The New Moon is ten hours away as I write*- this is the Dark Moon in Taurus. Dark Moons are always fab for relinquishing whatever you don’t need, whether you’re clearing out a clutter magnet of a cupboard detoxing your email folders** or dropping a grudge.

But we’re talking about a Taurus Dark Moon here. If you’re Taurean or you’ve ever encountered a Taurus, you know their relationship with things is highly charged. That junk drawer could contain treasure so why are you plundering it? Their strange messages they store? A dossier. Who else but Taurus could chronicle the Zeitgeist from the layers of stata in their head/hidden folders?

And if you think an emotion cannot count as a possession, recalibrate. Sigmund Freud – the ‘father of psychoanalysis’ was a quadruple Taurus – Sun, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury. One of his core beliefs is that nothing is ever discarded. They hang out in your psychic basement, permanent influencers or, perhaps, saboteurs.

Whether you’re Taurus or you’re any sign during a Dark Moon in Taurus, you know it’s a good thing to let go but what if – say – your resentment might come in handy one day? Like an Allen key? It’s a struggle.

FYI: The alternative name for an Allen key is the Hex key and the etymology of “hex” has nothing to do with curses – it leads straight back to the Dutch ‘heks’ and from there to Hekate and Heka.

Freud, a Quadruple Taurus, said nothing is ever discarded.

If you’re edgy with this Moon, like you know something has to shift but you’re not sure what it is, I am sending out the Daily Mystic early – soon – with a Clarity in 50 seconds exercise from Pythagoras. Yes, the mathematician/mystic.

And for the rest of this year, any Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius Moon stirs up the Saturn-Uranus square. Congratulations if you’re hurtling around doing/being two paradigms that are technically incompatible – you’re not only au fait with the astro-trends, you’re formulating something fresh.

*Mega Mystic Members – I am uploading a little rave re this on the members page shortly.

**The only reason to keep merde-vibing messages is if you need them for legal purposes – otherwise they’re like a bad spell lurking in your phone or computer. Once you’ve established that you genuinely require these, print them out and put them in a protected (magically) box – metal is good, or a manilla folder with silver insulating material around it.

Image: George Wilson – The Time Machine

30 thoughts on “Moonopolis”

  1. This year the Taurus Dark Moon falls smack bang on my South Node… It’s always a bit of a sh*t time of year – as a teen i would get depressed and cry without understanding why, but since finding astrology i sort of get it why and can at least plan around it. It feels like being “in the woods”…dark and cloaked in fog, with a sense of heaviness about it…then the dark earth just gobbles you up & you sink into it and fall asleep, wake for a bit – go “ugh..” and fall into sleep again. In short it’s like a depression or melancholy, and, like quicksand, fighting it only makes it worse… tho thankfully like all moods, weather, and transits it passes!

    Terribly cheery post. Soz! I am “in it” right now… If ever i wondered about the validity of the North and South nodes in the Southern Hemisphere these times generally convince me that the traditional interpretations still apply. Unless i’m doing something very karmically wrong in my life..! By contrast transits of the Scorpio north node are times of feeling empowered, alive, and shedding all the dross in my life i don’t need.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I’m a bit confused.

      So when the moon went over my traditional Taurus north node I was exhausted. It felt very plutonic. Like deep subconscious shifts to me.

      So this would make me believe in Mystics version that my north node in Taurus is really in Scorpio. I even found a snake skin to signal the transformation.

      But hey, everyone is different.

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    I will be experiencing a Uranus transit to my natal Taurus in the 3rd house next week.

    Apparently this occurs only every 84 years. Yikes.

    My moon is also conjunct my mainstream north node. But as I live in Australia it’s really my South node.

    My natal Uranus is in Virgo conjunct Pluto in Virgo 7th house.

    Thoughts anyone?


    1. Wish Upon a Star

      My natal Taurus moon is opposite Neptune in Scorpio 9th house.

      My natal moon makes a trine with said Uranus and Pluto. This orb is less than 3 degrees.

      The conjunct between the north/South node and moon is 8 degrees.

    2. Corduroy jeans

      Congrats on Uranus visit, Wish !🦄 If it is of any use, I have found my Uranus transits are all linked thematically. E.g. Got together with husband when Uranus conjuncted natal Mars/MC; we moved across the continent with wee family when it conjuncted my sun; and just now with its opposition we had a major transaction linked to the last move (all positive, knock-on-wood). Am sure I could find other e.g.’s but Uranus I have found rivals Jupiter in gifts. Good luck ! X

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Gifts : sounds good !

        Just a bit worried as it is my moon and Uranus : emotional upheaval to a stubborn moon 🌒?

        1. Corduroy jeans

          Yeah, I empathise. The moon can pull on the heartstrings a bit, huh. Not sure – my moon is in Gemini so much harder to make definitive observations, in air. Taurus moon sounds velvety chocolate ! I hope Ur. brings you this.😊

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            I’ll concentrate on the velvet chocolate.

            Talking of velvety chocolate. I just had some Darrel Lea chocolate today. It’s Australia s version of Lindt chocolate. Or is it American?

            Who cares it tastes divine.


            1. Corduroy jeans

              Oh we LOVE the Darrel Lea at our place – my husband loves the liquorice chocolate !! I am not supposed to have dairy (turns me into Kafka’s cockroach) but if I can have two squares of the salted caramel one (you know, of the bars ??) then that is it. My life is complete. Yeah, let’s focus on that for your Uranus-Moon tick-tack 😉 – doesn’t Moon represent comfort foods? 😉

      1. Hey Wish. I also have natal Taurus moon – 3′ in the 6th house. As Uranus is slower moving you will have been feeling the effects of this for some months already and for some months to come. The ‘exact’ date of the transit is less significant i find that the entire period it covers – and that will include retrograde back & forths…

        For me it came with a big “pulling out of the rug beneath me” and it began around 3 degrees out, tho there were ‘inklings’ – or rather rumblings – of it coming. What was very obvious to me was that Uranus transits are unpredictable, and even when you expect them you still can’t predict what’s about to happen..! Particularly given that they are likely to involve external players and events.

        In my case it was a big shift in family & home dynamics involving the most (/only) stable person in my my life – my Taurus Grandmother, and her house. There were many positive things that came out of it but i did spend a lot of time with an overwhelming sense of grief and loss, with much bursting into tears..! On the upside i was able to appreciate her lovely Taurean casa for the entire duration of the transit.

        (I should add that a) she is not dead!, she was just moved on from her home of 60+ years, and hometown of 88 (bear in mind she was also having a Uranus transit of her natal Sun), and b) this transit for me also hit my T-square so it not only transited my natal moon but squared my Saturn + MC in Leo and opposed my Uranus in Scorpio… So unless you’re really unlucky you won’t have all that to contend with at the same time..!)

        In your case, i would suggest reflecting on any “shifts” you have felt or experienced over the past few months. I imagine that the influence of Neptune opposition and Ur/Pl trines has a softening but deepening effect on the Uranus transit – so it may not feel or occur like a single sudden event – although there IS likely to be “something” that acts as a catalyst. It also may be much easier to see it as it is in hindsight (as it generally the case with Neptune and Pluto transits).

        Basically, if nothing significant has come ‘out of the blue’ for you in the past few months, then you may find that nothing necessarily “happens” at the exact transit either. And yet, looking back on this time period you will undoubtedly find that you’ve undergone a significant time of change – or that everything around you has changed, and maybe you’re in exactly the same place..! (I’m back in the place i started at but my world here feels very different). Uranus (ruled by Aquarius) and Taurus are both fixed in nature, so chances are the upheaval also happens around you, not necessarily to you….. but with the moon involved, it’ll engage your emotions as much as anything.

        Best advice i can give you from the other side is to definitely not worry or catastrophise and to trust that whatever happens, it is for good reason and everything will be alright on the other side. Different probably, but alright, maybe (probably) even better! And in third house, spend time in calming your mind, nervous system and being embodied, grounded. Take lots of baths & walks barefoot on the earth..! Focus on & prioritise your own mental & emotional needs Do all that good “wellbeing” stuff. It matters now more than ever… ✨

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Thanks Mariposa.

          You know there are alot of changes happening around me to my friends.

          I won’t go into it but it involves sickness, death and marriage.

          As much as I love these friends I am becoming aware of how these things are affecting my well being.

          I’ve had enough. I am beginning to see that I need a certain balance with my detachment to maintain my well being.

          I am recovering from early breast cancer, mastectomy a year ago, chemo and radiation. I am 54 this June.

          It’s like I’m watching the Tower card in action around me, and I just want to walk past and say “what ever!”.

          Then go home to my cosy cabin, brew some herbal tea and watch the birds.
          It sounds horrible.

          After having a massage today I have gained some clarity. On some level it feels like a test. The world could go to hell in a hand basket but I still have my inner sanctum.

          But the raw nerve is family conditioning. Being labelled selfish.
          I am beginning to see that this conditioning is making me deny my feelings and act in a way that is betraying myself. It’s all about guilt.
          Fuq I’ve just unlocked the door to messy feelings.

          No one can look after me but myself.
          To thy self be true. Let this be my meditation.

          1. Yes I am with you on this one. Lots of my friends recently stepped into sh*t and I started to feel I couldn’t take it on. I also had the guilts of feeling that I was a fair weather friend. What you say in your last paragraph about being true to yourself and looking after yourself is key. Our/your friends will soak up this vibe of deep inner peace which they will see as our gift of relationship with them. Of course, it is nice for them to feel our compassion and empathy, have our ear and hear our pearls of wisdom, but nothing tops a demonstration of how to be with Self.

            1. Wish Upon a Star


              I’m glad I gave form to my words as they have started something and given me reassurance, guidance and joy.

              Thanks for your thoughts and reassurance Cynthia.

              I watched my triple Pisces tarot lady today and she just mirrored what I am going through in her reading….. more reassurance.

              These words she spoke are gold……

              How about becoming the person you WISH to be and experiencing your hearts 💓 desires.

              Relax and recharge. The call for answer will come later.


        2. Wish Upon a Star

          Taurus Grandmother sounds like a gift.

          I won’t worry, thanks for that advice.

          Yes the remedy is grounding and self care.

  3. More reports from the dark moon dream temple:

    I had a wild and complex dream that felt less like something from the symbolic and emotional realm and more like a short story or screenplay unfolding before my eyes. I was walking through the vestibule of an apartment where I was about to start a sublet when I fainted and a tall, gray older man caught me. When I went upstairs I passed him again in the corridor— and inside the apartment the man I was going to stay with/was renting from told me that his next-door neighbor had just died. He showed me a picture of him and I realized it was the man who caught me fainting and who I just seen in the hallway, but I rationally pushed it away and didn’t tell him. Later I met the ghost-neighbor in the hall again and he told me he wanted to move out, and I told him he could come for his things on Monday… There was some thing about a round clamshell shaped box made of silver, a hotline one could use to call the zone between life and the afterlife, and a sense that the ghost neighbor might have the power to turn into water and be hiding in the toilet tank….

    I woke thinking I needed to write it into a story, and had another dream later of being in a cavernous used bookstore and looking for a Patrick White novel to buy before leaving. Think I’ll read his Riders of the Chariot next.


  4. This morning I woke up with a beautiful, very famous opera piece in my head that I love, yet could not for the life of me, remember the name of. So I’ve been hunting through Classical Spotify, and finally found that it was The Flower Duet at the opening of Lakmé:

    “Context of the Flower Duet
    The Brahmin high priest, Nilakantha, has been forbidden to practice his religion when British forces arrive in the city. Secretly, he leads a group of people back the temple to worship. Nilakantha’s daughter, Lakme, stays behind with her servant, Mallika, gathering flowers to prepare for a bath in the river. As they remove their jewels and clothing, the women sing their Flower Duet, describing the white jasmine, roses, and other flowers that adorn the riverbanks.”

    Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
    With the roses entwined together
    On the river bank covered with flowers laughing in the morning
    Let us descend together!

    Gently floating on its charming risings,
    On the river’s current
    On the shining waves,
    One hand reaches,
    Reaches for the bank,
    Where the spring sleeps,
    And the bird, the bird sings.

    Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
    Ah! calling us

    (Fun side of a Neptune Rising, with Taurus Moon: I’ve actually never read the translation of this song until just now! A little agitated last night, I put a dab on the back of my hand of a blend of the finest Jasmine essential oils and wax, as I laid down to sleep)

    Happy Taurean New Moon!

      1. My “booth” will be a cloud, exactly 23 ft above, in the air, resplendent with blooming gardenias.. And I’ll have a glowing orb necklace that secretly transmits Morpheus’ direct essence into the room.

        1. LOVED your dream…I will look up the operetta. 🙂 Very appropriately, Frank Tichelli’s Earth Song has been the background score of my mind as I did my new moon rituals. 🙂

            1. None of it was dream. 🙂

              The song was non stop in my head shortly after waking this morning, and it took ages pressing play on loads of songs, on loads of “best of classical” lists on Spotify before I found it. lol

              Was very delighted at it’s Venusian, Taurean lyrics, and it’s connection to my late night perfume.

              1. (I love Classical music, and listen to it regularly, but have never bothered with the names of almost anything I’m listening to, so though I love this piece, I genuinely had no idea what it was ever called, so wasn’t even looking for a name to pop out. I searched through my own classical playlists, and when it wasn’t there narrowed it down to type, voices, how many voices, & popularity, and then just kept pressing play through several very long playlists. 😉 )

                1. Just listened to it in the divine voice of Katherine Jenkins. Very addictive! Thanks for sharing. And if you had not translated it, I would never have paid attention to the beautiful lyrics. ❤

                2. Yes, Katherine Jenkins with Kiri Te Kanawa! It is stirringly ‘addictive’, isn’t it? I also went and listened to Frank Tichelle. Thanks for the intro. And yeah, now knowing the lyrics to the opening song, I’m totally keen to check out the rest of the Opera(and it’s translations).

                3. I am glad you liked Earth Song. Its funny how appropriate classical music is for various moods, without actually knowing the context or background of the music. I can bet that I will addictively listen to Hugo Alfven’s Midsommarvaka nonstop from next month, when I haven’t played it for months!

                4. My eternal thanks for introducing me to this well-known aria but freshly sung in the pure voices of these ‘dames’ (said in french, not the NY kind). The audio, even on my phone just now, is Glory. Must mention: so many celebs train to be a triple-threat, and i have been wondering which song might open different celebs’ throats to the sweetness of their sound.

    1. Beautiful..! Listening now – it’s a piece i know well from a soundtrack i have on vinyl (Jean-Jacques Beineix’s DIVA). I had also never read the translation…and have (early) Taurus moon…and a gorgeous Jasmine scented candle (Neptune in the first too 🌸🕯). What a lovely thing to envision right now, thanks for sharing 😊

      1. Yes, I’m pretty sure that it was through films I first know of it. And advertisements! Which I didn’t realize, but in looking it up, when that was mentioned, I don’t remember the products, but absolutely remember having heard it on tv. And hello, Taurean/Neptunian comrade! 🙂

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