Do You Have Manifestation Burnout?

Manifestation Burnout is a thing, apparently. I’m not at all surprised. There has been a distinct activation in the hostile Muggle Matrix recently. That – along with Saturn and Pluto’s merger – is formidable. I encountered a person with such merde energy I went home and Alchemy Scrubbed*. When that’s your immediate priority, you know something is up. But first, here is the message that prompted this post.

Dear Mystic,
A good friend coined a term tonight that seems acutely relevant to the Saturn Pluto jazz.  I’ve been in what she described as “Mach 9” level manifestation mode, making dreams and thoughts into reality the past few months-  especially the past two weeks since Pluto went direct, and her question posed to me tonight was this:  
“Is it possible you have manifestation burnout?”

Manifestation Burnout Is Part Of The Process

As I sat in a headspin over a new job offer just received – with a pay rate far lower than initially presented (hello Incoming Mercury Retrograde), a bucket load of client work ahead of me in terms of a passion project started this summer that recently ignited and began to take full force, I thought to myself, This absolutely is correct.  It seems to me in moments when there is a pause or natural low ebb that initially comes after an increase in productive and powerful energy … how does one manage this?  Are others experiencing it?
What to do with manifestation burnout? A symptom of a new era, I suppose.
Thank you for your continued brilliance and wisdom.
Jennie the Taurus

Magician Energy Is A Momentum Play

I don’t think in terms of manifestation, as such, but I understand this. So here is the deal. Burnout – of anything – is a part of the process. Energy evolves. While you’re reading this, a billion particles are zooming around and everything is altering. Pause points and lows are when you often get your best ideas or breakthrough realizations.

But Saturn-Pluto is not fantastic for manifesting or magic, as such. Magician energy is when you’re a momentum player, creating and innovating, tuned into synchronicity, and not at all risk-averse. Saturn and Pluto are more like construction energy, especially when they are in Capricorn!  There is no shortcut or trick cure. Saturn is the laboriously paid-down debt or the healing that only happens with incremental improvements. Pluto demands that you integrate situations and emotions that you’d prefer to banish to another galaxy. And that you then morph them into strength. Acknowledging them or feeling the emotions around them is not enough.

Neither of these can be outsourced or ‘solved’ by a suddenly appearing benefactor. That person is you. And you’re doing it in the transitional lead-up to a new social and economic cycle in January. So yes, it is maddening and relentless. But it is a good time to be alert to new paradigm clues. And if you’re trying to actualize a self or desire that belongs to an era in decline, you’ll flame out or be unable to summon the energy.

But imagine crossing this turf with no idea of astrology? We know that the Capricorn Convergence has been building since April and is now intensifying, ahead of a climax in January.  And that a once every nearly-40-years reset moment is not for flimsy or whimsy. If it’s magic, it’s Old Magic. To retain composure and spiritual connection at a time of immense socio-economic flux IS the spell. And to be self-reliant when a part of you wants to buy back into a failing system or down-weird yourself to get more social validation/sex is the path of a Sage.

Phantom Deficit Syndrome Is Big At The Moment

Phantom Deficit Syndrome is big at the moment and Energy Vampires are turning pro. There are no familiar reference points for comfort and even if you can find or fake one, it’s not necessarily sturdy. Evolution is rickety and works better if you improve your balance/agility, rather than seeking stability.

But at least you can timeline this and also put in the work where Capricorn and Saturn-Pluto ruled parts of your birth chart are.* But the Muggles are turning legit hostile and weird. I met a pterodactyl real estate agent this week; she was the one whose energy was so vile, I canceled an appointment and did an Alchemy Scrub. It was a house viewing, a vaguely haunted villa with a ghost who seemed resentful but probably would not pull anything dramatic.

The ghost sulked while a bunch of people, my Gemini Daughter, and I inspected the house. She has Neptune Rising in Aquarius so she picks up on out-of-time frequencies and scents from other eras. On the right day of her cycle, she’s like a walking Bermuda Triangle. Today, she was just too apprehensive to enter the bathroom. The faded grandeur did not extend to that room – the mucus-green tiles were bizarrely freezing to the touch and it smelled of gin.

Evolution Is Rickety

But the real estate agent was the fuqed up hostile Muggle energy. Her brows stood out, stark black and frozen in a sea of filler. She could not show emotion but her heaving thorax suggested something. I asked a bog-standard simple question and she listened avidly, like a cross-examiner in a courtroom, waiting for the witness to slip up. And then she shrieked “relevance?” It was for show, a gratuitous power play. But the waves of weird enmity coming off her were palpable. Then an attractive male suit with a pulse entered the scene and she skittered across the haunted living room to serenity signal.

People like her are useful in a way – like immunization, they activate your awareness and you have to power up your aura to deal with them. They’re often archetypal, creatures whose core essence or mode of operating has been a nemesis for years. And, they’re always there,  but particularly psycho-active during difficult astrological seasons. They don’t know about Saturn or Pluto but they sense something is up and they’re spooked. If it is any comfort, your energy probably scrambles them as much as theirs does yours.

The Manifestation Burnout is more like a flickering down of the flames in response to the environment. Thoughts?

*The Alchemy Scrub is easy – get Celtic Sea Salt and some oil – anything relatively natural – and put in a drop of Rosemary essential oil or actual fresh rosemary. Have a warm shower, step out and do a top-to-toe scrub with your Salt mix. Don’t omit the soles of your feet. Get back in the shower and rinse with water as cold as you can stand. It works SO well! 

57 thoughts on “Do You Have Manifestation Burnout?”

  1. Two weeks ago my father died. He was unpredictability ill and passed quickly; ten days in hospital. During this time, travelling hundreds of miles to be with him, I secured a new job. Less hours, in my comfort zone of ten years experience as a clinician. I am comfortable in a shared studio for art and printing, amongst people who ‘get it’ and allow me to be myself. Next is a house move to the woods, to elicit pure peace. It’s all happening, it’s been created. The path has been (ruthlessly) cleared and I am tired to my core. So tired, a bit of paper clearance to job start hasn’t arrived so I am sitting back and taking the enforced rest. Burnout is real but so is listening and allowing the space when it is offered.until the next change occurs….. roll on All Hallows’ xxx

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I’m sorry to hear about your father passing WD.

      I am glad the path ahead is clear for you.
      I hope you can drop down, rest and grieve.

      May an Angel watch over you !


  2. Wow. Holy moly. It explains SO much. I am kinda relived I’m not the only one feeling as though nothing is being manifested they way it use to be so easy.
    I honestly feel as though I’ve used up all my ‘blessings’.
    Thank you so much for this insight!

  3. Thank you for this, Mystic. Your description of that encounter with the estate agent is hilarious and seems so of the time right now.

    I am very much here for all of this atm, right down to the alchemy scrubs. Have been finding myself actually downright enraged by these derailing, unstable types that just want to use you for their ends with no compunction. I wondered yesterday whether to do a shamanic extraction and power refill journey (after cleaning the house, palo santo etc didn’t seem to clear the dirty energy I felt had attached to me) but finally decided to Queen of Swords style mentally cut it away / shake it off. But maaan was I livid before I was able to change my mindset and reclaim my power.

    Second major one this week and both times from people I have known for YEARS, who definitely have the ability to slip under my radar and who ‘should’ (lol) know better.

    Remembered your words – I paraphrase – if you find yourself thinking excessively about an encounter after it, how to rectify it etc, chances are you’ve been qi vamped. Gold!

    Aura defences need to be UP. I visualise a protective bubble emanating from my shungite ring and holding me safe within it.l, or also summon up protective allies to help when I can remember to lol.

    Definitely, these encounters drain and could derail you at least for a day or two from your manifestation awesome (which I too have experienced). The rage (Mars is conjunct my natal Pluto so forgive me) itself feels like it could make me ill. So it’s transmutation stations, all hands on deck!

    Thanks so much for giving space to this – was wondering what the hell was up and if it was just me!? Stay safe out there x

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    I can see clearly now the clouds have gone. In my clean new cottage. Surrounded by nature and natural sounds. Went to bed at 7.30 pm last night and slept 14 hours. Boy I needed it.

    The night before the move I didn’t sleep. The move was hectic but the two guys that helped me cheered me up. They were quick too.

    But dusk last night was witchy. Sat on the back stairs drinking a glass of cold beer and nuts. Then I watched the bats flying (Hello Halloween) and nesting. Auspicious. Medicine. Then came darkness. Then came healing. All the stress from the past hit my gut. I got queasy and emotional. Crying. Then vomiting. I identified the emotion then it passed. No dinner for me. Off with the lights and off to bed.

    Today is the first day of my new life. Unpacking is like meditation. So relaxed.

    Oh Joy!

    1. You are so sensitive you deserve a sanctuary and healing salve for your soul. I’m glad you’re in and nesting Deepest joy to you

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes I am sensitive and I always get myself in trouble when I pretend I am not. My childhood conditioned me to believe sensitivity is a weakness.

        I need more help to unravel this conditioning. And start to nurture it so it can grow and flourish into creativity.

        Thanks for reminding me again of this cornerstone of my makeup.

        Have some fun today emg !

        1. It’s odd how sensitive has taken on a negative vibe from many. I told a crew member the other night how sensitive she was and she was aghast ! So I had to stop and explain that it’s one of the most lovely traits to have and she has a duty of care to hers. I turned things around for her and she may not consider coming back to this industry next year. Definitely not the boat she’s been on this year. She said on the season ending both the stews felt like they were emerging from an abusive relationship. I can second that !!

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Duty of care: love that.

            Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread is what just popped into my head.

            You are helping me a lot emg. I can’t understand why you are not a counsellor. You have a nice way of explaining things: feelings etc without getting my back up. Not many people can do that.


    2. Congratulations, Wish, so pleased you are over the threshold (literal and figurative) into your new life. No wonder you were sick after everything you’ve been going through. I hope there is smooth sailing from here xxx

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Well Chrysalis it like my body has seen that the coast is clear and said now let’s unpack all this stress. Like a bull at a gate. Today my neck and sacral releasing. Its frustrating as I have a big day tomorrow and need to organise and plan. I’ve got tonight I suppose.

        After tomorrow its smooth sailing hopefully.


  5. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    ha ha…yeah it’s heavy going. Can barely believe the evolution in terms of strenght and wisdom. Evolution on steroids, and in such a short span of time too!

  6. Wow to the haunted villa and Muggle RE! Thanks to all your fab tools (plus the personal reading) Mystic, some crazy career stuff is happening right now, & thanks to you I am steering my course through it…and finding good allies in the process.

  7. My person is morphing, I am busting through some major pupa phase. So many aspects are changing and it feels right and natural I don’t even notice what’s going on until I pause and reflect. The merger is in my 3rd and Pluto rules my first.

  8. The Muggles are vicious right now!
    I did not know that magical thinking was actually in the DSM-5 as a psychosis or a personality disorder! But boy howdy did someone set ME straight. Hahahaha

    1. Being Pisces is… in the DSM-5?? Haha, well, recognition and celebrity at last then, eh? Misunderstood the DSM-5, more like, and being a bit of a New Age Gerbera/Pterodactyl in 2019 style. Boy howdy is the right response 🙂

  9. I do less manifesting and more tuning into ‘incoming’. And when it pings and I don’t need to work at it, as in handed on a plate, then I know it’s mine. I’ve had this discussion with an old cappi friend of mine, she’s in the create your world camp and I’m in the accept what appears camp. So… over a year ago I was in the grips of selling the house or not as the case was and I hadn’t lowered the price yet so was looking on line in Italy out of curiosity etc. Found this house and it immediately winked at me. Fast forward to about a month ago when after taking a huge hit on my house and walking away with a very small amount in hand, I was again trolling through Italian houses for less money and up pops the house I’d seen and it was substantially reduced, so much so it was just a squeak above what I can afford.
    I dropped into Italy to see it and I fell in love. So much that I placed a kiss on the front door (not the back door, we don’t know each other well enough yet) and told it I’d be back to stay.
    Since then I’ve had nothing but hiccup, barriers, things that are just halting any progress and the guy refuses to deal. We are literally 7 thousand apart but he’s flatly refused to budge. I’ve taken this week to forensically examine my own cash levels and coatings to the cent. I can literally just manage it leaving no money to sort the damp patches or put in the stoves it needs. So I’m just wondering if I should wait for him to return to me as this is too tough for me currently who is used to things handed to me on a plate when it’s right?

    1. Is the guy really itching to move or can he stay in the house for as long as he feels like? The only thing I could think of is maybe doing a barter where you buy the house but he lives there ‘rent free’ for a while. I’m sure someone will have better advice than that but when I bought my house we did that for a few months in exchange for the whole house generator which was worth $10K.

      1. Ah well he’s living in Florida full time and has not set foot in the house for over a year and it’s deteriorating as we speak Hence he dropped the price but no one bit until me now and still he’s sticking out for his revised price. So no I can’t let him stay as he’s the other side of the pond !

    2. That’s such a lovely story!! I’m more of a see what happens, universe? Surprise me!!
      Camp as well. But I’ve been a crazy accidental manifestor my whole life, so I’m playing a little with that Saturn solid create your world energy. I do know that I’m the only one driving my universe around

    3. How much do you want it? Are you willing/able to pay the price of passion? Can you wait until December 7 when Scorp Merc is out of shadow retro? Also there’s talk that Italy will join UK and leave EU. So a lot of uncertainty here. Bottom line…there’s always another house. Still, it’s your call. Just note that the weather is Plutonic. Perhaps it’s time for all of us to invoke the Serenity prayer.

      1. I have a feeling I’ll wait simply because it’s not being easy. It’s been useful to be forensic about my money and make sure it stacks up. As to Italy leaving Brussels, I think break down in huge financially driven institutions, government has been on the cards since pluto got into Capricorn. We Astro folk knew it would change things up big time so I am not that worried either way. I adore Europe and all the nations and the freedom it gave us on one level but I dislike Brussels and the very expensive bureaucracy it peddles. I’m hoping there is a new way that’s even better for us all. I think I’ll wait for a lot of dust to settle.

        1. Yes. Was thinking more that the seller might be dithering due to Brexit confusion. I get that you’re seriously depth genius about self improvement (6th). I too can count to mid 20s in dwellings over a life and shattering annihilations. Sincerely wish you peace and happiness in finding a home for the soul emg.

      2. And pluto. I’ve literally annihilated my previous life, left a career of 31 years, finally sold the house and now work aboard ship ! I think I’m working my pluto to best advantage. Looking back at previous pluto experiences this ranks right up there and it suits me. I don’t stop and can’t sit still. I think it’s my natal throb of pluto Uranus conjunction in my 6th. It dominates my chart. This house would be my 23rd at a conservative estimate. And I was hoping I could or would keep it. Who knows?

      3. Thanks for directing me to the Serenity prayer lindapeters. It is the answer to the question I was grappling with.

        And very timely. It will help me move on and not look back. Regret always hits me hard. Why did I stay in a bad situation for so long. Why did things always have to come to a head for me to leave? Sun square Pluto?

        All I can say is that I finally learnt this valuable lesson at age 52. Better late than never !

        I think we all deserve a lot of self nurturing, love and gentleness in these harrowing times.

        LOVE !


    1. If your Leo energies need a boost and honouring, then YES. This will require some after-care to nourish the hair and restore full hydrated mane, and may need some specific lounging beauty wear to ensure the process is queenly and befitting.

  10. I just pulled out the salt in my cubicle at work… weirdo toxic muggle boss is returning today after another crisis.

    1. I have done this too and spookily, it works. Toxic boss will not step into my office if there is salt across the door. I don’t have an explanation for this but I don’t care – it works! Hope your situ is working out as well

  11. Holy dooly new job just for 2020 and it starts in late January. I am shadowing this year and it seems familiar to a lovely little role pre 2016, but this is on steroids, amped to the max. Hubby (muggly and anxious) is demanding rather unrealistic boundaries for said role. “You can start at 10am”, was he sniffing the nutmeg? Anyway so much resonates but this week I needed nanna naps after work, so much to process.
    Other factors Isis will be conjunct my 10th H Neptune at 20 Scorp and South Node 25. Sheesh Isis is on literally my conjunct Uranus/Pluto/ Pando in Virgo 8th natally. I think I am owed or karmic or some quinny vibe in January. Taurus 4th Aqua Rising, Ic will have Uranus 1 °away. Wish me luck!

  12. Well yes, absolutely all of that. But it’s possible too, that the Taurean peeps, who are well known for their earthy manifesting magic – albeit often tres slow & the result of mind numbingly boring (to the more airy among us) repetitive steps – are evidently Uranian fuelled now & quite possibly experiencing something much more akin to ‘manifestation burnout’ than they’ve encountered during less spontaneous/impulsive/electric planetary transits of their sign.
    My Taurean real estate Dad who vowed never to part from his bricks and mortar, has become spontaneously liquid, ‘sans any ownership’ and is talking like his Sun/Mercury/Uranus conjunct daughter, about being in the moment and seeing where the vibe takes him, lol.

    1. that is SO interesting – maybe picking up on the VIBE – the billion-dollar repo market plays are a signal to even the most conservative players I think.

      1. Yes, yes… & some of the most conservative players may not remain that way!
        In fact, it may have been a matter of Divine Right Timing – in a coming of age/New Earth kinda way – all along.
        Like these peeps have been biding time, waiting for their wings to unfurl, which could only happen in 5D.
        Like Magic🌟

  13. You say focus your energies where you have 20-25 Capricorn. My Capricorn ascendent is @ 19 degrees. Does that still count?

    1. Lol… mine too.
      Happy ‘end of Pluto conj Asc but not far enough away to no longer be feeling it’ 😂
      Sun is at 20 Lib, being squared.

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