The Fridge Chronicles

Everyone’s talking about Power and Energy – not the metaphysical vibe angle, the industry: brown-outs and bill shock are imminent.

So let me tell you how I shrunk my power bill so low I got an “are you okay?” call from the energy company. The household power usage had suddenly dropped by a staggering 85% so apparently they have some sort of imperative to make sure you’re still alive.

It was because I got rid of the fridge – that was the only change. The power company woman gasped as if I’d said I had a crashed UFO in the cellar. Nobody I told even believed me.

The refrigerator is an icon of consumer culture, a monolithic kitchen presence that ensures our food safety and modernity. It is literally impossible to live without a fridge – or is it?

I went fridge-free for just under five months and it’s inconvenient, but not impossible.  Admittedly, it’s much easier for me as I don’t eat meat but the basic concept of a fridge-free life is that you eat fresh food – things you’ve baked, green leaves or tomatoes straight from the garden etc.

Yes, it’s very ‘raw vegan super-foodie’ and if you’re thinking “nobody takes away my Brie cheese” or whatever, I get it. But maybe a tiny fridge – like the ones countertop ones that pharmacies use for probiotic products – could be the go?

The gigantic fridge trope came out of the post-World War II Pluto in Leo years when kitchen appliances became part of, as Betty Friedan wrote in The Feminine Mystique, a campaign to establish suburban housewifery as the pinnacle of femininity and female happiness.

It also enabled the industrial food processing complex via the so-called “cold-chain” and frozen food. Replaced by the freezer, food preservation became less of a necessity and more of a rustic chic decor affectation – think rows of poached pears, piles of pumpkins and hipster waiters.

As the fridge moved from utilitarian cooler to being actually cool, the popularity of celebrity “What’s In My Fridge” stories spawned a niche genre of work: the fridge interior stylist.

A Vice magazine headline summed up the scene perfectly: Celebrity Kitchens Are Beautiful, Barely Used, and Basically One Big Flex.

2015 – Jupiter in Leo, Venus Retrograde in Leo/Virgo –  was a peak year for fridge fashion statements: Smeg launched the Dolce & Gabbana designer refrigerator, Yolande Hadid’s fridge got its own Instagram account and the ‘French Doors, stainless steel aesthetic’ went mainstream.

Rather than replacing an existing fridge when it conked out, the marketing impetus was that you would upgrade.

More recently, the fridge has become a data collector, equipped with multiple sensors to pick up info. Yes, they’re all connected and listening – the officially smart ones just have more features.

It’s one thing that data is bought and sold but shouldn’t you be able to opt out of it? You can’t and there are virtually no dumb appliances.

Government cyber-protocol sites suggest appliance purchasers read the manufacturers privacy policy to determine exactly what data is collected and how it will be used but who has the time?

They’re also supremely difficult to find and government recommendations don’t cover the weirdness of this new paradigm – shouldn’t manufacturers be paying us? – or the additional electro-pollution.

I lost it with our former fridge when I realized that, apart from making a noise like a small plane readying for takeoff when the compressor kicked in overnight, I could hear a high-frequency whine whenever I was near it.

It was supposed to be a dumb fridge yet when I spoke to the manufacturer, they confirmed it collected data to “help guide my future purchasing decisions” or some other drivel.

They also said that even an electrical engineer would be unable to remove the chip without the fridge becoming inoperable. I thought the Right To Repair movement would have gotten more traction over Uranus in Taurus!

I’d just read Surveillance Capitalism so that plus the horrible all-night hum scenario cinched it: the fridge was going.

I donated it to a charity that helps women fleeing domestic violence set up their new place which may sound mean, given that I’d just become an anti-fridge activist, but I figured that in terms of priorities, these ladies had more pressing needs.

The guy who came to collect the fridge was a crisis removalist: he shifted furniture in high-stress situations – repossessions when someone had reneged on a store plan and house moves for victims.

A sturdy-looking affable Taurus, he said most arguments begin near the fridge and that slamming the fridge door – presumably in a rage at the lack of food or a particular food inside – was a common way of asserting dominance in domestic gulags.

The kitchen seemed empty without the fridge – practically every place has an alcove for them  – and it turned out the habitual groove of gliding to the fridge for a ‘diversion’ was incredibly ingrained.

But the house was remarkably quieter and more serene without it. Most food was fine but irritatingly salad greens go off ridiculously fast. Still, the power saving was extraordinary and it compels you to eat more fresh food.

While I eventually succumbed to pressure from others in the household and got a new fridge, I am plotting my return to fridge-free utopia. I like the idea of a counter-top fridge – perhaps not for big families, of course – or the non-electrical, terracotta-based MittiCool Earthen Refrigerator.

All this is without even thinking about the chemical component or the natural health theory that chilled food fuqs with digestion. So could you/would you consider a small fridge/no fridge?

Given that I just received an email from the energy company saying that they had “counselling” available for people who might experience discomfort when opening their next power bill, it has to become a more appealing option.

And, a drastic dietary change/food regime shift that pivots away from a legacy paradigm totally fits the incoming Pluto in Aquarius paradigm. Thoughts?

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  1. I remember living in old houses with those safes with mesh walls to the outside air on the cold side of the house, and how my Grandmother kept a lot of perishables like jam & butter in a cupboard. I lived in a squat without power for 10 months in the late 90s and i don’t even recall how we stored food – maybe in a chilly bin with cold water? Maybe we just didn’t eat… I have off-grid friends who use clay pot mechanisms like this:

    Periodically i think about switching off the fridge too (especially after my last power bill). Living in an uninsulated house this winter, it was warmer inside my fridge than out… I literally thought it was broken when i opened it to find warmer air… tho it’s hardly effective as a heater either.

    85% reduction is astonishing tho MM…

    The main problem/difference these days is that people don’t all have gardens like they used to, and it’s hard to set up gardens in rented houses, so stepping outside to get your veges is not an option for so many people, unfortunately. I was also hoping that Uranus in Taurus would ‘fix’ some of these problems (“Victory Gardens” anyone?) but so far it seems that landlords & investors are doubling down & making it even harder for everyone else to have any sort of vegetable autonomy…

    1. Yes your point as all relevant but Uranus in Taurus has a while to go – the property insanity is more the end of Pluto in Capricorn imo. I talk about it at more length in Future Everything but the current situation is abnormal and not sustainable. Having said that, vegiepods? You know, those gardens on wheels?

  2. I sent an email to the creator of that Mitticool ‘fridge’ a few months ago after seeing a youtube video and haven’t heard back. If anyone knows how to get one, please link me to it!

  3. Honestly feeding my family is like feeding a pack of lions. Try to eat a most delicious burger with 3 sets of predatory eyes. Next day I grilled pile of juicy burgers to sublimate the terror felt. They get through 3kg of meat in a day. We have a big fridge (though not one that spies or interacts), a mini fridge, and a freezer 😉. Living subtropical I appreciate our refrigerators with a kind of affectionate respect that borders on the sacred on steaming days.

  4. Best fridge I ever had was a gas fridge out of an old caravan. Totally silent. Had a cross the top freezer. Ran on a small pilot light and a 10 kilo gas bottle lasted 6 months.

  5. one benefit of smaller fridge for me would be less food spoilage, as I am forgetful. Would need room for the 1001 condiments though. My jars of flavour are everything. Generally I think the process would work better for a suburban household with access to a space for growing things and the ability to get to the shops every couple of days, and with two or less people involved (and fully on board). Otherwise it becomes a bit logistically mental surely?

    Alternative: a fridge diet. maybe 3 months a year, the fridge is switched off

  6. WHOA there is so much here to digest (ha!). Half of me wants to inelegantly dispose of my fridge this very minute. The other half wants to research all these things…data stealing, chilled food and digestion, the fridge as an icon of women’s oppression…lots of (non-chilled) food for thought here Mystic.

    As always, thank you for such an interesting take on a topic many wouldn’t shake a wilted lettuce leaf at (still going to eat that $400 wilted leaf though 😂)

  7. As a multiple cancerian, I find my fridge is better than telly. Noise? NO & the only chip are potato versions. As I am in temporary accommodation, with several laf men, I could happily live inside my designated fridge. No noise, no light (door shut) no people & simply sit there eating salad. Heaven

  8. My fridge is almost empty because I prefer to eat fresh but drink cold… I am going to be researching other options

  9. Hear, hear! Refrigerators are not the benevolent inanimate objects most people think they are. My neighbour told me that while house-sitting his brother’s apartment, the fridge exploded in the middle of the night completely destroying the kitchen and the neighbour’s kitchen above. The firemen told him that it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence… WTF?… Then read that an exploding fridge is the main suspect of the Grenfell Towers fire in London a few yrs ago (72 deaths).

    Also, for an object that is supposed to safeguard our foodstuff, it is ironic that 39% of total food waste comes from people’s homes, most of which expires forlornly in the fridge. And now, with this data collecting chip, not only is it a generator for mass consumption and waste, it’s becoming the Trojan Horse in our very hearth!

    Got used to living with no fridge/mini fridge during prolonged nomadic episodes & carried on the style of mini-fridge living in settled life. Food is bought fresh and cooked within a couple of days so there’s minimum waste, while the mini-fridge is used mainly to keep drinks & potions. Streamlining is the ALL.

  10. Wish Upon a Star

    Love the picture by the way !

    Are the ladies summoning free energy from the Gods to run the refrigerator? The chick on top looks like she is trying to decipher the latest bill.

    LOL !

  11. Thank you Mystic for this critical fridge essay. It’s lovely to read the comments too, realizing how almost everyone has an interesting opinion on this. Very timely too, since I have lately been contemplating replacing my big upside down German fridge with a table top one to make my kitchen look more spacious. When I bought my fridge 10 years ago, I was at first tempted to get a Smeg. They look so beautiful on the outside, but less so on the inside (plasticky, cluttered). So I acquired the German one mainly because it had such a neatly structured inside and because it has glass shelves, which I find pretty. And I chose a big upside down one because I wanted lots of space for vegetables. And lots of freezer space to keep my my wool sweaters in, to keep them safe from moths 😉

    1. Freezer for woollens! What an idea. I use large lavender bags between them but a lavender immune moth got to a treasured cashmere sweater, very small hole which i managed to DARN, yes darn, that horizontal-vertical stitch i remembered from my Grandmother’s teachings.
      Fridges, washing machines all ‘white-goods’ were one of the reason’s i never married as thought nothing could be more boring. And they weren’t made round, always square with sharp edges.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Never got married because of square edges. LOL !

        Oh Pegasus. You are too hip to be square !

  12. Off topic, but thank you so much Mystic for today’s Daily Mystic! It’s great to know that the upcoming Leo moon can help with difficult situations. It will fall in my first house (Leo ascendant), so that’s even better. I need to drum up confidence to talk to some of my neighbors in order to get mental support in facing the ongoing situation with my verbally abusive narcissist neighbor. A very Mars-Pluto case indeed…

    1. best wishes Calcifer. I sincerely hope you’ll find out that they too are bothered by his/her behaviour, and/or at least that they understand your being stressed.

      1. Thank you isa! 🙏
        It is strange to suddenly find yourself in a position where you actively have to look for support. Feeling isolated and fearing that people may prefer not hear about… Meanwhile I suppose being bullied and feeling isolated is a very real part of the human experience. And I have just been privileged that I haven’t had to go through something like this since I was a teenager (and back then the bullying luckily only lasted for a few months)

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Calcifer I reached out to another neighbour when I had the neighbor from hell. A nice lady who also had problems in the past with him.

        I was very vulnerable at the time and she was a gentle person. Thank Goddess. She taught Tai Chi.

        I told friends but they just didn’t get it. So that did make me feel isolated.
        One acquaintance told me that most people in the town knew he was an idiot.

        I tried everything including mediation. But of course the moron did not participate. And the police did not care.

        All I can say is I created a perfect storm so I had to get out of that town. It was like my souls cry for help, as my ego was too stubborn too give in and move out.

        It was probably the worst experience of my life. And believe me I have been to the depths. But it was also a baptism of fire.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Sorry the last comment was a bit intense. My blood sugar level was dropping and I lost the plot a bit.

        I can tell your neighbor is wearing you down when you use the phrase: Well I suppose it is part of life.

        Do you get any support from your partner? I was alone in my hell and having someone to lean on would have been great.

        Keep us informed of what is going on. We do care. And want to make sure you are ok and don’t disappear into despair.

      4. Thank you very much, Wish, for sharing your experience! It does help a lot to know that others have gone through very similar things, even if I wish no one would have to go through them. And your words are not too intense at all. They describe what it feels like very well, it is like being taken to a very dark place. ‘Baptism of fire’ resonates. It does force me to confront some difficult things from the past, like the verbally abusive stepfather I had to live with as a teen. I do have support from family and friends, by the way, which is a consolation

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh I see! It is good that you are self aware. Abusive Stepfather. It sounds like you are working through stuff.

        Also glad that you have support.


      6. StarShine it IS a baptism of fire, it is extremely tense. Our psyche, our well being is under attack.
        Yes friends do not understand or don’t want to unless they have experienced something similar.
        The stress can fuq the immune system.
        It was suggested in many psychology books that a situation like say a vicious neighbour is a reflection of the negative part of ourselves, a dark to our light so to speak.
        I dunno about that one although in some circles it is said ‘we are given nothing we cannot handle’.
        Maybe the adage ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ works for us.

      7. Wish Upon a Star

        I won’t go into the details. It is very compounded and complicated. And being a very private person made it worse. My worst nightmare. Akin to being accused of being a witch and gratiously tortured in public. But all in a small, regional, backward town.

        If you spoke those concepts to me at the time I would have felt worse.

        I did learn alot of lessons. I have to be true to myself. And I need to stand my ground. I need purity in my authenticity and being a Pisces Rising anything that starts to muddy that must go. So it’s a sensitivity I need to nurture. Sometimes it is better just to simply remove myself from uncomfortable situations. Be honest with myself and know and accept my limitations.

        More importantly I need to forgive myself for being ungrounded and vulnerable at the time.

        Thanks for your words Pegusus. It has helped me to review that incident and fortifies my gut instincts. Gut instincts are personal truths. Ignore them at your own peril.
        Quote spoken from my Taurus Moon.

    2. Calcifer, my verbally abusive neighbour is the hair in my soup of otherwise peaceful existence.
      It destroys your zen, wrecks havoc with your harmony and creates horrid reactions in YOUR brain wiring when it’s THEM that needs serious mental help and adjustment. Sadly we have no Adjustment Bureaus around and must remedy it ourselves.
      Often wanted to inform other neighbours of his arrogant bullying behaviour but they knew as he had tried it on one them in various ways making him a pariah in the ‘hood.
      That doesn’t help you though, unless they band together and issue a cease & desist notice, mediation or police.
      Mediation required all parties to attend which is a problem if errant neighbour refuses. Police don’t care unless you are physically hurt when it is too late.
      Did faced him down the other day when he stared harassing me and called him every expletive i could think of then told him if he approaches me verbally or physically again.
      Bullies often wither if you confront them, as they saying goes, ‘they can give it but not take it’.
      What you don’t need is to feel helpless, so positive action needs to be taken, put on your Courage Knickers.
      Wishing you luck and muscles.

      1. Thank you, Pegasus, for your understanding and encouragement. Really good to hear that you stood up to your bullying neighbor and that he backed off. You are right by the way when you say that bullying ‘creates horrid reactions in YOUR brain wiring’. That’s maybe one of the most difficult parts of it, the darkness which is provoked in one’s own mind. Will keep in mind to take positive action, thanks again, and wishing you lots of harmony and zen 🌟

      2. Be careful engaging with this type of man this weekend Calcifer with the Mars in Aries vibe being very potent (I think we’re across the worst now!), it could get very emotionally charged quickly, but there is some help from Mercury in Gem aspecting Saturn & Neptune retrograde that could help you! I do understand you wanting to get in front of this, bring someone with you for support and stand firm.
        Being bullied I found happens at times that your self worth has been under attack, it started with my family, then school, then work which I never realized was due to unresolved shitty family dynamics till Mystic told me lol. A very Midheaven in Cancer trait. I like to think that no one on earth has the right to threaten my safety and I take this all very seriously! Sending you all my Lioness claws and raw your way 🔥

      3. Thank you so much dear Cecemesee… So sorry to hear you have been bullied at school and work and that you only later discovered that you had been set up for this by harmful family dynamics. Good that you aware of it now, being conscious and aware makes all the difference, even if you may still suffer. And thank you for the heads up about the Mars-Pluto square this weekend! I was aware of it and kept a low profile, more so because transiting Mars is conjunct my Aries North Node (with transiting Pluto squaring it)

      4. Oh wow, Mars conj your NN could have had you really stepping outside your frame lol, so well done knowing to stay inside!!…. You’ll know when you’re in the best position to take action, listen to your intuitions and you’ll never miss ✨
        Awareness is the only way to break out of the toxic cycles, I’m really only addressing the bullying in my 30s now!
        My current environment no longer supports any dysfunctional relationships 😬

      5. Good to hear, Cece! Thirties are a perfect decade to address these issues… But really it’s never too late. Take good care 😊

        its crazy at certain times in life we minimize our own safety to not upset the people around us, never again!

  13. Wonderful Mystic ! Thanks for the heads up. Fridges have freaked me out all my life. Might be time to follow your lead and go old school .. xx

  14. when my dad died, the electronic signaling on my fridge which never worked, suddenly started working and spelt hello. And dropped some ice. He was Taurean. So am i. Double. It also went a bit livid , which I figured was him cross with me on some of my spends. Hi Dad.

    1. That reminds me of my friend who went to see a psychic to try and contact her deceased father: the clairvoyant said she had him in the room, could sense his presence etc and my friend was sceptical until the psychic said “he says he has a message for you…he says…’stop wasting money on psychics’ and she knew it was him for sure.”

    2. Dad’s that have passed over can be annoying. I once subcontracted at a place where the father’s urn was kept in my workroom (Don’t ask). The soothing background music kept changing to fifties Rock and Roll. I became so exasperated that I insisted on having Daddy moved to another room. Voila, no more interference.!

      1. Someone else who keeps a parent’s ashes don’t feel so weird now.
        Mother is in a hand carved antique Indonesian trunk.
        She did say ‘after i’m gone give them a shake now and then’, of course she was a Friday 13 Scorpio with an ‘M’ initial 🙂

    3. Evicted my fathers ashes from the car boot due to interfering nature of said spirit. Chronic fixer in life, chronic fixer over the rainbow bridge too.

  15. No frig, sounds great. Counter top if it was my house probably. I was horrified to learn that there is a chip in refrig collecting data. My former granny unit home had some refrigerator with tiny ice part. I loved it and the stove was a smaller scale too. I don’t do microwave nor for that matter appliances in general. Thanks for the blog post.

  16. I have an ugly big arsed Sam sung fridge full of beer and juices, tomato sauce, bbq sauce and of course chilli sauce. The entire top shelf is always the same half jars of olives, jams and pickles. Then cheeses and eggs (which I don’t eat) it confounds me how full it gets. A few years ago when milking two goats, using solar and only having a bar sized fridge we, 2A+2kids, coped really well. Obviously the milk had priority and I would often say who put the peanut butter in here again or someone eat last nights left overs. I can hear my current beast sucking the electricity now, humming away full of everything except lettuce. I always imagined the hot water system would use more power, I can’t go solar here because of trees to the north. I think I’ll clean the fridge…
    Actually after reading more comments, we bought a camper van, to going snowboarding this year, and it has solar but a full sized upside down fridge. The first thing we said was let’s sell it and make room for an esky.

  17. Thought long and hard about scaling down to an undercounter to gain a few more feet of countertop in my small kitchen. However, I was afraid it would impact resale value so went with the smallest full-size I could find.

  18. This article arrested my Smeg fridge envy. Have only a bar fridge due to ‘that’s just the way it is’.
    Cannot eat anything from it that been there for more than 3-4 days max.
    Grandparents had cellar and ice delivered 70 years ago, fridges have become expensive necessities to most people. Most building don’t have cellars anymore due to fridges being available, pity such secret fun places that were turned into playrooms when fridges emerged and made good dungeons.
    There have been many times in my life in various countries where there were no fridges but markets within a few meters everywhere or delivered by canoe.
    What exactly has to be kept cold, mostly items they are not that good for our health anyways.
    Yes fridges make annoying noises and blank my computer screen for 15 seconds when hiccuping.

    1. Smeg fridges are sooo beautiful on the outside, you are right Pegasus! The inside counts for something too though and while I was researching them in 2012, that’s where I found them lacking. And anyway Mystic is right, it is good to look into more sustainable solutions… Love what you write about cellars… always found them intriguing as a child with that very particular cool, stony, musty atmosphere they can have!

  19. Great article..I once went without a fridge for about 4months due to lack of funds.. feeding 5 children 2 adults lucky it was Australian winter..had to be more diligent regarding food going off and freshness but it was ok..Dont fancy it in the summer ..I looked into mitti fridges last year but iv had clay bbq before didnt work out well for me but im sure it will for others.😊

  20. Fabulous piece MM. Perfect for small spaces and small families. Could easily be a new design element with kitchens, overbench fridges, small but adequate.

  21. My fridge is more than 20 years old, just a fridge, bought second hand and it till works perfectly.
    The last time i moved, the guys moving the big items where very please not to move an oversized fridge.
    As time has gone by i think i could go even smaller as half the time it’s almost empty.
    There should be fridges and freezers that switch off automatically when the temp is cold enough and not being opened for hours while we are all at work.
    Save electricity, saves the environment and saves us all a few pennies a day.

    We need a large revolution in the kitchen appliances area and design.

  22. Fabulous post Mystic! I recently left my home of 25 years which aquired a supposed stainless Fisher&Paykel smart fridge. Was never happy with it sending some food off within a week. Anyway I returned for a weekend to find my very earthy Cappy partner had switched off the monster and now lives out of a Weico ‘boat’ fridge that sits in the lounge room.
    The power bill savings for the quarter was more than $100. After reading your post, I reckon we will donate the big one too. Thank you for this brilliant Cancer new moon insight 🌘

  23. I am grateful our fridge is over 10 years old, dumb & very well-behaved – it was one of the last fridges to be built in regional Australia before they closed the local factory.

    I have always wanted a cooling cupboard for food that needs to be insulated but not super cold – like an old school root cellar. I saw some inspo versions when I was doing my permaculture design course back in the day, but it’s a hard thing to retrofit in a suburban rental 🙁

  24. Love it! Sounds like you almost live in Florida. I don’t recommend it. I turn off the breaker for my hot water heater every day. I try to time it as if I were working outside of the house. It helps. A lot.b

  25. Wow, very interesting. Not many people are talking about the incredibly pervasive privacy issues with smart homes and smart appliances and smart cars and all of it. My 2005 car is old and feels like a tin can amongst the SUV beasts, but I still have some echo of that incredible road-trip-freedom feeling I used to have back in the 70s and 80s.

    1. Went for a cab ride in a Toyota Camry hybrid yesterday, the smoothness, the quietness was amazing, pure luxury compared to my 22 year old Mazda.
      The cab company sent me another one for return trip perhaps because i tipped the first one for such a delightful journey :-)?
      The electric engines can do 600.000 kms and still have life, so no wonder they are expensive.

    2. on the smart appliance issue, was going to install an off-peak meter for my hot water, turns out you must accept a smart meter, and the cost to install was over $700. Getting solar hot water or panels not worth the set up anymore even with rebates, looking into small off grid systems that caravaners use….

  26. Love this. I’d gladly trade my big ole white enamel fridge for one half its size (maybe not a mini-fridge, but something smaller than my big almost three feet deep and five feet tall one). I remember well a friend who’d lived in Europe for a long while ranting about the enormity and waste of space of American fridges. It’s true. I also remember visiting a friend who was doing the Peace Corps in Moldova in a town with no electricity, apologizing as her host mother put a bowl of sausages and other meat into the cupboard. Though granted that’s a pretty, cool arid climate–it’s all harder if you’re in a place with mucho humidity (getting to that part of the summer here in NYC). In olde times in America I think people had a insulated wood, shaded dairy cupboard for instance: there could be more like that. Jung didn’t have electricity at his house at Bollingen because he wanted to live in a way that would be comprehensible to his ancestors (though presumably he did have it in Zurich).

    In a larger sense, I love the idea of Pluto in Aquarius inaugerating an era of more intentional, radically human-focused tech. I’m a triple Aquarius and am one hundred percent on board with all your pro-privacy, anti-big tech stances, MM. I think we can expect SO much more from technology and our world than the corporate scattering and often insidious stuff we’ve got now.


    1. Yes! I need to put my Cyber rave back on the Members page. Also, my Precursor phone should be arriving soon. I think I mentioned it in that rave?

    2. Love your post embarkons7… And love the idea of ‘an old-fashioned insulated wood, shaded dairy cupboard’

  27. Conversely, for people in the States, if you are willing to pay a little extra you can purchase all renewable electricity from many of the major utility companies. I pay an extra 4.00$ a month, and the money is used to build more wind farms. I am actually looking forward to the higher bills, because I know that this is the bridge of incidents necessary to forestall climate change. Most people are not as idealistic as I am. Most people need a personal incentive to try save the world from going up in a crisp.

  28. How cool btw is this new moon in Cancer?
    it in my 7th house and it’s bringing clarity and appreciation for my single status and creativity. I’ve been doing a massive clear out of all the patterns I’ve meticulously traced out onto vinyl and cardboard- taking all of them to the recycling bin and I casually applied to do a 5 week pattern drafting course at community college fairly nearby. I’ve moved out of the mindset of using other peoples patterns and into one of needing to create my own. And probably sell them. I love digital sewing patterns and the idea of creating my own with tutorials feels right.
    Ex lover came out of the digital woodwork too wanting to “apologise”
    He wasn’t clear about what he was apologising for though – when I asked “what for?”
    he was vague.
    Im not feeling it
    is it an apology or manipulation?
    Im not into being mean about it.
    he asked if I wanted to “talk”
    but I don’t- we drifted apart ages ago and for good reasons.
    I love new moons.
    I didn’t used to get the point of them but I do now.

    1. Like to read about your sewing activities, Invicta… It is somehow soothing to know that people still (or: again)devote serious time and care to crafts. Must be my Jupiter in Virgo which finds such consolation in this.

  29. Post script to previous comment 🤦‍♀️ I’m aware that lately my comments here have been mostly complaining about this flat and the hoarder landlady I chose to lodge with. I feel I need to say that I am fully aware that I have created this situation and I’m aware I play a part in the dynamic and that it’s up to me to change my living situation. I’m currently looking for somewhere nice to live and while I do that I am taking as much responsibility for my own behaviour as I possibly can. I’m really trying to clean up my side of the street/ wringing as much juice from it as possible before moving onto the next chapter. Splitting is a narcissistic defence and I catch myself doing it mentally several times a day. My parents did it all the time and scapegoated/ shamed me for everything they couldn’t own about themselves. I want to face it and deal with it. So I can stop attracting narcissists to abuse me. And so I can stop behaving like a vulnerable narcissist and integrate the anger into a drive that’s more constructive and useful.
    So yeah. It’s cool. And I’m going to stop moaning about it here too because it’s not cool. 🙏🏻

    1. Invicta, most here know about my trauma with neighbour not in same apartment but same house, a dividing wall where one can still suss the energy. House management have known for 15 years he has severe mental problems and me being the last to know as thought it was the self medicating with speed he was doing.
      Here we CAN vent and tell our stories safely w/o judgement and with simpatico.
      Happiness you are moving.

    2. Rooting for you to find another nice place to live, Invicta!
      And I think it is true that even if other people are acting in a very, very difficult way, it is still important to take full responsibility for one’s own feelings and thoughts.
      Even so, it is human to have negative thoughts and feelings about another person and it is important to forgive oneself for that…

  30. I actually seriously love my fridge she is well over twenty years, silent and no computer chip. The fridge is stainless steel upside down one and back in the day when that was a very radical concept on both fronts – I loved the vege bin was accessible and frozen food relegated to the bottom, I loved she was a shiny space capsule unlike everyone’s white enamel. I only the other day looked at replacing her seals.

    1. I read, “replacing her with seals”

      as a cancerian, I approve however, your fish stock will inevitably go down.

  31. You know I’ve started becoming uncomfortable with how wasteful our fridge has become, and unless you have a double-door-everything-stacked-and-sorted like a Kardashian situation the amount of food that spoils and inevitably is thrown out has begun to grate on me…
    As I move more into understanding our relationship to plants and Mother Earth helped along by reading ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ by Robin Wall Kimmerer and seeing how her indigenous upbringing gives her the understanding of reciprocity with the land…. which our modern society has seemed to forgotten or never truly understood. Our levels of consumerism has moved to a disgusting level, we don’t give anything back we only consume….. do you think shedding our fridges could be the environmentally conscious way to burn our bras? lol. Start a movement Mystic!!

      1. Had to be said 😬
        How are you lovely? How has the Cancerian new moon been treating you? I’ve had the most awful month in my home as Pluto retrogrades from the 29 deg in my 4th house, which has literally created every issue imaginable.

      2. Sesame seed 🤣🤣 yes patience is a virtue and all of that! If anything the delays to my own life have made me appreciate all the things I’ve taken for granted…. I’ll overcome this and many more challenges 💪🏼

  32. Someone from a charity came to collect one of the fridges in the kitchen here and then didn’t take it. I’m not sure exactly why but it’s extremely old and has bits missing so they couldn’t health and safety clear it I suspect. There’s a false economy operating in the extreme end of right to repair movement where fridges and some other appliances go. It’s great up to a point but I don’t have the patience for too much of it personally.

  33. This is so cool. I love this! Ironically enough there are three fridges and two freezers in this flat and the landlady is an outspokenly zero waste/ environmental activist. Everything is meticulously recycled and separated meaning piles of crap accumulate everywhere and absolutely nothing is thrown out. Also because she’s lazy, literally nothing is ever taken to these alleged recycling places (I sneak trash out in the morning because she’s never up before noon and IDGAF)
    but it’s hilarious that fridges use up so much power- I had no idea. Hilarious.
    I’m way more into the eating fresh idea and buying smaller amounts and consuming them rather than letting them rot. The way some people spread “comfort clutter” around as if it’s an interior design trend is pathological imo and disturbing. Similar to the live, laugh, love social media toxic positivity brigade there’s this culture of shaming people who aren’t green enough but it’s entirely hypocritical and self serving. I love the freezer I bought which lives in my room but never use any of the fridges. The low energy lightbulbs and suboptimal ancient boiler systems are another hilarious and crazy aspect of British life. Oh lord and the water pipes, plumbing! No no. I can’t. Seriously. I don’t want any of it. I feel I could live in a tent or on a beach rather. Sigh. Well done though. Fridges are totally overrated

    1. Clutter? Destroys my mental health, my Libran Moon has to have balance & beauty around me, with a less is more attitude.

  34. I would love to be fridge free.I, too, find the noise a nuisance. I am hanging onto my oldie. Both car and fridge are 12 years old. Staying chipless as long as I can.

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