Your Saturn In Capricorn Debriefing Session

Welcome to the Saturn in Capricorn debriefing session! Here you can share with people who know what’s up and won’t glitch your cognitive processing with inane “it’s just a planet” commentary.

Saturn is changing signs within days – see the countdown below – and its arrival in Aquarius initiates an entirely new era: more Air, more Uranian high-jinx. *

But you know the kind of person who specializes in pithy exit lines and parting gestures? That’s Saturn in Capricorn. Whatever you’d deem your core lesson of December 2017 until late March 2020, that’s the current ‘it topic’ and everything going on with you at the moment relates back to this.

Why late March 2020? Saturn was in Aquarius from March 21/22 until July 1/2, when the Time God re-entered Capricorn. Arguably, July until now has been revision, a condensed version of your 2018/2019 boot camp.

So, leaving aside the broader growth trajectory of society and culture over this time, feel free to comment on how Saturn at its most potent ever has influenced you and yours since Xmas 2017.

233 thoughts on “Your Saturn In Capricorn Debriefing Session”

  1. So it rained heavily here to wash out the remnants of Sat in Cappy.

    And I slept in till 4pm with a sense of relief in my body. I just started using a posture corrector with excercises and my neck and back started reorganising. Sleep was needed. Alot of healing going on.

    1. I finally feel like I slept. Didn’t wake up with the vague soreness that indicates I grit my teeth all night. Hooray!

      1. I know right? I have phantom Saturn in Capricorn syndrome clearly as this is the second time I’ve been back to this page after my last comment 😂. Oi
        Where’s the trust?
        Actually fuq that, I am giving myself permission to check as often as I want
        I need to know Bluebeard has left the castle.

  2. Less than 45mins to go. It’s 4:23am (awake after 48hrs of migraines – fun). Normally I really like Saturn, but after rendering me professionally valueless in established and new career, I’m quite comfortable in telling Saturn to fark-off somewhere less destructive. Good luck trying to get Aquarius to conform, Saturn.

  3. Wow the last 24hrs have been intense. Like the last scene of an Agatha Christie play. All the players appear, the police inspector rises to recall the 3 year scenario, scene by scene… then returning to live, just as your name begins to form on the lips of the officer, Saturn… yes Saturn, the time lord appears at the doorway. To everyone’s surprise, especially you … the butler, Gareth or Gary as he is referred to makes a run for the balcony. But there is no escape. Below is Jupiter, standing next to his Porsche 4×4. The hand of Saturn rests on Gary’s shoulder. The jig is up. He escorts him to Jupiter’s jallopy and with a swish of his ponytailed head Jupiter and Saturn are gone. You stumble down the stairs and into the sunlights glare. You’ve got nothing on you except a key. Relief, exhaustion… elation

  4. “Binnggg…. bonnggg!! This is your Captain speaking. Saturn Airlines is due to land in the Glorious Lost City of Atlantis (Aquarius, ahem) in just under 3 hours. Please do not open the baggage compartment just yet – everyone’s is full to bursting. Please keep seatbelts on until the light switches off. Thank you for flying with our (conformist, utilitarian) airline – you can leave your (itchy, woollen, drab) Saturn-in-Capricorn haute couture under your seat. Enjoy your stay!” 😀

      1. Hiya Alex, did it not feel like the biggest long-haul discombobulation, evah??🤣🤣🤯 Seriously, biggest blessings to you & yours this holiday season – Goddess knows we need a shower and some shiny Aqua metallic shoes after being down in the salt mines, eh ..😱💗

  5. I’ve had Saturn and Pluto grinding over my descendant / 7th house. I’m talking de facto divorce, single parenthood, career slog and 2 years of dating a Mr. Unavailable Aquarian body builder followed by way too long of unwilling singlehood. I finally met a new contender (who vibes hella solar Aries) a couple of weeks ago, while Mars was retrograde, who suddenly realised he was way too busy, what with all of the ginormous new business empire he had just started at the time we met, who then broke things off the day Mars went direct to concentrate on working a million hours a day instead. I feel this was the final Saturn in Capricorn kick to the whotsit. So, I’m still single, only rich, successful and with two years of expensive orthodontics behind me. I saw the Saturn counter has 3 hours to go and felt like crying with relief, but Im too jaded to bother.

  6. Saturn in Capricorn Dregs: Tax issues check. Pay issues check. Car breakdown check.

    On the flip side: Dream job obtained. Career zombies vanquished. First book about to be published online. Learnt to accept help from others.

    Bring on Saturn in Aquarius!

    #aquariusrising #mooninaquariusrising.

    1. Same. Spent yesterday doing grown up accountant appointments to find I have a tax bill. Nothing I did wrong but just the way it played out. Ouch. But I went home with a plan to level up my record keeping. Saturn isn’t gone, he’s just moving house, and into my sixth. I’m ready!

  7. Less than 10 hours to go…I dunno, I’m exhausted? Saturn Capricorn in my solar 12th house was a bit like encountering a Freudian-SAS Commando combo. A bit like EVERY psyche-trigger had to have repetitive pressure applied to it…to calculate the discomfort, and then push through it….
    I know I’ve grown through it…but wow…I don’t remember signing up for that boot camp?
    Genuinely looking forward to Saturn Aquarius…and enjoying some fresh Air.

      1. Thank you. Yes, this morning I don’t know whether *to Sage*..or whether *i am Sage*, after that Saturn trip…X

  8. 22 hours
    18 minutes
    32 seconds to go
    Watching the seconds roll by is comforting and creepy at the same time
    Horrible trauma dreams last night and the ickiest of thoughts & feelings today
    I guess one thing I have learned from Saturn in Capricorn is that the way to defeat the pain of S in C is to work through it.
    Not metaphorically but systematically, methodically and prioritising consistency over intensity. Lord knows Saturn loves a system
    Gonna hang here for a quick cup of coffee before I head off to college on my red bicycle into the rain and cold and traffic. I do enjoy a bit of wet & cold car dodging in the fog, not gonna lie. Adrenaline is still legal in some parts of the country and it’s free (well cheap)
    Headed into another lockdown and god I’m grateful for that bike, my sewing machine and PIABes
    Oh I don’t know if anyone remembers I was obsessing about the ww2 version of the boilersuit? Kind of the Hero Garment of the time, also known as a Siren Suit?
    Yeah I made several and am still tweaking incrementally but it’s everything I hoped and more. Basically a raincoat that zips up in front, keeps my warm all day and feels more stylish than a homemade onesie has any right to 🤸🏻

    1. So great that you made your own boiler suit! And I know, a bike is wonderful thing to have at your disposal during a pandemic/lockdown 🚲

  9. i swear this clock has gone backwards since i last checked it….

    I am saying goodbye to a client i took on while under the influence of an entirely burnt out nervous system and then logging into a course on communicating boundaries, presented by a dominatrix. This morning i called my doctors surgery to complain about having had some serious neurological symptoms dismissed for 12 solid months. I figure if i spend the day outwardly showing i have learnt my lessons well, they’ll be done with when saturn moves on.

  10. Hm let’s see, received highest academic award my masters program gives out while elegantly evading zombies, 20 months of deep trauma work, a juggernaut of a boundary event which resembled blade runner and lost my mom. How is this Libra commemorating this shift into air? With ‘potent shamanic acupuncture’ at 10:21 on the 21st. I hope the treatment room is properly grounded. 🙃 Will be thinking of my fellow mystics 💗

  11. This thread is insane
    Scroll down to read a litany of Saturn in Capricorn “crimes” against humanity 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Saturn and Pluto have been having a ball of a time in my 12th house. I’d say these years have been akin to the Tower, Death, Hanged One, and Emperor tarot archetypes, perhaps in that order. During this time, I came to learn that my external self was a reflection of the amount of respect and wellbeing I was giving myself. Sounds cliche, but let’s just say many an external event busted open some well-hidden and poorly swept under the rug traumas, tics, and immense wounds and fears. As a result, this period has been one of remarkable healing. I have gained and pursued immense knowledge in herbalilsm, flower essence, energetic medicine and healing, and, have become intrigued by exploring what being a death doula is. All that 12th house Pluto and Saturn does make you quite the expert on death, in all senses of the word and experiences in all areas of ones life. I feel deeply powerful, like I went through a brutal exfoliation of the soul but am emerging with fresh, raw, skin and a lightness of being.

    Pluto does have more work to do, but I am excited for Saturn to shift into my Ascendant. Today I contemplated buying black tapered pants and a fitted blazer with shoulder pads to match. To wear as a daily work uniform in the quarentine in the States, of course.

  13. Hanging in. Three days and 22 hours at present for me.
    Reminding myself not to act out impulsively and do dark moon protocol. I do love a dark moon in Scorpio actually

    1. From the new moon, early morning on the 15th in Oz, till the 22nd when the Jupiter Saturn conjunction starts to widen is the biggest week in Astro for me in probably 30 years. This dark moon prelude is also hiding Mars on my sun for the 3rd time in the last 3 months and Chiron direct in Aries after its retro phase being pretty much the same timing of this lengthy Mars in Aries extravaganza. And the official end of my second Saturn return in the 7th. The whole phase has been around 3 years ? And this came after about 3 or so years of Uranus on my sun. We will say merry Christmas and a happy new year a few times in our lives but this time it will actually have meaning to me. It’s the beginning of a new 30 year cycle, most probably the last one.

      1. No problem at all I’ve been overstepping marks for ever. I understood your intention and you are right. Not much room for error now. The last 12 or so months has been like one big meditation with the purpose of bringing to light the truth about myself to me. Fuq that’s been hard and enlightening to say the least. The search for authenticity and the perfecting of what I have to offer goes up a gear. The beat goes on x

      2. Underlying structure of my mind and body is like a sheath of tight rubber bands .. any hint of rudeness, stupidity, shoddy systems coming at me is met with a further tightening of the bands .. with occasional cutting verbal response 😬. No patience for fools. On the other hand, lots of energy to get things done.

      3. Hells ya can relate.
        I wonder if having my natal mars on my natal sun *** makes me like this all the time ?
        Just to make this all about me, obviously
        I get that there’s a difference between the transit of Mars on your sun and having the placement in your birth chart but I’m wondering practically speaking how the two experiences differ.
        I’m into some highly subjective territory but with one day and 22 hours left of Saturn in Capricorn what the fuq else we gotta do? 🪐
        Speaking of 🙄
        I misread the email for Tuesday as “Saturn is in Capricorn till 2047” and went into a low grade panic

        I had to recheck the counter. 😂

        *** ((and square Saturn and moon))

      4. Mars on sun, a lit flame 🔥 it can heat water, cook food, destroy contamination.. can also burn the whole fuqing house down.

      5. Yeah Chiron is so interesting and looking back a stronger influence than many take it for. It’s all about getting the interpretation right and I believe it’s very personal. Gotta work it out for yourself.

      1. Hebrew Gematria (numerology)
        22 > 4 – 22 – 22 = 2×11
        HayYodVauAleph — woe! (of complaint or threatening).
        HayTetVauBet — to prate, babble.
        HayYodDaletGimel — banks; a she-kid (goat).
        YodChetDalet — thrust, push; a fall.
        HayDaletBetVauHay — to destroy.
        VauYodVau — spelling of the letter Vau for Atziloth.
        HayChetBetZain — sacrifice.
        DaletVauDaletChet — sharpness, point; joy, gladness.
        YodDaletChet — breast.
        ChetVauChet — to cut into, to hook fast; hook; thorn, thornbush.
        ZainZainChet — to cut into, pierce through, transfix.
        HayTetChet — wheat.
        HayBetVauTet — good, a blessing; welfare; goodness; bounty.
        HayChetTet — to drive, thrust; to shoot; the reins (kidneys).
        AlephVauHayYod — pr.n. “Living One”.
        HayZainYod — to gather together; assemble. (The Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters).
        DaletChetYod — to be united; oneness, union, community; together, unitedly; alike, equally; all, all as one.

  14. As a person with a Stellium in Capricorn in the 5th house, I have spent the last few years trying to keep my candy business alive after my husband passed away in mid 2016. We kept doing the same thing and still growing but the appeal had left a hole for my sons and I. When Covid hit and businesses were shut down in March, I decided to pivot and build our online market and change our mindset. It was life changing for the business and for the way I think about it now. We are thinking so differently, seeing new adventures in candy making that we had not thought of before. Just 2 weeks ago, I sent a letter to Warren Buffett with a sampler of our candies and he wrote me back immediately with a hand written letter. I was over the moon! and still am. I am so excited to see what Saturn in Aquarius brings. Keep the faith!!

    1. You are my mental Saturn in Aquarius goal now! I will picture grit and candy when I think of this shift. Thank you for sharing, you are amazing.

      1. Thank you for that Sphinx! It has been a lot of hard work and many hours toiling with mechanical issues with the machines. The best machine we have is almost 100 years old….keeps going like a puppy! The newer ones with computer programming are so difficult to work with. We restored a company that had been making hard candy since 1924.

      2. Ugh, yes, computer programmed cars and houses are not my thing either. I love the idea of that old heavy clockwork machinery keeping going forever…such a Saturn/Capricorn concept! Well done you!

  15. The Lion & The Centaur

    To put it shortly:
    1. Money bootcamp 101
    2. Learning to set BOUNDARIES
    3. Alchemizing a cure for MM’s so Well named “Phantom deficit syndrome” & Status Anxiety (Uranus was the key)
    4. Learning to dopamine fast to boost productivity
    5. Finding the mindset where I pinch pennies but also allow money to flow my way = Capricornian abundance

  16. For my family, whom I currently am deep in serving, it has been a time of growing and reaping. We bought a house we loved, extended the house and lived in one room until such time. Build finished we went to Europe to see a dying relative. We drove across Spain, had mad past life recollections in Seville, then on to France, where we danced all night in a stately home in the French countryside with the loving aunt, uncle, cousins and their friends and children of my husband. We clambered to the top of Mont San Michel, the castle in the sea, hearing heavenly choirs at the top. We also stayed in what was a courtiers apartment to the old palace (the Louvre) and saw wonderful ancient Babylonian, Greek, and Egyptian carvings and statues there, like the Dendera Zodiac! Came home and moved into our extension. Lockdown, learned much of my kids hidden issues, and my own surfaced, finally diagnosed with MCAS (shout out to Davidl who mentioned it to me here 5 years ago?!! You crazy shaman, you!), 6 weeks ago we decided to sell our lovely home and move to QLD. We have been non stop renovating and packing a container. Found new schools online, a neighbourhood and a rental and we leave the day before Christmas for a new life. Extended family supportive, old friendship reconnected and hurts forgiven. Saturn is hard work, rewarding but worth it.

    1. Sounds really good to me x everything. So good to hear ☺️
      Hope the move goes well, and that you and yours have a beautiful summer 🌼🌸🐚

      1. Thank You David tbh I think we are in WW3 and most don’t realise it. Not sure the migration fixes much but it feels exciting! You enjoy too, hope you are uplifted by the shift in energies, and your violin playing improves, xx

    2. This is so gorgeous to read Sphinx. These images of your family and the journey you’ve been on together are wonderful. All the happiness

  17. Though I’m Virgo rising it’s late – 25 degrees so most 1st house is Libra.
    Chart is air dominant – Libra pluto, lilith, uranus, mercury, sun, venus and Aqua Mars. Also have Cancer Moon.
    All in all it’s been an ‘interesting’ time – mum died earlier in 2017, separated from husband Sep 2018 and bought my house.
    Have done a heap of work on myself and honestly had a decent couple of years since then.
    This year has been quite good fun (yes you did read that right) – better work/life balance, new friends, new hobbies. I am not the person I was five or even three years ago. If you learn and work hard Saturn gives you gifts.

  18. I was going to say I’ve been loving it! But the truth is after having a good case of gastro last week in the middle of a heat wave with my air con breaking down I realised what I couldn’t stomach and made changes. Have been feeling better and better ever since! This is what my last few years has been like! 😆 My Saturn is in Cancer opposed my Moon in Cap, plusss Aqua rising and aqua in Mars all in the 1 st house, to match my Sun in Aries 😆 (along with asteroids and Jupiter in Aries too).
    Some of you might understand all of that a lot better than me.. what it seems to be really getting at (for me) at this time is doing the work on me! I’m making decisions in my life that suit me and my goals more and more. Rather than taking others into detrimental consideration. Now I’m more open hearted, full of integrity, more patient, communicate with more clarity and from this space making business & life decisions that suit myself and my true goals alongside the highest good for others around me 💗 Essentially it’s clearer boundaries and more self respect than ever before! In amongst all of this I feel my Pluto in Libra coming in to play opposing my Jupiter in Aries amplifying the culling/harmony processes 😆
    So we’ll see how tomorrow goes 😃
    Love reading all your shares.. thank you 🙏🏼 😊

  19. resonates. I feel that the saying “I can’t breath” resonated on so so many levels and for many reasons world wide. The gasp for the coming air is so needed right now. I am a bit scared as have mercury at 0degrees Aquarius. However, communication requires a voice of some sort and traditional voice needs air to resonate. So bring it on

  20. Alexandra M Ordanian

    I have Saturn in Aquarius sitting in Capricorn 2nd house, so i think my Saturn is more influenced by Capricorn.

    2018 4 of us have been doing all the work, one rogue addict, tons of lies, betrayal, sabotage forcing us into workaholism in order to salvage this project. 2020 we are finally at the end. So much unnecessary bs, politics. I stuck around, because its a humanitarian Cultural Heritage project, and will help villages with getting water, etc (Saturn Aqua/Capricorn. Survival themes, overcoming gaslighting, deception, delays, delays, delays, exhaustion, near death.

  21. It has been wonderful reading everyone’s experiences on here, thank you all for sharing. For me personally, the past 3 years have been about nothing but work. And especially about as much work I could take on and then some more. Pluto had been moving through my 6th house since 2009, but then it all intensified so much when Saturn came along. I was given a significant promotion at that time, a job which I inherited from my former chef who was a workaholic. But I had to do that same job with 20 hours of manpower less a week. Luckily my two colleagues are very hard workers who show a lot of initiative, but even so it has been grueling. I can only compare the feeling of it to that scene from the Lucille Ball series where she and her colleagues are working in a chocolate factory at an assembly line wrapping chocolates. The assembly line suddenly starts moving faster and faster until the only thing they can do to keep the chocolates from spilling all over the place is to stuff the chocolates in their mouths, their uniforms and under their hats. There have been good day too, and on those days the atmosphere was like that Daft Punk song Harder Faster Better Stronger. But still with that same extremely hectic feeling of the Lucille Ball scene. While I am sure that in the past two and a half years I have gained authority and expertise, the thing which keeps eluding me is increased efficiency. My working days always leave me with a head that is spinning. I feel I should have mastered the efficiency part of my job now that Saturn is almost through his transit of my sixth house. But no. Anyway, I am so looking forward to seeing whether Saturn and Jupiter leaving Capricorn will make a difference!

  22. I have the worst case of Saturn neck ever. I’m 25 and have degenerative disc disease that in my MRI scans my pain specialist says looks more like the neck of a 60 year old… excellent. plus side: I’ve been complaining about pain since I was 19 and I am FINALLY being taken seriously and given the option of nerve block injections etc. euthanise me bitches! 🤪
    Less excited about 5G towers being erected all through my nearby main street 🙄 from Saturn neck to perma-migraine. Oh Uranus…

    1. Yes, that is shit but underlying shit come to surface. I really wish for you that the Aquarius Saturn brings some real supportive care, and some exposure and answers to the bullshit going on in your nearby street! Here’s to REAL CARERS, informed, working hard behind the scenes to gather data and present it to rut-bust the old crappy capitalist structures that wear everyone out, while soothing and looking after YOU, and asking and listening to your responses to intuitive questions. That is proper humanitarian science. I want so much for you and others in your kind of situ to get all of this, and that is my prayer. A prayer feels like not much, but you inspire and trigger my Uranus in Libra 11th trine my Aqua Venus IC in Aqua. Wondering if my 2020 ideas about the health matrix can find a channel that will help outside (and also definitely inside) where i’m at and whom i work with. If not my intentions go with the scientifically minded carers, for now xx

      1. Mille (Milleu? M?), I appreciate you every time we interact here. Your clarity and vision speaks to my somewhat dense and pragmatic 4h Virgo sun / grand earth trine (Taurus rising, Cap Neptune & Uranus). I actually have intercepted Aqua & Leo- they are my least understood and expressed energies 🙂 but so appreciated in those that have them! Thank you so much for all energy, thoughts, vibes, prayers etc toward people like myself 💛 I personally really value the psychic fortifying effect. I have days where I overdraw on my own energy and have to pull on something from somewhere just to make it up the stairs to my door – I am very sure that I am dipping into the prayer bank during those times. ☺️ Utmost love and solstice / season greetings ✨

      2. It is my absolute pleasure to bring you anything at all that i can and have to bring, LittleLunarLuxe! 🙇‍♀️

        If i can only add fortitude and more drops in the ocean of your prayer bank, then i willingly continue, and by the grace of your thanks xx

        My Leo is MC, my Aqua is Venus IC NN conjunct. My intercepted ones are Aries, and Libra with the Uranus in it trine and in mutual reception the Aqua Venus. Not sure if knowing that Venus is squared Saturn in 6th Taurus helps you get it, but i think it can bring you something: you may need everyday cleansing rituals using water, no metal, and clean greens, plantings from seed or sprout that feed. Succulents can cleanse air all right but i am not totally sure of propagating them, just use ones established to keep air/space clean. Grow only from scratch what you would use to nourish you. Any succulents you feel help cleanse will have pups. Don’t let ’em get out of control, keep pups, and (sorry, but where you live, right?) discard the older plant, and use some seaweed fertiliser to cleanse, in tiny amount, when the tine is right. Then water it well in.

        I mis-typed ‘tine’ so full disclosure: i use a vintage silver salad fork for sone of my gardening. But i am very Mars Squares, incl Mercury and i just seem to have a thing for blades and fire, that need mastery, tho i am not yet master. Hands and forearms attest to it; you will be careful and experiment in your temple.

  23. Sending everyone hugest blessings & hugs for getting through the past few years. For myself, like most multiple Aries I know, I’ve tried to deal with Saturn’s curly pointers with a don’t complain, don’t explain approach (not the best approach, I know – but going to wait until past the 21st before I peek around the foxhole corner, lol). I’m also trying to look at all transits neutrally, like portals where anything can fly in, so I just try to high-vibe the environment – e.g. geomancy. So far okay, apart from my cat drinking from my feng-shui-strategically-placed bowls of (clean, fresh) water!! (which I totally allow him to, my dear ginger tabby – but I do have to replace the water frequently!! :)) This is a beautiful community, thank you Mystic & members for creating it. xx

    1. A doglet friend of mine did exactly the same, AND there were shaped crystal rocks in there which i had lovingly cleansed beforehand along with all the antique glass bowls! Probably a sign you channelled such good into those waters 😀 Keep cleansing, it’s not ridding of the pet energies, i believe we’re wondrously and unknowingly refreshing with these rituals. SAturn in Taurus 6th house, but i do truly feel all rituals are personal, so take my comment as a thought only.

      1. Hi Milleu, that is such a beautiful tale!! Our furry little people deserve the best 😉 I bet your little buddy had the best chakras in the neighbourhood after that drink, haha. Ginger tabby literally rules our house – the only water I worry about him drinking are the ones I use to neutralise negative flying stars – but I just keep replacing them, and so far he is just drinking from a bowl I use to energise a positive corner. Also I love rituals, so appreciate your comment more!! 🙂

  24. 80% of my chart is cardinal: Libra Sun, Aries Rising, Cancer Moon, Libra Mercury, Mars Capricorn, MC Capricorn, North Node Aries, Neptune Capricorn, and multiple asteroids in Libra. The Uranus opposition of years ago and now this – Im feeling like I haven’t had an easy year in a century.

    In the last two years I bought a house – which was a slog but worked out well, my business grew but was the most channeling time ever in it in years, and I met a lovely man who came with an ex/baby mumma (who lives locally – hello fourth house) that need boundaries, and in some ways Ive become a step mother/dad’s girlfriend.

    My cancer moon in the 4th house got tested by the ex and boundaries almost every four weeks (moon cycle timings), and boy did I get angry with transit Mars sitting on my ascendant in Aries. The business needed vast amounts of strength to grind through the major change and challenging clients were everywhere – but mars in the 10th conjuncted everything gave me the strength. Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn on my Mars at 23 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is sitting right on it now and yes work is again changing, slower this time. I dont think I’ve ever grinded my teeth so much in my sleep before these last two years.

    Thank god for every square I get with my cardinal chart I also get a conjunction. Ive mastered the boundaries like any Libran needs to – ‘you can come this far but you shall not go further’ is set in steel around me. But yes, ready for the air times incoming and a cocktail or two.

  25. In a nutshell BOUNDARIES particularly with ‘friends’ and FATHER, HEALTH and myself, self-discipline particularly around finances, goals and daily regimes/health. Big time. Cancerian sun moon and asc. in 1st/12th with this Saturn in Cap transiting in my 7th.

  26. I am certainly not who I was at the start of Saturn in Capricorn. My rising is 12 degrees Capricorn, so Saturn’s transit started in my 12th house, moved over my ascendant into my first. As it began my daughter was diagnosed with a chronic disease (hospitals, Doctors, and psychological drama to be sure). All the makings of Saturn grinding away in the 12th house transit. I dove deep in to my fear, educating myself about my daughter’s illness, feeling vulnerable, sad and angry. But as everything Saturn, there is no getting around it, one can only go though it.
    Once Saturn hit my 1st house, I become more myself. I became the me that I was born to be (with the help of Pluto and Jupiter too!). I feel much more confident. Much more capable. Much more real…Small talk is tedious, superficial doesn’t satisfy. After all I have been though, I laugh at mundane problems life throws my way.
    I am grateful for all this transit has taught me. I have been sculpted by Saturn’s hand. Now I will have a beautiful transit of both Saturn and Jupiter trining my Libra SUN! I am glowing : )

    1. There’s no greater stress than an unwell child. I’ve been through it and it’s so emotionally consuming. Sounds like you got your bearings, good work x

  27. Virgo sun, Pisces Moon here. What a heavy year. All hopes and dreams have been met with a resounding NO (negative). My hopes lifted in July when I managed to get a new exciting job, which I had to resign from ( on the full moon eclipse) last week due to being bullied and it making me feel like I am useless/worthless/depressed. As lots have mentioned – a reality check of a year. Extremely challenging for a Pisces Moon person who has always lived a magical existence in my head/fantasy. Reality bites. Ouch. Just need to keep repeating “magic happens” and maybe just maybe it will!

  28. Getting ready with balloons and streamers because I’m so over this heavy, gloomy, everything taking FOREVERRRRR slowness. I have Sun in Gemini, Libra Rising and Moon in Capricorn and I can safely say I have GROWN. So much inner personal growth and even though it’s good. But I’m also over it all. 8 more days…just 8 more days…

  29. Saturn and Pluto have been residing in my 12th house. Saturn will soon enter my first and conjunct Chiron..
    How do I feel?
    A bit like Ereshkigal – or do I mean Inanna. Probably both.

  30. Scorpio Sun with Libra Rising here. so this has been lighting up (leadening down?) my 3rd and 4th houses.

    Theme 1: First of all, straight up just being on time. This dates back to fundamental differences between my parents. My mom and her family – the “culture” is to be super late for everything and/or no regard for timing whatsoever. My dad and his family – super on time, and my dad in particular, punishing about it. So I realized I was dealing with a massive inner battle around showing up on time, especially padding my time in my schedule to be on time for appointments. I definitely sharpened this over the course of Saturn in Capricorn, from the very beginning. A combo of 3rd house (schedules, traveling, appointments) and 4th house (ancestral patterns and childhood).

    Theme 2: Having realistic goals with respect to the timetable I have in mind and accordingly investing in resources that are realistic and appropriate. I “invested” in too many courses and products for developing my business. Cringe. Some of them were helpful and manifested good outcomes, some of them, uh, didn’t. Maybe that’s my natal Saturn in Sag overdoing it and being overly optimistic about timelines. Either way, it was a lesson in managing/mitigating burn out and honoring/enjoying where I am in the process even if I have a long way to go from where I want to be; as well lessons in discrimination and consideration.

    Theme 3: Clear communication and good boundaries. This was a theme during my first Saturn return in Sag, and I definitely had plenty of opportunity to build on this with Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn in Sag was more about working on having enough self worth to realize I have boundaries, needs and preferences. With Saturn in Capricorn, there was a sense of not having any room not to do this. And I learned a lot about where other important people in my life were at when I did, for better or for worse.

    Theme 4: Becoming aware of and processing the effect that the patriarchy and late stage capitalism had on my childhood and my current life. I felt it in a very personal way, in my family life, with my parents fitting traditional gender roles in a lot of ways, a long with my extended family. It became clear over Saturn in Capricorn the ways this effected me (I did the narrative timeline exercise from Julia Cameron’s the Vein of Gold over Mars in Capricorn in 2018), the ways I was traumatized and victimized over this; and as Saturn in Capricorn continued to unfold, the ways my husband and I were repeating these patterns in our own marriage that was causing problems, along with the trauma we both had from childhood in and of itself.

    Theme 5: Through self knowledge and processing of my past, recognizing the ways in which I had been abusing myself and dimming my own authenticity to adapt to the demands of surviving late stage capitalism. This was more the phase of the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in capitalism (lol that was supposed to say South Node in Capricorn but I’m keeping it). This was also the bit with Saturn sextiling Neptune in my 6th house. Letting go of unhealthily overworking myself (couldn’t ignore this anymore as I was pregnant for a lot of this transit) and learning how to take care of myself. Lets just say this lesson was learned the hard way and it’s showing up in this revision moment now.

    Theme 6: Handing responsibility back to other people upon realizing I was over functioning to manage other people shirking their responsibilities/control the relationships. Working through the sense that if I dropped the ball, important relationships would end. Well, I did. It certainly got interesting. We’ll see… This was Saturn conjunct Pluto, and it’s been accordingly active over the Mars in Aries period, lighting up natal North Node in Aries/7th house.

    Theme 7: Getting grounded in my approach to minimalism and the way I keep my home. I love decluttering and keeping my space clean but sometimes this good thing could get distorted over this transit (I guess this is Pluto’s influence) and would turn into power struggles. This was especially triggering becoming a first time mom and all of the changes that would bring. This became a battle ground for some deeper issues in my marriage and family system. Drilling back down to the idea of minimalism being a useful tool rather than a way of “bonsai’ing myself” as the Oracle would say.

    Theme 8: Mental self-mastery. Taking responsibility for my thoughts and recognizing the way they create my own reality – and not in a LOA way, just in a way that asks me to be present with what is rather than living in my own mind in an unhealthy way. Recognizing the ways my thoughts influence my experience of reality. Letting go of the time suck of rumination.

  31. Saturn counter is the best! Says the Cap stellium. The goons (Saturn and Pluto) have transitioned over 80% of my natal planets in the past few years, but November 2017 to now has been….good? Necessary? Inevitable?

    Let’s recount. Changed continents, job, financial health. Loss of marriage. Gain of first real estate. Re-entry into esoteric subjects like astrology and tarot. More coincidences than ants in a sugar factory. And oh yes, starting a book that I need to finish writing the first draft of, by this holiday season. Some of it was brutal, especially, when Saturn sat on my natal Capricorn moon. But, I deeply believe it was necessary.

      1. My husband has a Saturn-Moon conjunction at the very end of Capricorn, natally. Saturn is transiting it right now. He is building a small house for me and it is proving to be very taxing for both of us. He is the most self-reliant, disciplined person I know, but he is looking so haggard right now. I am a bit worried for him, also because Pluto will be transiting that natal Moon-Saturn conjunction of his in the next two years…

      2. ..of course I meant club as in association, not club as in blunt weapon. I thought it deserves clarification, haha

      3. Most certainly does. I read it as an involuntary plastic surgery of face, psyche and life too…clubbed, alright!

    1. “More coincidences than ants in a sugar factory” 💗🤣💗🤣💗 Love it!! My Cap moon is looooving all you said 😂

      1. Cap moon has dry as a chalk powder humour that fellow Cappys appreciate by smirking in between fast paced banters. (No destroying the flow by vulgarly inserting laughing emojis.)Thanks for being around to appreciate it. We aren’t all stodgy stockbrokers sitting on top of our cash pile after 18 hour workdays, you know…

      2. I’m a 5th house Cap moon and can relate a thousand per cent to what you wrote. Pluto was a killer. But, necessary.

      3. Pluto is still happening for me. Saturn should be gone for almost ever (one more round when I’m 70 ish) by Jan. It’s squaring all my Aries things. I think the only thing saving me is that the two planets are also sextile and trine my sun Merc Jupiter while the square is happening. I feel like a human sacrifice at the mouth of the volcano. Deeply, existentially alone and resigned to what was set in motion but still not knowing what comes next

      4. I re-read this and it sounds more heavy than intended. There have definitely been worthwhile developments… bottom line is change.

  32. This has been my second Saturn return…
    Ran twice from a domestic violence situation with him threatening to kill me and my family
    Nursed and protected both my parents from Goneril & Reagan ( greedy vultures of narcissistic sisters, Shakespeare understood about these things. not their real names however)
    Parents crossed over 2017 & 2018 nearly a year apart
    Estate not finalised until end of April this year.
    But I’m finally FREE of all the family and their smearing, manipulation, greed, vicious meanness and slander.
    Two hospital stays early this year for surgery as well
    Been recently diagnosed with Complex PTSD
    A diagnosis I can accept considering all the abuse and trauma I was subjected to as a child, with no way to escape it…
    Therapy is moving along with an amazing psychiatrist

    My world view has always been that this is a brutal, dangerous place, filled with brutal dangerous people ( called my family!)
    That’s a hard place to come back from with fear, abandonment, lack of trust and every type of abuse you can inflict upon anyone…
    But I’m now retired, growing my own fruit & vegetables and writing all those books I planned on writing…
    Been blessed with an amazing new man ( nearly 2 years now) who is very understanding and empathetic about all my trauma.
    Moving forward, sometimes two steps forward, three steps backwards and I’ll be VERY grateful when Saturn finally gets the fuck out of Capricorn!!
    To quote Hemmingway
    “ life breaks all of us, but some of us are strong in the places we were broken”

  33. Lord, there’s a lot of debriefing going on 😳 86 comments in a few hours. I hear ya .. I can’t even talk about it yet.. yep, it has been ummm, challenging ? I will say though you’re all very brave talking about you know who in you know what sign. He’s still there ? You know that right ? Lots can happen in the next 10 days.. that’s plenty of time for you know who to do what he does. Must go now… He may see through my disguise 🥸💅🏽

  34. Im excited for the next and grateful for the last. Saturn in Cap got me aligned – changed country, expressed my true self fully – personally and professionally, worked for me. This spring owned and shared my more secret bits (hello sun in 12th) adding mysticism to my work. New in your space – grateful for it obviously! Have an exciting week ahead as we prepare for the New Moon and CJ. <3

  35. This counter is amazing. Thank you. A Saturn in Capricorn sanctioned guilty pleasure if ever there was one. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Wow i only just realised there’s a COUNTER. But only a few days or many hours ago, it would have added to my oppresssssssive ‘Wheeeeeeennnnn 😫?!’ Now it’s good!! Thank you for pointing to it ❤ How YOU doin’?

  36. Saturn in Capricon hasn’t been bad for me. I started this transit unemployed and living in my parent’s home for the first time since I moved out at 19 yrs. Now, over 2018-2020 I got the job I always wanted (even though it’s not what I dreamed it would be), bought my first property and got rid of an obsessive attachement to an ex. But still, I feel like this change of the signs could not come fast enough. I want to hug a pillow and rock back and forth for those last 8 days. The energy is oppresive, I have learnt my lessons and want to move on to the lighter energies.

      1. Interesting a smear is like a stain. Its the way I describe a ‘ghost’ 👻 To me a ghost is really only a 2 dimensional stain on a space. In a space. The soul is long gone, though the trauma remains.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        I really needed to hear that.

        I’m a visual person. And with that statement the penny finally dropped.

  37. Dear Saturn Squad
    I saw Mystic’s instagram poll on Saturn in Capricorn and only came up with a general answer regarding making decisions. Since then, I have thought more about the last 3 years and realized they were super profound regarding EVERYTHING.
    Yes, it was exhausting, crazy, and at some times I thought I couldn’t do anymore of this, plus: relationships were tested big time, and many didn’t make it, especially “friendships” – I was born with Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Libra in my 7th house…
    Also: I left my underpaid and exploitive job in the film industry in January 2018. Had my first video installation exhibited from March to November 2018, collaborated with an artist for my first photography art project, which had exhibitions in 2019, a book release in the US and is now being released in Germany, too. I wanted to start a business, which I abandoned after taking a few courses on business management and business founding, as I realized the business idea would be very much doing the same thing I had done before. The courses that I still remember and make use of were about numbers, taxes and insurances (lol). I had a Baby in 2019 (unexpected as due to my health conditions I was supposed to not have children), he was born on the 2019 July eclipse. I got accepted for a M.A. programme at one of the most renowned Art Universities of the country that has started this November.
    Writing this down, I wonder if the 10th house (mine is 6° Cap to 27° Cap) is also about the “public persona” and not just about career/vocation? Mystic said yes and she send me this link to a very helpful article on the tenth house:
    I am grateful, Mystic inspired me to reflect on this. I hope you all are well and also want to thank Mystic for her wonderful work. I am so grateful to have found this website and horoscopes in 2003 (yes!).
    Squared Virgo

  38. Wish Upon a Star

    I had a dream last night.

    I was holding a small skinny snake in my hands.

    As I watched it it started eating its tail.

    Then today the message came to me.
    Digest your past and transform and transcend it.

  39. Where to begin! (This is long. You’ve been warned.)

    Fresh off my 1st Saturn return in my 6th house which also opposed my natal moon (to some extent I guess I’m already used to those vibes being a natal Capricorn sun with Saturn opposing my chart ruler Moon but still) I was fired from a job for more or less for standing my ground about something. A long story. Saturn was already putting me through boot camp. I eventually realized I needed to shape up and have an attitude adjustment. Ego issues were certainly part of it. Hey, I’m human. A self aware human at least.

    This led me to make a spontaneous decision to move from Virginia to Texas to house sit for a friend I met whilst on a soul searching trip to Vermont after being fired from above job. I needed a change and to get away from my past. Long story short she wasn’t as nice as I thought and I learned big lessons from the experience (I have Sun conjunct Neptune so boundaries can be challenging for me – especially against manipulation).

    I made the best of it and settled in Houston. I started over from scratch getting a vitamin manager gig at a health food store. Got my own apartment, met someone, got two cats. Boyfriend moved in. We lived in harmony for a good while. The whole Saturn Pluto jam approaching my Sun Mercury and Neptune. Transformation indeed. Some rose colored glasses about my relationship as well. Go figure.

    Forgot to mention I was also doing online classes during all of this! Burning the candle at both ends for certain. Running on adrenaline doing demanding retail work. Caring for everything and everyone but myself as a Cancer rising does. Picked up some poor eating and self care habits. I was not a happy camper during this time.

    I eventually applied for an office job at my company’s head office in Phoenix Arizona thinking itd help me get on a solid routine again. Got it. Moved across the rest of the country boyfriend and cats in tow. Saturn now approaching my 7th house and Jupiter in the mix bigging everything up ot course. My relationship did not survive the extra demands of my new job + my studies very well (I was wrapping my degree up at this point. Graduated April 2020!).

    The new job was yet another story. The most challenging and demanding I’d faced yet. Extremely stressful yet a total growth worthy experience. One I wanted to give up on at times. It exposed how everything I was doing til that point was unsustainable and I had to change – right down to my routines, nutrition, and view on life. I had severe anxiety and burn out. I felt disconnected from my spriituality, from myself. Everything literally happening in my 6th house had to be blown apart to create something better. To re-teach myself how to care for myself. I saw how wrong I was about all kinds of things. That’s that tough Saturn love.

    In this last stretch during this pandemic era I also had to end my relationship. I realized it wasn’t healthy at all and I was deeply miserable. The illusion of it all wore off I guess. He just wasn’t the partner I needed him to be in all kinds of ways. Another long story but let’s just say I put up with a lot but he also brought out the worst in me. We just weren’t compatible anymore. He showed me what I want and don’t want in a relationship. Here’s to a better go at it next time around with someone who really vibes with me. And continued work on myself.

    In the meantime I’m getting ready to take my nutritionist certification exam in January – the cherry on top of all those studies since 2017. Working 50-60 hour work weeks lately. About to visit home (take off on 12/21 hah) Keeping busy and working hard. Learning lots of lessons. Somehow I feel smarter about it all after everything. Every now and then I hike up mountains in my “free time” and enjoy the view. I think I’ve finally arrived to something substantial – a knowledge and love of self I never had before. That’s the Capricorn way.

    Whew. Thank you Mystic & all for giving me the space to reflect. It feels like I’ve emerged from an Underworld like Persephone about to bring Spring.

    1. Oh wow thank you so much for taking the time to think this through and post such an insightful and honest post. Well done to you for navigating such tricky terrain. Saturn in Aqua will be my sixth house and I really need a plan – self-care has fallen by the wayside as I have worked on 5th house stuff. Your post has helped, thank you!

      1. I’m so glad it helped! It can be a blessing at the end of it. I think it’s good to reevaluate 6th house themes from time to time. And if you can be proactive even better!

        I’m curious to see what this foray back into my 7th house will bring. They’re all on the cusp/my descendant rn eventually headed for my natal Venus 🙏 Onward and good luck to us all!

    2. Wow this resonates. I had a similar experience of house sitting for a friend. Involved a major investment from me and quite a bit of personal and financial sacrifices and put a significant dent into my well-being/ mental health and schedule. All sixth house stuff too. The experience made me understand that some compromises are worth it if they make the daily routine easier and some are really not. Also became quite disillusioned with the friend I’d been cat/ house sitting for. My experience was more connected to Mars retrograde and the nodes but I enjoyed your perspective on this transit.

      1. Wow that’s crazy! Sorry that happened to you. That was exactly it for me – it became more physically and emotionally demanding than I initially agreed to and infringed upon my sacred routines! So I left. Lots of love and learn vibes especially with Pluto being right there alongside. I feel we came out stronger from it all, eh?

      2. Oh yeah totally. And it’s okay- thanks but it’s Saturn you know so like you say stronger. Also I’m massively into owning my projections right now so I’m taking most of what happens in relationships almost as one would if they were characters in a dream. Ie. All representations of parts of my own psyche with a benign intention and a message for me. Obviously I don’t have this awareness all the time. I switch between knowing this, wondering if I’m actually a raging narcissist/ hermit on the verge of a psychotic break and being resentful, angry, jealous, scared etc. Lots of snapping at people in my head and a salad of pleasant feelings too. Four more days tho😂

  40. As if this year couldn’t be more like getting slapped in the face with a frying pan, I think I had a miscarriage over the weekend. Just waiting for doctor to confirm.

    I wasn’t looking to get pregnant, the bleeding happened early into what would have been the pregnancy and the baby would have been my Gemini ex’s who I’m still seeing regularly.

    I still don’t know how to think about this. I haven’t told him.

      1. It wasn’t! I’m still bleeding for some reason, but I’m so happy it wasn’t a miscarriage. Thank you for your kind words.

  41. The daily mystic a week or so back started off with “Hands up who wants to stay in bed until Saturn is out of Capricorn?” (or words to that effect) , both my hands went up. Perpetually exhausted. Saturn has been transiting my third house and I have such a low/no tolerance for small talk and/or lazy enunciation,despise other’s poor listening skills and find much of what finally i deem acceptable to leave my own mouth as spoken word to be utter crap as well. Natally, I have saturn in aries, and managing my powderkeg temper with being a hsp triple pisces stellium in the fifth house has me mostly exahling loudly and huffily as words just fail me Then there’s the crying. Humans need to communicate to be humans. However, my writing has much improved this year having returned to university level study. And I got good grades. Love the Saturn counter!!

    1. Last week i had no bandwidth for insensitive small talk, repetitious shouty opinions and stories, and i had to try to protect my own energies while blandly smiling or nodding. It was so super-lo and i was terribly aware of my attitude, trying to keep it hidden. Like a Sag Rising really couldn’t but hell i worked hard not to be part of the cycle. Congratulations on articulacy and studies!! They’re great self made gifts to be carrying out of this transit.

  42. I feel like my motto this year is “okay, FINE”. And then I get to that thing I’ve been attempting to put on the backburner that Saturn won’t let me forget.

    All I can hope for is that when Pluto finally fuqs off my natal Saturn on the 30th, I’ll be able to BREATHE AGAIN. Pluto getting in on your Saturn return is like undergoing psychic total-body-joint replacement surgery, complete with agonizing physical therapy.

    1. I had Pluto square Sun at the same time as my first Saturn Return (part of the 2012-15 cardinal squares) and CAN CONFIRM

      you’ll be so much stronger for this when its finally over, though! my most loathed ex – part of those lessons – snarled that I was ‘uncrushable’ on his way out the door (as part of a string of other insults, but still).

      1. Meaning, the ex knew they had crushed you but you rose up to be something else, not what they crushed you into being. And all totally subconscious on their part, including the intent. Hurtful, bc they know you in some way. But you’re made of more. Still hurts bc you’re Pluto Sensitive, and they didn’t meet you as loving equals. Never forget that.

  43. Oh man. Saturn is the second half of my 8th house and all of my ninth house, and a bit of my tenth. My midheaven is 25 Cap. The whole period has been challenging as far as my work — with many feelings related to being older in a millennial company — and then of course this year has been craziest of all. The company closed down in July so I’m looking at a new, unformed chapter professionally as Pluto comes up on my MC and Saturn and Jupiter move past it.
    The whole time has definitely had a dental theme to it, with some very intractable problems, and these past few months have included badly bruised (possibly fractured) ribs, wrist, and foot, from my attempts at trying to get and stay in shape and get lots of exercise. At 63 this definitely has been a time of thinking about how I want to age and how it is to be an old person in a culture that is rife with systemic ageism.
    My natal Saturn is in Sag in the 7th, so this all followed the second Saturn return and it feels like I am ALL SATURN ALL THE TIME. I don’t think I’ve fully figured out how to express that natal Sag, other than not marrying — though I wanted to and came very close more than once.
    So – I’m in the bardo a bit as the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto cluster moves across the midheaven, but I’m so ready for some lighter energy!

    1. if that can help re saturn in sag, I have saturn in the 9th (although in pisces). 90% of the standard interpretations never applied. I came across the only one that really resonated only 10 years ago = very late. it was house-related and it was the need for meaningful communication, information, knowledge, etc. – not necessarily serious at all (sense of humour is the main thing that keeps me sane), but certainly meaningful. it’s not “you don’t suffer fools gladly”, bc to me that has strong undertones of preacher vibe/righteousness (not me at all), but more really, really struggling with small talk, chit chat, etc, and an allergy to gossip and shallow people in general – I just avoid them, don’t feel the need to reform them or change them in any way. hope it sheds some light 🙂

  44. Pisces with Sagg Rising

    I don’t have any planets in Capricorn but it does rule my second house. In 2017 I got a job which was well-paid but there were changes in staff and restructures which were not favourable. It made me think about what I wanted to do with my life. I had kind of “fallen” into my line of work and it wasn’t what I wanted. In fact, it was everything I didn’t want. Because it was well-paid I was able to build up some capital and I decided to try being self-employed in mid-2019.

    This has been a steep learning and the timing was terrible with everything 2020. Money has been extremely tight, earnings minimal as business has not boomed (see pandemic and recession) but on the other hand, I think I’ve been forced to set things up in a much more professional structure and learnt a lot about running a business. As for Saturn having one last swing, well, leaving Capricorn just as everything closes before Christmas/New Year means I’ll have to wait just a little more before I can apply everything I’ve learnt. Bloody Saturn.

  45. I live near a nuclear power plant that has just started operating against many of the European safety standards and recommendations. Saturn is making its way into a transit that will be over my 4th House – so, the home sector of the natal chart. Knowing that Saturn stands for challenges in whatever sphere it enters and hearing that we’re in for a more URANIAN time is a bit… triggering LOL

    1. Actually, this is good. Saturn is not only challenges – it is establishment and self-mastery. I see your current sense of oppression around the issue as Saturnine – it IS daunting and unfair – but Pluto is coming into Aquarius and we are taking our power back: lobbyists for big business and gigantic corporations have more sway than the people do but this is changing. I am fed up with the environment being deemed a fringe issue and people’s concerns for that or their health being called “hysteria” – this case is at least relatively straight-forward in that they are breaking regulations – it is more complex when the rules themselves are inadequate. Have you got proof that they are operating against the regulations? Mars in Aries and the upcoming Eclipse support “righteous” and well-intended action….

    2. Curious which plat it is, as we are dealing with same here. Belarus opened their nuclear plant on the border of Lithuania very recently and already we hear that there are issues – “hot” reactor with abnormally functioning backup cooling system. We have been told to stock up on the iodide pills by our government…

  46. My natal Moon is in Capricorn 11th House, and my natal Saturn is in Aquarius just in time for 2nd Saturn return in a few months. Work has been a wretched bitch of giving and getting zero since 2007. I gave up and retired in early September. Physically I’m exhausted – had every med test on earth and all are normal. Life has been like walking through glue while stoned for a very long while. Hard to believe anything better is even possible.

    1. A last kick in the teeth, today was sent for emergency pathology tests and on the way there read an email from my supervisor saying she has decided to retire! It feels like this never ends…

    1. I hope this doesn’t sound trite. I have a Cap friend who has been through the wringer with Pluto and Saturn. Exhaustion is a real, brutal thing and what with lockdown as well, I have feared for her wellbeing this year. But since she reached this hard, low point, she suddenly starting to make some excellent decisions for herself around energy management, boundaries and self-worth. In fact I have never seen her be such an uncompromising advocate for her own self.
      Also, sleep. xx

      1. Hello there Chrysalis x
        I feel like you’ve just summarised the gist of Pluto and Saturn transiting my 6th house moon pretty well there! Btw, sadly I had to say goodbye to the ‘lovely’ Piscean who turned out to be too possessive/controlling (a Virgo moon thing, perhaps?). Aargh it was like reliving what I went through with the father of my child – so painful. It all felt like another Saturnine lesson in self-worth/boundaries. What a year! Always enjoy reading your comments and hope things are well with you? Seems you kicked a lot of goals with 5th house issues which is fab. x

  47. Where do I begin?
    Natal Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th, so this fella n’ me are familiar bedfellows. Saturn return (2nd) hit in 2018 and is continuing. Currently Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto ALL in my 1st house. I am also 8th house Pluto square Gemini Sun, Mercury and (Taurus) Venus all in the 5th. So, lots of stuff to do with the father, men, relationships, identity. To say the past few years, and this year in particular, have been intense is an understatement. BUT….

    2017 – finally finished a 5-year doctorate that was about healing an ancestral wound (related to my father’s side). And I do feel like that intergenerational wound has been healed.
    2018 – started working in various government environments, which drives me crazy but has provided me with financial security for the first time in a long while.
    2019 – started a new research/art project that has resulted in ongoing exhibitions and papers, which requires both creativity and extreme organisation.
    2020 – learned ‘by accident’ (i.e. the Universe finally kicking me up the bum) in mid-April that Mr Weird, whom I’d been with for 9 years, living together for 7, and for whom I’d twisted my mind, soul and body inside out and back again trying to make sense of, accept, love and understand, had been seeing someone else for the past 2 years (in addition to his online dalliances, which had been forever). As a result, the world I’d created (i.e. the illusions) to be with him crumbled, lies exposed, betrayal was profound. I had a breakdown. But… this gal also now had money so I got the fuq outta there and moved house. Spent the last few months ‘settling’ into this place, in lockdown, on my own. Have survived the isolation, the going within, the grieving, the anger and rage, the loss (not just him but his family – why does family always side with blood, even when that blood is fuqqed?), started journalling, pretty much every day (which I highly recommend), making a garden and making more and more art and am now curating a group exhibition next May.

    I’ve been calling this year the Great Uncertainty and I admit that I’m still a little on guard for the next big thing to be thrown my way. But countdown to Aquarius? Fuq yeah!


    1. ‘this gal also now had money…’ – interesting how you were [unknowingly] setting yourself up back in 2018 to be able to cope with ‘accidental findings’ of 2020. Also sounds like you’re making the most of your new life.

      1. Absolutely, Stella Polaris! Surrendering to what so often lays just beyond the veil, out of sight, is one of the biggest learnings I feel. Oh, and making friends with my me and my soul. But, as per the still being on guard bit, right after I posted that message I lost one of my paying gigs. What to do? Keep on trusting, staying open and learning to listen (to me).

  48. Oh wow, thank god for that official countdown clock. Bless it for every second closer to departure!
    Since 2017, been simultaneously gaining great upward motion in my life, AND stuck on repeat in some areas of my life.
    A *grind* probably sums it up best?
    But as they grit, no pearl.
    Far out, am I just waiting for the fresh crisp momentum of Saturn in Aquarius, finally…thank the lord. X

  49. Seventh house transit: my long term relationship crumbled but it wasn’t a bad thing. I then reunited with a former beau and all illusions I had about him and us also crumbled; it was quite humbling but necessary to wipe it away. It’s also sad to see that my initial bad impressions of him were on the money all along. I did, however, collaborate with some very influential people who showed me a lot about my profession, but since it’s Saturn, these people were like very tough coaches (thankfully they were fair and not abusive) but what they taught was valuable and will stay with me forever.

    Eight house: a beloved relative unexpectedly died and he and I agreed years ago I’d take care of his end-of-life matters. He was very kind and caring to me, yet wanted me to know life’s realities and to respond to them like a grown-up (my family was surprised when I told them he was no fairy godfather but more like a chewing tobacco-swigging and cussing coach who cared in his own gruff way). I led the family in his passing since they were clueless about grief. I was prepared to do this from losing my father a full Saturn cycle before this. As a result of how I handled his matters, my stature in the family rose considerably (they now listen to me, fancy that!).

    Sadly, I had to use these same things a year later when my 18 year old niece was murdered (hello Pluto), and also give my sister/ the mother a little coaching because she also had to deal with the criminal justice system (and I used to work in law). I also assisted with some of my niece’s final arrangements because she died near me and across the country from where she was from.

    Saturn will approach my Jupiter in Aquarius (9th house), so I’m intrigued with how that will turn out! I know Saturn as being the guy who never gives a free lunch, but I also know that if I take impeccable care of its energies, it will either take care of me or promptly correct me. Please don’t fear the Saturn!!

    1. Oh my god, so many tragic events. From how stoically you recounted them, it sounds like the Saturn lessons were effectively hammered in without completely breaking your back! Stay strong! My best wishes to you and your family.

  50. December 2017 I recognised that my husband cares only for himself

    November 2019 my mother dies

    March 2020 I had stopped loving him a while back, but husband does something absolutely chilling and hideous, and I realise I don’t even LIKE him any more. Resolve to end the relationship.

    May 2020 I receive my inheritance from my mother.

    June 2020 I leave my husband and move into my mother’s old unit.

    August 2020 Husband has applied for a property settlement, wanting half of the inheritance I received from my mother – Mars is in the shadow of retrograde.

    December 2020 Today I have a video appointment at my lawyer’s office with the Family Court about the property settlement. I know that the inheritance won’t be counted as a contribution to our marriage, as I received it at such a late stage (indeed, there are legal precedents about this), but I’m nervous bc I know my husband, he would also be aware of these legal precedents too, so I’m wondering what other sh!tfuqery he’s got planned, even if it’s only smoke and mirrors. Also, I hope I don’t have a flaky moment and mention his lawyer’s alleged posting of lawyer’s ex gf intimate pics all over the internet.

    Interestingly, my DSC is 15 Aries, and I have Uranus and Lilith conjunct my Lib ASC, so I’m hoping that husband declaring financial war when he did, will work in my favour 🤞

      1. Be flaky if it helps you win, whatever it takes i say. This is a send ‘money guns & lawyers’ situation & most lawyers are bent, Sagg don’t like guns & YOU need the money.
        Lady Lilith’s intimacy with the scales will ensure that, she says with finger crossed thinking how fuqed up thwarted men can be.

      2. We got an adjournment yesterday, and I didn’t need to say a word.

        It was……um, interesting…..listening to the cases presented before mine. The 3 I heard were men seeking money from their exes…..yet, it’s women who get the reputation of being Gold Diggers!

      3. Oh wow, best of luck with all that! I like your astro analysis of the chronology of the events. And my condolences about your mother.

      4. Thank you, Librarius 💜

        I’m a 1st House Scorp Sun. I’ll survive no matter what the outcome is

  51. Any one else feel like they are simultaneously still struggling with/mired in their Saturn issues while they have also made massive progress over Saturn in Cap? E.g. I’ve doubled my business revenues but am still personally struggling with debt/taxes. Do we think this will resolve once Saturn ingresses into Aquarius??

    1. I feel like I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of insights around the Saturnian spheres of life but made very little of the real, practical progress and keep backtracking into old emotional territories and bad habits… I’m not very optimistic because I have natal Moon in Aqua and Saturn will be activating it in all kinds of weird and probably unpleasant ways. Also the Uranian hijinx is the thing I want least with a shady nuclear power plant being built essentially next door

    2. Me. I was able to pay off substantial debt but restrictions and problems keep popping up like some kind of demon whack-a-mole game.

      I also feel like I’m aware of something going on but every time I look at my transit chart I’ve forgotten everything I knew about astrology. My brain’s a scramble. Hopefully that goes away.

      1. Yes me too – just a constant barrage of unexpected expenses: fertility issues, immigration issues, and all sorts of other unexpected expenses. It 100% feels like whack-a-mole – like how could I possibly be making SO much more money but feel like I’m still struggling to actually increase my net worth? I think that’s the push/pull of Jupiter and Saturn together maybe. As a Gemini sun I’m looking forward to Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius, although I’m hoping Saturn doesn’t throw up TOO many immigration issues. I’m hoping the Aqua energy + Gemini/Sag eclipses totally changes up the energy and we’re able to make progress. Maybe it’s worth looking into other parts of your chart – I’ve had Neptune transiting my 4th house and opposing my moon for what feels like AGES. It’s finally finishing up the final opposition (still in the 4th house though) so I think that my nomadic lifestyle may become a little more settled.

  52. I needed that count down. The shift when he entered aqua this spring felt wonderful.

    I have all my personal planets but my moon in taurus, and i am Virgo rising with a Saturn north node conjunction hugging it from the 12th house. I feel like in some strange way i am Saturn, or i project that energy very strongly in my own life and into the world. My way of thinking shift with him.

    My Saturn in Saggo was fantastic…or it felt fantastic. My natal Jupiter is in Leo and it is my absolute feel good point ( each time the moon hits is bliss) And i was convinced that i could manifest anything that i wanted, had attained wisdom, became sorrounded by a group of people seeing me as a spiritual theacher, wrote half a spiritual book, manifested a man who was some Jupiter-Neptune mirrage, and becoming completely free and ungrounded, with nothing but debt on my bank account, no job, no man by the end of it, and the shittyest apartment ( that i had somehow managed to see as beautiful)

    so i was happy when Saturn went into Capricorn and i had som weight again.
    I cannot believe how different these eras have been. The hard working, super fit Virgo era, the sweet, friendly, sosial libra era ( starting off with art-history studies in Rome), the awakening of the kundalini, and deep spirituality scorpio era. The joy and hybris of saggo, the grind of cappy. For it has been a grind. My mood, so serious! For years! No fun!…or hardly any fun.

    Today i took the day off to debrief, as the moon hooked up with my natal Saturn.
    I live in a good apartment ( big, art noveu, hight ceilings, two livingrooms, fireplace, garden), i have a job i really like, my hair is good, and i have a very healthy bank account.
    Uh…now i remember!…this spring i fell for the weirdest guy! ( aqua survivalist, who made pottery withh glow in the dark uranian glazes)… yuck! the crush faded, and fortunately he is far away. ( i hope it was not an omen as my aqua is in the 5th house)

    Thank you so much Mystic, for making sense for me of the mystic life we are a part of

  53. Will be almost 9 mos sober when Saturn gets into Aquarius. Confronted deep painful frightening childhood trauma in the last year. Grieved the loss of a dear sibling. Am still trying to figure out relationship with current Love, but I feel like no matter what happens I’ve been changed by how he loves me. Anyway, I am new. I don’t know pre-Saturn in Cap me anymore, but I wish her the best. Things have been SO TOUGH since August. Saturn in Aqua can’t come quick enough.

    Timeline below if it’s of interest to anyone–maybe most helpful to me to keep track of.

    Feb 2018: Got current job
    May 2018: Defended Masters thesis
    July 2018: Got (eclipse!) dumped by bad man I had been entangled with since the night of the American election, Nov 2016
    Aug 2018: Familiar purchased with bad man dies. I miss her dearly.
    Sept 2018: Death of family matriarch/beginning of current job
    Dec 2018: Sudden death of sibling, a person who was a source of joy and protection. Uranus in final degree of Aries. The unmaking/making of me. A before and after point.
    Jan 2019: Meet my addiction counselor. Begin confronting childhood trauma. Grieving.
    Aug 2019: Finally begin cutting down on alcohol. Meet current Love
    Sept 2019: Lightbulb/eureka flash re: childhood
    Dec 2019: Similar revelation re: mother
    Mar 30, 2020: LAST DRINK 🙂
    May 2020: Get together with current Love/feel empowered & excited by my life
    Aug 2020 to Now: Horrible, painful grind with work health family relationship everything. Looking for some light.

  54. Learned self-love and self-creative behavior. How to budget properly. Shifted my life into the direction I wanted. Saturn in Capricorn was difficult, but I think we made it!

  55. Virgo Sun/Rising and Cap Moon. Came to terms with a lot of repressed trauma that was causing me to make unloving acts of carelessness towards myself for most of my life. December 2017 was the beginning of the deepest, soul-crushing depression of my existence, but I have slowly emerged (it’s a process!) and am on an amazing path where self-worth and (self-)love are my guiding light. I went through a few therapists who helped me along the way, and I am deeply grateful for their accompaniment, but in the end I feel like the real work was done after I decided to part ways with the last one (my trauma didn’t fit into the DSM according to her, so I decided that it wasn’t going to work) and started a focused regime of meditation and journaling. This really ramped up in July/August, bringing me to many realizations about myself, how I am now focused on moving forward and letting go of the past, and has been going strong ever since. Didn’t realize until now that this was all related to Saturn in Capricorn.

    1. same here, Virgo rising too. CSA trauma buried under lots of other trauma, PTSD, shitty life, delusion, you name it. 40 years of oblivion triggered by a scary encounter during what I thought was my dream job. Everything came down crashing and all that was left was depression, mono, back and money problems. Thanks Saturn in Cap, smothering my natal Jupiter
      Christy H and Damndspot, may the Force be with you 🙂

  56. Someone said life metamorphosis… yes!..I found my tribe… in retrospect this started with Saturn through my Sag 10th. Cannot have ever imagined how much life has changed for me… total rebuild, long dark nights of The Hermit with no anticipation of the grace of where I am right now, place of dreams really. Work I love, met the life partner of my dreams – engaged yesterday – met when Saturn entered Aquarius earlier this year; solid true relationships with my adult kids and people that matter. Not all a dream run – still estranged from sisters and family but a hell yeah to finding your tribe, true place in the world.

    1. Crystallised future

      So good to read someone has had positives this year! There has been deaths all around me this year and it seems no one I know is having a smooth time. Congratulations on your engagement!

      1. thank you. I don’t get here enough anymore, never enough time to read comments but did notice comments below re compassion burnout and cancer/pisces combo..yes and yes.. from a pisces rising cancer stash (North node, Vertex, Mars & Moon (and Venue 29.59 Gem conjunct) happens, you’ll evolve,

  57. Crystallised future

    I have undergone a whole metamorphosis as to who I will accept in my life as a friend, and the standards are much higher. Much. I think I’ve suffered compassion burnout this year and it’s probably a good thing. There were behaviours that I put up with simply because I’m a Pisces with Cancer moon and Cancer rising I think that I no can longer tolerate – and don’t. It’s a bit lonely though. Between a cancer treatment regime, covid, and being stuck at home with my disabled daughter it’s been a bloody long lockdown that started at the end of 2018 but I have a much better focus on who matters in my life.

    1. Ooof Saturn opposing your moon was probably tough. I’ve found Saturn in Cap tough on my Cancer placements (Mercury & Venus). I hope that your treatment goes well and hang in there through the next couple months! I hope things will really start to look better next year.

      1. Crystallised future

        Saturn and moon – yeeaaaah. It’s a big a metamorphosis as 2005 when Pluto was square everything and Saturn was conjunct my moon. There’s still residue effects from that period!!

  58. Haha I feel like I am Saturn’s disgruntled employee, closing up my expertly updated spreadsheets, watching the clock from my cubicle and willing it to be home time.
    Honestly though, 2018-19 was the making of me. I learned true self-reliance and the ability to just keep going, no matter what. And it has paid off big time this year.

    And shout-out to Pi, if you’re reading – hope Saturn/Pluto on your Cap moon has not been too much of a punish x

  59. Saturns been pummelling me for a while now – natal sun, Venus and Mercury 🤪 on the final boss level now at 29 degrees sun and Venus. Themes have been all around my career / identity and love life. Lots of thoughts around never going to meet anyone so may as well give up on the love thang. Same with biz. Have not been capable of positive thinking / optimism for a while. The melancholy is real. But I’ve grown up ALOT – I’m basically daddy now

    1. OMG I also have Venus at 29 degrees of Cancer and it has been BRUTAL. I have Mercury in Cancer as well (but am a Gemini sun), and that was also challenging. Hang in there; we’re almost there!!

  60. Well, scrubbing over my Mercury in late Cap this whole bloody year. Tight fearful thinking sometimes then clear lucid insights the next. All in preparation for the next stage :- Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurs 0’35” conjunct my Sun, 0’55” conjunct my South / North node & 2’42” conjunct my Mercury. Activate new mode.

  61. Man oh man. I am scarred. It has been tight. I am just having a week* of purging right now, I don’t know if that’s even the right word. I am burnt out. I cannot wait for some air. But BUT wow! What a gift still, everything unfolded the way it should. I managed to pick up parasites (or an awareness of them ) along the way, but I grew like a beautiful weirdo, so at home, so raw, so hurt, but cannot wait to wake up and you know what, that’s okay. It doesn’t need to be all love and light anymore. I smell like smoke but I feel alive.

    * this whole time

  62. Capricorn rising.
    Saturn in my first house with Pluto also there and then Uranus (I am a Taurus sun) has brought so many lessons/upheavals/endings/tower moments.
    It has brought me an inner strength and the ability to love and accept myself as I am.
    I no longer look outside myself for validation because I am enough!
    I feel like I am nearing the end of a 3 year long marathon and I am smiling because I can see the finish line.
    Ready to rise like the Phoenix 🔥

  63. I’ve been bullied at work. The worst time of my life, an absolute nightmare. Luckily, I think, I’ve had enough energy to stand on my own feet and endure the pain. Double toro (sun and moon), Gemini rising, natal chiron conjunct sun.

    1. Words of experience..get out. Enduring psycological torture is never worth it. Direct precious energy to creating new future..xxoo

      1. Pisces with Sagg Rising

        I second this. I’ve endured bullying in the workplace and as unfair as it is, the only answer is to make plans to leave.

      2. Thank you! That’s right, but since it’s a tenured position it’s difficult to get out. I even applied for a job in another country but then the Government closed the borders due to Covid-19😂

        Am I applying again just as Saturn and Jupiter enter my 9th house in Aquarius? I also have MC in Aquarius and a super stellium in 11th house, honestly, I don’t know what to do. That Clash tune stuck my head “Should I stay or should I go?”

    2. Ugh! This happened to me in a tenured role for 3 years and…i didn’t realise! Thought it was me not coping or being enough. A counsellor i was seeing to improve my work persona actually pointed it out, carefully and with many qs. I did leave for ostensibly other reasons. You do you, and i hope your Aquarian stellium brings many lights shining, just like The Star.

  64. I started writing a novel (1st time) in Dec 2017. It’s taken this long to finish and edit etc and I’ve just sent it to a proofreader. I wanted to go to trad route of publication with an agent et al.
    But kept reading about self publishing. After many rejections/redirections I’ve decided to stop asking for someone else’s permission to achieve what I want and do it myself. I’ve got Uranus in 10H natally, so I’m best being my own boss anyway. And the novel explores lots of the current Uranus in Taurus (currently in my 4H- hello house move) themes so I just think it’s time!
    I’m at the last degrees of Sag rising so Saturn in my 1H has been with me for a while and still will be for a bit once moving into Aqu.
    Saturn has taught/shown me that I can work hard on a project to completion, slow and steady!
    And I’ve written another book!

    1. Crystallised future

      Some publishers will offer a contributory contract – cheaper than self publishing, agents not required, and the marketing is tops for getting it out there. Good luck. 😊

    2. You have done a LOT in what you think is a long time, but it’s actually a short time in which you have produced, trialled promotion, learned from rejections and re-focused. Plus your other book! Wow! This is what so many writers struggle with but you have done those hard yards. Hope next steps bring you super success.

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