kind of “zap zone” tattoo.

  9. The oracle had suggested a tattoo of what I lived through despite retrograde. I appreciated that and am now trying to imagine a tattoo that could possibly communicate this life

    I already have the word consequence on my shoulder. 20 year old me didn’t know how many meanings that would come to have

    1. Ha! I almost had “No Rest for the Wicked” tattooed around my thigh…picked a celtic rope design that stands for “righteous anger.” Often I feel I shoulda picked the former…

  10. This guide is legit! I’ve been considering more invasive stuff (lasers for rosacea, melasma) but am also too chicken and want to get strict on my diet and see if I can make an improvement that way. Will definitely hold off until next year at least.

    Mystic, are you still doing orofacial myology? I just started working with someone local. It’s hard to stay disciplined but it’s not only about aesthetics for me, I’ve got a bad swallowing pattern. I try to do the exercises in the morning.

    Love the concept of stripping back to basics, I am going to call this philosophy until next year ‘beauty by elimination’ or something… get back to the essentials then next year I can start adding things back.

  11. Wow I love this! So interesting. I’m very interested in the tattoo dates now. I just got a cover up tattoo September 5th – two days before my birthday. I have been seeing 5:55 all the time and my cat is named Fievel and I call him Five for short! I wonder what this means? Im assuming this was a good thing?

  12. Thank you, Mystic! The weirdo expensive treatment shocked me something fierce though!
    Nothing has been mentioned about new/continued types of excercise or weightloss; I suppose it’s never a “no”, but maybe now is a somewhat better timing than most to review one’s diet and habits?..
    I have been putting on weight like crazy even though I have eliminated the most stressful factor of my recent life several months ago, and I do eat healthy (I have proof in written detailed accounts of what I eat throughout the day!)…. WEIRD, for someone who has had exactly the same weight (even was slightly underweight) for years and years.

    1. If you have been through a stressful situation in the past it does take some time to show up in your body. I would guess your thyroid. But that’s my personal opinion and I don’t know your situation. Do you eat pretty healthy? I’ve revently taken on a plant based diet and it’s helped extremely well for my thyroid

      1. I have been vegan for 6 years now! And I’ve been trying to eat really healthy for a year or more; though next to all the very balanced food I consume I still get a wee bit too much sweets, that never used to cause any weight gain and I’ve had a sweet tooth (but also quick metabolism) for years. I’ll have my thyroid checked, thanks!

        1. sweets killer? fat. coconut oil ghee animal fat. anything that creates satiation is ON. too many sweets= blood sugar hell = glycation= saggy face and body🤘🏽

    2. Hi, unexplained weight gain is one of the key ‘go see your doctor’ signs. As women we often don’t go for things like that for fear of being seen as hysterical or melodramatic but honestly, your body is trying to tell you something.

  13. Oh well, my platinum buzz cut fantasy will have to remain just that – a fantasy for the next few weeks. Then of course when Venus goes direct again, the fantasy will fade, as always … ad infinitum….

      1. Aaaah if it were that easy. I wrote you a VAST response with a ream of excuses and then decided to delete it because it sounded so dementedly shallow and vain, even for a Venus in Leo. I’m wondering if my partner is right – i go through this every summer coz mane management gives me the total shits in 40º heat & 90% humidity……. But Uranus is going to back-track on to my Aries DC at the end of the year in mid-winter, so we’ll see. X

    1. Just do it. If it’s terrible you get to wear headscarves like Sofia Loren. Besides if you’ve been contemplating this for a while I think this passes the criteria?

    1. Was trying to work out where this came from and realised that Venus will square my cap moon 3 times in this period. That would do it I guess.

  14. Re: the balloons up the nose…this reminds me in reverse of that embalming procedure by extracting the brain through the sinus that the Egyptians used to do. yeeesh

    1. A couple of years back i bought a Nat Geo because it had an ancient Egypt theme, complete with a spread on how to do the bandaging. Advised siblings that they had better practise now for my demise, since i’m eldest 🙂 Now i know i have to check on their skill progress, because if they haven’t got that down, they will never manage the balloon-brain-removal – in fact, I’m the sibling that would have that down pat (with a bit of a practice run tho not sure where i’d get that. Maybe dig up some old lovers/acolytes 😉 )

    2. he just sounds like a horrible man who power trips by inflicting large amounts of pain on women(?) whose priorities are a bit mixed up. and also excuse me he is , uh, a chiropractor?!!?!?! and how the fuq does this process actually ‘restore the golden mean of your face’ i’d think maybe it causes damaged sinuses lol
      i mean the internet and doctors exist for a reason, that reason being research into the claims of brutalist quasi medical shonks before wrecking yourself.

    3. I’ve actually done something similar to the balloon thing (neurocranial restructuring) and it is pretty powerful and you feel totally symmetrical in face and body after. The problem is, 1) you need to keep going back because 2) if you don’t move/breathe/swallow correctly you will relapse to your previous pattern.

      I’ve been working on my swallowing/movement for awhile now and curious to try it out again. It’s like $400-$700 bucks for 4 days worth of treatment where I am but the seaside hotel room is not included lolol.

  15. I am totally hunting down a facial roller. Tomorrow, in fact. I have already made some inquiries and though the two places I called did not stock them, the two women I talked to were major advocates. One of the women I talked to suggested an apothecary downtown and they have them. The only question is whether to do rose quartz or jade. Also, love the idea of a tattoo for Jupiter into Sagittarius. Hmmm…..

  16. Hi Mystic, best clarification on Venus Retro ever. I’ve always known not to indulge anything cosmetic/permanent during VR, but you have broken it down perfectly. Thank you! December it is for some much needed cosmetic touch ups for me!

  17. Mystic, what do you think of laser hair removal (lip, chin, armpits, pubes) during Venus Rx? I’ve been doing regular sessions since early this year. Thanks!

      1. Thanks mystic, taking your advice as I was about to book in for first run of laser treatment! But then… what if I want it back? Permanent is forever! And would Venus feel the need to banish her hair? I don’t think so, she would love all parts of herself.. at least leaving the option for it to return and re-work her style if pubes made a comeback (you never know lol)

        1. they have made a comeback, major waxing is not a thing for millenials ish
          also the honey badger venus in sadge types literally dont care [sample size: 1]

        2. Exactly, AriesMoon. Why not leave the option open?
          I love Cameron Diaz’s pubic hair crusade, and particularly against *permanent* pube hair removal. In her own words:

          “Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed ladies. 20 yrs from now you will still be wanting to present it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it – like the gift it is. And let’s be honest, like every other part of your body, your labia major is not immune to gravity … do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life”.

          1. Ok so I went ahead and did my laser hair removal appointment while Venus is in her shadow of the Rx. What can I say…I’m a rebel. Everything went great.

            FYI I’m not taking off all my pubic hair…just the sides and my t’ain’t. I initially wanted a heart shape on my mons veneris, but it’s since evolved into a Phoenix/bird shape, which my Scorpio Asc is loving, lol.

  18. I’m thinking of letting some of my greys out to shine. I want to start looking my age but also hot 🙂 Can’t handle salt and pepper though, which is where I’m at, so its gonna be tricky.

    Love the idea of steaming the ghosts of lovers past out of my vajayjay. Is steam or smoke more effective? I want them gone.

    The Ordinary is another great brand for face stuff. Cheap, works, no testing on animals. I’d love a suggestion regarding a whole body moisturiser though. I find oils don’t do much. Winter has sucked the life out of my skin.

    1. I saw a woman kayaking in the surf the other day – amazing soft silver hair and fit as fuq – I wanted to say ‘who are you?’ but did not want to freak her out

    2. Ay! Maybe we need a new salt n pepper model to inspire us! We have had the older marvels, such as Maye Musk. Here we are, shooting leaves, still ripening, still growth oriented, not the in-betweeners we seem to be feeling from the fashion industry who grooved us and kept us grooving in it. Now it’s all anti-ageing if you’re not super youthful, or embracing an age we haven’t even reached. Ok it’s mainstream i’m talking, and I don’t usually delve into it as much, but it does control accepted image zeitgeist.

      And i do say i love that the industry celebrates youth, as much as i hate its sexualised objectification, because young people should be celebrating this fleeting awkward beautiful time. If you can’t try to glory in it then, when can you, mistakes and weirdness and all? Just wish the “eye” on youth was less terry richardson and more varied in age, genders, walks of life. It would be less avaricious and controlling and far more celebratory.

      In alternative media now more accessible, this is already happening. The old mag era is dying to surthrive; they’re still tokenist.

    3. I let my hair go silver a few years back (am 49 now) and I get constant compliments on it. I think you should go for it – you might just love it as I do, and it might be the most beautiful you’ve been, I support you!

  19. I’m in total edit mode on my beauty routine, Scorp is my 10th so very prominent, here are some of my insights:
    1. Accepting that I will not look happy and glowing and rested and not beaten down by life via any product, water/healthy food intake, or amount of exercise. The glow is from within, at the soul-level. So…I am cultivating being at peace in the present moment. Not easy for an Aries Moon/Cancer Sun/Venus in Gem.
    2. I think years of bad posture at the computer, stress, and allergies preventing clear breathing at night has contributed to what I see as premature aging of my neck skin. I’m 36 and feel like my neck looks like I’m 46. I am actually doing the facial/neck exercises every other day. My routine is longer, includes massage, ~30 min in the evenings. It feels amazing and helps me to de-stress and drain my sinuses/lymph nodes. I’ve been lifting weights lately so why not work out my face/neck? Don’t know how much it’s working to actually tone the area, but it’s hard to see minute changes on oneself.
    2. My hair care is drastically changing. I’m using Morrocco Method to wean off more traditional (albeit “natural”) shampoos (no endorsement here, can’t say I’ve been won over yet). My hair was so limp and lifeless and I knew there was nothing I could do but a total revamp on my hair. I’ve applied my first round of “neutral henna” and am considering whether to go red henna eventually (after Venus Retro). I’m going to try the lunar cycle calendar for cutting.
    3. Soap brows. I overplucked in the 90s and they aren’t growing back, though I could try rubbing castor oil in them. I’ve struggled to find a brow product that is non-synthetic and actually works to fill in without balling up or looking patchy. The soap brows are at least a cheap, natural alternative to gels and seem to make it easier for the brow product to stick. I really am not down with the microblading though it looks amazing on people.
    4. So, tattoos: The only one I hate and will have lasered off/covered over is one I contemplated during Venus Retro back in 2007. I didn’t get it until after the shadow period was long gone, but it never healed properly, and now looks like a black blob. So I would steer clear from any tattoo contemplation for a long time around Venus retros. (Anecdotal evidence, I know.)

  20. My Venus in Retrograde beauty treatment is to protest against and work to unseat every male and female elected official in the US who is trying to shame and undermine women. I can’t remember the last time I felt this much rage coursing through me–it’s at the cellular level.

  21. I tried to go back (via whatsapp chat, as my memory is of no help in this) to when Venus started its shadow (september 3rd/4th) and see what happened there.
    I only stared practicing a new sport discipline (Power Yoga) and I guess nothing else.
    What I find amazing about Venus Retro is that when you read about it out of the shadow zone (or at the beginning of it) you go all “who? me? doing permanent beauty changes? falling for someone? wha, I have been single for ages, I’ll be focusing on my routine and that’s all”.
    But then when VR comes you feel the need to go blonde or do the first move when you see again a guy on the dating site you hadn’t been seeing for a year and that is not interested in commitment.
    This is what I find really weird about VR.
    Mercury Retro I can deal with, but VR sometimes is like you are under a spell, drawn to some things, and you need to watch out for yourself 2 as hard.
    Is it just me?

    1. All I can say to that is I have had a crush on a guy at work for a year, was Love Zombie-ing about over him, got over it, accepted that he wasn’t meant for me and just settled into enjoying being around him.

      This week, I’ve had three animated conversations with him in the break room and KAPOW KABAM it has exploded into sparks all over again for me. Sigh.

      Oh, Venus …

      1. Well at least you were innocently chatting with him. I feel you, I really do. Crushes at work you cannot act on are very painful. I am finishing fighting one as of now.
        But regarding Venus Retro I am talking about watching yourself from the outside and go all “why am I doing this?” while you do all the things you are supposed to refrain from. And what’s with my favorite underwear brand that I’ve never tried on (too pricey) but always wanting to buy, starting sales right now?

  22. I noted the last time i saw a friend in it-ain’t-the-longest-river-in-Africa that their cosmetic fillers were not off the scale but more evident than ever, despite Cleo’s Grand De Nile.

    Coincides with my wondering if i could plaster over those things that rob my youthful looks that are so simple but not easy (sleep, hydration, exercise, consistent orgasmic happiness with a partner on your wavelength) with lightly applied fillers and psych medication. After all, it was never my style but i’m at a new age and so is the astro.

    Anyway, i promised my med practitioners i would give meds a go but i now understand that will be for longer than i was initially promised. This is Venusian because calm and happiness bring it to your face and demeanour, even though Mystic is all about the cosmetic in this post.

    I also thought perhaps i could look into some light fillers even though my facial structure is so awkward in photos (childhood through teen violence, and later accidents – Sag Rising). I think it’s a great time for research on light finessing, while revamping my natural regime and any innovations in tech skincare that are simple and nice to deal with everyday – Uranus in Taurus in my 6th house natal Saturn in Taurus. Always want to cut my hair but that’s just Sag freedom style. I need to wear my face before i know what hair is going to be around it.

  23. Remdios Varo created a Visit to the Plastic Surgeon ??

    Mystic, only you could bring me to Remedios Varo when you did, but only a Pisces Aqua Rising Libra Moon could be so resonant with a Lady from the Past who was Complete Woman of the Future. And what your Mars in Virgo image archive skills have pulled up from the dross and treasures of the past! Love your Hex Witch flag on the other post – sorry have not had the moment to delve yet.

    OK, Merc in Aries style flashed on that image and the Latin, and recognised the age of it. Promise will read avidly the rest and comment if I have anything of value to add to our witch-chat here. OMG, love your work, Mystic xx

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