Taurus + Taurus Rising Preview 2021*

Social distancing at the supermarket and riots on the television. Mandatory masks whether or not you had your lips done/an m.o. to smile at someone. If knowledge is power, is this anarchy or decentralization?

Common sense is the new super-rare commodity but don’t tell anyone in case they rip up forests trying to find it. You’re Taurus, tapped into the tree matrix and old Earth magic, sensitive to geomagnetic flux. Maybe your irritation when someone moves your stuff has to do with ley lines, not possessiveness? Anyway, this isn’t the 2021 you envisaged last decade. No wonder your trap muscles are tight.

Metaphysically, it feels like you have to shoulder the burden or pull a weighty wagon laden with baggage and other people’s stupid ideas, ox in the yoke style. But there is another way through.

Toe The Ley Line

First, remember the origins of your sign. Taurus is connected to Apis, the Sacred Bull of Ancient Kemet, AND Cow-Goddess Hathor. She is the divine personification of the so-called Milky Way, the river of stars that flows around the galactic center. Holy Cow? Cosmic Cow is more apt.

For Taurus, 2021 is unusually brilliant for developing a healing practice or becoming more skilled at self-healing, making magic, and developing musical/artistic genius. Shamanic Neptune illuminates your social and community sector, no longer encumbered by Saturn or outshone by a loud Mars. Additionally, it is enhanced by Jupiter’s approach.

While the main-act Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is in 2022, Jupiter is in Pisces this year – from mid-May until late July.  It supports new, sublime friendships and romance and the re-enchantment of (some) existing ones. The turbulence is transient, but the magic endures. Actually, you endure.

The Magic Endures

Remember who you are: Taureans are famous for their physical charisma and emission of supernatural sex rays but beneath that is a rock-steady force of stamina. It’s not crazy-fashionable – it’s not like you can keep tweeting “still here” every few days – but when weirdness reigns, your ease with the long-term perspective comes into its own.

Now, as you know, Uranus is in Taurus until 2026. You currently have Mars (finally!) in Taurus, and Mars + Uranus meet in late January. This will be a good time to tune into the ingenious possibilities of this energy or action, something rad. You’ve had this new feel in your life since May 2018 – Saturn and Pluto stole that thunder, but now it’s back. Simply put, the current atmosphere is not only a fantastic ‘cover’ for a reinvention – you will find openings and new roles that were not there before.  You’re going to build. 

But wait, what about Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus? If this were a stage show, this is the bit where the Taureans would storm out. Their collective huff would be detectable from space, skewing all the solar wind measurements and freaking out the astronauts: “What the fuq was that?”

That Stolen Thunder? It's Back

Yes, it’s a year-long phenom but most overt in Feb and June. No, it’s not like the Saturn-Pluto scenario of 2019/2020.  You were settling into a completely new groove anyway. You’re flipping paradigms like you’re changing the bedsheets, recalibrating your assets/liability metrics, and getting wiser in the process. Recent events and the current atmosphere are, if anything, quickening your evolution. 

The Saturn square represents significant career, leadership, or business opportunities that may seem to clash with your emerging consciousness. A hyperbolic example of the syndrome: To go bush/shun society or step up, speak out and lead? Uranus rules Aquarius and jolly Jupiter is also in Aquarius – you can work this to construct a new, more values-aligned way of operating. And as above, Neptune is enhancing your friendship and affinity circles – visionary collective thinking feeds fabulous connections.

It would only turn turgid if you adhered to fibrous old theories and rules or limitations. E.g., a fulfilling romance has to be a household-consumer-unit, or quality personal space and relationships cannot co-exist.  But, with rebel Lilith – the Black Moon AKA Lunar Apogee – in Taurus until July, you’re less infatuated with assumptions or set & forget narratives. Lilith is instinct-inspired.

Your 2021 challenge is to balance or merge the rebel alliance of Lilith + Uranus with your material and mating desires. And, this year’s Taurus Season will be magnificent: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Lilith & Uranus in your sign, backed by Mars, Neptune, and Uncle Pluto. 

Image: Uma Thurman – Poison Ivy – Warner Bros

17 thoughts on “Taurus + Taurus Rising Preview 2021*”

  1. Sensuality plus Taurus rising in combo with my Aqua Sun…just has me literally gliding around in a genuinely felt new paradigm, these days…
    And just loving it so much…just loving it so much X

  2. Great post Mystic Thank you so much.
    I might digress but re: today’s Astro Flash for planetary gemstones, what about Mars?

      1. The word “Carnelian” flashed up as i read your query. Know v little actually nothing about it. Not sure if it’s for Mars in general, or just your Mars.

  3. I’ve always been fond of my farmyard friends, my fellow lambs, those horny little goats and of course the BBT’s (beautiful, bovine, taureans). The warmth I feel for Taurus stems from a few places. My natal Venus nestled in the 11th house is like my default mind set when everything is just getting too complex. That’s where I get back in my body, enjoy the simple sensuality of the earthly pleasures. All the good things about being an earthling can be found there.
    The other paradigm that draws me to Taurus is the bovine / divine connection. After many years of comparative religion studies, the Vedic view of the nature and connection of the bovine to the divine I find compelling and rightly attributes the bovine nature with being the highest representation of the relationship and love between the earth and the divine. When you triangulate human / bovine / divine, you get an idea of how life on earth was meant to be. A good text to read to imagine this earthly paradise is any material describing the home planet of Krsna. ‘Krsnaloka’. When this life is done I’m headed there.

  4. That image is sooo Taurus. Just love it. Looking forward to this year with my early Taurus ascendant. Me, Uranus and Mars blasting out of Taurus Sands.

      1. 8 degrees Scorpiodawn. I’m looking forward to the transit as I have Uranus combust my sun alongside mars and Jupiter. It should be interesting esp as my P Moon is now at 6 degrees Aqua 🙂

  5. I have very late Taurus rising … but I’m still Venus-ruled. Love this!! Thank you Mystic. And the Poison Ivy image is inspired.

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