Saturn, Pluto, Geopolitics & Ecology

If you are interested in my broader perspective on the astrology of the bushfires and the latest Middle East/Caligula crisis, here it is!  If you are not an astro-fiend and just want to know if it will be okay or if this is the start of some end times fuqery: yes it will be and no it is not.

And as always, please note that this is not a newspaper or even a political blog. My opinions are about the astrological themes surrounding these events, not an in-depth take on situations that are complex and emotionally loaded.

Beginning the new decade with World War III trending on social media and apocalyptic bushfires is not ideal. The fires are in Australia, but this is as global as the Middle East/U.S.A. flashpoint. Both these events occur with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that I’ve done several posts on over the last year. We always knew it would be cathartic and a flashpoint for brewing geopolitical storms. Dissatisfaction with inadequate leadership is now palpable and for obvious reasons. On both the personal and the collective level, it is an alignment that supercharges practical challenges with spiritual resonance.

2020 features two epochal alignments that traditionally signal new rulers and styles of governance, economy and belief system: Saturn conjunct Pluto in January and Jupiter conjunct Saturn in December. The first is approx every 35 years and the other every 19 years. I don’t think we have had a year with both conjunctions occurring at the same time before. If we have, it was centuries ago. Uranus in Taurus is also a player, particularly in the astrology of the bushfires.

The Astrology Of The Bushfires

Sure, the situation comes under Saturn-Pluto because it is a crisis of leadership. Or more correctly, no leadership. I need not reiterate how sad, destructive, infuriating, stressful and avoidable the fires engulfing huge tracts of Australian farms, forests, and towns are. We know it is a clusterfuq. For years, Australians have been told by the mainstream political parties that thorough ecological policies weren’t sensible; they would threaten the economy. Left and right-wing parties sell land, mining rights, water rights and more to foreign companies with zero interest in the health of the Australian people, plants and animals. We began 2019 with a million fish dying in what was once a pristine river; It because of the drought, cotton farming and also because their water is apparently now not so much a resource as an asset to sell off.

Our leaders have portrayed the health of the actual planet as a lunatic fringe issue. They’ve insisted that blowing money on Draconian old technologies and business models was the only ‘sensible’ thing to do for prosperity. Well, their way of doing it has irrevocably crashed the economy. So even if they are correct that being green would blow the budget, we would at least have clean air and water plus politicians who didn’t hate any citizen who wasn’t a corporate donor or a photo opportunity.

This is not just a matter of dealing with the emergency and then mounting a clean-up/compensation operation. The country has to make over its business model. They’ve taken tourism out of the equation for the near future (even the Prime Minister, an ex marketing man, should grasp how profoundly the fires have trashed the ‘brand’) and most people don’t want more mining/big agriculture or water rights sold while we’re in a drought. Australia becomes a leading ecological light, or it declines into a special economic zone that multi-nationals exploit till its dead, the unique beauties of its land a history taught to our grandchildren.

Saturn, Pluto And Uranus Are All Players Here

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is the start of a new cycle. The economic rationalism, ‘user pays’ neo-feudalism and privatizing of everything belongs to the old cycle. It happens in our personal sphere as well. Have you noticed how since April 2019, when this alignment began to form, the omens around what you need to quit or change have become ridiculously lurid? In times like this, doubling down on clearly old-era interests and thought styles is not only foolish, it is dangerous.

But Uranus in Taurus was always going to be about trees, nature, and Gaia. Thoreau’s Walden – a prototypal ecological awareness raiser of a book – came out in 1854, when Uranus was at the same point it is at now. It changed everything. Talking about reverence for wildness, voluntary simplicity and living in harmony with nature, it was incredibly influential. In 1935, also with Uranus in Taurus, Sun-Saturn conjunct Capricorn Bob Marshall founded the Wilderness Society.

Sadly, in Australia then, the last thylacine died, driven to extinction by hunting and loss of habitat. People called them the “Tasmanian Tiger.”   In the 1960s, Uranus met Pluto in Virgo and both trined the Uranus in Taurus point of 1854. Gemini visionary Rachel Carson (born with Saturn square Pluto) wrote Silent Spring, warning of the damage caused by pesticides, the USA government passed legislation protecting the environment and national parks became a thing.

Historically, Uranus in Taurus triggers environmental consciousness raising, and this is a particularly potent Uranus in Taurus, as it’s backed by the Saturn Pluto conjunction. If anything good comes of this cataclysm, it has to be a profound shift to an environment-first style of management.

The Middle East Astrology

The Saturn Pluto cycle is synonymous with the story of the Middle East, United States, big oil and well, even the Crusades. Officially launching in 1095, the Crusades originated around 1091, with a Saturn Pluto square. The Ottoman Empire: A Saturn-Pluto Opposition. Saudi Arabia also began on a Saturn Pluto opposition and Israel on the conjunction. The Saturn Pluto conjunctions of October 1914 and May 1915 are on the World War 1 timeline, but that was also when oil became strategically important.

The September 11 attacks occurred on a Saturn Pluto opposition. The Saturn Pluto square in late 2009/early 2010 occurred with Iranian democracy protests, also known as the Persian Spring. I could go on but you get the point. Saturn, Pluto and these themes go together.

It is unnerving to have such weighty astrology in effect as China, Iran and Russia conduct military exercises. Not to mention strikes from the current USA President that do not seem to be part of a deliberate, thought-out or bipartisan strategy.

And there are eerie parallels involving Saturn and the Nodes from 1914 to 1915: The North Node in March is on the Saturn from then. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will align at the same time, adding extra potency to whatever forms. But the underlying theme is this: if you think outside countries are not so much in the Middle East to ‘help out’ or ‘bring peace’ but for the oil, then maybe that jig is up?

Fuel Independence Is A Good Tactic For Saturn-Pluto

People have been talking about fuel independence since the mid-70s – when Saturn squared Pluto – and even more so after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. During astro like this, events trigger you into bringing forward major long-term big-scale projects. That ‘someday’ you have been crapping on about forever is suddenly upon you. You’re bringing it forward, whether or not you feel ready.

If you put together the fires and Trump’s Iran fuqery, it is time to abandon the old ways. Not with a conference scheduled for sometime whenever but with legislation. Climate and environment first leaders/politicians would not be running counter to the ‘jobs and growth’ mantra; We can’t secure energy independence without gigantic and sped up investment in innovation. Not only do the old ways risk burning countries down and poisoning all the water, people and animals – they leave us insecure. In atmospheres like this, it is all too easy to feel scared and imagine the worst-case scenario. It’s harder – but very much in the style of Saturn conjunct Pluto – to visualize the better outcome.

As the most recent Saturn Pluto cycle – the one that began in late 1982 ends, we have reached the limits of neo-liberalism and whatever you call it when you make terrible compromises to ensure something you need for survival. Uranus in Taurus is friendly with Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. That is rare. It certainly wasn’t in 1914 and 1915. It was in Aquarius and opposite Neptune in Leo. How’s that for noble ideals turned into grand scale delusional destruction? This current Uranus set-up is fantastic. It’s not just power to the people; It is power to the animals and the land spirits, power to the countless innovators and small to medium businesses paying more tax than the multi-nationals.

Saturn conjunct Pluto could optimally be a new order that secured energy independence, rebooted the economy from this ghastly designed stagnation of low interest rates and saved the planet. It’s not hippie or a niche inner city lunatic thing. It makes military, economic and ecological sense.

If you are in Australia, I say contact your local government member; they count letters and phone calls far more than they do likes on social media. The more people taking the trouble to tell them to get their s***t together, the better. And if you are elsewhere and want to help, there are multiple good charities but this is the link to contribute to the rural fire service.  Yes, because it’s been considered more important to have, you know, money making public-private partnerships. That’s when the public pays and the private corporation (plus their political advisors) benefit.


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  1. I was at the bushfire rebellion protest at Sydney Town Hall this afternoon, I had to leave before I had a claustrophobia induced panic attack – there were at least three times as many people there than the last protest at Town Hall in December, and the crowd was still growing! And people are NOT happy with Scotty from marketing – the sentiment was visceral.

    I think it’s safe to say that we’ve finally reached the critical mass where the authorities, media, and millionaires can’t pretend that those protesting are unhinged dole-bludging watermelons.

  2. Mystic thanks for this, for marking out historic analogies, right now it feels like everything is present. I’m super intrigued by your geopolitical commentaries keeping convo on point – and giving telescopic context. Really appreciated

  3. Mystic for PM! Thank you for your research and articulation. Staying with the trouble, and the persistant background grief, with love from Northern NSW near the Mt Nardi fire in what was Gondwana rainforest.

  4. What’s occurring to me is that my sadness in life was often in response to the lack of hope in others lives.

    So now that I’m unrelenting I guess it’s be awesome if everyone that was sad angry and hopeless could just maybe, I dunno, shut up and let those of us excited hopeful and knowing do what we 100% know is possible.

    There are people who are at 100% trust that they are right who are wrong. They will eat themselves. Let them.

    I, again find my articulation to be immature at best.

    It just can 100% be amazing. I have no doubt.

    If you have doubt, that’s understandable but know that those who have no doubt are on board at this time.

    Words are insufficient. As per usual.

  5. Thanks Mystic. Great to get some perspective on these events. My attention has been caught by 2 things related to the Australian bushfires: water or lack thereof, and leadership.

    I know it’s a drought but barely a day goes by before I hear of some new water atrocity – emptying our reservoirs for bottled water companies, leasing unlimited amounts to wash rocks in mines, more dams to dry up rivers. We have to rehydrate the land. It’s soooo thirsty!

    At the same time I’m seeing people step up and long undercover plans being aired: farmers engaging in new earth friendly practices, koala rehabilitation land being bought, massive donations to wildlife care and fire services, that huge volunteer effort. These are the leaders we need and they are us.

    Anyway, interesting times.

    1. I wonder if water wars will one day replace fossil fuel driven wars. Sadly I dont see things evolving beyond war as a means to gain power in the shorter term. It seems so bleak to write that and I honestly want to see a different outcome but it seems unlikely right now (that’s a nod to leadership broadly) and I won’t be putting Neptune goggles on again for some time to come.

      Seriously, why are we flooding bush around the Murray because some contract days the water cant be allowed to flow any further and cant be used where it is?!?!?

      1. Capitalism, corruption and incompetence? I can only hope we learn something valuable from the Murray fiasco and start applying it fast.

  6. I’m writing to my local member – I’m so angry/upset/*insert intense emotion here* about the loss of half a billion of Australian wildlife. I just can’t believe the government took this self serving ideological risk & to see the costs (lives, animals, homes, towns, 6.3 million hectares). The negligence and the audacity of this government should warrant them to stand trial at the International Court of Justice.

  7. Hi Mystic,

    Thanks so much for this. I am a volunteer firefighter in South Australia and the last few weeks have been pretty horrendous. All I could think when I went out with my crew was how Saturn and Pluto were significant players in all the SNAFU!

    But I must say this, what I have seen so much of is the rise of community (very Uranus in Taurus to my mind). On a personal level, I have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and ready assistance when it comes to helping others (this at a time when it seemed that self-interest had become the norm). This gives me a lot of hope when it comes to how we might attempt to rebuild things after such a period of calamity. I think too, that there is something about volunteering and the power of community that will become a much more valued and integrated part of who we are. I can say from experience that being a volunteer, and the act of giving up one’s time for the greater good, has its own reward. It’s exhausting (and admittedly quite challenging) but it does shift who we are to a much higher level. It should be noted too that you actually work a lot harder when you don’t get paid for it.

    I hope we can all awaken to a perspective where we learn to give of ourselves without profit on some level. When I came back from the fires I was inundated with requests from people asking how they could help. Leadership may have failed politically, but I am convinced that people power has not. Look at how much money has been raised and how human resources from far and wide have been utilised to get the fires under control.

    We can all make a difference and we can all be heroes when it comes to Country and who we truly are. Pluto and Saturn afford courage as much as they do change. And I hope through community we continue to change into something that makes the world a much better place to inhabit.

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      Thank you so much! I’m from Brisbane and the feeling that was created in the community from the floods in 2011 was incredible, you could feel the support and love. People really do have the power and as a group I think Australians can really shine in times of disaster ❤️ You are doing something so full of goodness and purpose it will flow back to you big time!

    2. Thank you so much Geminian. Such sentiments are what needs to be read now by many people across Aus. Community is so important. Mine is pretty good in Tas. But thank you for reminding us of the common good.

    3. Good on you and I totally agree. I think these fires are bringing out a stronger sense of community and love for country. And honestly leaders are everywhere.
      Thanks for the work you do.

  8. If I were to say in one word what this article is about, I would say “Fuel.” Fuel in the form of oil in the Middle East and Fuel in the form of Australia’s landscape. If I were to expand that one word into a phrase, I would say, “Ownership of Fuel as a Resource for Power.” We are all familiar with the use of the underground Middle Eastern type of fuel. And how war has to be waged to get ownership of it.
    But what of the landscape fuel of Australia? People in the fires spoke of the volatile oils from the eucalyptus trees high above the actual canopy of leaves igniting in massive explosions and hurling fire bombs 500 metres or more in unpredictable directions. To me this is a war, using the power of nature to destroy.
    To say that Australia’s leaders were not aware of the incendiary volatile nature of the landscape is simplistic. The retired Fire Chief from Tasmania already in April 2019 attempted dialogue with government officials regarding the fire dangers in the upcoming summer season of 2019/2020. His attempts were ignored or politely/politically delayed until December 2019 when Australia was already in the thick of the attack/ onslaught.
    Again it is simplistic to think that the country’s leaders are ignorant, bumbling, and lacking in leadership. They know exactly what they are doing and it comes from an agenda of global corporatisation – Australia is a subsidiary company within a global company. I am going to google Australia Inc. to see what comes up.
    Last thought, Australia was colonised with the wave of the last great empire – the British Empire – and the country’s first people were conquered for what now seem like puny colonising interests – wool and meat. But tiny Britain needed to grow its power of physical domination and ownership; greed was the vehicle.
    The new lords of power over the earth and its resources have new more sinister means and methods to conquer and dominate, most of which are invisible to the likes of me but I hear murmurings here and there.
    It does remain to be seen what stance we as human beings take up collectively in the war against anti-humanity.

    1. So well put Cynthia. It’s amazing the land-based catastrophes that one can trace by following the footsteps of corporations and colonization – in the context of Uranus in Taurus. One of the most devastating famines in our recorded modern history, The Great Bengal Famine of 1770 (Uranus in Taurus) where 12 million people died of starvation was man-made & caused by the first global corporation, The East India Company which colonised greats parts of India, changing local farming methods to more intensive ones for growing commercial crops, which the corporation would then export for enormous profits; and at the same time preventing locals from growing more self sustaining crops & even having a grain reserve in case of emergencies. After the famine the corporation DOUBLED the taxes on the farmers to make up for some of the losses to the corporations’ profits.

      This is the nature of the Beast we are still dealing with today. It does not respect human life, Gaia nor beasts.

      Similar man-made land catastrophes leading to untold deaths can be seen in the mid 1840s & into the 1850s (Uranus in Taurus) with the Irish Potato Famine, when Ireland was run as a colony by the English and used to grow crops for export. Ireland was producing more food than it could consume, and yet 1 million people died needlessly. The potato blight was not the cause of mass starvation – it was deliberate mismanagement & greed that caused it. Another million or more Irish were forced to emigrate (or starve) mainly to the New World. Back then, esp in the 1850s (also the bonkers Gold Rush era) displaced people could go to the New World and stake a claim of land and begin anew. These days there is no New World to escape to, you become a refugee – not welcome anywhere.

      Closer to our era, in the !930s, also Uranus in Taurus, the US suffered the calamitous Dust Bowl era, another man-made land catastrophe. Uranus in Taurus seems to be all about exploiting land resources for profit and power for the few, followed swiftly by calamities and then social revolution. I’m not a pessimist by nature, but we all have to pull together & be part of the revolution NOW and slay this out-of-control corporatist Beast, or it will be too late for us …. As the saying goes, it all happens gradually & then suddenly … I think that we’ve reached the edge of gradually.

      1. Totally Agree. Taureans are sensual and love music but they’re all about their stuff. I see an intensification of greed and fighting over property coming. All under the murky waters of Neptune in Pisces – a crisis of faith, deluded ideologies, nut job messiahs. Not pretty but hey, I’m an Australian and its burning. I got a text from a friend in Scotland last night…”what the fuck is going on over there? Why so many fires and for so long?”. Scotty you’ve ruined our brand!

      2. I’ve now been a bit obsessed with finding out more about the East India Company seeing that it is literally, the Mother Load of all corporations ( pioneering insider-trading scams & dirty corporate lobbying schemes) & found that John Dee was one of its chief architects, who not only drew up horoscope charts for its sea captains, but also had considerable vested economic interests in its success.
        So it’s not that far fetched to presume that he was responsible for the timing and horoscope chart of the corporation itself (b. 31st December, 1600)

        The chart has Sun/NN/Mars/Mercury in Capricorn, the sign of big business & government; & its Moon/Saturn in Scorp, related to Power and other peoples wealth/money.

        And though Uranus had not been discovered yet, it is interesting to note that it is at 1º21 Taurus, long associated with money and land…. and there are those that don’t believe in astrology.

  9. thank you for this considered and excellent piece. some comfort is what we need, but it’s also a call to action. and we need that too. can i just put in a little reminder that it’s not just NSW affected! kangaroo island in sa is devasted and i suspect they’re in need of some help too: and the cfa in vic:

    may we all get off social media and get calling and writing! it must happen now. thanks, mm. xx

  10. Thank you Mystic for taking the time to write this piece. I find it really helpful to read your perspective and interpretation of these events in the grand scheme of things. Can you please be our next prime minister?😊

  11. Thanks for the positive slant but humans are stupid and greedy. I’m not confident that we’ll come out of the fossil fuel age alive.

  12. I am so glad you put all this out for perusal and to document the experience as we’re having it. The confirmation that thinking about what is real in this scenario – what is it calling on us to do — this is where our own decision-making and ability to take actions according to our skills and spheres of influence can really become potent. Let’s get to it!

  13. Very interesting commentary on these unsettling days, with hope for the future that’s hard to see evolving, what will be the influencing factors of change, will it require more destruction, will it require another war, is it written?

  14. I love this so much. Some pragmatic hope and a plan ! Some much needed big picture perspective!
    Letter writing campaign begins today !
    Thanks Mystic.

  15. Saturn in Pisces

    Thank you for this post, Mystic – both eminently realistic but solution-oriented, in the spirit of high-vibe Earth element. Leaves me feeling hopeful rather than despairing/panicked (as with most mainstream news coverage). The degree to which the outer planets are synced harmoniously to one another strikes me as a fabulous opportunity to establish a new paradigm (though my hopes are not much more concrete than “Let Go and Let Gaia,” considering the reprehensible “leadership” in my country and others).

    All the way on the other side of the Earth (very close to Thoreau’s Walden, a reserve I don’t often visit as it is not dog-friendly) my heart goes out to Australia. I am just filled with devastating sadness and am so sorry for the Australian people and environment. Sending love from the USA.

  16. So well said, Mystic. I’m going to re-read when I get home this evening, so that I can really internalize it.

    As has been driven home to me here in the US since 2016, “democracy is not a spectator sport.” I can’t expect good things to just go along on auto pilot, or bad things to go away simply because I’m outraged by them. I have to actively advocate for how I want my society to be.

    One of the themes of Uranus in Taurus for me has been to really examine how I support the current system with my pocketbook, and where I can change things in my daily life. (This doesn’t mean that I’ve mentally let our elected officials off the hook. We can walk and chew gum at the same time by focusing on the macro and the micro simultaneously.) Where does my money go? Do I need to spend as much as I do on items packaged in single-use plastic? Do I need to consume beef and other meat? How many clothes do I actually need to own? What groups or causes can I support financially that are working to move us into the new world order where the earth and our fellow inhabitants are valued in a meaningful way, not just with lip service?

    The old world order is dying. It feels strange to be a witness to change that is happening so quickly, so very much before our eyes in real time.

    1. This. think local act global — the people have HUGE power. we are the consumers of capitalist culture — we actually own the money that keeps the system working! If everyone consumes less, thinks before they spend, the disrupt will be enormous

    2. Nice comment. One I can relate to. I eat, wash, use power, wear clothes. I can take a more conscious look at what I am doing in my daily life. You say you are a witness to change. Your comment seems to me to be more about your being an agent of change.

  17. I’ve currently got trans Jupiter conjunct my natal Saturn. Saturn sq sun and as I mentioned the other day had a Pluto Saturn conjunction in cap and now vice versa.
    I seem to be a test pilot for these transits After years of them I have found the most effective survival technique. the opossum method, When in danger, cornered, exhausted the opossum acts as if it is dead. It stiffens it’s body to give the impression that rigor mortis has well and truly set in. It’s eyes rolled into the back of its head motionless, a foul stench emanating from its dead lifeless body. The predator loses interest as it is only interested in fresh meat not stiff old dead things. As the bodies of my various hopes and dreams have fallen around me, I lie still in the bottom of the pit, waiting for the danger to pass. Last week it felt like the coast was clearing. I slowly moved out of the pit, and moved to a small cave high in the mountains where I could recover and rest. The second day I came back to the cave after foraging for sustenance i was met by a sneering Mars Pluto sq who raised its hand and shot me dead. That was the last body davidl had. For all intents and purposes he no longer exists. He did leave one thing, that’s me. I’m a small seed under the ground and I am yet to see the sun.
    In short I can report that these transits are uncomfortable and relentless. No strategy will allow your escape from ithe plans it has for you. So instead of pretending to be dead like the opossum maybe you can take a good look at all those different dream bodies you have and put them down humanely.
    A new world requires new ideas new people, not the people you were. I don’t even have an name yet ?

      1. Rowena. After carefully reading Mystics post, themed on the immanent Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. I chose to not comment on the macro subjects and made the subject of my post the persistent correlation of my personal transits over the last 2 years and the current transits under discussion. I described myself as a test sample and went on to describe part of my experience via analogy. This type of analysis is not uncommon in any investigation and quite common around here. . The micro reflecting the macro and vice versa.
        If that micro sample is not of interest to you then just move on. It was what I felt I could contribute to the discussion and happens to be part of a thread that winds back months.
        I could have talked about being in Tehran in 1979 but this is an astrology blog not a forum for geo political conjecture, doomsday propheteering and virtue signaling.
        And your nasty cliched lecturing ignorant reflection ? Try this quick quiz. Convert that reaction into a drawing. A drawing of the person saying it. Shudder .. right ?

    1. David,thanks for this as I can totally relate,it’s not belly gazing. . . I have just been or going through Saturn,Mercury,Jupiter all conjunct Saturn,my second Saturn Return and my Birthday falls on the upcoming Eclipse(10 Jan) I’ve been having some tough lessons. . . I too have at times felt frozen. . . I love your description. I followed Mystics advice tho and had myself a little “circle with salt” ritual with simply articulated intention in the bush behind my abode on Capricorn New Year (27 Dec). . Been following any suggestions offered. Looking forward to my Jupiter return in February.👏Namaste and Meaningful Evolving Wishes to you!☮️

    2. When things spiral out of perceived control (are they ever?) I tend to deploy a range of tactics and one of them is a creative literary spin on the process. This is what I think I am reading and can relate. It eases my mind and can shift a locked focus.

      When we find we can no longer find personal meaning and purpose in who we are or what we our options appear to narrow or maybe even actively elude us. Pluto conjunct like everything via transit this life has given me plenty of transforming practice to work with and identities. Some old versions simply have to be retired, rebuilt or traded in for parts. This is what I think I am reading. Death of old skins and yes of course some of those are attached to ego or they wouldn’t be so painful. Others are attached to long cherished values, beliefs or loves that haven’t perhaps stood the test of time. There can also be ego there but hey there can and is ego in everything. It is one of the souls vehicles and learning tools on this earth.

      When these kinds of transitions are in play it can feel impossible to know what to do next at times. Playing dead is one of many creative survival strategies. It can also be a method of switching off or reducing the flow of external stimulus to prevent system overload. Waiting in the dark is part of the process. Faith is too. And for me it’s been about channeling it into getting up and doing for others even when I don’t want to. I know it’s also ‘doing’ for me and each.time I can work that magic I know it’s also shifting collective consciousness.

      I also think you are using a broader metaphor around old ways now ending and new ways still crystallized in thought sans real action and the process we all must collectively take in one way or another to arrive at this new world broadly, both individually and collectively. I don’t know if that’s what you intended but this Mercury retro sees things from the other side of the prism…actually, probably 75 odd different ways and after some rapid (sadly still poorly documented and understood) distilling process arrives here.

      1. Simply put I was reflecting on the destruction of the ego and yes the many aspects (bodies) it has developed over 60 years. Some of those identities have put up a brave struggle, some surrendered, some ran but now all have succumbed. I held on to my most precious identity and it was well hidden under the dead bodies of others. Once that got taken out I had arrived where I thought I could never be. The purpose ? To be relevant and able to act in a new global paradigm ? To not simply survive while withering away holding on to irrelevant and meaningless purpose. ? I’m not sure. Still waiting. Watching.

        1. I’m wondering too if my new life will take root but I’m going for it full on. I’m sure I’ll be useful somewhere.

        2. Well thats kind of celebratory don’t you think?
          I’m raising my morning coffee to you. Salud!

          You get to be your authentic self without any costumes, well let’s just say most of them because I think the egoic vehicle is with us until we leave in one form or another and we get a clear sense of that each time we meet and respond to external stimulus or others with that one and continuing opportunitie to modify the vehicle. Sorry not trying to pop the party balloons there D.

          One of my most comfortable places is being comfortable with not needing to know and Im pretty sure that wasnt always the case. For obvious reasons right but really what that does is open up everything as a possibility because we aren’t operating from pre-made foundations or fixed parameters. It’s a big world. You’ll find your next thing.

          Simply put, I think I was saying I get get it.

          1. I feel like opting out of today but the astro environment demands otherwise. I just noted Pluto is now 10 odd minutes past my moon. I have my own celebrations to prepare – that is once I double check the next retro degrees. Pretty sure he doesn’t make it back close enough for me to consider it impactdul but hey life can sure surprise you sometimes!

    3. ‘I can report that these transits are uncomfortable and relentless. No strategy will allow your escape from the plans it has for you.’ Thank you for this perspective and the reminder to be open to the messages you may not want to hear.

    4. How beautifully written davidl. And you’re right, we are bound to grow anew as what we have been is gone. I wish you a perfect germination and May your shoots be strong and grow tall. Oh and make sure your roots are deep.

    5. Davidl, is this close to what you wrote the other day but lost in the electronic vortex? Just want to say that being of your vintage & more or less having gone through the same OP fuquery, i hear you.
      I too am watching & waiting – like a tumbleweed still tethered to its roots – but only just – i’m waiting for that gust that will finally liberate me.

      “Apart from its primary vascular system and roots, the tissues of the tumbleweed structure are dead; their death is functional because it is necessary for the structure to degrade gradually and fall apart so that its seeds or spores can escape during the tumbling, or germinate after the tumbleweed has come to rest in a wet location.”

    6. “instead of pretending to be dead like the opossum maybe you can take a good look at all those different dream bodies you have and put them down humanely. A new world requires new ideas new people, not the people you were.”

      Your beautifully worded thoughts are so resonant for me right now. Having realized the culmination of several dreams I had been dreaming for myself a few years back, I now find myself where I had wished to be and somewhat bemused that I am no longer the person that wished for this. My reasons for wanting it are no longer relevant. I am grateful and happy to have attained it but must now find a new me to be in this new life I created for a version of me that is gone.

    7. Possumus Reincarnatus

      Live to thrive another day.

      Every day I react I’m just adding to the din.

      The less I do ,the less I consume, the less I agitate, the less impact i have the more room I have to learn and observe and flow.

      Nameless wonder, marsupial seed that can’t get rabies, low body temperature. Be not inflamed.

      David was cool too.

      1. you know this is in my head too just now. The just being thing. I have run my ass ragged over the years and seemingly got to nowhere as such or square one. I am looking at buying a new house new country and starting on the hamster wheel again. Granted I cannot sit still and get beyond bored if I have nothing constuctiive to do but would I be better placed to do just that and let life flow to me or go out and meet it, find a river to step into the flow. I get on a flight tomorrow and once there I will know and of course the eclipse in my 4th will help.

      1. I get the essence of it all and it’s relatable – note, not entirely because the story is centred around a cat.

        Just so you know (but I already think you do) I dialogue with you in the way that I do because I perceive your ability to get what I intend to convey beyond the typed word and it’s because you’re a wise guy (hahaha – wink) and can see through the mist.

  18. This is a major reason why I love astrology so much. Two world events, seemingly unrelated. Oh but they are. And the jig HAS to be up. Fantastic post MM!

  19. Also wanted to mention that I feel the optimal Uranus in Taurus conditions you describe in comments by NSW energy and environment Minister Matt Kean’s comments. He has commissioned a report into a decarbonised state economy. Plus:

    “Kean spoke to the country’s adoption of a National Hydrogen Strategy, reiterating mastermind and Australia’s Chief Scientist’s Dr. Alan Finkel’s belief that Australia can produce up to 50% of the world’s hydrogen needs. “This isn’t just an opportunity to be the Saudi Arabia of solar,” declared Kean. “It’s an opportunity to be the Middle East of energy. But this is not an opportunity that is going to wait for us.”

    … Though his federal Liberal colleagues aren’t so sure, Kean is certainly aware that if Australia is going to be an energy empire, it will be an empire of the sun.”

    Worth giving them all the encouragement they need to jump on some good plans.

  20. Another excellent summary of our times and positive contribution Mystic. And as always, written with such style.

    I agree that this could be a point at which we pivot to a better direction. And that contacting MPs will influence this.

    To provide talking points I’m commenting to share a Twitter thread by Adam Liaw that runs along similar lines to Mystic’s overview, and also emphasises what could be. It’s long, but finishes by comparing us to Norway and what they did with their resources boom money:

    “We are (relatively) energy secure. We are wealthy. We have vital trade ties with both the US and China. We already co-exist with two superpowers, disproving the Highlander “there can be only one” mentality that will lead us to war and ruin, both environmentally and economically.

    We have perfect conditions for renewable energy generation. We have a comparatively small energy footprint, meaning that the investment required for achieving results is also comparatively small.

    There is no better place in the world to prove that transitioning to renewable energy is possible, and profitable, while also securing our domestic energy market and modernising our economy. Wins all around.

    The only thing lacking is economic sense, and political courage.”

    Link to this quote near end of thread re Oz:

    Link to beginning of thread for big picture on international game of chicken re oil & renewables:

  21. And 1917 hits the cinemas this week …
    (My attempt at irony)

    Excellent read Mystic and I will be reading it through again at a slower more contemplative state – there’s a lot of good correlation over time and events to mull over.

    I dont normally promote anything here but the Gippsland emergency relief fund is a local org some people may not be aware of. There are many good charities as Mystic states but I prefer the less corporatised versions so along with the local rural fire services and animal welfare etc I thought I’d add it as an fyi not a spruke.

  22. Unicorn Sparkles

    I can’t even put my thoughts into coherent words on this one.
    Thank you for the positive take on this mess Mystic.

  23. Crystallised future

    This is a wonderful post and so insightful. Having just done my own chart for the year and feeling utterly exhausted, I can only imagine how much research you did to bring all this together – even with your subconscious knowledge no doubt easily accessed by you – this post took a lot of work. And yes, the Uranus trine factors with all the big guns in Capricorn are beautiful. Even north node readings over the next year for the general population have instilled relief in me. Thank you Mystic.

  24. Wow Mystic. You nailed it. I have personally hated the era that began in 1982 (when I was 17) and can’t wait for a new one to begin.

    1. Crystallised future

      Yes. I remember being horrified that market shares became a regular sector on the news. The worship of money had begun

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